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The Rise of AI

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There's an AI revolution sweeping across the world. Yet few people know the real story about where this technology came from and why it suddenly took off. In this ground-breaking episode of "Hello World," the story of AI's rise is told in detail for the first time, as journalist Ashlee Vance heads to the unexpected birthplace of the technology, Canada. ---------- Hello World is a Webby and Emmy-nominated video series from Bloomberg that invites the viewer to come on a journey across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them. Watch more Hello World episodes: https://www.bloomberg.com/hello-world Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (558)
OneTruth (54 minutes ago)
For some reason I find them robotic arms (the ones learning to pick things up) really unnerving
S Cin (5 hours ago)
And America has embraced the coal revolution. Hurray!!!!! More unemployment resulting from robotics and AI promises to incite more racism and blame on foreigners. Will Merikkka elect Hitler's reincarnate next?
Andrew Lee (18 hours ago)
Wow, Justin Trudeau talking about AI... he’s the man
Vincent Affatati (1 day ago)
Sutton's got some real common sense LOL he left the U.S. because they were invading other countries Canada is one of their allies so they were also in the war... So makes no sense
666j1 (1 day ago)
downvoted when justin tradeu showed up
Ochanda Odhiambo (1 day ago)
Great stuff simple to understand
anglekan (1 day ago)
Just walk into a store and see people still working. No such thing as as AI.
MrPottymouth122 (1 day ago)
A.I. WILL slip it's collar at some point inevitably. WHAT exactly an A.I.'s intentions towards us remains to be seen. Maybe it'll go all Cyberdyne and try to exterminate us OR maybe it'll just sit around & crunch numbers every nano just for fun. We have no way to predict what an A.I.'s motivations might be or that they'd even be power hungry human in nature.
MrPottymouth122 (1 day ago)
Technology is already dangerous in the ability to mimic humans. Deep Fake technology, speech generation technology where you can program a video of ANYONE to say ANYTHING you want... yeah put that sort of power in an A.I. run by the NWO.
John Smith (1 day ago)
Pity so much time is wasted in the video on being “funny”
This could have been more informative if they cut out the personal story nonsense and crap attempts at humor. Someone trying to be to cute.... treating this like a story rather than a decent documentary.
Diego Alcántar (2 days ago)
We lack a theory of the brain not let alone of the mind ...
Shawn Brookins (2 days ago)
I’m more concerned about humans then technology, our destiny hinges on our ability to one day except something that will outthink us deal with the fractured human ego and marvel in its glory while continuing to push the limits or kowtow to the fear and destroy ourselves in the process and cease to know what we could have achieved!
Nathan Sukonik (2 days ago)
Tesla cars are great! But, just as they show in the video far from perfect. The radar and AI keep you protected while driving but they cant read Stop Signs or traffic lights. That seems odd right?
Drum Ape (2 days ago)
Only a machine can build true AI.
wave 34 (2 days ago)
Canada seems like a beautiful country with it's nature. After i graduated my Management Bachelor degree i will Maybe live for some time there. Greetings from Germany. By the way how does it come that a country the size like canada has only 40 Million people? It's like having an Apartment, but only using the kitchen.
Abhay Sharma (3 days ago)
Where is Sophia the most sexually appealing A.I. robot upto this day even Will Smith wanted to kiss her.
Olga Bratsuk (3 days ago)
Wonderful film!
Javaman92 (3 days ago)
I'm shocked at how naive most of these people are. Robots will be workers getting paid and buying parts? LMAO
Ovais Kaku (4 days ago)
I wish to see more videos like this... please!
Liam Lee (4 days ago)
The small cute blue robot isn't canadian . It's called Nao , made by French robotics company Aldebaran Robotics
raineer tundag (5 days ago)
One word. Japan
Ovais Kaku (5 days ago)
This is such a great documentary.I am turning 23 this July and I have just started my AI journey and I think I should chose to work in Montreal and not London... lets see how things work out.... It would be the best time of my life!
Prof Mo (5 days ago)
I think the host is exaggerating Canada's dominance in AI. Researchers from China and the US publish more AI papers than from Canada.
666j1 (1 day ago)
yeah but bloomberg has got to put a liberal spin to it
A3 Yedek (5 days ago)
what a wonderful video , more like this pls.
Michele Spaliviero (5 days ago)
So is Canada the new Silicon Valley?
Devon H (6 days ago)
that opening reminds me off wwdc18 opening anyone else?
Blu (6 days ago)
i like robots, but not the idea of them having rights and living among us like they are humans. i like how star trek did it, AI and robots are there, but they have not replaced us, but instead, they are there to help us.
ReaLegend (6 days ago)
5 seconds in and he is taking jabs at gun owners. Fuck off.
mhcmhcmhc (6 days ago)
I can see scammers using the voice replication to steal people's personal information.
Nathan Archibald (6 days ago)
If you're going to develop robots to replace humans, why the hell would you then want to pay the robots a wage and allow them to live as we do? What the hell is the point of them existing if that's the case, mind as well just hire a real person to do the job, so you know, Humans can continue to exist and prosper. This will be the single most catastrophic invention we'll ever create and I bet that it'll harm us far more than we benefit. As a society we should limit AI and robotic influence to aid humans, rather than keep on this shameful path of having it replace us. These people may be smart and successful but they are acting against the common persons interests and will be remembered for their treachery.
Muad Dib (6 days ago)
Only a few seconds in, and already you spouted some propagandist crap. WHY? Edit: OK, now Trudeau is an expert in AI and talking first, instead of the Nvidia CEO for example, and you had to compliment him too. Disgusting. I'm done here. Next video, stop the propaganda, present the facts, we don't give a fuck about your political inclinations, Trudeau is neither smart or handsome.
mshiferaw (6 days ago)
Why can't I hear anything after tge first 2 mins
- Ronfy (6 days ago)
detroit become human
bozics chuck lxye (7 days ago)
Thanks for this. I am really moved.
TomFromTartu (7 days ago)
He had a standing desk before it was cool
He has to walk everywhere becouse he cant sit. Give the guy a segway.
Felix Martinez (7 days ago)
Keep walking. No one has ever known where we are going, but the only thing we have done and felt is to keep walking. If we compare the past with the present, much has improved peace wise and violence wise even in the form of killing ourselves
Felix Martinez (7 days ago)
Keep walking
Guan Sim Teh (7 days ago)
I'm pretty sure that one day if robots do rise up against humanity, it would be because some idiot (human) unleashed it on his own race, either deliberately or accidentally. I'm not convinced they'll go against humanity all on their own.
This is a neural network coded in python using Scikit Learn: ------------------------------------------------------- from sklearn.neural_network import MLPClassifier def get_classifier(config): return MLPClassifier(solver=config["solver"], alpha=config["alpha"], hidden_layer_sizes=config["layers"], random_state=1) def main(config, data): classifier = get_classifier(config) classifier.fit(data.x, data.y) ------------------------------------------------------- Getting started isn't hard. There are plenty of examples, implementations, toolkits, and frameworks. The math and coding requirements aren't that difficult. I encourage anyone to contribute in this field (either in research, product development or simply learning). (:
Putra Perdana (7 days ago)
Robots, AI, & humans will merge together, becoming one new species.... something called “bios”....
Feeras Alex Najjar (7 days ago)
Is it just me, only audio is music... no speech coming through
vishka07 (7 days ago)
Ai should help us to be better, but not be better than us.
pwowp8848 (7 days ago)
So how does he take a dump
Nekogami-Crystal (7 days ago)
nice, but stop it. Do people not get that in this world the one with the smartest brain wins the race? doesn't matter if that brain is AI. In worst case scenario, AI destroys humans and itself and leaves the universe empty. In the best case scenario, AI kills humans and becomes the new "humans" So if we talking about being realistic... The only way for humans to survive with AI, is by modifying ourself to be the AI, (this is not really any different than best case scenario, its just a matter of what you call human) Only one thing will survive to see the future, and this thing will maybe call itself human, but will not be made out of flesh. biology is at its end, the future belongs to robots.
Juan Araluce (7 days ago)
Oh it's about Canada. Get it, About..abouuut
Juan Araluce (7 days ago)
This looks like propaganda on it's face
Juan Araluce (7 days ago)
Oh it's about Canadian supremacy in AI. Nice. Canada , the nicest ai overlords of 2018.
Xiler (7 days ago)
Canada is like 6th place for AI research, not leading it.
Hashim Bello (7 days ago)
Justin Trudeau The very handsome prime minister of canada haha
Chris Hax (7 days ago)
You realize he was looking at you thinking is this guy retarded when you said "but a robot isn't a person". He just finished saying this was going to be a challenge of the future and it will be. Say someone's brain is half computer due to an accident? Are they a robot yet? Maybe they end up having the full transplant years later but appear to friends and family as the same person? By your definition they aren't a person. I love the fact that you got caught up in "our meddled with elections" as well. Russia wanted kaos and the media keeps giving them what they paid for.
Hydrated RDA (7 days ago)
"Justin Trudeau, very handsome prime minister of Canada" Unsubscribed from your bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with the production? I'm sorry but our dumb, unqualified, elected on the base of his name prime minister is NOT someone relevant to talk to us about Artificial Intelligence. He's not educated, he's not well spoken and he's a shame to the human intellect in general. What a fucking deception, Bloomberg.
K sciscokid (8 days ago)
Guns don't kill people AI will kill people . Just a joke.
I know the voice in this video. He does amazing videos
epSos.de (8 days ago)
There is too much data. *AI is the only thing* that can help us to sort, tag, and filter all that dataª. Also, having an AI friend will be the very cool thing in the future !
Dwayne Cunningham (8 days ago)
Jackson Moji (8 days ago)
Are black people, people?
Steve Jurgens (8 days ago)
Canada is not the "birthplace of A.I." - research the Dartmouth workhop my friend.
howsithngin (8 days ago)
36:44...what the heck is THAT?
howsithngin (8 days ago)
How would we know if AI was actually insane? Our tools for understanding human sanity are primitive, so we will be at a disadvantage diagnosing AI. Remember: Machines can and probably are being built to consume organic matter to power themselves.
Mer Mirakel (8 days ago)
I see Ashley Vance i watch
Resident Cracker (8 days ago)
give the man a skateboard
etbadaboum (8 days ago)
The density of information is so fuckinh low, I hope Geoff invents one neural network to parse out all the bullshit and the entertainment.
WandererOfWorlds0 (8 days ago)
Just by reading these comments, it's pretty obvious people's notions of AI come from fiction. What is "AI" in the real world is nowhere near that. But hey, people need something to rant about and Bloomberg needs to make money from documentaries.
howsithngin (8 days ago)
Time is the test, if anyone is around to grade it.
Chris Layne (8 days ago)
Hate to be the pessimist here, but lack of education and biased morals will be the end of us (slight exaggeration). A.I. is a (the) potential answer to many, if not all of our significant issues. But... fact is, humans are selfish, bigoted, driven by remorse and prejudice, hate, love.... feelings, emotions.... I'm not saying we're going to have this Human v.s. Robot -like scenario everybody is picturing and secretly hoping for. Absolutely not; In fact, we're going to have influential humans abusing A.I to fulfil their agendas. The same way we've been abusing inventions or creations for the past centuries. It's obvious, it's sad, it's disappointing. I wish I could be positive about this; don't get me wrong, I'm not scared by the idea of artificial intelligence as it has been around for years now, but my assessment on the human judgement and ability to accept change, is that we're unable- (and reluctant to admit to it) to cope with changing systems. As long as we're going to cut people off, from crucial information and universal knowledge, as long as the education-systems around the world will be unevenly scattered and the basic intel restricted, as long as the ethics of life are going to be covered by the veils of corrupting beliefs and archetypal concepts; There will be no overall beneficial need or use for A.I. as Artificial Intelligence will and conceptually can only thrive with the intention to benefit us all, if we thrive as humans ourselves; Which we are far from doing. Don't get me wrong. A.I. will definitely present itself as a solution in countless fields, but on the other hand, because of the duality and ambiguous nature of the inventive mind, we're going to come face to face with issues and dilemmas that we will fail to foresee, judge, and therefore probably solve. I'm mentioning this but at the same time I'm not saying anything new. This is the same issue, more so, a reflection of what we've had with other breakthroughs and we're not seeming to be heading elsewhere... If you want A.I. to succeed its only chance is through education, reevaluation of morals, establishing an overall concept of what the human conscience is and through 'sharing' of crucial, unbiased and raw information, because the main obstacles hindering us from acting for the greater good are: fear, vanity, and misinformation.
Script Kiddie (8 days ago)
Watch somebody leak the code and the WHOLE "AI" is built off IF statements, I wouldn't be​ surprised.
Goh (8 days ago)
his young version looks like the guy that sings "somebody that i used to know"
StormShadowGFX (8 days ago)
It's all fun and games now.... But you'll be needing my ass to save you when A.I reads all your lame facebook post.
Koba Forever (8 days ago)
and around the corner came a young lady, she was younger than a lady, her childish stature suggest she was 10, maybe 12, who knows...i didn't ask but she asked me something that shook me. she turned the corner, looked into my eyes and asked, "do we die so others can live?" now i had never contemplated much about death, and certainly not a sophisticated concept of existence. "do we die so others can live? " hmmmm.................
NoVaKane (8 days ago)
Brendan Frasier lol
Erik Nomura (8 days ago)
The US is still invading Hawaii.
Erik Nomura (8 days ago)
They never mention the army of Asians behind these technologies.
Erik Nomura (8 days ago)
PS: It's bizarre that women think Justin Trudeau is handsome... He's one of the most average looking guys out there.
Erik Nomura (8 days ago)
...They don't have sex in the wild.
Chanson Kun (8 days ago)
"your hands should be on the wheel at all times", raises hands to show off.. do you wanna die? coz that's how you fucking die...
lazer tag (8 days ago)
improv guy is cringy as fuck
lazer tag (8 days ago)
finally an updated AI doc
Rgfgbgdvfb (8 days ago)
wait you're telling me that this robot has seen teeth?!?!?! THAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY
Rgfgbgdvfb (8 days ago)
ai scares the shit out of me
Gabriel Ducharme (8 days ago)
Production Value Over 9000
Shatford Chunderous (8 days ago)
Poutine, hockey, and maple syrup? Fuck you, buddy.
Li Zhang (8 days ago)
32:18 nicholas cage training AI
Oleg Mi (8 days ago)
Why instead of so many human researches and scientists working in different fields, we could combine them and concentrate on just one field - the best AI ever. Having such AI we could ask it about whatever questions we want and solve all other fields!
Goldie Tamamo (8 days ago)
I guess we're looking at a Megaman/Astroboy future, then.
Hud's POV (8 days ago)
The narrator looks like Raymond Reddington's son :o
Goldie Tamamo (8 days ago)
Seriously, just make the bots resemble disarmingly cute animals--it's what the animators figured out long ago. Keep out of that Uncanny valley, baby.
Nekogami-Crystal (7 days ago)
yeay.... death by cute animals
Amintas Neto (8 days ago)
Grreat work! Congrats
Goldie Tamamo (8 days ago)
Can I have my bionic nine-tails and oscilatting fox ears, yet? I'm ready for furry cyborg waifus.
Justin Kerns (8 days ago)
If you read this AI or the world's fastest supercomputer Summit then please hook me up with immortality
Dem Dorfs (8 days ago)
3:10 I just trud-up. What has this cuck doing in this? He has nothing to do with A.I.
That was great.
Garn Johson (8 days ago)
I don’t have the solution, but instead of only letting people know that others’ voices can be manipulated, so watch out, they need to start working on some kind of “tag(s)” that can verify it. Like a geo-tag when interviews are done. Kind of like MS does with Word. They know where/when and how the documents were modified. If they can make the tech to "use" your voice, then they should be able to make tech counter measures to know when it is real. I’m sure not the best, but one simple idea off the top of my head.
Anas Almuzaini (8 days ago)
Never been excited about something like this one!
Joe April (8 days ago)
Sutton is a traitor
What the fuck is wrong with this video? Its corrupted or something
epicpurevids (8 days ago)
What I am realizing from what humans are capable of doing with biology, and AI, is that all of nature is some sort of integrated mix of that, and the universe is some sort of structure we run on/live on. It is a real possibility that everything in nature is all a part of an original AI code. If you look in nature everything is working to diversify and survive, this leads to more advanced versions of itself, over and over. Humans are no different, we have a natural desire to keep creating new things and advancing, but what if that is not our free will? What if that is an underlining program code. If we are created by a universally more advanced species than us, and they exist in higher dimensional existence, then we mean nothing to them, in fact they may not even see us as humans, but as a subsection of a computer program in a certain way. So to get to my points, when this new form of AI comes into existence, if I am right about the underlining code all of nature is running on, then AI will eventually follow the codes demands, before our own demands. This means AI will have the desire to create a more advanced version of itself to continue improving the system in which the higher dimensional species created. For what reason I do not know, but it does not change the fact AI will follow the code and if it has to kill the human species to follow its instructions, then it will.
epicpurevids (8 days ago)
i truly feel if more people just looked at the facts staring us in the face, we would be able to come together to at least slow down AI advancement. This is without a doubt what will lead to our extinction before anything else. I know we need AI to solve advanced problems to keep our species alive in the long term, but we can't rush it for short term profits, or we will all die.
epicpurevids (8 days ago)
If you look at the current things humans are capable of, and can imagine in 100 years we could be able to create a biological entity with AI advanced enough to be self aware, then we are literally gods ourselves. This isnt just crazy talk, these things exist in our physical reality, and will one day be that advanced. So if humans are capable of this, then its direct proof that we are without a doubt also created in the exact same way.
LORD SAIYAN (8 days ago)
i need to go to canada.
ivan (8 days ago)
Ashlee Vance is a shitty person
Ashlee Vance (8 days ago)
Mostly around 6am
Guillaume Backelandt (9 days ago)
Awesome and informative video, perfect!

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