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SEXUAL EXERCISES FOR MEN | Mantak Chia on London Real

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Text Comments (1286)
DreX1077 (2 hours ago)
he kinda sounds like jackie chan
Randhir Singh (6 hours ago)
Everything he talked about is, tantra.. The contraction exercise he is talking about is called "Moolbandh" in sanskrit..
jack johny (6 hours ago)
A complex way of explaining a simple thing-control
sabdorc (12 hours ago)
I can imagine having all these diagramatically represented in a jotter and accidentally leaving it in my girl friends mums house.
Bharath Mahtani (1 day ago)
this China man... I don't believe until him show it practically.... Him look like salesman promoting and marketing himself....
Witty Scoop (1 day ago)
The English guy holding his smile so hard!
Mahesh Babu (2 days ago)
Hi.. this technique can cure ED caused by porn and masturbation.?
Mahesh Babu (1 day ago)
Can anyone answer this..?
Van Vu (2 days ago)
Dont listen to this guy
Polly Pocket (2 days ago)
Sex with these guys is probably awesome
HoomanxD (3 days ago)
i came here for lols but this fucking shit works i feel energy in my forehead when i squeeze the prostate DASHIT
Andorson Gerbil (3 days ago)
The female version is called "polishing the silverware"
Lennox (3 days ago)
Monkey Chia , stupid man .
Shahzad Anwar (3 days ago)
Don't Sharpen the Knife too much Guys otherwise you have to cut the Beef So Badly...😂😂OMG
Keith A Cunningham (3 days ago)
Yo this is some real shit but the comment section should be a comic reel. 😂😂😂😂
Ubaidullah Al-Mamun (3 days ago)
So for the sharpening the knife, are we stretching or massaging ? Like jelqing ?
Hotman Pasaribu (3 days ago)
That awkward moment when your boss caught you exercising at work
IronMan 10 (3 days ago)
Rofllllll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ruben Gonzalez (4 days ago)
A echarle...filo a la nabaja. Que bueno se puso esto
francesc serra (4 days ago)
This guy is crazy, my penis told me.
Shehan De Silva (4 days ago)
imagine mom or dad walking in while youre doing this 😂😂😂😂😂
Faizal Ataullah (4 days ago)
In beginning people think it's exercise but at last it became masturbation
lgwapoDA (5 days ago)
How many days must one wait to "ejaculate" if they are in their 60's?
Bok Choi Toc Wah (5 days ago)
This man is talking shit. The man in a suit was buying what the man was telling him!.... Can I have Casserole Chicken Feet please and Bull’s Balls Soup 🥣 !!!
jeanpaulchristian (5 days ago)
Damn i dont get it
Lunga Bam (5 days ago)
Jelqing basically
ArpanaDance (5 days ago)
Wonder if they will next make glasses you can wear so that the rules keep flashing in front of your eyes- so you are never lost
Zovera Wizo (6 days ago)
he's copying bruce lee...
Christian Burchett (6 days ago)
Does this guy have a book or something on this training program?
Christian Burchett (6 days ago)
I need an instructional video on how to sharpen the knife
Shawn Blazington TV (7 days ago)
Jackie Chan?
i ran out of soap ,300 times a day is to much soap for me ,now your going to taste my dick in your mouth with your food ,sorry
hemraj singh (8 days ago)
I m not ejaculating....but my body ejaculate itself after 15 days....I m 30 years old....I starting masturbating at the age of 14...I had sex at the age of 17...I m unmarried....I do sex twice in a week....and it is happening from at the 18... regular sex.... some times I feel myself nymphomaniac....
cluxseltoot (8 days ago)
'Sharpening the knife' - I'm a chef and work in a large hotel kitchen and prefer not to use a knife. so, will this method work using the cucumber slicer or will she slap my face.
Adonios papa (9 days ago)
I started sharpening my knife and now its like a elastic band.
bharath swabhiman (9 days ago)
Put the baby oil to your knife
Russell Jones (9 days ago)
I bought a book written by mantak chia and Douglas Abrams arava 20 years ago called The the multi orgasmic man, available on Amazon. Simple exercises easy to learn and follow, The results are amazing and so easy to do, yes you can have an orgasm without ejaculating. I can have 2 or 3 orgasms in a couple of minutes without ejaculating. You have an orgasm in the brain, you can feel it in the head, the ejaculation is completely separate. The saying is where the mind goes the chi will follow, and it does. Every man should invest in this book. And there’s a version for woman too.
symun buuntw (9 days ago)
U might turn to b a wanky wankie.
Daniel Morados (10 days ago)
I started sharpening my knife with Carburandum sharpening stone with one cup of oil wow! always swak swak!
Duy Nguyen (10 days ago)
I never like LR because they only show you some of the content and force you to go to their website to get the rest of the information.
Bammo Merdini (10 days ago)
- You got to massage your testicles! - Of course you do. hahahah
Yacobus Fitri (11 days ago)
How come they never teach this in school?
Laifer Reyes (11 days ago)
Western names: jelking and keggles
Samuel Fortin (12 days ago)
I got one. Fuck bitches
Dano Pierce (12 days ago)
I havre read about these principal of male sexual heath before. There are ancient ideas used by men in many indigenous cultures. Religion has surpassed this knowledge and caused us to mistrust our bodies and gentiles as evil. Ridiculous! Sharpen the knife and do this especially if you are older. We need to take care of our whole body.
eathenr (13 days ago)
Turned on CC -> Peanuts you warm in the co winter you warm them up you get a hot power, okay
Lomash Dubey (13 days ago)
Teen athletics (15 days ago)
Age restrict this shit
Rub the gland guys
CHaNDaN SInGH (16 days ago)
Started sharpning my knife.....50 times up.....Now my ceiling has some white semi-fluid liquid
HeedfulGibbon (16 days ago)
Someone out there gonna have an accident with a knife
I put the closed captions on. Had trouble understanding the doc. It says to take out the "peanuts" and to be sure to rub the "klan" penis? No thank you. Wtf?
phil shea (17 days ago)
Sharpening the knife be fucked , its called Stropping the Mulligan where i come from
Ray2311us (18 days ago)
It all makes sense... Every sensational stroke counts as feeding the ego, and the orgasm is when the final overall decision is made.
Woody1029 (19 days ago)
nice shoes
eijgnaw (19 days ago)
Gurjant singh (20 days ago)
Chaines backchod
The Renaissance Amazon (20 days ago)
Baby Oil is not good for our health though and the man interviewing seems like he is getting turned on.
Michael Dacon (21 days ago)
Wow, you guys may laugh but this stuff works! 🔥🔥🔥
Spencer Harris (22 days ago)
I’m dying🤣😂🤣😂
BANGBANG Da Don (22 days ago)
The interviewer is very good. The way he summarize the things the other guy talked about was helpfull. And his question on point. I enjoyed this video. Thie master is amazing.
Boi scf X (22 days ago)
Ashraf Thanvi (22 days ago)
Hahahaha 😁
Josif Maracine (23 days ago)
Viagra, Red Bull and O rings. Practice, practice and practice with the wife of course. No fry rice.
Josif Maracine (23 days ago)
No wonder Chinese fuck like rabbits. Whatever happened to painting the fence ?
Syed Daniyal Asif (23 days ago)
3:20 oh really
caesar alexander (23 days ago)
Mr mantak chia needs to upload a video on pornhub.. LOL.. to show his poweress other wise some people will die laughing and others while sharpening the knife
Taliba Imhotep (23 days ago)
These comments are OFF THE CHAIN...LMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
skaramush397 (24 days ago)
Coming from da men with da smallest dics
CURTIS KING (23 days ago)
skaramush397 : It’s not the measure of the dog in the fight that counts, it’s the measure of fight in the dog!
Gousebasha Syed (25 days ago)
Any one translation to Telugu
Amajit Mukherjee (25 days ago)
Now I know why the vagina looks like vagina. Because of the sharpened knife !!
Deejay JOGI (25 days ago)
1 2 3 and thunder strikesss aaahahaha ( sesame Street count Dracula style )
Samuel Olatunde (25 days ago)
Oh boy that will lead to wanking
Itstha Present (25 days ago)
“You say aye I can control it , haha 😂😂....
SuperBatong (26 days ago)
All this doesn't apply to me because I'm never having sex again,..... with a real woman;im saving up for a 'realdoll' sex doll
Neo Khesa (26 days ago)
Eric Stenzel (26 days ago)
Jeezus... I hope you guys bought a new chair after this guy. I heard he was stuck to the chair....
Abdelilah (27 days ago)
How to contract the prostate gland?
Ashfaque Peerzade (27 days ago)
Point of No Return...
scie chimiche marche (27 days ago)
Don’t try jelquing...it’s dangerous
roshan nath (27 days ago)
If you want more then no more
Harun A.Rosid (27 days ago)
I think last time I saw that asian guy who teaches to shrpening knife was in HRC motogp paddock in 2016.
1008asad (28 days ago)
Stop eating junk food and broiler chicken your knife will work forever. Trust me
Brewtality Films LLC (28 days ago)
Gives new meaning to Whacks on...Whacks Off......
World Wide Lyrics (29 days ago)
a good chef always keeps his knife sharp..ip not, you hap dew kep pduktising wip bepi oil
veerendira kumar (29 days ago)
All i need is 2 - 3 Shots of Vodka & i am a Bull...So STFU Chop Stick
Rick Jagger (29 days ago)
Category: Sports
Goldpenny1 (30 days ago)
Fitty times ! A day lol. (They don't call him Master Chia for nuttin').
carlos 1 (30 days ago)
3:33 He's dying?
Jakob Strand (30 days ago)
"You need to massage your testicles." "Of course you do"
UMAR FAROOQ (30 days ago)
After 50 times right, penus should be relaxed means go down, then 50 times left ????????
UMAR FAROOQ (1 month ago)
Can u suggest any diet?
Daniel Scheer (1 month ago)
Careful with my knife, spent the whole day sharpening.
YEAR MILLION (1 month ago)
IRON FIST needed .
singh walia (1 month ago)
How to make it big
rylaicrystalmaiden03 (1 month ago)
Is there a one-click-like button for all the comments? Reading the comments is fun. Lolz
hieu Cu (1 month ago)
pretty much Jelquing and kegels, no surprise.
jliveslife (1 month ago)
No offense but asain guys arent winning in this area you better call tyrone 😂
Philip Littlewood (1 month ago)
Matrix Wank!
There are no texts anywhere in China that were written 4800 yrs ago because the oldest characters found are only from 1500 and some argue 1800 BC. In reality, most of it are from Taoist texts of the middle ages that are imitations from the Buddhist and Hindu scriptures the Chinese brought from India. The Taoists were the great copy right violators of the past just like the Chinese government now stealing intellectual properties of others without giving credit. As a matter of fact the first Chinese document to talk about energy going to the head is loaded with Buddhist terminology and concepts. Even in Chinese medicine the central channel did not exist until much later.
Varun Sharma (1 month ago)
I don't understand the 4 days, 8 days concept. Can someone explain?

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