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The Last Audio Cassette Factory

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Sept. 1 -- Springfield, MO-based National Audio Company opened in 1969 and when other major manufacturers abandoned tape manufacturing for CD production in the late 1990s, the company held on tight. Now, the cassette maker is pumping out more cassettes than ever before. (Video By: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami) -- Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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obvious_humor (14 days ago)
was this video's audio recorded on a cassette tape? it sounds so fuzzy and bad.
Tman33smith (19 days ago)
tricia was so nice, I miss her at NAC :(
Alex the Memelord (1 month ago)
I buy their blank chrome tapes all the time
WolfDogFilms (1 month ago)
I hope they keep the cassette market alive
GerardPedrico (2 months ago)
To Europeans, a legacy product has significant symbolism because you can contemplate on how emotional it can trigger social change and is the so-called "memorable product of the masses meaning that many age generations can relate too". You can start a profound conversation by using the tape cassette: a socal gathering product. Nowadays, MP3 ACC FLAC 3GP digital music formats are associated with individualism and one particular age generation. With a cassette tape as a physical-tangible product in one hand, a guy from a previous age generation can start a conversation with his counterpart from today's age generation. Yes... there are elements of sentimentality and nostalgia involved.
Boreasrex11 (2 months ago)
Glad these old folks still have their jobs, but I have hated cassettes for forty years.
Antonietta Kah (2 months ago)
Now you know where HANNAH BAKER got her Cassette tapes from *13 REASON'S WHY*
Eric Brown-Bey (2 months ago)
Some dumb ass in the comment section saying that people born in the 2000s have never handled a CD in their life that is utterly bullshit after cassettes stop being used the main format of Music in the 2000s was on CD before MP3 on the internet
Gerald (2 months ago)
Very cool.
P. Wingert (2 months ago)
I engrave lyrics to my favourite songs onto stone tablets
anti stuupid (2 months ago)
Can't fight destiny brother u are going to lose every penny trying to hold on to the bullshit we used to call cassettes lol I hated those things always got tangled up. A and b side lol .
HardRockMiner (2 months ago)
Columbia House will be back!! Lol
Kyle (2 months ago)
Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire!!!
deavman (2 months ago)
Bullshit that yuppies always go for..
Mudkip909 (2 months ago)
that company opened on the same year as neil planted the flag on the moon
rock ok (2 months ago)
i still have my walkman..i love analog machine
big Ernesto (2 months ago)
I just love it
ford expedition (2 months ago)
Thanks guys for keeping them around! My 79 camaro can only run cassettes and I can’t tell you how many cassettes from them I have loaded with my songs!
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
Your '79 Camaro can only run cassettes 'cause you're too cheap to spring for a radio with a CD player and/or mp3/mp4 player. Do you also have a CB radio in your Camaro?
SixStringLove Guy (2 months ago)
I was at my local Guitar Center last month and noticed that they had an entire section of vinyl and tape. 33 speed records and cassette tapes. I ask the salesman what was up and he said that they are selling the dogshit out of old analog media. The turntable and cassette deck are making a huge comeback. Reel to reel is also breathing new life into analog. It really is amazing.
symmetry08 (2 months ago)
Cassette tapes or players have one area where it will advantage over CD is that it can play in most shaky environment. IT could be most shaky sports car and tape will be fine playing it.
IYN (2 months ago)
Audio Cassettes are very unpleasant way of recording, playing and keep in storage for audio (same for video tapes). Recording heads in pro-factories have to be aligned correctly otherwise your playing head at home might be offset from the recorded track on the tape (loss of highs, more than the loss over mp3 compression!!!). Tape tends to get stretched and wrinkled with time = loss of quality and consistency (worse than any mp3)! Cassettes (as well as CD | DVD) take HUGE space to keep! Nowadays with digital conversion of [24 bit | 96 000 Hz] no human being is able to tell the difference between that and the band playing in front of the listener in a studio environment!
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
Thanks, Professor.
ktbeatty (2 months ago)
Funny, iPods and mp3s are as dead as the cassette tapes he's making. Cassette tape sucked for audio even in its day. It existed solely for convenience, not for audiophiles. Sure, I made many a mix tape back in the day, but the sound got shittier and shittier and shittier the more you listened. There is definitely a unique warmth to the analog sound of a record needle on an LP that is missing in todays super clean digital files, but you can keep the 8 tracks and audio cassettes in the 70s and 80s.
Nakul Dalakoti (2 months ago)
Tell me which car company offers cassette tape player as an option...😂😂😂
B D (2 months ago)
Nostalgic purposes yeah but with all the new technology please stay with nostalgia and maybe a few hundred years hopefully you'll still be around bring the 8-track back Nostalgia purposes peace out
T S (2 months ago)
Hard to destroy a cassette tape other then with fire.. you can snap it in half and put it together with other broken tapes parts and have a working tape with maybe a little skip from where you spliced it.... try that with a CD
William Hitchcock (2 months ago)
I just ordered 140 blanks from them last year (2017) Didn't know they were the last ones until today. I used them as part of a prize system for a holiday party. Put a different '80s song on each one recording from MP3 files on a computer.
Zeamus634 (2 months ago)
I don't know of one single person that still uses cassette tapes 🤔
ROMAN PANMEI (2 months ago)
I remember my MLTR audio cassette in childhood days.
Luís Antônio Marrega (2 months ago)
Eu gostava de gravar musicas e som ambiente nas fitas cassete era muito legal e tinha todo um ritual pra fazer. Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil
popanollie1 (2 months ago)
thanks was able to discover two bands watching this ..tiny moving parts and haggus.
Markeus Horst (2 months ago)
Cassette tapes again
Blc ME (2 months ago)
I miss listening to GNR, Iron maiden, Mr. Big,, smokie..etc etc on my cassette.. Those were the best of times.
klogg1987 (2 months ago)
whats the point of analog tape if the recording was done 100% digitally?
Slosh Mike (2 months ago)
I have close to 400 original sealed unused cassettes from the 80's and 90's.  Most are Maxell, TDK, Sony, and BASF.  60 and 90 minute type II.
SilverStone (2 months ago)
Yes! Finally! I'll be ordering some tapes
Salocin Dot TEN (2 months ago)
So that's where the Marvel GOTG Awesome Mix comes from..
SurferJoe71 (2 months ago)
Glad to see you stayed with your company
Rick94rr (2 months ago)
What?! It was so short, I need more!
Drake Pohl (2 months ago)
Now I want some Metallica on cassette
Capdevila Fabian (2 months ago)
long life to the casette
louis tournas (2 months ago)
Bring back VHS. It is a great medium for recording video off the air. Even if there is some noise, it keeps on recording. On digital mediums, if there is a bunch of errors in the encoding, the software decoder burps and jams up.
asherael (2 months ago)
Love the product, wish wish wish they'd make Type 4 metal tapes!
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
People are selling NOS Metal tapes on Ebay, but they aren't cheap.
betoen (2 months ago)
You have to feel happy for this people.
riceeater123 (2 months ago)
What's next? VHS video coming back too?
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
muito legal mesmo parabéns👏👏👏
I J (2 months ago)
Where is OCEA? These people, company, should be wearing at most, gloves. Full hazmat suit should be accompanied by and near any machinery producing the actual film tapes. Seeing the person with a ring on, while handling the storage of cassette tapes, makes me cringe to death over quality control. Anyone can Bitch about what I just said. Until you work in a factory that’s making millions of dollars worth of product orders.......one wrong display that’s it.....
I J (9 days ago)
Soda Pop go check out Bridge publications and what they do, compared to this ghetto ass place.
I J (9 days ago)
Soda Pop and you don’t know what you’re talking about, never worked ina factory have you ? Has nothing to do with food, that’s the fda buddy.
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
They're making cassette tapes, not preparing food.
Gabe's YT (2 months ago)
We'll need a lot more of these...
22k203902 (2 months ago)
Love it, just a big smile on my face!!!
TheTheo58 (3 months ago)
Back in the mid 70's as a teenager,, I had a cassette and open reel tape deck (Sony and Teac) This was during the era when cassette decks were progressing with low noise/metal bias/functions catching up with open reel performance. While I'm sure a lot of open reel machines are still in use, I had read something about open reel tape making a come back. While I've not seen any in stores in years, someone probably makes them for specific applications.
Floris du Trottoir (3 months ago)
It's not the last one. There is one in the Netherlands too for what I know
David Salley (3 months ago)
I just bought a com truise cassette because my truck has a tape deck. I assume these guys made it.
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
com truise sings?
Jakethemase (3 months ago)
what's the point to this? the high quality cassette players aren't even portable and require separate speakers. Do you think ot would be great if 8track tapes were to be widely used again? WHY? The ultimate sound is from HD uncompressed from original master track, played through at the least studio quality monitors.
Soda Pop (9 days ago)
Don't like 'em..Don't use 'em..Simple!
Jon Glen (3 months ago)
The title of this video would make a perfect band name.
S p r u n g t o l (3 months ago)
I played cassettes from 1980 to 2002. It sucked when dealing with the player. We couldn't find proper rubber band replacements. Now i prefer playing music using direct drive turntable. No hassle with rubber thing. And it's amazingly superb when listening to quality HiFi audio from it.
Alan Liefting (3 months ago)
Shame they cannot be recycled.
Mrlz56 (3 months ago)
Analog is king! HiFi isn't digital. the best sound available comes from a vacuum tube. Guitar players have known this from the early dayz.
te34567 (3 months ago)
Bacio Global (3 months ago)
Warm analog sound is a bunch of crap
paulparoma (3 months ago)
What an admirable, well-mannered group of people doing something meaningful. I hope they stay in business for many more years to come.
Subgunman (3 months ago)
There is another cassette factory in Northern Europe as well for blank tapes.
seiph80 (3 months ago)
Having to rewind and fast forward to get to the song I want? No thanks. Having to deal with tape getting stuck? No thanks. Having to deal with tape hiss, with or without Dolby? No thanks. Having to find space to store tapes? No thanks. If people want to buy those regardless of those things, that's fine, but I won't go backward; the last one I bought, a blank one, was back in 1999. All this and vinyl "resurgence" is a fad, nothing more (we've seen these before); are we really going to give up the convenience of having in the palm of my hand hundreds, if not thousands, of songs for these? Are we going back to VHS? Are we really running out of ideas? I await your criticism and negative, hateful comments.
Pear CD (3 months ago)
I am glad to see cassettes are making a comeback. True it's simpler with MP#s, but music today has lost the analog sound. I use to fine tune the azimuth on mine, and i'll say this it makes all the difference.
bestamerica (3 months ago)
' american company audio cassettes tapes can make it videotapes again... cassettes tapes videos with digital videocameras... same as VHS tapes / VHS-C tapes / 8mm tapes / Hi8mm tapes / Beta tapes / Digital tapes
Max Steel (3 months ago)
Lame. Might as well bring back the 8 track as well. Tape is good for data back ups but audio. No thanks
elton badham (3 months ago)
The Last Audio Cassette Factory ? were ? the world ? analogue analogue analogue bring back the analogue cool you keep it old school.:)
seiph80 (3 months ago)
no way; are you going to give up your cell phone? no computers? I doubt it; it's cool for those who like those physical items, but it's pure hype when they say that it's a come back... people who are getting into this are going for a ride.
László H. (3 months ago)
Legalább 7 darab működő és 2 darab nem működő magnóm van. A legöregebb kazettám egy BRG ami legalább 40 éves lehet. Én magy híve vagyok a kazettáknak.
Nick Pharris (3 months ago)
Cassettes are the worst sounding medium that music has ever been put on to. This makes absolutely no sense at all. I came from the era of cassettes and I do not miss them at all. I never liked the sound of them. Nevertheless I am glad for this company that they have been able to survive.
seiph80 (3 months ago)
Agree, I couldn't EVER see myself going back to those relics.
Theomite (3 months ago)
See? You prep for trend shift when you establish your business in the format launch days and you'll survive the phase shift until the retro shift occurs. And once that happens, you'll never really fret a phase shift again because you'll be a veteran technology that nobody wants to screw over a second time.
Michael McGlothin (3 months ago)
I still have a few cassettes and listen to them on occasion but I also have vinyl albums and reel to reel tapes. I need a vinyl player and an 8-track player though since I have a reel to reel. I don't have any 8-tracks like I used to but I see them on occasion so I'd like to have the option to play them if I find any I like. I used to have over 400 8-tracks lol. I may be 38 with about 17,000 .mp3s on my phone but I still like the old formats though.
sfs2040 (3 months ago)
A nice story but I'll stick to my digital sources, thanks.
seiph80 (3 months ago)
same here!
Nathan Mofield (3 months ago)
I bought an old Sony RTR last year and the sound is the best I have ever heard.
wren460 (3 months ago)
I am still waiting for that 8-track comeback!
Elias Lugo (3 months ago)
А чего жуткие такие? Почему невозможно сделать что-то схожее на Sony EF либо Denon DX1???
Grateful Dead tape trading was HUGE in the 80's and 90's! I remember coming home to find some new Dead shows on cassette in my mailbox back in the day, that was fun. Hand written letters too.
George Smith (3 months ago)
I still have all my cassettes from the 1980's and have a working Walkman cassette player. I have a Sony HX PRO connected to my computer to record CD to cassette tape. My vintage 1988 BMW plays the cassettes I make. To me cassettes never went away.
MICHAEL CRASH (3 months ago)
The Atomic Punk (3 months ago)
I still have all my fave rock cassettes , as well as my vinyl , a few 8 track and a coup,e of large open reel
CelerityHouse (3 months ago)
Do people not realize that it's probably digitally re-mastered music being put on these cassettes? Therefore you'll certainly get a better /  accurate representation with a CD. Any additional "warmth" is distortion.
boggsty (3 months ago)
I brought the old Sony cassette deck my girlfriend has back to life. For me, making a mixtape or a copy of a digital album is an achievement. Setting everything up properly, adjusting the bias, so it sounds great and with as little noise as possible but still having sweet saturation, without any distortion. In the end, you have a piece of tape in your hands that you are proud of because you put effort into it and it sounds great. When you copy a cd, it's just like "meh, f*ck that". All my selfmade CDs broke down after a few months, because I didn't treat them as nicely as my tapes.
LectronCircuits (3 months ago)
We must maintain this facility and preserve this technology for all time to come. Cheers!
Jose A Avellanet (3 months ago)
Great video! Hope you stay in business for a long time.
volkscom (3 months ago)
I am 8 years old and love cassette tapes over digital music and my favorite cassette is deep purple machine head.
Sam @ L E (3 months ago)
I'm still using it in my 1993 Grand Marquis and at home!!!!!
Johnny Apostal (3 months ago)
So Awesome! 👏👏
fernando m (3 months ago)
there is some original cassette tapes that never been printed on compact discs..such as ..The Cure ‎– Standing On A Beach • The Singles (And Unavailable B-Sides)...only available on cassette ......
fernando m (3 months ago)
aun recuerdo aquellos 80's ,cuando reproducia un cassette en mi sony walkman ll, hecho en japon,tenia un sonidazo excelente,era un placer ,casi un orgasmo auditivo escucharlo, hoy comprar un walkman ll en internet cuesta arriba de 100 dolares..
Mahjong Lover (3 months ago)
But the source is digital. what's the point in recording from digital sources
seiph80 (3 months ago)
Agreed; people getting these are just in it for the ride.
Mahjong Lover (3 months ago)
No, cassete makes it sound like bullshit, because cassete was always a second rate format regarding quality, even when the recording process was fully analog, it was called compact for a reason, small size was the selling point not the sound quality. Now it's just hipster's accessory and that's it. i'm not gonna say this is bad
KJER ERRT (3 months ago)
Diego García Reategui (3 months ago)
Reputation by Taylor Swift is available in casettes now x x
Steve Robinson (3 months ago)
I dumped the "Digishit" and went back to analog a couple years ago. My retro system consists of a late 70s Yamaha R-1000 receiver a Technics sl-1600 turntable and a Denon cassette deck and vintage cerwin vega floor speakers. My friends love it and it will blow anything they have away as far as power and sound quality.
iannickCZ (3 months ago)
Looks the factory will die in same time as any from the staff.
Glenn Lego (3 months ago)
Does this mean that Model Ts will be back? Victrolas, Radio Drama, ?
Evan Verburg (3 months ago)
Maxell makes tapes as well... LAST audio cassette factory you say? :/
Netty Voyager (3 months ago)
i used cd's for 5 years then realized they are crap they scratch that is there down fall so i just listen to it online now that will only degrade as and when the stream dies then you just pick another music supply :) i am happy the tape has survived and i am sure it will for another 50 years :)
Pirmy (3 months ago)
Translate this to english please.
KJER ERRT (3 months ago)
BorisaRed (3 months ago)
Tapes, made to look bad to sell CDs. They use the same tactic over and over. I love tapes
Mr. Nobody (3 months ago)
Cassette does have its distinctive quirks; it's a pity we don't have them around anymore.
eLEMENTARYimage (4 months ago)
Still a great medium, but also still the only audio medium you can't select tracks to be played (aside from fully rewinding tape to first track), you have to search tape for them. Even 8track tapes can select individual tracks to be played. Oh well.
Maxx Smaxx (4 months ago)
Fantastic !
Vivianhiro Bertuzzoshi (4 months ago)
Please SONY, or someone else...produce a new BOODOO KHAN !!! (a low price model please...not 1200 usd!!!^^)
PDGamer2012 (4 months ago)
As vinyl's made a mainstream comeback why shouldn't cassettes?

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