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fuel hose replacement. Car fuel leakage. fuel pump Zero SG

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Here I am going to illustrate the fuel hoses (fuel lines) replacement for Nissan Sentra car. The procedure applies to almost all cars. Fuel hoses are made of rubber which becomes brittle and cracked with the passage of time. Liquid fuel (gas) is leaking/ dripping from those cracked lines. This point it is safe and economical to replace those lines with new. Nissan fuel tank has difficult access. Nissan fuel leak can be repaired if you watch this video. Nissan gas leak is not very easily accessible. Nissan engine overhauling is a regular job. Engine repairing is another job one can do. Engine replacement is not very easy and good. Nissan brake job one can do easily. Nissan no start can be solved like other cars. sunny no start sometimes has distributor problem. Nissan transmission overhauling is expensive job. transmission repair is another alternative. oil change is relatively easy job. filter replacement is straight forward. air filter is easy job. fuel filter is located inside fuel tank. fuel injector cleaning is a professional job. fuel gauge. fuel pressure. fuel prices. alternator repair. alternator replacement. brush replacement. Battery testing. battery repair. gas station hose. gasoline resistant hose. industrial water hose. chemical hose. steel braided hose fittings. fuel hose retractor. goodyear gasoline hose. hydraulic hose replacement.
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Текстовые комментарии (28)
Zia Ul hassan (7 месяцев назад)
Dear sir you are doing work hard for us .I have no words to pay thank you .you are great best regards
Zia Ul hassan (7 месяцев назад)
Dear sir Ma Sha Allah you have sound knowledge automotive and practical experiences .God bless on you . we are thankful to you for uploading practical videos . best regards
Peter Nagy (11 месяцев назад)
What kind of hose did you use? Where are u from? That's a lot of sand there. :O
LearningZone (11 месяцев назад)
The hose I just purchase according to the old hose size and internal diameter. This video had been filmed in KSA that is why everywhere you can find sand.
Abdul Khaliq (1 год назад)
where is fuel filter in nissan sunny japan made,2005
Daniel Impala (1 год назад)
What size fuel line is used in this repair you did? 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"?
Sarah Alloway (1 год назад)
Was it easy to fix? Our problem with our 1998 Nissan Maxima is that it has been broken down for a year. We cannot find the source of the problem and it still won't start after we replaced our fuel pump and filter. Can you help us??????
LearningZone (1 год назад)
The was not a a very tough repair. You should watch my other videos on my channel in which I have shown how to check for fuel pressure. Then check for fuel pressure and look for the reason why you don't get the fuel pressure for your car? Hope you will search the reason and then it will be an easy repair. Regards,
TheJeffhero (1 год назад)
😂 wtf 1995!!!
LearningZone (1 год назад)
What happened?
HellBird (1 год назад)
That car is a shit hole
LearningZone (1 год назад)
I conveyed your message to the car owner. He agreed to you and told me to request you for donation so that he would be able to replace that shit hole car on your recommendation. So then you must reply how much donation can you make for him to help him replacing his car? I will provide you bank account information on which you will be able to transfer your donation. Regards,
Helen Tannahill (2 года назад)
Idrees Nawaz- learn Islam (2 года назад)
my car toyoto camry 2006 too much drink fule plz tell what i do?full rank only 350 km
Rana Saqib (3 года назад)
if you are specialists for nissan can you give me solution I have pathfinder and I replaced fuel filter, fuel pump spark plugs +wires but still my car's engine jerking and sometimes its turns off while a/c on but without a/c just jerking and hollow noise from exhaust. ........can you helpme by advise me to how I can fix it????
LearningZone (1 год назад)
You must watch my throttle body cleaning and washing videos on my channel. Seems your throttle body needs cleaning.
MUSTAFA KHAN (3 года назад)
sir I really need your help I have nissan maxima 2002 having same issue I can smell petrol inside car and car drinking too much petrol but I can't see the leakage
Masterr Laster (3 года назад)
Just finished doing this on my 1995 niassan altima damn wish mine a like yours. Mine has some kinda metal hoses between the tank and the top only way I could reach it was to drop the tank :(  .But it's all fixed and I just filled the tank today no leaks :)
tubejim101 (4 года назад)
Great video.  Does look a lot like a Honda.
speedshiftr88 (4 года назад)
Dirty ass car. Belongs in junk yard..lol
Aldo Nelson (2 года назад)
+LearningZone I agree with that statement
LearningZone (4 года назад)
+speedshiftr88 Yes dear friend, you are correct. This car was a dirty car. But this is a must for a mechanic or automotive engineer to work on dirty cars because nobody will bring his or her brand new car to a mechanic for repair and sure new car will not go breakdown. So love these old cars which are bringing wealth and happiness to you! Regards,
weyend johnson (4 года назад)
I need help.....2001 mitsubishi galant 2.4l the brakes paddle is very soft and it won't hold at all....what needs be done
LearningZone (4 года назад)
+weyend johnson Dear friend if they are simple hydraulic assist brakes then you should first bleed all your brakes. If the problem still there after bleeding, you need a new brake master cylinder which is located under the brake fluid reservoir after the brake booster in the engine compartment. Replace that and bleed the whole brake system and maybe your clutch also if clutch is taking fluid from there. On the other hand if your brakes are ABS assist then the story is a bit different. In case of ABS brakes it needs complete trouble shooting using a scan tool and other electrical troubleshooting equipment to repair the system. For bleeding you can watch my other video on Toyota ECHO brake bleeding here: http://youtu.be/wjd10gK6Uh4 Regards, Let me know about your successful repair!
zx8401ztv (4 года назад)
Good reliable fix :-)) Cant afford to waste fuel, too dam expensive :-(
LearningZone (4 года назад)
Thanks for nice comment. The guy brought this car somewhere from 500Km away in this condition by refueling with frequent intervals! But good luck is fuel is unbelievable inexpensive here.
tubejim101 (4 года назад)
Good job
LearningZone (4 года назад)
Thank you dear Sir.

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