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Best prepaid cell phone plans of 2014

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Comparing Scratch Wireless and Republic Wireless then discussing cell phone choices in general while sitting on a Quattrocycle
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Swolenator (3 года назад)
Have you tried freedom pop? I am looking for a phone to use that I currently won't need to make many calls or data. And texts would be fine.  How is the phones since they are older now and how bulky is the photon? Right now I have two old flip phones not activated that I thought about putting on a pay as you use plan. But freedom pop, scratch wireless, and republic give you smartphones and I could then use some apps if I needed but probably wouldn't except maybe GPS. Does GPS work fine on scratch without a data plan while in a car?
Nolife2692 (3 года назад)
I have bought one of their scratch phones and GPS work as normally like others device just download offline GPS and get all the maps you need than that it not bad thanks www.scratchwireless.com
Aaron Rosenzweig (4 года назад)
Now that we've used both Scratch and Republic wireless for about a year, I'd like to update the review. Overall - the wifi quality is a little hit or miss. Sometimes it is better than cellular, sometimes it is worse. It's not just your local connection... it must also be their server congestion because you could have fiber and sometimes have a bad wifi call. Generally - Republic Wireless call quality is better and having $15 unlimited cell phone voice calling is a good deal if you need to be able to speak to someone wherever you go. I still have my Scratch Wireless phone and still enjoy it. It costs nothing, I can text anywhere anytime and that's usually all I need. I do make voice calls with it too but generally if I know I'm going to make an important voice call I'll wait and use my wife's republic wireless phone. Hopefully call quality over wifi will improve for Scratch - it's probably just growing pains.
Robert (4 года назад)
Aaron ! Sox and sandals? what are you Polish ? lol
Nolife2692 (4 года назад)
Hi I just got my phone from scratch wireless which is good so far once in a while u have to restart the device but its noticeable of that however the service is free as long u have WiFi and also sprint network which is the same as boost mobile now been texting more with their feature and this save my mom about 40 dollars a month for me to have a phone a year is almost 600.00 wow
Nolife2692 (4 года назад)
Thanks for the review on Scratch Wireless I ask my mom to get me one and she did because of no monthly bill I was happy about it so now I can text for free WIFI or not is a good deal I thank 
keyseqpt (4 года назад)
Nolife2692 (3 года назад)
Why with the all caps their service is pretty good for what it does give it a try if you got good sprint network the service might not have the up to date device later in future hope they will give more people to have selection
Andy Campillo (4 года назад)
Good info
Elane Horhi (4 года назад)
Hi all.  I just found out that they don't have a customer service number in case you need to get hold of a live person and that is NOT good!
rockvilleraven (4 года назад)
+Elane Horhi Better for them even to have an outsourced tech support than nothing at all, I will excepting him to be the 3000th YouTube shill for Solavei, so he can get free service from some other sucker.
Elane Horhi (4 года назад)
I've never seen wheelchairs like these before that 4 are attached.  Is that supposed to be a cool feature for handicap people?
gingambo (4 года назад)
Thanks for posting this information. This is great advice from an obviously Intelligent person. Love the quattracycle. Where can I learn more about it?
plexx va (4 года назад)
freedompop offers free cell phone service and now has the iphone 5 !!!
Nolife2692 (4 года назад)
I heard freedom pop isnt good on people review 
Andrew Gage (4 года назад)
Of course you would say "you really don't need data. I'm around wifi alot." when you have a f***ing mobile hotspot device.
Scott Pesetsky (4 года назад)
Thanks for the review!!
Sir Reginald (4 года назад)
I liked your video, 30% because of the good information and lessons taught, and 70% because you're a good person. Thank you for uploading. 
mmanda515 (4 года назад)
Appreciate the easy to understand, but in-depth, explanations & comparision...   (& that's a really neat quattrocycle too! ツ Enjoy!)
Nolife2692 (4 года назад)
is scratch wirless nation wide covrage is making sure I do sometime travel but you say that texting is always free right is it the full sprint corvage please le me know bro thank you
Carlos (4 года назад)
just shut up.
Jonathan Nelson (4 года назад)
Can you tell me about your wifi hotspot for $35 per month "unlimited"?

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