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Darra Goldstein: "Fire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking" | Talks at Google

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Darra Goldstein, the founding editor of Gastronomica, shares recipes and stories from her latest cookbook, Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice explores the rich cultural history and culinary traditions of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia is a region of extremes—where effortlessly chic design meets rugged wilderness, and perpetual winter nights are followed by endless days of summer—and Fire and Ice proves that Scandinavian cuisine is no exception. From the bold aroma of smoked arctic char, to the delicate flavor of saffron buns, and from the earthy taste of chanterelle soup to the fragrant aroma of raspberry-rose petal jam, this beautifully curated cookbook features over 100 inspiring and achievable recipes that introduce home cooks to the glorious and diverse flavors of Nordic cooking.
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