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Free-range kids: CPS takes children away from couple again in example of parenting police state

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A family in Silver Spring, Maryland could face charges for child neglect for the second time in a matter of months. Danielle and Sasha Meitiv found themselves in the national spotlight in January, after neighbors complained they were letting their children roam the neighborhood unattended. The Meitivs -- who are both scientists -- insisted they were right to allow their children, aged 10 and 6, to play in the park or walk home from school without adult supervision. They were in the process of appealing Child Protective Service's child neglect charge. Then it happened again. On Sunday, Rafi Meitiv and his younger sister Dvora were just a few blocks from home when a police officer pulled up. "The policeman said 'we'll give you a ride home' when we were like two blocks away," Rafi told a Fox 5 reporter. "So we got into the car and then about two and a half hours later -- after sitting in the car for two and a half hours -- he said, 'okay I'll bring you home,'" Rafi said. But the officer took the two children to CPS without notifying Danielle and Sasha. The parents finally received a call around 8 p.m., but were not permitted to see their children for several more hours. "It's 10:30 at night," Danielle told reporters once CPS handed the children over. "They've been missing since 6 o'clock." Danielle said the kids normally carry "free range" badges so neighbors know they're not lost, but the children had left them behind that day. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (864)
Glenda Wesley (7 days ago)
Is that CPS Manitoba
ZeeC (18 days ago)
so much for freedomland ..
There is a law that prohibits schools from letting kids not walk home
Ian The Cool Thief (1 month ago)
If that was me, I'd fight back. I HATE YOU CPS! I DARE SAY THAT!
Carol Schacht (1 month ago)
If you know your being watched by CPS why would you let them out alone again. Sorry I love my kids to much to let them go that far away from home. You don't know who is driving around the neighborhood looking for kids. 10 isn't that old enough to be able to walk around alone.
LoveDoesConquerAll (2 months ago)
Depends on where my children are growing up. We had to be home by dark starting from preteens...i would have flipped if a cop took my children and not drove them straight home. I would be okay if CPS did an investigation and found no abuse or neglect was going on. But to say it's neglect in a small town is kind of dumb. I get there are weirdos out there but as a parent you determine what is best for your child.
kiwi kiwi (2 months ago)
Give them food
Sharpnbrite (2 months ago)
April Lam (2 months ago)
So whatever it’s like when I was growing up in the 90s I was always aloud to go to the park by myself with friends.
Junko Enoshima (2 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with being a free range kid as long as you live in a safe neighbourhood
J Steiner4791 (2 months ago)
When I saw 'free-range' I was thinking this was a case of unschooled neglected kids, but this is just kids walking around town without an adult. So what? When I was as young as 7-8 years old I no longer needed to have my parents with me if I wanted to ride my bike to the park or walk to the convenience store. Are kids no longer allowed to do that any more?
Nancy Farkas (2 months ago)
Teach your kids protect themselves from a young age. Locking them up in the house and hovering is not the answer. You cant t be there 24/7 nor should you be.
Subzerox (2 months ago)
I feel like CPS should be suable for this matter as police shouldn’t be allowed to temporarily kidnap kids, and be brought to custody, they should’ve brought them back home with a CPS agent to consider the matter, and enforce punishment in case such an event was going to occur again. Also as it sounds there was no warning or notification before police had temporarily taken away the kids. It also does not help that the police and CPS failed to care for the kids properly, by not granting them anything to eat.
Pz V/IV Studios (2 months ago)
Why get fined tho?
King pizza (2 months ago)
10:30. >:( 911. Not. Not. Not!!!!!!!
Edward Keough (2 months ago)
Why is CNN and Fake News silent about US citizens being separated from their children but Don Lemon head plays supposed recordings of crying children of illegals being separated in spite that these illegal aliens abusing and endangering their babies in order to come over the boarder any way they can from Mexico. Where's the outrage?
A 2227 (3 months ago)
I walked home from school at 7 by myself. This is crazy! Sometimes cps goes too far. This is a perfect example. The government won't help you pay to raise your kid so why should they tell you how to raise it. If the kid is not beaten not abused, then mind your business.
My teacher had that choice for school (we have busy streets since 1st grade)
Julie Hudson (3 months ago)
Wait... the “protective services” maltreated kids and 5he PARENTS got in trouble? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Erica Selby (3 months ago)
I went my friend's house after school all the time. We rode the bus together and would hangout until lights out.
Joyful Noise (3 months ago)
Free range is great! I used to be free range, but we live in a different day n age. What would the parents have done if, instead of the police grabbing their children, pedophiles had???
•cookie paw Lps• (3 months ago)
I hate cps,,,
Tomo news is the shittiest channel.
Vobe S (4 months ago)
shouldn't have signed anything they can't just take your kids away they more than likely didn't have a warrant. how could things have changed so much in such a small amount of time, not that long ago 'free change kids' didn't need a label... they were just kids.
Kat Hart (4 months ago)
Unfortunately, we live in a world where children are trafficked and should not be out and about all day without adults. Think about the ones who just go to get ice cream from the ice cream truck (...just get it at the store!) and are never seen again.
seatbelttruck (4 months ago)
...I was walking about a mile to and from school at eleven or twelve, and escorting my younger sisters (ages 5 and 8 at that time) as well. We were careful to avoid busy streets, so I don't know if that may have been the issue, but this seems a bit excessive.
Legodog890 (4 months ago)
Boise what you mean I see kids doing that in Nevada
Seth Zombie (4 months ago)
Many, If not most, paedophiles and child abusers aren't in the street, but in kid's homes and schools. They're the cousins and soccer coaches. But I do agree that there should be more of a safety net around them, after all they are still children.
Phil Rabe (4 months ago)
By the time I was 9 I was allowed to ride my bike to the store up the hill. It was at least 3/4 of a mile but felt longer. By the time I was 11 I was allowed to take the city bus into the next town to see movies. I was given my first boat when I was 12 or 13, and my parents and those of my friends had no issues with me going out in my boat alone or with friends all day long. By the time I was 15, I was allowed to take out the big sail boat under my command and tool up and down the intracoastal waterway [but not allowed to go out into the gulf]..
probably asexual as fuck (4 months ago)
SongoFlow SF (4 months ago)
Lol in poland we go 8 kilometers ducking alone from 6-10
GiGi W. (4 months ago)
This sounds like unlawful imprisonment to me. Hey Cops, CPS, that's a big no-no, and an expensive lawsuit. Get a grip! Or, I know how about going after parents who are really abusing or neglecting their kids. There are plenty out there!
Elizabeth Shaw (4 months ago)
I would go all day without food playing with my friends on the weekends and we walked a quarter of a mile to our Elementary School playground to play.
Elizabeth Shaw (4 months ago)
I used to walk home alone and play in the neighborhood.
Kale Ling (4 months ago)
My parents had fine boundaries for me growing up. By age 6, I was able to go to the end of he cul de sac and back to the house. Age 8, I could go a block or two farther than the cul de sac. Age 12, I could go to the park and back checking in every 30minutes (physically check in. I didn’t have a cell phone back then). Age 15, I could go three miles to town and back. Perhaps too many parents are letting their 6 yr olds go all the way to town and back as long as they check in on the cellphones?
toy gummy bear (4 months ago)
So irresponsible
uncle darren (4 months ago)
My friend and I took the go train from Clarkson 20 miles to the Canadian National Exhibition every summer from age 6. No parents no problems. Jesus Christ let kids be kids and play. There were sick pedos when we were kids we just didn't trust anyone older than us
Gurgle (5 months ago)
Next thing CPs is going to remove 17 year olds from their homes for being left on their own. That's obviously neglect right?
Glass (5 months ago)
salt red (5 months ago)
So the kids were kidnapped and the parents blamed for cops kidnapping
Whisker Lickens (5 months ago)
800th comment
bel pet (5 months ago)
I was walking home alone when I was 10,sometimes with my brother, in both woods and suburban settings. That's just too much. Not to mention that the kids went un fed for hours because the police misled them and took them without consent of the parents and did not feed them. That's kidnapping.
green cat (5 months ago)
My mom always told me to not talk to the police and just call her. PlotTwist: She is a policewoman.
Morgan Templeton (5 months ago)
This is why people cry and throw riots now when they lose an election or don't get what they want from their job. I don't blame them. When someone is hovering around you banning everything you don't like for 18 years, I'd be entitled and soft too. These parents really love their kids, and you know that because they're trying to make sure they actually know how the world works and how to live in it from a young age.
Pythagoras Mathematik (5 months ago)
I ran around the neighborhood on my own when I was 3, why is it a problem?
Dharma Jianniney (5 months ago)
Remember back in the 90's when you could let your kid go play and trust them to be home by curfew? Why have these dumb laws?
Amanda Biggs (5 months ago)
Since when is playing around your own neighbourhood free range?! That’s just being a kid and letting your kids just be kids!
Nadia Hamada (5 months ago)
Okay but like is anyone going to talk about the intro and the animated clips??
Domino Picamation (5 months ago)
At the rate it’s going, I can just see a whole lot of kids becoming agoraphobic because they’ve been told that going outside is “dangerous”
Chloe The bunny (5 months ago)
"Child neglect charges for letting your children roam around the neighborhood with adult supervision" seriously I'm 10 my parents let me do this all the time my neighbors never call the cops infact my neighbors let their kids do it too almost every kid in my neighborhood does EVEN A KINDERGARTENER
a bit of country life (5 months ago)
When I was 10 I biked for hours and hours on my own and I survived so I'm sure these kids will be fine as well.
Idennek Idennek (5 months ago)
I did this as a kid and didn't know it was considered "free range parenting".. all the kids walk to school, go to the park, etc.
kittava maekeya (5 months ago)
Kids in the hood walk around like this all the time
C Brown (5 months ago)
That very well could have been a child predator posing as a cop to gain a child's trust and then your child would really be missing then.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 months ago)
Well the government allowed it, but that police denied it, bringing them home UNFED, that is the most corrupted police ive seen so far.
Let Them Talk (5 months ago)
Starving a child to try to make a point. Wow.
ashleye the unicorn (5 months ago)
I am 10 and I go come back to school myself and always hang out with friends alone ,is CPS telling my parents to follow me everywhere I go?
Cai Linton (5 months ago)
How come a ten year old can't walk down the street...but a 12 year old can be left to take care of several children, including helpless infants?
Dog Cat (5 months ago)
They boy is 10 years old that more then old enough to walk to the park and back I Could see the parents getting in trouble if the sister was walking by her self because she only 6 year old
J.R. Spingly (5 months ago)
Free range parenting is bad, anyone who thinks it is a good thing shouldn't have kids. When I was 10 I wasnt able to leave the front sidewalk on my block, when I was 13 I was given more freedoms since I was older and was on my bike through out my neighboring blocks. At 16 I could go anywhere basically. Thats how you raise a kid.
Where's Waldo (5 months ago)
CPS threaten them it was sign under duress I say get a lawyer. Alway recording public servants when they are talking to you it make them honest. Remember cameras can not lie.
Lpscookies (5 months ago)
Im 11 my brother is 6 we are aloud to leave and walk by oursevles as long as our parents know where we are i have a iphone
Katherine Gaddy (5 months ago)
I walked all around my town/city at that age. To and from school etc. Yes, things have gotten "scarier" and less predictable with populations growing and not knowing all of your neighbours, but I would hardly call this neglect or abuse. Maybe go after the parents who are actually abusing their children (both mentally and physically) instead of the parents trying to teach their children responsibility, and independence!
Hypergen (5 months ago)
CPS agents deserve to be shot. They destroy perfectly good families who don't believe in bubble wrapping their kids. While abusive parents go free.
Never Too Old for Dolls (5 months ago)
Omg! I was walking to my friends house and home from school by myself when i was 6! This is ridiculous!
Hannah H (5 months ago)
In Japan, they let them walk to and get transport from age 6+
Sarah 92705 (5 months ago)
0:25 wait why are they chickens.... OHHH I GET IT!! Free range kids, free range chickens? 😂
Sinnahmon (5 months ago)
I’m not from America so I’m nor familiar with how kids get home there, but what’s the deal with walking home by your self? I’ve do this all my life from when I was in year 3 to now. Even though stranger danger is a thing as long as you are responsible or there are people around to help you, I think it’s ok to walk home from a young age
Taylor H (5 months ago)
"free range kids" when I was growing up in the late 90's ( I was born in '90) every single kid was a "free range kid". We would walk to school, walk to our friends house, we would leave our friends house and go to the park, none of our parents knew where we were. We told our parents we would either be home for dinner, or we would call them to let them know what's going on. This is ridiculous.
Marissa Cole (5 months ago)
Are there new laws that say kids have to be a certain age before they can walk outside by themselves?? Because when I was 8, my mom let my siblings and I walk to and from school without supervision. We went to the park by ourselves and rode our bikes to the supermarket and GameStop which were several miles away. This was only in 2003. Have times changed that much in 15 years?
Cat Lover (5 months ago)
This is ridiculous
Blazed Gyrl (5 months ago)
They're too young to be out playing alone. Also, why didn't the parents teach them NOT to go with strangers?! Smh. This is child neglect. Sorry, not sorry. The most that should have happened is parenting classes, and if it happens again, then remove the kids. In this day and age, that ofdicer could have been a child molester, a murderer.
Brenda Cervantes (5 months ago)
That cop was no different from a stranger!
Admst 3 (5 months ago)
No matter there age, it isn’t safe there are people who are mentally ill who walk the streets there are child predators no matter where they are the parents should supervise them that is so dangerous
Jasmin Darya (5 months ago)
When someone actually needs their help, they are nowhere to be found 😑
Patron Saint of Fashion (5 months ago)
in japan its basically tradition to let your children walk to school from like fhe age of 5. and they have to take subways and change lines. they do it every day. it teaches them self sufficiency. america is so ridiculous seriously.
Coves (5 months ago)
10 and 6? whats the issue? Although they should have trained therm better, never get in the car with a stranger! that cop straight up lied
Izzys Mom Tattoos (5 months ago)
I woul dnt let my child walk home alone. But if this is their only gripe, these kids seem to be cared for other wise. Maybe that should be a priority. The actual welfare of the children..
SnivyTries (5 months ago)
My issue with this: No, it's not cool that kids aren't allowed outside, but think about this. Those kids got into a car with a stranger. Cop or no, I would have told them "If anyone tries to get you to stop or into a car, run. Yell, scream, make whatever noise you can."
Jet Jaguar (5 months ago)
Why is it a problem to let your 10 year old walk to school and back? I understand the younger one, but I remember young kids walking their little siblings home all the time.
Zach&Hannah M. (5 months ago)
I'm too parano to let my kids go play alone. Our backyard only. But so many kids walk home from school and play at parks with no parents in my city. I think it's up to the parents.
Amari Williams (5 months ago)
all these comments are talking about you can’t baby them and i used to do that and all that bs but the issue isn’t about babying them it’s about the fact that there are kidnappers a predators and creeps out in the world and just sending your young children out into a world like this is wrong and yes it is child endangerment .. how can u send your young kids into the world like that without making sure they know the world first
Lola Hoppes (5 months ago)
Back in the 80's I was known as a latch key kid!
CrypticAg (5 months ago)
This is so dumb! At 10 I was walking home from school by myself to and from almost a mile.... school bus only took kids that lived a mile+ from the school no exceptions. Heck a year later at 11 I almost walked 3 miles the wrong way home and got lost no cop checked on me nothing. This is pathetic and cps really needs to focus on the people abusing and neglecting their kids. Ps I’m 18 so don’t come at me with the “it’s a different world” bs the world is just as bad as it was 7-8 years ago.
jjcp292 (5 months ago)
Lazy behind parents living in a fantasy world. Let the kids do what they want and go where they want go to. They're just too lazy to watch them or walk them to school. There are so many missing children, some never found and some murdered. Yet, these empty-headed morons are living in their own fantasy world, thinking they are safe wherever their children go.
davida1b2c3d4c5 (5 months ago)
CPS are correct. Children should be made to travel in cars and stay at home with no sense of adventure or self-responsibility. How else will they be able to become obese and be put on Ritalin? (6-years old is a little too young, though.)
Nottia Jamison (5 months ago)
Ugh. Meanwhile, children in Asia pretty much hike over the mountains to get to school. America...
JakeTheDog (5 months ago)
I walk around my neighborhood without any adult supervision and im fine
Tiúilip (5 months ago)
They look too young for this though my mum kept an eye on me until I was 13
xohillary (5 months ago)
While I don't agree with the charges and don't think it's harmful to a child, I wouldn't personally do that anymore these days. It's just too dangerous with all the predators out there. I trust my kids but I don't trust people.
Ken Harris (5 months ago)
sadly you just cant do that anymore.
Candy Smith (5 months ago)
My kids ride their bikes to and from school with a group of friends. We are not bad parents...give the kids a little responsibility and freedom...good lawrd! Kids today have cell phones, CB radios or even the phone watches with GPS tracking. My parents had none of these safety measures and we were still allowed to "free range" as long as we followed the rules and curfew time.
Vicki and Kate Turner (5 months ago)
I use to walk from my bus stop to my house which was a good two blocks away! It also makes you CPS look bad the fact you never fed those kids!
A.J. Annie (5 months ago)
thank god I am not in the US my neighborhood kids camp out by themselves with little to no supervision for 3 day straight, but I live in a very safe country so maybe that’s why. Kids are everywhere when I go out and they’re a bit annoying throwing stuff at cars. so you might be in an advantage here.
Alexis Wilson (5 months ago)
This is how many people grew up! I am now 17, and I have walked around the neighborhood for several years. I am FINE. My mom, her mom, and her mom's mom's all grew up "free range".
emclarke01 (5 months ago)
Why does it have to be Maryland? Of course it is 😂
Anna Vajda (5 months ago)
Cps is criminal and destroying lives.
SILENT CHILLZ (5 months ago)
When my dad was a kid, keep in mind he was born in 1974 he walk everywhere after a school day during Middle and High School and would do whatever he felt like. However, whenever I or my friends walk home from school, it's always a group of kids who get into fights, and they sometimes attack you if your not careful. As a result, I was never allowed to walk home again.
Aben L (5 months ago)
free range what a world
Tom Jerry (5 months ago)
I agree with alot of these comments argueing that this is ridiculus. but you can't just argue "this is what was done when *I* grew up...so THERE!" just because that was the way things were done then does not make it necessarily better. you have to argue why its releavent like "this is what was done then and it worked just fine." and then maybe throw in a point about how often kids are actually harmed when walking home or whatever. otherwise someone could just knock most of these comments out of the water with "yea, but guess what? in the past, people also had high child mortality rates because people did dumb things...now we do SMART things"....

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