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Police pull over state attorney

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The Orlando Police Department released bodycam footage of two officers pulling over Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala.
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Wander Saavedra (19 часов назад)
Tyson Rinker (20 часов назад)
So she gets to have a license plate that when ran doesn't come back to anything . That's bullshit. Then everybody should. Change that law .
Bonnie & Clyde Ride (22 часа назад)
Oh this was great!! You could almost hear his balls retreat back into his prepubescent body, when she asked for their cards!! These cops nowdays have entirely too much freedom to make laws and ordinances subjective to their own intent or agendas, and it must stop!! The only way to stop it is to elect officials that understand that they are *PUBLIC* *SERVANTS* !!!
Shymere Lewis (1 день назад)
when white folks get scared rubs fingers cards please
Kopfjäger (3 дня назад)
So state attorneys are above the law? In Stralia Capital Territory ,when a cop pulls you over, they are not worried that their head might get blown off like in the USofA.
Robert Gomez (3 дня назад)
That cough after he says "you're good" proves his intentions were not good. Stupid white folk and their callings.
Rita Raju (3 дня назад)
Baillargeonn Mario (3 дня назад)
The way he says: "Yeah! One second" when asked for his card, is priceless. That meant "Oh boy! Are we fucked!!!"... LMFAO!!!
Matteo Castillo Sensidoni (3 дня назад)
None is above the law
kosmique (3 дня назад)
- "I'm the state attorney" - "BYE!"
Barack Obama (4 дня назад)
what a nig
Chai2574 (4 дня назад)
He got on that " think of an excuse real quick even if it doesn't make sense mode" real quick.
Vkob (4 дня назад)
Cops run tags all the time. It's possible her plate didn't match anything... Possible... but really unlikely. Still, no need to get upset over a routine stop. It wasn't illegal so says the state attorney.
chas stacey (4 дня назад)
Oh come on..its obvious another case of driving while black
Gabriel Prosser (4 дня назад)
Lol AmeriKKKa is finished.
Isaac guerrero (4 дня назад)
I see nothing wrong with this, if anything this is how all traffic stops should look like and no ine should play the race card
G (4 дня назад)
They didnt do anything wrong--dont understand the issue--her plate wasnt registering and windows tinted which in some states are not allowed if too dark--i think i was randomly pulled over--ran my info and found my reg was expired--got ticketed--it happens--and im white if that is the accusation they are trying to fuel here---also--ps--if windows are tinted cant see driver--not sure why her comment about looking into the issue--
Marius (4 дня назад)
The cop did his job. So what she is the SA?
beachplumb (4 дня назад)
So...her car isn't properly registered but that's OK?
temp911Luke (5 дней назад)
CNN calls her..."BLACK" 0:08 ???? YOU nazi rascist !
Ghost City (5 дней назад)
Who cares who she is
Ben Youssef Kenzeddine (5 дней назад)
Ok and then what his job is stopping people lol
Vincent Crims (5 дней назад)
Good thing he was a cop so was able to lie flawlessly.
Vincent Crims (5 дней назад)
Hahaha he's so freaked out
Kawaii Onee-chan (6 дней назад)
:O 😨😨😨😱😱😱 he fucked up
Jeffrey Small (6 дней назад)
If it was any one else would of been a,different story the windows were really dark there are laws on window tint no one is above the law wait but city afficels
Hisglory 316 (7 дней назад)
Good job blue! No one's above the Law!
ljungis1 (7 дней назад)
Hahaha!! He got so owned!!!!! Almost cryed like a baby 😂
Ozdemir Salih (8 дней назад)
My favorite Youtube video ever:). She is a true professional lady.
Moneyshot (8 дней назад)
class act
Len Gasparini (8 дней назад)
What do you expect in a police state.
R2D2 (8 дней назад)
A completely legitimate stop lol. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Its common practice for literally every agency to run plates on random cars. If the cop picks a car runs the plate and nothing comes back at all then obviously that’s reason for a stop considering there’s thousands of stolen cars on the road with fake plates. Nothing happened to these 2 officers not even an investigation because they never did anything wrong
John Starling (8 дней назад)
Notices when she said she was a state attorney how he tried to run he harassed her driving while black, coward pig!!!!
Anthony Lopez (9 дней назад)
Yo sheeple wake up Colin Flaherty has us woke
Susie Que (10 дней назад)
We scan tags. If there is something on your record...we pull you over. If there is nothing on your record...we pull you over. lol
AKillerTuna (10 дней назад)
Police cars have cameras, that automatically scan plates. The plate came back as "unregistered," so they initiated a stop. I fail to see what the problem is...other than he didn't pursue why the plate was unregistered...
Paula and Jaz explains it y'all (10 дней назад)
Of course this is a CNN commercial .....there's no point to this , but I'm sure they're going to say that, because she was black , and having to be a state attorney, something had to do with her race.... and God knows what... CNN is a joke..... and what they don't realize is that by their actions... they appear to be more racist than anyone. And I'm from Orlando cops have the right to do that to any tag black or white ppl or whatever...
David L (10 дней назад)
Jack Russel (10 дней назад)
I do not understand. What the cops did bad?
Mikey McLean (10 дней назад)
Let me clear my throat.. Haha😂😂
Chrisomatic Chaotix (10 дней назад)
Ayala is my last name!!!
sam z (10 дней назад)
it made me smile to see a black woman make a white man shake in fear. 🖤
Nyerinde Joshua (10 дней назад)
To be with Albion skin doesn't mean that you are special, that's why you have bad heart
sean2015 (11 дней назад)
All these comments saying _"Oh that cop had a heart attack when he realized who she was!"_ ...ummm, I think when police officers pull over a vehicle, they know in the back of their minds that the driver could be someone they'd prefer not to deal with in a legal setting, such as: an attorney (like this nice woman), a superior officer, a lawmaker, high-ranking government official or a close relative or friend of one of those categories. But those are the LEAST of a police officer's worries. They are far more concerned about the driver of the car being a violent felon.
Brandon Morris (11 дней назад)
Disgusting ass comments here.
GD Kaci (12 дней назад)
...and the point of the video is? The cop was doing his job.
sean2015 (11 дней назад)
See my comment above
MrNutsack100 (12 дней назад)
She's on a power trip...
Jack Bidwell (13 дней назад)
Bitch smug as shit, thinking cops are bad because they pulled her soft ass over, legally in a routine check
Alex FRD (14 дней назад)
You can tell this guy's making that shit up as he goes. An 8 year old can keep his composure better.
Salman Khan1199 (14 дней назад)
What agency are you with...I'm a state attorney...ok have a nice day..I'm outta here
Check Mate (14 дней назад)
Seems like no one in the comment section knows that cops are constantly running tags no matter who you are. This is how they find a reason to stop you. You don’t have to speed or do something illegal in order for your tag to be read...
sean2015 (11 дней назад)
+Check Mate yeah I saw that too. I mean I got pulled over TWICE last week for that inoperative license plate light and you don't see me whining to the media.
Check Mate (11 дней назад)
sean2015 at the end of the video the attorney made a statement in which she said the stop was perfectly legal, this however didn’t deter people from making stupid comments
sean2015 (11 дней назад)
+Check Mate also I think when police officers pull over a vehicle, they know in the back of their minds that the driver could be someone they'd prefer not to deal with in a legal setting, such as: an attorney (like this nice woman), a superior officer, a lawmaker, high-ranking government official or a close relative or friend of one of those categories. But those are the LEAST of a police officer's worries. They are far more concerned about the driver of the car being a violent felon or any person who is armed, and how such a person might react to being stopped by police.
sean2015 (11 дней назад)
​+Check Mate I'm surprised that a state attorney would not know that it's routine for police to do this
Check Mate (11 дней назад)
sean2015 exactly my friend. Scrolling through this comment section makes me think most of humanity is dumb lol.
Carolina PFan (15 дней назад)
This “news” story was a nothing burger, CNN showing their desperation! And please stop using the term “slay”, that is so played out! Groovy and peace out!
StarCaster (15 дней назад)
The smirk she makes as soon as he tries to explain about the tint measure 😏 lmao
SouthPhillyRoc 215 (15 дней назад)
Thomas Parker (16 дней назад)
The way she did her fingers when asking for the cards was legit
Brian Pruitt (16 дней назад)
For the love of god cops can not do there jobs any more with out these people disrespecting them
Buddy Vibe (17 дней назад)
the cop doesnt have a window tint tool and he doesnt have business cards.. sounds like its getting sloppy in Orlando Police dept.
Dr Tucker (17 дней назад)
The moment that woman handed him her I.D. ... he experienced what real terror was!!!
trha2222 (17 дней назад)
Why is this video here
Efrayim FW Malembeka (18 дней назад)
What a twist! LMAO!
Michael (18 дней назад)
Cunts never saw that coming.
chefbee70 (18 дней назад)
What the point
chefbee70 (18 дней назад)
What is the point there are white
Ace Garcia (18 дней назад)
Other dude knows they fucked up he's walking backwards tucktailed.... that sucks to be them .
Phillip Michaels (20 дней назад)
I didn’t hear anything wrong with this video. He ran the tag, nothing came back, so he pulled her over. She complied and they went about their lives. Not because she is black, or the state attorney or anything else. It’s how any kind of stop should be.
Andre Wells (21 день назад)
Its all a money thing, if you are black and don't have a record then they have to figure out a way to put you into the criminal justice system. Homes are being broken into, children being molested and these thugs have nothing to do but harass people for nothing other than being black. When you give corporate American tax cuts that money needs to be made up and its often made up on the backs of people of color in the form of black taxes like traffic stops.
MrBCurtis (21 день назад)
3000 🐷s hated this video.
Tylin Williams (21 день назад)
We got real friendly real quick
arjay sorio (22 дня назад)
And the police officer thought he's superior but then became a puppy the moment the lady said she's the state attorney. Hahaha stupid police officer.
MorallyAwkward (22 дня назад)
This cop lied about 20 times but we’re supposed to tell the truth!
GhoulMuttZ (23 дня назад)
Got caught😂😂😂
Petr ina (24 дня назад)
The police was like," ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit"
Biyi Ogundele (24 дня назад)
Oh that came back nd bit your deeply in the butt right
Mike Nike (24 дня назад)
A smart pretty black woman with power. I just got a boner.
Kat Rand (24 дня назад)
Where I live, dark tinted windows do draw police attention. A white co-worker of mine got pulled over for that and his windows were apparently measured as too dark because he was made to change his windows out. I don't know what was in either person's mind and I hate racial-profiling. But this cop may have been a very good guy and was merely drawn by the darkened windows. Do you think it's maybe possible that people doing crimes sometimes get dark windows for cars they use?
Nando Budd (24 дня назад)
He sounds like a kid after they are caught doing something bad.
Tango (24 дня назад)
His balls went into his stomach
Martin Ljubic (25 дней назад)
This state attorney has a really big mouth, wants to match that with a big body, then throw around all that weight.  A big mouth throwing its weight around.  When you ask for the officer's name,  that is what throwing your weight around means. Me, throwing around some words ... BITCH!!
Lafe Denton (25 дней назад)
Oh I bet he was capping his pants
Samuel Harris (25 дней назад)
Why is this a story? Nothing but a routine, uneventful traffic stop
Itz Trappyy (25 дней назад)
I mean ppl are making this a big deal like my friends or black and white and most of my white friends get pulled over more than my black friends so I really don't see the problem with them pulling her over and plz don't giving me that BS "oh dumbass shes black"
Efrain Velazquez (25 дней назад)
Not today buddy 😂
Kubie Q (25 дней назад)
If the tags are run and there is no issue why are the police impeding on traffic and free movement???
John Guertin (26 дней назад)
ohhhhh now I get it I see why it's on here CNN thats explains everything.
John Guertin (26 дней назад)
but if her car were stolen and she wanted it back she wouldnt be complaining about running the plate..... she'd be praising the officers and bragiging about what a good job they do...she would not even question the method as to how they found out it was her stolen car....so because she's with the states attorneys office she's perfect...beyond reproach??? you people commenting on here are ignorant ....because these people NEVER do anything wrong right?? people in politics or in higher authoritative positions never abuse their positions NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO ... and I'm not saying this woman is no good.. I never met the lady ........ I just wonder if she would of asked for cards if the officers were black ??? hmmmmmm Many states no longer have reg stickers on the plate so other than running the plate.....there is no way to know whether it's valid or not simple as that.. I can't speak for this state -FLA, but many states have that so just like a license being an ID for a person, a plate is the ID for your car.... dont see what the big deal is about the video or why it's even on here..... 4 million views .. wow what a fuckin world I only watched it because someone sent it to me but don't understand the attraction
Devon MacDonald (26 дней назад)
Legal simple stop nothing fancy here.
azspotfree (26 дней назад)
How dare he pull over a black state attorney. Man was she indignant too.
Tierney Brown (16 дней назад)
azspotfree dude ... what
my google (26 дней назад)
Hellooo Ms. PO-lice lady.. How youuuu doin?😍😘
saba tsignadze (26 дней назад)
I AM the state attorney
Zeratul (26 дней назад)
Pigs eat shit. Ma rite?
gerry whelan (26 дней назад)
Fanrata (27 дней назад)
There was this one incident where I was racially profiled, and I live Canada (Toronto) and that’s never happened to me for the most part. So basically I didn’t realize that bus fare went up 10cents (🙄) and I only put in $2, as it was before. He was like “you forgot 10cents”, I’m like, “oh I didn’t know”. Tell me why the driver, who was black chuckles and tells me I’m lying. I never seen him again though.
Jeff Nasser (27 дней назад)
Vincent van gogh (27 дней назад)
What's being proven here. Innocent until proven guilty applies to everyone
NuEnque (27 дней назад)
Had she not been the States Attorney they were planning to either molest her, kill her or both. Look at the officer on the other side of the car
Jaime Ruiz (28 дней назад)
You could tell this moron was scared he couldn't even lie they messed with the wrong person. Admire this lady
Common Sensicle (28 дней назад)
Just seen this, I live in the UK, and it would appear you have our problem, being coloured and a female guarantees your promotion to a senior position.White and male forget it your a no hoper.
Eduardo Ramos (29 дней назад)
People who say it was a normal convo between 2 people are stupid...c mon as soon as she gave her position the cop said he had never seen a tag dissapear and not come back or w.e...what a lousy excuse to stop someone and then his excuse about her car POSSIBLY being too tinted? Ignorant fools would believe this guy. You can ever hear his voice change as soon as he started shitting his pants.
Apurva Verekar (29 дней назад)
This is how an educated person speaks. Black or white. People should learn to be courteous.
TerroraX TheVillain (29 дней назад)
What's the issue here? Just trying to start drama for views? Garbage.

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