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SANDOZ HACK ENTRY - GeneRx: "Going Generics, Made Easy." - Alacapa, Jason [Philippines]

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THE HEALTHCARE ACCESS PROBLEM: In developed countries, once the patent of an innovator drug expires, 90% of consumers shift to generics but in developing countries like the Philippines, the opposite is observed – 90% patients remain loyal with branded drugs! Worse, most affected Filipinos are those from the poorest quintile (~20 Million). More than 65% of their out-of-pocket expenses were medicine purchases (2014). In a survey of 1160 Filipinos (2014), 47% were faithful to branded prescription and the remaining did not know that they could ask for the prices of the generic alternative. As a consequence, many of them suffer complications and die. In fact, 3 of 30 customers are able to sustain maintenance drugs for a year due to high cost. Why does the problem exist? Filipinos lack knowledge on generics (~50%), believe that generics are inferior (49%) and pharmaceutical companies focus on strong marketing efforts to physicians who are key influencers of purchase. As long as doctors continue to prescribe branded drugs only without writing generic alternatives, more Filipinos would suffer complications and even die. If only they have access to the right information then thousands of lives could be saved! THE PROPOSED M-HEALTH SOLUTION: GeneRx (pronounced as Gé-né-ríx) is the “google” and “ebay” for generic drugs in the Philippines as it offers the value proposition of “going generics, made easy.” GeneRx solves the pain points of buying expensive branded drugs and inadequate information on alternatives. “Going generics” is “made easy” by making information accessible at the patients’ fingertips. After downloading the free mobile app, users can just enter the brand name of prescribed drugs and GeneRx will revert with information about generic alternatives, equivalent doses, manufacturer, price, and availability in local drug stores. If the brand name is a combination of two drugs and combination generics is not available, GeneRx will give users generic alternatives of separate drugs with equivalent dosing recommendation. For example, if a prescription reads “Exforge 5/80mg,” a market leader anti-hypertension drugs by Novartis, GeneRx will revert with its generic equivalents such as combination “Amlodipine/Valsartan 5/80mg” or separate “Amlodipine 5mg” and “Valsartan 80mg” depending on local market availability. To increase user engagement and trust for generics, additional information about the drug (mode of action and side effects) and ratings (submitted by healthcare professionals and previous users) shall be posted. Results can be sorted according to price, nearby location, and ratings. Users can even opt to order online and have these medications delivered right at comfort of their own houses! Based from our validation, 94% will try the app and all 13 indigent patients interviewed expressed strong interest! GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS: To ensure success of the project, it will be employed in phases with each phase building on the learnings of the previous one as the it is scaled up. Through this strategy, each level shall be self-correcting (mistakes are discovered early and corrected) and inspirational (feedbacks from smaller lead users inspire one change after the other) until the prototype is optimized before it reaches nationwide roll-out. The phases will cover the following areas: -First Phase: Metro Manila (National Capital Region), Philippines -Second Phase: Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines -Third Phase: The Whole Philippines - - - - - I am Jason V. Alacapa from the Philippines. With my technical expertise as a medical doctor and social entrepreneurial mindset as an MBA, help me turn this vision a reality. Now with GeneRx, 20 million poor Filipinos shall be empowered to take actions for their own health at touch of their fingertips – indeed, going generics, made easy.
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