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This Genius Invention Could Transform Jet Engines

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Mike McCune is an engineer with Pratt & Whitney, the airplane manufacturer. After 30 years of development, he's created a gearbox for a jet engine that makes them 75% quieter and 15% more fuel efficient. That's a savings of about $1.5 million per airplane each year.
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mparryuk52 (1 hour ago)
"Transform" erm no, saving 15% on fuel is no mean feat but saving 1.5 million per aircraft per year is nothing, British Airways spends that amount on oranges.
xadam2dudex (3 hours ago)
Ok this was in 2016 did these engines get approved and are they being built for commercial use ?
Mark the Snark (10 hours ago)
Loved the 'call mom' test. :D <3
Riche Bright (20 hours ago)
How is this any different from a turbofan?
So, whatever happened with this tech?
SPORTCAR111 (1 day ago)
3:03 yeeaaaaaahh!!!! 😂😂😂
Patrick Green (1 day ago)
This should translate into lower ticket prices
Smithy 222008 (1 day ago)
SABRE engine is the future.
Bors Martynov (1 day ago)
Nonces because taxes price more than tickets. I would like to leave canada as soon possible. From alberta to kiev ticket 1800
Tim Castelein (1 day ago)
Its just a turbofan
Nick Soper (2 days ago)
Surely the greatest single innovation in the last century is the internet?
Ali Hassan (2 days ago)
Kindly make a video on scope of Telecom engineering
Average Alien (2 days ago)
Pretty sure turboprops already had this
l00katy0utb3 (2 days ago)
They need to implement the srf71 engine design. Turbo/ram jet engine. You'll get over 50% efficiency with a ton of power. That was design over 50 years ago.
Mein Kamph (2 days ago)
I wish you wouldn't act so Jewy
Claude Pierre (2 days ago)
Bruh OMG, well'p he said it.
Adam Huber (2 days ago)
A gearbox is his breakthrough? Or is it a the metallurgy of keeping it from exploding or tearing up the breakthrough?
Dennis Jacob (3 days ago)
Innovations main goal is new way of thinking on how to efficiently satisfy our needs.
Dennis Jacob (3 days ago)
The bible taught me that the one thing is constant is change. The pharaohs refuse change by ousting moses. The pharisees refuse change by ousting Jesus the Lefebrvians refuse change by ousting vatican 2 and so on and so forth.
Dennis Jacob (3 days ago)
Innovation is a need rather than a requirement. Thats how the car was made. Thats how planes were made thats how simple things like chair and the simple wheel came into existance
MR GHIA (3 days ago)
Was expecting a new type of engine that's why watched the whole clip, found out it was a fucking gearbox that already has been done and figured out 30 years before this dodo.
taha azeem (3 days ago)
what if we use adamantium fans
Peter Parker (4 days ago)
Jet are also the worst thing the earth has ever had happen to it.
TimeHopeFaith (4 days ago)
That engine is running 100% and only making that much noise? Holy.
Maxeeyy (4 days ago)
3:04 What on earth was that noise?
jonathan bell (5 days ago)
Do they really need those ridiculous safety glasses??
Robert Richardson (6 days ago)
I kid couldve figured that out
FlightFilms (6 days ago)
Nope just nope engine too quiet lacks character. Loud engines are awesome
Nunya Bizness (6 days ago)
panther105 (6 days ago)
I thought turbo fans were already geared....
Alfred Collins (7 days ago)
I'll be flying on jets with these engines within a year. Wellll, I'll let them be tested on other guinea pigs for ten years at least before I do that. Thank you.
le bailli des savoies (7 days ago)
Not a huge technological breakthrough but another complication added on engines which are already complicated.....wonder after how long in service will arise the problems of gearbox failures....
PedroPablo (8 days ago)
In 1969 an electrical enginner student in college told me "the tech to manufacture a bulb light that uses only 12 watts to shine like a 60 watts one exists, is not in production because there are companies that would loose BILLIONS of dollars if implemented." You will remember my words some years from today". Many tech secrets hidden from us. Ask the pharma industry.
Brett Moore (8 days ago)
Could save lots by running bifuel,compressed air with jet fuel. Better yet liquid o2 and h2 would be ideal.
Dadson worldwide (8 days ago)
Such a no brainer idea. But throw enough money and work in it you can get it done.
Mark S (8 days ago)
Sceptics, here is the tech info: The Pratt engine is radical because it has a 12 to one bypass ratio. Other jet engines have about a 5 to one bypass ratio, meaning much less efficiency and more fuel burn. Bombardier's development of its new mid size CS100 and stretch CS300 jets was with this engine with 3 different thrust rated units. The actual fuel burn reduction was 21 percent on the partly carbon fiber jet, once they were put in service. AirBaltic has flown over 1 million passengers on it's stretch CS300 in Europe. Delta Airlines 3 years ago placed 75 Firm orders with another 50 Options for both Bombardier versions. Air Canada placed 75 Firm orders 1 1/2 years ago. JetBlue just placed 60 Firm orders and options for another 30. The CS100 will seat from 108 to 132 (29 inch pitch) and the stretch version CS300 will seat from 130 to 145. AirBaltic seats 135 on their CS300's. Airbus will make almost all of the Delta versions in their Alabama plant and it has been renamed the A220-100 and A220-300. Airbus has dropped the A319, so the A220-100 will replace it. Airbus uses this as an optional engine on their A320NEO. Many U.S. based airlines will prefer to convert their future A320NEO orders to the A220-300 as it's the only 100 percent all new mid size jet on the market. Boeing will catch up with a replacement for the 737 in 2022 or 2023.
James French (8 days ago)
What about employing a CVT for its endless ratios for different conditions?
jimmyhackers (9 days ago)
been at it 30 years........not holding up much hope mate.
Mystikal 36 (9 days ago)
A machine itself could operate without the need of a fuel source still Jet engine still requires fuel to operate so no engine could transform but only evolve until maximum entropy.
Mr MEMé (9 days ago)
is that De Grasse Tyson Commenting ¿¿¿
member2126 (10 days ago)
You should have gearbox like a car so pilot can change gear if he wants.
Kojack (10 days ago)
0:44 $10 billion and 30 years for a geared turbine engine?? If his estimates are correct a savings of $1.5 million per aircraft per year...lets say for 100 aircraft..will take 66 years just to get your money back from research before you even “make money” off the idea. Probably not the best investment so far
a64750 (10 days ago)
bulruq (10 days ago)
The difference in optimum speeds for the compressor and exhaust turbine has been known since the 1940s; the only breakthrough here is designing an efiicient gearbox that can handle the stress of high speed operation without catastrophic failure. Testing is needed to be sure these things don't have a tendency to explode like a bomb in flight!
Tynan Cravy (10 days ago)
Modern jet engines are just fine for the environment. They have a thermal efficiency usually about 99%. Stupid Bloomberg. The turbine drives the compressor. If the tips were to go super sonic, the blades would destroy themselves. Pollutants usually not a problem on a jet engine.
Douglas Scott (11 days ago)
Bullshit. 30 years and 10 billion dollars..? Once again...bullshit.
Me Too (11 days ago)
Pratt and Whitney is not an airplane manufacture
FaQiang Liu (14 days ago)
Spent 10billion and 30 yrs to save 1.5 mil per plane per year doesn’t sound exciting to me at all
hifijohn (15 days ago)
Next invention...inflight movies.
Donald Branscom (23 days ago)
Why do they keep breaking?
Snarky FourSeven (27 days ago)
Who ggoofed up this vid.?? Crappola
Fayze Mourie (27 days ago)
the next step space super jet engine
Fayze Mourie (27 days ago)
Clint Tapper (27 days ago)
I wonder what the other repercussion is. For example, how much energy does the planetary gearbox take in terms of friction and oil usage, and then oil cooling, and then the cooling of the gearbox mesh gears. I'm sure they've obviously gone into this, but there would have to be some energy drawback with any kind of gearbox, as gearboxes fundamentally eat energy for breakfast. I just wonder what the efficiency ratio is in terms of the reduction of supersonic tip energy x the gearbox friction energy. Anyone from Pratt and Whitney no any of these figures, just out of curiosity?
Jod Tan (27 days ago)
jet engines are wasteful engines unfortunately that's the only engine that can propel planes. Imagine burning a gallon of fuel every second the world will eventually run out of oil.
Matt Mann (29 days ago)
Old news. Just one more incremental step to make the jet engine better. It's the small steps that's making the jet engine one of those modern marvels of the aviation industry.
Ari Riyadh (29 days ago)
Two different pieces of a drive system requiring different rotational speeds, lets put a gearbox between them! REVOLUTIONARY IDEA, nobody ever thought of that before! Am I missing something here or is that too basic for words?
J (30 days ago)
We must get tough on security if there is an American who is committing espionage selling secrets to China they need to be dealt with swiftly making a big impression on any would-be thieves
Larry Carmody (1 month ago)
Why dosen't YouTube put the damn date on these videos when the were made???????? It sure would be much better to understand them and know if they are germaine today.
William Hoskins (1 month ago)
And you don't think the Chinese are using these film's to reverse enginer?
Mihindu Pulukkody (1 month ago)
You can combine how the automatic gears of a car works for this purpose.
Mihindu Pulukkody (1 month ago)
The greatest innovation would be if Pratt and Whitney combines Stanley Mayer's water hydrogen technology using electrolysis for this new engine. There would be less casualties to passangers when the tanks of the jetliner are filled with water in case the plane crashes.
corgidog (1 month ago)
Looks like more stuff to breakdown.
safhad khan (1 month ago)
Nothing New
What an idiot putting a microwave oven directly against his brain
Roy E (1 month ago)
What a colossal waste of $30 billion and 30 years for a "lab" quoted 15% fuel consumption reduction. Surely P&W could find better use investing that money, energy and time in RnD for future non fossil fuel propulsion alternatives? Just think, they could have made a major breakthrough in alternative methods of propulsion by now, had they started 30 years ago. We could all be flying around in planes propelled by Giant genetically engineered Moths by now!
Gregg Johnson (1 month ago)
An Electric Drivetrain would solve this problem. Drive the ducted fans with motors powered by a large turbine or two, which could be mounted anywhere (maybe in the tail)
Lawrence Atkinson (1 month ago)
It's over 2 and a half years later now. Are all new jet engines using this technology? Are the benefits true?
darrick steele (1 month ago)
it looks just like the gear set in a drill head...who woulda' thunk!
harryzero 156 (1 month ago)
A jet engine running even closer to a phone ringing Momma, would not curtail a phone call, she would just up the ante and shatter the fan blades. Moral of the story, never ring Momma whilst testing precision apparatus.
Robert Lindh (1 month ago)
This is nothing new...It is just a ducted turboprop...fan replaceing the prop..
Dusty Gadsby (1 month ago)
Just like a Prius battery the 1.5 million Dollar fuel savings will be offset by the 1.5 million dollar annual gear box replacement
Daniel Holt (1 month ago)
soundtrack is annoying and distracting.
Peter Worsley (1 month ago)
A "genius" has invented a gearbox - wow!
rakesh reghu (1 month ago)
Jumped into the comment section hoping sumone would say its not a first.
chimp3376 (1 month ago)
Gas turban?
Spurious Effect (1 month ago)
30 years to figure out they just needed reduced gearing? Wow. Sounds like common sense to me. Every smart person needs a dumb person working alongside them.
Mickey Bitsko (1 month ago)
Ummm......new? Nope.
S A (1 month ago)
Pratt and whimpy wants everyone to believe they were first to the geared turbofan. They were not, geared turbofans have been around for a while. Even then they spent so much money on the gearbox while everything else on the engine breaks. Not so dependable engines I would say. Evendale Ohio has their number.
the_punnisher (1 month ago)
Fewer turbo fan disk failures. No more airframes getting shrapnel and killing people.
teddy toto (1 month ago)
Now Chinese engineers can steal this idea. Great! In fact, I’d be surprised if China hasn’t already stolen this.
miraculixx (1 month ago)
Thank engineers that cell phones have sophisticated noise filters built in and probably TV mics do too. Are Bloomberg viewers assumed to be that low tech? Wow.
Chase Vineland (1 month ago)
I learned nothing from this video.
HackElite (1 month ago)
End of the Year ?! Its 2018 and still no such think...
Amal Thejus Awaaz (1 month ago)
When he explained the problem a gear box came to my mind instantaneously and I dont think it's that hard either. I wonder why it took 30 years and 10billion dollars
fatboy slim (1 month ago)
ya it works,.......doing fuckall pushing farts across an open space,.......show me that sucker pushing an airplane
Keith Davey (1 month ago)
A CVT for a Jet engine
Dan Simmons (1 month ago)
Use a generator to power a generator ( Solar also) take 20% of the power flow into a lead acid or ni-cad Too save that energy? Build the battery in ground with proper insulation and concrete floor, mega juice. 10,000amp,
Richard Goode (1 month ago)
A hybrid as a non oil based to a bio fuel .
Richard Goode (1 month ago)
A green technology as a non oil as a for a airline.
Fred Forsythe (1 month ago)
The opening sequence does not show a contrail, it is a chemtrail. AND they are much more dangerous than fuel residue.
SomsoKca (1 month ago)
bullshit. all blade propeller engine must rotate under super sonic speed at the tip of the blade if not nearly 0 thrust is the result this gear may reduce 1 million/years fuel cost but would raise the engine price and maintenance cost and who is best to maintaining those engines other than those that created that engines?
martin savage (1 month ago)
Wearing safety glasses on top of actual glasses just looks ridiculous. I know they’re forced to do it by ‘elf’n’safety, but it still looks ridiculous. And as for putting a gearbox in a jet engine - wow! I never would have thought of that!
Bo McGillacutty (1 month ago)
*Now fire a frozen TURKEY at mach 0.7 into engine whilst at full power! :D*
jet li (1 month ago)
PW was bored I guess.
Random Stuff (1 month ago)
I would have liked an explanation of how this gear system works and what the challenges that needed to be overcome to make it work. If I were to guess then it was probably improvements in materials technology.
Gerkie k (1 month ago)
How come everyone that works for Bloomberg news has an annoying voice..
G H (1 month ago)
Really?! A gearbox is the genius idea? They've been around for years. Thumbs down for your clickbait.
Michael Heider (1 month ago)
Did i see a electric motor? Is that the big invention?
joseph prosser (9 days ago)
Lycoming/Honeywell produced geared turbo fans for the BAE 146. The ubiquitous turbo props include gears to reduce the speed of the turbine power unit to drive the propellor. P&W have taken on this idea and applied it to jet engines of higher power output. Rolls Royce are taking the idea yet further and are developing its use on the very largest of jet engines such as the Ultra Fan.

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