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Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Lily Moore (4 hours ago)
My brother was fully vaccinated by my step father from day one and has had maybe a dozen minor illnesses and has never been hospitalised. I on the other hand was never vaccinated, I was a lotus birth and I was breastfed till I was four, I've had tonsilitis, 2 lung infections(because my mother refused to believe that I needed antibiotics), chicken pox, endometriosis, and a dozen major issues over the years, including being hospitalised as a 2yo baby because I got a cut that my mother never cleaned or managed because it "had to heal naturally" and it turned into a major infection that almost killed me. Vaccinate your damn kids.
Akka Bowden-Kerby (14 hours ago)
Vaccinations can cause fevers which can be a factor in autisim. But they are still a good idea.
T_ miche_ (18 hours ago)
only 55 seconds in and im triggered
This might be my favorite news piece by John
trent alexander (2 days ago)
You look like an owl who can't get a date for prom. (Someone had to maintain the tradition)
Ria Agarwal (2 days ago)
Why do I not see the comment I made regarding Wakefield not being again vaccination but only against all three vaccines being combined.
Ria Agarwal (2 days ago)
eeeaten (2 days ago)
are you suggesting wakefield is innocent by association? ask yourself - why did wakefield drop his appeal? why associate yourself with proven frauds? it undermines your position.
Ria Agarwal (2 days ago)
I like John Oliver's programs but once in a while question his impartiality.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
or perhaps once in a while his views don't match some of your misconceptions? if so, investigate your sources.
Ria Agarwal (2 days ago)
To be fair, Dr Wakefield has never said no to vaccination. He is against combining 3 vaccines in MMR. What is wrong with 3 different vaccines like the good doctor recommends?
eeeaten (2 days ago)
because there's no evidence that combining them causes harm. wakefield's paper was shown to be fraudulent. coincidental that wakefield's name is on the patent application for the separate measles vaccine, right?
Bob Silver (2 days ago)
If you believe in vaccines...go get em, let em stick you with a whole bunch, get all the vaccines available. See how you look and feel, go do it.
Bob Silver (2 days ago)
Vaccines are for liberals and tards
eeeaten (2 days ago)
k then. yay science, right?
Brittany Cartwright (2 days ago)
I wonder if it is worth noting that some fish can actually breathe air once they reach maturity... the thing that is stopping them from "coming at you" is a lack of legs and attention span-- no seriously, in the time it took you to insult them, they forgot you were talking
Tucker Bowen (2 days ago)
25:26 is it just me or does that guy sound like he's voiced by Mark Hamill?
Rachel Baity (2 days ago)
Penn and Teller have a great bit on this explaining pros vs cons in a creative demonstration: https://youtu.be/RfdZTZQvuCo
Darren Hudson (3 days ago)
There is *way* to much nonsense in the arguments in this sketch to take anything said here seriously...thank God this is comedy!
eeeaten (2 days ago)
can't tell from your post if you're pro vaccine or anti.
imaloony8 (3 days ago)
"Don't believe everything you read on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln
eeeaten (2 days ago)
k then
imaloony8 (2 days ago)
Pro. I was responding to the Einstein misquote from the video.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
can't tell from your post if you're pro vaccine or anti.
MsEvilgenius101 (3 days ago)
Damn just when I think Donald Trump is about to make sense, he continues to talk and say something stupid
ColorQueen_ 64 (4 days ago)
My uncle got vaccinated at 5 and he has autism but his family new somthing was wrong with his at 2 so autism and vaccines have no correlation
eeeaten (2 days ago)
your story is an anecdote. one case shows neither an association or a lack of one.
Darwin Dawkins (4 days ago)
At 3:50- ask your doctor, who went to at least an extra twelve years between college, medical school, and residency.
Darwin Dawkins (3 days ago)
Here's what's in vaccines. Vaccines are made with ingredients that make them safe and effective to protect your child from disease. Each vaccine contains a small amount of the disease germ (virus or bacteria) or parts of the germ. Examples are the measles virus, pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria, and tetanus toxoid. Vaccines do not cause disease because the germs are either dead or weakened and the toxoids are inactive. Vaccines help your child’s immune system build protection against disease. Other ingredients in vaccines help keep them stable and prevent contamination of multi-dose vials by bacteria and fungi. Some vaccines have ingredients to boost the immune response to the vaccine. Why are some of the other ingredients in vaccines? To keep vaccines safe and effective, they contain ingredients such as aluminum salts, antibiotics, and formaldehyde. These ingredients have not been linked to disease or illness. Below are some of the ingredients in vaccines. Antibiotics – Antibiotics are used in some vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination when the vaccine is being made. Aluminum salts – Aluminum salts have been used in vaccines for many years. They improve the body’s immune response to the vaccine, giving you better protection from disease. Children are naturally exposed to aluminum in the environment. Aluminum is found in the air, food and water. It is even in breast milk and infant formula. The amount of aluminum in a vaccine is similar to that in the infant formula a baby may drink in a day. Formaldehyde – Some vaccines are made from live germs or toxins, which need to be killed or made inactive so they do not cause disease. Formaldehyde is used to do this, and then it is removed. Any tiny amount left in the vaccine will not harm your child. Other ingredients – Sugars, amino acids, salts, and proteins, such as albumin and gelatin, help keep vaccines stable and safe when they are being made, shipped and stored.
Darwin Dawkins (3 days ago)
Also they are right, it's a bright idea.
Darwin Dawkins (3 days ago)
They don't make the vaccines, other doctors do.
TheBookWorm1718 (3 days ago)
And he can say 'get vaccinated', but most of them won't be able to tell you what's in them.
Best Bard (5 days ago)
You know some kids with autism might end up with some severe issues from this shit where some parents would rather potentially have their kids get a deadly/crippling disease rather than have autism.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
to be fair, autism can also be a crippling disease.
Steely Cent (5 days ago)
I like how people can ignore science one second...then claim science proves their point the next second. Try researching for yourself more and listening less to commentary for your hard facts.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
can't tell from your post if you're pro vaccine or anti.
JFP (5 days ago)
Another comedian pushing the Globalist agenda. Who makes all the money from these "free" flu shots that we are encouraged (or forced, in some cases) to get? Follow the $$$
Critical Posts (4 days ago)
JFP I really hope you're a troll
eeeaten (5 days ago)
where do you get your information? follow the $$$ indeed.
Peter Hockley (5 days ago)
Speaking as so.done who was involved in the eradication of smallpox, well said John!😉
NekoPrankster218 (5 days ago)
I understand completely the benefits of vaccines, but lets be honest, the fact that a majority of them come in the form of a needle stabbing into you can be a turn off to kids. At least as babies they won’t remember getting them anyway.
Charllee Dodson (6 days ago)
God Oliver, you look like an owl who can’t get a date for prom
Bogdan 705 (6 days ago)
As someone who would've voted for Trump, I have to agree that in some categories is wrong af.
Charllee Dodson (6 days ago)
People used to use pus to vaccinate their children before modern vaccines. It’s gross, but not new.
Stephanie Bradford (6 days ago)
My parents didn't get my 2nd chickenpox vaccine(not on purpose they forgot). I got the chickenpox 2×, I had to have a test to see if i was immune for work, I was not and still had to get that second shot. If i would have just had that second shot I would have been safe. Chickenpox is much more severe in adulthood, im lucky.
paul8kangas (6 days ago)
Dr. Thom Levy has an excellent lecture on how vitamin C, cures & prevents all measles & mumps & Lyme. All parents should get a DNA test of their babies, before they get vaccinated, to test for genetic defects that may cause them to die if they get vaccinated, like in this case. A nurse who vaccinated 2 babies with MMR vaccines, is now charged with the deaths, of the 2 babies in American Samoa. Samoa has banned all MMR vaccines. All drugs must pass a double blind scientific test before they may be used in the US. There never has been a study, by the CDC of vaccines. Never. Big Pharma is preventing the CDC from doing any combative studies, of unvaccinated & vaccines.
eeeaten (5 days ago)
"dr" thom levy? Thomas E Levy, who trained as a medical doctor in the 70’s and then qualified as a lawyer in the mid 90’s, states on his CV, which is available to download on his website, that he is currently an Associate Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM). Turns out that CUIM was founded by a convicted fraudster and closed its operations over five years ago. Furthermore, it was what is known in the industry as a ‘diploma mill’, offering degrees that were not recognised by official educational accrediting bodies. Despite ‘15 years of research’ Dr Levy has not published a single peer-reviewed article on the link between vitamin C and disease.
Geoff Blankenmeyer (6 days ago)
Sears, it is not theoretical if there are no studies, its hypothetical as in random guess dumb ass.
Jasryl6 (6 days ago)
regina jerusalemsky (7 days ago)
NOW THAT I DOUBLE CHECK ALL OF THE DATA YOU SO HAPPILY SHARE WITH US - I Personally Know that vaccines ARE IN FACT even more than leading (not to down sindrom but ) to children DIEING OF MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE EXPLANAINED ONLY BY " why did you do those vaccinations at onse?" ?!
eeeaten (6 days ago)
hmm poe's law?
Jake Dean (7 days ago)
So third-worlders not accepting science? Who'd have thought?
TT O'Keefe (8 days ago)
This... https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-152.pdf
Mavie Dave (8 days ago)
I live in Minnesota. And once I had a cut and had to go to the Emergency room. A little boy and his mom came in and the little boy had measles. I wish the people who don't vaccinate saw that little boy and how miserable he looked and how scared his mother was. Just saying. By the way, the Mall of America is more disappointing than I am to my parents.
TheBookWorm1718 (3 days ago)
Mayo Clinic says 1 of 3 key risk factors for measles is not enough vitamin A in your diet, commonly found in carrots, squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, spinach, leaf lettuce, eggs, dairy, etc. So I'm always curious in severe cases what their diets actually look like, let's face it, we're a fast food nation, parents take their kids to the convenience store and buy them candy and soda for breakfast, I see it all the time. And then we're really SURPRISED when they get sick given they have such a shitty immune system?
Laniakea -000- (8 days ago)
Republicans: “Government shouldn’t tell me to vaccinate my child” Also republicans: “We want to force pregnant parents to give birth, and we want to force homosexual people to marry their opposite gender” 🙄 Is nobody going to point out that autism is a neuro-developmental disease? Meaning that it is caused during fetal growth. The reasons for autism include: genetics (there are over 200 sites on human genome related to autism), maternal stress and mental issues during pregnancy, fetus’ exposure to substances. There are good studies led by Harvad about causes of autism. You can check it out on Harvard meds website.
JEREMY NEWMAN (8 days ago)
just read the side effects and look up what the big word ingredients
Eternal Carnage (8 days ago)
11:41 He's got a point there. I mean what if Putin somehow git them to work for him
Eternal Carnage (8 days ago)
10:25 WTF is that?
Victoria Meuleman (9 days ago)
When my mother was 12 she did not get the HPV shot and she said ‘’ I don’t see why you need it’’ so I don’t have the HPV shot
William McKenna (9 days ago)
This is my favorite episode xxx
tekblade (9 days ago)
Parents MUST get kids vaccinated... Says the guy who believes KILLING babies is a choice.
Molly Lynne (9 days ago)
Why spiders are gone? Not enough spiders!
Molly Lynne (9 days ago)
You look like human who goes at college.
Marlene Chavez (9 days ago)
I have a friend that keeps saying "Oh, I'm not vaccinated, never gotten sick, don't need it"
Pete Sanchez (10 days ago)
We are all numbers, we are the governments testing animals
Tim O'Neill (10 days ago)
I don’t care what crazy people say, if I ever have kids I’m getting them vaccinated on time and at full doses. Cause I want my kids to live and I want other kids to be healthy around them cause heard immunity works and it doesn’t matter any more about what want cause you are putting other people at risk.
Tim O'Neill (8 days ago)
TheBookWorm1718 Oh my god I’m just implying it’s unlikely everyone but my hypothetical children will get cancer. I am aware it’s an issue and still common it killed my fucking grandma you asshole. My uncle had it in his hand from years of sun burn and he was lucky it was the type that wouldn’t have killed him. I had a kid on my scout troop who had to stay in a cast for like a year after he was lucky enough to get the chunk out of his leg Boone removed. Cause believe it or not not every cancer is aggressive sometimes it’s slow and frankly harmless. Can some cancers lead to horrible affects, god yes, can it make you sick, yes it fucking can. Is it a virus, clearly fucking not. Cancer is caused by hyperactive cells multiplying so much it forms a tumor which can lead to negative affects on the body. For that you get treatment like Kemo, radiation, or surgery depending on the type you have. In most cases people can’t be immunized cause of their immune system being not up to par to handle producing antibodies. People with cancer and receiving treatments sometimes their medication completely shuts down their immune system. Or perhaps they have HIV or AIDS a virus/disease that destroy your immune system. Which is treatable with retrovirals and better yet being surrounded by immune people, who have been vaccinated. Cause the virus is less likely to spread far if people aren’t catching it before it could get to un vaccinated, and even then it doesn’t spread out further to more people. It’s really not that hard to understand.
TheBookWorm1718 (8 days ago)
Do you know what the biggest risk factors are to getting cancer? Smoking obviously is a big one, 10% of all 440,000 yearly smoking deaths are people who never smoked, but had the misfortune of being around people who did, and kids sure as hell can't do anything if their families smoke around them, can they? Ever get a report on what's in your city tap water? My town has the 3rd highest rate of carcinogens in the drinking water, pesticides, herbicides, copper, lead, arsenic, bacteria and viruses, in short NOBODY is recommended to drink it but many do, kids included, and cancer reigns supreme in the causes of death of people of all ages. Obesity is a huge contributing factor too, and there is no shortage of obese people but sadly included no shortage of obese children. Ever have your home tested for radon gas? Most people haven't, it never occurs to them, yet radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. What, you think all this is going to go away, or that vaccines can somehow negate all that crap people unknowingly or unthinkingly put in their bodies?
Tim O'Neill (8 days ago)
TheBookWorm1718 Okay you moron then let it be known how your hypothetical is so fucking dumb and specific. The who’ll point is that vaccinated people don’t contract and therefore don’t spread a virus. Why did your stupid brain consider the idea oh what is all the kids my kids are going to be with have cancer. The example in the show was one young boy who needs it to live and with France it’s clear not vaccinating your kids doesn’t do much of fucking anything to stop viruses from spreading either. It’s a numbers game the more people around who are vaccinated the better herd immunity works that’s why herd is in the fucking name. Like the animal kingdom the more numbers the more of a chance at safety a few fall hear and there but those loses don’t affect the over all population, it’s motherfucking science. One person can believe it or not make a difference cause the number goes up especially when you consider how much contact you have with stuff and people in a given day. Do you seriously think people are just going to catch cancer, a bunch of kids all at once? Hate to say this buddy but a lot of kids with cancer of that magnitude are spending their lives in fear and mostly isolated or are dead and buried in the fucking ground. You must really want to prove me wrong by asking such a stupid hypothetical? A hypothetical set up to make some give you a “I have to give you one there.” Well guess what it doesn’t mean a thing, cause I am not giving you one there, I’m telling you to buzz off.
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
How's that herd immunity going to work out when there are more people with cancer, etc., who CAN'T be vaccinated, than there are people who can?
David Stevens (11 days ago)
Yeah, and there is NO EVIDENCE that you aren't an owl who can't get a date for prom. I freaking love you, John Oliver. Keep it up, bro.
Courtney Demers (11 days ago)
I love really do love this show, although one thing that drives me crazy is when he uses scientific studies to strengthen his stance, even though he had a whole episode dedicated on how scientific studies couldn’t be trusted.
Ruth Robinson (4 days ago)
Courtney Demers that episode is more about how the media misreports scientific studies. In this episode he’s getting it straight from the actual peer reviewed journals.
Kyle Waller (12 days ago)
I actually was that 1 in a million twice. They said that if I'd actually contracted the measles it would have killed me. The pertussis vaccine actually did almost kill me. It caused swelling on my brain and stuff but you know what, I'm still gonna get my kids vaccinated cuz if something as benign as the vaccine which negatively affects almost no one can fuck me up that bad then I'd hate to see how fast the real thing could kill my children. Even if the autism thing was true, better autistic than dead. I'm just gonna have to watch them to make sure they aren't having a similar reaction and hope for the best. Again, better odds than if they caught the live virus. 1 in a million.
xseqer (12 days ago)
As I go along in this Vaccine show, John, why are you selling the company line and insisting that a less brutal schedule is somehow quackery? What do you personally really know about it? A shill, John? Say it ain't so, John...
eeeaten (10 days ago)
so getting a disease is fine as long as "most people" recover? wtf? and wtf about your second point? in the same conclusion they say "DTP immunisation is inversely associated with SIDS mortality on the population level." you think "further research" can be translated to read "maybe they cause sids after all"? you really are insane.
xseqer (10 days ago)
From the second line of your first reference..."Although most patients recovered without permanent sequelae..." And did you notice in the "Conclusions" section of the second reference you cited? "Although confounding and the ecological fallacy due to the use of aggregate data cannot be excluded further research on potential underlying mechanisms of the association between SIDS and immunisation is warranted." Anything else, eeeaten?
eeeaten (11 days ago)
so measles doesn't kill but vaccines do? wha? in 1960 everyone used to get measles. tens of thousands were hospitalised and hundreds died. each year. just in the us. https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/189/Supplement_1/S1/820569 saying measles killed few and was a "rite of passage" is uninformed stupidity - read the link and get informed. DTP vaccination causes sids? science shows the opposite is true: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4326294/ "Increased DTP immunisation coverage is associated with decreased SIDS mortality." - read the link and get informed. you have no clue and are far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy nonsense. where do you get your information?
xseqer (11 days ago)
I've HAD measles and every kid I knew got measles and chicken pox. It was a rite of passage. These were the standards of the day and few died, less than from the complications of even simple vaccines. And we didn't have ALLERGIES like you younger folks who believe the bullshiat of a Corporate profitcare/healthcare system killing by itself ~250,000 Americans every year by iatrogenic error, neglect, and straightforward fraud. The people talking here who John seems to believe are those making billions with these vaccines and it's not just the MMR which is causing problems. The combined vaccine DTP also has been reported to cause SIDS. Again, we do not understand the immune system well yet as testified by the large number of Human autoimmune diseases for which we can do NOTHING. Both the MMR and the DTP along with their "adjuvants" (used to 1-2 punch the immune system into frantic action) are like dropping a thermobaric weapon into a still highly immature and highly complex system of machinery. There is NO reason that these antigens have to be combined and good reason to suggest that a better immunological outcome would occur if the system were able to distinguish them individually. Perhaps then the immune protection offered by today's vaccines wouldn't fade and need renewal by age 20. Measles, the experience, gives lifelong immunity to not only Measles but related viruses as well. Immunization is a lifesaver. But, how immunization is done can cause different outcomes and if you do not understand that our phony healthcare system feels the same threat to Authority and has the same respect for the truth which the Inquisition had in 1600 when they burned Giordano Bruno at the stake for insisting that the Earth moved around the Sun, then, if you do not understand this, you and/or your loved ones will likely be their victims. In the Square of the Flowers, burned him to death, his last words said to have been the shout "Still, it turns!". To see John either misinformed or shilling for Big Med is surprising. And I know you're not big on details, but the issue regarding immunization is against the combined vaccines only. It's the psychopaths who are insisting that the protesters hate ALL vaccines to destroy the protester's credibility, obfuscate their own liability (enormous), and to give YOU a strong opinion regarding something about which you yourself know absolutely nothing. No? Don't you feel foolish having opinions about things you have almost total ignorance of? You can start to remedy this by just going to Google and entering "U.S. 3rd leading cause of death". No one is arguing or even making a sound about this report in the World's Number One medical journal. This might be your door into a world you have no idea exists all around you, not an alternate 'dimension' but an alternate perception based not in historical lies and manipulations but in physical reality. The greatest lesson here is not the facts themselves but the absolute SILENCE of the Corporate voice. This silence is how you really know Truth. If you have the capacity, Bon voyage!
eeeaten (11 days ago)
vaccinating kids later leaves a bigger window for infection. more kids get sick and die. get it?
xseqer (12 days ago)
Vaccines at around 13:30 and some chump who claims to be a 'scientist' is full of shiat. The only 'scientists' who claim "no evidence" means certainty regarding their view are the Corporate usually MD wouldbe scientists. For a 'scientist', "no evidence" means just that, no evidence regarding one of the most complex organs of the body, the adaptive immune system and possibly the innate system as well. And the Wakefield controversy is explicitly against the immunological bomb which is the MMR, three immunogenic blasts all going off together in a nascent immune system still learning its way around resident flora and fauna and itself. But Authority has been challenged and it responds with the obfuscation that all immunization has been condemned. A lie. What is so important about the MMR that it cannot be separated into its components and a more gentle arousal of immune response preferred? And the threat of epidemics in immunized areas if just a few went nonimmunized. What then of the original punch that it is made to appear weak? If we had foresight, we would be vaccinating for Smallpox as a matter of national security because it will be widely used in the next war if we are completely naive to it as the original Americans were which we are. Extant stocks are scant should such a weapon be used and outbreaks will be widespread. Maybe someone could plug Smallpox into a game, say World War III if it doesn't exist already. Be imaginative. Point out that all carrier battle groups in the world cease to exist within 60 minutes of the opening moves. Be imaginative and show the strategic and tactical psychopaths and then focus out to the effects on the locals. Perhaps an area in the game where young men fight hungry tanks with David and Goliath slings and rocks and the question becomes "Who is more Biblical here?". And if you don't know where 'here' is, you won't care anyway. Edward Jenner did experiments on his children, Human trials on his own progeny. But, at that time it wasn't vanity or psychopathy but desperation for one's children. Smallpox was a common scourge. But, milk maids stood out for their freedom of the pocks (find an image) and Jenner suspected that cowpox somehow protected them, took cowpox from a cow pustule with a needle, and performed the very first of what has to have been billions of such jabs into the arms of his children. And here we are today. Today he would be a monster and social services would be called immediately. Glad I'm a short timer here. But that schmo at 13:30 is the face of Corporate. There are many deep and poorly understood nuances in our understanding of the immune system and absolutely no reason to doubt the possibility of a link. We need data and parents need more power in what is shot into their children and how it is administered. One size does not fit all in anything regarding the Human corpus. But Profit Über Alles.
eeeaten (10 days ago)
what do i believe to be true? i don't think i've said. (except that i believe you to be mentally ill, of course.)
xseqer (10 days ago)
Us? Homo sapiens, the self proclaimed 'wise Homo'. Do you know ANYTHING about this particular species of monkey? It lives in grandiose delusion as to its worth to the Universe and its dominance and permanency on the planet. But you can't see past yourself so, yes, thoughts such as I have expressed here must seem very foreign and strange to you. That's OK. For you, they always will. Thoughts I mean.
eeeaten (10 days ago)
"you believe about us" - who is "us" exactly? perhaps you have did/mpd too?
xseqer (10 days ago)
The only "grandiosity" here is your assumption that what you believe about us is true. And, for you, sadly, it is because you clearly find thinking burdensome or you would have something a bit more 'thoughtful' to reply.
eeeaten (11 days ago)
any psychologists reading this? i'm guessing schizophrenia with grandiose delusions. thoughts?
KINADOE doe (12 days ago)
Take folic acid alot during pregnancy. Google it. To prevent illness in babies.
Daniel Maxwell (12 days ago)
Web: http://whale.to/vaccine/higgins_b.html
eeeaten (11 days ago)
scopie's law: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Whale.to
Hugh d'Entremont (12 days ago)
Dr. Bob Sears needs pull his book and stop talking nonsense.
James Sassu (12 days ago)
Autism isn't genetic. If it were it could be traced through family lineage and you can't find it at the level we have seen since the 90s (when vaccine schedules exploded) at any other point in recorded medical history. Genetic ailments DON'T JUST COME INTO EXISTENCE AT AN EPIDEMIC LEVEL IN ONE SPECIFIC GENERATION OF A SPECIES. If this was genetic there would be plenty of data showing in recorded medical history something similar and there's nothing! You see isolated cases of it starting in the early 1900s and its probably the result of exposure to some substance like mercury which lead to the same affect we saw completely explode right after vaccines were increased by over 500% All of which contain trace amounts of heavy metals which are known to cause brain damage. If each vaccine contains a preservative with mercury or aluminum and you inject 8 different vaccines at one time each with its own additives into a baby then where is the data stating that they've tested the effects that heavy metals have on the development of a child's brain at that age? Where are the studies that prove mercury and other metals are without a doubt safe to inject into the bloodstream of children that young without causing any damage??? If it were genetic it could be traced far back in to the families its affected. It is the result of some external force which is catastrophically inhibiting the normal development of the human brain between the ages of birth and 4. That is the only thing we know about where autism comes from "officially" and anyone who says different is not being honest. Something that makes your brain swell that young could most certainly be a cause because there's no data showing us the damage that's a substance which causes brain swelling at that young of an age has on the progression of normal brain development which is how autism is diagnosed! The only way to test that would be to intentionally poison children during those ages and record the data. Look up info on the Amish community and there remarkably autistic free population even though 1 in 50 kids today are autistic. When a childs ability to learn to speak and form relationships doesn't progress with what's expected for their age around 4 years old then its a strong indication of autism and is the only way we can identify and diagnose autism today. This phenomenon is almost entirely exclusive to children born in the 80s 90s and 2000s and has never been seen in even a fraction the levels seen today for children born prior to 1980 in this country. That is screaming proof of autism being the result of something those children are being exposed to not a genetic predisposition shared by all humans or specific groups of humans . To suggest that its genetic is about as crazy as me saying aids is genetic. You can't trace it to while the child's in the whomb because autism is a developmental disorder and you need to see their developmental progress not reach its expected level when compared with kids at a similar age who are progressing normally, or you need to know what each mother has in common during pregnancy with all other mothers of autistic children that cannot be found in mothers of children who aren't later diagnosed as autistic and if they knew what that was then they'd know where autism is coming from and unless I missed the big news I'm pretty sure Doctors still claim they can't figure out what's causing autism. Some who are diagnosed progress further than others and some stop developing beyond 4 years at all which is another clear indication of this being external because of the vast degree of severity among those diagnosed. This is most likely the result of some children being exposed to higher levels of the external force (whatever it may be) which is causing such a drastic inconsistency with respect to the level each child is affected. So much so that its diagnosed on a spectrum where some show slight signs and others show a radical level of symptoms. Stop allowing others to make all your opinions and look into this stuff yourself because its ridiculous that you would say something as dumb as that and truly believe it without having heard it somewhere and pretending like it was the conclusion you made after checking the info yourself
eeeaten (10 days ago)
yes, you can - it's explained here: https://vaxopedia.org/2018/05/28/can-parents-still-sue-vaccine-manufacturers/ of course i'm aware of the law (in your country even, not mine), but are you aware of the exceptions to this law? your explanation of _why_ the 1986 law was passed is almost correct - with the threat of being sued over unavoidable risk, vaccine companies weren't producing vaccines reliably enough and this led to vaccine shortages and an increase in vulnerability to disease. the law seems counter intuitive but had the required effect of protecting more people from disease, more reliably. your comment on funding for the vaccine court is inaccurate - it is funded out of vaccine profits - 75c for every dose is paid toward the nvicp. whether you think this means the government pays it or whether it's paid for by the vaccine manufacturers, is semantics. the existence of the nvicp means more people are vaccinated and protected against disease - do you prefer a different scenario?
James Sassu (10 days ago)
No you can't. In 1986 there was a bill passed making it so that you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for any reason involving injuries sustained by vaccines even if you can prove it outright (including if the injury is the result of negligence on the manufacturers part) because of the lawsuits they faced in the previous 5 years which lead to them almost going bankrupt. The law came from fear of the public's view of them altogether which could result in the possibility that no one would vaccinate anymore. Now you must go through the vaccine injury compensation court which is funded by taxpayers and the payouts are made by the citizens of this country and not the vaccine makers. That comment right there is enough for me to know you haven't the slights clue what you're saying and as such I'm not going to read whatever else you wrote because something tells me it's wrong as well considering the fact that you aren't aware of a law that's been in place for 20 years now so.... You should probably read about things you speak on first and then comeback and maybe I'll have a response for your opinions
eeeaten (11 days ago)
again, none of your ranting is accurate, James. "vaccine makers to be exempt from all liability with any vaccine produced and literally making it illegal for them to be sued for any injury or malpractice on their part" - false. you can sue vaccine manufacturers if their products are faulty or dangerous beyond what is deemed to be 'unavoidable risk' "zero incentive to spend money testing the vaccines they create" - false. vaccine manufacturers operate in a competitive market where safety is a key selling point. they have a strong financial incentive to produce products that are both safe and effective. "vaccines which are nothing more than a product the generates revenue" - vaccines demonstrably reduce disease, suffering, death and the financial burden of these on society. "vaccines which are nothing more than a product the generates revenue" - science from international doctors, hospitals, universites, public health agencies and medical scientists show the safety and efficacy of vaccines. re autism: you have to be actually mentally ill to still be barking up the empty tree of vaccines. your main point is that autism diagnoses have risen and so have vaccines, so one must cause the other. clearly stupid - check out this graph showing that by your logic autism is clearly caused by organic food: https://grist.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/autism_organic_graph.png?w=470 "Mercury and aluminum which are known neurotoxins and are absolutely poisonous and cause brain damage and are present in each one of those vaccines" - there's no mercury in vaccines for children, except for the multi-dose flu vaccine and you can choose a thimerosal-free version. there's way more aluminium already in a child's blood than they could get from a vaccine. "how much aluminum and Mercury injected into bloodstream of a baby does it take to damage their brain and all you got to do is do some research to figure out what we've never tested that before" - are you suggesting we try injecting babies with increasing amounts of aluminium to see when it starts going wrong? "Why is that surprising to anyone the idea that vaccines to possibly cause any harm" - we know exactly how much harm they cause, because they are tested and monitored for safety. the simple fact is that they carry a tiny amount of risk but that risk is much smaller than the alternative, which is a return of vaccine-preventable disease. "Grow the fuck up and read things for yourself" - done. perhaps i missed some information? please post links to some information you find legitimate. i'll be happy to evaluate your information sources :)
James Sassu (11 days ago)
LMAO yeah and cows can fly... Imagine what the world would be like if the CDC owned 100s of patents on controversial vaccines which they generate revenue from and also provide the studies that analyze the safety of those vaccines. Imagine the government allowing the vaccine makers to be exempt from all liability with any vaccine produced and literally making it illegal for them to be sued for any injury or malpractice on their part and essentially giving them a free pass to do whatever they want with zero incentive to spend money testing the vaccines they create or using the highest quality ingredients to ensure safety because they can't be held accountable for anything they create thanks to Congress removing all liability from them because of greed, corruption, sheer laziness, blind faith, false data, whatever the reason. Imagine those vaccines create serious illnesses and conditions like autism over 3 decades and during that time the public catches on to the fact that all these mandated vaccines which are nothing more than a product the generates revenue for not only the vaccine makers but the government agency tasked with performing the studies which show the benefit of all these vaccines (which make them filthy rich I should add) turn out to be overseen by agencies who have no incentive to do the right thing because they can be held accountable and because of the obvious conflict of interests the public begins coming together to do what the CDC has been too lazy to do simply because they naver had any reason to and the public begins finding out that there is a connection between these vaccines and serious illnesses that have seemed to plague us for 30 years. So much so that before 1980 1 in 20,000 kids was autistic compared with today when 1 in 50 kids are now autistic. imagine the vaccine makers in the CDC then doing their own research behind closed doors and figuring out it really was the vaccines that have been causing all these issues and autism and has led to the destruction of countless numbers of families over the past 30 years all because they didn't do any kind of quality control or tests to see what the long-term side effects were because they never had to thanks to their exemption from liability. do you honestly believe that those same institutions are going to then come out and say to you yes there is some kind of connection between Autism and vaccines even with the exemption because even though they can't be sued if they were to come out and say that they would be dragged through the streets and hung by the people of this country for what they did and what they allowed. do you think those same people are going to admit to the fact that they are the reason why countless number of people's lives have been essentially ruined so that they can make money and do as little work as possible just because they could?? Do you believe that the media which is owned and operated by 6 corporations in this country who also have large amounts of interest in shares and these same vaccine companies are going to come out and report about how correlations have been found which have been printed and academic journals time and time again? Imagine what kind of world that would be would that be the kind of world you want to live in would those be the kind of people that you trust to tell you the real information you need to know the people who caused it the people who have interest conflict with other medical journals that put out information because of funding that they share?? you know it boggles my mind because people have no problem admitting to the fact that the US government lies about everything but for some reason when it comes to vaccines nobody believes that the world I just described could ever be the world that we live in today and it is exactly the world in the situation that we have been dealing with in this country for the past 30 years and you can try and tell me all you want and try and show me all the studies you want that refute the connection between autism and vaccines but the fact of the matter is this before 1949 autism was almost completely nonexistent in this country then from the 80s 90s and 2000 something happened where almost every single child born between that time was diagnosed with some form of autism. people would like to tell you that it's genetic but it's never been seen in history people like to tell you that we didn't have a way of diagnosing it and it's very easy to diagnose autism compared with mental retardation somebody who is mentally handicapped has some element which is causing that mental cognitive repression. Autism can be best described as the lack of development as expected for a child of a certain age with no reason for such a lack of mental development to exist. In other words something is catastrophically affecting the normal development of the human brain between the ages of 1 and 4 and the symptoms vary greatly from child to child with the exception of a very few key traits shared by all which are very easily recognizable and as such describable and yet before 1980 there was hardly any and then all of a sudden we start giving kids 30 different vaccines instead of for each containing Mercury and aluminum which are known neurotoxins and are absolutely poisonous and cause brain damage and are present in each one of those vaccines given to these children and here's the question I mean how much aluminum and Mercury injected into bloodstream of a baby does it take to damage their brain and all you got to do is do some research to figure out what we've never tested that before so we can't really understand where or how much and yet we know that it's being done and we know that autism just exploded out in out of nowhere around the same time that all these vaccine schedules exploded and the only thing that all of these children have in common with each other is that they've been vaccinated. I can write a paper 2 with a bunch of reasons telling you why there's no link between vaccines and autism if I use corrupt sources. The vaccine makers have a lot more money than the people who are trying to get this information out. Why is that surprising to anyone the idea that vaccines to possibly cause any harm when medications cause harm all the time and all of vaccine is a medication but for some reason it's not possible when it comes to vaccines. Grow the fuck up and read things for yourself
eeeaten (12 days ago)
none of your information is accurate, James. after a crapload of big studies vaccines have been shown to not cause autism (eg https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X14006367), there is strong evidence that autism is partly genetic https://www.livescience.com/9232-vaccines-5-autism.html, almost no vaccines contain any sort of heavy metals, thimerosal has been shown to not cause autism in vaccine-sized doses https://www.nap.edu/catalog/10997/immunization-safety-review-vaccines-and-autism#description vaccines don't cause autism, and even autism advocacy groups accept this https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/science-news/new-meta-analysis-confirms-no-association-between-vaccines-and-autism why not you? do you know what makes your brain swell and can kill you? measles. "Whenever one side of an argument starts ridiculing and marginalizing ALL MEMBERS of the other side of the argument you can be damn sure its because they don't want to engage in an intellectual conversation" - do you apply this same logic to flat earthers? (are you a flat earther?) according to science there are no two sides to this issue. vaccines do not cause autism, and only science-illiterates and snake oil con-artists will tell you they do. why do they say it? because they make money from parental fears and people who don't know how to tell fact from fiction. evaluate your information sources and ask yourself: which are you, sucker or snake oil salesman?
James Sassu (12 days ago)
Whenever one side of an argument starts ridiculing and marginalizing ALL MEMBERS of the other side of the argument you can be damn sure its because they don't want to engage in an intellectual conversation and compare data because they already know the answer for the question the other side is looking for. You can be sure they also know that if you know that answer as well then that's going to be trouble for them and as such the only recourse they have is to make the idea of questioning any aspect of their argument seem like such risk by blindly categorizing anyone who dares to think something weird might possibly be going on as an outcast and a laughing stock so that people wont even look at the questions the other side is asking for fear lumped in to that category and possibly facing ridicule amongst their peers. This is a classic form of manipulation which feeds off of our desire for acceptance. It works the same as it did in highschool when you did whatever it was you regret just to try and fit in. Those people who engage in this practice are wolves dressed as humans and trusting them with your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your family simply because of your fear of being made fun of, is not a wise decision if you ask me.
eeeaten (6 days ago)
"there is massive amounts of data and independent studies all which show a correlation between vaccine schedule increasing in the US and the appearance of autism, food allergies, ADHD, sudden infant death syndrome, and a host of other neurological issues and illnesses which have exploded among children in the US ever since the increased vaccine schedule. " - no, there isn't. there's a massive amount of studies showing the opposite to be true. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/safety-prevention/immunizations/Pages/Vaccine-Studies-Examine-the-Evidence.aspx please link info to support your absurd claims. "I don't mean this to try and sound pompous but I have an iq of 130" - HHAHAHAAA "I actually do the research" - googling antivaxxers and youtubing is not research "Look up info on Dr. William H. Thompson." - like this? https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/bad-medicine/ "You obviously think I'm crazy" - yes. or just misinformed. "the vaccine injury court has paid out over 4 billion dollars" - over 30 years, saving hundreds of billions of dollars in health-related costs, and thousands of lives. the saving from *just* measles vaccination in *one year* alone is almost 4 billion dollars.https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/189/Supplement_1/S1/820569 do you believe in all conspiracy theories? how do you decide which to believe?
James Sassu (8 days ago)
I'm talking about a subject which there is massive amounts of data and independent studies all which show a correlation between vaccine schedule increasing in the US and the appearance of autism, food allergies, ADHD, sudden infant death syndrome, and a host of other neurological issues and illnesses which have exploded among children in the US ever since the increased vaccine schedule. In 2018 with the medical advancements and quality of healthcare available to our citizens, for some reason people born in the last 30 years suffer from more Illness than any other generation of people born in the US. The only thing that has changed which could possibly be contributing to this is the vaccines and the data is there. Just because you don't believe it or you're too lazy to look for yourself doesn't mean it's not true. I don't mean this to try and sound pompous but I have an iq of 130. I don't just hear things and believe them because they're controversial. I actually do the research and I wish to God that this wasn't the case and that I was wrong about it. Nothing would make me happier than to know these conditions are the result of something other than vaccines, however I can't find any legitimate data from sources showing accurate data that proves there is no connection, who aren't somehow tied to either the CDC, any US government agency, any world agencies who's programs work closely with the CDC, or the vaccine makers themselves. Look up info on Dr. William H. Thompson. He was one of the scientists working for the CDC who was overseeing the tests ran on this topic and he has come out publicly and released almost 100 thousand pages of data which the CDC officials above him destroyed in order to make the data show what they wanted it to show after they came to the conclusion that there is indeed a direct connection between the mmr vaccine and the risk of autism in African American males who received the shot before age 3. The CDC freaked out upon finding this and compromised every test that followed in order to make the results fit a preconceived conclusion. Then they destroyed the evidence but Dr. Thompson kept the records for fear of breaking the law. This was in 2002 that they found this out and he didn't release the data until 2011 I believe. Now that right there is documented and has been brought before congressional hearings and yet no one has heard a word about it. The mainstream media buried the story from the public. Their data can't be trusted. No you can say whatever you want but this is a fact and very easy to find. So why are you acting like I'm sitting here saying something outrageous for which there is no proof like the earth being flat?? Some people believe the earth is flat, that's fine they have every right to ingnore hundreds of years of science that lead to the realization of the earth being round in favor of some YouTube videos which rely on faith and nothing else. Just like you believe vaccines are harmless even though the vaccine injury court has paid out over 4 billion dollars in compensation at the expense of the US taxpayers for injuries which they obviously agree with other wise they wouldn't have paid these families any money. You obviously think I'm crazy because all the data you've read says they're safe but the problem is that you have not yet realized the extent to which info is controlled and narritives are constructed in the main stream media and government agencies to support a desired storyline. That's why you think what we say is crazy, because you still trust the sources that everyone else trusts to report facts to the public but I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, if you expect that the information you receive from these multinational agencies and governments is always credible and never manipulated in any way, then I would suggest you begin verifying any major stories or events from this point forward by comparing reports from independent new sources with info in the mainstream media and you'll begin to see what I'm talking about almost immediately. Matter fact start with the Las Vegas shooting in October of 2017 and draw your own conclusions.
eeeaten (11 days ago)
"Whenever one side of an argument starts ridiculing and marginalizing ALL MEMBERS of the other side of the argument you can be damn sure its because they don't want to engage in an intellectual conversation" - same applies for flat earthers, right? just like there is no legitimate science supporting the idea of a flat earth, there is no legitimate science supporting the idea that vaccines are more dangerous than the alternative. according to science there are no two sides to the argument about vaccine safety. vocal antivaxxers are marginalized because they are either antiscience opportunists and snake oil salesmen, or science-illiterate customers of those opportunist and snake oilers. which are you?
Chris. S. (12 days ago)
This guy looks like an owl who can't find a date for prom....
ElvenAngel (12 days ago)
Easiest way to squash this whole idiocy... unvaccinated children and immediate families of unvaccinated people are banned from all facilities, services and spaces where people can be found. If you want to be a disease-carrying moron, do that in your own damn home and kill your own damn spawn, not other people's loved ones. Am I harsh? Sure. But it's this kind of thing that almost got my dad killed. He's got a compromised immune system. I tutor children and I unknowingly brought an entirely preventable illness into my home, which affected him. I know which household was to blame. I gave them my two cents and left their employ, warning every single tutor, school and institution I could get my hands on about their biohazard potential. I love my family more than some uneducated, pigheaded "parent's" regurgitated false beliefs.
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
Then we need to apply the same bans to anybody who EVER has sex without a condom. if you want to be an AIDS-carrying moron, do that in your own damn home and kill your own damn spawn, not other people's loved ones. Oh, and cheating needs to be a death penalty crime.
RushFlaut (12 days ago)
24:18 for the people without much time on their hands
EB081997 (12 days ago)
So John is just kinkshaming that senator.... 😂🤣😁 What a world
Josiah Sanchez (13 days ago)
It's weird that we have an opiod epidemic in America from citizens trusting their doctors, but also have anti-vaxxers because in the same breath they'll say they don't trust doctors when it comes to vaccines. But they will when it comes to medical prescriptions. This country was dropped on its head really early on
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
And where's the proof that both groups are the same?
chikarayume92 (13 days ago)
Living in Germany we have official charts from the government at which age you should get which vaccines and at which age they should get renewed. I am so glad my mother never thought twice about that so until now it is totally normal for me to get my f*cking vaccines. Side effects are real but I think they are better than having to watch you child die. Not getting vaccines is like drunk driving. It is not just about you. It does affect the people around you.
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
And how many vaccines do kids get there? Because in America they get vaccinated for Hepatitis B, an STD, the DAY that they are born, and get a total of 35 shots before they're even 2 years old.
Emily Christman (13 days ago)
Not to mention the bottom line no one seems to focus on- AUTISM IS NOT WORSE THAN MEASLES! Wide spread epidemics threatening lives are not worse than me thank you very much.
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
Yeah soooooo wide spread, grand total of the Disneyland fiasco was about 138 infected, 0 dead, BIG threat in a country of 328 million.
Oleg Chebeneev (13 days ago)
Fish breathes air, dummy
eeeaten (12 days ago)
nmlss (14 days ago)
How can someone that I agree with completely, sound so fucking annoying?
Gilles Fleury (15 days ago)
I am french and I had multiple sclerosis from a bad hepatitis B vaccination in the 90's, I however didn't hesitated one second to get other vaccines and to vaccinate my children. (Who I sing to "frere jacques"every evening by the way ;) ) And I now live in China, where basically, everything including vaccines can be potentially dangerous as proven recently, I however didn't hesitated because it takes just to think a minute to compare statistics about vaccination risks and risks to get a disease a vaccination would had avoided. By the way maybe a surprise but many french people love John Oliver.
eeeaten (10 days ago)
very interesting, thanks for sharing the details, Gilles. i am sorry you have had this burden and hope your health is good from now on.
Gilles Fleury (10 days ago)
actually I am not good enough in medicine to explain details, I can just say that because the first symptoms appeared something like one year after the vaccination and different doctors told me several times that something was wrong with my HB vaccine (they told me that from blood tests) they said it was too strong and still too visible compared to when I had the injection, so the specialist following me for MS think it is related. It is true that HB vaccination provoking MS can be hardly proven as a direct causality, there are however strong presumptions that it can damage myeline, so if the vaccination is badly prepared and too active and you are predisposed to such neurologic problems it can provoque it or if you are already touched it can makes it worse. In my case I haven't exactly MS but NMO, which seams to touch more black and asian people and particularly slave descendants, what I am on my mother side, so there is probably also a genetic predisposition..But there were during the late 90's in France a scandal about bad HB vaccines, and an abnormally high rate of neurologic pathologies following the use of these vaccines, there were even a class action about that, without being involved myself I washed contact with the lawyer defending the people touched. So to be more clear, I can't indeed be fully sure it comes from vaccination but there are strong presumptions and it seams I am not an isolated case. Also if the world health organization mentioned there were no proof of a relation following epidemiological data, some information in there own studies and conclusions tends to say something else: 350 children tested with myeline damages during this time period had the evolution of their conditions under control, the rate of evolution into a MS or other auto immune myeline related diseases was more that 50% for the kids who received these vaccines against 30% for the others. But I am still very confident in vaccinations. I just avoid Chinese ones for my kids because of several scandals here.
eeeaten (12 days ago)
how do you know your ms was from the hepB vaccine? i don't think there's any evidence for this association generally, but you say it was a "bad" vaccine - how do you know? just wondering.
joseph bennett (15 days ago)
Rob snider burn was epic.
Nana 25 (15 days ago)
Will this spread routine of vaccines prevent my child from contracting measles? Theoretically Will this single dosage vaccine prevent my child from contracting measles? Yes Wonder which one I would choose
Gabriel Bolio Cuevas (15 days ago)
To understand more see https://youtu.be/Rzxr9FeZf1g
Yu Nomi (16 days ago)
The efficacy of the MMR vaccine is questioned by two former Merck scientists.
Bree (16 days ago)
Ben Jones (16 days ago)
The problem is that people don't understand vaccines and therefore mistrust and fear them Also, the same people who don't vaccinate their children are the people who reject medicine altogether and instead rely on alternative (bullshit) medicine which usually consists of either something that won't do anything (that isn't placebo) e.g. homoeopathic remedies or herbal medicine OR Something that will likely harm you if ingested or applied e.g. (so-called) "essential oils" and home remedies obtained from (other) crazy parents in the same fuckwitted facebook group that you're a part of
hunter's lily (17 days ago)
On a side note: His little baby son is sooo cute!
I'm right you're wrong (17 days ago)
'Cept the use of vaccines correlates with a global rise in population and a infant mortality rates also drop...... A global rise in population also correlates with climate change......... just saying.
Mr Özyıldırım (12 days ago)
So you're saying vaccines are bad because they allegedly lead to increased population growth? The healthiest places on earth also have the lowest birthrates and the slowest population increase, and in some countries even decrease. The unhealthier a region, the higher the fertility rate.
Iman Amatullah (17 days ago)
Vaccines are a satanic cocktail of poisons and heavy metals! How much money did Big Pharma pay you to shill for them, John Oliver?
BTW (13 days ago)
Fuck you iman
ShadowPT (16 days ago)
They probably paid him in new shirts and ties \s
Dielfon Elletab (16 days ago)
Did you know that 100% of the people that are vaccinated die?
Iman Amatullah (17 days ago)
There is a difference between ingesting/inhaling antigens, and injecting antigens that are combined with known neurotoxins and poisons (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, pigs blood, dog kidney cells, aborted fetal cells, hiv contaminated homosexual blood, etc.).
ShadowPT (16 days ago)
Iman Amatullah number one, most of that is false, there aren’t dog kidney cells, aborted fetal cells, hiv contaminated homosexual blood in vaccines. Number two, did you watch the video?
Iman Amatullah (17 days ago)
Shill alert!
BTW (13 days ago)
Iman Amatullah sharmouta
Bree (17 days ago)
#sayitnow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wqefZTMvJo
Blablert Spýšpojl (17 days ago)
OMG I actually looked up the quote and John Oliver lies!!!! The actual quote is: When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Who can we believe anymore?!
InterestsMayVary 4432 (17 days ago)
I'm from Indiana. We are sorry for Mike Pence. We are sorry for Dan Burton. And yes, we do think he is probably a donkey fucker. We can't, after all, prove otherwise. So, yeah. Sorry.
Marten Dekker (18 days ago)
John Oliver is completely wrong here. He's been fraudulently discredited by big Pharma, and big media who has marched right in time. There's evidence that the CDC has been fraudulently changing the results of their studies, and hiding the fact that there's definitely a link between vaccines and autism. There's a whistleblower in the CDC that is released proof of this. Dr. Wakefield was and is right. There are so-called Mercury free versions of vaccines, that when tested still have mercury. And if you do your proper research, you'll find that there are no studies that have property compared children who are not vaccinated to those that I have been. Closest thing to that is the Amish. Amish don't vaccinate and they don't have autism.
eeeaten (17 days ago)
wow you've packed so much wrongness into one post. congrats. i'll ignore the rest, but i'm intrigued by your statement "He's been fraudulently discredited by big Pharma" - can you tell us what this means?
Seriously... People.. You talk about having rubella and measles and the horrible things it causes like Epilepsy and Migraines... Vaccine injured people live with those symptoms their whole lives! Not for a short duration of illness. Such a horrible reason to defend vaccines lol. I didn't get epilepsy or migraines until I had over 5 vaccines , only got worse the more vaccines I got (Autoimmune complex & Lyme) . Hmm. I won't be getting more... And my health is improving. Vaccines are a multi billion dollar industry and not for the right reasons. "Polio like" illness is rampant (Neuromyleitis Optica , Transverse Myleitis , Spinal Cord disorders, Autoimmune Disorders) Sanitation, better access to fresh food , immune system research and regulations on environmental chemical exposures are responsible for the decrease of 1-20% symptomatic polio patients . People are so brainwashed, I love Science but damn... Some people love unregulated, pseudo vaccine science a little too much. I'm the product of pro vaccination .. Good job haha. Unfortunately can't change my mind back thanks to the effects . :P -Pro regulations on mandated child healthcare ** Pro genetic testing for Immune Disorders prior to vaccinations .. Educate yourselves before using your privilege to decided for other people. Bye.
eeeaten (17 days ago)
maybe you have underlying immunity issues that meant vaccines harmed you, maybe you don't. maybe you're blaming vaccines when there was another cause, maybe not. it's impossible to tell from the information you've given, and it may be impossible for medical science to determine. some kids have immunity/mitochondrial or other disorders that mean they can't be vaccinated - doctors/nurses screen for these by making observations and asking questions. the rate of serious reactions to scheduled vaccines is incredibly low, and the benefits of protection from and elimination of diseases are incredibly high. if endemic measles hospitalises one in ten of people infected and kills 1/1000, and the vaccine hospitalises one in a hundred thousand and kills none, surely vaccination is preferable?
Sharon Jensen (19 days ago)
Doctors used to give injections in the bottom. Now they give them in the leg or arm. As in, get the child to look the other way, sneak up to him or her with a needle and...BAM! In it goes. Sometimes crying is immediate. Other times, the crying takes a few minutes. "Ahhhh! Why did you let that man/woman stab me? You're the worst mother in the world! And don't you dare it hurts you more than it hurts me." Okay. I wouldn't dream of saying that.
merry twentyfirst (19 days ago)
How selfish of these parents enjoying their lives because they were vaccinated, but want to expose their children to deadly diseases...
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
By all means, what're the numbers on people surviving self inflicted head shots? Measles, in 1950 the American population was 150 million people and yearly rates of 500 measles fatalities. In the last 12 years, ONE person has died of measles in America, even WITH all the 'anti-vaxxers'. 30,000 people die from the flu today, nobody says that's an unacceptable number, nobody says that's too many. TODAY, the Center for Disease Control calls mumps a disease that death from is EXTREMELY RARE, proven by the fact despite all the minor outbreaks across the country, NOBODY has died of it in the last decade. So tell us again how a handful of parents not vaccinating their kids is going to kill off everyone.
merry twentyfirst (9 days ago)
TheBookWorm1718 some people shoot them selves in the head and survive , doesn't mean everyone that does it will.
TheBookWorm1718 (9 days ago)
My mom had every 'common childhood disease' before any vaccines were even invented for them, she's alive and well 60 years later. The big killer of her generation was Vietnam, not fucking measles.
Peanut Purchaser (19 days ago)
Lmao, they just afraid of the needle.
Emma Sprague (19 days ago)
that tirade against fish was the funniest damn thing i’ve seen in a while
Eric Lawrence (20 days ago)
GOOD job! I like this one allot. You have great writers Mr. Oliver... PAY them well!!!
Eric Lawrence (20 days ago)
Autism (toe walking kind) is strongly related to ANTIBIOTICS given to young children killing off gut bacteria and thus messing up the child's immune system.... The VACCINE given to the child when a baby would likely greatly REDUCE autism. This was discovered by the high frequency of autism in Somali children given ANTIBIOTICS (oral) as kids. The rate is STAGGERING... WHY those idiot politicians don't discuss THAT ... shows how scientifically ignorant we are as a species yet. I can provide links if any care.
adalia rose (20 days ago)
Kathleen Pannell (21 days ago)
John Oliver, you are a good man. Thank you for existing.
English Cloud (22 days ago)
It’s perfectly natural to eat the placenta. Most animals do it to bring their iron levels back up.
eeeaten (20 days ago)
there's absolutely no need to eat it. don't eat it.
Shareya M. (23 days ago)
The unbiased source is your fucking DOCTOR!!!
Demonetized Patriot (23 days ago)
Of course the mainstream media including John Oliver pushes vaccines onto the mindless zombies.....no research needed......just listen to the corporations folks, they're the good guys!
eeeaten (20 days ago)
where do you get your information?
Emily Lerman (23 days ago)
I'm curious where the data from the parents of those who skip some vaccinations come from. For example, my brother skipped a vaccine because my doctor made it sound like the only way to get that virus was through sexual intercourse which my autistic brother wouldn't be having and the doctor made it sound like the vaccine was unnecessary.
Dan Barto (23 days ago)
John Olliver, please never let your facial hair grow out again. Thank you, The Internet
Kara Easterday (23 days ago)
Trump is right!!!
BTW (13 days ago)
eeeaten (23 days ago)
obvs if you find yourself agreeing with trump, you should reconsider.
Seth Cortez (25 days ago)
Why can’t these people see that their choices can harm others it’s not about you’re self it’s about what your choice can do to others by eradicating a disease you could save a life if you don’t help with eradication you could, in an extreme situation, kill someone
ValerieRaya (18 days ago)
TheBookWorm1718 (23 days ago)
Then we need to outlaw unprotected sex.
Zakana (25 days ago)
The parents that choose to not get vaccinations for their kids should just give then Ricin. It’ll do the job faster and put less people at risk.
TheBookWorm1718 (23 days ago)
By all means, tell us how many kids died in America last year because they didn't get vaccinated for something.
Alex Landherr (25 days ago)
Next: Do an episode on scientific literacy.
PurpleDevil R (25 days ago)
I'm autistic and I say IF vaccines causes autism then that's worth not risking a child's life and autism is not terrible either
eeeaten (25 days ago)
for many people autism is crippling, so if a vaccine did cause autism you'd have to weigh that risk against the risk of harm from the disease the vaccine prevents.

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