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Mixing ALL MY SLIMES! Giant DIY Slime Smoothie!

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Today we are mixing all of our slimes together to make a giant DIY slime smoothie! Thank you again for visiting and please don't forget to share this video with your friends and family : ) SUBSCRIBE BUTTON: http://www.youtube.com/c/MagicBoxToysCollectorSurpriseToysSurpriseEggsPlayDohOrbeez You can follow us on: 1. Musical.ly : francescaandleah 2. Facebook : MagicBozToyz / link here: MagicBoxToyzhttps://www.facebook.com/Magicboxtoyz/timeline 3. Instragram: francesca and leah 4. Twitter : MagicBoxTC If you would like to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas please go to: www.Click2Houston.com Thank you again for your love, support and prayers! #PrayForTexas #HoustonStrong Here are our other videos: Food Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWlus0pdBys&list=PLtMBsqv0SgEJtNNB2qHoiySKD2hIVArot The Lunch Box Switch Up Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG4__6vhm5A&list=PLtMBsqv0SgEJyR9aRdFCVk-4S8cS8zYTy Kids Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qf50JxXKXo&list=PLtMBsqv0SgELFI3WB9XHXdxU1JppGgv8j Slime Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbnfsWuCq48&list=PLtMBsqv0SgEKPGcTNehwu5MOTj41TVkBd The Shopping Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtMBsqv0SgEJeTGv0d0qHJgXgqvoRpgEU Surprise Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Pn6MNL25s&list=PLtMBsqv0SgEKVsTpcq6hva2rsJuPghjzE Surprise Eggs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtMBsqv0SgEJBaEl3kAkGRChwu79UkB2I Routines: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtMBsqv0SgEIDechWhco8FzFG35fLaj1g
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Magic Box Toys Collector (1 год назад)
Today we are mixing all our slimes and making giant slime smoothie! So many of you asked us to do this video again, so here we are with Smoothie Slime Part 2! Please let us know which slime is your favorite one and which color you like the most : ) Please enjoy the show and have a great day : ) We love you!!!!
unicorn rainbow toys (4 дня назад)
Magic Box Toys Collector I hope you had a slimekit
Tony Lynch (8 дней назад)
l like to watch some of your videos
Bernice Zinston (17 дней назад)
Chloe Coupland (21 день назад)
Magic Box Toys Collector ...
Elbert Levil (26 дней назад)
I LOVE the gold slime 🐕🐩🦄💎💍👡💄🐱🐈🐏🐷🐁
Margita Dunova (11 часов назад)
my favourite colour is tworquosie
Kayleigh Marion (11 часов назад)
Ofcours f
Ashley Hand (14 часов назад)
My best slime is fluffit
Carla Araya (1 день назад)
Can you teach me how to make slime I love slime but my mom doesn’t like it if you’re wondering what is my name is Alexandra and I love your sister I love your videos they’re the best I have a video two it’s called Alexandra husky rules
Carla Araya (1 день назад)
I love your videos my name is Alexandra
Floyd Williams (1 день назад)
Like it is so inoing
Floyd Williams (1 день назад)
I am a hater they are so wird the giri on the left she keeps on saying this is a good slime
Danielle Harmon (1 день назад)
Leah made a snack @#################~ Amazing
video end me hr (1 день назад)
Iz hrvatske sam
video end me hr (1 день назад)
Rebecca Barker (2 дня назад)
Hi my sister loves your slime videos love you
Liger Gaming (2 дня назад)
Maybe a dodo color
Maria Pasillas (2 дня назад)
I think that it is going to turn gray
Amber Callahan (2 дня назад)
Amber Callahan (2 дня назад)
Did you cut your hair
james baker (2 дня назад)
Lia is obnoxious😾😾😾😾
Emily Q (2 дня назад)
it looks like a hippo
Hello Bitxhes (2 дня назад)
Fluffy type of slime and my favourite colour is galaxy.😜
Memcaj Arba (2 дня назад)
My favrit slime is flofy my favrit colour is pink
Jenn Burleigh (3 дня назад)
siaosi ngu (3 дня назад)
You guys are cute
Slimy trio (3 дня назад)
My favourite slime is purple and I think the big slime will turn an greyish purple
Joanne York (3 дня назад)
You always take the slime of Leah such a bossy boot and you say no don't mix it yet but she can if she wants . And how cares if you made it today. Because I don't, stop being mean!!!!!!!!!!!!your not the best girl in the pink top drama queen .I love Leah. She is so cute. Stop being mean girl in the pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wenter0905 (2 дня назад)
Glow-in-the-dark fluffy toxic glitter jewels purple slime pink slime All the slime in the world
Allan Buckley (3 дня назад)
Can I have one please I'll give you 1 of my unicorn sgreshe
Allan Buckley (3 дня назад)
Allan Buckley (3 дня назад)
The gold
Amber Beavers (3 дня назад)
I love your,re vidyose
Amber Beavers (3 дня назад)
kider egg
Ella Fleming (3 дня назад)
Why do you smell the Fiamm like did you see that
Asya Medina (4 дня назад)
Red kaler miyhium
Asya Medina (4 дня назад)
Love in you
Asya Medina (4 дня назад)
For you w thisings always not only you
Asya Medina (4 дня назад)
You keiju
unicorn rainbow toys (4 дня назад)
Leah is so disappointing she always steals francescas slime
alex pontes (4 дня назад)
Strehey fluffy gold
cik bebeq (4 дня назад)
Leah is so aggressive to the slimes
Rebecca Byrne (5 дней назад)
Chloe Quick (5 дней назад)
My favorite type of color is clear red and yellow and clicky slime
Yvette Armenta (5 дней назад)
My favorite color is blue
Yvette Armenta (5 дней назад)
I like the slime s blues ang gold and silver
Ewa Cześć (5 дней назад)
My favourite colour of slime is blue and my favourite type is crunchy😄
Sureka Mogun (5 дней назад)
Blue l ❤️ you
AK (6 дней назад)
Bharat Khanna (6 дней назад)
Francesca is pretty but mean to Leah and my sister said that I will not get 1 like can you prove her wrong plz
Jo Deston (6 дней назад)
it's so cool
Ava Plamann (6 дней назад)
who has slime at there house I do
Justin Canturbury (6 дней назад)
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Tatiyana Bayon (7 дней назад)
Crunchy, purple
kitty B bre (7 дней назад)
Leah your overdramatic
LPS Unicorn Room (7 дней назад)
Angelica Barrera (7 дней назад)
You guys acted like you never had slime
Adriana Jaimes (8 дней назад)
Pineapple and gold
Becca Gordon (8 дней назад)
It will probably be brown
Cara Dixon (8 дней назад)
Never made slime
Vasaris Kancauskas (8 дней назад)
Favourite colour of slime is green and I like for a few flying
Vasaris Kancauskas (8 дней назад)
Made that one you are decent start the car or the 30th or the fifth 👌
Jayakumar Muthumani (8 дней назад)
I am a really big fan of slime so please give me one
Jayakumar Muthumani (8 дней назад)
I love purple so please give me one ☝️ please
Jayakumar Muthumani (8 дней назад)
Can you give me one packet of slime please
Inshaaf Adams (8 дней назад)
Fluffy yellow
Craig Jolly (8 дней назад)
My favourite slime is gold matalic butter slime!!!!!!!!!!😙😗😚😙😗😚😙😗😚😙😗😚😍😘
Amy 2009 (9 дней назад)
I hate you Francesca STOP taking leahs slime
Eric Cowboy (9 дней назад)
In 2018
Eric Cowboy (9 дней назад)
If you still Mack slime give it a👍a and you love slime
Claudia Maciel (9 дней назад)
9 o
Jag Gill (9 дней назад)
why not try the smoothie challenge where you have a hat and you close your eyes and pick and which ever one you get you will have to put in your smoothie
Janie Thomas (9 дней назад)
Ep Gamer (9 дней назад)
Francesca is mean to Leah like if you agree get a grip Francesca I wish you was a slave
Ep Gamer (9 дней назад)
Get a grip Francesca you think 💭everything is disgusting
Talia and Olivia (9 дней назад)
How old r u
Carly Hammond (10 дней назад)
👦🏾I. Love. Ren. 😻
Human creepergirl gamer (10 дней назад)
Dark sparkly yellow
Katherine Dickson (10 дней назад)
Estreillta Flores (10 дней назад)
Color;black type slime; jiggle slime p.s I love ❤️ u so much guys
Keira Walsh (10 дней назад)
My favourite type of slime is fluffy slime and blew and pink slime
Nayi Vazquez (10 дней назад)
My fav color of slime is gold and my fav type of slime is floam and clear
jazmyn's gacha studio (10 дней назад)
stop ferinchesc snatching slim forum hdr
Trav Ullmer (10 дней назад)
Hey guys today we are making a video dedicated on you guys.I’ve been watching you guys since I was littleP
faizan minhas (10 дней назад)
Your videos are the best
faizan minhas (10 дней назад)
Put it on the tabble
Tammy Marcum (11 дней назад)
catalina figueroa (11 дней назад)
Favorite color slime is blue and my favorite type of slime is Fluffy
jeff lase (11 дней назад)
I Il I'lo I lov I love I love you
jadore williams (11 дней назад)
Yall should start a slime shop
Juan Curiel (11 дней назад)
Samuel Nelson (11 дней назад)
Samuel Nelson (11 дней назад)
Also my favorite slime is fluffy
Hauwa Ahmed (11 дней назад)
so disgusting
Danielle Penny (11 дней назад)
Blue and cloud
Billy Mason (12 дней назад)
My favorite was sparcly blue
Billy Mason (12 дней назад)
I think it's going to be sparcaly Brown
Lara Kastelanac (13 дней назад)
Lea is so cute kid i ewer si before
Lara Kastelanac (13 дней назад)
Your slimes ar the best in the virld i hawe slimes to
Norma Vasquez (13 дней назад)
Astrid Kampf (14 дней назад)
"Omg it looks like a China slime" 😂
Reina Quijada (14 дней назад)
What school do you go to
Reina Quijada (14 дней назад)
stella dussault (14 дней назад)
allo oui je ses que je parle en francais je voulais suste vous dire que ses tous le temps la plus vielle qui avais les meilleure slime
Elizabeth Guynn (15 дней назад)
my favorite slime is cloud slime and fluffy and glossy slime
Kasey Newlin (15 дней назад)
Fluffy and blue
Mathivanan Ramalingasamy (15 дней назад)
And this is my dads phone. My name is Mia
Mathivanan Ramalingasamy (15 дней назад)
Francesca is acting like a 31 years old
Mathivanan Ramalingasamy (15 дней назад)
Francesca you are the worst person in the world. Lia is the best person in the world 🌎

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