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Here's Why Tesla Is Building Batteries for Your Home

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May 1 -- Tesla is building a new generation of batteries that could power homes, businesses and even the grid. Bloomberg's Tom Randall takes a look at the emerging market for new energy storage. --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Purple Fox (26 дней назад)
Lithium will run out just like everything else. Then what do we have?
eric rodriguez (3 месяца назад)
Do this in manila the highest power bill in asia
goofyfoot2001 (4 месяца назад)
Building them for my home or am I just paying for Tesla to put them in some rich persons home?
Michael Post (5 месяцев назад)
The Vanadium Flow battery may become a better choice. No reliance on lithium, no danger of explosions, no limit to the charge/discharge cycles. Not for vehicles, great for large--scale energy storage.
Shannon Amend (6 месяцев назад)
Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.
Ken Biron (1 год назад)
What are the batteries made from? If they are made in conventional ways it would be detrimental to support them. If though Telsa is as forward thinking, they should be making them from Industrial Cannabis. Just my thoughts...
Scott B (1 год назад)
The power company will stop this. There are already laws that say you cant live off grid.
Todd Kes (6 месяцев назад)
Actually, power plants would love more battery adoption. Batteries can provide the power you need during peak consumption times, and charge up when most people are asleep. It prevents the surges and ebbs of power demand, making power grid management much easier. The surge in demand from everyone coming home for dinner is handled by the batteries, meaning the peak load is much lower. The steady power from the base load plants at night means that power plants can be left at a single setting, instead of needing to ramp up and down
Vista C (1 год назад)
Elon Musk IS A LYING ASHOLE !!!!!!!!
Joe Malone (1 год назад)
Nothing in this world is free, especially a Tesla automobile.
Ronald Reed (1 год назад)
Think of the money drain on the working poor and middle class, many people work a week for a months electricity. Our local elec supplier forced customers to pay $600 mil for a generating plant it nevet built and has had no intenion of building for several years now and had the gaul to tell us they wernt going to make us pay the remaing $150mil cost of the plant THEY'RE NOT BUILDING! So yeah I hate power co,s
Jimmy Witts (1 год назад)
Tesla can pound sand in Sahara. They might find Lithium. That company is doomed. Running on taxpayers money. No profits, no future. Musk is a moron looking for celebrity.
joe bass (1 год назад)
if these dam city,s would turn off some of these fucking light,s we would not be in this shit. look,s like people are afraid of the dam dark. won,t have to worrey much longer you will learn real soon.
tetrahedron mind over matter (1 год назад)
This tesla company is fake news they are bad people. If they are good build wireless energy transmission to give the world wireless energy and end poverty so people can grow there own food and not eat gmo crackhead chemicals nicola tesla build a car that ran on wireless energy who ever buys your car is a dumbass and gmo smelly feet with shoe head and shoe sock and justin beber lover
Theseus (1 год назад)
that "battery vision" of americans make me laugh.... this is useless bullshit..
Dante Tran (1 год назад)
The guys got an annoying voice. Cracky voice at end of each sentence
Gytis321 S (1 год назад)
You cant do this. If you build ANY electricity generating systems in my country they take it from you. The law is, that all electricity you generate you must sell everything to country, and only then repurchase it. Wtf is this ? Its your power. You build it on your plot. How they can take it from you ?
Luis González Aguilar (1 год назад)
Baterias de tesla,pero sin tesla,la patente de la bateria (Acumulador) alcalina de NI-FE es de Tomas Alba Edison.
HairlessHare (1 год назад)
Did you know that the cost of "peaker maintenance" is included in your power bill? you are paying for peakers even if they're just sitting there.
Khiêm Nguyễn (1 год назад)
*very fast*
Tony Cannoli (1 год назад)
Lg Chem also makes fantastic Li-Ion batteries for home and commercial use
Sergey K (1 год назад)
Has anyone looked into commercial salt water batteries? On paper they pay for them selves already.
tactikl (2 года назад)
If Elon is wrong, so what. Our politicians are spending more money older technology (dinosaur left overs) that are causing health and planet issues. Why not back him up, nothing is free and we know that. By the way the average US home electricity used per months is about 10,500 kWh. The high end is around 15,500 kWh a month recorded in Louisiana. So know Tesla is making car batteries for its P100D that have a rating of around 100kWh. Ok that said, one car battery can sure power a home for the hole month with just one charge. Now that's technology.
BossBros (1 год назад)
So the Tesla p100d battery would power the average American home for about 3 days on a full charge.
BossBros (1 год назад)
Sorry but the average kWh usage in an american home is around 30kWh a day, so thats about 900kWh a month. The numbers you stated were for an entire year. Just to clear things up.
goldsilverandiamonds (2 года назад)
Elon Musk give all the technology away to China for free. And China will subsidize its manufacture to make it cheap and put Tesla out of business and cost Elon Musk billions.
Somber? no idea who that is haha (1 год назад)
That's a good thing
CUNT Cardin (2 года назад)
+J-N-H-M I agree
J-N-H-M (2 года назад)
+Jacob Cardin yes its late in the game, a lot of american goods actually end up being a way of life for non americans ... another way this new slavery system is bitting us in the ass . these are why loop holes are created , The LAW : 1.Tax All ! imported goods ... 2. dont tax the american imported goods buying a tesla or a ford supports americans more than buying a nissan is all im saying ... patents / copyrights on tech is all over the place too .
CUNT Cardin (2 года назад)
+J-N-H-M all cars are made globally. most American cars are assembled in Mexico and Canada thanks to nafta. the parts still come from all over the world look at all the gm recalls for an airbag made in. ..... TAIWAN
J-N-H-M (2 года назад)
support who you want .... sometimes i by american made , sometimes not ... we just need to understand every time we buy a Honda or foreign car we hurt our economy , but help theres
elijah lopez (2 года назад)
Aren't YET. He's giving you a car for 35 k that costs nothing to operate, shut the fuck up.
Ken the Eagle (2 года назад)
lithium isn't exactly "free" either. nor is any of the other materials. :D
JG Luxe (2 года назад)
"Costs nothing to operate"? You know they charge for electricity right? lol.
Kumalo Longsworth (2 года назад)
it could also have a double meaning when you pronounce it.
Kumalo Longsworth (2 года назад)
i would call it a light battery because its sounds nices..... because batteries electricity is just light , like the spark preprocessor. it just trapped light
Chris Newman (2 года назад)
Are those the carbon nanotube batteries?
cag938 (2 года назад)
The price for residential solar power is still more than what utilities are charging their customers across America. THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE! The effective rate for solar power spread across the life of a system is $0.08/kWh. The average cost for conventional energy is $0.12/kWh and rising.
Chris Sparks (2 года назад)
Well the powerwall wouldn't be cheap if you lived in a state like Arizona. Right now, May 2016, I am producing roughly what I am using. Come some time. I suspect the amount of KWH being applied to demand charges will a lot. I think to make this work for my home I'd have to have several batteries as 1 wouldn't be enough. Also the cost is prohibitive as well.
Ingeniero ALEMAN (2 года назад)
as the higher educated of you might now these batteries don't produce any power and will never power anything. They are just a very expensivce way to temporally store small quantities of electric energy in a cemical cell! Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous and can pose a safety hazard since they contain, unlike other rechargeable batteries, a flammable electrolyte and are also kept pressurized. Because of this the testing standards for these batteries are more stringent than those for acid-electrolyte batteries, requiring both a broader range of test conditions and additional battery-specific testsThis is in response to reported accidents and failures, and there have been battery-related recalls by some companies. A lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a member of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in a non-rechargeable lithium battery. The electrolyte, which allows for ionic movement, and the two electrodes are the constituent components of a lithium-ion battery cell. Lithium-ion batteries are common in home electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics, with a high energy density, tiny memory effect[8] and low self-discharge. Beyond consumer electronics, LIBs are also growing in popularity for military, battery electric vehicle and aerospace applications.[9] For example, lithium-ion batteries are becoming a common replacement for the lead acid batteries that have been used historically for golf carts and utility vehicles. Instead of heavy lead plates and acid electrolyte, the trend is to use lightweight lithium-ion battery packs that can provide the same voltage as lead-acid batteries, so no modification to the vehicle's drive system is required. Chemistry, performance, cost and safety characteristics vary across LIB types. Handheld electronics mostly use LIBs based on lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO 2), which offers high energy density, but presents safety risks, especially when damaged. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4), Lithium ion manganese oxide battery (LMnO or LMO) and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (LiNiMnCoO 2 or NMC) offer lower energy density, but longer lives and inherent safety. Such batteries are widely used for electric tools, medical equipment and other roles. NMC in particular is a leading contender for automotive applications. Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (LiNiCoAlO 2 or NCA) and lithium titanate (Li 4Ti 5O 12 or LTO) are specialty designs aimed at particular niche roles. The new lithium sulphur batteries promise the highest performance to weight ratio.
fidel catsro (2 года назад)
I hope Elon Musk also invests and makes effort in retracing, compiling and researching past achievements of people like Thomas Henry Moray and Bruce De Palma,  and discover real secrets of the massive sea of energy found in our very everyday environment..the energy from zero point
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
1:38 - A notable deduction may be drawn from this graph. At the time of the last samples displayed on this graph – presumably representing sometime early in 2015 – the approximate ratio between battery cost and solar generation hardware cost required to live "off-grid" using Li-ion batteries is about 6 to 1.
MilkTrafficker (2 года назад)
The narrator needs energy and masculinity. Is Tesla also working on balls?
dlwatib (1 год назад)
That would be SpaceX. (They have a giant ball-shaped liquid oxygen tank.)
rRobert Smith (2 года назад)
Another poorly researched "we can't do the math" presentation by bloomberg, I am not impressed.
Ingeniero ALEMAN (2 года назад)
who can afford batteries if electric power is much cheaper than storage? why should someone waste money on photovoltaiv plus batteries while the millenium solar heat power plant can produce Megawatts all night without wearing out expensive batteries... can't you guys calculate ?
Todd Kes (6 месяцев назад)
Some locations sell power based on time of usage so during peak consumption times power is more expensive, and other times power is cheaper. A battery would allow you to set certain times to charge the battery (i.e. during low cost), and at other times to get power from the battery first (i.e. peak cost). This makes it easier on the power grid as peak demand drops, and easier on your wallet as you are buying power mainly at the cheap price instead of the expensive price
Weapon Valhalla (2 года назад)
I'm surprised Elon Musk didn't get assassinated yet!
KNO (1 год назад)
Weapon Valhalla He knows how to play the political game. Don't underestimate him. He is 10 steps ahead of them.
ya00007 (1 год назад)
Weapon Valhalla don't say that. Currently he's the only one trying properly to solve the energy crises. Imagine not having to pay gas or electricity bills?
Lucifer Relisher (1 год назад)
What the fuck sort of conversation happened here
THE MAN (2 года назад)
+J-N-H-M Yeah as soon as i posted the comment. I looked up some websites on numerology and after reading a bit I thought to myself that I know who I am. A simple man with extraordinary goals. I myself want to be an entrepreneur just like you. Kinda cool that we think alike.
J-N-H-M (2 года назад)
+Jose M you cant use a website for your numerology ... its very simple math after you learn the rules ... don't let anybody tell you who OR what you are , only you will know ... namerology i think plays a part too ( what does your full name mean ? Moses like my last name means savior ... and a master teacher ? well they say it means a lot of things , but im just a guy with a lot of idea's ... I know how to move the planet when they said it was kind of impossible ( gyroscopic procession) I know black holes are only Just Galaxian Lagrangian Points I Know Dark Matter is only due to Lagrangian Points . Im launching multiple start up companies and things like that is all i can say , but its very hard to say what a master teacher is ... Albert Einstein was a master teacher 33 if that helps .... 33 is not the highest or only master number also . ( this is another reason why no book or website can tell you what you are , only you can )
MrAutospec (2 года назад)
Descent amount of solar panels and two Tesla car's batteries is all I need. One battery in the car and the other at home for charging in the daylight and supplying the house with energy in the night. And,of course, a system that can interchange that batteries at home.
fidel catsro (2 года назад)
battery storage limitation and its costs are stifling wide solar power acceptance and use..Tesla mass production of battery storage can help reduce the costs and help more adoption of solar systems..great  MOVE!
fidel catsro (2 года назад)
+MantisNoMore yeah good idea but tesla is building these batteries for home equipment use in mind as well I believe..
fidel catsro (2 года назад)
+MantisNoMore yeah all kinds of promises and targets but only time will tell if they can ever achieve all these claims..one way to catalyze and super charge these targets is to mass produce cheaply in China and other developing nations, only problem is that technology sharing and disclosure will become inevitable and that's not acceptable to many companies, patent protection is only a small assurance, im sure Tesla already expressed its willingness in giving it all away to others for copying
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+MantisNoMore Maybe the solution is that everyone should charge their cars via solar power at work during the day, rather than in their garage at night. That way the day-to-night time-shifting of power would effectively use the batteries already installed in cars as part of the solution, rather than the recharging of cars at night being an additional problem.
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+fidel catsro There is something I don't understand about this claim: The graph at 1:38 shows that roughly 1000 GWh of Li-ion batteries were produced between 2010 and the time the graph was made in 2015. Musk's own number is that he expects the "gigafactory" to have a cumulative production of 50 GWh of Li-ion batteries by the end of 2020. Approximating, this means that the gigafactory will be responsible for only about 5% of the world's Li-ion battery production. This would seem to indicate either the gigafactory isn't large enough to have a significant effect on the world's time-shifting of electric power generation (load leveling), or the graph is wrong. There is an old joke in engineering: "Everything looks like a straight line on log-log paper." This is a log vs. log graph. Everyone quotes this graph. It is one of the main justifications cited by young hipsters trying to reassure themselves that a combination of solar electric generation and Li-ion batteries will solve the world's energy problems. There are less than 5 years of Li-ion battery production data plotted on this graph. That's a pretty small sample for such a nebulous global statistic, especially considering how businesses like to maintain confidentiality. Could this graph be wrong?
Allen Wrench (2 года назад)
Electrical Fire! Magnetic field radiation! Electric Compacitorial liquid leaching. Ion field attraction (lighting hitting the storage units) sooo many issues not to mention pruduction environmental waste issues and recycling because short life expectancy. Personally, every community needs or personal home nuclear fission. Do it right the first time, and build homes below ground.
clu4u (2 года назад)
Oh shit, we are really really in trouble if we have to listen to the YouTube pundits, GTFO
DavidAKZ (2 года назад)
+Allen Wrench https://www.teslamotors.com/en_AU/powerwall
Allen Wrench (2 года назад)
+Chris Becker I'm still for personal nuclear energy. So, suck on a particle accelerator, and when I turn eight and get my own personal computer be weary....very weary, muhahahaha!
Ingeniero ALEMAN (2 года назад)
you are right.. musk tries to fools all People unless they have proper Knowledge and are able to calculate the missing economic Efficiency !
Chris Becker (2 года назад)
+Allen Wrench Did you just google every conspiracy site you could find and condense it into a single paragraph? Pretty much every single issue you have stated is easily fixed, so easily fixed in fact, that they were doing it DECADES ago. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it should be feared, It means you should try to educate yourself on the subject, instead of spreading ignorant comments that others may read and believe and hold us back as a species.
AngelLestat2 (2 года назад)
No.. wrong.. batteries are not cost effective to storage more than 2 or 3 hours, so if you want to storage day or nights of power you need a different technology.. The right technology for that is hydrogen, but not as a round trip, you just use the hydrogen you make for all the other needed sectors besides "electrical grid" that needs other forms of clean energy. Transport or injecting in the natural gas net. That way you can storage TWh of energy at low cost. You can even storage 1 month of renewable energy.
AngelLestat2 (1 год назад)
You are talking of electrolysis made in school?? XD Electrolysis today has an standard (using platinum vapor deposition that is cheaper that full platinum catalyst) of 75 to 80% efficiency.. This mean, just 20% of energy loses. If you use an external waste heat source, you will increase that efficiency even more. The problem that platinum or new special catalyst is how expensive they are, but a lot of new materials as platinum remplacement (with almost the same efficiency) are close to enter for commercial applications. Also.. efficiency is not very important, what really matters is final cost.. What is the cost of the electricity when you choose the best moments to produce h2 and what is the cost of your device to convert electricity to h2.. Thats is what it matter most.
sexyloser (1 год назад)
The most efficient way to make hydrogen is from water through electrolysis. Electrolysis is inefficient for converting energy. Electrolysis dissipates 60% of the energy you put into it, so you get only 40% or less of the energy you put into it back as hydrogen. It is no where near as efficient as charging a lithium ion battery.
AngelLestat2 (2 года назад)
+MantisNoMore I said injected to the natural gas grid, this is mixed with the methane, people can use it to generate heat (reducing the amount of co2), or you can extracted (h2 pure) from the natural grid in any location with special filters that ITM Power company is developing.
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+AngelLestat2 Are you seriously suggesting injecting hydrogen into the ground for storage? I gather you have never lit a balloon full of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a spectacular explosive! BTW, I agree with you that hydrogen produced via electrolysis could be an effective vector for energy storage – especially in windmills where you have oodles of unused space to store it inside the towers.
Diesel Ramcharger (2 года назад)
Except a rooftop solar system doesn't have enough output to run the house during the day AND charge the battery. They are just selling bullshit to idiots.
undead890 (1 год назад)
+Diesel Ramcharger Solar panels cost somewhere around 600kwh to produce around 1 panel that will produce around 200 watts an hour, that's 600,000 watts to make one panel. Assuming 5.5 hours of peak sunlight hour produced each day, a standard measurement for areas like Arizona or California, where I live, that's an average of around 1.1 kwh a day, or 1,100 watts (obviously this is an average as not every day will produce that much and some days will produce more). Continuing with that average, it will take 546 days to pay back in full, just shy of 1.5 years (Industry average put's the time frame as an average of 2-4 years though that includes places that do not shine as often as Arizona or California). Solar panels produce power for between 20-30 years. There are also newer advancements in solar panel technology to drastically reduce the issue of shading on the solar panels as well, namely making each panel it's own individual system instead of wiring them together like what they used to do. As far as recouping their cost, that part is at least somewhat true, but depends more on where you live and what your utility is, as well as if you install it yourself or have someone else do it for you. I have a 5kw system in California with my utility being PGE, which is notoriously expensive, as high as $.40 a kwh for a tiered plan, which I often hit. My utility bills used to be at minimum $500 a month and sometimes as high as $900 a month for power prior to solar. After solar, I rarely go above $200, with most being closer to $100-$150. With that, I estimated my payback time on my system to be around 5 years, and since I have had it for 6 years now, it has more than paid for itself, again not including tax incentives. Now, my case is extreme, to be certain, but if you install solar yourself, you can do it for VERY cheap. https://www.wholesalesolar.com/grid-tie-packages#bigAstronergy. You can purchase everything you need to install solar in your house for as little as around $5,000 (closer to $7,000 if you want the average 5kwh system). Assuming $7k for the parts, and another $3k for other misc things you need (Permits, tools, electrician to wire it to the grid, etc.) you are looking at $10,000 to do it yourself. Now, assuming the national average cost of power at $.12 per kwh and 5.5 hours of power a day, you will recoup your cost in around 8.3 years, not assuming tax incentives, inflation, or increasing costs of power over that same time period, which is totally reasonable. To be certain, solar isn't for everyone, but it can be an effective tool for many to drastically reduce overall expenses, and with solar and battery prices plummeting over the years, it will become an increasingly cost effective means of producing power for the grid.
Ingeniero ALEMAN (1 год назад)
That is why China builds nuclear power plant that produce MWh at 12$
Diesel Ramcharger (2 года назад)
+KuraIthys Actually, no. Most homes barely have enough roof for a 3-5kw system. Which is why thats EXACTLY what they have installed. With the inverters that are used for the most part, if one panel is shaded it pulls the performance of the entire array down. Solar is a crock of shit. The panel rarely recoups the energy it took to manufacture it, nor the cost it took to purchase it. But keep your pipe dream alive. If solar could power homes, it would. But it can't. Even here in sunny arizona.
KuraIthys (2 года назад)
+Diesel Ramcharger That's because the installations are scaled with the expectation that there are no batteries. Plenty of homes have enough roof space to meet their power needs 24/7 even at the worst part of the year for sunlight. The only remaining issue with a solar+ battery system is there wouldn't ever be enough battery capacity to cover the random days where the weather drastically cuts the amount of sunlight. A rooftop solar system is scaled to whatever you want it to be, unless you physically run out of space.
Ingeniero ALEMAN (2 года назад)
yes true.. calculate it yourself you'll find out
FiveFiveFive OneTwoOneTwo (2 года назад)
Tesla looses money on every car they sell , but make it up in volume. Also Lead acid batteries are 1/4 the cost per amp hour of storage compared to lithium ion batteries. The main advantage of lithium ion is it is lighter/compact compared to lead acid. For home power storage where weight is not an issue, current lead acid are already vastly superior to a tesla gigafactory battery. Even most new conventional cars still use the much cheaper lead acid.
Tristan Miller (3 года назад)
5bil isn't much compared to the potential profits, i can't see why other energy companies aren't investing in similar projects.
closertothetruth (2 года назад)
+Tristan Miller in australia they are, not just tesla batteries but tesla wall is getting big here aswell
cecelia ryan (3 года назад)
The narrator says the batteries are not yet affordable- that is patently untrue.
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+cecelia ryan He said it's currently significantly cheaper to buy electricity off the grid than to buy the batteries required to produce it yourself. That is patently true.
Mihai CeTeIntereseaza (3 года назад)
Sooo, what I understand now, is that tesla is making a big facility to where are only batteries and solar panels ? Why I'm wondering this world will convert to DC ?
DavidAKZ (2 года назад)
+Mihai CeTeIntereseaza That's a good point.- eventually
M S. (3 года назад)
God speed Elon
Jansel Kenneth Tolentino (1 год назад)
clu4u surrender now or prepare to fight! That's right! Oh wait
clu4u (2 года назад)
With the speed of light!
solarstacks (3 года назад)
the battery potential is huge. Every wireless cell phone site has battery backup, every telephone central office has battery back up, many hospitals and data centers have battery back up. Homes with solar PV would love to have back up and keep their energy to get off the dirty GRID. and on and on it goes.
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+solarstacks "...has 0 loss..." Absolutely impossible nonsense!
solarstacks (2 года назад)
+MantisNoMore The batteries last 10 years or more. They are liquid cooled and that makes them last almost forever. Even my 2013 FORD Focus EV with 3 years in the HOT Phoenix area has 0 loss with over 24K miles. Tesla and many others are just as good. It's the best thing to happen in EVs.
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+solarstacks When they wear out after 3 to 5 years of service, where and how are you going to dispose of all the dead Li-ion batteries? Lithium in ground water is not good for people. Li-ion batteries can't be recycled for a profit, so you will have to pay a disposal or recycle charge to get rid of them. Musk says his "gigafactory" will make 50 GWh of batteries through 2020. That's 350,000 TONS of batteries to dispose of, so this is NOT a small or insignificant problem!
impossiblegamer1 (3 года назад)
these corporations are still going to sell us electricity so we won't really benefit. It's just going to make the planet better but the free energy won't be "free".
Mark Moreiras (1 год назад)
you just buy solar panels yourself.
Riad Ahmed (3 года назад)
Power plants power loss is when step up and step down process happend . Battery just sharing and managing the need when etxtra energy is wasting .
Michael Good (3 года назад)
Power companies; this is your handwriting on the wall. How will you respond?
Todd Kes (6 месяцев назад)
One company is offering to install Tesla powerwalls in consumer homes to serve as a virtual power plant. This way they can charge the batteries when they have excess production, and use power from the batteries when demand rises. Makes it easier on the power company as thy don't have to deal as much with peak loads (the batteries provide), and can keep their base load generators running steady (charging batteries). This lets the power company save money and reduce infrastructure costs
Marty Lynchian (3 года назад)
Hollyshit, this is a stupid idea!!!!!! Talk about wasting rare resources which it takes to make the batteries. You are better off exploring a new fusion reactor technology then this shit.
dlwatib (1 год назад)
All the elements that go to make up a lithium battery are abundant. None are rare. But please, no more war-enabling nuclear technologies.
Michael Edmond (2 года назад)
+HotNoob​ exactly, and once Chinese figure out the manufacturing they will be competing hand over fist.
HotNoob (2 года назад)
+Michael Edmond i can't wait for graphene tech to mature; there is just so much potential... and it's dirt cheap! all of the costs are in the manufacturing.
Michael Edmond (3 года назад)
only if you count lithium as the only source for batteries... there is graphene and salt based batteries already in prototype stage, graphene promising much higher capacity and faster charge cycles and salt being comparable to today's lithium batteries but a lot cheaper... and no lithium.
Dewitt Josef (3 года назад)
won't prices for off-peak rise once this is adopted? Making the cost savings less attractive.
Todd Kes (6 месяцев назад)
Off-peak prices will rise, and peak prices will fall. Hopefully the fall will be bigger than the rise, since power generation can be much more steady than current setups (so instead of needing a coal plant spun up in ~10 seconds, the batteries provide enough of a cushion that the coal plant can take a few minutes, which is much easier). This would also translate to lower peaks, meaning less infrastructure needed to handle the peaks
SeanCJ712 (3 года назад)
da fuq is a giga-factory?
Jeremy Denslinger (3 года назад)
For all those making uninformed, uneducated comments about how wonderful this is: First, it's not "free power" - someone has to pay for the batteries, the PV arrays, the inverters, chargers, regulators, wire, installation, etc. To expand on this, batteries, PV arrays, even wiring needs to be replaced at some point, so there is continued cost. Second, batteries don't replace energy production. Hence the PV arrays mentioned above. Solar, Wind, thermal, and even Nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants will still be needed. Third: If you're as uneducated to firmly believe NASA is fake and UFOs are real and Aliens are grooming us for abduction, please log off the internet and do not come back. Also, Han shot first.
Gordon Harper (1 год назад)
Jeremy Denslinger Wrong.
PatricK WithaKay (2 года назад)
+Jeremy Denslinger I hear what you are saying Jeremy and admit ( to a point ) that you are right. But please be a bit more positive with your response. Elon Musk does not have to do what he is doing. His dream is for sustainable energy for every one. To start a revolution that will HELP all who live. These are humble beginnings by just one individual, who incidentally is close to being a genius. I sincerely believe that Elon`s view on sustainable energy is from the heart. Its not about profit or personal financial gain. He just wants whats best for every one and thats ( to say the least ) quite cool :). Thanks for your comment Jeremy and hope my response to it is accepted in the way that was intended. Most sincerely JF ( UK )
Jeremy Denslinger (3 года назад)
+Yobbo here No, I just educate myself correctly on subjects of my interest.
Jeremy Denslinger (3 года назад)
+Greg Cantrell Please think about what you said and what it is in reply to.
BtotheDtotheF (3 года назад)
It is not so much that the power industry has failed at building industrial sized batteries. It's not even a scientific challenge at all to build it. It's a walk the park. It's just that Tesla has the balls to actually do it. Just like windmills. In the United States, wind energy comprises just 4.4 percent of the average needs. 67% is still from fossil fuels and almost 20% comes from nuclear energy. The whole world keeps on yelling that we can't generate all electricity with wind or solar but that's scientifically incorrect. The ONLY thing you have do is to actually build it. For example, Denmark recently announced that they have met 140% of their electricity needs with wind. Why? Because they are actually building the damn infrastructure! It's independent, it's local and... it's free.
Robert Atwood (1 год назад)
yeah you're right hundred percent on that
MantisNoMore (2 года назад)
+2014andBeyonD "67% is still from fossil fuels..." That's why many people call them "coal-fired electric cars." "The ONLY thing you have do is to actually build it." Actually, you have to find a way to pay for it, too. When it doesn't make financial sense, i.e. when it loses money, it's hard to find a way to finance it.
Zane Smith (3 года назад)
California is not going to by run 57% by solar at 5 years. Our millions of people use so much energy, and as we stand, we don't have nearly enough panels to dream of that in 5 years. Also, California's last desert project with pannels was a failure.
86gtforme (3 года назад)
+Zane Smith they said during peak hours, so 3-4 hours a day 57% will be solar. so that 57% over 3-4 hours is closer to 7% of the full day.
Arising-Tale (3 года назад)
+Zane Smith I bet it was ment to be. #state efficiency and integrity. You fucking naive statists. Fascists.
Maxxi Seneca (3 года назад)
What is the point of the presentation?
bluesky (3 года назад)
We've been doing this for over 25 years in countries that don't have electric power all the time. Growing up in the early 80's we had 6 large semi truck deep cycle batteries in our basement that would charge from a combination of a small solar cell and grid power, and we would use it when electricity from the grid was off due to rationing form power companies. Almost every home and business still has that... How is this special?
Michael Edmond (3 года назад)
+William S remember Tesla released all the patents... so nothing stopping you setting up your own 'tesla-esque' battery units and selling them or crowd funding a community unit ...
William S (3 года назад)
+bluesky Because Tesla, that's why! Now, please, consumer, purchase our shit!
mark rainford (3 года назад)
I don't get why, with all this massive investment, everything is still based on the old 18650 cell? I mean his car, awesome as it is, uses 7000+ of the buggers!
tybofborg (2 года назад)
When Tesla started, their budget wasn't that massive by auto industry standards. Using a standard battery, for which the R&D, manufacturing capacity, and extensive usage experience already existed, made sense. And by rearranging individual cells within the pack, the shape of the pack can be changed as the design of the car changes. Logistically it made more sense than using larger, custom made cells. To put it another way, fired clay bricks have been around for millennia, but you can still make awesome buildings using 7000+ of the buggers :) I think the Gigafactory, once built, will make lithium cells designed in-house. Or at least a different standard.
Alex Boucher (3 года назад)
+William S You don't need to invent a new technology or something to help humanity. What they're doing is getting the ball rolling for the EV industry. It needed a fresh approach so that people could really take it seriously. also, the Model S is the highest rated and safest car ever, made by a company what was barely 10 years old. I wouldn't consider that nothing.
William S (3 года назад)
+mark rainford Because unlike Mr. Tesla himself, this company that uses his name has one serious goal: to make money. Take a second and ask yourself what they've actually invented or done that's so awesome for humanity? Nothing. All they've done is nicely packaged up something and sold it. They see people as 'consumers', just like all businesses do. You are just dollar signs in their eyes. How's that make ya feel?
Alex Boucher (3 года назад)
+mark rain ford It was probably the cheapest way to make it.
Peter Janik (3 года назад)
Hydrogen-electric cars are the next level on sustainable car evolution.
SeabasR (3 года назад)
+Peter Janik Elon defiantly does not think so. The process of extracting, storing and converting hydrogen to energy is highly inefficient. We just need better batteries.
TheMrStoryTeller (3 года назад)
Google, free WIFI, Tesla Free Internet. Sounds like a revolutionary future.
William S (3 года назад)
+TheMrStoryTeller Free* *Not really free.
Bainsworth (3 года назад)
I picture penniless Indians on a beach, burning sulpher dioxide flames as piles of these batteries need to be disposed of. The toxic smoke clouds hide the sun, the children play in the demolished plastic cases "made in USA" a close up on one of the battery cases. The profits taken and spent, the consumer tricked again the planet coughing up even more phlegm than days gone by as 6 billion homes look to dispose, and the heavy duty ones musk invented for commerce industry, they explode and burst dross into the ocean, well done humans, well done sun, well done earth. Another trickster made some more cash. Hoodwinked again.
Bainsworth (3 года назад)
Also, I dont know where you got 98% from you fucking liar. Elon Musk fanboys should kill themselves.
Bainsworth (3 года назад)
Where Im from, calling people names puts a boot in their ass and forces them to consider why they were named....as for morons like you. look on teslas site, their own propaganda determines the US recycling company can only claw back 60 percent (meaning more like 40 percent because it is tesla sales patter) of the battery bed Even at 60 percent whats 500 million battery packs the size of a fucking car gonna do for your colon? Nothing, you wont have one. 
Michael Edmond (3 года назад)
+HotMustard​ You do know that 98% of a battery pack is recyclable, but again, as I said nobody is forcing you to buy Tesla. I love your "musk is a madman because Obama is funding him' comment. That alone tells me lots. The world will change, one way or another, if you think it won't work then make a better alternative. Calling folk names and pointing fingers does not change the world, it only changes peoples opinion of you.
Bainsworth (3 года назад)
I notice on the link you left, the statement "Other international laboratories also work on this technology, but none of them has yet announced the development of such a "18650" prototype." and date, nov 2015 only a month ago... Whatever the 18650 prototype is, its academic, its students and ambitious lecturers, playing with crap and scratching their bottoms. This isnt commercial R&D because nobody in the private sector wants to waste money on it, which means its viability is showing no form. Lets see tesla motors spending money on this...they are not. They want us all to say YAY to fat lith ion battery beds as big as a car, lith ions to run a house, lith ions to run industry, fucking lunacy...they only last 5 or 10 years, then buy new ones and bury the old ones so they seep into the underground water table. We truly are sheeple.  If you took the lith ion bats out of a tesla car, the cost would be marginal, all you're left with is an electric motor and some lovely upholstery and paint work...charge the same price, use the surplus to fund new types of roads, thats the future. This cunt musk is a madman. How  do I know? Because obama is funding him. fucksticks of the most high.
Pierre Larochelle (3 года назад)
But of course, the usual cabal, who owns all the nuclear industries, will still own the Tesla grid and then sell it back to us. This is no different from what we have now, except for perhaps the avoidance of another type of Fukushima radiation fallout. Tesla corporation is owned by the cabal. That's obvious. Free energy is just that... FREE. Free from any control by corrupt corporations. The only free energy that we will have is that which we make ourselves, without the aid of those who are still controlling the corporations and the current energy grids.
Pierre Larochelle (3 года назад)
+Arising-Tale "crtitical thinking is not enough. In fact it can be worse. as it reinforces selective discrimination of data (just look at studies of how most humans think). Impartiality/fair consideration and others are required." =========== Critical thinking, combined with intuition is a great  place to start to find the truth. We all have that capability, so we should never rely on so-called "scientific experts" (paid shills), for information.
Arising-Tale (3 года назад)
+Pierre Larochelle crtitical thinking is not enough. In fact it can be worse. as it reinforces selective discrimination of data (just look at studies of how most humans think). Impartiality/fair consideration and others are required.
Pierre Larochelle (3 года назад)
+Joel Bahu "I have been to your profile, now I understand, sorry, didn't mean to step into your dream,  Are you on some mission to inform us poor delusionals? In my case. stand clear, I don't want you hurt by shards of reality hitting you in the head. You take care now." ============ You shouldn't be judging other people by your own lack of knowledge. You should really be investigating _your own_ naiveté. You're not too wise, are you?  Adios. 
Pierre Larochelle (3 года назад)
+Joel Bahu "There you go wasting your time on idiots again. You need to follow your own directives. You still haven't informed us how you escaped the influence of these unseen forces." ============= Evidently you've just shown _everyone_ how you have been brainwashed _by the same forces_. Great job, imbecile!
Joel Bahu (3 года назад)
I have been to your profile, now I understand, sorry, didn't mean to step into your dream,  Are you on some mission to inform us poor delusionals? In my case. stand clear, I don't want you hurt by shards of reality hitting you in the head. You take care now.
WTF BBQ (3 года назад)
Power companies must be shitting bricks.... Their demise is inevitable.
The Eh Team (3 года назад)
+WTF BBQ Not for batteries, and depends on subsidies and especially location. Also the environmental cost in china isn't really considered. Even nuclear's life-cycle carbon intensity is slightly cleaner (IPCC 2014).
WTF BBQ (3 года назад)
+leerman22 Wait,  I've always heard that solar pays for itself in about 10 years or so.  Wouldn't that be put into consideration ?
The Eh Team (3 года назад)
+WTF BBQ I had to correct my math for solar capacity to compare to Bruce. It is even more daunting.
The Eh Team (3 года назад)
+WTF BBQ There is a thousand ways to make a nuclear power plant, especially to not explode. Also the cost of waste disposal is included in the price of electricity, it only makes sense if that money went to developing breeders though. Mining all of the material for all those solar panels would have a massive environmental impact, especially the batteries (until you have an inventory you can just recycle). Nuclear has the power density we need but newer reactors can get much greater energy densities. Today's reactors only burn 0.5% of the uranium. Molten salt reactors can burn all of it, chopping it's total radioactivity down to 300-500 years in the process. I'd love to have cheap district heating so I wouldn't have to burn gas or pay big bucks for electric heating (big house). Solar costs a lot less than the batteries so it makes sense to have them to level out daily peak demands. By the time uranium ever runs out (let alone thorium) we would have practical fusion, in the year 2500. I'm talking aneutronic (He3-He3) fusion with direct charge particle-to-electric conversion, no radioactive parts there.
WTF BBQ (3 года назад)
+leerman22 Those numbers look grim,  but don't forget the money needed to process and dispose of nuclear material. Then,  the cost of damage it does to our environment too. I never believed that solar was the answer to all our energy problems, but it is part of the solution. A combination of multiple sources of green energy would be ideal.
Fredrik Bergfeldt (3 года назад)
Someone else noticed the inaccurate diagram at 1:36? The scales... omg
Ryan Huculak (3 года назад)
+Fredrik Bergfeldt That's not inaccurate, the axes are just logarithmically scaled. This is done so you can see the difference easier with straight lines on the graph, otherwise they'd be curved.
777palena (3 года назад)
THANKS!  Elon.
Purple Label (3 года назад)
tesla intended to give the world free energy his vision is coming to reality ..
El Bottoo (1 год назад)
Do u know why theres peak charge in energy!? BECOZ NOBODY IS USING ENERGY AT NIGHT. Wtf is the video even talking about. who the fuck still runs at night, people are asleep.
Vista C (1 год назад)
Denis (1 год назад)
Free energy also means money will be eleminated when combined with automation! ;) Solar + robots + 3d printing + AI... Who the fuck needs paper money, gold or even bitcoins?! ;)
Dan Frederiksen (1 год назад)
hehe I can see my glow without a mirror
Tyler S. (3 года назад)
yay, they showed Cleveland at 1:02
bloggulator (3 года назад)
Bloomberg is always on its kneepads in front of Big Oil. Sad.
theguitarczar (3 года назад)
it's no surprise the in-bed-with-Big-Oil, greedy, usury advocates at Bloomberg take a derisive tone.
SilentDrex (3 года назад)
+theguitarczar Not sure how this is a derisive tone. The guy doing the narration does have a funny sounding voice but that's all. The "revolution" is going to happen slowly at first, then eventually, Elon and the power companies know that. They have enough time to slowly shift their capital.
EpiDemic117 (3 года назад)
this video is innacurite. Especially when saying that solar in the future will supply more than 50% you know they are talking out their ass. With overall consumption including air conditioning. Solar is extremely weak.
EpiDemic117 (3 года назад)
+GhostMasqerade another problem is the footprint of solar.  Which is why it will likely only be best served as a power bill reducer on top of houses like it already is. Solar farms are a massive failure and can only uphold themselves via lump sums of taxpayers money. 
GhostMasqerade (3 года назад)
+EpiDemic117 There's more than enough solar energy to power the worlds energy consumption times over. The only thing is that there needs to be more panels built. There's ridiculous amounts of energy from the sun.
richystar2001 (3 года назад)
I can melt steel with energy collected from the sun.
Indal (3 года назад)
But of course it would cost Billions and Billions and only the countries with the finance will be able to afford it like Germany right?
Fick Dich (3 года назад)
+Robert w from a youtubachanel? yre you serious? you think after watching some hors videos you know any fact about that topic? hahaha ITS YOUTUBE. 90% posted here is bullshit
Robert w (3 года назад)
+Fick Dich youtube and "Kevin blanch" Its all over youtube... +Indal your too fucking ignorant/stupid... Its not about money, its about survival of the human species and all species we need. we need to get away from this war crap technology
Indal (3 года назад)
+Eash K Money Yeah sure,but USA is also 18 trillion in debt and they are pumping stolen oil.Other countries cant afford that,thus not utilising something like this.
Fick Dich (3 года назад)
+Robert w hahahah i would like to have your source for that
Robert w (3 года назад)
+Indal the pacific ocean is to 90% dead thanks to nuclear energy. How high should the pricetag be to go to solar and wind?

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