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Donald Trump Never Had a Flu Shot and Never Had The Flu

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Is it a good idea to take a flu vaccine. How safe is the shot against the influenza virus and what does Donald Trump say about this? References: Sigma Aldrich - 99.99% trace metals basis https://goo.gl/yLhYVx Sigma Aldrich - Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism? https://goo.gl/LXN6xz Vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk - Vaccine ingredients https://goo.gl/HE1yjZ Cdc.gov - What You Should Know about Formaldehyde? https://goo.gl/LCCGf2 Wikipedia - Formaldehyde https://goo.gl/qTJoZr Vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk - Nasal Flu Vaccine https://goo.gl/1ai7wp Wikipedia - Gentamicin Adverse effects https://goo.gl/9TpbdY Cdc.gov - Thimerosal in Flu Vaccine https://goo.gl/5ShJnG Cdc.gov - Understanding Thimerosal, Mercury, and Vaccine Safety https://goo.gl/4Pyueo Alzheimer.ca - Aluminum and dementia: Is there a link? Mercola.com - The Real Truth Behind Flu Shots https://goo.gl/7FHxPN Dr. Mercola - The Real Truth Behind Flu Shots https://goo.gl/Sj9ES9 ❗ Join the live stream vocally. Download the free app here : https://discord.gg/S5Bp5bP and join 💪 JOIN THE CLUB 💪 I work hard to remain independent from Youtube. My future is a television studio live streaming to Youtube with an unique business model. Your support is greatly appreciated, you can support and protect my dream, my passion, my future by joining my official Patreon page. For a lousy $1 you get the following great advantages: ✅ 8 amazing rewards to choose from ✅ Monthly live sessions ✅ Free downloads (E-learning and Autobiography) ✅ Direct in contact with me ✅ Dosis bloopers ✅ Behind the scenes ✅ Underground publications ✅ You're official sponsor of Lions Ground ✅ You become part of the board and make decisions with Lions Ground ✅ Become moderator at Discord Join here : https://www.patreon.com/lionsground Thank you for supporting me on Patreon: Dennis Buck CaptLateNight CJ Gordon Hamilton Heather D Stupelli Jack Dale Jocelyn Elliott Ken Berlick Kellyeve Hammond Leonard mott Paul Mabbott Peter Huygen Ricky Singh Tyler Thomas Maryann Palmer 🔹FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/lionsground/ 🔹FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/lionsground/ 🔹TWITTER https://twitter.com/lionsground 🚫 If I miss any advertising / disrespectful comments to anyone make sure to flag them, we're here to enjoy the videos! 🔕 CREDITS ☷☷☷☷☷☷ Opie Radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDARZJxzeoY
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Irishmick (7 months ago)
I've never had a flu shot, I never get sick, I shoot down 2 glasses of whiskey every day, eat mostly protein, fruits, breads, and dairy, exercise daily, work strenuously, love my wife, have no children, and am financially well off. And have a positive attitude. Beat that!
Kimberly Wright (7 months ago)
Nice.....I love your accent!
TechSohel (8 months ago)
good information..
Ranch Hand (10 months ago)
flu shots cause illness
Sue Orlikowski Swanson (10 months ago)
Mandatory at the hospital that I work at, though I'm in an office environment..I'm still required to get shot. If I don't, no job. This year my arm hurts like hell with pain radiating up into my face :(
Lions Ground (10 months ago)
Dolesh Edit Design (11 months ago)
Best anti-flu is vit. D and K2, or just eat a WAPF diet , and paleo is similar.
mich boss (11 months ago)
Your blood type has a lot to do with resisting viruses..so some vaccine will actually make some people sicker..what u eat is important..so many factors but I don't knock those who take precautions..just know ur body amd what u eat..take it seriously❤
Sandra Antigua (11 months ago)
I worked in healthcare, the flu shot is mandatory, if you wanted to be paid, if you do not take it and you got the flu, you will not be paid during that time. I spoke to my doctor last year and I told her, I will no longer take the flu shot.
infernohellknight (11 months ago)
I get the flu shot every year,because I work at a Hospital and they want for us not to get sick and spread the flu around.
tammymcginty123 (10 months ago)
infernohellknight This is a perfect example of an asleep sheep drinking the koolaid.
Femwolf1111 (11 months ago)
I never had the flu shot either, don't get sick, haven't ever seen a Doctor except to have a baby, I am a vegan and in my 60's (which is the new 40's) feel 21.. Doctor's to me have always been BIG HARMACEUTICAL DRUG DEALERS, and I don't do DRUGS!
Debra Smith (11 months ago)
He is also a bit of a germ phobic so He is protecting himself by nature.
RS (11 months ago)
Down in the 50's tonight in Texas, no flu shot for me or my family, we prefer to stay healthy through a good regime. Thank you for the coverage and STAY HEALTHY MY FRIEND.
Gordon Hamilton (11 months ago)
*FEAR !!! Fear no longer* ... Get some Russian Hookers to give you a Golden Shower... Never catch the Flu again !!! *It works for Donald Trump* ... On a lighter note, i fit into the Heart problems bracket, last Flu Shot i had (3 years ago) I was seriously ill too, after getting it. I will take my chances without it from now on !!!
Gordon Hamilton (11 months ago)
Are We Triggered ???
Roseanna Martin (11 months ago)
Gordon Hamilton piss face go hang yourself !!!!
~Zoark (11 months ago)
~Zoark (11 months ago)
Busje komt zo, busje komt zo
Dan Engelking (11 months ago)
Never had one. At 50 I think it would have happened by now. It's genetics.
Michael Z (11 months ago)
Very true. The flu shot is not even needed. Vaccines potency is very much reduced and at least the US govt uses vaccines to inject the populace for experimental purposes.
Lions Ground (11 months ago)
The Tuskegee Experiment.
I can say I never had a flu shot and I never had flu or a cold in my entire life Lions Ground
Commodus (11 months ago)
Same here.
Lions Ground (11 months ago)
gypsysoulradio (11 months ago)
just had my flushot :) sure did
gypsysoulradio (11 months ago)
13:16 Thanks :) signs everywhere in town, and the pharmacists are reminding me, which is weird.. $ OH and the lit up sign today said, "the flu now in texas" news article says "Flu hits East Texas early; shots urged before mid-October" longview news journal Thanks for your research! ~Capt
Lions Ground (11 months ago)
Try vitamin D.
gypsysoulradio (11 months ago)
great. :) I fit in that category where my risk of getting the flu isnt pretty at all.
Lions Ground (11 months ago)
How are you feeling?

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