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The Rise and Fall of Uber's Controversial CEO

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Bloomberg Profiles looks at the story of Uber's Travis Kalanick and how he went from UCLA dropout to CEO of the world's most valuable technology startup. Video by Michael Byhoff, Eric Newcomer, Brian Schildhorn and Christian Capestany Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (103)
Lily Cohen (19 days ago)
Then they have the Blockgrain , so let us see how further it can go .
Andriy Mamonov (26 days ago)
Uber boober shett
Cap c (1 month ago)
He is everything that is wrong with America. Pure pos
Peng Fu (1 month ago)
Instant Karma.
make up pro Killer (2 months ago)
Grabcar bought over uber
Split Moon (2 months ago)
I Hope this pig burn in HELL
Normal Human being (2 months ago)
You need enjoy women if big company
ronnie ronquilio (2 months ago)
Lyft all day baby.
kris johnston (2 months ago)
"The gig economy' has existed since jobs existed what are you on about?
Aamir Chhapra (4 months ago)
He just failed to act maturely. That said, an incredible genius who revolutionized the transport industry
Salam Khan (4 months ago)
Atlast this liar Travis have fallen, now the timer is on for his ripping company Uber.
Salam Khan (6 months ago)
Travis is a money sucking bug. Like how a beg bug sucks blood from a person, Travis sucks money from a hardworking driver. People are realising it.
Wyatt Earp (7 months ago)
resigned as ceo yet still owns it haha so all he did was just stay home out of the lime light we need to banrupt him hes a smug milenial... im sick of these ride shares.. also high prices to drive someone around ripp offs all cabs
Alex Herrera (30 days ago)
Wyatt Earp , hey i hear u but he's not a kid he was born in 76! i was born in 75 so i can see if he was born in the 90's.
New World (6 months ago)
John Lennon he’s not even a millennial.
Assante Freeman (7 months ago)
Shame he's a hella of a business man and visionary. Not sure what capital crime he committed.
New World (7 months ago)
Fucking legend
Peter Mike (7 months ago)
Uber sucks
Fender Guitars (8 months ago)
uber is trying to pay drivers 50 dollars a day now ,..that is their aim goal ,.. but THAT is beneath minimum wage,.. at 2 dollars per mile ,..it will almost be 70 per day
Fender Guitars (8 months ago)
Uber Must be a flat rate at 2 dollars per mile what with our gas prices now ,.. at 2 dollars per mile,...drivers will atleast be making 8 bucks an hour ,.. that's almost minimum wage,..
Fender Guitars (8 months ago)
Uber pays 70 cents per mile which means soon uber will be out of business,..state governments need to vote to fix it at 2 dollars per mile ,... too many driver have quit ,..
Shark Guard (9 months ago)
He's a fucking asshole founder of a no brainer leech company and yet behaves like king of the world
Pavel Litera (9 months ago)
oscarmonroy27 (10 months ago)
*MUST READ* Travis created a platform where 150,000 RIDERS LOGON everyday in San Francisco and get a CHEAP ride to work or school ! The DRIVERS simply logon if they are willing to DRIVE the PERSON. Is anyone FORCING the DRIVER to LOGON ? NO it's their free will in 2017! It's simple to use, affordable , and efficient for the RIDER! If you don't like the service you simple don't use it . There are so many great jobs in 2017! If you don't like one Job try something else . 🚗⛽️💰🚌
Brian Bell (10 months ago)
Uber has made recent changes, mostly for the better. Us drivers need to get educated and will hopefully end up with decent income before the autonomous car is ready to fully take off
afro boy (10 months ago)
don't drink and Drive use my uber code ixwl5 for free ride
Bert Lammens (11 months ago)
I really like this guy, I mean he does alot of stuff wrong but how he scaled uber is insane
20alphabet (11 months ago)
Travis Kalanick has a face in dire need of continuous punching!
King NXT (11 months ago)
Ubers CEO was fired after a German guy couldn't verify his number in the US.
PCRigGamer (11 months ago)
Hope the tesla network takes over the autonomous ridesharing market from uber as Tesla has the technologies in production and a lot of data and uber is only researching it.
frieswithmayo (11 months ago)
will never buy 1 uber share, will never use them. i dont like the way they make people work.i prefer to pay a bit more and do the right thing. no uber ever.
Adam Bernard (11 months ago)
Who authorized this video? Don Valentine?
colin mindak (11 months ago)
so it is controversial to say boober ? more money more fun. That is honest and funny.Also the video where he argues, was it that bad _hell no it was rather civilized. Disinformation and dark forces are building a negative image.
Tim G (11 months ago)
lamest Kalanick report ever.
Vani Blues (11 months ago)
i learned absolutely nothing from this video
D37fit (11 months ago)
Travis Kalanick is a piece of shit.
Barney Stn (11 months ago)
The issue with Travis K. is that he designed Uber to operate in a predatory way with no morals and no ethics. Beside that the idea was genius.
Clinton Li (19 days ago)
Barney Stn every innovative idea is predatory.
Franklin Bluth (11 months ago)
Hopefully this leads to an IPO @Coloredspaces
muadhnate (11 months ago)
Everytime people mention Fowler's post they always talk about the sexual harassment (which was a serious issue). But they never talked about the very terrible management structure at Uber which she also highlighted. As well as its effects on the employees trying to do their jobs. (Let alone drivers.) The management structure at Uber was toxic and needed to go. Colin is in his 40s and has started a few companies. He should've figured this out by now. But now that he's out, I'll be interested in seeing what the real internals of the company are.
mbchudno (11 months ago)
corrupt to the core government is working hard to remove another threat to their income from taxi licenses. i bet half of the accusations were staged crap.
thewhitebrazilian (11 months ago)
you guys failed to mention he took a leave of absence because his mom died and dad got hospitalized
Big. R (9 months ago)
A A i wish they both die.
enjay (11 months ago)
Sounds like Steve Jobs. He too was ousted from his company Apple.
Nono Nana (11 months ago)
Tesla was never founded by Elon Musk. It was PayPal, don't make small guys like the people that founded Tesla are not visionaries and not hard workers. Elon Musk helped the Tesla company with his own investments, then he became a CEO of that company with the largest shares.
Pafnuty Chebyshev (10 days ago)
Paypal was founded by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, not Elon Musk.
race b (11 months ago)
Travis and Elon musk were not the founder
Willian A.C. (11 months ago)
race b Yes he (Kalanick) did along with Garret Camp.
fatboyRAY24 (11 months ago)
"The Rise and Fall of Travis Kalanick" Fall into where? A pile of money with NO more obligations? B*tch please.
Anthony G (6 months ago)
fatboyRAY24 LMAO That's what I came here for to see WTF he fell into cause its damn sure not failure
Thompson david (11 months ago)
Elon musk didn't start Tesla
Freddie Odesho (11 months ago)
l hope both companies UBER & LYFT goes down the drain you mother fuckers scumbags
Freddie Odesho (11 months ago)
Hifza ahmed fuck off your not my typ SOB stop it cause your negetive i hate negetive people stop it plz ty
Freddie Odesho (11 months ago)
Hifza ahmed you mother fucker do you know how many (فرخ) like you that i fucked in the country you come from
Freddie Odesho (11 months ago)
Hifza ahmed then you are mother fucker scumbag just like them ilatrate fuck you
Freddie Odesho (11 months ago)
ukibanter99 what you mean what jobs .99c amile you call it a job but they cut BLACK CAR & SUV"S from $120 thousand to 20 thousand how about that don't you call that a job
Mike black (11 months ago)
Why? Negative cunts like you deserve to die
Petar Bulovic (11 months ago)
What did uber do differently so it created the "gig economy" and not lyft?
Willian A.C. (11 months ago)
perokb24 Uber is way bigger than Lyft, it operates globally.
TheGarvito (11 months ago)
elon musk isnt the founder of tesla... Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning are the original founders
Bert Lammens (8 months ago)
By definition Elon is not the founder dude, get over it
crazywaterz (8 months ago)
STFU you clueles bozo! Elon IS the founder of Tesla. There wouldn't be a company without him. The previous losers like Ebenhart were founders of AC propulsion that got absorbed, not Tesla. Elon bought the only two viable patents they had at the moment without even a car, as they had a shitty kit car for demo only, way before the Lotus chassis. The patents are for using arrays of laptop batteries as one big battery, and the load balancer between them. The motor on the Tesla isn't even American, it was designed by an electrical engineering team in the technical university of Athens, Greece as part of their PhD. Get your facts straight before trolling the net with your bullshit
Bert Lammens (10 months ago)
JM MG stfu bitch ass nigga
Bert Lammens (11 months ago)
yeah and the original ceo founder got kicked out lol
falcon7350 (11 months ago)
when you say names like Elon Musk and others yes .. this guy .. i dont even know this guys name let alone feel he did any thing good and hes sure not no Elon Musk .
Bert Lammens (10 months ago)
ahahahhaha wow john you're such a fucking jealous idiot. SpaceEx never got subsidies and Tesla got a fraction of the subsidies that GE got, remember that? Also Paypal got govt opposition. Don't be so salty boy
Back Nforth (11 months ago)
I'll be happy with the money
BillD2012 (11 months ago)
Travis Kalanick and his management team were rigid, unable to listen to any feedbacks. Entrepreneurs may not necessarily be good managers.
ChemicalFrankie (11 months ago)
never good when a founder gets ostracised
Danyal (9 months ago)
ChemicalFrankie what about steve jobs
25k Trading (11 months ago)
There's a saying "Sucks to Suck". No amount of money can make up for embarrassing failures. Name me one thing he did that was good and I can name 3 things he absolutely got wrong. His legacy is tarnished.
TJ Haverland (2 months ago)
25k Trading Babe Ruth Struck out over 300 times BEFORE hitting his 1st Home Run. 🤔 vsmfh 😎😎😎
TJ Haverland (2 months ago)
Malachi Davidson Bill Clinton? 🤔 vsmfh 😂😂😂 Ya Big Dummy
Malachi Davidson (2 months ago)
He brought ride sharing to the world and created millions of jobs...and degrades women sounds like a certain president I know.
oscarmonroy27 (10 months ago)
Hamish Solomons he created the app that has replaced the need for Taxi ! There are 150,000 daily request for rideshare in San Francisco alone! The service is cheap, efficient, and easy to use! The RIDERS drive the demand and they demand cheap pricing with quality fuel ⛽️ efficient cars! Peer to peer driving has allowed prices to be super CHEAP! DRIVERS can decide to LOGON and drive as a side gig! New DRIVERS receive incentives. This keeps the pool of new drivers with newer electric ⚡️ cars 🚗 growing ! Peer to peer promotes a young hip fresh share community ! Rideshare is ideal for metro areas where parking is limited or expensive!
RazMar (11 months ago)
Hamish Solomons he's not filthy rich untill the company goes public. Uber is way overpriced and over evaluated. the majority of its value comes from investor's cash and that cash is not his.
Santiago Pereira (11 months ago)
Kalanick is one piece of shit
Anonymous (9 months ago)
Leftists destroy everything. They've taken over corporate board rooms.
oscarmonroy27 (10 months ago)
Who ever truly believed being a DRIVER was the ANSWER to FINANCIAL independence?! We all avoided those TAXIS like the plague! The only thing shittier than the fucked up taxi car were the shady DRIVERS! Who didn't dread that fucking taxi ride to and from the airport! It was always the worst part of travel! WHO EVER truly wakes up in the AM and tells themselves that they're going to CHANGE their life by DRIVING for UBER?! NOBODY! You have no one to blame but yourself for not creating a LIFE for yourself! Create a plan and go after your dream! There are people who plan and there are people who work for those that PLAN! 🚗⛽️🚌💰
Jose Lopez (11 months ago)
Sebastian Schultz you need to have driven for Uber when Travis was running the show, you would think differently about Travis. Travis and devil Trump, may hell holds special place for them and their families.
Jeremiah John (11 months ago)
how so?
Truth Teller (11 months ago)
Santiago Pereira You are a piece of shit.
Jack Dolah (11 months ago)
But is he still the owner of uber???
JACK DOLAH part owner
InfluencedByGiants (11 months ago)
Elon Musk wasnt the founder of tesla
Solomon Powell (29 days ago)
King NXT They literally said the "Company from the Founder"
Luscious Baphomet (1 month ago)
Without him there would be no fuckin tesla. they would have died in the first two years.
Ryan Anthony (1 month ago)
crazywaterz I'm a huge Elon fan but I still acknowledge that he technically isn't the founder of Tesla. It's a fact, not an opinion
crazywaterz (8 months ago)
STFU you clueles bozo! Elon IS the founder of Tesla. There wouldn't be a company without him. The previous losers like Ebenhart were founders of AC propulsion that got absorbed, not Tesla. Elon bought the only two viable patents they had at the moment without even a car, as they had a shitty kit car for demo only, way before the Lotus chassis. The patents are for using arrays of laptop batteries as one big battery, and the load balancer between them. The motor on the Tesla isn't even American, it was designed by an electrical engineering team in the technical university of Athens, Greece as part of their PhD. Get your facts straight before trolling the net with your bullshit
oscarmonroy27 (10 months ago)
InfluencedByGiants I can't understand what the fuck the man is saying in his interviews Elon musk is always whispering and it's like a run on sentence ! How do these white guys raise so much money 💰 for nonsense ideas 💡! It's like being 12 years old and daddy warbucks can finance your little hearts 💕 desires !
Alejandro Becalli (11 months ago)
Still rich af
Brandon Reed (11 months ago)
Steve Jobs and Apple were separated when he was fired.
Brian De Souza (11 months ago)
United when he came back

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