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Elon Musk on Tesla's Auto Pilot and Legal Liability

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc., discusses Tesla's "auto-pilot" feature, autonomous driving, government regulations, and legal liability with Bloomberg's Betty Liu. -- Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Text Comments (286)
Bmwryder (3 months ago)
He says right here it’s not autonomous driving. Why are people blaming Tesla their car crashed while in auto pilot? This interview is old too!
Stranger Danger (4 months ago)
She looks like she smoke a fat blunt
Ankit Kumar (5 months ago)
Elon for human it can be many type of deceit...
Donald Scott (5 months ago)
She is exceeeeedingly HOT!!! Awesome car!! Elon reminds me of Beaver Cleaver! Impeach Fake-President Trump!!!
Quality Content (6 months ago)
The lady interviewing sounds like a mom about to punish their child. She’s not letting him say what he’s trying to say. He’ll answer the question, just be patient. From what I’ve got from his biography and the internet is that he wants you to know the way to approach something rather than just know answers.
numan hussain (1 year ago)
People get literally paid to get tesla down cruel oil industries
Mark Heideman (1 year ago)
Autopilot allows the driver to take responsibility for the malfunction of an experimental driving system guaranteed to fail, thus relieving Tesla of all responsibility and improving the profits. Space-X would like you to assume responsibility for those failures also.
Patti Lacey (1 year ago)
People would be amazed if they could see how many accidents would be prevented each day with the active safety system. My test drive youtube video shows an accident that was prevented!
Cruz Ruiz (1 year ago)
So what your saying in five years I can get so fucked up and have this car drive to my house with no problem?
BattleMage (1 year ago)
What's with all the pissing & moaning in the comment section? Are reporters not allowed to ask questions & address concerns anymore.
Brandon Klopp (2 years ago)
Musk is VERY good at explaining things and making his ideas clear.
Brandon Klopp (1 year ago)
mike force How is it defective? It's new technology sure, but I wouldn't say it's defective.
mike force (1 year ago)
no, he is clear in marketing one thing while attempting to dodge responsibility . If one of these cars even dents mine, I will be suing his company and him personally. And I can easily make a case to a jury. You have NO right to make a technology to be forced on people, then whine "too bad, so sad" when it harms others. It is absurd that people can make a twisted argument about product liability when an individual breaks the law with a product, but can't seem to connect the culpability when a company makes a clearly defective product they think is "cool".
realvipul (2 years ago)
that woman always look like she did not sleep for days.
thebuffalodude (2 years ago)
Great....now I need to worry about one of theses things running into me!
The Clumsy Director (2 years ago)
This is how it looks like when average people speak to geniuses!
HeyDude93gt (2 years ago)
I hop when all the accident's come rolling in (And they will) due to idiots driving even more irresponsible with this feature. Most people don't have enough common sense to wipe their ass! Maybe this company will get a class action lawsuit along with the government for allowing these on public roads. Most people are to stupid to operate a toaster and they don't need to be turned loose with something as stupid as this. If you need help driving you may need to get a taxi or catch a bus? And stay off the GODDAM ROAD if you to stupid to drive!
Kelly Rayburn (2 years ago)
Exactly!! Anyone watching a movie or sleeping (or even texting) while autopilot is on should get a citation with a very stiff fine. Autopilot allows the operator (driver) to be in executive mode as opposed to pilot mode. It will take care of the second to second operation, but the operator still has to supervise it and set the speed and separation parameters. And be prepared to take manual control if the thing wigs out for whatever reason.
Daniel Mezhiborsky (2 years ago)
Even so, it's a lot safer to have well engineered software driving a car than a human driving one. In 130 million miles of Autopilot operation, there has been ONE fatal accident. One. Autopilot saves lives.
HeyDude93gt (2 years ago)
This is only if they are paying attention and understand the possible dangers while using this feature. But you know people will be watching movies, reading the news paper and god only knows what else? I could see this being very useful in bumper to bumper traffic that's going fairly slow, but people will put no thought into what could happen at 70mph in interstate traffic. There's a video of a Tesla doing it's autopilot thing and a service truck jumped right in front of him to get off the exit and the Tesla didn't know what was happening cause this other vehicle was speeding and came out of nowhere pretty much. This seemed as if it Startled the car, Kinda like a person gets startled. The driver was paying attention and grabbed the wheel but it just doesn't seem safe for them or others when driving highway speeds.
+HeyDude93gt your statement is correct, sure. Tesla autopilot, like cruise control, can help a person drive for extended periods of time vs getting fatigued. With autopilot you don't have to pay so much attention at the wheel and it could even save a life if someone is very tired and focus. The people who use autopilot aren't any worse drivers because of it. They are just using technology to their advantage.
HeyDude93gt (2 years ago)
I know what it is but I don't need or want "autopilot" If you don't want to be a responsible driver and pay attention to driving OR you just plainly don't know how to drive then maybe these people shouldn't be on the highway. Cars don't need anti lock brakes sensors back up cameras or speed detection devices IF you know how to drive.
youngjdef (2 years ago)
Why's Betty such a hater
Sepand Ghanouni (2 years ago)
I see this reporter on Bloomberg all the time. She is a moron. She asks the same question like five times.
Society of Geeks (2 years ago)
I'm sure there will be idiots trying to sue money out of this.
ShaunWhiteismyGinger (2 years ago)
this woman looks high
Rosaura Hernandez (2 years ago)
god I love this man's critical thinking.
C6DRIVES (2 years ago)
he's my bae...no homo
Alexandria Brangwin (2 years ago)
So...its of little difference to what most Mercedes S-Class's have had for years.
Mason Dyer (2 years ago)
+Alexandria Brangwin Yeah, kinda, but the Mercedes S class has a very small limit on how long you can keep your hands off the wheel
InvisiMan (2 years ago)
Wait a sec... if you're driving a software glitch causes you to crash, Tesla won't be responsible?? How do they get around that when we know car manufacturers ARE responsible for mechanical faults?
InvisiMan (2 years ago)
At any moment, except when they aren't even in the vehicle (i.e. Summon feature)...
Sir Klutzy (2 years ago)
Loved this debate but it was clear woo is right in all instances of legal and liability. For right now InvisiMan it seems that liability will be held for drivers who can take control at any moment.
Woo 991 (2 years ago)
+InvisiMan2006 Improper use would be pressing the summon button while not monitoring the car.
Woo 991 (2 years ago)
+InvisiMan2006 when you use the summon feature even tho you are not in the car you have control. yes you can tell the car to brake or go faster. If the control method was unreliable tho(for instance hitting brake doesnt start braking the car in a reliable fashion) then tesla would be at fault for damages.
InvisiMan (2 years ago)
+Woo 991 How would the "proper use" of the summon feature help if the car ends up backing up into a wall when you aren't even in the vehicle?
GRRB (2 years ago)
He has to repeat his answer because the reporter is not intelligent enough to understand. Its really clear, this feature is in the same territory as adaptive cruse-control, so obviously the driver is responsible of what the car does, this features are just aides. If a car crashes while using the adaptive cruise-control and preventive braking (commonly equipped on cars today) he can not say "I was relying on the systems its not my fault"... The big question is who is letting this reporter conduct this ridiculous interviews?
John Ferguson (2 years ago)
Sorry Elon, the every time that a Tesla is involved in an accident involving serious injury or death while on autopilot, Tesla will be sued. It doesn't matter what Tesla states in it's instruction manual. Tesla will be liable if they produced and sold a product that has inherent safety problems. You can get a waiver of liability from an innocent third party. Tesla might not owe anything to the owner but they could still be held responsible for injuries and damage done to others.
John Ferguson (2 years ago)
+driftspeed I understand quite well. His proposals for self piloting vehicles is unrealistic.The limitations are not technological, they are legal and political. He has been drifting along on a river of cheap money as Tesla sales have been weak as the company has hemorrhaged money. He cannot cut prices to increase sales.
C6DRIVES (2 years ago)
+John Ferguson you don't really understand what elon is saying?
John Ferguson (2 years ago)
+Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I understand lawyers and legal liability. We have a "Deep Pocket Rule" in California; where Tesla is headquartered. Look it up and you will understand the problems that Tesla and other manufacturers will have. The deadly crash in Florida was just the first example. It won't be just the Tesla owner/driver suing. The people injured or killed in the other vehicles will also file lawsuits.
i don't think you quite understand how this works
Noel Nunez (2 years ago)
The real question is will the tesla car take you to a hospital if injured.
C6DRIVES (2 years ago)
no? wtf
Go Revive Yourself (2 years ago)
How many people who weren't born in America made America great? What's that? Almost all the innovative people... oh okay.
C6DRIVES (2 years ago)
elon musk is from South Africa
america was founded on people who werent born there
Johan Last (2 years ago)
Autonomous vehicles will only work if all vehicles on the road is autonomous. Human beings tend to don't like to follow rules....lol
rocker4579 (2 years ago)
They already had this feature in select Jaguar models back in 2011. Why are people making such a big deal over this??
rocker4579 (2 years ago)
+alex123453839 It did look it up, was on Top Gear
C6DRIVES (2 years ago)
have you driven a Tesla with autopilot? it's crazy.
alex123453839 (2 years ago)
It really didnt
flitsies (2 years ago)
But does autopilot see motorcycles I keep asking all the latest posts about this thing and no one seems able to answer the question or wants to.What is you switch on your indicator and the car slams into a motorcycle, or the car just mows down a motorcyclist in front of it simply because it can't see them, how safe is this system?
flitsies (2 years ago)
+Mark Schey Well that's good to know, because it seemed one of those questions people were not supposed to ask. So does it take the outline of the rider or does it go for the tail light, I'm just curious because some bikes have a very small rear end while others have a huge fat arse. I'm also curious about the depth of the vision from the sensors/cameras cos the car might see the rider but not be able to work out the depth of the distance between the rider and the tail of the bike. It's no more than curiosity because if this tech is going to come online more such things need to be considered for the safety of others not only the car driver. And then there are the cyclists you do have to wonder how it works out what is what the depth the range and so on.  Hey but thanks for the info.
Mark Schey (2 years ago)
+flitsies I know you asked this months ago, but yes, it can differentiate between cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The on-screen display shows a motorcycle when it's in view of the forward-facing Autopilot camera.
Kurt Foster (2 years ago)
Its a bit hilarious to see big auto companies producing ads that show - "active parking assist" and so on. While Tesla on the other hand is completely revolutionizing the way cars are. period. Autopilot is like nothing to Tesla. In fact its CEO Elon Musk only works at Tesla Motors 2 days per week, the rest of his time is spent trying to colonize mars... I am not kidding you. look up SpaceX, it will blow your mind. Also, search the term "Gigafactory", a battery factory tesla will build thats just as big as the Boeing factory in Seattle! Anyways, what an amazing time to be alive!
Nikola Tesla (2 years ago)
This guy carried on my Legacy...
Loui Coleman (9 months ago)
Coin Gateway it isn’t stealing if it isn’t property, it’s called using dumbass
Loui Coleman (9 months ago)
Nikola Tesla this guy is your horcrux bro!
maizenblue2441 (2 years ago)
+Coin Gateway He paid $1M to the Tesla museum and all of Tesla's living descendants have been supportive of the company. So what are you talking about?
Coin Gateway (2 years ago)
+Nikola Tesla Not really.. He just stole your name and uses electricity.
turbohoodie (2 years ago)
what is wrong with the bitch talking?
Xyu (2 years ago)
I feel like both of them are so dumb-ed down in this interview!! She's dumb "blond" just by way she looks, possible mild case of Down Syndrome and she was able to bring Musk into her frame of reference and thus dumb-ing him down to her level. He answered her question twice and twice she asked; 'SO, WHO IS THE RESPONSIBILITY FALLS ONTO?" A fucking driver, you dumb slut! Can't you hear he said that fully autonomous is coming maybe in 6 years and then it'll be the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the driver. How did that twat ever got a job in front of the camera is question one and how she was ever allowed to interview Musk is question two!
j (2 years ago)
She looks pretty strung out. Haha.
Clint Simmons (2 years ago)
I thought auto pilot is like cruise control. Obviously still your responsibility and should only be used for highway driving.
Shane Reimroc (2 years ago)
She looks wasted
Daveinet (2 years ago)
I don't think people understand the concept of autopilot. I have autopilot on my sailboat, but I am fully responsible if it crashes. Its really more like steering assist. It gets confused sometimes, and is only useful in limited conditions. But it is super handy to have, as it allows me to use my hands for other things, like eating, or socializing. In some conditions, it steers better than I do. If I am in heavy traffic, I stay at the helm, but it still seers the boat. In open water, I have more freedom, but still have to pay attention.
Daveinet (2 years ago)
+turboslut Yes, but those Walmart types will troll YouTube and also do media interviews.
Xyu (2 years ago)
+Daveinet well, it's not like every "wallmart" type will be buying tesla anytime soon. This means we don't have to worry about idiots thinking Cruise control is an Autopilot http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/cruise.asp . Also, idea is to prevent normal folks not to get in debacle with idiots who don't know how to drive or just reckless! If my car can prevent an accident and let that twat spin out of control and smack into a light post, I am 100% okay with that. http://electrek.co/2015/10/28/tesla-autopilot-wdriver-assistance-prevents-a-45mph-head-on-collision-video/
BAC (2 years ago)
"Billions in change" was the ad before the video. Probable the first time I let the ad play with out skip.
paladin876 (2 years ago)
The difference here is that if there is a problem with the autopilot on an airliner they have about 30,000 feet to figure it out. Plus air traffic control is directing traffic. In a car, you may only have a matter of feet to correct if the autopilot doesn't do what it is supposed to. That would also mean that you would need to be paying attention. We all know that once this thing hits the street, people are going to become complacent and accidents are going to happen. Even though Elon Musk says you are still liable. I have a feeling that Tesla is going to find itself wrapped up in legal battles over liability.
HackFuey (2 years ago)
Anyone else think that Elon looks like John Borrowman?
trippplefive (2 years ago)
damn you and your rugged good looks, Mr Musk...you sexy beast. No homo.
Zes (1 year ago)
ShaunWhiteismyGinger (2 years ago)
VinX (2 years ago)
Still avoided the autonomous driving legal liability question.
TechRyze (2 years ago)
You keep your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the road. Pretend the car might crash as often as a computer, if you were to look away, and I'm sure that'll be motivation enough to keep you focused. In 3-5 years, this'll be a better system because there'll be less bugs and more mature software. For now, it's very impressive, but very limited. What's good is that most people can't afford those cars yet, so by the time they can, in 10 years, the systems will be very mature in comparison to the baby steps we've taken so far. Fantastic work from Tesla. Bravo.
M Donovan (2 years ago)
+VinX he said the driver needs to be responsible now (AutoPilot) but that won't be the case in the future (Autonomous) 1:30
VinX (2 years ago)
Whaaat? If I get into an accident and it's my fault I at least want to be driving. At least then it is my error and not a computer error that caused the problem and I don't take a hit for system failures. 
trickle up (2 years ago)
TL;DW: The driver is still responsible.
Joshua Deale (2 years ago)
yea i definitely agree with him, even though the car is on autopilot, doesn't mean you should slack off. it doesn't read red lights yet so yea you will definitely be responsible for a crash like that.
Wensis Rompas (2 years ago)
Yep.. Well He is right about one thing.. We need to be sharp and keep hands on wheel completely. http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/6689243/52cf3fdc/toch_wel_iets_doen.html
Riley Martin (2 years ago)
+Wensis Rompas hey thanks for sharing that, its pretty crazy.. The guy was on a narrow twisty road but still, it let him turn it on and it did swerve into the oncoming lane.
Mike Brice (2 years ago)
"Built a driverless car but if it crashes it aint out fault. " Well that's comforting...
BAC (2 years ago)
It's just like when cruise control first came out. Hey the car will keeps its speed but you still have to pay attention and use the brake if needed.
M Donovan (2 years ago)
+nawab256 this would be so nice on the I5 after work when everyone is 10 mph bumper to bumper trying to inch ahead of the car beside them so they can't change lanes
Wensis Rompas (2 years ago)
+nawab256 Or.. If you watch this video: http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/6689243/52cf3fdc/toch_wel_iets_doen.html Not let you crash into someone else, because the tesla sees an upcoming car to follow..
nawab256 (2 years ago)
+Mike Brice no its not. it will prevent humen errors like people suddenly brake checking you or when you switch lanes and don't check your blind side. it's very nice to have.
Mike Brice (2 years ago)
Well that's fucking pointless.
watchdealer11 (2 years ago)
Thank god for the regulators that us keep us so safe...from ourselves!!
Collin Jenkins (3 years ago)
this woman looks like shes really fucked up. its either opiates or shes really tired from dabbing earlier ahah. maybe popped a couple xanz to get "turnt" for the interview lol
Adam Carruthers (3 years ago)
I'm against the whole idea of auto pilot, you must pay full attention to the road and regulate your speed at all times but now it's gotten more advanced to which people could be drunk when behind the wheel and that is not a good combination.
Hatagashira (2 years ago)
+Adam Carruthers Autopilot might make it more likely to get away with drunk driving but it sure as hell doesn't take away the burden of responsibility.
Martin Andreas Kruse (3 years ago)
+Adam Carruthers Depends. If you're drunk and your actions behind the wheel lead to an accident, it's just you being a drunk driver. Humans will with 100% certainty be less effective than a computer/robot driving your car in a few years. We get way too easily distracted by emotions and other factors such as health (cardio arrest), sight, dark blindness, frustration (slow/fast traffic), panicky (too many cars/distractions) etc. etc. Computers don't have these. You can already see how effective self-driving metro trains are in various places in the world, like the metro here in Copenhagen for instance.
Simone P (3 years ago)
Elon you're great ....
YoungKing (3 years ago)
The man just finishing explaining that they do not market it as having auto pilot and reasons why and the first question this bitch asked after that was "so when it is in auto pilot and crashes........" did she not listen to anything he just said
Brendan Yates (3 years ago)
Lol he's not exactly the easiest person to interview either. A lot of people are upset that she asked him to give a direct answer to her question, because he was speaking in terms that are not easy to understand when you don't follow the news on tesla. I'm not making fun of him, but he talks as if he has a point but he gets lost in the way while stuttering and awkward movement and eye contact.
Sir Klutzy (2 years ago)
Did you delete your comment?
Brendan Yates (3 years ago)
lol continue playing Minecraft my young keyboard warrior, you will prosper.
grant miller (3 years ago)
+Brendan Yates No, you just can't understand him because you're retarded. If you were educated, you're opinion would be different. You should've worked a little harder in high school, buddy.
mistyaqua (3 years ago)
She's not being very respectful... Hate when people interrupt.
Zes (1 year ago)
wrong, not h
mistyaqua (2 years ago)
+kapil busawah OOo, ok :)
kapil busawah (2 years ago)
+mistyaqua I know. Just having a light comical look at the stererotype
mistyaqua (2 years ago)
There's a lot of interviews where the reporter does not interrupt the answer.
kapil busawah (2 years ago)
+mistyaqua thats reporters. And yeah this a late comment
Pulsar1984 (3 years ago)
This reporter is good, she did not let him skirt that question. The driver is liable during autopilot operation.
Pulsar1984 (2 years ago)
+Sir Klutzy the shade.....
Sir Klutzy (2 years ago)
he answered it twice. reporter was just too stupid to see understand him due to his complex vocabulary and her horrid listening him.
vilhelm schmit (3 years ago)
poor woman has no idea "how things work."  might have done better to get a 3 year old to just ask "but why" 30 times.
C6m8 sm1vzB (2 years ago)
bless her heart
cilvrado (2 years ago)
+bubba looga Yeah.. let's see this bitch ask "but why" to oil barons and wall street bankers. Didn't think so.
HamPuddle (2 years ago)
+bubba looga Based on what?
john gao (3 years ago)
she looks high
ondeathparol (3 years ago)
Lol she said it still doesn't answer the question... I'm pretty sure it did once he said the difference between autonomous driving and autopilot with a driver still required.
Fred Garvin (3 years ago)
She's asking perfectly good questions. I just don't see his lawyers (or any automakers lawyers) letting him anywhere near fully autonomous driving. An accident will happen, and his company will be sued. Autopilot is different. It doesn't change lanes, or exit the highway. The driver must signal a turn and slow down, this defeats cruise and autopilot. It's a great feature for stop and go driving. Mercedes also offers this feature.
Miguel Miquel (3 years ago)
everything he say's is biased.  
Miguel Miquel (2 years ago)
grant miller . you know nothing about me sir.
nawab256 (2 years ago)
+Miguel Miquel what ever your economic life maybe everyone is biased. also he states that the car is not driverless.
Miguel Miquel (3 years ago)
i'm far from poor sir. I own 3 business'. my vehicles are all payed for ca$h . I've only slept outside for fun.
grant miller (3 years ago)
Are you afraid of facts? Or are to stupid to realize what's factual, and what's not.  Isn't it weird that you're poor, and he's not? Get a job, so you can move out from your parents house. This is why I hate the 95%. You people wonder why you have no money... You're stupid, and everyone in the upper class has to take care of you.
Miguel Miquel (3 years ago)
+grant miller no and you can't make me. are you afraid of facts??
Filipe Ferro (3 years ago)
Is Elon Musk like British or something?
grant miller (3 years ago)
+Filipe Ferro Just fucking google it...
Jaco Stadler (3 years ago)
South African born and Primary and Secondary educated ...
PullYourTrousersUp (3 years ago)
South African.
ALTN8NRG (3 years ago)
Autonomous highways are the future since our country will not invest more in trains.   Automated highways will be the norm.  :)   
ALTN8NRG (3 years ago)
No different than cruise control as far as responsibility for maintaining control.   Same with self parking cars etc.   
cskillet2003 (3 years ago)
Is the two motor efficiency the same idea as 3-Phase power being a much more efficient way to transfer power?
ematti89 (3 years ago)
If someone jaywalks on the street inside the breaking distance, so there is no chance to break, it would actually be the fault of the jaywalker, am I right?
ResidentEvilLover (3 years ago)
why does the interviewer look stoned? lol
sweiland75 (1 year ago)
Kill yourself, you fucking ableist.
Eric Von (2 years ago)
+turboslut LOL
Xyu (2 years ago)
+ResidentEvilLover not stoned, that's mild case of Down Syndrome.
belson alan (3 years ago)
May I inject a tiny note of caution?  You cannot design anything to be idiot-proof.  The idiot will always find a way to totally fuck-up, it's in their genes!  Do you remember the motor-home new owner who turned on her cruise control and then went in the back to make herself a nice sandwich?  She crashed of course - but successfully sued the manufacturer because it was not in the vehicle instructions that such an action was forbidden.  Get someone who knows how to write stuff really watertight, give customers a DVD of operator instructions, signed for, or film each handover as proof - whatever - because as sure as eggs is eggs, some gormless one-watt moron will work out a way to autopilot one of your lovely, safe cars straight over a cliff!
Elites Engineering (2 years ago)
+belson alan its really dumb that manufactures have to print out what you can or can't do.
Scott Kelley (2 years ago)
+Footynews Daily lmfao
Footynews Daily (3 years ago)
You're wrong mate. You can make anything idiot-proof... As long as there are idiots around to proof it(which will be like, forever), things will remain idiot-proof! :)
terry Sullivan (3 years ago)
That is a false story and roundly debunked on Snopes
Dan Frederiksen (3 years ago)
hehe it's in their genes? they have genes with functionality specifically for making things worse :)  the idiot gene :)
Carl Lafleur (3 years ago)
I don't know why people are getting so mad about the questions that she is asking. The car has autopilot, and it is able to keep the distance and switch lanes and stop and go, all by itself, so if that fails who is reliable. I think it's a pretty good question. 
Jeremiah John (2 years ago)
+Carl Lafleur not really a good question, planes have had autopilot forever now, and so have various other advanced flying things, it's obvious the blame goes back to the human if something goes wrong.
I AM UPLOADING MY P90D video in less than 30 minutes
Rob k (2 years ago)
also the cars have comprehensive camera systems and data loggers so it will come to light as to who's fault it would be.
Rob k (2 years ago)
+Carl Lafleur they are saying its the drivers fault for not paying attention. its like cruise control on the motorway, if you have it set and you dont break its your fault. if the car tries to drive you into a barrier and you dont steer out of it its your fault, you will have warning that is what the car is going to do.
Collin Jenkins (3 years ago)
+bigtruckseriesreview hahahahaha, its so funny to see retarded people like yourself trying to make a completely invalid point and then getting incoherent once they're proven wrong and resort to calling everyone poor. ahah its so pathetic yet so enjoyable i could masturbate to your misery.
Has anyone heard of the guy that put his van on cruise control & took a coffee break? He then sued the manufacturer because the van went off the road?
Distun (3 years ago)
he sued cause he spilled hot coffe all over him :)
Ty Wood (3 years ago)
That woman needs some coffee
whitey211 (3 years ago)
This is one of the few men on the planet that is trying to his best to push the bounds of humanity for humanities sake, not just for his own glory and riches. We, as human beings, need to shout down anyone trying to get in his way.
Xyu (2 years ago)
+fuckoffgoogle I know that, but at least he's giving me new toys and new ideas instead of iPhone6gs that has new border that's 3mm rounded instead of 2mm rounded like it was on previous model. Jobs was Musk of his decade but something happened and he stagnated and got stuck in same 4 products Branson got tired of all that shit and instead retreated to his island and just parties all day everyday 
Fuckingoogle (2 years ago)
+turboslut lol he makes sub-par cars that he gets governments to subsidize to make them a little less overpriced. He's willing to lie about the performance of his "performance" models for more sales, then refuses to let auto journalist test them on track- Testing that is common for even cheap economy cars. He not a hero for marketing basic induction motors and lipo batteries, he's just a businessman cashing in on your activism. cha-ching!
Xyu (2 years ago)
+whitey211 if only everyone of Forbes list would be like him. What if the only way you could make it to Forbes list if by extreme actions of experimental research for the sake of humanity. Sort of like Nobel prize but for being cool Billionaire trying to progress humans into Utopia. BTW, people like Gates would not make that list. His 20 year old charity and being #1 richest person for decades has nothing to show. He even outsourced R&D for new toilet and new condoms that he promised a decade ago and winner of the best idea would get $100k. WHAT A JOKE!
Fuckingoogle (2 years ago)
+whitey211 "We, as human beings, need to shout down anyone trying to get in his way." classic personality cult. you're a bully.
Martin Andreas Kruse (3 years ago)
+meadTwo145 Which enables him to do what he does. What's your point? There are richer people than him alive...they haven't done zilch compared to him (for humanity).
Kakunapod (3 years ago)
Im interested about my balls in your face. What are these questions? I mean, yes, I understand you have to ask them, but, he answered your question, so you ask it again? If this was a self-driving car, you would know it. If tesla was comfortable taking legal responsibility, youd know it. Surely he shouldnt need to baby step a reporter who is supposed to be doing her homework about these things. And you say "Oh, I want the clearest answers for my audience", well, guess what, your audience doesnt even need you to ask that question. You do it just to be complete. 
Pamela Harper (3 years ago)
Finally a car I can text, email, surf the web, and put on my makeup in the morning!
rocaho001 (3 years ago)
Elon. Legend. 
Ivan Karpenko (3 years ago)
Hey its a blonde dinosaur.
Leon Hollida (3 years ago)
I support the Tesla 200% My prayer are with you and for God to watch over you and to better this earth, and to stop the Greed especially the Giants.  Thanks Tesla
Savannah Lorén (3 years ago)
*So what if I'm talking on my phone while autopilot is engaged. Do I still get ticketed?*
Lucifer (3 years ago)
I often heard stupid peoples calling me «rich-hater» which is false. What those simpletons can't understand in their 1-dimension mind is that I can't stand the rich peoples which made their money by speculation, exploitation of people, greed and brought NOTHING to society, no long-term vision for mankind, no real innovation. Most often. those leeches don't deserve a penny of their own forture and are treated like geniuses, messiahs of St-Dollars. That is CLEARLY NOT Elon Musk's case. I seriously ADMIRE that brilliant guy. Musk is pushing the world in the right direction. That guy is a fucking HERO.
Daniel Brown (3 years ago)
work in progress clearly and I applaud tesla for taking a hefty step into the future with this,.. I'd just be concerned about the event where it's on auto pilot and you approach a shifting lane where lines on the road intersect and don't make sense.. what would the car do?
Tyler Durden (3 years ago)
Drivers crash, die, and kill innocent people every minute. It's a safe bet to say that safe autonomous driving is possible right about now and is in the near pipeline for a company like Tesla. Government will of course stand in it's way like a bully until the water spill over the dam.
takanara7 (3 years ago)
The government isn't stupid (well, it's not *that* stupid).  They know crashes will decrease with autonomous vehicles, and crashes cost them a lot of money. in fact, we're likely to see things like collision avoidance become mandatory as other safety features have (like air bags, and so on)
3089280288 (3 years ago)
How about training the driver to be a better driver?
Tha7Dude (3 years ago)
+babybirdhome Dude America doesn't even compare to Europe. Go to Europe if you love it so damn much. You won't though because you love all the great things America has to offer even though you talk shit.
Richard G (3 years ago)
+babybirdhome do you know where Tesla is produced?
babybirdhome (3 years ago)
This is 'Murika, and you think you can train anyone to be a better driver? Nope! That would stand in the way of teh freedumbz! We could already have been doing this the way much of Europe does, but we haven't. It's clear that we don't value safety, education, or prudence in the U.S.
David Mah (3 years ago)
In my opinion, any accidents should be all on the user, not the vehicle, and why are people bashing tesla so much for this. They are not the first ones to have auto pilot features, look at mercedes, bmw, gm, and no one is giving them shit, so why tesla.
Dan Frederiksen (3 years ago)
I'm not sure I buy the claim that two motors makes it substantially more efficient. 1-2% maybe, not the 11% claimed in range. not sure what's going on there.
Andrei Brănescu (2 years ago)
+Dan Frederiksen Actually, if you listen closely you will see that he said 10 miles, not 10%.
T M (3 years ago)
By having two motors they have to power two motors with roughly half as much energy is. But it turns out that both motors usage can vary slightly and if you can balance your supply to each motor carefully depending on the performance of each motor, you can in turn use less energy. Basically by having hitting the sweet spot on two engines
Rik1pk (3 years ago)
+Dan Frederiksen Yes weight load from the mass transfer. More vertical load = more grip = more negative torque (Resistant Torque produced by the traction force) Resistant Torque =< Torque limit of the diff 
Dan Frederiksen (3 years ago)
+Rik1pk weight load sure. not torque
Rik1pk (3 years ago)
+Dan Frederiksen PS: Outside wheels have larger load than others
K (3 years ago)
What happens when auto pilot on air plane fails? Obviously, they need to consider legal liabilities if they want to develop a fully autonomous car, this is meant to be just a driver assist. I would really appreciate auto pilot feature as many drivers crash their cars while distracted.
grant miller (3 years ago)
+Junn Kopf Thank you, finally someone who's not a complete retard.
curtis133 (3 years ago)
what happens when you crash into someone behind with old school cruise control... its Your fault, this is absolutely no different aside from this will prevent that from happening and save you a law suit, people get so wound up over who to blame, fact is these kinds of systems will dramatically lower accidents world wide and it will be noticed very quickly and infact already is noticed, check out google driverless cars travelling Millions of miles now with zero accidents ect people just dont want to admit that a machine can do it better? I Love to drive but even with my skills and experience realize over a long 10 hour highway drive this would be the best thing since .. the car.
Junn Kopf (3 years ago)
when autopilot on an airplane fails, the pilot(s) take over... it's the same with the the model s, i assume.
K (3 years ago)
+Danny Shin Elon Musk is probably thinking how to do that already. Model S can practically navigate itself to destinations, so with the combination of wireless charging that shouldn't be too hard to do. The barrier for autonomous drive seems to be regulations not technology.
Yohanes Mario Chandra (3 years ago)
+Danny Shin As elon said, this is auto-pilot, not autonomous driving. You're still expected to check the charge level of the car and go to the charging station yourself.
TOMOFONO (3 years ago)
Open your eyes...
Bruce Ellison (3 years ago)
Elon. I am ready for my new car Thanks Bruce
HasToBeMe (3 years ago)
this chick freaks me out
christopherwillson (3 years ago)
Betty is underrated.
Urban Bass Fishing (3 years ago)
This guy is pure genius!
Fred Falke (3 years ago)

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