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Types of anal cancer

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Learn the different types of anal cancer through this video. Anal cancer is the type of cancer which starts in the anus. The outlook for anal cancer, in most cases, is better than that of other bowel cancer types, especially if it is diagnosed in the earlier stages. The symptoms of anal cancer are not too different from those of other problems, and include piles (hemorrhoids) or tears (anal fissures). The most common symptom is blood in the stool (poo) or rectal bleeding, with about 50% of all patients affected in this way. Other symptoms of anal cancer include an increase in the size of number of piles; small lumps felt or seen around the anus, which could be confused with piles; extreme constipation and difficulty in passing stools; pain in the anal area; discharge from the back passage, or itching, swelling and soreness or persistent redness around the anal area; a continuous urge of bowel movement, with no production, possibly with increased mucus; fecal incontinence or difficulty controlling your bowels; and lumps in the groin area. For more information, please visit http://www.ecancertips.com
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