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How To Spot Watermelons Grown With Growth Accelerating Chemicals

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MSNBC reports: “Chinese regulations don’t forbid use of the substance. It is also allowed in the United States for use on kiwi fruit and grapes … About 20 farmers and 115 acres of watermelon around Danyang were affected … Farmers resorted to chopping up the fruit and feeding it to fish and pigs”.
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Ellie S (3 месяца назад)
wasn't this fb fake news ?
Jim Omaha (3 месяца назад)
This is so stupid news. A chinese melon farmer tried this stuff and his crop started to explode! Thats why it became viral news. This stuff does not work on melons! Any of the so called warning signs are the melon looks ripe but it is actually still to young.Als a to old melons will lose its taste and look like if they started to burst inside. The seeds started to grow and the nutriance to grow into a new plant. The melon is actually ripe You have to eat a melon just before it starts to ripe. Not you young certainly not when fully ripe.
William Warren (4 месяца назад)
Chinese laugh at us, for the crap they import to us.
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German (7 месяцев назад)
Theres a reason i have my own garden and livestock ✌☮
Kay okay (7 месяцев назад)
I ate one, was on sale, tasted like Styrofoam. Wasnt sweet. Wasnt juicy. Afraid to eat watermelon from walmart now.
. (8 месяцев назад)
Yes. They inject the stems with color and chemicals or they add both to the water going to the farm. The difference between the good watermelon and the bad ones is that : The good watermelon can wait for a full month in a cool and dry place with no harm. But the bad ones will become like sponge from inside after one week only.
Jiheem Vohor (9 месяцев назад)
Whats it called i need to do some research
goober rownowsky (9 месяцев назад)
bigger fruit means tender monkey meat on your plate.
rapunzel eh? (10 месяцев назад)
wow... gullible much? nothing to do with chemicals or country of origin. and nothing that alters the taste or nutritional value - if it was grown GMO or loaded with chemicals it may or may NOT have cracks... same as if it were grown WITHOUT chemicals. besides look at the shopping cart contents at costco... people aren't really concerned with healthy eating.
Evelyn Council (10 месяцев назад)
a simple thing to do is just and say grace and your covered 😀😀
CSAcitizen Feather (11 месяцев назад)
The chemical used is called Forcholorfenuron. But other hormones and chemicals are also used. Never eat chemical raised foods ! Or seedless fruits or vegetables. Normal crops of all kinds HAVE SEEDS !
CSAcitizen Feather (11 месяцев назад)
Seedless melons are GE melons - never eat them ! When a fruit does not have its normal seeds it's not real food - it is GE fake food and dangerous to eat.
Mag Kyt (11 месяцев назад)
Growing up all farmers only used composted cow manure to fertilize their gardens. I have eaten many,many cracked watermelons in my life & they have never done anything to me.
Amadu Mohammed (1 год назад)
Karina Wang (1 год назад)
I love watermelon. I eat a lot of watermelon
Omer (1 год назад)
Thank gwd TPP got canceled
Israel Rosenberg (1 год назад)
This video is only against the watermelon of Iran lol 😆 It must be made by Zionists
M.L. (1 год назад)
Bootleg fruit.
Jamey Ray Davis (1 год назад)
I've been growing watermelons for 20 years this is totally bullshit!!
огромная эрекция (1 год назад)
You're dumb ass fuck.
patrick jordan (1 год назад)
Broccoli Beefed... OK, you don't care if Organic cost more? Then mail me a Monthly check. Some of us are living on a budget, month to month. Need my address?
Bootsy Pendragon (1 год назад)
another bloody robot voice
Cool Scary Story Bro (1 год назад)
Another side effect of capitalism.
lottsalasagna (1 год назад)
We get our Mellon from China ... WTF
A Spicy Boi (1 год назад)
Why not?
es (1 год назад)
the system needs to promote production of good food. not promote corruption.
Oleta Payne (1 год назад)
We are importing so many people because so many abortions left a void of American citizens. To answer a question asked of me.
mil kim (1 год назад)
How about we get raid of about 3billion people then we won't have these problems. China and India both should be nuked
Robert Richardson (1 год назад)
Maybe instead of eating anything that's the farmers grow maybe we should consider eating the farmers?
SimonaLyne Enderz (1 год назад)
Gilligan's Island nuclear foods.
grow your own food (1 год назад)
just better off growing your own then you know how it was grown
Sarah P (1 год назад)
Years ago I bought a watermelon from a grocery store, the texture and taste we're off and it gave me bad heartburn. I figured I was just getting older and no longer liked it, until I found a seeded one at a local farmers market. it was sweet and juicy had the same texture I remembered from childhood. I hate what is happening to food in America.
Doe Palmer (1 год назад)
Is this another attempt to keep us buying tiny little seedless watermelon that are laughable . I want big watermelon back . There was nothing wrong with them.
reminds me of the xmen movie
Myrna Wyatt (1 год назад)
What next?
Kev X (1 год назад)
welcome to Earth, human/animal bio-filtering project for hazardous waste disposal
SCP Foundation (1 год назад)
I eat Watermelons like that every time and i am not dead
Kingtate55 (1 год назад)
His video was hard to ejaculate to
PaninaroAurora (1 год назад)
Watermelon also contains citrulline, which the body breaks down into arginine, an essential amino acid.
Mark Sheldon (1 год назад)
ya right
D.Emily.P (1 год назад)
Too late
Kelly Sylvester (1 год назад)
This is false! This only happens withe watermelons when they over ripen or what ever its called ( i work with my mother on the farm ;p ) these watermelons are completely safe to eat channels like these just spew our false information.
sepherothVII (1 год назад)
Supposedly you can't live life without credit.I think thats a lie.
Evan Jones (1 год назад)
I just did it
November Lowry (1 год назад)
All foods have chemicals in them, there is no way to avoid them. Organic foods are the same foods you buy at Walmart or any other local grocery store. You pay more because people are stupid enough to believe that foods grown with the same polluted air, ground, and water as non-organic foods, are somehow immune from contamination.
Orange Username (1 год назад)
That's why you just grow your own lol I have no problems with growing them
PirateKitty (1 год назад)
The robots are now telling lies ?!! Skynet is coming people. Its starts as water melon propaganda. Next thing you know, these robots are telling us not to eat food. It oxidizes you and blah blah blah... .l.
Pat Hataway (1 год назад)
is there anything that we can eat that is not NUKED?
Patony Brooks (1 год назад)
They should check out kiwi too, lately they have been very soury and no tastes
Patony Brooks (1 год назад)
Oic Sooo, would you believe a lot of black guys love to eat watermelon? so I wonder what else could be growing by those chemicals:)
Sneaky Gweilo! (1 год назад)
Growth retardation :D 1:42
1day2spare animations (1 год назад)
I eat watermelon like that...
gusain sanjay (1 год назад)
China everything is fake ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
AEKfootball (1 год назад)
organic only
Syshi (1 год назад)
who the hell eats watermelon like that??
TheRagingCreeper (1 год назад)
GMO > Organic
Curt Brennan (1 год назад)
Buy melons from Walchli Farms in Hermiston Oregon...... http://www.manta.com/c/mmfv94d/bob-walchli-farms No, I don't work for them....but I used to live near them and they are the BEST.
Cup Cakes (1 год назад)
And I have 2 giant watermelons downstairs
Cool_Cat007 Smoove (1 год назад)
Why do they let producers use is chemical?
Jason Wheneger (1 год назад)
what is this channel
splatterchops (1 год назад)
How did they get Stephen Hawking to narrate this? Free watermelon?
Nevara of the Gerudo (1 год назад)
fuzzywuzzy2622 (1 год назад)
if you've ever had fruit you grew yourself you'll never want to eat store bought fruit again. veggies are bland to when bought at the store.
baked basculin (1 год назад)
this comment section is much more entertaining than the creepy robot video. where's my GMO popcorn?
James Bond (1 год назад)
black people beware!!!
Silvergirl7 (1 год назад)
Awwwwww-this makes me so mad!! And everything has something that's been messed with!!
cantfindausernamedam (1 год назад)
what text to voice programme are you using? Does it have other voices as well?
Argon Clan (1 год назад)
you triggered my trypophobia
Shahriar Bin Rouf (1 год назад)
shutup imbecile idiot.
Debra Sparks (1 год назад)
I grow my own food.
Dan Dale (1 год назад)
I ate a watermelon here in Florida, in January. The flesh had a whitish tinge. It not only had no taste but felt freeze dried and felt like it absorbed the moisture from my mouth. I thought this was the weirdest one-off melon ever. I think this explains my experience. Thank You.
Wesley (1 год назад)
you Will never make me not eat wateemelons anymore
Michael Heliotis (1 год назад)
This video is wrong about NZ kiwifruit being unsafe. Although forchlorfenuron is not banned here in New Zealand, it has been denounced and rejected by Zespri, the company whom all New Zealand growers are legally required to export their produce through. Zespri also does regular spot testing to ensure that its growers aren't secretly doping their crops.
INFINITY (1 год назад)
Nothing safe to eat
CrystalChubs (1 год назад)
Good thing I despise watermelon
davisx2002 (1 год назад)
I grow my own, and they dont get super big...they make good targets for sighting in my Remington 700 each fall. SPLAT!
MrKErocks (1 год назад)
David Murphy (1 год назад)
jpkossman (1 год назад)
you talk funny
Honor Lozerol (1 год назад)
what da fuck is the name of the chemical    anyone can understand   vid sec 32  what did he said  4 terpinilane ????
Growler6t9 (1 год назад)
Why do you always use 'Jazziano' for your background music?
Debra Lawson (1 год назад)
Everyone is so eager to get their grubby hands on the 'almighty dollar' , and they'll get all they can no matter what the cost!
Sven Brown (1 год назад)
disgusting. The politicians should be forced to eat this crap instead of the delicious organic food they get in their special cafeterias. This is part of the NWO plan to kill many in the world. I am not eating anything unless I know it is safe - that means my diet will be mostly cucumbers and squash (yuk) I guess. I found a site today that warns about the radiation in our food and that is another issue. Be careful - they are really trying to kill us.
Ieishdragyn (1 год назад)
ok, so you buy a melon, its tasteless, etc.. you cant return it, and many havent the $$ to just chuck it into the waste, so... ? i buy one, its a treat.
geminirat60 (1 год назад)
grow your own food if possible!
Edward Keenan (1 год назад)
I grow watermelons​ most of this video is wrong go look it up add a real site go to the Internet look it up. I don't use chemicals . and my watermelon crack in the middle sometimes . Don't let this video freak you out about food people do proper research
Jamilla Green (1 год назад)
Edward Keenan Someone said that the cracks come from watering a lot or heavy rain. The videos are meant to freak us out. Thanks for your comment!
Madd Rabbit Stew (1 год назад)
God made food perfect in every way for human consumption. to tamper with His creation has unhealthy side effects such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and almost every other sickness known to man. no GMOs, hybrids or DNA altering of seeds in any way, shape or form can or will improve human health nor can they provide good, proper nutrition to maintain good health to the human body. for example, iceberg lettuce, among others has zero nutritional value because it is a man made hybrid. Think about it.
Wonka Chocolates (1 год назад)
This is terrible news for the Black Folks of America…!!!
BroccoliQueefed (1 год назад)
NEWs Flash! Watermelon is not supposed to be pink inside, people. 😀 Its supposed to be bright red, the way it all looked when I was a kid. Sad state of affairs.
Kelly M (1 год назад)
couldn't finish watching this, why? hate the robot voice that some used. but i do like the video, good info.
Deeb (1 год назад)
you won't notice it until you actually cut the melon open unless you buy organic.
Zmi Benyamin (1 год назад)
are white seed watermelons no good?....my watermelon did not have black seeds only small white ones
Douglas Cooke (1 год назад)
So I shouldn't eat watermelons from my own garden that is cracked on the inside? Please, get real.
Mick Carson (1 год назад)
But, but. why on Earth you need to buy Chinese foods? in watermelon example, you can easily grow your own, even on a large tub mixed with soil and rich organic compost. You only need a place for the seedling to grow and from there allow it to spread its foliage far and wide then watch the yellow flowers growing and finally the little fruit appearing later. Even an old bath tub can come handy as long as it has the drain hole unplugged. but if you have a bit of spare land, prepare it and then plant them. Home grown watermelons are free of pesticide but those that comes from farms may have chemicals and pesticides sprayed on them that can alter the true taste of the watermelon. The same goes with other gardwn fruit and vegetables, especially the imported ones. They don't care whether you like them or not, the sales has been made. And it's not as if your country can't produce fruits and vegetables that you MUST buy overseas packed products, is it?
Ice age stone age (1 год назад)
Dewayne White (1 год назад)
I grew up my whole life seeing watermelons had seeds,until the 90's start seeing seedless watermelon genetically modified believe me i ate the hell out of those watermelons not no more when they stared uncovering what they're doing i dont buy anymore or eat them,that's all I can say, I'm sticking with the watermelon with the seeds and also the seeds are good for you as well,they're doing this to depopulate or should I say kill us off.
Martine Davis (1 год назад)
So basically not gonna know if there's a crack/no good unless the watermelon is cut open?? Your video was no help.
Martine Davis (1 год назад)
So basically not gonna know if there's a crack/no good unless the watermelon is cut open??
mensa517 (1 год назад)
misleading video. ...if the skin of the watermelon is cracked of course you should not eat it became pesticides would have leaked into it. However if the fruit of the watermelon is cracked on an unbruised watermelon, it's still good. ..Stop The fear MONGERING and misleading lies
Jason Logan (1 год назад)
air can kill you so dont breath

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