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Ecocentric Mom Box - August 2015

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Ecocentric mom subscription: https://ecocentricmom.com/purchase/?ref=10008 Details: • 5-9 hand selected products • Natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products • Mixture of large sample sizes and full size products • Shipped every other month • All boxes are $24 with Free shipping included (in the US) • 3 different types of boxes The boxes: Mom Box - For any mother - The box will contain healthy, non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe products, including skin care; make-up; healthy home; non-GMO snacks and treats; nutritional and wellness products; spa/pampering items... a wide range of fun and healthy products to support you on your eco mom journey. Mom & Baby Box -For moms & their newborns up to 18 months - It is hard to find time to research and find the safest products for the new bundle of joy. Be introduced to items like diapers and wipes; skin creams and washes; feeding products and organic 1st foods; and so much more. We have safe, fun products in store for mom & her little eco baby. Pregnancy Box - For Pregnant Moms - Nurture the unborn baby with products that are good for mom to use and consume. Each box includes a selection of products hand-selected with moms-to-be in mind. You'll receive a variety of skin care, make-up, organic, whole food prenatal vitamins, non GMO foods, spa products, and so much more. Once your baby arrives, choose our Mom & Baby Discovery Box to continue pampering the eco mom you've become! Products I received in the August 2015 box: • Square Hue Nail Polish • Elektra Magnesium Cream and foot soak flakes • Ground 2 Table Spices • Branch to Nature Thyme facial astringent with MSM • Vance Family Soy Candle • Earthwise Beauty Tangerine Skies Facial oil • Boom Chick A Pop sweet & salty kettlecorn • 30 day trial of Pilates Anytime I thoroughly enjoyed this box. This would make a great gift to a mom or mother to be. I wish I had known about this box when I was pregnant because after you have your baby you can change your subscription from a pregnancy box to a mom & baby box or just the mom box. It's such a great idea! Disclaimer: I received this box free to review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post may include affiliate links.
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