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Stage 4 Metastatic Bowel Cancer Post op infection wound dressing

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WARNING. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS IMAGES OF OPEN WOUNDS THAT MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED On April 5th 2017 I underwent abdominal surgery for a 100% blockage of the small bowel. The surgeon removed 4" of small bowel and was able to resect the bowel. The previous 36 hours involved 2 trips to the Local Hospital within 6 hours, plus 2 more hospitals and 3 ambulance rides, for diagnosing me then transferring me to where the surgery was done. The verdict, Metastatic Bowel Cancer. Although the small bowel was blocked, and it was the source, there is an even larger tumor between my liver and kidney that will be very difficult to remove, as well as a number of nodules in the small bowel and on the peritoneum (abdominal floor). Having a postoperative infection I was left with two open spots on the incision, and this delayed starting chemotherapy treatments until they healed which took about 47 days. May 31st marked the first of 6 sessions at 2 week intervals, followed by a CT scan. That scan showed that the tumor by the liver had grown, but because the only previous CT scan had taken place on April 5th, and not having a good baseline just before chemo started, the Oncologist can't tell if the tumor had grown up until the chemo started then either stopped or started to shrink, or if it is in fact still growing. I took another round of 4 treatments and will be scanned again on October 17, 2017. If it's stopped or shrinking, we'll continue with more courses of chemo, but if these chemo drugs aren't working we'll go to plan B or even Plan C if needed. Problem is, with the drug used for Plan B, the side effects will be worse, and there's a fair chance it could make my MS worse. Plan C's drug, will negatively affect my MS. Doctors estimates for me were: Without any treatment, 6-12 months With the treatment i can reasonably have 36 months or so Long term prognosis of surviving 5 years is only about 15-18% Sucks, doesn't it, never having a healthy day my entire life. Diagnosed with Asthma at age 10 months, and still suffer from it. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 22 years ago at age 35, and now at age 57, terminal Cancer. I've got one hell of a fight ahead of me, and fight I will.
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buzzsah (1 год назад)
You seem to have healed up fast and looks good, Keep up the good work.
Brad Piatt (1 год назад)
Hang in there your tough. Know it is hard but you can.
The Shade Tree Fix-it Man (1 год назад)
Certainly looks painful. I'm so glad that you are hanging in there to be with us a little while longer. May God make his presence known in a special way to you and draw you to Himself, in Jesus' name.
sail235aeh (1 год назад)
Hang in there Iceman !!!
Mike Reed (1 год назад)
Wow, glad you got the holes to close up brother, sending prayers your way.
265chevy (1 год назад)
I am so happy you got threw that all i can say is what a video you are in my prayers my friend and no sit ups for a while later and take care

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