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Home made INSTANT COCONUT OIL / Using 100 Coconuts

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Prepared by My DADDY ARUMUGAM / Village food factory
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Kevin Prasad (29 minutes ago)
People are noticing how many thumbs daddy’s got or what daddy is doing wrong. Mate, appreciate the work his doing at that age, idiots
bella blessed&Favoured (53 minutes ago)
thank u for teaching me how to do the coconut oil from scratch Daddy u r blessed and u r a blessing to many
لعربي ليك وشتراك بقاتي😊😊😍
Saranya Chandra (13 hours ago)
very nice
Juneann Irene (14 hours ago)
He deserved his meal at the end, he worked hard for it!🍗🍗💖
Juneann Irene (14 hours ago)
I hope they make money from these videos. They do such excellent work!
Juneann Irene (14 hours ago)
Their pots and pans are always so shinny and clean! 🍽🔪
John (15 hours ago)
I am coming to live in your house.
miss srthj (17 hours ago)
Giống mấy video tk tều lồng tiếng vãi
Kitara Akira (19 hours ago)
The wrk is too tidieos
Charlz5544332211 (21 hours ago)
The shy one. (1 day ago)
OK so you get only a bottle of coconut oil out of hundred coconuts??? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 I'll never complain about the price of coconut oil again. 😢
Playlist Course (1 day ago)
Tout ça pour ça 😁😮😧😲
imbetterthan every1 (1 day ago)
Im never using this stuff ever again. This gross old mans hands are filthy
Ederson z.g (1 day ago)
faltou higiene
Rat sang tao
BtAaL87 (1 day ago)
كل ذا المشوار عشان تصبها على دجاج مشوي... صدق لاقالوا هندي... واحلى ديسك لايك
bẩn ....
Liên Lê (1 day ago)
this is hard working
Keshell Scipio (2 days ago)
I would’ve made bowls and spoons out of the coconut shell too
Samuel Mendes (2 days ago)
Kátia Feitosa (3 days ago)
Nossa que maravilha!!!
cris gabriel arceo (3 days ago)
cocaine hahaha
Jesse Poelemeijer (3 days ago)
when you accidently slammed your hand on that pikething🤤
Sarah Posey (3 days ago)
Dawid W (4 days ago)
Two days of work for just a bottle of coconut oil?
Mohan prasad (4 days ago)
100 coconut pota how much oil kadikum?
viswanathreddy billa (4 days ago)
Daddy chicken super 😀😀😀😀, And coconut oil work also ,I love it
Sol Torio (4 days ago)
im doing that every year in holy weak her in the phillipines
Rogério Borges (5 days ago)
Deus abensoi atodos
Geovane Santos (5 days ago)
ALL this work explains the coconut oil's price
Geovane Santos (5 days ago)
Delicious to taste
Mateus Moura (5 days ago)
Xer Adivon (5 days ago)
Delicious hands
dhananjay M (5 days ago)
Buy from this kinds of man not from foreign companies
眩暈夢 (5 days ago)
It didn't seem so instant...
Emine'nin Mutfağı (5 days ago)
Emine'nin Mutfağı (5 days ago)
Hindistan cevizi
Emine'nin Mutfağı (5 days ago)
Nice 🤗🤔
Ashwin Iyer (5 days ago)
Indeed very so indeed so very indeed so so indeed very very so indeed so very indeed so indeed very Instant coconut oil. Very nice wonderful beautiful helpful knowledgeable high quality useful enlightening awareness and understanding growing video. Am thankful and appreciative and appreciating and appreciating and appreciation and appreciate this video.
Chiltoo Nawab (5 days ago)
namaku tengai yenai wanam konch adress kudungo. ange wande 100 tengai unnai ku order punalam.please
Chiltoo Nawab (5 days ago)
i want to have cocnut oil please give me your address so i can come and place an order
Chaddeh Gonzaha (5 days ago)
full of ads
Tech for zain (5 days ago)
kieran northwest (5 days ago)
Did he do all that work just to put some coconut oil on his chicken lol..
Всем Мира! (5 days ago)
Это выходит кокосовое масло ?
vish 007 (6 days ago)
can we apply it on hairs
Poppy L (6 days ago)
That’s a whole lot of coconuts 🥥 🌴 🥥 I truly appreciate all the people in this country and other countries that work HARD & work their butts off and make this coconut oil or any kind of oil/lotion/soaps/beautiful hand crafted rugs all by hand. This is what working really means. Thank you very much. Jennifer from the United States
Boranzez (6 days ago)
தமிழ் திரும்பி வருவதற்கு மிகவும் நன்றி.
Old Norse brewery (6 days ago)
Instant means quick. This is not
Hoài Thu Đỗ (6 days ago)
Cạy dừa ra đem máy cho nhanh
2lεgiϯܢ (6 days ago)
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, on second thought I will not be doing this at home lolz
Dhuan Absa (6 days ago)
This method has almost vanished altogether in Southeast Asia.
Dhuan Absa (6 days ago)
There are electrical grating machines to grate the coconut flesh , the machines are very common in South East Asia. Will make the job much easier. Wish I could sponsor one.
Surinder Kaur (6 days ago)
Instant likhne ki kya jarorat hai porra din lg gya
Lídice Buendía (6 days ago)
"Instant" is not the word that I'll being using for this xD
Geetha Poulose (7 days ago)
This oil is used for massaging new born babies . people make these oil in small quantities blending at home
Tom Acosta (7 days ago)
I would love to know all about your daddy. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know more about him. His name and age. Where he grew up. What he did at work, etc. I enjoy watching him cook. I'm just curious. Tom from Florida, USA. Thank you.
cole opdahl (7 days ago)
The us army is looking for you
Bobby Kuruvilla (7 days ago)
ഇതിനു വെന്ത വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ എന്ന് മലയാളത്തില്‍ പറയും ...55 വര്ഷം മുന്പ് എന്റെ അമ്മ ഇത് ഉണ്ടാക്കുമായിരുന്നു.തൂക്കം കുറവുള്ള കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക് ഇത് ചോറില്‍ കലര്‍ത്തി കൊടുത്താല്‍ വളരെ നല്ലതാണ്. മൂപ്പ് വളരെ പ്രധാനമാണ് . അറിയാത്തവര്‍ ചോദിച്ചാല്‍ പറഞ്ഞു തരാം.
Ana Shuman (7 days ago)
I am one of the few people that can say "I made coconut oil from scratch" , lots of work, but the taste is amazing!
SP95 ntR (7 days ago)
Soniapinny Pinheiro (7 days ago)
Faltou higiene
GhostLady Darkling (7 days ago)
They don't need gloves, it is a family or village, do you all wear gloves when cooking for your family or town, village event?
Jomalyn Federico (7 days ago)
waw hahahaha
7OF7 (7 days ago)
Christiani Sakaya (8 days ago)
kelapanya kecil- kecil di indonesia kelapanya besar- besar.
You people are so hard working so blessed with nature 😊😇😇
молодцы тамшние мужчины работают в поте лица .все вручную,соблюдают традиций,ремесла протцов.обожаю какос.супер.
Spartacus King (8 days ago)
Arzu Sevimler (8 days ago)
Coconut master
KIND BUD (9 days ago)
If it don't come from factory then I don't want coconut oil from these dudes sorry friend no thanks
NextGen Designs (9 days ago)
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Erna Wati Sugianto (9 days ago)
traditional & manual 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Abubakar Bagumabayan (9 days ago)
are you muslim? may allah guide you ameen
H&H Jewellery Designs (9 days ago)
Great work... Clear oil.. urukenna...Then chicken 😋
Washington Bueno (10 days ago)
oh shit very very hard for 2 liter oil
Aline De Souza pereira (10 days ago)
Que trabalheira😓
Ramm Ramm (10 days ago)
Неделю дрочился что бы в итоге этой бодягой две ножки куриных полить и съесть... Ну на хуй!
Bruno Alexandre (10 days ago)
Hundrete cocunetes
Frencylys Virgennia (10 days ago)
John LADSON (10 days ago)
I felt like i wanted to eat the coconut at every stage of the process...haha
zeeus kids (10 days ago)
Very good
Paul Barker (10 days ago)
It takes a village, and 100 coconuts to feed one man two chicken legs. If only they had just eaten the coconuts, they could all eat, and the chicken would have lived.
Sun K (10 days ago)
So much harder you guys put into it.. thanks a lot to everyone
Jake Lineham (10 days ago)
What seasoning is on the chicken it looks really good
Amuana Gonmei (11 days ago)
Well it's not instant but like the video.
Katrina Faulkner (11 days ago)
Great job!!!!
Kathy Ortiz (11 days ago)
🌴 🥥
Geeta Devi (11 days ago)
Very nice but utensils should not be of aluminum.
Danny Baena (11 days ago)
me dieron ganas de coco
Tent and we Handy (11 days ago)
That looks like fun
sama algharbi (11 days ago)
ppl in these comments WORSHIP coconut oil
sosona69 (11 days ago)
To produce coconut oil manually is really laborious. Once I saw my grandma making it and she only get around 1 table spoon of oil from 2 or 3 coconut
Gopi Sahu (11 days ago)
Wow 👌👌👌👌👍
Marisa Melo (12 days ago)
Trabalho árduo!!! Que Deus os abençoe! Geralmente ganham tão pouco, por tanto trabalho! Mas o fazem com muita dedicação! !
Valjermayne (12 days ago)
Amazing gods gift all natural stuff that's that's most healthy stuff ever
Juan Hernandez (12 days ago)
Contaminated coconut water to accelerate people's death
Charles Wong (12 days ago)
So...a 100 coconut to make oil just for 2 drumstick?
Rajeev Gupta (12 days ago)
Loved it 😊😊

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