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Make a Storage Trunk from Wooden Pallets | Upcycling

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Learn how to upcycle a pallet with this simple DIY Project Upcycling is fun and ecological. Give it a go! Find more great upcycling ideas on our website linked below Find the full upcycling program on our website: https://www.sikana.tv/en/sport Learn more great DIY and Housing Projects on our website Visit our website: https://www.sikana.tv/en to discover dozens of free, online video programs on a whole range of essential topics: Health, Food, DIY, Micro-Entrepreneurship, Sport, Living Together and many more… To help us translate the videos: https://factory.sikana.tv/ "Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt Translation - quentin.martenet
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Carl Martin (16 дней назад)
That would look awesome in a bonfire.
hooky118 (20 дней назад)
Find a house brick, throw it at a pile of pallet wood around 200 times, and you should get something that looks like this chest!!!
Leanne McCluskey (1 месяц назад)
Holy crap! This video is terrible 😱
Enjoy Making Stuff. (1 месяц назад)
This is a joke? This is how not to make a wooden chest.
rabak omaba (2 месяца назад)
I was using stodoys instructions to make it and I did it already :)
Eve Cobbler (2 месяца назад)
wayne d (3 месяца назад)
i look at this video and i start thinking i would do it way better and differently cause this trunk will be very weak after it is assembled and wont stand up to much abuse at all. so i see this video as how i would improve it to make it strong and still look the same. thanks for the upload.
Mike Robins (4 месяца назад)
This is a dreadful video. This is definitely NOT how to build a chest, or how to build anything. It was the most slap dash and awkward way I’ve ever seen anyone build something like this. I know it was only pallet wood, but it looked like Stevie Wonder made it. A real piece of shit... I thought the video was a joke for a while 😂
Juan Juan Mazao (4 месяца назад)
vaya chapuza!!!
stepho9999 (5 месяцев назад)
haha if you say so
eXampL (6 месяцев назад)
You working is so awkward to watch
ghostdog662 (6 месяцев назад)
This is so bad.
War pig Hammer (8 месяцев назад)
Dismantling a pallet .step 1 sawzall Done. Amazing the amount of Master carpenters in the comment section. Aka know it alls . Looking for their videos to go along with their comments and can’t seem to find any .
duffa65 (8 месяцев назад)
So funny, don’t forget to drill all your screws in at random angles, while also making sure to split the wood as much as possible!! 😂😂 as an added design feature, make sure you don’t counter-sink any of your screws, to maximise things snagging on the screw-heads, good job!!😂
Boilerfan1313 (9 месяцев назад)
If you were going for the “hack job” look then you nailed it. That thing belongs in a fire pit. Splitting the wood, using the wrong screws, no pilot holes. Good video on what not to do.
James Allan (9 месяцев назад)
where can I get the wooden battens? They're not part of the pallets
tizjak07 (9 месяцев назад)
What no work bench.??? and no glue..... Maybe make yourself a work bench from other pallets so your working at a comfortable height .... Glue and screw will make your project a lot stronger
wayne d (10 месяцев назад)
while i am all for upcycling i think the builder could have tried to make this box so it would last. screws should have been through the slats into the batton not batton into the slats. the end result even though was rustic looked like rubbish. i would not use it for anything except fuel for the fire place. just another example of what not to do.
CAMXposure (11 месяцев назад)
should've just had the tree grow into the shape of the box... good thing this was just an example and not the actual way to build a box
CAMXposure (11 месяцев назад)
but will it hold anything without falling apart- judging by how those screws were put in it would make a nice decorative piece
Rach V (1 год назад)
Is it just me or did the dude making the box look like he was a really difficult time? Like it was kind of awkward.
olopez555 (7 месяцев назад)
no way, he's all rugged. he's hot plaid on. those split pieces of wood while drill is proof.
duffa65 (8 месяцев назад)
No, not just you, the poor sap doesn’t know what he’s doing, where did they find him? 😂
Angelica Harris (1 год назад)
Can u list all thing used and how many pieces of everything needs
Sikana English (1 год назад)
The list is right at the start the videos. Are you making it? We'd love you to show us your storage chest when you do make it! Send us in a photo!
Edgar Miguel (1 год назад)
Typical engineer student mistake because did not planed before execute...Not always theory is correct.....
Missy Baker (1 год назад)
Should use wood glue
Charis Williams (1 год назад)
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Thanks, glad you liked our video! Did you try making this trunk for yourself?
kathryn Borkowski (1 год назад)
FINALLY! this is the BEST "trunk from pallets" vid out there, no, I don't have 40 tools that cost over a grand a piece. THANK YOU for using REAL tools, real people and real pallet wood, very nicely done. I don't use metric sizes, but that doesn't matter, I need a different size than what this vid puts out anyways, came here because I can't find that perfect size box... now I can make one, the principles are laid out very well here and I look forward to giving it a go! thanks again, GOD BLESS.
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Thanks very much for your comment Kathryn! Please do let us know how you get on, we'd love to see the finished product :)
Ross Henderson (1 год назад)
Super easy design. Nicely done.
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Great, we can't wait to see how it turns out! :D
Ross Henderson (1 год назад)
I certainly will be. I'll send a pic to your website when completed!
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Thanks Ross, we appreciate the feedback! Are you making a storage trunk yourself? We'd love to see the finished product!
old traditions new thinking (1 год назад)
using pilot holes (drilling a hole slightly smaller than the width of the screw) saves a lot of effort, accurate placement of the screws, splitting the wood -see 3.22 and trashing the screw head when the bit skips out 3.01. also said a lot of drills have clutch or torque control, this means that you can control the depth of the screw so that you don't sink the screw so deep that it comes out of the other piece of wood you are screwing in to.
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Thanks for your advice! Hope you enjoyed the video :)
Tatiana Escobar (1 год назад)
What would be the best drill to use? How many volts?
Ross Henderson (1 год назад)
A 12 volt drill is fine for DIY projects and work around the home. There are many videos on this - my 12 volt Dewalt will drive upwards of 100 3 inch screws into pine screws on one charge. Size and weight difference of the 12 v as opposed the the 20 v is substantial.
Hans de Groot (1 год назад)
Nice instructional video. But why do work on the floor? No table available?
Shaun Zanker (1 год назад)
Would a hammer and nails hold if no drill? building noob here.
Dr Thunder (1 год назад)
Shaun Zanker yes. Nails work just fine, if you want it to be even more secure you can use all purpose Elmers glue also.
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Hi Shaun, thanks for your question. We'd really recommend using a drill with specially-adpated wood screws since they give a stronger hold than nails. It's a lot faster too! But since this chest will be on the floor and won't have to support a great weight like a wall shelf, for example, you could probably get away with a hammer and some nails. If in doubt, ask for advice at your local DIY store. Hope that helps. If you make our chest then we definitely want to see! Send us in a picture and we'll share your story. For more great upcycling ideas, check out the full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UMd8E2tuIc
Baisakhi Dutta (1 год назад)
wl make soon
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Hey Baisakhi, so glad to hear it! We'd love to know how you get on :) Remember to subscribe for more free upcycling inspiration!
SKINxSLAYER (1 год назад)
great instructions. building one myself now.
SKINxSLAYER (1 год назад)
should have pre drilled!!
Will (8 месяцев назад)
Sikana English yeah why didn't you predrill
mailperson (1 год назад)
Sikana English (1 год назад)
Thank you for the tip! Oher than that, we hope you liked this video. The whole free pallet series is live on our site: https://www.sikana.tv/en/housing/diy-pallet
Go Build Ideas (1 год назад)
Cool Projekt! It turned out really nice! I love using this material too! Keep up the good work! 👍👍👍

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