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1 Year On Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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This is my 1 year journey on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. If you would like me to continue making videos or interested in seeing my progress in the future then please Subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (251)
Guys is just selling garbage. Doesn't mention hormone replacement topics.
Nolalyfe (6 days ago)
A person named Richard says in the description my 1 year on testosterone therapy ya dimwhit
Nolalyfe (6 days ago)
Jackscran (12 days ago)
Once a MONTH WHAT THE FUCK?? two weeks is too fucking long
Tunisian Man (19 days ago)
u' r great. thanks many times over and good luck with life.
Nolalyfe (19 days ago)
Tunisian Man you as well!
Nolalyfe (19 days ago)
Tunisian Man thank you sir!
James Jack (30 days ago)
"SEE FAR" therapy is great for anxiety, especially for those who are closed in tight spaces, cubicles and offices for long periods of time during the day. And it's just what it says, you are going outside and focusing on distances as far as possible for long periods of time, like when jogging, or bicycle riding or even touring in a vehicle. Exercising the eyes, from near to far effects your hormone levels and your "perspective". We were designed to look at things closely, and look into the distance during the day, and shift between those two distances many hundreds of times a day, to check for prey, food sources, look for enemies, etc ... and SEEING FAR reduces anxiety because your brain becomes satisfied that it knows what is "out there", and nearby. Our brain makes assessments of its surrounding and if it cannot SEE FAR, it promotes fight or flight, (anxiety), in order to keep you ready for what is coming, what you cannot see. That's how we survived for so long, looking into the distance and making assessments to gather food, to keep safe, etc ... If you are looking at four walls close by all day long ... you go insane, and this has been proven for people in solitary confinement in jails and in the military where for long periods of time people are confined in a submarine, etc ... etc ... Riding a bicycle for only 30 minutes per day, SLOWLY and just looking around will do AMAZING things for anxiety, and you get sun, which promotes natural vitamin production and of course ... the sun ... I mean ... 'nuff said.
James Jack (30 days ago)
The curcumin you are taking, does it have "bioperine", black pepper extract? And if it does, do you suffer any heartburn or acid reflux at any time, because the bioperine, (black pepper extract), that can irritate folks who suffer from GERD.
Jude Dimatteo (30 days ago)
Your very handsome do u have any pictures of before your transa
Choose A Better Name (1 month ago)
Any testicular shrinkage/ moobs issues ?
Nolalyfe (28 days ago)
Choose A Better Name none that I know of! Thank god
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
Mine is 278 and I’m only 34 but because it’s still ever so slightly above low normal they won’t treat me. Which sucks.
Krieg Gilthunder (3 days ago)
have you tried increasing naturally?
sam (6 days ago)
278 is not normal. go to another doctor. im getting treated at 283
Cheryl Ferry (1 month ago)
you're cute
Steven Trosiek (11 days ago)
He's very cute and adorable!!
ditryn (1 month ago)
I think you should try Triactin - Try acting like a man
Nolalyfe (1 month ago)
ditryn Lol 😂
Marcelino Dreams (1 month ago)
I'm starting today. Hopefully it will help.
Nolalyfe (1 month ago)
I’m sure it will definitely if you need it
toufik khan (1 month ago)
Plz call me 7017521862 india
elchulo13agt (2 months ago)
CBD OIL for mood and anxiety
elchulo13agt (2 months ago)
Injecting every week or splitting one dosage into every 3.5 days is the absolutely best protocol the reason you feeling sick is because they didn’t have you on an AI to keep your estradiol at normal levels injecting once a month even every two weeks is absolutely horrible your cypionate has a 7 day half life that means you will be on a rollercoaster ride
Juan Suarez (2 months ago)
Hit the gym or swim or something to help your body use the test to grow your muscles. Pretty sure it’ll help your body use the test in a way that will prevent it from hurting your health. Look healthy either way.
TheCue3232 (2 months ago)
Been on trt since 30. Im 37. It took 5 years to find a good dr spent thousands of dollars. You need to understand estrogen and testosterone and cortisol. Plus have your Dr's check your your D3. Plus prozac isnt anti anxiety medication typically, its anti depression. Big pharm is pushing on Dr's. Your Dr's are garbage pushing this stuff on you.
Nolalyfe (1 month ago)
TheCue3232 just sharing my story no need to act crazy on my feed
TheCue3232 (1 month ago)
Nolalyfe do you have a brain? Or is this a pathetic attempt to get likes?
Nolalyfe (2 months ago)
TheCue3232 I’m not on Prozac. Curcumin is from the spice turmeric which is used for cooking. It’s the natural Prozac. And depression is the root to anxiety
TheCue3232 (2 months ago)
Nolalyfe find a TRT DR
Nolalyfe (2 months ago)
TheCue3232 they check all my levels. But so far I haven’t had to take anything else other than testosterone. And it is anti depressant but depression usually is the root of anxiety. Took me a long time to understand that or accept it
náisiúnach (3 months ago)
Im 19, hit a peak when i was 17, my voice was like morgan freeman on steroids, then depression hit me hard for a year, my voice would change pitch constantly, my muscle mass was non existent, i was fucking miserable, only a month ago i realised it was low t (not diagnosed btw) started taking anabolic testosterone pills, I'm taking it for the last 6 days and tbh people can call bullshit on test boosters not working, well I'm a walking example that it works, first time in my life i started to grow facial hair, my bfp has dropped from 17.4% to 9.8% 1 inch increase in biceps. Just thought id share my story, some doctors will look at younger guys and laugh.
Hugo Dom (3 months ago)
How is everything going with your trt? My Dr. Wants to put me on it and I'm not to convinced.
77ponch77 (3 months ago)
Doctors keep fightin me on trt. Just wanna give me antidepressants. I got tested twice and im at 262 im 41 yrs old. Did it affect your voice? Your eyesight? How is your energy level? Clarity? Any reponse is appreciated.
The FIRMAMENT Files (1 month ago)
77ponch77 I can get you hooked up with a company that will treat you with trt
paul mryglod (1 month ago)
77ponch77 my total test was at 312 and my free test was at 9. after 200 mg of cypionate a week it has turned my life around I have the energy that I did when I was 20 and I feel so much better.
Reyes Francisco (2 months ago)
77ponch77 hey I'm also on TRT my levels where 38 ngl I had a hard time finding a good doctor I suggest u find a endochronalagist and male just tell them u have no sex drive and u are feeling depress wich Is one one of the symptoms of low t good luck if not just buy it online anything to make u feel better
Nolalyfe (2 months ago)
77ponch77 I’m not sure if all doctors are this way but mine acts like if you are below 250 then it’s low but I’m not sure about your age what it should be. I’m sure every doctor is different.
77ponch77 (2 months ago)
Nolalyfe i got my second endo appt comin up hoping they are on board. ive tested low twice already n i believe if i test low again i qualify for treatment but not sure if there are other factors to consider. fingers crossed
TechMuchHD (3 months ago)
I’m 17 and I only have 232... I hope this helps me i have a apt in 2 months for he specialist.
guywithanicename (1 month ago)
Man youre 17!!!!!! Maybe you could get another 2-3" in the next 3 years! Better suffer from low test now, than regret your size later
TechMuchHD (1 month ago)
guywithanicename well I’m finished growing, I hit puberty when I was like 12 and I’m not very tall 5,5. But yeah the apt is in a week , il update u on how it goes if anyone cares
guywithanicename (1 month ago)
TechMuchHD im not sure but i think trt can stop your heigth grow thats why take it when youre at least 25yo
Peter Johnson (4 months ago)
Wow. I know how you feel. I’m 45 and mine just came back at 99. Good video, hang in there.
daniel raczka (4 months ago)
My 2 cents, 10 plus years of effective treatment, My TT was 134 ten years ago at 50 yrs of age, tried shots, did not like for many reasons, finally went to 20% topical compounded T cream, with HCG every morning and 1/4 arimidex pill every 3 days ( eliminates estrogen rebound) my TT is between 800 and 1000, Estrogen around 20, I feel great, 6 ft 2 inches, 190 lbs I work out hard 4 times a week plus two nights of ice hockey and feel great when I wake up. Many things to consider when doing hormone replacement, SHBG, free T, estrogen, etc. Requires Male hormone panel every 3 to 6 months, Joint pain is associated with Low T not high estrogen, one of my symptoms during my low T years was joint pain, I was on Celebrex for joint pain, have been off for 9 years no joint pain at all. I could go on and on about the disinformation out there. I suggest people do the reading many studies many good resources for those who take the time to study the issue, The media is very negative on Male hormone replacement, guys, don't listen ot the media they are not looking out for your best interest. Zero relationship between male hormone replacement and cancer. Benefits are tremendous. On average, young boys go from about 100 ng/dl pre puberty to approx 1600 ng/dl post-puberty and don't get cancer, we get pimples, not cancer. 20 to 30% of male population is Low T only small percent get treatment. The compound testosterone cream is not overly expensive, about 70 per month for 20% cream, very affordable
Chris Donovan (4 months ago)
MSM Sulfur works well for joint pain also
bobby burress (4 months ago)
i am 56 and started with shots once a week my free testosterone is 19 ng/dl which is extremely low
Nolalyfe (4 months ago)
bobby burress yeah that is extremely low omg. What kind of symptoms were you having
DCD (5 months ago)
Try resveratrol and brocco max!
Jim BrennanPhotography (5 months ago)
At the age of 35 I started using testocreme a compounded formula from California. I am one of the original study patients. I used this for 12 years. At the age of 49 I had three clogged arteries and suffered a heart attack. It finally resulted in having open heart surgery. I went to the gym 5 days a week, was fit and looked in good health. Do not use this medicine. I was promised longevity and ended up with heart disease.
bingo oatmeal (1 month ago)
That's horse shit man. If you developed heart disease you were probably genetically predisposed for it. Testosterone does not cause heart disease!
TheCue3232 (2 months ago)
Dont blame trt, genetics was your downfall and your Drs lack of knowlegde about effects of trt. Dont ruin it for the rest of us.
Nolalyfe (5 months ago)
Jim BrennanPhotography yeah I worry about all the oil going into my body. I’m working on starting my own business soon and should have time to go to the gym. I might try it out. What was your original levels at? I think I do have sleep apnea now or something along those lines. Did you ever have problems with that?
Nolalyfe (5 months ago)
Ohh wow that is crazy
Jason Griffith (5 months ago)
Hey bro is like to talk to you personally am out your life and living with Low T. Do you have an email or FB to possibly talk ?
Harmonic Living 101 .com (5 months ago)
wow thats nice! I wish I could take so little. I take 1cc per week.
Josephine Clark (6 months ago)
Taking hormone replacements is certainly no longer something to be ashamed of – as they’re very popular amongst the general public. I recently went to https://www.wellmanclinic.org for testosterone substitution. It was a straightforward process. The importance of hormonal medicine should not be overlooked. These medicines are accessible to us, so why suffer when they can help us?
Andrew Jeacock (6 months ago)
What are your levels now?
Nolalyfe (6 months ago)
Andrew Jeacock 900 had to cut back tho. Starting to get side effects but nothing too crazy
Five Books (7 months ago)
Testosterone cypionate and Enanthate injections are out of your system in 2 weeks. When you were being injected once per month then the test was completely out of your system for 2 weeks before you got another injection. That’s why you felt terrible. Even injecting every 2 weeks is not often enough because your blood levels will never be constant. At 2 weeks your test will be crashing just as you get another injection but each injection takes about 5 days to kick in. You need to be injecting once per week. Some people even inject twice per week to keep levels constant. Also it’s a waste of time to do things to raise your natural test while getting testosterone injections. Your body senses The synthetic test in your system and shuts down natural test production. There’s no supplements or foods you can eat that will cause your body to make test when there’s an abundance of synthetic test already there. The test you are being injected does not add to your natural test because natural test is shut down. Synthetic test will be the only thing in your system.
T- Bone (4 months ago)
Five Books great advice thank you!! I will talk to him next appointment and see if I can do every week
Five Books (4 months ago)
T- Bone Once per week is best. He’s either giving you Test cypionate or Test Enanthate. Cypionate has a half life of 8 days and Enanthate has half life of 7 days. Not much difference between them. Both are out of your system in about 2 weeks. When you inject once every 2 weeks your blood levels are not constant and at the end of the 2 weeks you are crashing right before the next injection. It’s best to split the dosage up and inject once per week. Some even do twice per week but that’s not necessary. What may happen is if the doc pulls blood work when you come back in after 2 weeks, it may show your test level really low when in reality it may have been fine after one week. The doctor is gonna keep doing blood work and adjust your dosage until your blood work comes back at optimum levels. Problem is injecting every two weeks will have your blood levels up and down on a roller coaster. You need them constant so you can get a clear reading of your levels so you can adjust dosage to meet the desired sweet spot. Once you get the dosage dialed in then you leave it there and just monitor blood work a couple times per year.
T- Bone (4 months ago)
Five Books hey thanks for asking..I've only had the 1 injection I go next week for the second I was thinking about asking about doing them every week instead. he said it could be 5-6 weeks before I notice anything but I swear I have a shit ton more energy already..what do you think about going to once a week you do you think I should stick with every 2 until I see how this goes for awhile?
Five Books (4 months ago)
T- Bone Hey man. How are you feeling? Has TRT helped?
T- Bone (4 months ago)
Five Books thanks for all the advice....my test level is at 130 and the free level was at 3.5...I'm on 200mg I go back in 2 weeks for my 2nd one. I would like to see my levels get up to 800 or a little more. I'm hoping to hit the gym hard. I also suffer from depression and from what I hear trt can help with that and over all mood
Latin Lover (7 months ago)
just go the illegal way, test is very easy to get if you know where to get a sources, just do 250mg test every week, test will always be available and easy to find, those doctors are charging way high amounts
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
Don’t get it from China though!
Peter Johnson (4 months ago)
Five Books - I agree. Ok thanks for the advice. I’ll check it out.
Five Books (4 months ago)
Peter Johnson If you have health insurance that cover it then just get it in the states. I don’t have health insurance so meds cost me a ton. I also keep several different Antibiotics on hand that I get from European countries. No need to spend hundreds on a doctor for a sinus infection. Just keep some Bactrim on hand. It’s cheap
Five Books (4 months ago)
Peter Johnson They won’t even ask you for it. Testosterone does not need a script over there. Mexico either. If you try to give them a script they won’t know what you’re talking about.
Peter Johnson (4 months ago)
Five Books - So if I get a script I can send it overseas and they will honor it?
Jose Velazquez (8 months ago)
Hey do you feel like t therapy outweighs the risk such as prostate cancer I know your levels where extremely low or almost non existent my levels are 240 and 231 on two reading which is still low... I'm just wondering if I should do the therapy I'm tired of feeling like crap.. god bless and any feedback is appreciated.
Nolalyfe (8 months ago)
Jose Velazquez your levels are low. And yeah I mean I was pretty bad off. Didn't get bad until I turned 27 but everyone is different for sure. Just do your research and see if it's something you need. Healthy diet and exercise could change that. I would try all natural if possible but if you need it then do it.
Fernando Almaguer (8 months ago)
Do you take an AI??
Shannon Williams (8 months ago)
You guys are looking for a quick "Dr" fix and sometimes that's not the way to go, try going naturally instead of synthetically. Hope this helps all.
Nolalyfe (8 months ago)
Also I went to school to be an herbalist I wasn't planning on taking anything synthetic. It was the last thing I wanted to do but it saved my life.
Nolalyfe (8 months ago)
Shannon Williams when your natural levels are 78 and declining because your body doesn't create it.. natural stuff won't work. I have a problem in one of my testicles that causes this to happen.. but fix that naturally? Trust me I tried. My health was so bad I couldn't even walk because of it. And trust me it wasn't quick. I was severely sick for 3 years and anemic because of it.
K1 Fighter 1988 (8 months ago)
my question is does testosterone level have anything to do with weak erections? im 29 years old and i havnt got erections for two years now and i dont know what the reason is however i do have belly fat if that can be the reason.
mmmcfly100 (7 months ago)
K1 Fighter 1988 weak or no erections can be a sign of heart disease. you should speak with your doctor.
Mk Daniel (8 months ago)
Guys I need your help I’m 22 years old and my free t was 380 at 3pm and 430 at 7 am and my total is 10.5 and my TSH Is 0.51 is this low ? I suffer from ED, anxiety, hot flashes, derealization, insomnia and memory loss. Btw my dad who’s 65 years old happened to get tested at the same time and his testosterone levels were better than mine (469) and he has only one testicle ( due to some kind of disease he had). My doctor thinks I’m okay and “it’s all in my head”.
Mk Daniel (8 months ago)
Dang It thank you
Dang It (8 months ago)
You need to completly cut out porn and masturbation.Practice semen retention. Depleting your semen everyday causes low testosterone, anxiety, poor memory etc. We are in the porn generation and tats why lots of guys are having these issues
Zac Woo (8 months ago)
Does this make your hair fall out faster
77ponch77 (3 months ago)
im hoping it will bring my bald crown back to its former glory lol
Lionel Hutz (7 months ago)
Only if you're genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness
Nolalyfe (8 months ago)
Not for me. So far at least. I have hair growing everywhere more than anything
Jack (9 months ago)
I’m 18 years old and my T levels were 225 nG/dL.... my doctor wants me to wait before hopping on TRT because I could be late bloomer..... being 18 and looking 14 sucks
I Love MMA (7 months ago)
Fuck that find a new doctor
Max AFFE (8 months ago)
meetin the endo again and checking some stuff there. did a stimulation test and so on. he told he will keep an eye on me and we will meet again and again.
Jack (8 months ago)
Max AFFE what are you going to do about it?
Max AFFE (8 months ago)
i have the same problem
mims c (9 months ago)
Try Intermitten Fasting
Nolalyfe (9 months ago)
mims c I've been doing it unintentionally since 2001 so I don't think that would help a medical condition
T TIME (9 months ago)
Have you seen facial structure changes since starting the T other than just growing a beard? Like a more masculine looking face?
He who greets with Fire (3 months ago)
Old Man hendo the muscles or burns the fat in your face
Old Man hendo (3 months ago)
Yes it can. I know this because I experienced it. I wasn’t so trt though, I was taking anoblic steroids a few years ago (which I do not ever recommend) but my face became much more masculine looking. I used to have a feminine “pretty boy” face, now my jaw looks bigger and more defined and my overall face just looks more masculine. I don’t think it changes your actual bone structure but I think it changes the muscle structure of your face. People don’t realize that we actually have a lot of facial muscles
Zac Woo (4 months ago)
T TIME would your face change from higher T ?
Paul R (9 months ago)
Whats your testosterone level now, because your remaining anxiety maybe due to not having enough testosterone, a young man like you should be up in the 900s or even 1000s.
Max Cavalera (3 days ago)
Wow 900-1000 level is either u r top2 professional athlete or u r bless by god and u r on tom cruise, brad pitt and clooney level
Old Man hendo (3 months ago)
Paul R lol 900s or 1000s??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude, there are a rare amount of guys that are naturally in the 900-1000 range. Those are genetic monsters lmao. Telling someone that they should be in that range is completely ridiculous
Paul R (9 months ago)
I may try curcumin myself, as I have anxiety at the minute through low free T, iam waiting for my urologist to sort something out, do you think curcumin it's really that effective...do you use turmeric or curcumin, as I've only ever seen turmeric on store shelves.
Paul R (9 months ago)
Nolalyfe That's good to hear.
Nolalyfe (9 months ago)
Paul R my levels are much higher now since doing this video and feeling much better now. Also take curcumin daily and has helped kick the anxiety
arti alhawat (9 months ago)
bro my sperm count nill because of hypergondism can i increses with HCG injection plz telll me
TheDrMaximum (9 months ago)
Are you on propecia ? Search for propecia sides if yes
Kyle Hines (9 months ago)
Joint pain can be caused by high estradiol levels on trt
anthony roberts (9 months ago)
Kyle Hines my joints have been hurting pass 2 weeks been on TRT now 6 months do I need a estrogen blocker.
JC4 (10 months ago)
what kind of doctors do we have to go for this check?
Chris Hardy (9 months ago)
JC4 you don’t need a doctor.... order a total testosterone and free testosterone test on requestatest.com.
Guard Passer (10 months ago)
hows your hairline on TRT. any family history?
jorgehoty (10 months ago)
I need this
B Waitman (11 months ago)
If you're going to start on Turmeric I can tell you it's pretty good stuff. Sounds like you're on the right track, be sure you add fish oil with the Vitamin D as it'll enable your body to better absorb it. If you've read up on Vitamin D you're aware it really acts like a hormone and it's involved in many bodily functions. The vitamin K gets the calcium where it needs to go. Again you probably want to spend some time reading about vitamin D, K, plant based calcium supplement and a good fish oil. I'm speaking from experience and I promise you want to get a handle on these things before your health is compromised in any manner. I'd urge you to really look at your diet and perhaps you might move toward a diet of primarily whole foods. Getting away from processed meats, dairy and red meats period. Even 15-20 years ago I'd have laughed at anyone suggesting I make such changes to my diet. Well I got put on my ass and I've changed all of the above and then some. I'm looking at TRT in hopes it'll help my energy levels. I really wish I'd have understood these things 30-40 years ago I probably wouldn't be dealing with the things I am. Appears you're on the right track just keep on and it's just part of life. I'd recommend you get some blood work and have them check for C reactive proteins and your Sedimintation rate these are really good test for inflammation in your body. You don't want to ignore inflammation as it can affect everything from internal organs, your eyes, your joints, heart health it can become a big deal. If you find out now chances are very good you can manage it through diet and exercise. Like so many other things the sooner you identify these things the better off you'll be. Best of luck,
mason ward (11 months ago)
Some people backfill pregnenolone and dhea the precursors to testosterone. They could down regulate because of try. Coq10 helps support heart function while on try as well
Nolalyfe (11 months ago)
mason ward and I heard a while back that Coq10 does help. I may have to try that for sure
Nolalyfe (11 months ago)
mason ward I took dhea for a while but didn't notice anything and I've read a lot of stuff that said supplementation of dhea doesn't really make a difference. That's just my experience with that. Not sure what pregnenolone is.. can you explain?
Dennis Robinett (11 months ago)
I just started hormone therapy! Man I hope it works! I feel so low all the time!
Haze Hazee (3 months ago)
they arnt sitting on the pc anymore, probaby at the gym picking up girls! haha
Matt (7 months ago)
why do they never reply when we ask them for updates
trav v (10 months ago)
How are you feeling a month later?
Nolalyfe (11 months ago)
Dennis Robinett I hope it helps too man. It definitely sucks feeling that way
Dylan L (11 months ago)
I'm at 28. Mine says 217 ng/dL total and 6.7 ng/dL free. I'm think I'm low
elsifu85 (2 months ago)
anthony roberts changes?
Anirban Bhattacharya (2 months ago)
Light Yagami Have to take Danazol along with TRT because if you take only Danazol which decreases SHBG then after a few time it'll decrease your total T production hence also decrease your free T so you have to take it along with TRT to increase your free T as trt weekly of 200mg injectons will increase your total T to 1400 -1500 range and then with danazol it'll decrease to 600-700 range but danazol will decrease SHBG thus increasing free T. Plus total T is garbage only free T matters and if its low then you'll have go for TRT so forget about Total T and focus on free T.
Anirban Bhattacharya (2 months ago)
Dylan L Mine was 290 ng/dl total T before trt but after taking trt it came 1391 ng/dl but the ridiculous thing is the free T came 6.54 pg/ml which is very low instead of taking trt. I'm taking Danazol 100 mg daily now after the report came out of low free T along with TRT as it decreases SHBG which inreturn increases free T.
Light Yagami (3 months ago)
Guy's I have very high total test at 6.8 ng/ml (range is from 2.2 to 7) but very low free test 20pg/ml ("acceptable" range is 28 to 70). I have also very high shbg and I think that's the reason why my left free test is so low (total test is like 50% inactive with shbg). Any advice to unlock my test or lower that shbg? With my total test so high I shouldn't consider therapy right? Or should I look only on my free test?
Ezechiel Pregzt (3 months ago)
Dylan L mine was around 260ish, which is low
Marko (1 year ago)
dyel son?
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Marko I'm confused
BB Ki Vines (1 year ago)
Did it helped you get better erections? And libido? Please help me
Mister Ryan (1 month ago)
BB Ki Vines First get rid of the excessive fat and stop being A couchpotatoe. Start lifting Some weights. Your testosterone Will go up, your estrogen (elevated by being fat) Will go down. Your libido Will rise. Taking testosteron while being overweight might increase your estrogen problem. Go see A doctor Because it Sounds like your testosteron is way too low
ElJefeDeJefes ! (1 month ago)
Shit yea it gives you super morning wood. Your libido is through the roof. Your peter will rise on command and ready to go anytime. I’ve been on it for 2 years.
BB Ki Vines (1 year ago)
Nolalyfe :o dude thanks for the info dude you helped me a lot. God bless you :D
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
My libido was low for maybe 10 years. I am 30 now. but never experienced morning wood til now.
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
I'm actually trying to load a new video right now that you should check out. I definatly would say get some blood work done and ask for them to check for that. That would definatly be the first step I would suggest.
mgzone23 (1 year ago)
Brian Myers (3 months ago)
I do keto and still have anxiety. I'm getting blood work done this week. I hope I get the script and it helps.
DCD (5 months ago)
mgzone23 low carb vegan = anxiety, its not sugar its prediabetis/ir
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Joel Villarreal oh you are good bro
Joel Villarreal (1 year ago)
Nolalyfe sorry, I was trying to direct my comment to the other guy
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Joel Villarreal I think too much coffee intake is some of it but when levels are low is when it is the worst. I haven't had anxiety in 3 months and I eat sooooo much fucking sugar so I highly doubt that is my problem
StreetTruckinTitan (1 year ago)
Taking turmeric is good for any inflamation in the body. Probably dont even need the Gotu Kola?
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
StreetTruckinTitan yeah you don't need the Gotu Kola.. I just like to take it every once and a while before bed. I notice I am more centered the next day
Sean B (1 year ago)
Workout and diet. You're a hypochondriac.
Matt Frye (5 months ago)
Pretty ignorant comment.
dangerous business (7 months ago)
I'm pretty much a celeb in gaming scene. You need to work on your trigger points, it's too easy.
dangerous business (7 months ago)
Bud you are ugly af why are you preaching on bad genes and fitness? Only failures juice and give advice about juicing leave the kid alone, he is on a different path.
Tim Matthews (8 months ago)
How about lets me up Rude Guy, Ill beat the living fuck out of you
gar mar (9 months ago)
Could someone translate that to English for me?
elijah27b (1 year ago)
Sup bro? You should ask your doctor to check your DHEA levels. Really important. I had never even heard of DHEA before until my TRT doctor told me mine was low. If you have low T you might also be low in DHEA... you can buy it online or from a health food store, but the label recommends taking 1 tab a day (25 mg) which is way too low. If you end up getting some at least take 50mg or more every day. I take 100 mg. And you should look into taking boron to boost free testosterone naturally... Really cool stuff! Wish you the best!
Who Zaskin (9 months ago)
elijah27b 20 mule team
Jassi m (1 year ago)
have you used pct
Paul R (9 months ago)
Nolalyfe Pct post cycle therapy is something you won't need as you will be on trt long term, pct is something for people who cycle on and off steroids...generally who take much higher doses.
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Jassi m not sure what you are referring to
x Z (1 year ago)
How high is u T levels
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
x Z last I checked around 550
Crestan Burton (1 year ago)
Your voice is much deeper now,
Chattah Waqas (10 months ago)
Your Voice have power now, thats a big Problem That i have! How Long took it till your Voice got deeper
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Crestan Brown I know right
bdub2868 (1 year ago)
Shouldnt have had problems with small 100mgs weekly. But at the end of the day its all trial and error. Your gonna get very hairy!!! I had no chest hair...its covered completely now.
Zac Woo (4 months ago)
You got hairy from doing it ? Do you shave your chest ? I get. Good Amount of chest hair and I shave it. What else bodily differences gave you noticed?
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
bdub2868 yeah I'm taking that every 2 weeks but have been much better lately. I'm doing a text next Tuesday so we will see how I'm doing
i suggest you to get a gym membership and workout for streight 1-3 set and 6-8 reps, eat high proteine diet with moderate fats and you will ok friend
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Yeah i actually just started back working out. Its just been tough when you work 60 hours a week and only take one 5-10 minute break a day. Been doing that a year straight now. But you are right and I believe it will help! Thanks
Jake Biondi (1 year ago)
Hey man, thanks for sharing. I assume you are taking test cyp? I think you should consider taking 50-100 mg of test every 3 days. Testosterone has a very short half life and taking a smaller dose twice a week has been shown to keep one in optimal range without the highs and lows of a biweekly shot. Also, are you taking a SERM (Arimidex, Clomid, HCG)? Taking a SERM will keep your estrogen levels in check while maintaining your fertility if you want to have kids some day. I had to start TRT at 22 due to injury and have found that low dose shots at 75mg twice a week have had extreme benefits for me. I have also found that using HCG in conjuction with clomid has kept my fertility in check even with testosterone. Check out the Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual by Jay Glazer. Jay is an expert on the subject and includes research supported by numerous studies in the book. In the book I found out how to get the most out of my TRT! Good luck with the rest of your journey!!
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
My doctor will not prescribe me that much because my blood work has been coming back in the 550 range and 100mg once every 2 weeks. The studies I have seen it takes around 30 days for it to be completely out of your system. Now I will say around the 11 to the 12-day mark I do start to get really bad fatigue. I go to do more blood work mid-September and will be able to have a better idea.
aznate100 (1 year ago)
What type of Doctor do you see for TRT? I'm sure I need it.
tom mandich (7 months ago)
Nolalyfe My test levels are at 78 too and i started shitting my pants and slobbering on myself.The Doc said it is Low T.Then i started talking to myself.I have to wear a diaper now
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Mr. Roman wow mine was like 78 when I found out. What are your symptoms?
Mr. Roman (1 year ago)
you go to your primary doctor n explain. ask him if he can order a t test. if is low they will make a referral to a endocrinologist. my number was 64. super super low. im starting my treatment tomorrow . good luck.
Right Coast (1 year ago)
Have you noticed any... Shrinkage?? I know I'm low, way low, but that is one thing that worries me...
james salcido (1 year ago)
Right Coast hcg is to keep balls from shrinking and keep you producing your own T. Your nuts will shrink without but not your junk. Evrn without hcg you will hang like you did before starting trt.
Right Coast (1 year ago)
tpfmike1976 Gotcha, thanks!! That has been the one thing holding me back. I'm so ready to feel good again.
tpfmike1976 (1 year ago)
Right Coast no worries about that. I had that I got it fixed. hcg will fix it
Steven Steven (1 year ago)
you look great man! almost like a different person.
Ylse Mza (1 month ago)
interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about low testosterone effects try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great success with it.
Steven Steven (1 year ago)
Can I email you or something? I have some questions to ask.
Nolalyfe (1 year ago)
Steven Stellavato I know right?!?!

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