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Weight Loss Camps | Camp Shane Young Adult Girls

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Camp Shane Weight Loss Camps for Young Adults – Enjoy a life changing experience with fellow campers ages 18 through 25. Camp Shane is the premiere weight loss camp for kids, teens and young adults worldwide. We have experience since 1968, helping our campers achieve their health and fitness goals. All the fun of traditional summer camps mixes with the benefits of weight loss camps to ensure a memorable and unforgettable summer for each camper. Camp Shane weight loss camp urges campers the importance of nutrition and fitness knowledge in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. We don’t operate as a ‘boot camp’ and are much more supportive and nurturing than a ‘fat camp’. Here, campers learn the methods behind healthy weight loss and how to keep the weight off in the future. They meet new friends while making positive healthy life changes and still experience summer fun. Shane weight loss camps have seen successful transformations for over 20,000 campers through the years and we would love to see the same for you! www.campshane.com
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