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Victoria Coren interview (19.10.09) - TWStuff

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Victoria Coren appeared on the show to promote her new book, For Richer, for Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker. More info about it here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1847672914/dvdfevecouk-21
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Текстовые комментарии (68)
Bad Alibi (29 дней назад)
Wright is such an annoying cunt
Tim McGee (1 месяц назад)
Something about this guy's face bugs me.
Formula1Madx (1 месяц назад)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh The wright stuff Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh The wright stuff
Britta Barnes (6 месяцев назад)
I've always thought of myself as straight but Victoria makes me question my sexuality.
TRiG (Ireland) (3 дня назад)
I'm a gay guy who's a little obsessed with her.
Andrew Ongais (2 месяца назад)
I think it's her wide eyed acknowledgment of, and her ability to calculate risk and enjoy living while doing it that makes her attractive.
Porto Rico (7 месяцев назад)
All the sad little trolls on here with minds in the sewer, you sad people, the lady has a brain, and all you can think of is sex, get a bloody life you tosspots
Que Dableyou (9 месяцев назад)
god damn she's hot
James Hanscombe (10 месяцев назад)
I have no interest in gambling. I would hate to lose and if I won I would be angry that I didn't bet more.
Bad Alibi (29 дней назад)
So true. Nailed it in one, that's exactly what happens....
chf gbp (1 год назад)
totally agree with her; IT wasnt funny!
ExBruinsFan (1 год назад)
I just realized who she reminds me of - Barbara Good. I feel the same hopeless yearning.
ExBruinsFan (1 год назад)
I totally see what David sees in her. She is amazing. The kind of woman I looked for when I still had hope of being happy.
Bad Alibi (29 дней назад)
Awwww this comment is so sad!
Eleanor Taylor (2 месяца назад)
There's someone out there for you my guy, ik this was a year ago but hope you're doing ok.
joyce jennings (2 месяца назад)
ExBruinsFan never give up hope
BretN7 (10 месяцев назад)
ExBruinsFan Hows it going buddy? How’s your day?
zapfanzapfan (1 год назад)
Multi talented, funny, sexy, fearless (except the flying thing)... awesome!
missasinenomine (1 месяц назад)
Intelligent too. 1st at Oxford.
ExBruinsFan (1 год назад)
She is. Even though David Mitchell is a great guy, I hate him a little for having her.
Buzz Rock (2 года назад)
Great interview! :)
ammorreztristar (4 года назад)
Do one off our screens Victoria-you arrogant self important left wing turd ! 
Hellwyck (3 года назад)
+ammorreztristar she will if you will and we're polite enough to let you go first.
world peace (3 года назад)
+Christopher Hargreaves There is no human being on this planet that can escape judgement. Yet we only mirror each other. Everyone is called upon to act in this world - they do not create themselves. The real test of our humanity is whether we embrace or reject people for being human, having an ego, and dealing with a vast and confusing world of idea and application. We are all "up ourselves" - that is an enevitable consequence of being born. Forgive or condemn? Darken or enlighten? or should we just snuff out personalities?
Christopher Hargreaves (3 года назад)
+ammorreztristar I thought I was the only one who thought Victoria Coren was up herself. Glad I'm not alone.
world peace (3 года назад)
+ammorreztristar Are you not ashamed of your pettiness? If it is an ego you think you hate just remember we all have them and they reflect each other.
ammorreztristar (3 года назад)
Just look at her- so bloody full of herself !!!!! Its a shame mainstream television is so infested by such vainglorious, self aggrandising, arrogant pompous  Left Wing Pricks like Coren Mitchel and her talentless ilk-even more so that cunts like yourself think she's actually 'funny'. DICKHEAD ! Go away and read you Guardian Newspaper !
SWIFTzTrigger (4 года назад)
her fear of flying coach dying in a plane crash is hilarious? oh the good old british humour...  whats next a humanitarian dying of starvation? or better yet a single parent orphanage worker being murdered and leaving 5 kids to then become orphans themselves...
SWIFTzTrigger (2 года назад)
+Gone2thedogs Almost two years ago I posted that, and its being brought up again, the internet is a silly place sometimes. But am I easily offended? no. I just don't lack empathy like you psychopaths and I have a sense of honour. Just imagine if it was you or your family member in that plane. That person died a horrible death and the circumstances of their death is laughed at on national TV apparently because he dedicated himself to help people overcome their fear of flying. 
Russ Walsh (2 года назад)
apologies....it was a cheep quip, I hold my hands up ;-)  
Russ Walsh (2 года назад)
Your American aren't you?
SWIFTzTrigger (4 года назад)
+Anna LLoyd surely everything I listed was an example of irony. But someone dying isn't funny to me, dying in a plane crash is a horrific and terrifying death. I wonder how all those who find it funny would react in a similar situation...
Kathryn Ashworth (4 года назад)
not only do I lover her, this was the day after Jenson Button won the F1 world championship, was a good day for me :)
DutchDread (4 года назад)
Victoria would be a good Harley Quinn
er3L (5 лет назад)
nah, found "charlie skelton"
er3L (5 лет назад)
oh, hadn't thought of that. he's just THAT guy though.
qetoun (5 лет назад)
Victoria Coren = Queen of Hearts.
Kathryn Ashworth (5 лет назад)
no, look up Once More With Feeling, their book about it,very funny indeed
The Concise Statement (5 лет назад)
Reviewing a porn film *as an actual film* - that is, how dramatically engaging is everything that is not sex - is a fucking genius idea.
heppolo (5 лет назад)
Is her friends' (Charlie) surname Brooker?
supersesqui (5 лет назад)
This wright bloke is a type that looks as tho he is always pleased with himself...annoying...and talentless. The only person with a more annoying fixed grin is Tony Blackburn.
Joolsthejools (5 лет назад)
Does she get any better?
Kathryn Ashworth (5 лет назад)
the Jenson nerd in me is hoping they mentioned his Championship in the papers review, want her back on the show, she's ace
TheNorsePagan (5 лет назад)
Hannah Harper, she's pretty hot ;).
Kathryn Ashworth (6 лет назад)
it's weird seeing the old set :s
Silver Geordie (6 лет назад)
He couldn't do it yet we all do it when we gamble giving our taxes to government. It's no different, some are winners but most end up losers.
livein galway (6 лет назад)
I think Victoria Coren is pretty amazing!
oo0O0 (6 лет назад)
Mitchell you old dog
yalewil (6 лет назад)
Omg Mrs Mitchell!
batmanofni (6 лет назад)
David Mitchell is a lucky bugger.
Raiken Xion (6 лет назад)
Sexy woman, and she can play a good hand lol
Patrick Bateman (6 лет назад)
@JWReichert she seems rather conceited but i shall wank to her regardless, sexi fucking cunt
TheGalwayFarmer (6 лет назад)
my god she is HOT
cardigan3000 (7 лет назад)
Andrew Ballard (7 лет назад)
I'd Poker! okay gonna kill myself now.
1stcrayvenaa (7 лет назад)
I fucking hate you, David Mitchell. The only way I can beat him is if I can bed Liv Boeree... a man can only dream :L
Szaam (7 лет назад)
She's intelligent, funny, gorgeous, and into porn. David Mitchell, you have struck gold.
pennydesouza (7 лет назад)
@Kino483 Poor you - only lonely men who are always rejected by women have that attitude. Anyhow - Victoria is hot (+ talented in many different areas).
tregard (8 лет назад)
Admit it, your ears perked up when she said "porn film"
Mediumchild (8 лет назад)
her fear of flying counselor died in a plane crash omg thats hilarious
Magnus Åkesson (8 лет назад)
very rarely are women particularly funny, as sexist it might sound, but Coren is actually really funny.
AirStrikeToEutopia (8 лет назад)
I find this lady very sexy
emmawrighttome (8 лет назад)
@AdmiralBirdseye she was promoting her new book, the individual guests usually are promoting something
David Jordan (8 лет назад)
Her Dad, Allan, implied that his dad was a bit of a rogue so that's who she was probably referring to.
JWReichert (8 лет назад)
Brains and beauty....this gal has it all.
trooperJac (8 лет назад)
High intelligence and very sexy - I love this woman. drool
clintpw75 (8 лет назад)
Crikey, I don't care if she's had botox or not, if she plays her cards wrong she can have me!

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