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New South Wales Drafts Plan to Cull 90 Percent of Wild Horse Numbers
The government of New South Wales recently drafted the Wild Horse Management plan, in which the current population of Australia's iconic brumbies would be dramatically culled to protect native flora and fauna
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Salt River Wild Horse Management lays out plan
120 days to look at population, safety, studies. ◂ ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, weather, traffic, streaming video and in-depth coverage to keep you informed throughout the day. Our mission is simple. ABC15 is Taking Action to make Arizona an even better place to live. For more download the ABC15 mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-knxv Android: http://bit.ly/knxv-android
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U.S. Plans To Kill 45,000 Wild Horses
The government's worst plan ever is to kill 45,000 wild horses. Here's how we can stop them. Video by: Eli Ralston To help protect 45,000 wild horses, you can sign this petition from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: http://thedo.do/blm Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: https://www.thedodo.com/video/ Subscribe to The Dodo channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheDodoSite Follow The Dodo! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/timeline Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dodo Watch our Snapchats: https://www.snapchat.com/add/thedodo.com Love our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedodo/ Reblog us on Tumblr: http://the-dodo.tumblr.com/ Check us out on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/dodoforanimals/ For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Activist working on management plan for Pryor Mountain wild horses
Activist working on management plan for Pryor Mountain wild horses
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The Wild Mustangs of Saylor Creek
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to permanently sterilize every wild horse in Idaho's Saylor Herd Management Area. The Cloud Foundation is fighting to prevent this cruelty, and to save the herd. We are actively soliciting donations for the fight. http://thecloudfoundation.org/donate/506-save-the-wild-horses-of-saylor-creek
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Wild Horse Preservation
save Wild Horse message from viggo.
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Wild horses rounded up by helicopter in program sparking controversy
U.S. Bureau of Land Management say it's controlling the horse population but some animal rights activists say these horses could be driven to extinction.
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Trump Budget Raises Chance of Wild Horse Slaughter
According to a report, Donald Trump's budget proposal calls for saving $10 million by selling wild horses without the requirement that buyers guarantee the animals won't be then resold for slaughter. Trump's plan reportedly addresses the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and other interests who have urged the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for years to allow sales of wild horses for slaughter in order to free up room in overcrowded government corrals. Wild-horse advocates say the plan would gut nearly 50 years of protection for wild horses in the Western part of the U.S. Horse slaughterhouses are prohibited in the U.S. but legal in many other countries, including Canada and Mexico. http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/386c25518f464186bf7a2ac026580ce7/Article_2017-05-25-US--Trump%20Budget-Wild%20Horses/id-b6892bad701a477cabcf644ef43462bd http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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U.S. Bureau of Land Management Drops Plan to Sterilize 200 Wild Horses in Oregon
On Sept. 9, the Bureau of Land Management said it would not pursue experimental sterilization of about 200 wild mares at a holding facility in Oregon
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Wild Horses of Alberta Contraception Plan from Dr. Judith Samson-French  RedDeerCityTV.ca
Hi all, had a change to use the Magic Lantern 14bit MLV+Audio feb16th nightly build. The following Media Release was filmed at 1872x936 23.976p on my 5D Mark ii with Sigma 50mm f1.4 ISO100 Stop down 75% with ND fader This resolution is continuous with Lexar 64GB 1000x CF card fill buffer set to "0". So about the Video Media release, Dr. Judith Samson-French has a plan to help Ending Inhumane Culling Of Wild Horses of Alberta, Canada
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BLM’s 2017 Budget Opens Door for Wild Horse Slaughter & Sterilization
Please join us in calling on Congress to protect America’s cherished wild horses and burros by blocking the BLM's 2017 budget request that would authorize the sterilization and slaughter of these national icons. WHAT YOU CAN DO: -Sign our Change.org petition with your friends and family: wildhor.se/SayNo2Slaughter -Sign our action alert to your Representatives: -Donate towards AWHPC's legal efforts to stop this: http://wildhor.se/1RHMqcq
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Improved Management Actions are Needed to Protect Wild Horses & Burros
​​Wild horses and burros are extremely overpopulated on our nation's public rangelands. There are currently more than 64,000 horses and burros on rangelands that can only support 27,000. As a result, wild horses and burros are at risk of dying painful deaths from starvation ​and dehydration. Learn more at http://www.wildhorserange.org
Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Adoption BLM032916
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BLM Slaughter's 45000 WILD Horses
Sign the PETITION! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) voted last Friday to slaughter some 44,000 of the remaining 67,000 wild horses in the United States. SIGN PETITION HERE! https://www.change.org/p/say-no-to-mass-killing-of-wild-horses News Article http://yournewswire.com/federal-agency-votes-to-slaughter-65-of-us-wild-horses/
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National Parks and Wildlife Services - Brumby Culling Plan 2013
In 2013, the Victorian National Parks and Wildlife Services announced they were creating a Draft Management Plan to control brumby numbers in the Australian Alps. In 2000 (please excuse the typo that says 2002 in the video), the slaughter of over 600 Australian wild horses caused public outrage as media showed images of dead horses, shot dozens of times before dying and interviews held with locals who beheld the scene; finding terribly wounded animals with open wounds caused by numerous bullet holes. Though aerial culling has been banned by the Australian government since this incident, NPWS are pushing for the method to be allowed once more so they can shoot a large percentage of wild horse numbers again. There is a greate debate over brumbies regarding everything from whether they are an Australian icon, to their wild populations and to whether they really are a 'pest'. A majority of Australians feel aerial culling is traumatic and inhumane. This video goes over the NPWS reasons for wanting brumbies culled off and some of the falsities that occur in their report. There is evidence to suggest that brumbies DO NOT cause the amount of damage the NPWS states they do. Trapping, mustering, roping and fertility control are all perfectly good methods of controlling horse numbers. Why does the NPWS lean so much towards a horrific aerial cull of thousands of horses? Cheap, quick and easy is not the ethical, humane way to control numbers. Have your say: Brumby Information http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bushtelegraph/4723832 - Overview of NPWS plans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brumby - Overview of brumby's in Australia. Victorian Alps Wild Horse Management Plan and Rescources http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/alpine-national-park/plans-and-projects/victorian-alps-wild-horse-management-plan Alps Wild Horse Management Plan Email: AlpsWildHorsePlan@parks.vic.gov.au Brumby Rescues and Organisations http://www.savethebrumbies.org/ http://www.victorianbrumbyassociation.org The Guy Fawkes Brumby Massacre: http://sosnews.org/brumby.htm
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Bureau of Land Management 'Wild Horse and Burro Adoption' BLM050715
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Bureau of Land Management illegally sold horses for slaughter – investigation
A government investigation has found that the Bureau of Land Management was behind the sale of thousands of American wild horses and burros to a Colorado rancher, who then sold them south of the border, where they ended up being slaughtered. Simone Del Rosario speaks with Deniz Bolbol of the American Wild Horses Preservation Campaign about the results and whether the BLM is failing many more wild horses and animals. Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America
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Save Cloud and America's Wild Horses
Uploaded on Jul 17, 2008 ©The Cloud Foundation- Video may not be used without the express written consent of Foundation. Just the other day the Bureau of Land Management announced plans to kill thousands of wild horses that they have in holding facilities. Visit www.thecloudfoundation.org to find out what you can do to stop this and return our mustangs to the wild.
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For Wild Horses, It's Ride Or Die (HBO)
Last week congressional Republicans, led by H Morgan Griffith, revived a procedural rule from 1876 - the Holman rule - which allows any member of Congress to propose amending an appropriations bill to single out a government employee or cut a specific program. That means a federal employee’s salary could be cut to $1 and any program could be given a budget of $0. Griffith’s charge to enact the old rule came after he found out it costs $80 million to look after wild horses on federal land. VICE News travels to the open rangeland of Nevada to document how the Bureau of Land Management deals with a large scale problem plaguing open land: wild horses. Overpopulation means that the wild horses destroy the land so Bureau of Land Management officials need to corral them into pens and care for them at a high cost to the US government. From there things get complicated - activists want to train the horses so they can be adopted; some conservationists have a more hard lined idea, suggesting the horses should be killed. Read the full article here - http://bit.ly/2iSUX1M Watch: "Thousands of Indians want to reinstate a bull-taming festival and ban PETA" - http://bit.ly/2jV0GWq Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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2014 Triple B Nuisance Wild Horse Gather, Nov. 13
The helicopter pilot herds a group of wild horses into the trap. The Ely District, Egan Field Office plans to gather and remove about 70 excess wild horses from the Triple B Herd Management Area (HMA) that are damaging private property, and harassing and breeding domestic stock resulting in landowner complaints. Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Triple B HMA is 215-250 wild horses. The current population is 1,311 wild horses. For more info go to on.doi.gov/1GQFxTP.
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President's Budget Could Cut Funding For Wild Horse Programs
President Trump's proposed budget would force the Wild Horse Management Program to lose $10 million in funding. The plan would also open the door for wholesale destruction.
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Tony Lesperance - Plan to Remove Wild Horses
-Please click "more info" (above) for a complete description- ----------------------- This is an official video of a presentation by Nevada Dept. of Agriculture Director Tony Lesperance to the Nevada Legislature outlining his plans for eliminating the Virginia Range wild horses by using misleading and/or fabricated information to press his agenda. ----------------------- What you will see. ----------------------- Director Lesperance makes misleading statements about a wild horse range study. (The study involved only 85,000 acres within a horse range of over 400,000+ acres. Lesperance represents that the population recommendations for this small study area actually apply to the total horse range - some five times the size of the study area.) This misrepresentation is his justification for removing hundreds of wild horses. ----------------------- Director Lesperance misstates the involvement of the many cooperating wild horse groups, several who still hold horses at no charge in "Foster care" for the State of Nevada. ----------------------- Director Lesperance makes an unsubstantiated and appalling representation that wild horse groups were exporting horses and that there is no accountability in the adoption program. There is no evidence that any untitled horses were ever exported. The Nevada Department of Agriculture actually caused the "lack of accountability" Lesperance compains about, as the Department canceled the policy that all adoption cooperators provide details about the disposition of all adoption horses through submition of quarterly reports. ----------------------- Director Lesperance suggests that the horse adoption "market" is saturated, citing one prison horse adoption event that was adversely impacted by a significant snowstorm and closed highways. ----------------------- Director Lesperance suggests that the adoption groups have not been assisting the state when in fact they still hold horses for the state in spite of Lesperance rescinding the various cooperative agreements with the non profit groups - activities that have saved the state tens of thousands of dollars. ----------------------- Director Lesperance claims that there have been 24 horse strikes on US-50 and related roads in the past year, however no data can be found that suggests that more than a handful of these accidents involve Virginia Range wild horses. ----------------------- If Director Lesperance's comments and agenda disturb you, or if you have concerns about this issue, please contact Governor Jim Gibbons' office at (775) 684-5670 and the Nevada Department of Agriculture at (775) 688-1180 to express your views. ----------------------- Governor's web site (for web contact) http://gov.state.nv.us ----------------------- Dept. of Ag web site (for web contact) http://agri.state.nv.us ----------------------- One of the wild horse advocacy groups following this issue is the Wild Horse Preservation League of Dayton, NV. The League can be contacted at (775) 220-6806. ----------------------- The League's web site is http://www.wildhorsepl.org ----------------------- Post script: Nevada's economy is very dependent upon tourism. Ecotourism is a growing segment of Nevada's tourism industry. Wild horses are a component of rural Nevada's unique ecotourism adventure. Why would a state agency attack a component that could aid Nevada's economic recovery?
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Heber Wild Horses Born Free
Tribute to the Heber Wild Horses in Arizona who at this time are still free. While at this very time in Wyoming a roundup of 800 horses has begun. It's all about the cattle ranchers getting what they want in spite of what most Americans want. Wild horses belong in America. Please 'Like' "Heber Wild Horses" on Facebook to keep up with what is happening with Arizona's wild horses. There are so few left... Court Rules for allowing Wild Horse Roundup to Proceed Posted: 5:29 pm, September 10, 2014 by Posted by Habitat for Horses In a blow to the remaining ever dwindling wild horse population in the United States, the BLM and the State of Wyoming will be allowed to proceed with their wild horse round up. ~ HfH CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Wyoming’s favor on a wild horse management case. The Court denied a request for an emergency injunction by wild horse advocates, clearing the way for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove horses from private lands in southwest Wyoming. “Wyoming is not against wild horses on public lands, but they must be managed appropriately. Today’s ruling allows that to happen and protects Wyoming land, supports ranchers and wildlife, and it benefits wild horse populations,” Governor Matt Mead said. The BLM is planning to roundup wild horses in an area where private, federal and state lands intermingle. The BLM’s plan complies with an agreement between the BLM and a group of local ranchers. Wyoming points out unmanaged wild horse populations negatively impact habitat health on public lands. -From a press release http://www.habitatforhorses.org/court-rules-for-allowing-wild-horse-roundup-to-proceed/
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Snowy River brumbies set to be culled
A Victorian horse club has moved to protect wild horses in Kosciuszko National park in northern New South Wales as national park authorities announce plans to cull the breed.
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Save Cloud and America's Wild Horses
©The Cloud Foundation- Video may not be used without the express written consent of Foundation. Just the other day the Bureau of Land Management announced plans to kill thousands of wild horses that they have in holding facilities. Visit www.thecloudfoundation.org to find out what you can do to stop this and return our mustangs to the wild.
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Details of Pickens' sanctuary proposal and its impacts and implications to the present and future American wild horses. UPDATE: Madeleine Pickens is operating what she is calling "Mustang Monument" ON HER PRIVATE PROPERTY which adjoins this Herd Management Area, but thankfully for the Spruce Mountain wild horses, in 2014 the Bureau of Land Management elected not to go through with this project. The truly wild, free-roaming horses of Spruce Mountain are still there, thankfully, and have not been zeroed out to make way for the "ecosanctuary" proposed in this video. — Elyse Gardner Produced in partnership with DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary. For more on how you can help, contact DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary or Elyse Gardner at singingrider@gmail.com http://www.dreamcatcherhorsesanctuary.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37
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Wild Horses moving through the trees in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
The Heber Wild Horses Territory is the only wild horse Territory in Arizona. A management plan for the horses is presently being planned by the U.S. Forest Service. The fate of the horses is unknown with a cull being likely based on what we are hearing.
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Wild Horse Management on Private and Public Lands Challenges and the Wild Horse and Burro Act
Highlights: :50 Wild Horse and Burro Story 5:52 Discussion with Gus Warr, BLM Utah 17:08 Discussion with Mark Ward, UAC and J.R. Nelson, Emery County Commissioner 26:53 Final Thoughts The Wild Horse is an icon of the American West. As such they were protected under the Horse and Burro Act in 1971. 43 years later that very protection may be one of the biggest threats to Wild Horses. This week the program looks at the Wild Horse program administered by the BLM and the challenges that land managers face following rules, regulations and laws that have been put in place to protect Wild Horses. We also met with County representatives who are frustrated by the issues created by the overpopulation of Wild Horse herds. The issues on the ground affect a number of users of both Public and Private Lands. Tune into the program this Sunday at 8:30 am on ABC4UTAH to see the discussion. Or look it up on our You Tube Channel: (May not be uploaded until Sunday Morning) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLum3SCQ9mGZTvVoJgnI38np2P-oa4ernj You may also want to watch our previous discussion on County Councils from last week's show. http://youtu.be/Gv6j1yx4Sgo?list=UUutDmZVNNXEFm4J9ipI4LTg Or you can find more details from the BLM: http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/whbprogram.html Including a great documentary on the Wild Horses and Burros: http://youtu.be/eAmKRCH6908 Good Background If you think you might have a solution to the Wild Horse and Burro problem check out the BLM's prize challenge for a solution: http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/whbprogram/Prize_Challenge.html Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=thecountyseattv To sign up to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox click here: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=5xgaaniab&p=oi&m=1108537776894&sit=s9dn94ngb&f=6eb166d3-69a2-4ef3-9b95-cbaf87858350 You can watch our most recent episode here: http://www.thecountyseat.tv Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCountySeatTV Twitter: https://twitter.com/seattv Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/b/117932477921089703696/ Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thecountyseattv The County Seat Website: http://TheCountySeatTV.com/ Also watch our other channel - At Your Leisure: https://www.youtube.com/user/Boothandcompany A Chadwick Booth & Co. Production 2469 E. 7000 S. Suite 110 Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 (801) 947-8888 Fax: (801) 947-9888 You can Contact us here: http://www.thecountyseat.tv/contactus.htmll You can watch the show on these fantastic channels: http://www.4utah.com/station/listings #TheCountySeat #TCSTV #wildhorses
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Wild Horses and Burros | Bureau of Land Management | Horse Slaughter
Hay Horsey People! Did you know that Wild Horses are being rounded up, put in holding pens, and sent to slaughter under the same management group that was in charge of stopping the cruelty of Wild Horses on our public land? The Bureau of Land Management wants to take Wild Horses off of our public land forever. The law that protects them from round up and slaughter has been amended through the last 8 presidential elections. This means that slaughter houses and eradicating the wild horses from the land they have lived on for 400 years is back on the table and, once again we are fighting to protect them from all this. Stand up for the wild horses and ban all slaughter houses forever! 80% of the American people want the slaughter on wild horses to end forever! I want to spread the word to the 80% of the people who want to leave the wild horses alone and end the use of slaughter houses for good. Share this video and spread the word. Horses are my passion and if it is yours, help me stop this abuse! Our wild horses horses need us to be their voice. Horses are going to slaughter as we speak! In my area alone over 60 horses are sent to slaughter each week. http://www.goupstate.com/news/20180729/tryon-based-rescue-works-to-save-horses-from-slaughter Bill up Oct. 2018. 100,000 horses brought to slaughter and transported to Canada or Mexico. That means we have until October to do SOMETHING about all of this. I'm counting on you Horsey People! Check out the links below for my sources of info. We are running out of time. ~ Laura. **************************************************************** https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/26/ban-slaughtering-horses-meat-gets-last-minute-renewal-spending-law-trump-signed/459076002/ Slaughter houses big business: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2115.htm Obama signed into law a spending bill that restores the American horse-slaughter industry to spend money to inspect the slaughter houses so the butchered horses could be sold for meat. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/nov/30/obama-congress-restore-us-horse-slaughter-industry/ Timeline of events: https://www.horseillustrated.com/horse-resources-horse-slaughter-timeline/ Wild Horses is Wales being captured: Timeline of events: https://www.horseillustrated.com/horse-resources-horse-slaughter-timeline/ Law Suit against the BLM: https://www.courthousenews.com/feds-sued-over-plan-to-cull-wild-horses-in-nevada/ BLM 2014 clip of the Wild Horses: https://youtu.be/eAmKRCH6908 American Wild Horse Campaign Clip: https://youtu.be/RZ77q9WIR1I 2012 video of abused animals and excuse for slaughter houses-watch my video and find out my solution. https://youtu.be/8FjzMmtUc9M 2012 video. Horses were not put on this earth for food!: https://youtu.be/rsDrB5encHI **************************************************************** Thanks for watching and supporting my channel You should subscribe for more awesome videos :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZc3_tZjdetFf1UTgfi9rA Got Horse Questions? Ask them in our Forum! https://www.brelar.com/forum/ Horsey Merch https://www.brelar.com/equine-gifts Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gonetothehorses/ Stalk me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gonetothehorses/ Read My Blog https://www.brelar.com/ Email Me brelarblog@gmail.com Business inquiries only brelarbiz@gmail.com
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http://wildhorsesinwindsofchange.com/ BLM Round up, Tobin Range, Nevada, wild horse plan for extinction, Tom Gorey at round up. cows on public lands, range land management,
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Government plans to round up 800 horses
The Cloud Foundation and other animal rights groups have filed a lawsuit to block the Bureau of Land Management's planned roundup of over 800 horses at the end of the month. The BLM wants to move these horses out of Wyoming's so-called checkerboard, located in the southern part of the state. However, much of the more than one million acres in question is public land. These round ups are incredibly traumatic. For more information please visit http://www.hlntv.com/
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SOLO HNTR Podcast 012 Bighorn Sheep, Feral Horses and Habitat Management Issues
On this episode Remi and I sit down and discuss Bighorn Sheep. The conversation quickly turns to Wild or Feral Horses and the problems that they are causing to the recover and management efforts of the Bighorn Sheep in the West and Habitat management. Remi is very passionate about Bighorn Sheep. That is why we work with and support groups like the Wild Sheep Foundation and Nevada Bighorns Unlimited. None of us want to see the Wild Horse get hurt, but we also don't want to see the Wild Sheep overrun by an introduced Feral species either. The horses need to be managed and right now the government and wild horse advocates do not have a management strategy. And for that, the horses, sheep, deer and other native species suffer. HUNT GOOD,... EAT GOOD. SOLO HNTR TV & BRAND is a self-filmed documentary of extreme hunting adventures through the eyes of the HNTR. No production crews and no camera man. A self reliant, SOLO hunting adventure of personal preparation and strategy. Living out of your backpack, planning and executing the DIY hunt on your own and on public land. Instagram: https://instagram.com/solohntr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solohuntertv Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoloHunterTV SPONSORS: UNDER ARMOUR - https://www.underarmour.com YETI - http://yeti.com/ G5 OUTDOORS - http://www.g5outdoors.com/ PRIME ARCHERY - http://www.g5prime.com/ VORTEX OPTICS - http://www.vortexoptics.com/ ONXMAPS - http://onxmaps.com/hunt ADVENTURE MEDICAL - https://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/ LEARN MORE about SOLO HNTR TV & BRAND at www.solohntr.com
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Wild Horses ~ I am special, beautiful, wonderful, powerful, unstoppable, sometimes miserable...
From: waseom | Nov 17, 2006 | 5,223,350 views A percentage of each sale from the link below goes towards helping At-Risk Horses: http://tiny.cc/Horseloverz THANK YOU waseom! Song "I am" by Hillary Duff Lyrics: I'm an angel, I'm a devil I am sometimes in between I'm as bad as it can get And good as it can be Sometimes I'm a million colours Sometimes I'm black and white I am all extremes Try to figure me out you never can There's so many things I am I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful and powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am I'm someone filled with self-belief I'm haunted by self-doubt I've got all the answers I've got nothing figured out I like to be by myself I hate to be alone I'm up and I am down But that's part of the thrill Part of the plan Part of all of the things I am I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful and powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am I'm a million contradictions Sometimes I make no sense Sometimes I'm perfect Sometimes I'm a mess Sometimes I'm not sure who I am But, I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful and powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful and powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am Of all the things I am Song "I am," by Hillary Duff Please click here http://capwiz.com/aspca/issues/alert/?alertid=20591501 and fill out the quick form and click on SEND. It is free and costs you NOTHING but 30 seconds of your time. PLEASE!! The wild horses need us to send this email TODAY. I just did mine and it took me 30 seconds. I added a note to mine, but you don't have to. PLEASE YES, WE NEED YOUR ONE LETTER YES, THE WILD HORSES ARE DEPENDING ON YOU AND ME, NO ONE LEFT TO HELP THEM!! thank you!! monique :) MORE INFO BELOW: ASPCA Dear Animal Advocates, We've been updating you all year about the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) efforts to remove wild horses and burros from public lands. Once again, we're calling on animal advocates throughout the country to speak up on behalf of wild horses—this time, for at-risk herds living on public lands in Utah. The BLM is required by law to create Resource Management Plans (RMP) for certain public lands and their use. An RMP determines appropriate wild herd management levels, meaning how many horses and burros can remain on the land. It is now time for the BLM's office in Cedar City, UT, which handles ten Herd Management Areas in southern Utah, to create a new RMP. Because Utah's public lands have historically been managed to maximize livestock grazing, we are particularly concerned that this RMP will shortchange the horses who live there. While more than three million acres of designated wild horse habitat have been "zeroed out" over the past four decades, privately owned livestock graze 22 million acres of BLM-controlled lands in Utah. The BLM is accepting comments on the Cedar City RMP for a limited time only. It is critical that the agency hear from you TODAY to ensure that Utah's wild horses are not pushed out and placed in danger of being rounded up. What You Can Do Please take a few minutes to email the BLM's Cedar City Field Office and encourage the agency to adopt a responsible RMP for southern Utah's wild horses. Your support is an essential step in protecting and preserving wild horse and burro populations.
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America's Wild Horses
This documentary by Respect4Horses Productions follows the idyllic lives of the Salt River Wild Horses as well as the people who are fighting to save them. Respect4Horses is the sister company to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group which is also run by Simone Netherlands. We thank you for your support in fighting to save the Salt River Wild Horses!
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Mantle Wild Horse Adoption and Training Facility
The Mantle Family has been training and gentling wild horses for the BLM in Wheatland, Wyoming since 1998. Mantle Ranch cares for approximately 200 head of mixed-age and gender of horses. The Mantle Ranch is a family based business consisting of Steve Mantle; Bryan Mantle and Katie Sherman; and Nick Mantle and his wife Kayla. Steve started working with wild horses in the 1980’s and both Bryan and Nick have 18 years of continuous time working in the family business with the wild horses and BLM. Their operation currently uses the Internet to place over 50% of the adopted horses. The facility offers on-site, and in-person adoptions by appointment. Their training methods involve simple safety, patience, and consistency as the top priority. They spend time observing the horses behavior and then develop a training plan for each horse based on each one’s specific needs. For more information, please visit blm.gov/programs/wild-horse-and-burro
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Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro Herd Mangement Area
Take a tour of the Twin Peaks Herd Management area, the Bureau of Land Mangement's (BLM) largest wild horse and burro management area in California. The 800,000-acre Twin Peaks Herd Management Area lies along the California-Nevada border northeast of Susanville.
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Judge halts BLM roundup of wild horses at Pryor Range in Montana and Wyoming
BILLINGS- A federal judge has delayed the start of this weekend’s gather of 17 wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management in the Pryor mountains in Montana and Wyoming. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Watters on Friday sided with plaintiffs Gingers Kathrens and the Cloud Foundation in placing a 14-day halt on the roundup, which the BLM has conducted at the Pryor Mountain Horse Range three times since 2009. Watters wrote that the BLM failed to prove that the roundup would not result in the “permanent loss of genetic diversity of the Pryor Herd.” The horses in the 38,000-acre range are believed to be descended from horses transported to the United States by Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s and Crow tribal horses. Watters scheduled another hearing for September 28 to rule on a preliminary injunction to stop the roundup entirely. This spring, the BLM estimated the Pryor mustang population at 154, according to court documents. The BLM gathers the horses to prevent overgrazing and damage of the prairies. In years past, the agency has captured the animals using helicopters or bait traps, then released them to private owners or other rangelands. The horses are protected by the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act passed by Congress in 1971, which designated the BLM as the federal management responsible for managing the horses. Kahrens and the Cloud Foundation, a Colorado-based horse conservation group, filed suit against the U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who oversees the BLM, on August 17. “I hope this is a turning point for America’s beleaguered wild horse herds that have been so cruelly treated, and that the BLM will finally adopt human methods of management that take into account the essential need for family structures and the basic right to live in freedom as the Wild Horse and Burro Act intended,” Kahrens said in a written statement. MTN News sent a request for comment to the Department of Interior press office and will update this story with any response. Reported by Eric Olson – MTN News
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Horse whisperer tames wild hearts in Florence
Randy Helm is a horse whisperer who teaches inmates at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence how to tame wild horses. Through the process of training wild mustangs, the inmates learn that they too can live another way.
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Forest Service announces annihilation of the Salt River Wild Horses!
Amanda Marsh, board member of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and widow of Eric Marsh, superintendent of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots and Simone Netherlands, president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group ,make a plea to the US Forest Service to preserve the Salt River Wild Horses. An official public notice was posted by the US Forest Service to impound all horses on the Tonto National Forest, Mesa Ranger District on or after August 7th 2015. This will effectively annihalate the Salt River Wild Horses, in Mesa, Arizona. This video was taken before anyone was aware of this public notice. Please help us in asking the US Forest Service to work with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group towards a humane Salt Rive Wild Horse Management plan. Please help us in making this video go viral in order to change the course of history for the Salt River Wild Horses.
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All the Missing Horses: U.S. Gov't Selling Wild Horses to Western Dealer Linked to Slaughter
DemocracyNow.org - In a new investigation, ProPublica reporter Dave Philipps tracks what happens to many of the wild horses rounded up in the western United States by the Bureau of Land Management. A little known livestock hauler named Tom Davis is buying almost all of the horses the Bureau removes from the wild, in a program meant to maintain a sustainable balance among the herds. Like all buyers in the program, Davis signs a contract promising the animals will not be slaughtered and insists he finds them good homes. But Davis is a longtime advocate of horse slaughter and he refuses to disclose where the horses end up. Animal welfare advocates fear the horses he buys are being sent to the killing floor. To watch the entire weekday independent news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, search our vast archive, or to find more information about Democracy Now! and Amy Goodman, visit http://www.democracynow.org. FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/democracynow Twitter: @democracynow Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/democracynow Listen on SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/democracynow Daily Email News Digest: http://www.democracynow.org/subscribe Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DemocracyNow Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit http://www.democracynow.org/donate/YT
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Help Stop The Cruel Bureau Of Land Management Horse Roundups
TAKE ACTION! Contact The Bureau Of Land Management HERE and urge them to stop these roundups NOW! (951) 697-5200
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BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program
Wild horses are an iconic image of the West. Unfortunately, the horses of the west aren't native, and due to the severe conditions of many areas, they can't survive. Decades ago, the BLM implemented a plan to round up wild horses, and put them up for adoption in good homes. I was fortunate enough to go out on one of these wild horse gathers in the west desert of Utah for this story which I shot and edited for At Your Leisure.
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Ep. 31: Wild Horses & Pony Express Trail | RV Utah boondocking travel | Grand Adventure
Utah's West Desert comprises a lonely series of mountain ranges and extraordinarily flat valleys, stretching from the Wasatch Front to the Nevada border. It's home to such curiosities as the original Pony Express route, a herd of wild horses, and the military's Utah Test & Training Range. Join us as we explore this starkly beautiful area of Utah on Episode 31 of Grand Adventure! Filmed on location April 20-22, 2018. FOR MORE INFORMATION * Campsite https://goo.gl/maps/87MtVkztpwA2 * Pony Express National Historic Trail https://www.blm.gov/visit/pony-express-east-access * Onaqui Mountain Herd Management Area https://www.blm.gov/programs/wild-horse-and-burro/herd-management/herd-management-areas/utah/onaqui-mountain EQUIPMENT Gear used in the filming of this episode includes: * Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera https://amzn.to/2v26W8C * Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens https://amzn.to/2GIsDjz * DJI Osmo+ 4K video stabilized heldheld gimbal camera http://amzn.to/2xwMwRj  * DJI Mavic Pro drone for 4K aerial videography http://amzn.to/2y9CN6T * Rode VideoMicro microphone http://amzn.to/2gsf6NY * Sunpak TravelLite Pro tripod http://amzn.to/2zAwtGL  * Neweer Video Tripod Fluid Drag Pan Head https://amzn.to/2GGH4V5 * PowerDeWise Lavalier lapel microphone http://amzn.to/2y7DAVK  * Samsung Galaxy S8+ http://amzn.to/2yRhqEV  * MindShift Ultralight Dual 36L hybrid camera backpack https://amzn.to/2HXvhPy * Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 https://amzn.to/2JkNo1G * PolarPro DroneTrekker backpack https://amzn.to/2I28sut Video editing software: * Cyberlink PowerDirector http://amzn.to/2Capy8J We also use: * Movo Photo MB700 camera chest holster https://amzn.to/2HkFNjE * Vivitar DVR917HD 4K action camera https://goo.gl/URR7S3  * Monoprice MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi Action Camera http://amzn.to/2xsmnDa  * various other tripods and mounts OUR RV * 2016 Evo by Forest River T2050 (23') https://goo.gl/53a88X * 2014 Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8 https://goo.gl/NJQpbD * Renogy 200W Eclipse folding monocrystalline solar suitcase with PWM solar controller: http://amzn.to/2DfCdnC * Renogy MC-4 to SAE adapter: http://amzn.to/2DgPRqE * Halo 1500W power inverter: http://amzn.to/2Ca5Sln * Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start http://amzn.to/2zAwwCi * KING VQ4550 Tailgater portable automatic satellite TV antenna and DISH Wally HD receiver: http://amzn.to/2BDL6XR * HooToo TripMate portable 12V Internet router http://amzn.to/2BUQY3a * Mopeka LP Tank Check http://amzn.to/2xFrakI * Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater: http://amzn.to/2DVNQSa * Oxygenics Body Spa RV http://amzn.to/2AcGO9z * Large folding moon camp chairs: http://amzn.to/2DWCTzJ * Magma stainless steel Marine Kettle gas grill https://amzn.to/2Gtt90y * Magma round rail grill mount https://amzn.to/2uIjqlx * Magma low pressure control valve https://amzn.to/2Gv7cCw * Magma Marine Kettle grill cover https://amzn.to/2H6oEKG * DOZYANT 12 Feet RV Connection Hose, 3/8 inch Female Flare x 1/4 inch Full Flow Quick-Connect Male Plug https://amzn.to/2uDMxXq * 3M Command products: http://amzn.to/2BH6sUj * CleverMade CleverCrates 46 Liter collapsible storage totes: http://amzn.to/2BIuVZr * 45-gallon fresh water folding storage tank http://amzn.to/2zwrML0 * 12-volt water transfer pump http://amzn.to/2Ag3ExD * Orbit water flow meter http://amzn.to/2zKbliu * 25-foot Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose, Lead and BPA Free http://amzn.to/2zuQCuU CREDITS * All music in this episode is open source and obtained from the YouTube Audio Library http://YouTube.com/audiolibrary, or licensed from Soundstripe http://SoundStripe.com. * Additional photography by Bob Dwore. ------------ Welcome to Grand Adventure, a YouTube channel that focuses on RV-centric outdoor activities including not only of course camping, but also mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing and more, nearly always filmed in stunning 4K. We'll provide tips and insight on equipping and maintaining your RV, trip planning and travel videos to make your next adventure a grand one indeed! So, subscribe to make sure that you catch every episode, and remember...life is nothing but a Grand Adventure! ---------- CONNECT WITH US Become one of our Grand Adventurers and subscribe to our YouTube channel!  Our website: http://GrandAdventure.tv Like us! https://facebook.com/GrandAdventureRV/ Follow us! https://www.instagram.com/grand_adventure_rv/ Follow us! https://twitter.com/GrandAdventRV Find us! https://www.rvillage.com/group/2781/grand-adventure
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What States In The US Have Wild Horses?
Western States. Wild horses are found in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona and Texas. Nevada is home to more than half of the wild horse populations in North America. Me the best places to see wild horses in north america. You can see this stunning natural phenomenon only in new zealand and one u. Wild horses saved by public uproar america's wild and burros research to support the u. 10 great places to see wild horses usa todaythe future of america's wild horses the options. States that have wild horses. Government has a mustang problem science friday. Descended from animals brought over by the spanish in 1500s, they roam 16 sep 2016 you may have seen alarming headlines while scrolling through your facebook feed this week u. More recently, blm needs have expanded to include broader ecological information support wild horse and burro management. The united states national park service manages the maryland herd, while virginia herd is managed by chincoteague volunteer fire company. They're not huge, but they're super hardy, says newman, who rode on horseback to get a glimpse. Us government no plans to kill 45000 wild horses the denver posthistory of black hills horse sanctuary. State the horses are split into two main herds. Googleusercontent search. These feral herds remain untamed and have grown accustomed to the tough living conditions on island, which include hot 26 aug 2013 america has way, way too many horses, according a new study published in science, it could cost u. 17 sep 2015 although management efforts have not been without controversy, today, there are approximately 60,000 free roaming horses in the united states and canada combined. Here are some solutions for keeping herds and rangelands healthy 6 feb 2017 without the budget or facilities to round up hold enough horses equal birth rate, population in wild has increased nearly three times at passing of wh&b act, free roaming burros were found on 53. Wild horses in north america where you can still see them are there wild horses? American west is being overrun by the week. Herd, which is allowed to graze on chincoteague national wildlife refuge, through a special use permit issued by the u. The national forest service administer the 55 million acres that have been designated by law to be devoted principally welfare of wild horses and burros 14 mar 2017 'wild' on assateague are actually feral animals, meaning they descendants domestic animals reverted a state. Travel states that have wild horses in the eastern kbr horse net. SStates that have wild horses the best places to see in north america. Million of which were to have the best chances seeing horses on their over 38,000 acre refuge, stop in at pryor mountain wild mustang center lowell, wyoming, where you can find out most recent reported location herd. Where horses gathered 14 jul 2017 the 50th state typically conjures up visions of palm trees and hula dancers, but big island's
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Controversy heats up over plan to move wild horses
Horses to be removed from Tonto National Forest. ◂ ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, weather, traffic, streaming video and in-depth coverage to keep you informed throughout the day. Our mission is simple. ABC15 is Taking Action to make Arizona an even better place to live. For more download the ABC15 mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-knxv Android: http://bit.ly/knxv-android
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UK Against Wild Horse Round Ups in America
Please speak up now before the Wild Horses are gone forever... Media Advisory - International March for Mustangs came to London this week! Rally in London supported simultaneous marches in Washington D.C., Las Vegas and Los Angeles, on Thursday 25th March, 11am- 2.00pm, Outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, UK, March 25, 2010— Singer/songwriter Maria Daines, and actress and advocate Melita Morgan, lead supporters from across the UK to protest the massive round ups and removals of Americas iconic wild horse and burro herds, ordered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which now threaten the very existence of Americas wild horses. Over 100 herds have been completely zeroed out by the BLM, and independent analysis of the Bureau of Land Managements own figures show there may be as few as 15,000 wild horses now left on their protected wild public lands, outnumbered by cattle 100:1 on public lands. The justification for the removals, that the land is so poor the horses are starving, has been disproved by thousands of pictures of healthy animals being rounded up, especially as cattle replace them by the thousands through public lands grazing schemes. Mary Alice Pollard, Founder, Cornwall's Voice for Animals, says: 'One of the beautiful visions that come to mind when I think about America, are the wild horses. I cannot imagine this world without them. I don't want my grandchildren or their children to grow up reading about them in history books! They all deserve our love, respect and protection, UK supporters have been mobilized by reports of the continuing daily death toll from the latest grueling mid winter round up in the Calico Mountain Complex in Nevada. So far 79 mustangs have died and counting, at least two foals have had their hooves literally run off, and nearly 40 females have aborted their late term foals in the Fallon, Nevada holding pens, after being chased for over 10 miles by helicopter over rocky midwinter terrain. The death toll rises daily, and despite repeated requests from wild horse advocate groups, and a public commitment to transparency from the director of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, Don Glenn, neither humane observers nor the public are permitted to observe the branding and BLM processing currently underway as the death toll continues to rise. Award-winning Actress and advocate, Wendie Malick, who will headline the press conference at the Washington D.C. protest explains: "We are coming together to save America's wild horses, who are in grave danger of disappearing from our public lands, we are calling for an immediate moratorium on all roundups, which have proven to be inhumane, expensive, and unnecessary." Advocates and members of the public worldwide are disgusted with the treatment of Americas wild horses and burros and are protesting Salazar's expensive plan for the removal and destruction of the last American wild mustang herds, adds Ginger Kathrens, Director of The Cloud Foundation. Building on over 25 protests in the U.S., Maria Daines, singer/songwriter, and board member of Saving Americas Horses , and actress and advocate Melita Morgan, CVFA Patron, lead the London protest in front of the U.S. Embassy, calling for the protection and preservation of the worlds beloved American mustangs, and a moratorium on the round ups. The rally was organized by The UK Friends of Cloud, Cornwalls Voice for Animals, Maria Daines, and co-sponsored by The Equine Welfare Alliance and The Cloud Foundation. Maria Daines commented, If we do not stand as one on issues that affect all species whose purpose is to live wild and free, we cannot expect our own species to evolve in a compassionate and considerate way towards each other. Wild horses deserve their time and place, they deserve our protection and we must exist peacefully with these glorious creatures or risk losing them forever. On Thursday, London voices rang out with United We Stand! Obama, hear our voices—protect Americas horses! to bring this urgent message to the UK and the rest of the world. The London Rally took place from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Media Contacts: Mary Alice Pollard, Founder, Cornwall's Voice for Animals cvfa.uk@virgin.net Tel: 01 872 580 429 Makendra Silverman Makendra@TheCloudFoundation.org Tel: 001 719-351-8187 Equine Welfare Alliance vickitobin@earthlink.net A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead
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SAVE our LIVING memory - The Snowy Mountains Wild Brumby
Within Australia, our Government along with National Parks & Wildlife Service's have waged over a decade long,a battle to eradicate the Brumby population down to a mere 600 as announced this year via their 2016 Wild Horse Management Plan. Countless Tax payers dollars in Aerial Culls, Trapping and sending to slaughter and shamefully promoting propaganda; myths to distract and scapegoat from the real management issues. These issues include Rabbit, Pig, Deer, Wild Dog, Cat and weed control. While Brumbies are blamed for frog declines and destruction of bogs, more damaging and less complimentary to the ecology of the Park above mentioned pests have not had the attention the brumbies have nor the investment in eradication. Nor have the destructive human contributors been as marginally pursued! Brumbies have become a gazetted excuse for Parks inability to manage precious Public Lands. While at tourist NPWS sites you may swim with endangered frogs for a entry fee, Brumbies are Headlined as " Cannibals" in a beyond embarrassing Government funded 'scientific research study'. The Brumby, though maintaining the lawns and corridors emulated a system developed 1000's years prior to white occupation in the form of Indigenious Land Management i.e Burning.Thus opening the most nutrient rich graze for the access of too many to mention. Snowy Brumbies serve as a keystone in the modern dynamic of the Alpine Ecology for flora and fauna, bringing it somewhat as close to pre European settlement as anyone is likely to know. Their contribution and origins to this country accounted for over history in the settling and developing, exploring, farming and later in the defense of this country we call Australia - 2 wars. To the Tourist and Economic value of our Historical image 'The Man From Snowy River ' to all alike, mountain men, women and children still living there today. These horses are our Pony Club mounts, our living History, Our Pride and our Culture. They belong to ALL Australians For all Australians to Enjoy, not trucked off like stolen children. The Numbers have been inflated by Government funded studies, their impact results a persecution like no other species, and money resources should be made like any other tourist venture and Cultural Icon to preserve these animals in an appropriate space! Australian's being routinely IGNORED and our TAX EXPENSE ! SAY NO to Culling the Snowy Brumby and creating just another memory. Contact your local Minister, Brumby Rescue or Advocate or even National Parks Direct and demand a better deal for Brumbies.
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Borba vs. BLM - Part 1
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for controlling the wild horse population in the United States. Unfortunately, they have failed to do their jobs as overpopulation has reached dangerous levels in certain areas. The land in these overpopulated areas is barren, and there is no food for cattle, wildlife, or horses that populate it. This mismanagement hurts both the horses and the ranchers whose livelihoods are being taken away by the BLM. In Part 1 of our series, Kevin Borba, one of these ranchers, faces the hardships brought about by poor BLM decisions.
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Kiandra Brumby Challenge 2015
The Kiandra Brumby Challenge 2015. An initiative by Battle on the Bidgee to save brumbies who have been removed from the Kosciuszko National Park via the National Parks Plan of Management.
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10-30-12 Elyse Gardner Public Comment at Nat'l Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Brd Mtg
Elyse Gardner urges the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory board to adopt a policy against removing wild horses, or diminishing their legal habitat, on public lands in order to create the Pickens "Sanctuary" or any future sanctuaries on the public lands they presently occupy (called Herd Management Areas "HMAs") which were designated for them under the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse & Burro Act; and, -- urges the Board to terminate the contract of a dangerous, inexperienced helicopter wild horse roundup crew called Sun-J who she has witnessed during roundups; and -- urges the Board to recommend that Congress investigate BLM's sale of wild horses to a known killer-buyer who ships horses to slaughter. Elyse is speaking on behalf of Humane Observer and DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary, and their many subscribers and supporters. For more information, go to http://humaneobserver.blogspot.com and/or http://dreamcatcherhorsesanctuary.org
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