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Retirement Plan Administration
Making decisions for your church, non-profit, government, or public education retirement plans. Meeting compliance demands, getting the customer service you need. We discuss it all here as an overview for 403(b), 403(b) Special Pay, 457(b), 401(k), and 401(a) plans.
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Top Investment Strategies
This video discusses some of the top investment strategies for your self-directed IRAs and other plans. Quest IRA, Inc. is a third party administrator of self-directed IRAs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, as well as Mason, Michigan. Quest IRA, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration services. Quest IRA has been in business since 2003 with over $600MM in assets under management. As a neutral party, Quest IRA does not offer any investments and therefore has no conflicts of interest with what our clients want to do with their IRAs. Quest allows you to be in total control of your retirement wealth. http://www.questira.com 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77084 P: 281.492.3434 F: 281.646.9701 Toll Free: 800.320.5950 or 1-855-FUN-IRAS Contact us NOW to get more self-directed IRA information or e-mail us at your convenience at info@QuestIra.com
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"The Lil' IRA That Could"
Many people think that they don't have enough money to get started with self-directed retirement accounts. Quest IRA, Inc. believes that as long as you have the education and information, you have all the money you need to get start. In this previously recorded webinar we show you how you can take $1000 and with knowledge, education and information you can grow that $1000 to over $119,000 in three years. We use actual client example in this informative educational class. It is never too late to start taking control of your retirement, so don't miss this opportunity to see what others have done and, hopefully, provide some ideas for yourself on how you can grow your retirement account. Quest IRA, Inc. is a third party administrator of self-directed IRAs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, as well as Mason, Michigan. Quest IRA, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration services. Quest IRA has been in business since 2003 with over $600MM in assets under management. As a neutral party, Quest IRA does not offer any investments and therefore has no conflicts of interest with what our clients want to do with their IRAs. Quest allows you to be in total control of your retirement wealth. http://www.questira.com 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77084 P: 281.492.3434 F: 281.646.9701 Toll Free: 800.320.5950 or 1-855-FUN-IRAS Contact us NOW to get more self-directed IRA information or e-mail us at your convenience at info@QuestIra.com
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Eric Mattingly of Diversified Metroplex Investors talks about his experience with Quest IRA
Eric Mattingly of Diversified Metroplex Investors shares his thoughts about working with Quest IRA Inc.. Quest IRA, Inc. is a third party administrator of self-directed IRAs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, as well as Mason, Michigan. Quest IRA, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration services. Quest IRA has been in business since 2003 with over $600MM in assets under management. As a neutral party, Quest IRA does not offer any investments and therefore has no conflicts of interest with what our clients want to do with their IRAs. Quest allows you to be in total control of your retirement wealth. http://www.questira.com 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77084 P: 281.492.3434 F: 281.646.9701 Toll Free: 800.320.5950 or 1-855-FUN-IRAS Contact us NOW to get more self-directed IRA information or e-mail us at your convenience at info@QuestIra.com
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Precious Metals IRA | A Popular Retirement Investment - Precious Metals IRA 101
http://www.regalassets.com/a/2014/ Precious Metals IRA | A Popular Retirement Investment - Precious Metals IRA 101 Some people are not aware that you can hold precious metals in an ira account. Precious Metal Investments you are allowed to hold in an IRA account can include: - Physical metals. - Certificates of precious metals. - Exchange traded funds (ETF's). - Closed end funds (CEF's). - Private funds. There's a lot to learn before you begin investing with precious metals. Things such as: - What types of physical precious metals are allowed into an IRA? - Allowed coins for an IRA. - What is bullion and what is acceptable for an IRA. - IRS storage requirements. - How to place your metals into an IRA account. Then you need to know What types of physical precious metals can be held in an IRA? - Gold bullion. - Gold coins. - Silver bullion. - Silver coins. - Platinum coins. - Palladium coins. You may also wonder if you can hold these types of coins in your IRA: - Gold US American Eagles. - Gold Australian Kangaroos. - Gold Canadian Maple Leafs. - Gold Austrian Philharmonic's. - Silver US American Silver Eagles. - Silver Australian Kookaburra. - Silver Canadian Silver Maple Leafs. - Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion. - American & Canadian Platinum or Palladium minted one ounce coins. Then you ask what gold bullion is and if it is allowed in an IRA account or not. Bullion is considered to be bars and rounds manufactured by a NYMEX or COMEX approved refiner/assayer or national government mint that meets or exceeds these minimum fineness requirements. - Gold - fineness of 99.5% or better. - Silver - fineness of 99.99% or better. - Platinum - fineness of 99.95% or better. - Palladium - fineness of 99.95% or better. You will also need to be aware of the IRS Storage Requirements for your precious metals because When you fund an IRA with gold, silver, platinium or palladium the IRS requires you to store your investment in a vault considered "safe for your investment". Vault segregated storage is where your investment is separated from everyone else's inside a secure vault. This type of storage is really the only approved storage you can have when your metals are held in an IRA. An IRA administrator will open a segregated storage account on behalf of your IRA. When your investments have been purchased the dealer will deliver your investment to the vault you have chosen. You are not allowed to take physical possession of that investment. Even though you have a Self Directed IRA it is a good idea to have an Account Administrator. Let me first let you know that funding an IRA account with precious metal cannot be done by most IRA administrators and you need to have a "self directed" IRA account set up for this type of investment. Therefore, you will need to find an IRA Administrator who specializes in self directed IRA's and precious metal investments because not all IRA administrators will handle deposits made from physical gold or silver. How to place precious metals into an IRA account: Once your new or existing IRA account is be set up with an administrator that specializes in self direction and precious metals, you will have your account funded by having your specific investment purchased on your behalf by your administrator or you will make the purchase yourself and have your investment directed into your IRA account depending on your IRA administrator. Once your investment is under the care of your administrator you will have segregated vault storage of your gold and silver which are held in your IRA account name through the administrator of your self directed IRA. Sometimes you have a choice of where you want your investment held other times it is up to the contracted vault your administrator uses. IRS rules do not allow you to personally hold these types of metal assets in your IRA account. It must be overseen by a third party, an IRA plan administrator. To learn more about a precious metals ira, visit my site: http://www.regalassets.com/a/2014/ Helpful Search Terms for Precious Metals IRA precious metals ira reviews precious metals ira rules precious metals ira wiki precious metals ira custodian reviews precious metals roth ira gold ira self directed ira gold retirement investment gold backed ira precious metals ira http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayYpYhnY3Hc
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What Is A Trustee In Banking?
Our personal fifth third bank provides trust administration and estate services that help you plan for your future, protect family, distribute assets Role of as trustee academike lawctopus. Trust account? Definition and meaning businessdictionary trust administration structure of banks trusts in japan companies functions trustee bank services first financial. Role of bank as trustee academike lawctopus. A savings account established under a trust agreement whereby trustee and company administration services equip you to preserve grow your wealth, helping family enjoy financial success across generations is an arrangement wherein settlor transfers property such as money or real estate in accordance with the terms of (for example, bank intermediary responsible for day flow funds banking facilities guidelines directions issued by legal structure set up order transfer assets advantageously beneficiaries often spouse, children, grandchildren charity. To establish need to hold money on behalf of your clients? An rbc business trust account is easy use, with comprehensive instructions for administration at bank texas, we have a wide range fiduciary services help you financial goals whether you're setting up trust, private foundation, commercial bank's department here and loved ones. A trustee may be appointed for a wide variety of purposes, such as in the case bankruptcy, charity, trust fund or certain types retirement plans pensions bank account is used mostly to control assets on behalf third party owner. What does a trustee do? Texas bank and trust. The bank trust account is a useful way to convey and control assets on behalf of third party owner. Business trust account rbc royal bank. Why should i consider a bank as trustee of my trust? . What is a bank trust account? Securionpay. Role of bank as trustee academike lawctopus role "imx0m" url? Q webcache. 10 may 2015 the apparent and most obvious benefit that one derives by impleading the bank liable as a trustee is of separation of funds from the general in a trust account, a trustee controls funds for the benefit of another party an individual or a group. For example, it allows a trustee to control what happens with the assets of an estate 8 jan 2018 is individual, bank or other financial institution, that serves as fiduciary who manages property and placed in trust legal term which, its broadest sense, synonym for anyone position corporate trustees, typically departments at large banks, often have very narrow duties, limited those indenture explicitly defines company corporation, especially commercial bank, organized perform trusts agencies. Types of trustees and what they do the balancetrust company wikipedia. It is normally owned by one of three a 'reasonable' fee for an individual trustee often no different than bank. Therefore, an attempt to save the trust from paying fees so you've decided on a plan. Trustee investopedia. Most banks offer trust accounts as an optional service a trustee is pers
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Millionaire Educator - Financial Independence on Teachers' Salaries
http://www.madfientist.com - Ed Mills from http://MillionaireEducator.com joined me for an episode of the Financial Independence Podcast to talk about how he and his wife saved nearly a million dollars in just 16 years…on teachers’ salaries! We get into some really interesting tax-avoidance and geographic-arbitrage strategies so if you want to learn ways to drastically increase your income and savings rate, this episode is for you! HIGHLIGHTS - Using international and domestic geographic arbitrage to increase income - How to save $250,000 in 3 years on teachers’ salaries - Setting up SEPP 72(t) distributions to access retirement account funds before standard retirement age - Going from $0 net worth to nearly $1 million in just 16 years - Living off 457(b) funds while fully funding other tax-deductible accounts SHOW LINK http://www.madfientist.com/millionaire-educator-interview/
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Quest IRA President H. Quincy Long on the Lifetime Network
These are tough times. The stock market can be volatile, and there's a lot of uncertainty when investing. People who are trying to save for retirement may need guidance on how to take control of their hard earned dollars. Traditional or non-traditional investments? That is the question. Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, Mutual Funds -- all traditional. A self-directed IRA frees up people's IRAs so they can invest in whatever they know best -- considered non-traditional: • Buy Real Estate or loan money secured by real estate in your IRA • Purchase tangible assets like real estate, precious metals • Oil and gas interests • Private company stock • LLC membership interests • Limited partner shares • Use your IRA & 401(k) to invest in something other than stocks, bonds and mutual funds Quest IRA is one of the premier self-directed IRA third party administrators in the country. A self-directed IRA can help you achieve a safer and more secure retirement. In addition to investing your own IRA for your family's future, you can use OPI -- Other People's IRAs -- to make investments personally that feed your family now. The Internal Revenue Code does not tell you what investments you can make within your IRA, only what you cannot invest in, and there are very few restrictions. Quest IRA, Inc. is set up to handle the administration of those non-traditional investments that you cannot invest in with a more traditional brokerage style of retirement account. "Since starting the company 10 years ago I have always had a passion for educating the public about their TRUE investment options in IRAs & 401(k)s. The partnership with The Balancing Act® will only allow me to further that passion of education," said, H. Quincy Long, President and Owner, Quest IRA. Take control of your retirement dollars today with a self-directed IRA! Quest IRA, Inc. is a third party administrator of self-directed IRAs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, as well as Mason, Michigan. Quest IRA, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration services. Quest IRA has been in business since 2003 with over $600MM in assets under management. As a neutral party, Quest IRA does not offer any investments and therefore has no conflicts of interest with what our clients want to do with their IRAs. Quest allows you to be in total control of your retirement wealth. http://www.questira.com 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77084 P: 281.492.3434 F: 281.646.9701 Toll Free: 800.320.5950 or 1-855-FUN-IRAS Contact us NOW to get more self-directed IRA information or e-mail us at your convenience at info@QuestIra.com
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UT Benefits for Newly Retired Employees (Plan Year 2014-2015)
This video provides an overview of UT Benefits for newly retired employees of the University of Texas System.
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Robert E. Lee in the Post-War Years (Lecture)
Gettysburg National Military Park Ranger Matt Atkinson examines the post-war life of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Subjects discussed include Lee's tenure at Washington College (now Washington and Lee University), his role in reconciliation, and the general's famous refusal to discuss the events of the American Civil War.
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How Long Does a Louisiana Probate Take To Complete?
Another tough question to accurately answer is, "How long does it take to complete a Louisiana probate? However, most people who go through it complain that it takes too long. There are many factors that affect how long of a process the court-supervised Louisiana Succession takes. The following are eight or so factors that affect the length of time it takes to complete a Louisiana probate: (1) How organized and cooperative all of the parties are. Generally, there is a lot of information that must be gathered, organized, and maintained, in order to complete a Louisiana Succession. In addition, the parties that are involved will need to sign off on different matters related to the Louisiana probate. The more organized and cooperative the parties are, the easier it is to get things done. (2) The quality of the plan put together by the attorney and heirs. Since there are often many steps involved in a Louisiana Succession, it can save time when the attorney lays out all of the steps that are involved, and communicates those steps and processes to the parties, so that there is no confusion as the steps are checked off. However, often, new matters creep up during a probate process and even the best laid plans must change. (3) How quickly family and assets information is obtained. Assets must be valued. Estate debts and administration expenses must be determined. Detailed asset and debt lists are prepared for the court to review prior to disbursements being authorized. (4) How prompt is the attorney? Another factor that affect probate length of time is how prompt and efficient is the attorney in gathering information, preparing court pleadings, submitting pleadings and other paperwork to the heirs for notarized signatures, and filing and processing all of the court paperwork. (5) How quickly the parish clerk of court processes court pleadings and court orders. The parish clerk of court, and their employees, can play a significant role in determining how quickly a Louisiana Succession or Probate gets done. (6) Is the judge staying on top of it? No Louisiana Succession is complete without a judge and his or her law clerk and staff reviewing the submitted court orders for accuracy. Sometimes the judicial system gets backed up causing further delay in the completion of the Louisiana Succession or Probate matter. (7) How quickly financial institutions react. The financial institutions (banks and brokerage firms, for example) must get their legal departments involved to review court orders and authorize disbursements to the executor or to the heirs. (8) Completing paperwork, in general. Successions in Louisiana can require extensive paperwork. How quickly all of this paperwork gets processed accurately affects the length of time it takes to complete the matter. In addition, there are at least three other circusmtances that can cause a Louisiana Probate or Succession to last years, if not never conclude. The first is if at least one of the parties is uncooperative. Second, if if there are federal estate tax consequences. The preparation and filing of a federal estate tax return prolongs everything due to the appraisal requirements and the IRS filing and recordkeeping requirements. Third, if additional information or assets is discovered after you are winding things down. If you missed an asset, for example, or you find a more recent will, then it complicates the completion of the Louisiana Succession. So, it's really difficult to predict how long it will take. Pro-probate lawyers will argue that it's not that bad and it doesn't take too long. However, consumers who have experienced many of the frustrations of probate typically rush to set up their estate planning program so that probate is avoided when they pass away.
UT Benefits for Newly Retired Employees (Plan Year 2013-2014)
This video provides an overview of UT Benefits for newly retired employees of the University of Texas System.
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School Inc. Episode 2: Push or Pull - Full Video
Education policy analyst Andrew Coulson travels to Michigan’s prestigious Cranbrook High School, one of the top ten private high schools in America, in “Push or Pull,” the second episode of School, Inc. Cranbrook -- and other excellent private schools in America --typically don’t “scale-up” to replicate their excellence on a larger scale and serve more students. So, is there someplace else where scaling up excellence is happening? The answer is “yes” and it is in America’s charter schools. But when charter schools compete with public schools, there is often trouble ahead. From those involved we hear how the Sabis School, tremendously successful in Springfield, Massachusetts, was prevented from operating in nearby Brockton, because a school superintendent decided such excellence was simply not in the best interest of his public school. For six years the American Indian Charter School, part of a small network of California charter schools, ranked among the top middle schools in California. But in the spring of 2013 the Oakland Public School District voted to shut down all three American Indian Schools, because the charter school had chosen to use its own special education services, and not those controlled by the state; that resulted in a loss of revenue to the public school system. Not every story has a negative outcome. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the city’s vibrant charter schools came to the rescue, and provided the facilities and services which other schools needed to get back on their feet. Finally, Coulson travels to South America, for a comparison of how the success of Chile’s wine industry sets the scene for the growth of the country’s successful private school networks. Chile’s private schools consistently outperform schools in all other Latin American countries, but trouble is always on the horizon. Still the private school networks of Chile provide a note of optimism in Andrew Coulson’s journey to discover the secrets of School, Inc. Check out our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/FreeToChooseNetwork Visit our media website to find other programs here: http://www.freetochoosemedia.org/index.php Connect with us on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/FreeToChooseNet Learn more about our company here: http://www.freetochoosenetwork.org Shop for related products here: http://www.freetochoose.net Stream from FreeToChoose.TV here: http://www.freetochoose.tv Connect with us on LinkedIn here: http://www.linkedin.com/company/free-to-choose-network?trk=top_nav_home
Stanford Health Policy Forum: Controlling the Cost of Healthcare
The United States health care system is a $3 trillion enterprise, the largest in the developed world. Yet Americans often experience more severe access and quality problems, and spend much more for the same procedures and medications, than patients in other countries. Projections of the future cost of health care are unsustainable, yet many well-intended cost-control efforts have been ineffective. This forum features two renowned experts who will discuss the causes of and potential solutions to the extraordinary cost of American health care. Physician, journalist and Stanford alum Elisabeth Rosenthal has drawn national attention to the issue through her widely praised “Paying Till It Hurts” series in the New York Times. She will be joined by Professor Doug Owens, the director of Stanford’s Center for Health Policy and an expert in health care cost-effectiveness research. Speakers: Doug Owens, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Paul Costello http://med.stanford.edu/healthpolicyforum.html
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Employee Response Center
Our trained benefits administrators answer your employees’ phone calls, giving them a vehicle for benefits support without draining your HR staff.
3 Critical Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim
http://socialsecuritydisabilityassist.com Call Cincinnati Social security Disability Attorney at 513-621-2345 for free consult. No fee unless we recover benefits for you. Avoid the three critical mistakes that can ruin your social security disability claim. He explains how to avoid these mistakes and steps you can take to maximize your chance of winning your social security disability case. http://www.castellilaw.com/TOCSocialSecurityDisability.html call tony at 513-621-2345 for a free consultation Cincinnati Social Security Disability Lawyer Help For Your SSDI Application Also check his social security disability blog http://socialsecuritydisabilityattorneycinci.blogspot.com/ In addition his social security disability attorney video with access to the most critical piece of evidence when it comes to winning your social security application SSDI or SSI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ3dbKODIzw Anthony Castelli Attorney Social Security Disability Lawyer in Cincinnati 8170 Corporate Park Drive #220 Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio ssi lawyer Social security disability attorney Apply for social security disability benefits in Ohio Cincinnati ssi Lawyer Columbus Ohio disability lawyer SSDI disability lawyer help For more information and to get an opinion if you qualify for Social security disability benefits go to http://socialsecuritydisabilityassist.com Legal Advertising. No attorney client relationship established unless a written fee contract is signed. Get the help of a social security disability lawyer
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Why is it so hard to tell the truth about #disability #insurance? Work.Love.Play.Daily 60 #hr
This video blog is a follow-up to my HR Executive (client) benefits column called, "Integrating Employee Benefits." - http://bit.ly/jDcU4V In this column, I include a discussion around the integration of short-term and long-term disability (STD and LTD) benefits - going from a time in the 1980's when STD benefits were paid by the health insurance claim examiner and LTD benefits were seen largely as a financial insurance benefit like retirement benefits. When STD and LTD claim management was combined, the theory was that the duration of employee absences would decrease since there would be focused management of time away from work. - and, in turn, long-term disability claim incidence would go down. It was a great hypothesis and make complete logical sense. Once in place, however, something unexpected happened, and continues to happen more than two decades later - LTD claim incidence goes up when the STD is managed by the same TPA or disability claim insurer. Why? No one is 100 percent certain. There are a few theories and you can read about them in the column if you're interested. The more important question is, why don't disability insurers and third-party administrators openly discuss this result with employers and employee benefits brokers and consultants? I think there are a number of reasons. Here are a few: - It's hard to admit when you are wrong. When we're testing a theory, whether we're proven right or wrong, the information is still important. Yet, we are really uncomfortable in telling people that our hunch didn't pan out. Part of that has something to do with us and how we're made up. Part of that is our anticipated reaction from you - the receiver of the information. If you thought our hypothesis was solid and we come back with information that also proves your thinking as incorrect, you may blame us. You may think that we simply didn't do the research or the experiment correctly. And, in a business environment, you will move your business to a competitor who claims they can get a better outcome - even if they can't. - Which leads to the other reason why, sometimes, it's hard to tell the truth. I may lose business. And, I can't afford to do that. So, I hold back the information. I don't actually lie. I simply don't tell you everything I know. - A third reason I may not tell the truth is because I simply don't know the truth. I have no theories or hypotheses in place to test. I go about my business the way I always have and don't think about testing the logic or looking for a better way. Now, this isn't the case with the relationship between STD and LTD claim management. Essentially, everyone within the insurance and TPA side knows this phenomenon is true. They just aren't sure why it's true. Maybe that's another reason why no one discusses it. Since we don't talk about it openly, it makes it hard to test other hypotheses. Some disability insurance carriers are quietly testing the other approaches to claim management to see if they get different outcomes. One of these approaches is to have different contractual definitions of disability throughout the life of a single, combined disability plan. For example, instead of having STD and LTD, there is a single disability contract. The first six months of disability fall under the disabled for your "own job" definition; the following two years fall under the "own occupation" contractual definition of disability; and, after that, the definition changes again - this time, to "any occupation." In many ways, this is an interesting approach. The employee has one experience with one disability management company and should receive better service as a result (an untested theory, but one that makes some sense). And, the carrier has distinct points in the claim management process where it can evaluate the employee's disability claim under a new definition of disability. The bottom line to all of this is a call to tell the truth. Be open and honest about what you know. It could lead to great discussions and the open testing of new theories so we can move forward faster.
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Dallas Corporate Video Production Services -- TPS: Third Party Administration
http://www.crystalproductiongroup.com/ (972) 701-0780 -- This is a sample of a video created for TPS: Third Party Administration. Crystal Production Group can offer you help with your script, shoot and editing of video. From there we can help you get it ready for use on TV, DVD, in-house video monitors or used for your online marketing purposes. With over 25 years of experience in video production, you will be able to work with a group that understands your budget, deadlines, constraints and mandates from the corporate office. We have done work for major companies throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area for over a quarter of a century; and we look forward to helping you prevent going through the pitfalls facing many companies when they deal with inexperienced videographers, video editors, sound editors, lighting crews and other challenges which keep arising. We even can help you get your audio and video translated into other languages should you want to distribute your content to those audiences. Before you take action with the belief that corporate videography is simply about the lighting and looking comfortable on camera, and that any Dallas Fort Worth videographer can make you look terrific on the end result, please contact us. What is needed to go from "A to Z" in order to make you look great to your customers, prospects, employees and board members is significantly more in-depth than you may realize. We want to help you look and sound as professional and respected as possible, and we know how to do that regardless of your industry. You are welcome to click the link above or reach us here with your questions: Crystal Production Group Inc 3740 North Josey Lane Suite 250 Carrollton, TX 75007 (972) 701-0780 We serve the entire DFW region including Plano, McKinney, Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton, Arlington, Allen, Frisco, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall and more. Thank you and we look forward to working with you soon. Stan
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Critical Race Theory and Education
Gloria Ladson-Billings is the author of several books, chapters and articles, including Crossing Over to Canaan: The Journey of New Teachers in Diverse Classrooms. A former editor of the American Education Research Journal, Ladson-Billings was elected in 2005 to the National Academy of Education. She is Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her talk on culturally relevant teaching is intended for a general audience.
How To Print Paramount Online Instant E-card For Bank Retired And Working Staff
How to take a print out of Paramount Health instant e-card can be had online by all Retired and Regular Staff. promedica insurance pramount tpa phs tpa claim status parmount tpa paramount tpa vadodara paramount tpa pune paramount tpa bangalore paramount senior center paramount rehab utah paramount ohio paramount mumbai paramount insurance ohio paramount insurance contact number paramount insurance claim status paramount home care paramount healthcare tpa paramount healthcare management pvt. ltd paramount health services chennai paramount health insurance claim form paramount health hospital list paramont insurance paramont advantage paramaount tpa paraamount tpa national insurance paramount health mystic rehab healt care.com halth care.com care.com insurance brodie ranch rehabilitation and healthcare center brodie ranch rehab austin tx brodie ranch nursing home www.phcc.us www.paramounttpa.com claim status www.paramountinsurancecompany.com www.healthcare-india.com claim status www paramounthealthcare com my account west oaks rehab & healthcare west oaks austin tx tata paramount bangalore san antonio to baytown tx reliance paramount health reliance paramount pre auth form of paramount phs tpa claim phs insurance company phmhealth.com phcc.us paramount vision pvt ltd paramount tpa services paramount tpa delhi contact number paramount tpa careers paramount tpa baroda paramount systems mumbai paramount skilled nursing paramount review services paramount rehabilitation and healthcare center san antonio paramount rehabilitation and healthcare center pasadena tx paramount rehabilitation and healthcare paramount rehab pasadena tx paramount rehab center paramount promedica paramount nursing home utah paramount nursing and rehab san antonio paramount insurance company new york paramount insurance company claims paramount insurance claims paramount hospital pvt. ltd paramount hospital network paramount hospital kolkata paramount home health services paramount healthcare thane paramount healthcare services pvt. ltd paramount healthcare reviews paramount healthcare pvt ltd paramount healthcare management private limited paramount healthcare jobs paramount healthcare group paramount health services tpa pvt ltd mumbai paramount health services tpa pvt ltd delhi paramount health services tpa private limited paramount health services private limited paramount health services network hospitals paramount health services mumbai paramount health services kolkata paramount health services delhi paramount health services csc paramount health services contact number paramount health services claim form download paramount health services bangalore paramount health service tpa paramount health service claim status paramount health insurance india paramount health insurance hospital list paramount health group nj paramount health care tpa paramount health care providers paramount health care ohio paramount health care maumee ohio paramount health care jobs paramount health care ecard paramount health care contact no paramount health care centre windhoek paramount facilities services paramount elite toledo ohio paramont austin mystic park rehabilitation healthcare center insurance paramount helt care.com healthy care.com healthcarecompany health paramount health insurance toledo ohio health india tpa services pvt ltd ahmedabad brodie ranch rehabilitation brodie ranch rehab austin brodie ranch rehab and healthcare brodie ranch nursing and rehab austin tx brodie ranch austin texas bandera rehab and healthcare center advantage healthcare login
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HippaWare Launch August 11th, 2017 – HippaWare has announced the official launch of their automated client management platform. The new online platform has been designed to enable insurance firms to manage a higher volume of clientele quickly and accurately. “We believe in order to grow sustainably you need both great people and a strong online platform. HippaWare provides users a support system to manage accounts efficiently, while allowing you to scale up. Scalability is really the key to growth. You need to be able to process more clients, stay compliant and manage day-to- day demands and deadlines.” Insurance brokers, brokerage firms, enrollment firms, third party administrators (TPAs), and reinsurers alike can leverage the HippaWare platform to handle all aspects of managing and adding new clientele. For instance, HippaWare seamlessly handles: **Complex paperwork (RFP’s and Quote Comparisons – it does the math for users) **Compliance (getting all required contracts and documents completed on time and notifying users when something is not in place) **Client communication (Claims Tracking, to-do list action items, and call logs allowing users to show their client how much they are doing, creating trust and retention) By automating workflow processes, HippaWare ensures checks and balances are accounted for by assigning, tracking, completing, and verifying critical data and tasks. For firms, this means an added layer of security when it comes to quoting, complex compliance issues, documentation, customer data, installation, maintenance, renewals, and customer service. Insurance firms are finding that without the backbone of a structured and customized platform, customer data is difficult to track during quoting, sales, maintenance, ACA compliance, retention, renewals, and deadlines. HippaWare delivers a scalable, cloud-based solution for workflow management that makes it easier for companies to structure their growth with minimal staffing. The platform is accessible from any electronic device, including tablets and smartphones, and the intuitive interface ensures ease of use and minimal training. Within the platform, users have their choice of the HippaWare Electronic Health Application and the full Agency Management Suite. Released Now: The Electronic Health Application features a comprehensive electronic medical questionnaire for quoting self-funded health plans (available in both English and Spanish). Fully HIPAA compliant, the application features two-factor authentication for optimum security, and double encryption on the server adds an extra layer of protection. For applicants without internet access, a printable version of the application is available. An employee census data loader offers broker self-service, and a customizable census report allows for quoting, onboarding, and installation purposes. Password encrypted PDF reports are available for stop-loss underwriters and carriers. To be Released September 1st, 2017: The HippaWare full Agency Management Suite features all of the benefits of the Electronic Health Application software plus quote tracking for self-funded Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) health plans, including stop-loss proposals, major medical BUCA (BlueCross United Healthcare Cigna, Aetna), and other employee benefit products such as dental, vision, STD/LTD, accident, life, and more. Contract facilitation and tracking for compliance is also available, as well as a call log for tracking daily customer management. Sleek to-do lists give customers a way to track progress and cost-time analysis. Built in printable mailing lists are also available, as well as custom settings for contracts and plan designs. The full Agency Management Suite also features a RFP proposal generator, quote tracker, and quote comparison tool with renewal automation so you can copy last year’s work. Compliance reports and licensing tools offer the ability to upload broker licenses, record letters, contact information, call logs, customer claims, overdue items, and anything else brokers, customers, and vendors need to remain in compliance. Expanded contract management CRM offers benefits for agencies, brokers, customers, and vendors. For more information visit www.hippaware.com or contact us at admin@hippaware.com Phone: (540) 283.0835
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UT Benefits for New Employess (Plan Year 2013-2014)
This video provides an overview of UT Benefits for new employees of The University of Texas System.
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How Big Oil Conquered the World
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=16888 From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.
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Wills Explained - JGS
A simple explanation of making a will and the benefits.
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LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 3)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett #Kavanaugh (Day 3) - LIVE at 9:30am ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & online here: https://cs.pn/2NXalKI
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Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Full video here: https://cs.pn/2PuThMw
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PBS NewsHour full episode Aug. 29, 2018
Wednesday on the NewsHour, the major primary elections are over, and victories by progressives and pro-Trump candidate are setting up big challenges in November. Also: Waves of refugees flee Venezuela as the economic crisis worsens, remembering Sen. John McCain, the push to regulate a chemical that is known to cause brain damage and police departments train to reduce implicit bias. Find more from PBS NewsHour at https://www.pbs.org/newshour WATCH TODAY’S SEGMENTS: News Wrap: White House counsel Don McGahn to step down, Trump says https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47XY8eykhkY What Arizona and Florida primary winners mean for November https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XNpBH9aToE Venezuela’s neighbors are facing a huge refugee emergency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZqkIeFS54 How John McCain and Ted Kennedy teamed up to solve problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYjh8sou-RE EPA ignored its own advice on this brain-damaging pesticide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4BTsnRdKPo This police training uncovers the implicit bias in all of us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8AfohSyqAw Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: http://www.pbs.org/newshour Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newshour Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/newshour Snapchat: @pbsnews Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/podcasts Newsletters: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/subscribe
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Fab Five @ 25 - A Public Discussion of a Time, a Team, and Their Legacy
The Fab Five arrived on U-M’s campus as freshmen 25 years ago. They remain one of the most celebrated and talked-about basketball teams in history, and they still stir passionate discussion today. Saturday, October 8, 2016 2:00 p.m. Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor PARTICIPANTS Ray Jackson President and Founder, RUIAAP Assistant High School Basketball Coach Jimmy King Coordinator, Business and Community Partnerships Head Coach, Boys' Varsity Basketball, Ecorse High School Jalen Rose ABC/ESPN Analyst and Founder, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Yago Colás Professor of Comparative Literature and in the Residential College, LSA Billy Hawkins Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Houston Kevin Blackistone Journalist and Visiting Professor of Journalist, University of Maryland
CIGNA v. Amara: Oral Argument - November 30, 2010
Facts: Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), plan administrators must provide all plan participants with a "summary plan description" (SPD), as well as a "summary of material modifications" when material changes are made to the plan. After CIGNA converted its traditional defined benefit pension plan to a cash balance plan, it issued a summary plan description to plan participants. In 2001, Janice Amara, one of the participants, filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming that CIGNA failed to comply with ERISA's notice requirements and SPD provisions. The U.S. District Court for the District Connecticut found for Amara, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed, finding that the SPD misrepresented the terms of the plan itself. Question: Did the district court have authority under Section 502(a)(1)(B) of ERISA to reform CIGNA's pension plan? Conclusion: No. The Supreme Court vacated and remanded the lower court order, finding that while the district court did not have authority under Section 502(a)(1)(B) of ERISA to reform CIGNA's pension plan, it did have authority to do so under another provision, Section 502(a)(3). In a unanimous decision authored by Justice Stephen Breyer, the Court noted that "although §502(a)(1)(B) did not give the District Court authority to reform CIGNA's plan, relief is authorized by §502(a)(3), which allows a participant, beneficiary, or fiduciary 'to obtain other appropriate equitable relief' to redress violations of ERISA 'or the [plan's] terms.'" Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas concurred only in the judgment. Meanwhile, Justice Sonia Sotomayor did not take part in consideration of the case. For more information about this case see: https://www.oyez.org/cases/2010/09-804 Section 1: 00:00:05 Section 2: 00:26:27 Section 3: 00:47:31 Section 4: 00:57:41 PuppyJusticeAutomated videos are created by a program written by Adam Schwalm. This program is available on github here: https://github.com/ALSchwalm/PuppyJusticeAutomated The audio and transcript used in this video is provided by the Chicago-Kent College of Law under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See this link for details: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/
Health Insurance Counseling 2
Are you confused about which supplemental health insurance plan best suits your needs after retirement? To answer that question, this segment features an interview with health insurance counselor and senior advocate Ann Kasper of Riverside, CA. Anns role is to help Medicare beneficiaries wade through those mounds of flyers which advertise HMOs, Managed Care options, prescription coverage, and long-term care. Ann provides clear answers to FAQs questions regarding open enrollment and talks about the way she guides clients through the list of questions which they should be asking themselves before deciding which plan to choose. Its a case-by-case determination. The doctor is the single most important decision that you make in your healthcare Tune in to find out why. All states provide trained volunteers who present information programs such as Anns to groups and individuals at senior centers across America. An information number is provided for you to call for counseling in your state.
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Whom do judges represent? (1981) – with Orrin Hatch | ARCHIVES
June 1, 1981: This AEI Public Policy Forum examines efforts to secure a "more representative judiciary," that is, a judiciary with more members drawn from women and the minorities. The panelists address such questions as: What are the appropriate standards for selection of federal judges? Is it possible to adhere to merit as a standard and at the same time to make an effort to secure a balanced, varied, and representative judiciary by recruiting judges from women and the minorities? If we seek a representative judiciary, whom do judges represent? Is there a link between the issue of a representative judiciary and the issue of judicial activism versus restraint? In 1981, transcripts were available by mail for a small fee. Today, they're available to you for free at this link: https://goo.gl/Eh6faZ Panelists: Griffin Bell – Former US Attorney General Walter Berns – AEI Resident Scholar Sheldon Goldman – Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Orrin G. Hatch – Senator (R-Utah) Moderator: John Charles Daly Subscribe to AEI's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideos?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AEIonline Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/AEI For more information http://www.aei.org Third-party photos, graphics, and video clips in this video may have been cropped or reframed. Music in this video may have been recut from its original arrangement and timing. In the event this video uses Creative Commons assets: If not noted in the description, titles for Creative Commons assets used in this video can be found at the link provided after each asset. The use of third-party photos, graphics, video clips, and/or music in this video does not constitute an endorsement from the artists and producers licensing those materials. AEI operates independently of any political party and does not take institutional positions on any issues. AEI scholars, fellows, and their guests frequently take positions on policy and other issues. When they do, they speak for themselves and not for AEI or its trustees or other scholars or employees. More information on AEI research integrity can be found here: http://www.aei.org/about/ #aei #news #politics #government #education #law #supremecourt #meritocracy
Day one of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing
The Washington Post brings you live coverage and analysis of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Read more: https://wapo.st/2wEW9yS. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy Follow us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/washingtonpost/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/washingtonpost/
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Houston Long Term Disability Lawyer - How Disability Insurance Companies Make it Difficult in Court
Houston long term disability lawyer Marc Whitehead, Board Certified Disability Insurance Attorney, discusses how Long Term Disability Insurance Companies make it difficult in court. http://www.disabilitydenials.com/ Long Term Disability Insurance Claims can be difficult to effectively litigate in the Federal Courts in Texas. One of the difficulties to claimants to overcome is the restrictive discovery rules that have evolved from the common law governing the Employee Retirement Income Securities Act or whats known as ERISA. ERISA applies to most disability insurance claims. Discovery refers to the abilities of the parties in the litigation to request information from the other side. Such as in the form of written questions or oral depositions of individuals. Disability Insurance Companies effectively use ERISA as a shield to deny claims. Insurance companies such as UNUM, Cigna, Metlife, the Hartford and Aethna typically use ERISA common law as a shield and take the position that they don't have to comply with the disabled claimants discovery requests. The goal of the insurance company is to prevent the claimant into investigating whether the claim was fairly handled under the rules. In the fifth circuit court of appeals they relied on a court opinion in Vega vs. National Life Insurance Services to argue that the only admissible and therefore discoverable evidence in an ERISA action was- first- the administrative record second- evidence involving the interpretation of the plan third- evidence explaining medical terms and procedures This interpretation is greatly hindered the efforts of long term disability insurance claimants to investigate and prove abuse by the insurance companies. However, this unfair rule has been changed for the better recently because of two recent cases. The US Supreme Court recognized in Metropolitan Life vs. Glen that when a plan administrator both evaluates claims for benefits and pays the benefit claims it creates a structural conflict of interest. The level of conflict is a factor in determining the court standard of review. Therefore a claimant is entitled to some level of discovery on the issue of insurance companies own conflict of interest. Also the fifth circuit court of appeals in Crosby vs. Louisiana Health has recently held that discovery is permissible on the extent an existence of a conflict of interest. Further discovery is permissible regarding the completeness of the administrative record and if whether the plan administrator complied with ERISA procedural rules. In using the words existence and extent of a conflict of interest a plaintiff can argue that the inadmissible conflict of interest of the administrative employees, agents, and consultants are discoverable as well. The moral of the story is that the courts are starting to wake up to the fact that insurance companies are trying to hide the ball in disability claims and this is a good thing for a disabled claimant. For more information regarding Long Term Disability Claims download our free eBook: Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Visit http://www.disabilitydenials.com/ for a free downloadable copy. Or Contact our office to discuss your particular LTD issues: Marc Whitehead & Associates 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste. 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830
Vice President Pence Hosts National Space Council
Chantilly, VA
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2017 Public Health Ethics Forum
The 2017 Public Health Ethics Forum, "Optimal Health for Her Whole Life," focuses on a range of health issues and actions to improve the health of women and girls in the United States. The National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care at Tuskegee University and the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) host this annual event. This year's forum explores ways to promote and protect women's health across the lifespan by emphasizing public health ethics in the practice of public health. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/CommentPolicy.html This video can also be viewed at https://www.cdc.gov/minorityhealth/ethicsforum/2017/videos/2017_PHEF_video_LowRes.mp4
President Trump Hosts a Cabinet Meeting
The White House
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It Depends What State You’re In: Policies and Politics of the US Health Care System | Part 1
Health care and political systems are deeply intertwined, with implications for the quality and equality of access to health care. This symposium explores the political dynamics of health care laws and the way they affect people not only as patients but also as citizens. Health professionals, policy and public health experts, economists, sociologists, and political scientists draw on comparative politics and policies of the states—alone and as part of a federalist system—and on international perspectives to explore the relationships between citizens and their health care. WELCOME AND OPENING REMARKS Lizabeth Cohen, dean, Radcliffe Institute, and Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Department of History, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences Daniel Carpenter (7:42), faculty director of the social sciences program, Radcliffe Institute, and Allie S. Freed Professor of Government, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences FUNCTIONS AND DYSFUNCTIONS OF THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (14:11) Andrea Louise Campbell (20:06), Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kate Walsh, president and CEO (35:40), Boston Medical Center Georges C. Benjamin (50:45), executive director, American Public Health Association Moderated by Benjamin Sommers, associate professor of health policy and economics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health PANEL DISCUSSION (1:06:12) AUDIENCE Q&A (1:21:06)
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ch 20) The Seventies: Under Control?
chapter 20: A People's History (Of The United States) Howard Zinn. ~ Chapter 20, "The Seventies: Under Control?", covers political corruption and American disillusion with the government during the 1970s. Zinn argues that the resignation of President Richard Nixon and the exposure of crimes committed by the CIA and FBI during the decade were done by the government in order to regain support from the American people without making fundamental changes to the system. According to Zinn, Gerald Ford's presidency continued the same basic policies of the Nixon administration. Other topics covered include protests against the Honeywell Corporation, Angela Davis, Committee to Re-elect the President, the Watergate scandal, International Telephone and Telegraph's involvement in the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, the Mayagüez incident, Project MKULTRA, the Church Committee, the Pike Committee, the Trilateral Commission's The Governability of Democracies, and the People's Bi-Centennial.
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You Don't Know Joe
Retirement evades Joe Alutto. In November an announcement touted that after many successful years in positions of leadership at The Ohio State University, he would be retiring this summer. Such plans have been postponed as other opportunities have surfaced which are far from any notion of retirement. The board members of the Columbus City Schools were on the verge of voting his appointment as interim superintendent following Dr. Gene Harris' retirement when OSU announced the E. Gordon Gee would be stepping down as their president. OSU pulled Alutto back to campus leaving the schools scrambling for a capable interim leader. This will be the second go-round as interim president of OSU for Joe Alluto; the first time was between Karen Holbrook and Gordon Gee's 2nd presidency. Whereas the first time it was a short period of time, this appointment has an unknown timeframe. Joe Alutto first came to OSU as the dean of the Fisher College of Business. In 2007, he began his tenure as provost and executive vice president. He was the second-longest serving provost in OSU history. To honor of his work at OSU, the Joseph A. Alutto Chair in Leadership Effectiveness at the Fisher College of Business was established. In addition to a $5 million Joseph A. Alutto Graduate Global Leadership Fund was also created to encourage OSU students' involvement in study, research and internships abroad. Alutto will not be a placeholder in the president's office, he plans to move forward with the strategic plans approved by the OSU board of trustees.
Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement: Then and Now, 1998-2018
For more on this event, visit: https://bit.ly/2qWb70o For more on the Berkley Center, visit: https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/ April 18, 2018 | 2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement—a key component in the Northern Ireland Peace Process that brought together political actors from the United States, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Great Britain. Over the course of a day-long conference, speakers recounted the events that led to this historic agreement, as well as looked to the prospects and challenges for the future of Ireland. Congressman Bruce Morrison, who was vital in persuading President Clinton to support the drive for peace, opened the conference in conversation with author Penn Rhodeen. Scholars and practitioners explored the historical, social, political, religious, and cultural factors that affected Ireland’s past and may impact its future in a series of panels. Senator George Mitchell concluded the conference by reflecting on his role as President Clinton’s Special Envoy to Northern Ireland during the Good Friday Agreement negotiations.
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Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center | Retirement of Moody D. Wharam, Jr. MD
The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center honors Moody D. Wharam, Jr. MD on his retirement and for his 40 plus years with The Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences on June 2.
Judge Maryka Omatsu, Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada
Simon Fraser University's Centre for Dialogue presents Judge Maryka Omatsu, feature speaker for the Jan 23, 2014 Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada community dialogue. About Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada This full-day dialogue drew upon the knowledge and experiences of affected communities to identify shared principles and approaches to support the reconciliation of injustices in Canadian society. The dialogue hosted 120 community leaders involved in the reconciliation of specific injustices, government officials, decision-makers from major institutions and members of the public. More information: www.sfu.ca/reconciling-injustices. About Judge Maryka Omatsu Maryka Omatsu, a third generation Japanese Canadian, was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated with a M.A. from the U. of T. and an LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School. During the following 37 years, Maryka has been a lawyer for 16 years, practised human rights, environmental and criminal law; worked for all levels of Government; taught in Toronto, China and Japan; chaired the Ontario Human Rights Appeals Tribunal and adjudicated for the Ontario Law Society. 21 years ago, Maryka was the first woman of East Asian ancestry to be appointed a judge in Canada. Today, she is semi-retired, judges part time in Toronto, and lives in both Vancouver and Toronto. Maryka was active in the Japanese Canadian community's struggle for redress, as a member of the National Association of Japanese Canadians negotiation team. Her book, Bittersweet Passage documented that history and won several prizes. It was published in Japan in 1994.
2018 California Gubernatorial Forum | San Diego Union-Tribune
The California Gubernatorial Forum Hosted by the California Council for the Social Studies was held on Sunday, March 25. It features leading gubernatorial candidates who will be competing for the seat of Governor of California. Matthew Hall, Editorial and Opinion Page Director of The San Diego Union-Tribune, will moderate the forum. Candidates in attendance include: · Travis Allen (Republican) Member, California State Assembly · John Cox (Republican) Business Executive · Delaine Eastin (Democrat) Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction · Antonio Villaraigosa (Democrat) Former Mayor, City of Los Angeles (video courtesy of 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV)
Joseph Ellis: 'The Second Founding: Four Men Who Created a Country'
Joseph Ellis: 'The Second Founding: Four Men Who Created a Country' was presented September 28, 2016 at the University of Minnesota's Ted Mann Concert Hall. Ellis, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author of The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783–1789, discussed one of the most crucial periods in American history — the years between the end of the Revolution and the formation of the federal government — and the men most responsible for the creation of the United States: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. The event, attended by nearly 700 people, was sponsored by the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries.
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TransformU—Editing your Life Story with Jordan Peterson
Right here, an amazing conversation with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson about obstacles to personal growth—plus a sweet discount on his Self Authoring Suite course! This TransformU masteclass is normally available to Coffin Nation members only, but we waned to give you a sample (with apologies for the bad video patch in the middle). Registration will re-open soon. Join the waiting list: https://www.coffinnation.com The full show notes for this episode with downloadable resources such as workbook, transcript and mp3 are available at www.patrickcoffin.media. ******************** ******************** Self Authoring Suite– https://selfauthoring.com/ save 20% by using the code: “coffin” Understand Myself (personality test site)- https://www.understandmyself.com/ save 20% by using the code: “coffin” ******************* ******************** Coffin Nation— The Community of Culture Builders Registration will re-open soon. Join the waiting list: https://www.coffinnation.com
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Hayden Center Policy Corner: Norman Roule (Full Version)
Policy Corner with General Michael Hayden: A Conversation with Norman Roule, Former National Intelligence Manager-Iran, January 29, 2018, at the Michael V. Hayden Center for Intelligence, Policy, and International Security, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University
FNN: TX bombing suspect kills self, Congress works through snow day
Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com Sharing a mix of breaking news, Arizona stories, engaging discussions, and popular culture.
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3rd Message to Donald J  Trump   ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME I want my son back
Message to Donald J. Trump - ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME - I want my son back who is being wrongfully retained as an Illegal Alien in the USA. Video Message to Donald Trump Demanding the Release of My Son and 200,000 kidnapped children who are wrongfully retained in the USA Please help me Petitioning President-Elect Donald J. Trump Demanding the Release of My Son and 200,000 other kidnapped children in USA who are illegally withheld from their "left behind" parent. Your voice is important. Please sign the petition to STOP tax payer funded human trafficking of children and return these wrongfully retained children to their home countries and loving (left behind) parent where they belong. https://www.change.org/p/president-el... Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kidnappedinusa Email me at: petitionforsean@gmail.com http://dukesean2008.blogspot.com/ http://dukesean2008.blogspot.com/2016... http://dukesean2008.blogspot.com/2016... http://www.avoiceformen.com/men/fathe... http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-righ... http://fathersunite.org/LawlessVideo.... The Lawless Family Court Video Series Learn How to Protect Yourself from the Family Court Racket (See 10 videos below) The divorce industry is a racket. Most people figure this out far too late, after spending tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands, and destroying relationships with their ex-spouse, children, family and friends. The typical outcome is a financial and emotional disaster, and all unecessary. Lawyers work to separate couples cutting off communications and instilling fear and entitlement. "Don’t talk to them". They do not work to resolve thing amicably, but use adversarial techniques created for criminal court protections, not separation of a couple. Any good mediator keeps the lines of communications open to make progress. Attorneys are more interested in billable hours than progress and what is best for children and parents. This series exposes the proof of these statements so to help you understand how to defend yourself from this racket. Government and lawyers managing a divorce is like trying to make an omelet with a bulldozer – there is no possible good outcome. The entire industry, judges, lawyers, administrators and related parties, often unknowningly, are driven, not by law, ethics, or what is best for families, but by what generates the most money for the industry. This is not a "Conspiracy theory", but provable fact - from the pull of money creating "policies" and administrative laws over decades. The industry has evolved into a racket. The process guarantees destruction; financially, emotionally and of children. In fact is a proven fact from the social science research. They do the worst possible thing for children and families. More than half of mental health problems are now created by divorce judges and sole custody orders for children which drive up problems by 14,600% - YES 146 times more serious problems - as compared to shared, or equal custody. No one will tell you this sad fact because it makes their jobs and system totally obsolete. Equal custody is also the only thing that is 100% consistent with the Fourteen Amendment requiring equal treatment of all parties. What could be fairer than 50-50 custody and 50-50 responsibilities (financial and otherwise)? So children can grow up supported by both biological parents in every way? But then they would not have $50 billion in annual legal fees and far more in other wasteful government jobs and court hangers-on. The industry most often does what is worst for children and families because it is most profitable for them. This system is also completely unconstitutional, ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court requirements on Parental Rights, Due Process, Rules of Evidence and even jailing people unlawfully to extract monies.
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Farz where ACP Arjun Singh and his brother-in-law, Tayaji are honest and diligent police inspectors. Arjun Singh lives with his wife, Rukmani, a daughter, Kajal, and a son, Rahul. While on duty, Tayaji is killed while protecting a politician. This devastates Arjun Singh and all of family. Arjun Singh becomes fearful for his life, as he only has a few more years of duty before he retires. His worries increase when he is paired with a daredevil partner from Punjab Police, Karan Singh, who is known for breaking rules to bring criminals to justice. To make matters worse, Arjun finds that his daughter has a crush on Karan. He absolutely refuses to permit his daughter to meet with Karan as he wants her to marry someone outside of the police force. Meanwhile, the city is being terrorized by Gawa Firozi, and his brother Sikander. Both Karan and Arjun must act in their own way to protect the people, risking their own lives. For Latest Updates, follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bollykick G + http://www.google.com/+bollykick Twitter http://www.twitter.com/bollykick
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