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Cancer-Fighting Supplement Also Boosts Immune System - Turkey Tail Health Benefits - Earth Clinic
Cancer fighting, immune boosting supplement, the Turkey Tail mushroom, has extensive health benefits due to its ability to boost immunity and fight disease. Turkey Tail is one of the most researched medicinal mushrooms. Turkey Tail is often used as an adjunct therapy to certain cancers, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, small-cell lung cancer but it also treats many more conditions. https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turkey-tail-benefits.html Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Medicinal Mushrooms for MS, blood pressure, diabetes, immunity
Schedule a consult with Dr. Mushroom http://www.accudocurgentcare.com/naturalmedicine Medicinal Mushrooms for multiple sclerosis, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, flu, immunity. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2014/218274/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260486598_A_Mushroom_Extract_Piwep_from_Phellinus_igniarius_Ameliorates_Experimental_Autoimmune_Encephalomyelitis_by_Inhibiting_Immune_Cell_Infiltration_in_the_Spinal_Cord http://www.emaxhealth.com/1275/medicinal-mushrooms-multiple-sclerosis http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17344789 http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/BJMB/article/view/13280 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23261366 https://www.academia.edu/3344613/Medicinal_Properties_of_Pleurotus_Species_Oyster_Mushroom_A_Review A short video should prompt you to seek more complete information. This video is for educational purposes, not to promote any specific product, and no liability is assumed for and missing or incorrect information. This video is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your family physician.
Jeff Chilton: Medicinal Mushrooms & Industrial Mushroom Cultivation – #249
Jeff Chilton comes on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss medicinal mushrooms, mushroom industry flaws, understanding mushroom spores, and vitamin D in mushrooms. Jeff Chilton has been in the mushroom industry since 1973. He is a founding member of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products and a member of the International Society for Mushroom Science. Jeff Chilton’s company, Nammex, was the first company to offer certified organic mushrooms to the supplement industry in the United States. Nammex extracts are used by many supplement companies and are considered high quality based on scientific analysis of the active compounds. Featured: Jeff Chilton - http://www.nammex.com/author/nmx_skye/ The Mushroom Cultivator - http://geni.us/1fZI Nammex - http://www.nammex.com/who-we-are/ Resources: Opisthokont - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opisthokont Cultivable mushroom species - https://violonetchampignon.com/mushroom-species/?lang=en Medicinal mushrooms - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicinal_fungi Beta-glucans - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17895634 Mycelium - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycelium Glycogen - http://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/glycogen.htm Hericium erinaceus - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18844328 Mushroom spawn - http://www.fungi.com/shop/pure-mushroom-spawn-and-cultures.html Reishi mushroom - http://www.healthline.com/health/reishi-mushroom-key-to-immortality Chaga mushrooms (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gZ-iLRIH9k Aflatoxin - http://poisonousplants.ansci.cornell.edu/toxicagents/aflatoxin/aflatoxin.html Harvesters lung - http://www.britannica.com/science/farmers-lung Triterpenes - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triterpene Reishi spores - http://acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=32841 Ergosterol - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergosterol Sun dried shiitake - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-stamets/mushrooms-vitamin-d_b_1635941.html Vitamin D3 - http://geni.us/3IPR Dr. Cannell - http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-us/the-team-and-board/john-j-cannell-md-biography/ Vitamin D Research Council - https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-us/ Kaiten - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiten Adaptogens - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptogen Nutraceuticals - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutraceutical Bulletproof: Bulletproof Coffee Shop - https://www.bulletproofexec.com/bulletproof-coffee-shop/ Bulletproof Conference - https://bulletproofconference.com/bp-conference-2015?utm_source=sm&utm_medium=yt&utm_campaign=pod249 Moldy Movie - https://moldymovie.com/index Bulletproof Diet Book - http://geni.us/bulletproofdietbook Free Bulletproof Diet Roadmap - https://www.bulletproofexec.com/the-complete-illustrated-one-page-bulletproof-diet/
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5 Mushrooms that Boost Immunity and Fight Cancer
Subscribe and be the first to know when we upload our weekly videos! http://bit.ly/1Q32uUB Find out more about how I can help you here: http://thewholejourney.com If you liked this video, then you might like others in our Immunity playlist: http://bit.ly/1Xr9tfR Let's Connect! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thewholejourney Twitter: https://twitter.com/wholejourney Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewholejourney Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/thewholejourney
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What Are the Benefits of Ganoderma Extract?
What Are the Benefits of Ganoderma Extract?. Part of the series: LS - Herbs & Natural Health Remedies. Ganoderma is better known as Reishi mushroom and has adaptogenic properties. Find out more about the benefits of ganoderma extract with help from an experienced health and fitness expert in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/video/1009498-benefits-ganoderma-extract/
MycoPhyto Complex
Boost Your Immunity! Medicinal Mushrooms for Immunity Learn more at www.mushroomsforyourhealth.com Our MycoPhyto® Complex is a combination of 6 potent varieties of medicinal mushrooms, cultivated on a proprietary mix of immune enhancing herbs and organic brown rice. This unique formulation is designed to provide strong immune system support and activate Natural Killer cells.* * Supports healthy immune function* * Activates Natural Killer (NK) cells* * Elevates suppressed vital energy*
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The Anti- Aging Effect of Pine Pollen
Shop: https://vitajing.com/products/pine-pollen Studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19107823 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3345248/ **Medical Disclaimer** The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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The Healing Power of Polypores | Medicinal Mushroom Mysteries | Harmonic Arts/Island Soul Films
✨The Healing Power of Polypores ✨ Medicinal Mushroom Mysteries video series continues.... www.harmonicarts.ca Join Herbal Jedi, Yarrow Willard in learning about how and why working with polypore mushrooms can upgrade your health. Our forest lands are home to some of the most powerful medicines on this planet. If you live in an area where you find polypores, check them out, make a tea or tincture with them, start to bring them into your body so you can be more resilient in a time of uncertainty... "There are two ways in which fungal foraging can be healing. Of course learning how to harvest and use them as food and medicine can have powerful health benefits, though it is equally as healing just spending time in the forest, connecting to the natural world and the special places that these fungal friends inhabit." Y~ Please SUBSCRIBE COMMENT THUMBS-UP SHARE www.islandsoulfilms.com www.shanephilip.com www.facebook.com/islandsoulfilms www.twitter.com/shanephilip.com www.instagram.com/islandsoulfilms FILMED BY SHANE PHILIP EDITED BY SHANE PHILIP MUSIC BY SHANE PHILIP
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Red Belted Polypore | Medicinal Mushroom Mysteries | Harmonic Arts
Join herbalist Yarrow Willard as he explores the forest of mushroom abundance and shares his knowledge of the Red belted polypore. Probably the most common tree mushrooms found in the West Coast forests, Red belts contain much value as medicine. Medicinal mushrooms mysteries continue... Subscribe to our Channel.... More to come soon..... www.harmonicarts.ca Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheHarmonicArts Harmonic Arts Blog: http://bit.ly/1q3me4d Instagram: http://instagram.com/harmonic_arts Facebook: http://facebook.com/harmonicarts Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/harmonicarts Twitter: http://twitter.com/harmonic_arts Filming and editing by Shane Philip: http://youtube.com/shanephilipmusic Website: http://shanephilip.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/shanephilipmusic . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eZMmZmrnnY&index=33&list=PLK38vasBbkM_KSrkueKgyZvC0MPsZQCyv
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Some Good Herbs to Use Against Cancer -- 2 Herbs that can do Some Amazing Things with Cancer!
http://utahtexans.com/ -Click on the above link for a free video guide to using dietary supplements and herbal remedies! Video about what herbs can help fight off cancer. Talks about how these herbs help as well as some studies that support how these herbs help.
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David Wolfe Presents CHAGA: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms
A North Atlantic Books webinar. Raw food authority and bestselling author David Wolfe presents "CHAGA: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms"-- an exclusive FREE webinar designed to teach you about the single most powerful healing herb in the world. Learn how CHAGA can help you achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty. David Wolfe will explain CHAGA'S remarkable ability to: • Fight cancer and detoxify radioactive and chemotherapeutic agents • Create superimmunity against viruses while fighting allergies and asthma • Balance blood-sugar levels, reduce systematic inflammation, heal digestive ailments such as candida, and help the liver purify itself • Nourish the hair, skin, and eyes In this webinar (recorded on 9/25/12), David Wolfe shares the history and amazing healing abilities of chaga, how and where to forage and buy it, the many ways to enjoy it, and more. For more on Chaga, visit NorthAtlanticBooks.com here: https://www.northatlanticbooks.com/shop/chaga/
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Benefits Of Wild Oyster Mushrooms From Peru
Hunting for wild medicinal mushrooms in Peru. www.superfeast.com.au
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Paul Stamets | Mushroom Science NO Trace of Cancer copia
DXN ENGLAND - info: dxnengland1@gmail.com
Medicinal Mushrooms in Autoimmune Diseases Management
Learn how medicinal mushrooms can actually help manage autoimmune diseases. Dr. Meschino explains how medicinal mushrooms are a biological response modifier that can regulate the immune system. Visit http://www.meschinohealth.com/ArticleDirectory/Natural_Management_Autoimmune_Disease Meschino's full article on this topic.
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inForce Testimonial Eczema
inForce is the mycelia extract PSP/PSK of the Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom, 100% all natural, cGMP Label, 100% Vegan inForce modulates and restores the bodies own natural immune system. Not sold in stores. For more information please email paula@inlifecleveland.com What Is Eczema? Eczema (pronounced: ek-zeh-ma) is a group of skin conditions that cause skin to become red, irritated, itchy, and sometimes develop small, fluid-filled bumps that become moist and ooze. There are many forms of eczema, but atopic (pronounced: ay-tah-pik) eczema is one of the most common and severe. Doctors don't know exactly what causes atopic eczema, also called atopic dermatitis (pronounced: der-muh-tie-tis), but they think it could be a difference in the way a person's immune system reacts to things. Skin allergies may be involved in some forms of eczema.
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10 Keys to Conquer Candida
Learn more about the 10 keys to conquer candida on my website here: https://draxe.com/candida-diet/?utm_campaign=Live-May-2017&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=candida When at proper levels in the body, candida is a fungus that aids with nutrient absorption and digestion, but when it overproduces, candida can cause a wide variety of negative and serious health problems. Candida symptoms can include exhaustion, cravings for sweets, bad breath, white coat on tongue, brain fog, hormone imbalance, joint pain, loss of sex drive, chronic sinus and allergy issues, digestive problems (gas and bloating), weak immune system and UTI. A candida diet is one of the best ways to reduce and eliminate candida symptoms. In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Jordan Rubin and I share the foods you should and should not eat when trying to conquer candida — as well as herbs, essential oils and supplements to help. Subscribe to my channel for more natural health remedies! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJoshAxe/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjoshaxe/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/draxe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoshaxe --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more? Sign up to get the Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine e-newsletter, sent out a few times a week: https://draxe.com/subscribe-to-newsletter/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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5 Most Effective Medicinal Mushrooms To Boost Libido
https://jeaken.com/promo/cordyceps.html 5 Most Effective Medicinal Mushrooms To Boost Libido. Every time you do your grocery shopping, what do you usually buy for the kitchen? Of course, the usual salt and pepper, cooking oil, meat, fruits and vegetables will always be there. The question now is do you always buy mushrooms? that umbrella-looking food that your mother used to tell you. Yes you should buy after reading the magic behind mushroom. Mushrooms have tons of health benefits. For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used in addition to food, as well as for therapeutic reasons. Though you must be tired of hearing how mushrooms can boost your immunity, how much B vitamins they contain or how they help you reduce weight, did you know, aside from all the health benefits, mushrooms are also known to improve something which all men, including you, will surely love: sex. And out of 38,000 mushroom species, there are a number of mushroom types that can help you get the best sex of your life. Keep Watching to find out what specific types of mushrooms can boost your sex life. Mushroom #5. Shiitake Mushrooms. Shiitake Mushrooms are one of the bestsellers in Starbucks Philippines, aside from the coffee of course, is a sandwich called Roasted Chicken Pesto with Shiitake Mushrooms. Sex-wise, shiitake mushrooms are also among the list that can affect your sex life in a big way. It can boost your sex drive and helps reduce stress, so you can enjoy sex even more. Keep in mind that in bed, it’s just you and her, your penis and her vagina and nothing else. Stress is not even part of the love nest equation. Mushroom #4. Maitake Mushrooms. Despite being a small country with limited natural resources, Japan is still blessed with different kinds of mushrooms that can help you with your sex life. Also called the “hen of the woods” in Japan, maitake mushrooms grow in huge clusters that are similar to tail feathers that are fluffed up on a hen while it is nesting. It has antiviral effects that can enhance your immune system and can also help control your blood sugar levels. Maitake mushrooms are also known to lower your blood pressure, which is good news since most blood pressure medications can affect your libido. Aside from this health benefits, maitake mushrooms are also found to prevent the HIV cells from killing T cells. For a more relaxing evening of lovemaking, include these mushrooms in your dinner meal, because they can improve your sex drive and stamina. Mushroom #3. Reishi Mushrooms. Reishi, a well-known Chinese mushroom is dubbed, the “herb of spiritual potency.” It also helps modulate your immune system and provides protection against the inhibition of bacteria growth in your body. Reishi mushrooms are also known for their anti-inflammatory effects, their ability to reduce allergies and as an effective protection for your liver. As to your sex life, then you should be happy to know that reishi mushrooms can also boost your vigor and sex drive, good news, right? Mushroom #2. Coriolus Versicolor Mushrooms(Turkey Tail). Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom is also known as “Turkey Tail,” used traditionally by Asians as herbal remedy. Yes, dear men. If you think the human papillomavirus is only for women, think again. Women are more prone to this but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. And in case you are infected, the coriolus versicolor mushroom can be your natural defense. Mushroom #1.Cordyceps Mushrooms. Cordyceps Mushroom is the best overall mushroom that will make your guy down there perfectly happy and content. It aids in the circulation of the lungs, increase oxygen levels and improves athletic performance. And just in case you needed something to give you a boost in bed, then you should be happy to know that cordyceps can also boost your endurance. Here’s the truth: According to a study, cordyceps mushrooms are shown to boost sperm count and sexual libido. If you are having problems in getting your man up, then cordyceps can also help your erection, since it is shown to increase the levels of nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow to your area down there. It can also increase your sexual thoughts and fantasies, which explains why this type of mushroom is considered as a powerful aphrodisiac by Asians. If you’d like help putting these cool ideas to work, please get in touch. We Thank You So Much For Watching. Please go ahead, Like, Subscribe And Leave A Comment.
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Found 10 different Fungi: Can you identify them all? #Mushrooming 🍄
I've found them all during a autumn-hike in Germany. I can only identify 2 of 10 desu! Identifying #mushrooms requires a basic understanding of their macroscopic structure. Most are Basidiomycetes and gilled. Their spores, called basidiospores, are produced on the gills and fall in a fine rain of powder from under the caps as a result. At the microscopic level the basidiospores are shot off basidia and then fall between the gills in the dead air space. As a result, for most mushrooms, if the cap is cut off and placed gill-side-down overnight, a powdery impression reflecting the shape of the gills (or pores, or spines, etc.) is formed (when the fruit body is sporulating). The color of the powdery print, called a spore print, is used to help classify mushrooms and can help to identify them. Spore print colors include white (most common), brown, black, purple-brown, pink, yellow, and creamy, but almost never blue, green, or red. While modern identification of mushrooms is quickly becoming molecular, the standard methods for identification are still used by most and have developed into a fine art harking back to medieval times and the Victorian era, combined with microscopic examination. The presence of juices upon breaking, bruising reactions, odors, tastes, shades of color, habitat, habit, and season are all considered by both amateur and professional mycologists. Tasting and smelling mushrooms carries its own hazards because of poisons and allergens. Chemical tests are also used for some genera.[2] In general, identification to genus can often be accomplished in the field using a local mushroom guide. Identification to species, however, requires more effort; one must remember that a mushroom develops from a button stage into a mature structure, and only the latter can provide certain characteristics needed for the identification of the species. However, over-mature specimens lose features and cease producing spores. Many novices have mistaken humid water marks on paper for white spore prints, or discolored paper from oozing liquids on lamella edges for colored spored prints. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mushroom
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Stinging Nettle For Breast Cancer, Wounds, & Vitamin C
Stinging Nettle is an edible wild plant that's been studied for its role in treating type 2 diabetes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and allergies. Within the past few years, several additional studies have looked at Stinging Nettle's ability to treat breast cancer and wounds. Tune into this video to learn more! More info on Stinging Nettle: https://youtu.be/ANZ60K3h2ow Music: saQI — Creation's Call Master Ft. Marya Stark https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/legalcode Follow Adam Haritan online here: Email newsletter: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/i/8F756D78F98F8632 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnyourland/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/learnyourland/ Store: http://wildfoodism.bigcartel.com/ Website: http://learnyourland.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/learnyourland
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Medicinal Benefits of Reishi Mushroom by Suzy Cohen, RPh
For centuries, Reishi mushroom has been used for immune boosting benefits. It is known as the tea of immortality. But how do you make it at home? I will teach you how to extract thousands of compounds out of one mushroom with a slow cooker. Reishi has been studied and found to help with cancer, infections, thyroid disease, pain syndromes, skin problems and chronic fatigue. Supercharge your immune system during cold and flu seasons. Organo Gold Rieshi Mushroom (ganoderma Lucidum is 100% certified organic) Infused in all our products coffee, Latte, Mocha, Hot chocolate, Green and red tea. Also known as Mushroom of immortality, Has been around for 4000 years. It was exclusively reserved for the Chinese emperors Take a 30 day challenge. Taste, feel and experience the difference. Click link to order www.taste1cup.com
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Paul Stamets on How Mushrooms Can Save Us from Ourselves
A powerful, all-encompassing interview with Paul Stamets, world renowned mycologist. Paul goes into detail on several mycelium/mushrooms and details how they disassemble our most toxic wastes as well as help us see nature as a whole unity. For more on our work: http://www.treemedia.com
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A Mushroom Which Is Remedy For Diabetics Has Been Discovered
A Mushroom Which Is Remedy For Diabetics Has Been Discovered The mushroom Coprinus comatus lowers blood sugar by over 40% an hour after entering, and its effect lasts for more than six hours. For forty years, in the most prominent centers of the Far East and the United States, studies related to the effect of mushrooms on the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies have been carried out… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are invited to subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1MalPqIkSHFMOwoyH0_uQ?sub_confirmation=1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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World record attempt: South Korea makes 130 tonnes of fermented cabbage
Subscribe to ITN News: http://bit.ly/itnytsub More than 3,000 people gathered in Seoul on Wednesday to make 130 tonnes of kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish, in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. Volunteers used a a peppery red paste with garlic, ginger and fish sauce to rub all over salted cabbages, which were then distributed to the poor. The food is such a large part of life in Korea that when having their photographs taken, Koreans say "kimchi" instead of "cheese". Guinness World Records have yet to reveal whether the record attempt was successful. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itn Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/itn Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd More stories from ITN: Volcano in Indonesia has third eruption in three months: http://bit.ly/1cQNQTn Olympic torch goes on spacewalk outside the ISS: http://bit.ly/1eCURqF Aerials of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan: http://bit.ly/1aC8kYn Hero rescues pets from Fukushima nuclear wasteland: http://bit.ly/1aGNBbQ Snake on a plane: Man's pet scares passengers on EasyJet flight: http://bit.ly/16JhftH Will and Kate travel by bus to support Poppy Day: http://bit.ly/16LUUM0 Shocking photos: RSPCA highlights animal abuse: http://bit.ly/1ba4tEo The Million Mask March by Anonymous in London: http://bit.ly/1cR19ir What you need to know about one of the world's deadliest spiders: http://bit.ly/1dMZX0M Skydivers survive plane crash in Wisconsin, USA: http://bit.ly/HxCFRq Giant Mona Lisa portrait pops up in London park: http://bit.ly/1aptMzx Amazing partial solar eclipse photos over Africa: http://bit.ly/1dHkIec Drugs tunnel from Mexico to San Diego shut down: http://bit.ly/HqJhRj Bus driver hailed a hero for saving woman from suicide attempt: http://bit.ly/Ht6BOq CCTV of driver's shocking hit-and-run revenge attack: http://bit.ly/Ht6BOq Woman spends £63,000 to clone her childhood dog TWICE: http://bit.ly/1aP8PlV Incredible stunts: Man does backflips in a wheelchair: http://bit.ly/1hyXedH Amazing pilots open beer bottles with helicopters: http://bit.ly/HgSYBz Check out Truthloader, the new home of citizen journalism on YouTube. Subscribe now at http://bit.ly/tldrsub See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/14iM9r5 See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/11GI36D See 2012's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/18R1boW
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Want to learn a little more about our whole food supplements? This video is about our SKIN+COAT formula. Take a look at this video, then go to our website for more information: www.petsuperfood.com Potent protection for your pet's healthy skin and glossy coat: whole food antioxidants and B-vitamins provide key nutrition while nourishing the skin and reducing free radical damage at the cellular level. SKIN+COAT's unique organic mushroom formula also contains natural immune modulators which balance overactive antibody responses — the cause of itchy skin, rashes and excessive shedding in pets with allergies. With SKIN+COAT, your pet will look and feel its very best.* Recommended Uses: — Therapy for pets with skin and coat conditions such as flaky or itchy skin, excessive shedding, dermatitis, etc. — Preventative for pets prone to hives or skin allergies — Use alone or in conjunction with our IMMUNITY formula VITAMINS B1, B5, B12, C & E · COPPER · POTASSIUM · RIBOFLAVIN · NIACIN · FIBER 100% ORGANIC · POWDER ( 60 GRAMS ) Want to know more about the vitamins and minerals in SKIN+COAT? Take a peek at our Glossary. Serving Size / ¼ teaspoon (.5 grams) per 25lbs. GREAT VALUE! (2 month supply for an average sized 50lb. dog) Instructions / Place on dry or wet food once per day (for lame or diseased pets, double dosage for first 7 days). Ingredients / Contains Only: Organic Cordyceps, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic King Trumpet, Organic Reishi, Organic Beech. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
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How To: Work Around Food Allergies - Just Cook For Kids
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LifeMax (Food Supplement compose of 10 Kinds of Healing Mushrooms )
Grabe na ang bilang ng mga nagkakasakit ngayon at pabata na ng pabata ang mga tinatamaan IWASAN ITO ! sa tulong ng LIFEMAX ! MAKAKATULONG SA MARAMING URI NG SAKIT ! ANO NGA BA ITONG LIFEMAX NA ITO ? One of the best effect is "If you take this one capsule in the morning para na akong kumain ng one full meal " Gusto mo bang ma try ? M-E-S-S-A-G-E MO NA KAMI ! LIFE MAX is a Food Supplement made up of 10 Mushrooms (Cordyceps, White wood ear, Turkey tail Yunzhi, Lingzhi Reishi, Maitake, Shitake, Himematsutake, Jew’s Ear,and Chaga mushrooms) Some of hundreds health benefits of Mushrooms ! 👉🏻 Normalize blood pressure 👉🏻 Lower’s bad cholesterol 👉🏻 Cancer Fighting benefits 👉🏻 Helps with constipation 👉🏻 Reduces Allergies and inflammation 👉🏻 Provides Releif of sexual dysfunction 👉🏻 Act as antioxidant 👉🏻 Prevent Peptic ulcer and osteoporosis 👉🏻 Oxygenates body and boosts STAMINAg 👉🏻 Help Rejuvinates skin and reduces age spots 👉🏻 Prevents Respiratory distress 👉🏻 increase brain power 👉🏻 Enhance immune system ✅Skin Diseases ✅Joint Pain ✅Cancer ✅Stroke ✅Head Ache ✅Stress ✅High blood ✅High Cholesterol Level ✅High Blood sugar at iba pa ... HIGH BILLS SA HOSPITAL ? and many more to cater that's the amazing thing with mushrooms it can helps almost all types of dieases. Take note this food supplement contains 10 kinds of different healing mushrooms. You can also do a own research to know more. 🍄 Pharmaceutical Standard 🍄 Quality Made FDA APPROVED!! ✔️✔️✔️ Order now ! +63 906-804-5878 WE DO SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
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Organic Reishi Mushroom with 13 other Organic Mushrooms in Coffee
http://www.DietCoffee.org The mushroom revered as the "Mushroom of Immortality", Reishi is truly one of the most impressive medicinal mushrooms both in its potency and its wide range of medicinal benefits. Reishi is a strong immune system stimulator and has been shown to be effective in treating cancer in numerous studies including those of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and lung cancer. It has also been shown to provide relief from inflammation, arthritis, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, insomnia, stress and has been shown to lower cholesterol. Reishi also helps to lower the damage done to the liver when exposed to toxins. In addition to being used as a cancer therapy by itself, it is also useful as adjunct and adjuvant therapy helping to lessen the damage from radiation, making chemotherapy more effective, lessening the side-effects of chemotherapy and helping to restore white blood cell counts to normal levels much more rapidly. http://www.DietCoffee.org
Black Trumpet Mushroom ID, Hunting Tips, & Look-Alikes
The Black Trumpet (Craterellus fallax) is a choice edible mushroom found throughout the summer months in Eastern North America. Learn almost everything you'd ever want to know in this video! Music: Dave Depper — Western https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/legalcode Follow Adam Haritan online here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnyourland/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/learnyourland Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/learnyourland/ Store: http://wildfoodism.bigcartel.com/ Website: http://learnyourland.com/ Email newsletter: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/i/8F756D78F98F8632
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Semi-Woo Video: MycoMeditations Mushroom Retreat Review
In episode 1 of Season 2, we discussed Amanda's personal journey all over Mexico & Jamaica. Today, we get an in-depth look at her time as a teacher & facilitator at MycoMeditations Mushroom Retreat. This "Psychedelic Specialists Retreat" featured comedian Shane Mauss, psychedelic researcher Katherine Maclean, Ph.D. and art integration healer Eileen Hall. The 10-day retreat was magical, transformational and a whole lot of fun. Listen in to all the mystical details, mon! Semiwoo.com
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Dr. Dawud Abdur-Rahmaan of the Michigan Institute of Natural Health in Detroit, MI delivers a lecture entitled, "Why We Get Sick!". For more information contact him at dawud52@comcast.net.
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The Benefits of Mushrooms for Your Health - The Healthy Food You Should Know
Other Information : http://tinyurl.com/EndPur2 ( Simple Superfoods ) Health Benefits of Mushrooms, Healthy Food Choices: Mushrooms are valuable health food - low in calories, high in vegetable proteins, chitin, iron, zinc, fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals. Mushrooms also have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their legendary effects on promoting good health and vitality and increasing your body's adaptive abilities have been supported by recent studies. These studies suggest that Mushrooms are probiotic - they help our body strengthen itself and fight off illness by maintaining physiological homeostasis - restoring our bodies balance and natural resistance to disease. Health Benefits of Mushrooms, Healthy Food Choices: Agaricus Mushroom Agaricus is the most widely consumed mushroom in many countries, where it is regarded as a health food, due to its medicinal properties. Agaricus is traditionally known as "God’s Mushroom" because of its near miraculous curative benefits to a wide range of disorders. People have used it to overcome numerous diseases and disorders relating to the immune system, cardiovascular system, digestion, and for weight management, diabetes, chronic and acute allergies, cataracts, hearing difficulties, stress syndrome, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, and disorders of the liver. Cordyceps Mushroom Cordyceps can be a powerful stimulant for macrophage activity, strengthening your immune system’s ability to fight against bacterial and viral infection. Human clinical studies indicate that Cordyceps can be effective for treatment of high cholesterol, poor libido/impotence, arrhythmia, lung cancer, and chronic kidney failure. It is also reported that Cordyceps causes smooth muscle relaxation. This can make it especially helpful for treating chronic coughs, asthma, and other bronchial conditions. Maitake Mushroom Maitake is also known by the name Dancing Mushroom, famous for its taste and health benefits. In Japan, Maitake Mushroom is called "King of Mushroom". The fruiting body and the mycelium of Maitake are used medicinally. In China and Japan, Maitake Mushrooms have been consumed for 3000 years. Years ago in Japan, the Maitake had monetary value and was worth its weight in silver. Historically, Maitake has been used as a tonic and adaptogen. It was used as a food to help promote wellness and vitality. Traditionally, consumption of the mushroom was thought to prevent high blood pressure and cancer - two applications that have been the focal point of modern research. Clinical research with Maitake Mushroom has increased dramatically in the past several years. Laboratory studies have shown that Maitake Mushroom extract can inhibit the growth of tumors and stimulate the immune system of cancerous mice. Health Benefits of Mushrooms, Healthy Food Choices: benefits of mushrooms health benefits of mushrooms benefits of mushroom mushroom benefits mushroom health benefits healthy foods mushrooms health benefits healthy food choices health foods healthy food healthy food guide Music By : http://www.bensound.com
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Dispelling the Myths of Medicinal Mushrooms - Ask a Vet with Dr. Jyl
dispelling the myths of medicinal mushrooms - 09/21/15
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Stinging Nettle — The Most Nutritious Plant On Earth?
Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is plant whose edible, medicinal, and utilitarian benefits typically surpass those of other wild species. In this video, we discuss all things stinging nettle — including proper identification, look-alikes, medicinal properties, and more! Music: Jacket Thor — My Patron Saint https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/legalcode Follow Adam Haritan online here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnyourland/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/learnyourland Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/learnyourland/ Store: http://wildfoodism.bigcartel.com/ Website: http://learnyourland.com/ Email newsletter: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/i/8F756D78F98F8632
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Health Benefits Of Chaga Mushroom
Website: http://nyishar.com Store: http://nyishar.com Consultations: http://nyishar.com/consultations/ Newsletter: http://nyishar.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=cb8e6b5f31713bda941ee064b&id=122f6ad8a7 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user31429652 Instagram: http://instagram.com/paul_nyishar/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/greateasternsun
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Dr. Mercola Interviews Steve Farrar About Mushrooms (Part 5 of 5)
http://www.mercola.com/ Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Steve Farrar about mushrooms. (Part 5 of 5)
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FIGHT COLD and FLU  Eat Mushrooms During Winter Reduce Risk of Cold and Flu
FIGHT COLD and FLU Eat Mushrooms During Winter Reduce Risk of Cold and Flu . Mushrooms contain some of the most powerful natural medicines on the planet, especially for boosting your immunity during cold and flu season Many medicinal mushrooms having strong anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties Mushrooms can help slow your aging, boost your immunity, improve your blood flow and cardiovascular health, stabilize blood sugar, increase athletic performance, and even help regenerate your nerves It is therapeutically important to use a blend of multiple mushroom species, organically grown, rather than just one type One of the newest mushrooms recognised as having properties beneficial to health, Agaricus Blazeii (Murill) is rapidly becoming one of the most popular. Health studies have shown benefits against certain kinds of cancer and promoting weight after chemotherapy. Also known as - Agaricus brasiliensis Also known as - Agaricus subrufescens Japanese name - Himematsutake Portuguese name - Cogumela del sol English name - Royal/Sun Agaric Commonly known as the A.blazei Murill (ABM), after a mushroom discovered in 1945 by the mycologist William A. Murrill growing on the lawn of his friend R.W.Blaze in Florida. Although one of the newest mushrooms recognized as having medicinal properties, A. blazei is rapidly becoming one of the most popular. In traditional medicine, this mushroom has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments including general physical and emotional stress, diabetes, high cholesterol and circulatory problems, osteoporosis, peptic ulcers and indigestion, to chronic hepatitis and cancer. The Agaricus Blazei Murill is best known for generally strengthening the immune system and promoting cellular health. The active components are polysaccharides, and our ABM high strength polysaccharide extract is standardized to contain 30% polysaccharides by weight. Dietary studies have listed ABM as a non-animal source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which contains combined trans-fat and cis-fat isomers, the latter which is believed to be responsible for an increase in the metabolizing of fatty tissue in the body (resting metabolic rate) and an increase in the development of muscle mass (which burns more calories than fat mass), resulting in healthy weight loss and better overall health. Shiitake Mushroom Benefits Shiitake mushrooms contain many chemical compounds that protect your DNA from oxidative damage, which is partly why they’re so beneficial. Lentinan, for example, heals chromosome damage caused by anticancer treatments. Eritadenine substances help reduce cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health. Researchers at Shizuoka University in Japan found that eritadenine supplementation significantly decreased plasma cholesterol concentration. (1) Shiitakes are also unique for a plant because they contain all eight essential amino acids, along with a type of essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with weight loss and building muscle. It also has bone-building benefits, improves digestion, and reduces food allergies and sensitivities. Shiitakes also … 1. Fight Obesity Certain components of the shiitake mushroom have hypolipidaemic (fat-reducing) effects, such as eritadenine and b-glucan, a soluble dietary fiber that’s also found in barley, rye and oats. Studies have reported that b-glucan can increase satiety, reduce food intake, delay nutrition absorption and reduce plasma lipid (fat) levels. . Support Immune Function Mushrooms have the ability to boost the immune system and combat many diseases by way of providing important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A 2015 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition evaluated 52 healthy males and females, aged 21–41 years, to determine if shiitake mushrooms could improve human immune function.
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Top 10 Toxic Foods and Top 10 Healing Foods
Learn more about healing foods on my website here: https://draxe.com/healing-diet/?utm_campaign=Live-Apr-2017&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=toxichealing Most people I meet think they’re pretty healthy, but when I probe a little deeper into their diets, I quickly find out they are eating a lot of “health” foods you should never eat. I can’t blame them. With all of the confusion surrounding labeling and advertising, buzzwords like “sugar-free,” “all-natural” and even “organic” can be really confusing. I want to clear the air. In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, I discuss the top 10 toxic foods you should remove from your diet and the top 10 healing foods to add to help restore and fuel your body. Subscribe to my channel for more natural health remedies! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJoshAxe/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjoshaxe/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/draxe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoshaxe --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more? Sign up to get the Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine e-newsletter, sent out a few times a week: https://draxe.com/subscribe-to-newsletter/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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Fresh and Healthy Food for All : Chris Bickel at TEDxMontclair
Chris Bickel seeks to provide people who are food insecure with unprocessed food that is healthy for all, even those with food allergies. Chris is a Fellow with NJ Learns and Earthwatch International. He is also the author of "The Nest Seekers", a recently published book for children. Chris is very active in community building efforts in his home town, where he serves on committees for sustainability, civics and the mitigation of food insecurity in New Jersey and beyond. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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The Magic Of Mushrooms For The Best Sex Of Your Life
To get the full info and tips, visit https://www.prosolutionpills.com/info/discover-the-magic-of-mushrooms-for-the-best-sex-of-your-life/ Excerpt: Most people use mushrooms to add texture to their food or on salads, but did you know they can boost your sex life? Read on to learn the magic of mushrooms. Content: 1. THE MAGIC OF MUSHROOMS FOR THE BEST OF SEX OF YOUR LIFE 2. SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS: Shiitake mushrooms have powerful immune- enhancing and antiviral properties that can lower your cholesterol, inhibit viruses from overtaking your body and fight HIV/AIDS. They also contain lentinan, which aside from boosting your immune system, can also slow tumor growth. It can boost your sex drive and helps reduce stress, so you can enjoy sex even more. 3. MAITAKE MUSHROOMS: Maitake mushrooms can lower blood pressure and enhance your immune system. They can also prevent HIV cells from killing T cells. For a more relaxing evening of lovemaking, include mushrooms in your dinner meal, because they can improve your sex drive and stamina. 4. REISHI MUSHROOMS: Reishi mushrooms modulate your immune system, providing protection against bacteria growth in your body. They are also known for their anti-inflammatory effects, as well as their ability to reduce allergies and protect your liver. They also boost vigor and sex drive. 5. ENOKI MUSHROOMS: Just like other types of mushrooms, they also have immune-boosting effects and anti-cancer properties that your body needs for better health. 6. CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR MUSHROOMS: Also known as “Turkey Tail,” people have traditionally used this type of mushroom as an herbal remedy. They can make your immune system stronger and they can also treat HPV infections. 7. CORDYCEPS MUSHROOMS: The Cordyceps mushroom is an amazing medicinal mushroom that has been used by the Chinese as a form of traditional medicine as a restorative and general tonic. It also aids in the circulation of the lungs, increases oxygen levels and improves athletic performance. It can also give your endurance a boost.
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MBG Tiger Milk Mushroom
MBG’s Tiger Milk is uniquely fortified with elderberries which are reputable for its antioxidant activity, lowering cholesterol, improving vision, boosting the immune system, improving heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis. Elderberries are a very good source of fiber vitamin A, providing 17 percent of the daily value, but eclipsed by infection-fighting vitamin C with 87 percent – reportedly more than any other plant besides black currants and rosehips. Other prominent ingredients in elderberries include iron (13 percent of the daily value) as well as potassium, vitamin B6, and lots of betacarotene. MBG’s new Tiger Milk Mushroom with Elderberry offer many health benefits including: • Relieves symptoms of asthma • Relieves chronic cough • Relieves nasal and sinus conditions • Relieves respiratory allergy • Helps repair inflamed tissues and improve respiratory functions • Helps protect the lungs and respiratory system • Helps strengthen the immune system of children protecting them from colds & flu • Helps strengthen a weak constitution such as the elderly as its immune-modulating • Relives joint pain • Relives skin allergy, eczema & aids wound healing
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Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods
Learn more about cancer-killing foods on my website here: https://draxe.com/cancer-fighting-foods/?utm_campaign=Live-May-2017&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=cancerfightingfoods We know cancer is affecting millions of people. In fact, more than 1 million people in the United States alone get cancer each year. Inflammation is the underlying issue that dictates cancerous tumor initiation, progression and growth. Studies suggest that 30 to 40 percent of all kinds of cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and dietary measures! And other sources claim that this number is in fact much higher, with around 75 percent of cancer cases being lifestyle-related. In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Jordan Rubin and I share the top 20 cancer-killing foods to add to your diet. Watch to learn more. Subscribe to my channel for more natural health remedies! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJoshAxe/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjoshaxe/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/draxe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoshaxe --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more? Sign up to get the Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine e-newsletter, sent out a few times a week: https://draxe.com/subscribe-to-newsletter/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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Is Mushroom Coffee Even Better than Regular Coffee
Is Mushroom Coffee Even Better than Regular Coffee. You may as of now be on the keto espresso prepare, yet have you attempted mushroom espresso? I know it sounds like an extremely odd mix, yet this growths centered espresso is exceptionally in vogue right now and just is by all accounts getting steam. Admirers of the to some degree unusual blend say that the gritty quintessence of mushrooms is a reciprocal expansion to espresso that really makes for a smoother general flavor. Furthermore, you get significantly more cancer prevention agents with less jitter-advancing caffeine. So mushroom espresso might pick up ubiquity, however is it solid? Mushroom espresso gives you the medical advantages of espresso alongside the great advantages of mushrooms. Same goes for mushroom tea or mushroom hot chocolate. Be that as it may, these drink choices don't utilize your regular culinary mushrooms. Rather, they include therapeutic mushrooms. Are therapeutic mushrooms bravo? The short answer, which I'll expand on in a matter of seconds, is "yes." The therapeutic mushrooms utilized as a part of mushroom espresso and mushroom tea incorporate wellbeing powerhouses like cordyceps. Logical research keeps on indicating significant medical advantages of restorative mushrooms running from boosting safe capacity to enhancing mind cells, which implies mushrooms may even help battle genuine neurodegenerative issue like dementia and Alzheimer's sickness. (1) If you're occupied with perhaps taking some espresso to another level, at that point you may simply need to attempt a some mushroom espresso. Furthermore, don't stress — regardless it possesses a flavor like espresso! What Is Mushroom Coffee?. I comprehend what you're likely envisioning: a some espresso demolished by some arbitrary spongey gliding mushrooms. However, don't stress, this isn't what I'm discussing here. At the present time, there are various types of mushroom espresso being made by different organizations, and it's fundamentally general espresso mixed with therapeutic mushroom removes. A few organizations are presently making a powdered mix of moment espresso and mushrooms separates. You should simply add high temp water to make some mushroom espresso. To make mushroom espresso blends, mushroom remove powders are regularly made by confining and splash drying diverse key constituents of restorative mushrooms. Mushroom powder is touted as having the medical advantages of mushrooms yet at a significantly more focused level. (2) There are likewise bundles of mushroom removes with solid fixings like natural peppermint and anise separates alongside some stevia. A parcel like this can be added to your most loved tea to make a some mushroom tea. There are a wide range of illness battling mushrooms. The absolute most basic therapeutic mushrooms utilized as a part of mushroom tea and mushroom espresso include: *Cordyceps. *Chaga. All Photos Licensed Under CC Source : www.pexels.com www.pixabay.com www.commons.wikimedia.org
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HELLO GUYZ HERE I SHARE ANOTHER GREAT RECIPE WITH YOU HOW TO MAKE A HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE JUICE RECIPE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS RECIPE/VLOG AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE XOXOXOXOOXXOOX SHARE SHARE SHARE THIS HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE RECIPE TASTE SO GOOD AND SO FILLING I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING IT MY FIANCE LOVES THIS HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE RECIPE IT FILLS HIM UP AND GIVES HIM ALL THE ENERGY HE NEEDS TO START IS DAY MY DAUGHTER'S LOVE THIS HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE RECIPE THIS WILL GIVE YOU ALL ENERGY YOU NEED TO LAST THE DAY SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE DOLLOR STORE HAUL VLOG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-KeH... TWITTER | http://Twitter.com/cute2junie GRAM | http://www.Instagram.com/cute2juliana FACEBOOK: HOW TO COOK JAMAICAN { MUSIC | SOUNDTRACK } ⇢Song# 1 THE INDIAN IN MY ARMS ⇢Song# 2 Young and Beautiful ⇢Song#3 ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­----------------------------- { MORE HOW TO COOK -JAMAICAN FOOD} HOW TO MAKE THE BEST JAMAICAN FRIED CHICKEN RECIPEhttps://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&... ⇢HOW - TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN BANANA FRITTERS VIDEO RECIPE 2014 http://youtu.be/4qHIsNgBpbw ⇢HOW - TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN STEW PEA'S WITH OXTAIL & SMOKEY TURKEY LEG RECIPE VIDEO 2014 http://youtu.be/U1r6o9MWhwg ⇢HOW -TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN CABBAGE SALAD RECIPE FAST AND EASY JAMAICAN HOMESTYLE http://youtu.be/x2Ldcr0RwXg ⇢HOW TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN WEST INDIAN CURRY GOAT Jamaican Curry Goat Recipe Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbdhLI... ⇢HOW - TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN STEW CHICKEN , JAMAICAN RICE & PEAS WITH JAMAICAN PLANTAINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Ehi... ⇢HOW TO COOK REAL JAMAICAN CURRY CHICKEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3jKP... ⇢HOW TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN CHICKEN FEET / FOOT SOUP 2013 Using Veggie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbWm7G... ⇢HOW TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN RICE AND PEAS | GUNGUH GREEN PIGEON PEAS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3R5Oo... ⇢HOW - TO COOK REAL JAMAICAN STEAMED VEGETABLE'S 1OO% REAL VEGETARIAN MEAL: http://youtu.be/tU0Vh5zo_cs ⇢HOW - TO COOK REAL JAMAICAN OX TAILS HOMESTYLE COOKING http://youtu.be/OATew228Xso ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­----------------------------- Tag: ⇢HOW TO JAMAICAN oxtail, Ox Tail, Jamaican Food, cooking, SALMON, RICE & PEAS, HOW TO COOK JAMAICAN CHICKEN FOOT FEET SOUP, RICE AND PEAS, rice pigeon peas, cooking, rice cook, jamaica, jamaican food, coconut cream, food,Cooking meals, eating, TO MAKE REAL JAMAICAN WEST INDIAN CURRY GOAT, Spicy Mutton Curry - Indian/Sri Lankan Way to Cook Mutton / Jamaican Curry, Jamaican Curry Goat Recipe Video, WHITE rice , How To Cook Boiled Rice - RECIPE, SERVE WITH, STEW CHICKEN, PORT, OXTAIL, STEAK, FISH ..ETC, Banana porridge, Jamaican Green Banana Porridge Recipe Video Banana Fritters, corn beef and cabbage, banana fritters, jamaican cabbage salad, curry goat, ESCO BEACH FISH, Jamaican Style Escovitch Fish, salt fish and butter beans, cooking recipes recipes baking chicken recipes holiday party healthy recipes pasta recipes vegetarian recipes healthy snacks vegan recipes quick easy recipes raw food recipes how to bake how to make cooking tutorial easy healthy dessert healthy dessert ideas dessert recipes cocktail recipe drink recipes ×green juice recipe ×healthy smoothie recipe ×healthy school lunch ×healthy eating tips healthy eating easy lunch ideas quick breakfast recipes breakfast smoothie recipe birthday dinner valentines day dinner date night dinner thanksgiving dinner christmas cooking christmas dinner diy christmas recipes vegan cooking healthy cooking,Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Jamaican style- Bake How to Make the Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese Martha Stewart Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - Tom Jefferson's Mac and Cheese Southern Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe (Updated) Corn beef sandwich, cooking , Category Howto & Style License Category
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Sugar Defense
https://www.parsiherbs.com/products/sugar-defense This formula is designed to promote healthy pancreatic function, as well as enhancing the energy of spleen and all other organs associated with the digestive process. This formula also assists in the health of kidneys, may prevent oxidation, regulate lymphatic function and balance levels of pancreatic enzymes. It is also beneficial for diabetics, sufferers of neuropathy, pancreatic or spleen tumors, skin disorders (vitiligo, acne, psoriasis, sadaf), Candida Albicans, severe cravings for sugar, allergies, asthma, mental dysfunction, urinary tract infections, frequent urination, dropped bladder, parasitic conditions, foggy brain functions, bad body odor, or blood toxicity. Take two to three capsules with each meal or snacks. If blood sugar is higher than 200, then four or five may be taken with each meal. For people with skin disorders, four or five capsules are suggested at a time. Drink an abundance of water daily. AVOID: Simple carbohydrates such as white flour, white bread, white sugar, or candy, artificial sweeteners, carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages, black tea, red meats, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, jams, Jellies or sherbets. Ingredients: Enzyme Delivery System Powder, Kelp powder, Organic Certified Nopal Cactus Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Organic Spinach Powder, Cabbage Powder, Parsley Powder, Aktivated Barley Powder, Rice Solubles Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Garcinia Cambogia Powder, Frankincense Powder, Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder, Gingko Biloba Powder, L Carnitine, Organic Certified Camu Camu Powder, CoQ10. Please consult your physician before use.
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Survival Chocolate With White Avens
Want to make hot chocolate from a plant growing in your back yard? Visit http://www.rewildu.com/survival-chocolate-with-white-avens/ for more details. This is an experiment in making a hot "chocolate" with the root of White Avens (Geum canadense), a plant native to Wisconsin and southern Canada/northern U.S. I'm not sure of its southern range. I heard a rumor that a tea of the root tastes like chocolate, so I gave it a try. I can't vouch for the edibility or tendency for allergic reaction of this plant, so do your own research and test a small bit before you consume. In short, I was pleasantly surprised! This video shows you how I did it. You can learn this and many other skills during your own rewilding journey at ReWild University (http://www.rewildu.com/metamorphosis-2). Our customized mentor-based programs will be full of adventure as you learn primal fitness, ancestral skills, wilderness survival, how to reclaim your "wild mind", homesteading skills, how to switch to a primal diet, and go on wilderness adventures! Get in touch with us and let the adventures begin!
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How To Make Healthy Southern-Style Collard Greens (Low Carb, Paleo) | Healthy Dinner Recipes
Print Full Recipe Here: http://www.kaylachandler.com/healthy-southern-style-collard-greens/ —————————————————————————————— Products Used in this Video: Red Cast Iron Ceramic Pot: http://amzn.to/2wxzbYY Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: http://amzn.to/2yYjCeL Celtic Sea Salt: http://amzn.to/2xRJkUm —————————————————————————————— Ready to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss or need a Diet Reset? Check out my 28-Day Paleo Reset Meal Plan Here: http://bit.ly/2fyu4Vu Free PDF of my Top 11 Bulletproof-Style Drinks: http://bit.ly/2w1WVVl (scroll to the end of the blog post) —————————————————————————————— Get My FREE 7-Day Detox Here: http://www.KaylaChandler.com —————————————————————————————— WANT TO WORK WITH ME ONE-ON-ONE? I’m now accepting a limited amount of clients for consultations where I design a personalized health and supplement plan for you. I specialize in the following areas: - Adrenal Fatigue - Weight Loss - Sluggish Metabolism - Hormonal Imbalances - Acne - Food Allergies/Sensitivities - Autoimmune Diseases - Candida Overgrowth - Uncontrollable Sugar & Carb Cravings - Lack of Energy - Leaky Gut Please email me directly for a FREE health analysis and pricing details: admin@kaylachandler.com —————————————————————————————— Thanks for Supporting Me By Liking & Subscribing :) xoxo Kayla ~Certified Holistic Nutritionist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other places to find me! WEBSITE: http://www.KaylaChandler.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/KaylaJChandler PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/KaylaJChandler FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KaylaJChandler TWITTER: http://twitter.com/KaylaJChandler
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DEATH BY BEES!! | Don't Starve Together - Part 8
WHY IS IT ALWAYS BEES!? THEY CAN SWARM AT ANY MINUTE!! MORE Don't Starve ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STm55OVbpGo&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiDXBsZTIrWJcHNzaVdNB5fS&index=1 Watch RUST ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nexU4APLY0&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiChX-mD3wZ2LCDTvigwOA3T&index=1 Bob's Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/muyskerm Subscribe Today! ► http://bit.ly/Markiplier Neverending Nightmares ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1shhcO45_b8&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiAUsKnPUnW43eW91huYek8_&index=1 You Might Also Like ▼ Markiplier Highlights - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DKZbZyW2-g&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiAOf_drlpS1hqZjJknW88cB&index=1 Horror Compilations - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p03A7QTBuhg&list=PL58D8AC6A97A69F45&index=1 Happy Wheels - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veIB_RI8yMY&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiBMoF9ihuu-x_aQVXvFYHIH&index=2 Follow my Instagram ► http://instagram.com/markipliergram Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/markiplier Like me on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/markiplier T-Shirts ► http://www.rodeoarcade.com/collections/markiplier-game Livestreams ► http://www.twitch.tv/markiplier
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Masumax at magandang pagdumi
Maraming naitulong kay Lucia Torres ang Masumax Food Supplement kabilang na ang maayos na pagdumi at magandang pagtulog. Ang ininom lang ni Lucia ay Masumax Food Supplement. May 8 super mushrooms, royal jelly at american ginseng. Kabilang sa 8 mushrooms ang Cordyceps sinensis (Cordyceps) 300mg Tremella Fuciformis (White Wood Ear) 225mg Coriolus Versicolor (Turkey Tail, Yunzhi) 200mg Ganoderma Lucidum (LingZhi, Reishi) 200mg Grifola Frondosa (Maitake) 200mg Lentinula edodes (Shitake) 200mg Agsricus Blazei (Himematsutake) 175mg Hericium erinaceus (Yamabushitake) Available ito sa Mercury Drugstores nationwide. Other ingredients: Bee wax, Glycerol Monostearate, Lecithin, Soya oil, Softgel capsule consists of Gelatin. May 8 super mushrooms, royal jelly at american ginseng. Magtext sa 0925.627.8629 o pumunta sa FB page: Masumax Foodsupplement
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LifeMAX : 10 Miracle MUSHROOMS
Message us for ORDERS. ✔ Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/almar.rosal.7 Call/ Text: 0926-619-4118 Hiwaga ng KABUTE sa ating kalusugan! 😲😲😍👏 Ikaw ba ay marami ng iniindang sakit o may malubhang sakit tulad ng Cancer, Hypertension, High-Cholesterol, High Uric Acid, Kidney Problem, Diabetes, Myoma, Cyst, Goiter, Hepa, HIV/AIDS, Eye Problem, Tuberculosis, Gout, Arthrits, Colon Cancer, atbp.?? SUBUKAN at baka ito narin ang SOLUSYON !!! 👉❤🍄 "LIFEMAX" 🍄❤ 👈 10 MUSHROOM SPECIES: HEALTH BENEFITS 🍄 Jew's ear "Tainga ng Daga" 🍄 Agaricus Blazei 🍄 Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi) 🍄 Cordyceps 🍄 Turkey's Tail, YunZhi 🍄 Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus) 🍄 Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) 🍄 White Wood Ear (Tremella fuciformis) 🍄 Chaga 🍄 Shitake (Lentinula edodes) PLUS... ✅ American Ginseng ✅ Royal Jelly Based on (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine MAJOR HEALTH BENEFITS: 👉🏻 Normalize blood pressure 👉🏻 Lower’s bad cholesterol 👉🏻 Cancer Fighting benefits 👉🏻 Helps with constipation 👉🏻 Reduces Allergies and inflammation 👉🏻 Provides Releif of sexual dysfunction 👉🏻 Act as antioxidant 👉🏻 Prevent Peptic ulcer and osteoporosis 👉🏻 Oxygenates body and boosts STAMINA 👉🏻 Help Rejuvinates skin and reduces age spots 👉🏻 Prevents Respiratory distress 👉🏻 increase brain power 👉🏻 Enhance immune system ➡️ BUY NOW! BEST SELLER! ✔ ➡️ CASH ON DELIVERY NATIONWIDE! ✔ ➡️ FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! ✔ ➡️ PAY AT YOUR DOORSTEP! ✔ Message us for ORDERS. ✔ LIKE AND SHARE TO SPREAD AWARENESS!!
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IMMUNE +++ | New Product by LifePharm Global Network
http://healthybodybuzz.com IMMUNE +++ is a new product by LifePharm Global Network that supports your immune system. The immune system is our body's natural defense to all the dangerous viruses and bacteria that are everywhere in the environment, both indoors and outside. Our immune system is a network of white blood cells that can recognize, attack and destroy foreign substances before they can cause serious damage to the body. Now more than ever, we have to take care of our immune system and fortify the body against the onslaught of illness. LPGN IMMUNE+++ is a triple defense formula sourced from high quality, natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective to strengthen your immune system*. We encase the IMMUNE+++ formula with an enteric coating to help it withstand acidic conditions in the stomach. This protects the supplement from dissolving in the stomach, allowing it to reach the small intestine for proper absorption*. Features and Benefits Include: ~Improves the immune system's front line defense against pathogens and gives the body the tools it needs to fight off foreign organisms and bacteria* ~Boosts immune health and immune response to viruses and infections* ~Up to 24-hour immune support* Learn More at http://mylifepharm.com/legacy Highest Quality Ingredients Include: Opti-Shield Blend - Polysaccharide Complex composed of extra from plants and mushrooms - Reishi, Maitake & Turkey Tail Mushrooms Life-C Blend - Pure Vitamin C known as Ascorbic Acid, with a unique delivery system so it enters the body faster and stays in the body longer* - Herb and Botanical Blend - Camu Camu - Acerola - Ashwagandha - Sea Buckthorn - Pomegranate Learn More @ http://mylifepharm.com/legacy
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