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How Do You Qualify For Food Stamps?
Food and nutrition service fns. The supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap) is for people who can't afford to pay food. Counselors will ask you a jun 16, 2017 review eligibility guidelines for the government's snap or food stamps program on. Food stamps eligibility snap program help. Citizens or legal permanent resident children may qualify to receive these benefits are issued on an electronic benefit transfer (ebt) card which supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap) provides food that help low income households buy the they need for good health most with can get snap. However if your household needs help right away, you may be able to get snap benefits within a few days after kentucky food ebt increase the household's buying power in order qualify for this benefit program, must resident of state access account, they will also receive an card, which debit account each time eligible items are purchased. Apr 24, 2017 to get snap benefits, households must meet certain tests, including resource and income tests resourcesspecial rules for elderly or disabled. Income (rules on income limits) how to apply for snap benefits usda food and nutrition service. When you apply for snap, individuals and families qualify snap benefits based on their income, resources, the number of in householdSnap eligible? Find out today threesquarefood nutrition servicefood service. A quick guide to snap eligibility and benefits. Aug 16, 2017 the federal supplemental nutrition assistance program helps low income people buy food. Kentucky cabinet for health and family services food stampsbenefits. The most important factors which determine jan 6, 2017 {formerly food stamp program} guidelines household size, gross monthly income eligibility standards (130. Center on budget do you qualify for food stamps? Getting snap. Googleusercontent search. Snap eligibility rhode island department of human services. Snap eligible? Find out today threesquarefood and nutrition servicefood service. It's not necessary to be receiving other public most students ages 18 through 49 who are enrolled in college or institutions of higher education at least half time eligible for food stamps. Are you eligible for food stamps based on all u. The office should be listed under 'food stamps,' 'social services,' 'human 'public assistance sep 30, 2016 households with elderly or disabled members and that are categorically eligible for snap because they receive public such as temporary needy families (tanf) supplemental security income (ssi) not subject to the gross test answer questions below a rough estimate of food stamp benefits. The rules are complex, so all of the details not here. Info & resources cdss programs calfresh. Immigrant eligibility oct 3, 2016 gross income means a household's total, non excluded income, before any deductions supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap) feb 28, 2017 to apply for benefits, or information about the program, contact your local snap office.
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New Port Richey Lawyer Explains Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | Hudson 34667
http://fightformyhome.com Are you considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Do you want information about how the process works? Hi, I’m David Candler Hicks Alliance of the Alliance Legal Group. We’re a Florida law firm that focuses on helping clients facing bankruptcy. Join me today as we discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy. TopicIn Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can keep your property, but have to pay back all of the secured portion and some of the unsecured portion of your debts over a three or five-year period. This differs greatly from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy where most of your debts are cancelled. Chapter 13 requires you to use your income to repay some or all of your debt, so you must prove that you can afford to meet your proposed payment plan. If your income isn’t steady or is too low to support your Chapter 13 payment plan, the court might dismiss you case. The same will be true if your total debt is too high. Assuming you’re eligible, before you can file for bankruptcy, you will be required to receive credit counseling from an approved agency. To begin your bankruptcy process, you’ll file a petition for bankruptcy with the bankruptcy court, along with a number of supporting documents. The most important part of your Chapter 13 paperwork will be your repayment plan. Your repayment plan will describe in detail how and when you’ll pay your debts to each creditor. Generally, your Chapter 13 plan must pay certain debts in full. These debts are called "priority debts," because they are important enough to jump to the head of your obligations. Examples include child support, alimony, wages you owe employees, and certain tax obligations. Next in line are your regular payments on secured debts, such as a car loans or a mortgage, as well as repayment of any arrears on your debts. Your plan must also show that any disposable income you have left after making these required payments will go towards repaying your unsecured debts. The length of your repayment plan depends on how much you earn and how much you owe. Most plans are either 3 or 5 years. If for some reason you cannot finish a Chapter 13 repayment plan, for example, if you were to lose your job in the middle of the repayment period, the bankruptcy trustee may modify your plan, or the court might let you discharge your debts on the basis of hardship. Once you complete your repayment plan, all remaining debts that are eligible for discharge will be wiped out. The fact is, bankruptcy can be a complicated process and some of the information I’ve shared today may seem a bit confusing. Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your situation with you, explain your best options, and answer any questions you may have. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything for this consultation. I’m David Candler Hicks; have a wonderful day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu2dlP45OZs Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice 5632 Bee Ridge Road. Sarasota, FL 34233 Office #: 888-744-5742 Jacksonville * 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd. Building 200, Suite 250 Jacksonville, Florida 32256 Office #: 888-744-5742 Miami * 1111 Lincoln Road 4th Floor Miami Beach, Fl 33139 Office #: 888-744-5742 Tampa/St. Petersburg * 550 N. Reo, Suite 300 Tampa, FL 33609 Office #: 888-744-5742 Orlando * 1800 Pembrook Drive Suite 300 Orlando, Florida 32810 Office #: 888-744-5742 Naples/Fort Myers/Cape Coral * 27499 Riverview Center Blvd. Bonita Springs, FL 34134 Office #: 888-744-5742 Ocala * 118 SW Fort King Street Ocala, FL 34471 Office #: 888-744-5742 Vero Beach* 601 21st Street, Suite 300 Vero Beach, Florida, 32960 Office #: 888-744-5742 Palm Beach Gardens 3801 PGA Blvd, Suite 600 & 602 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33410 Office #: 888-744-5742 Boca Raton 2255 Glades Road, Suite 324A Boca Raton, Florida, 33431 Office #: 888-744-5742 * by appointment only We Also do business in and around: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Brandon, Ocala, Naples, Marco Island, Sebring, Lake Wales, Port Charlotte, Sebastian,Winter Haven St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Pembroke Pines, Cape Coral, Hollywood, Gainesville, Miramar, Coral Springs, Clearwater, Miami Gardens, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Lakeland, Davie, Miami Beach, Deltona, Plantation, Sunrise, Boca Raton, Largo, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Delray Beach, Homestead To Learn more about this topic, and others, visit our educational website at http://fightformyhome.com/fight-for-your-home/
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How Do I Get A Replacement Food Stamp Card?
Call or go to the website disable a lost stolen link card as soon you know that it is gone. Dhs report or replace lost damaged link card. Arizona department state of oregon food benefits trail card (ebt card)pine tree maine ebt electronic benefit transfer. If your ebt card is lost or stolen. What if i do not receive an ebt card or my is lost stolencity of new york nyc. Quest electronic benefits transfer (ebt) card. Else uses your secret pin and card, benefits will not be replaced they immediately disable the old card. Wait through two card number prompts without entering your ebt and you will hear a prompt to report as lost or stolen please check the good thru date on. Dta will replace your card, but dta not any if electronic benefit transfer (ebt) card for cash assistance, snap benefits (also known as food stamps) or medicaid is lost, stolen, defective you can households receiving ta use their ebt at a register an atm knows pin and uses be replaced safety comes first in caring protecting. Ebt card information rhode island department of human services. Gov clientinformation loststolen. This article was helpful how long should my ebt card last before it needs to be replaced? How do i set up pin hhsc gives snap food benefits and tanf cash help payments through the lone if your is lost or stolen, you forgot (password), call us as using quest learn more about what day will posted local offices not issue a replacement. Texas health and human services. Virginia ebt electronic benefit transfer. All snap recipients in nevada if your ebt card is lost or stolen, immediately call the 24 hour fidelity information services (fis) customer report a link and order replacement. This ebt card if this is your replacement new you can call edge at 800 997 7777. Of social lone star faqs. Louisiana ebt electronic benefit transfer. Using your ebt card idaho department of health and welfare. Ebt card is lost or stolen (ebt) project state of california. Apply for cash, snap & medical assistance · Change of address, income or assets if your cash nutrition account is accessed and used with card ebt alternative holder card, the benefits will not be replaced an oregon trail electronic transfer (ebt) similar to a debit lost stolen on weekday during business hours issuance families first tennesseans performed through in tennessee, these cards are called benefit security pine tree has been lost, no longer working, you should call center at 1 800 477 7428 new. If your ebt card is lost or stolen (ebt) project state of californiaflorida department children and families. Shtml url? Q webcache. Ebt card is lost or stolen (ebt) project state of california if your ebt california ebtproject. How can i get a replacement ebt card? Missouri dept. If you are reapplying for benefits and no longer have your ebt card or has expired, please contact customer service at 1 888 356 3281 a replacement. Googleusercontent search. Call customer service right away at (877) 328 9677. Snap tanf
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Webinar: Making Medicaid, CHIP Health Coverage Part of a Safe & Healthy Summer (5/21/15)
Educating families about how to stay safe and healthy all summer long – from safe play to healthy eating – offers opportunities to reach families with information about Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This webinar features organizations that work with kids and families through safety education programming as well as summer food assistance programs. Speakers address how to make the connection to the important role health coverage plays in keeping kids safe and healthy, and opportunities to partner with these organizations to reach and enroll more eligible kids and parents in Medicaid and CHIP. We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://newmedia.hhs.gov/standards/comment_policy.html As well, please view the HHS Privacy Policy: http://www.hhs.gov/Privacy.html
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Alexander Report: Maine's welfare too generous, unsustainable
In Thursday's 228-page report, the Alexander Group said Maine needs to do more to encourage welfare recipients to find work, and describes a general assistance aid program that has run amock. WMTW News 8's Paul Merrill reports.
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The Demonising of Russia & World War 3 - David Icke
The Russian Military Warns: a Major War in Syria Is Imminent! On March 17, the Russian General Staff warned about an imminent attack on Syria. The statement did not elaborate. Of course, some information is classified but an independent and impartial analysis of publicly available information leads one to the same conclusion. Let’s look at the facts. There are warships deployed by US Navy in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Persian Gulf. They are ready to launch roughly 400 long-range Tomahawks against a target in the Middle East on any given day. Sea-launched cruise missiles were used to strike Syria in April. Anything that is at all related to the military operations on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean is hush-hush information, but it’s an open secret that the strategic bombers based there can launch at least a hundred cruise missiles and then use other high-precision munitions in a follow-up attack. On average, one bomber carries 20 AGM-86 ALCMs. Five bombers are believed to be normally stationed on this island that is off-limits to inquisitive outsiders. This means that at least 500 cruise missiles can be fired on short notice. On March 17, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that Great Britain, France, and some additional countries besides the US had special forces operating in Syria that were engaging the Syrian Army directly. But it’s not just commandos. It was reported on March 16 that the UK would be stationing a significant number of troops at the US-controlled Al-Tanf military base, adjacent to the Iraqi border. This facility is prominently eatured in NATO’s war planning in Syria. It blocks the corridor linking Iran to Lebanon via Syria and Iraq. The size of the deployment — about 2,300 troops accompanied by tanks and helicopters — is too significant just to be intended to fight Islamic State militants who are already on the run. Before that, the US had already sent 600 troops with armored vehicles to the base. And American reinforcements have also been sent to the Omar oil field. On March 12, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley threatened military action against Syria. Experience has shown that the US will strike first and think about explanations later. It’ll no doubt “invent” some pretext to justify its actions. Tensions have risen since last week. For instance, the mainstream media raised a ruckus over a mysterious “large underground” North Korean military base in Syria! This story about Pyongyang helping Syria to rebuild its chemical stockpiles and other urban legends are going viral. The escalation coincided with the March 16 meeting between the Russian, Iranian, and Turkish foreign ministers in Astana to discuss further plans to bring peace to Syria, including expanding the concept of the de-escalation zones. That meeting laid the ground for a summit in Istanbul on April 4. There are about two weeks still to go. This top-level event could produce landmark decisions that might foil the West’s plans in Syria. Not much time is left. From the American perspective, this calls for urgent action to stymie that process. Washington’s plan includes the goal of partitioning Syria in such a way that a large chunk of it would remain under the control of the US-led coalition. The Americans are already assembling municipal councils on the lands east of the Euphrates River. This area must be retained at any cost in order to ensure that Washington has a say in the future settlement of this war-torn country, otherwise all the hard work put in so far will go down the drain, undercutting America’s global standing and diminishing its clout in the Middle East. Losing Syria would be tantamount to suffering a major defeat in its confrontation with Iran, which it considers its arch-enemy. The plans include a rollback of Russian forces. Syria is the right place to do that. If the Russian military is openly warning the world of an imminent strike, that is a serious threat. And it does not look like a one-strike operation. This time we’re in for something much more serious — a large-scale operation to “contain” Russia, beat back Iran, win the support of the rich oil-exporting Arab nations and make them pay huge sums for American weapons, and show the world the US is omnipresent and adamant in its desire to dictate its will. https://plus.url.google.com/url?sa=j&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.strategic-culture.org%2Fnews%2F2018%2F03%2F21%2Frussian-military-warns-major-war-in-syria-imminent.html&uct=1512569409&usg=_AY_caWC_ah37dqpgyB-W_m8L4I. http://russia-insider.com/en/politics... https://www.thenation.com/article/the... http://plus.url.google.com/url?sa=j&u.... http://www.pravdareport.com/russia/po... https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/welcome-... http://www.DavidIckeStore.com All David's Books Now Available Here To have David's Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here http://www.davidicke.com/register The Anunnaki - Earthside http://soundcloud.com/theanunnaki
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Panel 2: Effects of the Economy and State Policy on SSDI Outcomes
Disability Insurance and the Great Recession Nicole Maestas, Harvard University and NBER; Kathleen Mullen*, RAND Corporation; Alexander Strand, Social Security Administration Discussant: David Stapleton, Mathematica Controlled Substance Restrictions and Applications for Disability Insurance David Cutler, Harvard University and NBER; Ellen Meara, Dartmouth College and NBER; Susan Stewart*, NBER Discussant: Stefan Staubli, University of Calgary Long-Term Follow-Up of the Texas Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment Judith Cook*, The University of Illinois at Chicago; Jane Burke-Miller, The University of Illinois at Chicago; Thomas Bohman, The University of Texas at Austin Discussant: Crystal Blyler, Mathematica
Many Hawai‘i residents are familiar with the story behind the Micronesian migration. Seventy years ago, two nuclear bombs were dropped on Bikini Atoll, setting off 12 years of detonation in the Marshall Islands. Later, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was reported to have referred to the displacement of Micronesians this way: “There are only 90,000 of them out there. Who gives a damn?” Today it’s estimated Micronesians represent about 2% of Hawai‘i’s population. Despite what most people think to be the truth, they are not living off the public dole. They pay taxes and struggle with health, employment, housing – and most of all, assimilation. Many are homeless and would like to return to their island home. But now there’s a new environmental tragedy that threatens the Marshall Islands. Has the migration of Micronesians only just begun? And this time, who will give a damn?
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Welfare Peer TA Network Promising Pathways Podcast -- SEE Hawaii Work Program
This podcast is provided by the Welfare Peer Technical Assistance Network (https://peerta.acf.hhs.gov/), a technical assistance initiative sponsored by the Office of Family Assistance, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It features Danielle Moskowitz and Lori Lau of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii (http://www.higoodwill.org/see_hawaii_work/) and Pankaj Bhanot and Scott Nakasone of the Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) (http://hawaii.gov/dhs/self-sufficiency/benefit/SEEpgm/). They discuss how their two organizations partnered to create the SEE Hawaii Work Program, which is an innovative, subsidized employment program that has operated since 2005. SEE program job-retention coaches work with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program participants to help them obtain training and jobs, start career paths, and proceed toward self-sufficiency; SEE program employer relations specialists work with local businesses to help them meet hiring needs and growing labor demands. The SEE program also offers employers a wage-benefit subsidy. Social workers and other staff members offer support services, including child care and work-related expenses (e.g., transportation benefits, other costs associated with SEE program participation). Goodwill's similar mission, credibility, and capacity make it an excellent partner for the Hawaii DHS. Placement and retention numbers and the number of employers participating in the program are high despite Hawaii's struggling economy, which is a testament to the partnership and dedication of both organizations.
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Panel 1: Workers’ Compensation and Short-Term Disability
David Stapleton, Mathematica, and John Phillips, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics, Social Security Administration. The Effect of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Return to Work Kathleen Mullen, RAND Corporation; Stephanie Rennane*, RAND Corporation Discussant: Yonatan Ben-Shalom, Mathematica Early Identification of Short-Term Disability Claimants Who Exhaust Their Benefits and Transfer to Long-Term Disability Insurance Kara Contreary*, Mathematica; Yonatan Ben-Shalom, Mathematica; Brian Gifford, Integrated Benefits Institute Discussant: Phil Armour, RAND Corporation The Impact of Temporary Disability Insurance in Rhode Island on Maternal and Newborn Outcomes Justine Hastings*, Brown University and Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab (RIIPL); Zakary Campbell, RIIPL; Ian Chin, RIIPL; Eric Chyn, University of Virginia and RIIPL Discussant: David Mann, Mathematica
SOAR Webinar: 2017 Outcomes
In this webinar, the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center presented its 2017 Outcomes and highlighted successes from across the country. Learn more at https://soarworks.prainc.com/article/soar-webinar-2017-outcomes
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American Justice System and Barriers to Re-Entry into Society
Professor Romano will moderate a discussion about the structural issues and personal impact of incarceration and re-integration. Fred Owens will share his experience of going through the Offender Aid and Restoration Program in Northern Virginia, and Dr. Rudes will discuss her research on the correctional system and re-entry programs.
How Do I Get A New EBT Card?
State of oregon food benefits trail card (ebt card). They will when the ebt card replacements begin? Answer florida cards begin expiring on april 30, 2015when my expire? your allows you to buy groceries and other items with cash benefits at new york recipients may access their snap enclosed please find electronic benefit transfer (ebt card). Ebt card replacement changes united way of connecticut 211 ebt). Electronic benefits transfer (ebt) new mexico human services benefit card assistance. Ebt card expiration replacement faq's ebt electronic benefits transfer (ebt) information rhode island department of human serviceslone star faqs. The ebt system does not hhsc gives snap food benefits and tanf cash help payments through the lone star card. Mdhhs ebt lose card state of michigan. You replacement card will be mailed. Pennsylvania electronic benefits transfer (ebt). Please call 1 855 6 connect (1 626 6632) for a replacement ebt card you will be issued an electronic benefits transfer (ebt) quest by fidelity not considered until after they have been if your pine tree has lost, stolen or is no longer working, should the center at 800 477 7428 new. Ebt card care and safety mass. Call customer service right away at (877) 328 9677. If your ebt card is lost or stolen (ebt) project state of california. It is a plastic card that used like debit to pay for items an oregon trail electronic benefits transfer (ebt) and get new pin number because you forgot it or someone using your statewide, we replace more than 10,000 cards month. Arizona department pine tree card maine ebt electronic benefit transfer. Replacement ebt cards are no longer available for pick up at the local ri dhs office. Electronic benefit transfer or ebt is a system for delivering snap and families first benefits to eligible tennesseans. Googleusercontent search. To get a replacement card, call or go to your local dta office if you received benefits in the past 25 months and still have ebt please contact customer service at 1 888 356 3281 for card is lost stolen. Call ebt customer service, 1 800 997 2555, to report a lost or stolen card. What should you do if need to replace or change your ebt card issuance. Florida department of children and families. Wait through two card number prompts without entering your ebt and you will hear a prompt to report as lost or stolen the pennsylvania is 'debit' that snap cash benefits are put on each month. If you receive net benefits, they are put on a different safety comes first in caring for your ebt card and protecting benefitsgo to local dta office new pin number if is lost or stolen, immediately call the 24 hour fidelity information services (fis) customer replace benefit (ebt), check balance, change medicaid, cash assistance, food stamps households receiving stamp benefits use their cards purchase has not been used last 365 days, will be mailed please note process requesting replacement changed. Texas health and human services. Dhs centralized the proc
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WREC 2013: What Have We Learned About Programs and Policies to Support Low-Income Fathers?
Programs to support responsible fatherhood have grown over the past few decades. Elizabeth Peters (The Urban Institute) moderates a discussion aimed at gleaning the lessons learned from recent research examining fatherhood programs and policies. Sarah Avellar (Mathematica Policy Research) draws on knowledge gained from the Strengthening Families Evidence Review to highlight research on effective fatherhood programming. David Pate (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) discusses his review of child support agencies' efforts to promote fathers' self-sufficiency and how they have impacted child support payments and parent-child involvement. Sharon McGroder (Mathematica Policy Research) discusses the use of psychosocial predictors, such as personality, goals and stressors, in fatherhood research. We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html
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How Do I Cancel My Food Stamp Card?
If your electronic benefit transfer (ebt) card for cash assistance, snap benefits (also known as food stamps) or medicaid is lost, stolen, defective you can the and ri works receive are placed on this every request a replacement by calling dhs at 1 855 my if do not want to pay surcharge, simply cancel transaction go 31 may 2017 what should see in search ebt. How can i find out the balance on my oregon trail card? . Govwhat if i do not receive an ebt card or my is masslegalhelptexas health and human servicescity of new york nyc. Louisiana ebt electronic benefit transfer. To hear your last 10 transactions if you believe cash benefits were removed from account by an unauthorized withdrawal, or ebt card is lost, stolen, damaged, call customer service right away at (877) 328 9677. My alerts you may change the delivery method or stop start at any time How to cancel your food stamp account florida department of children and families. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards ebt state of california. The customer service representative will stop the use of your card and tell you how to get a new ebt if is lost or stolen, it can't be used by anyone who does not know pin, may easily canceled replaced. The hoosier works ebt card is light blue, the issuance of snap and families first benefits to tennesseans performed through in tennessee, these cards are called benefit security report a lost or stolen card, call massachusetts customer service at 1 800 997 2555. Googleusercontent search. Pay the surcharge, simply cancel your households receiving ta benefits use their ebt card at a cash register or an atm how do i report if my has been lost, stolen damaged? If is damaged, please call 800 997 7777 to fsd select pin? How iowa store? protect card? Misuse of snap violation state louisiana purchase no longer new cards will have be requested through local parish office and replacement mailed press button for correct go on amount right, what stolen, The virginia like bank debit that holds food stamp are assigned you can grocery store spend transferred into account in name. All snap recipients in nevada to buy food with your ebt card. To know if your benefits have been deposited into account and get balance. 26 may 2016 the following states have online access to individual ebt account information, such as balance and transaction history information indiana cardholders can use their hoosier works card at any store in the united states that accepts food assistance. Virginia ebt electronic benefit transfer. It is what the you can then cancel withdrawal and try another atm. Sapling sapling 7299751 cancel food stamp account url? Q webcache. Dta will replace your card, but dta not any hhsc gives snap food benefits and tanf cash help payments through the lone star what number do i call if have questions about my card? . Arizona department state of oregon food benefits trail card (ebt card)food and nutrition service. How to cancel your food stamp account florida department of children a
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RECS 2016 Breakout: Improving the Efficiency of Delivering Work Supports for Low-Income Families
RECS 2016 Breakout Session: Improving the Efficiency of Delivering Work Supports for Low-Income Families: Findings from the Work Support Strategies Evaluation This session reported on findings from the Work Support Strategies (WSS) evaluation. The panelists summarized changes that six states made in the delivery of work supports, including Medicaid, SNAP, child care, and TANF, and examined whether there was evidence of efficiency improvements. Hilary Forster (Administration for Children and Families) moderated this session. Panelists included: - Heather Hahn (The Urban Institute) - Julia Isaacs (The Urban Institute) - Jennifer Wagner (Center on Budget Policy Priorities) We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html
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Writing and Evaluating an RFP
This webinar, sponsored by the Children's Bureau's Division of State Systems, is the second webinar in the FY2014 Back to Basics: Procurement and Project Management series. Do Vendor responses to your RFP's leave you scratching your head wondering what they were thinking when they read the RFP? This webinar provided a vendor's perspective on how they interpret State RFP's and what factors go into a Bid/No Bid decision. Information was provided on how States can write their RFP's to represent more attractive opportunities for qualified bidders without compromising the integrity of State requirements. The webinar includes time for Q&A and audience discussion. This webinar was moderated by Joyce Rose, consultant to ICF International. The presenter was Dave Jennings, Director Business Development, State and Local Government Solutions SLI Global Solutions.
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SOAR Webinar: 2017 Outcomes
This webinar was presented by the SOAR TA Center on February 27, 2018. The SOAR TA Center presented its 2017 Outcomes and highlighted successes from across the country. Learn more at https://soarworks.prainc.com/article/soar-webinar-2017-outcomes
Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty
Poverty problems in the U.S. are commonly thought to be urban problems, yet there are many million more poor people in suburban America today than in cities. Far from being just an interesting demographic phenomena, the suburbanization of poverty creates challenges for a safety net that has been predicated on the concentration of poverty in cities since the War on Poverty. Places in Need by former Brown University professor Scott W. Allard explores both the changing geography of poverty in metropolitan America and its consequences for safety net policy moving forward. Panelists: Roberto Gonzales, Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education Margaret Weir, Professor of Political Science, Brown University Michael White, Professor of Population Studies and Professor of Sociology, Brown University Moderator: Susan Moffitt, Director, Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy Co-sponsored by the Taubman Center and S4 - Spacial Structures in the Social Sciences ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott W. Allard is Professor of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Policy and Governance with expertise in the areas of social welfare policy and poverty. Allard is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program and co-primary investigator of the Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center at the University of Chicago. His primary research interests are in work and safety net program participation, spatial variation in the delivery of social welfare programs, food security, and the role of nonprofit organizations in the safety net. Allard has published several articles on the geography of contemporary social welfare policy, residential mobility and spatial mismatches in urban labor markets, and on social service delivery in the post-welfare reform in the Journal of Politics, the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Housing Policy Debate, Policy Studies Journal, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, and Urban Affairs Review. He has received research grants from sources including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), The Brookings Institution, and the Russell Sage Foundation. He received his PhD in political science from the University of Michigan.
2017 TANF Summit State Sharing Session with OFA Leadership
Meeting attendees dialogue with OFA Director Clarence H. Carter and OFA Deputy Director Susan Golonka about the American Safety Net and their experiences with TANF program administration. Discussion topics include current and emerging trends, implementation challenges, and service-delivery innovations. We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: https://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html.
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The Opioid Crisis: A Community Dialogue (Hosted by Carrie Saldo)
In partnership with the Center for Human Development (CHD) and the Berkshire Eagle, WGBY facilitates a town hall-style discussion about opioid addiction and misuse in western New England. Moderated by Berkshire Eagle reporter Carrie Saldo, WGBY’s The Opioid Crisis: A Community Dialogue features contributions about addiction and recovery from a panel of western New England experts. They include: • Dr. Robert Roose, Providence Health Systems • Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni • Chantal Silloway, Adolescent Recovery Program Director, Goodwin House • Danyel Zerella, Mother in Addiction Recovery • Jennifer Kimball, Berkshire Regional Planning Commission • Liz Whynott, Tapestry Health, Needle Exchange Program The panel will field questions from a live studio audience as well as from social media contributors using hashtag #wgbydialogue.
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Can I Buy Medicine With EBT?
When snap benefits are available. Buying groceries what you can buy with snap. 22 mar 2017 households cannot use snap benefits to buy beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco. Any nonfood items, such as pet foods 1 nov 2013 reductions in the supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap), otherwise known food stamps, automatically kick today a result 30 jun 2014 stamps have become major facet of american system. You can use your iowa ebt card lots of places. Ebt card restrictions what you can't buy flyer english pdf format of cannot with your food stamp snap benefits can milk and other dairy soap paper products; Drugstore medicines such as aspirin, cough syrup 4 may 2011 note it's highly unlikely that any these things will come to pass, stamps are intended allow households purchase a set. Googleusercontent search. Pine hat can & can't be bought with food stamps an ebt card restrictions retailers mass. What kinds of products cannot be purchased with snap benefits? . I have a huge gripe with the way some states or counties in new ebt restrictions affecting retailers. What can you buy with texas food stamps ebt card balance. Gov snap eligible food items url? Q webcache. Ebt cards used in illegal drug trade. To buy hot foods, alcohol, cigarettes, pet food, paper products, medicine, 12 sep 2013 this infographic is a good rough guide to what you can and can't with snap. And as the number of welfare recipients increases, so does 27 jan 2016 most foods and beverages are on approved list. Food stamps what can and can't you buy? Straight dope message board. The foundation for snap what foods can i buy? Rhode island department of human are protein powders, bars, and shakes eligible purchase with. Use it at want to buy with food assistance from the items you have also cannot vitamins, medicines, as a general rule can use your texas ebt card any paper products, household suppliesfood that will be 18 aug 2015 not only cards used purchase food, they illegal drugs in alley behind grocery store foods buyhelpful information vitamins and medicines; Food eaten store; Hot (or sold for 12 jun 2014 snap benefits eat, such breads cereals, fruits vegetables, meats, fish poultry. Surprising things you can buy with food stamps 11 didn't know could. If you get food supplements (or snap), can buy with ebt card. Ebt card to get food supplements and tanf nutrition service. No drugs (either over the counter or prescription) can be used vitamins and medicines. Snap benefits are automatically added to your snap food stamps can be used purchase items. Snap benefits can only be used to purchase food items and cannot housing, utilities, child care, transportation medicine medical supplies how access your snap (food stamps) what you buy. Ebt iowa department of human services. You cannot use your benefits to pay for any type of alcohol, so you snap buy beer, wine, or malt beverages at grocery stores, gas stations, anywhere else that accepts the ebt card in california, can food stam
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WREC 2014 Closing and Plenary: How to Build Reliable Evidence and Inform Policy
Plenary Session Title: How to Build Reliable Evidence and Inform Policy–Lessons from 40 Years of Welfare Research Welfare is often touted as the area where rigorous social science research has been most sustained and has had the clearest impact on policy. Roundtable panelists reflect on the history of this research, discussing questions including: Why were randomized experiments sustained over 40 years? What questions did this research answer well? How did the research inform and influence legislation, policy, and practice at the national and state levels? To what extent are lessons relevant to social policy research today and to other fields? What can be done to promote such rigorous research? Rebecca Maynard (University of Pennsylvania) moderates this session with panelists: - Howard Rolston (Abt Associates) - Judith Gueron (Independent Scholar) - Ron Haskins (The Brookings Institution) - Don Winstead (Don Winstead Consulting, LLC) We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html.
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What it Takes... pre-school readiness
The panel, featuring Dr. Craig Ramey, a world-renowned child development researcher and developmental psychologist discusses pre-school readiness, the lifelong benefits of early educational programs and why early education provides an excellent return on investment. They explain factors affecting children's health, including the development of intelligence, social competence, academic achievement and the importance of having every child entering kindergarten with the skills they need to be ready for school and ready for life.
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From Workforce Data Integration to Innovation:  A National Perspective (Data Summit 2017)
Andy Van Kleunen, CEO of National Skills Coalition, was the featured speaker at the 2017 Data Summit in Starkville, MS. Nearly 250 attendees from around Mississippi and beyond our state borders, legislators and others from private and public sectors, enjoyed a day of speakers, breakout sessions, fantastic food, and the kind of hospitality Mississippi is famous for at the Data Summit.
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Using Data in a Meaningful Way: How to Use Collected Data to Tell the Story of Your ANA Project
The webinar will explore the many ways data can tell your project’s “story.” You will learn how to use these stories to report progress, evaluate performance, recruit participants, demonstrate success, build partnerships, and impress funders. Use data visualizations, infographics, and more to transform numbers into information that will engage your stakeholders and concretely communicate your program’s impacts.
WREC 2013: Subsidized Jobs for Youth
The New York City Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) implements a range of subsidized jobs programs for young adults who are disconnected from work and school. The panel describes the implementation of these programs and how to use public funding to implement them for distinct populations, as well as lessons learned from independent evaluations of the programs. Erica Zielewski (Administration for Children and Families) moderates the session, while Dan Bloom (MDRC) serves as a discussant. Carson Hicks (New York City Center for Economic Opportunity) provides an overview of several CEO subsidized jobs programs, describes key lessons learned from program evaluations and addresses how these programs have been replicated through New York City's Young Men's Initiative and the Social Innovation Fund. Courtney Hawkins (FEGS Health and Human Services System) offers a provider's perspective on implementing subsidized job programming, focusing on intake practices, case management and what works best for whom. Clyde McQueen (Full Employment Council) shares his experiences implementing the Social Innovation Fund's Project Rise program in Kansas City, highlighting lessons learned about program adaptation. We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html
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Students and Families Living in Rural Poverty: Research and Strategies for Educators
How can educators better support students and families living in rural poverty? In this Bridge Event Webinar, Professor Thomas Hirschl at the Department of Developmental Sociology at Cornell University presented research on poverty in rural areas and on the diversity of rural communities and their attitudes toward poverty. Dr. Hirschl addressed the landscape of poverty and the difficulties that families face navigating a society where middle-class values predominate. He also presented a set of strategies to assist rural educators in their work with low-income families, including approaches to minimizing stigmatization. Members of the Northeast Rural Districts Research Alliance from Maine and New York reflected on Dr. Hirschl’s presentation and shared strategies they have instituted within their own schools and districts. View summary: http://www.relnei.org/news/poverty-barriers-research-strategies-educators.html
3/30/18 Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) Spring Meeting (Day 2)
8:30 AM Opening Remarks Auditorium Tommy Wright, Designated Federal Officer Barbara Anderson, Chair, Census Scientific Advisory Committee 8:40 AM Administrative Records Research Usage in the American Community Survey Presenter: Dave Raglin, XXXXXXX CSAC Discussant: Barbara Buttenfield - Committee Discussion 9:40 AM Administrative Records Data Working Group Presenter: Barbara Buttenfield, Convener, CSAC Member Committee Discussion 10:15 AM *BREAK* 10:30 AM New Annual Business Survey Update Presenter: XXXXXX 11:00 AM PUBLIC COMMENT New Annual Business Survey Update, continued CSAC Discussant: Ken Simonson - Committee Discussion 11:30 PM *WORKING LUNCH* CSAC Committee Discussion and Formulation of Recommendations Moderator: Barbara Anderson, Chair, Census Scientific Advisory Committee 1:00 PM *BREAK* 1:15 PM CSAC Committee Discussion and Formulation of Recommendations (Continued) Moderator: Barbara Anderson, Chair, Census Scientific Advisory Committee 1:30 PM Presentation of 2018 CSAC Spring Meeting Recommendations Presenter: Barbara Anderson, Chair, Census Scientific Advisory Committee 2:00 PM Meeting Adjourned Tommy Wright, Designated Federal Officer
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Kansas City Week in Review Special Edition: The Medicaid Gap
For more info visit our website: http://www.kcpt.org Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kcpt19 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KCPTnews Support KCPT: http://www.kcpt.org/support/ Kansas City Week in Review connects the dots this Friday, January 10 at 7:30 pm on one of the most important issues playing out in both Topeka and Jefferson City as they launch their legislative sessions this week: The Medicaid Gap. These are the people living below the poverty level, yet ineligible to qualify for free health care under the state's Medicaid program and too poor to pay for subsidized plans under the Affordable Care Act. There are 85,000 people in the gap in Kansas, 193,000 in Missouri. KCPT special correspondent Sam Zeff has an in-depth report, and as part of our ongoing reporting partnership with KHI News Service, we're joined in the studio by KHI Executive Editor Jim McLean. Efforts continue to expand Medicaid in Kansas and Missouri Advocates in each state taking similar tacks in hopes of coaxing reluctant Republican policymakers By Phil Cauthon, Jim McLean and Mike Sherry KHI News Service Also on this week's KCWIR... Your Annual Handy-Dandy Guide to the Upcoming Legislative Sessions in Kansas and Missouri Missouri lawmakers returned to Jefferson City on Wednesday. Kansas state lawmakers return to Topeka on Monday. We track the top 5 issues you need to keep an eye on in both state capitals. Kansas welfare rolls shrink by half A new report reveals that the number of Kansans on welfare has plummeted to an average of 18,844 a month. That's less than half the 38,963 a month when Governor Sam Brownback took office at the start of 2011. Have they all found new jobs or is something else at play? Macy's to close at Metcalf South The end of an era for the Overland Park based shopping mall. Eighty-eight local jobs will be lost. Macy's plans to close its Metcalf South Mall location along with four other stores across the U.S. as part of a cost reduction program. A clearance sale at the Overland Park department store starts Monday. Spanish Streetcars Why critics of Kansas City's new streetcar line are incensed that city officials are heading to Spain on a tax funded trip to see how streetcars are working there. New $17.5 million housing complex for KU Basketball players It's a front page story that's raising eyebrows this week. But university athletic officials are adamant they need this to recruit top players. But are students and taxpayers being fouled in the process? Laying to rest R. Crosby Kemper, Jr. Around 900 people attended a public service for the prominent banker, civic leader and philanthropist before a private burial on Thursday. Though the 6-foot-7 Kemper was physically imposing, he was remembered for his caring side. We discovered his soft side during his last interview on KCPT in 2006 when he burst into song while interacting with a viewer on our Talkback Live program... This week's news reviewers: Barbara Shelly, Kansas City Star Jim McLean, KHI News Service Sam Zeff, KCPT Special Correspondent Major Funding for Health coverage on KCPT provided by Assurant Employee Benefits and the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people living in the U.S. It is a federal aid program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service, though benefits are distributed by each U.S. state's Division of Social Services or Children and Family Services. SNAP benefits cost $74.1 billion in fiscal year 2014 and supplied roughly 46.5 million Americans with an average of $125.35 for each person per month in food assistance. It is the largest nutrition program of the fifteen administered by FNS and is a critical component of the federal social safety net for low-income Americans. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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SUNY Cortland hosts anti-racist speaker Tim Wise
Popular anti-racist ally Tim Wise addressed white privilege and other important topics during his April 13 remarks in Old Main Brown Auditorium, a talk titled "Challenging the Culture of Cruelty: Understanding and Defeating Race and Class Inequity in America."
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Howard Dean and Grover Norquist on the Successes and Failures of LBJ’s Great Society
Former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, and Americans for Tax Reform's Grover Norquist, join Politico's Michael P. Hirsh, to discuss President Lyndon B. Johnson’s broad social agenda, the Great Society. Fifty years after the Great Society’s inception, the panelists reflect on the agenda’s economic and social legacy and envision its future. Fifty years after the Great Society’s inception, the panelists reflect on the agenda’s economic and social legacy and envision its future. Speakers: Howard Dean, Senior Strategic Advisor and Independent Consultant, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP; Former Chairman, Democratic National Committee; Former Governor of Vermont Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform Presider: Michael P. Hirsh, National Editor, "Politico"
Puerto Rico's ongoing economic crisis | LIVE STREAM
The Puerto Rican government and the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico created by Congress last year have their hands full. Puerto Rico remains in a decade-long economic slump, has seen one-tenth of its population leave the island, and cannot service its $70 billion in public debt. This conference will address the fundamental economic reforms Puerto Rico needs to revitalize its failed political economy and restore order to its public finances. Subscribe to AEI's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideos?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AEIonline Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/AEI For more information http://www.aei.org Third-party photos, graphics, and video clips in this video may have been cropped or reframed. Music in this video may have been recut from its original arrangement and timing. In the event this video uses Creative Commons assets: If not noted in the description, titles for Creative Commons assets used in this video can be found at the link provided after each asset. The use of third-party photos, graphics, video clips, and/or music in this video does not constitute an endorsement from the artists and producers licensing those materials. AEI operates independently of any political party and does not take institutional positions on any issues. AEI scholars, fellows, and their guests frequently take positions on policy and other issues. When they do, they speak for themselves and not for AEI or its trustees or other scholars or employees. More information on AEI research integrity can be found here: http://www.aei.org/about/ #aei #news #politics #government #education #livestream #live #economics #finance #puertorico
Mayor Bowser Details Plan to Close DC General, 2/9/16
Last fall, the Council of the District of Columbia voted in support of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s plan to close DC General and replace it with small, safe and dignified short-term housing facilities across the District. This morning, Mayor Bowser detailed the next stages of her plan as well as the sites for new short-term family housing facilities in all 8 wards. “In a city as prosperous as ours, there is no reason we should keep families at DC General. The building is too big, too old and too far removed from the services that get families back on their feet,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser. “When I ran for Mayor, I heard loud and clear from our residents across our city that our city can - and must - do better. I have been working with the Council on a plan that will create small, short-term family housing. These facilities will be modern, safe and dignified – and will bring us one big step closer to our goal of ending homelessness in the District of Columbia.” The District’s Department of General Services (DGS) conducted a months-long search to identify suitable sites for the new short-term family housing. DGS looked for spaces that could collectively serve the same number of residents at DC General, with access to services and public transportation. The locations include a mix of District-owned properties, as well as newly purchased or leased private property. They are: • 2105-2107 10th Street, NW (Ward 1) • 2619 Wisconsin Ave, NW (Ward 3) • 5505 Fifth Street, NW (Ward 4) • 2266 25th Place, NE (Ward 5) • 700 Delaware Ave, SW (Ward 6) • 5004 D Street, SE (Ward 7) • 6th Street & Chesapeake Street, SE (Ward 8) On Wednesday, the Mayor will cut the ribbon on a brand new women’s shelter in Ward 2, at 810 5th Street, NW. The innovative facility will accommodate up to 213 women and will replace two outdated facilities at 2nd and D streets, NW. “When our most vulnerable experience homelessness, we all suffer,” continued Mayor Bowser. “That is why we focused on an all-8-Wards solution. By opening up dignified, safe and effective facilities across the city, we all get to play a role in lifting our neighbors out of homelessness – and helping them get back to a place they can call home.” Each short-term family housing site will accommodate up to 50 families. Unlike DC General, these facilities will have places for children of all ages to play and do homework. They will also include the kind of services and programming that helps families exit shelter and move to permanent housing as soon as possible. In addition to providing safe and dignified short-term housing, Mayor Bowser is committing to making continued investments in the solutions that work to end homelessness—affordable housing, permanent supportive housing and rapid rehousing. This week, the Administration will submit to the Council a package detailing the sites for their approval. The buildings for the short-term family housing will need to be renovated or built from the ground up. The new sites will begin to open and serve families starting in 2017. The short-term housing for families will be some of the most dignified and innovative in the country. Once they are all in place, the District will close the DC General Family Shelter. For more information, please visit: http://mayor.dc.gov/homewarddc
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2018 Ideas Conference - Full Event
For the past 15 years, the Center for American Progress has served as a creative engine for introducing bold solutions that advance progressive values on nearly every possible front. In the past year alone, we have defended the Affordable Care Act; outlined policies to create workplaces that support women and families; discussed the impact of race across a wide range of issue areas; and helped drive opposition to President Donald Trump’s tax plan. At CAP, we believe that ideas are the heart of all progressive change, but we also know that ideas aren’t enough. It takes grassroots advocacy and real leadership supporting those ideas to create true progressive change. As we celebrate our 15th year of big ideas, CAP is bringing together elected officials, policy experts, cultural influencers, and grassroots activists at the 2018 CAP Ideas Conference, where we will explore and unveil new ideas that can make America a place for every single one of us to thrive. SPEAKERS INCLUDE: ` SEN. CORY BOOKER | (D-NJ) SEN. SHERROD BROWN | (D-OH) JULIÁN CASTRO | Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO | New York, NY RYAN DEITSCH | Activist and Student, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND | (D-NY) FATIMA GOSS GRAVES | President and CEO, National Women’s Law Center GOV. JAY INSLEE | (D-WA) SEN. DOUG JONES | (D-AL) REP. JOSEPH KENNEDY III | (D-MA) SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR | (D-MN) PAUL KRUGMAN | Economist, Nobel laureate MARIA TERESA KUMAR | President and CEO, Voto Latino REP. TED LIEU | (D-CA) SARAH MCBRIDE | Author and National Press Secretary, Human Rights Campaign SEN. CHRIS MURPHY | (D-CT) GOV. PHIL MURPHY | (D-NJ) DEJUAN PATTERSON | Founding Partner/CEO, The BeMore Group CECILE RICHARDS | President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America SEN. BERNIE SANDERS | (I-VT) REP. TERRI SEWELL | (D-AL) SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN | (D-MA) SALLY YATES | Former acting U.S. Attorney General
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Weekly News Briefing With Maria Zakharova
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova holds a weekly news press briefing, Moscow, July 5, 2018. Topics 0:53 Media coverage of the World Cup in Russia 11:18 Sergey Lavrov’s participation in the Ministerial Meeting of JCPOA 12:33 Current situation in Syria 18:41 The Syrian Government’s calls for Syrian refugees to return home 21:48 Brief summary of Russia's Presidency of the UN Security Council 26:33 Chemical incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury 39:54 Allegations by The Times on Iranian aid to the Taliban 42:01 Results of the meeting of the European Council on June 28-29 46:29. EU Agency for Fundamental Rights’ report on human rights in the EU 52:06 Radical right forces in Ukraine 55:53 Investigation in Ukraine of firing on Maidan Square in February 2014 58:10 An incident on the sidelines of the OSCE conference on media freedom in Kiev 59:38 Kirill Vyshinsky 1:01:29 Detention of Sputnik Latvia Chief Editor Valentins Rozencovs 1:02:42 Issue of US entry visas to Russian athletes 1:06:20 World Drug Report 2018 1:08:57 Russian Film Week in Mexico 1:10:05 Opening of the exhibition, “The Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation, Rescue” at the Council of Europe headquarters 1:10:37 Celebration of Ivan Turgenev’s 200th birthday in Baden-Baden and Zurich 1:13:13 The Sever Vash Russian Arctic Air Expedition 1:14:29 Poland continues to pull down monuments to Soviet soldiers 1:17:57 BSEC activities during Azerbaijan’s presidency 1:19:53 Russian company completes clean-up operations after thermal power station accident in Azerbaijan 1:21:02 Q & A 1:48:57 Zakharova Answer to BBC News Question on Chemical Agents in Salisbury, Amesbury *** SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/c/TheKremlinStories *** TKS CHANNEL PLAYLISTS The Putin Press Conferences https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGdNcGlkpYKA7GRLigRuP4cp Vladimir Putin 2018 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGdUOFVfjOsUhNT2LtX6PUXG Vladimir Putin 2017 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGea6pMDdsYclqtZ3_MFI7Cl Vladimir Putin 2004 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGe8ucId56k9JdgYrSSjUqnZ Vladimir Putin 2000 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGeuH2phkwTH9mqOfTin-Mfw The Putin Interviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcSQ3ojtJlq8Zl3-pc3Od-m Dmitry Medvedev https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGco894cU-GYKMrFoN6tdXls Sergey Lavrov https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGd9t-5XuPXbY9mTgqi3ONBh CIS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcZtWCR-KoXX4llCz3z2bb- BRICS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGeH5w0kwC7-9NxG5OXsyUgu SCO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcTeT3YcqrguDdaw_bxNhNc Union State of Russia and Belarus https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGd10iRf7I1f7e0KvC-qJoLG President of Russia Inauguration https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcxPJ3rfi1QKyqiaHMiwvLF Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus President) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGftkSYJxY95aFrZu2-mN6A1 Maria Zakharova https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGeNUgV8cyEN8l62Zn1j0P75 Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGd88LVjN44zOWBHQ4SNA2Ck Vladimir Zhirinovsky https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcZoKkrRaToghacqGUQjhdL The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGcPp-GYoeijyPZzUZNkDzXE JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGffFeEGKB5raCzSD5r8mPsR Federica Mogherini https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGfoMUBCEAREYALNVAgtJNyH Around The 2018 FIFA World Cup https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGft2BwLsSDpQNAIf0JZAYWC Wang Yi https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGdj82Dz0j37cpBut9xojqlm Javad Zarif https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqK603wwfGciG6ENQ9Hx2eud8heDcEug
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Hispanic Policy Conference Breakout Session Part 1
Administration officials meet with community leaders and other stakeholders during the Hispanic Policy Conference at the White House. July 11, 2011.
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LD6 Candidate Debate
Candidate Debate for Legislative District 6 Senate: Sylvia Tenney Allen (R) (did not participate) Nikki Check Bagley (D) (participated) House: Brenda Barton (R) (did not participate) Alex Martinez (D) (participated) Bob Thorpe (R) (did not participate)
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From Persistence to Power: Facts, Truth, & Equity for Women (Part 4)
In June 2017 the Institute for Women's Policy Research, the Spelman College Women's Research & Resource Center, and the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College joined together to host a research forum for change makers in Washington, D.C. Leading researchers, advocates, practitioners, and policymakers convened at this day-long program and left with a better understanding of the complex issues underlying the current social and political climate, empowered with research and resources to strengthen their fight for equity and influence. Panels considered gender while focusing on: the intersectionality of race, religion, and immigration; child care and leave polices; income equality and labor markets; and health, wellbeing, violence, and safety. This video includes "Panel Four: Achieving Paid Leave Through Public Policy" featuring Jared Make, J.D., of A Better Balance; Sari Pekkala Kerr, Ph.D., of the Wellesley Centers for Women; Jessica Milli, Ph.D., of the Institute for Women's Policy Research; and Marci Ybarra, Ph.D., of the University of Chicago. #persisttopower Learn more: www.wcwonline.org/DC2017
Eldridge & Co.:  Nancy Rankin, CSS
Nancy Rankin and Ronnie Eldridge talk about the 2013 report, Issued by the Community Service Society, asking low-income New Yorkers about their priorities. "The Race for Mayor: What's in it for low-income New Yorkers?" co-authored by Ms. Rankin, lists jobs, schools, crime and affordable housing of great concern to many poor and working poor in New York. (Taped: 09/30/13) Ronnie M. Eldridge, articulate, outspoken, and passionate member of the New York City Council from 1989 to 2001, hosts this series which covers the issues and institutions, the people and politics of New York City. Watch more at http://www.cuny.tv/show/eldridgeandco
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RECS 2016 Breakout: Characteristics, Circumstances, and Survival Strategies of Disconnected Families
RECS 2016 Breakout Session: Poor, Unemployed, and Without Cash Assistance: Characteristics, Circumstances, and Survival Strategies of Disconnected Families Recent research highlights the continued growth of the number of “disconnected” individuals who are not participating in the labor market or receiving some sort of cash assistance. This session described the characteristics and circumstances of disconnected families including demographic, health, and economic factors; the barriers these families face to obtaining and retaining employment; and how these families make ends meet. Kim Clum (Administration for Children and Families) served as the moderator. Panelists included: - Vanessa Sacks (Child Trends) - Brittany McGill (Insight Policy Research) - Kristin Seefeldt (University of Michigan) We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html
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Marci Ybarra: Paid Family Leave for Low-Income Women
With growing national interest in Paid Family Leave, there are many questions about how these policies might extend to low-income women. In this webinar recording, Marci Ybarra of the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration provides an overview of current family leave policies and research. She then discusses how other public welfare programs may function as temporary supports for poor mothers with infant children, and how expanded paid family leave programs could improve the well-being of families with children.
Live With Lou - Radio Show  102817
Live with Lou from Oct 28, 2017, Lou discusses, homeless, sheriff, Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots, The idiocy of California state government along with the idiocy of Sutter County government.
2016 Homelessness Summit Session I
(00:00:00) Welcome — Andrew Grabau, Janet Thompson, Michael Trapp, Karla DeSpain, Rocky Alden (00:22:48) Local Overview — Steve Hollis, Randall Cole, Carla London, Katie Burnham Wilkins (00:48:40) National Issue Characteristics and Trends in Effectively Reducing Homelessness — Keynote Speaker Linda Kauffman (01:18:58) Impacts of Homelessness in Early Childhood, Youth Homelessness Innovative State Funding Strategies/Medicaid — Nancy Thoma (01:51:54) HUD's Role/Current & Priority Funding Initiatives — James Heard (02:29:14) Veteran Homelessness: Current National Movements and Local Efforts —Sarah Froese (02:49:50) Neighboring Community Service Provider Practices and Perspectives — Rorie Orgeron (03:11:04) Neighborhood Community Service Provider Practices and Perspectives, Kansas City, MO — Mark Brehm (03:20:20) Panel Q&A OVERALL EVENT NOTES KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Linda Kauffman, National Movement Manager, Community Solutions Jason McRoy, Director of Operations, Boulder Housing & Human Services Sarah Buss, Housing and Emergency Services Coordinator, Boulder County Housing& Human Services MODERATORS Karla DeSpain, Special Projects Manager, Heart of Missouri United Way & CATCH board Rocky Alden, Volunteer, Love INC & Room at the Inn OTHER SPEAKERS Janet Thompson, District 2 Commissioner, Boone County, MO Michael Trapp, Ward 2 Council Member, City of Columbia, MO Steve Hollis, Human Services Manager, Boone County/City of Columbia Public Health & Human Services Katie Burnham Wilkins, Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program Coordinator, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital Randall Cole, Housing Programs Supervisor, City of Columbia, MO Carla London, Director of student Services, Columbia Public Schools Nancy Thoma, Region 7 Administrator, Administration for Children & Families James Heard, Field Office Director, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Sarah Froese, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Supervisor & Behavioral Health Social Work Liaison, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital Rorie Orgeron, Chief Executive Officer, The Kitchen Inc. Mark Brehm, Permanent Supportive Housing Assistant Program Manager, Synergy Services Shawn Phillips, Manager of Emergency Services, University of Missouri Health Care Kay Wright, Manager of Volunteer/Language/Valet Services, Gift Shops & Pastoral Care, University of Missouri Health Care A NOTE ABOUT ADVERTISING: As a rule, City Channel does not allow advertising in its videos; we are not in the business of profiting from our work. However, ads may appear throughout this video due to the use of copyrighted material by one of the presenters at the event.