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Darker winter days and Melatonin rise linked in RA inflammation
Farhan Tahir MD. Rheumatologist. Circadian melatonin and cortisol levels in rheumatoid arthritis patients in winter time: a north and south Europe comparison. Read more https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1755372/
Nancy Dell: Tumeric and arthritis; Nightly melatonin use
1. Will tumeric help my arthritis? 2. Can I take melatonin every night to help me sleep?
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1.5 Hz - Healing, Endorphines, Anxiety, Arthritis, Melatonin
Links to frequency lists: https://db.tt/Lu6s3bmK https://db.tt/Er2nbDvc
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Cortisol and Melatonin Circadian Rhythms and Symptom Flares - Functional Nugget #91
Dr. John Bartemus www.FuncrionalMedicineCharlotte.com 704-895-2240
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Melatonin & Breast Cancer‬
• There are components of our diet that may increase cancer risk by mimicking the role of light pollution in melatonin suppression. • Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/melatonin-breast-cancer/ and he'll try to answer it! • subscribe.Like.Share • Prevention of diabetes.diabetes drug.The treatment of arthritis.Treatment of all chronic diseases.Sports.Treatment of obesity.Prevention of germs.Protection from the cold.Prevention of convulsions.Treat ailments.Pregnancy.Health and comfort.Birth.Preventing and treating rheumatoid arthritis through diet.Dermatologist.Chronic diseases.Infectious diseases.Common infectious diseases locally.Atherosclerosis and treatment.Heart.The treatment of smoking.Treat tonsillitis.Poisoned Food.Herbal.Treat eye inflammation
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Arthritis and its Causes with Thierry Hertoghe and Nick Delgado
Take our Hormone Quiz at Delgadoprotocol.com
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This Much Will Kill You
A lot of things can kill you - but here are some surprising ones! This Much Will Kill You PART 2: https://youtu.be/IPrndNZ4m6w This Is 200 Calories: https://youtu.be/KMGUmcveQeg SUBSCRIBE (it's free): http://bit.ly/asapsci GET THE ASAPSCIENCE BOOK: http://asapscience.com/book/ Written by Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: http://bit.ly/16F1jeC and http://bit.ly/15J7ube AsapINSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/asapscience/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE Twitter: http://twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE Tumblr: http://asapscience.tumblr.com Vine: Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine! SNAPCHAT 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 Further Reading: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/idlh/merc-hg.html Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Mercury (organo) alkyl compounds (as Hg) https://www.clintox.org/documents/WMDSIG/AACT-WMD-Death_Polonium.pdf Death by Polonium-210 http://coffeefaq.com/site/node/12 Coffee and Caffeine FAQ http://jcb.rupress.org/content/95/2/527.full.pdf Sites of Inhibition of Mitochondrial Electron Transport in Macrophage-injured Neoplastic Cells http://www.rsc.org/chemistryworld/podcast/CIIEcompounds/transcripts/theobromine.asp Royal Society of Chemistry - theobromine. http://jic.sagepub.com/content/28/1/37.short Hypernatremic Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit http://www.aafp.org/afp/2015/0301/p299.html Diagnosis and Management of Sodium Disorders: Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4311234/ Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach http://jeb.biologists.org/content/204/18/3115.full Limits to human performance: elevated risks on high mountains http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140714-how-long-can-you-go-without-air How long can you go without air? http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/175996-can-a-loud-enough-sound-kill-you Can a loud enough sound kill you? http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-long-can-humans-stay/ How long can humans stay awake? http://time.com/3903873/extreme-heat-india-body/ This Is How Extreme Heat Can Kill http://www.researchgate.net/publication/13569135_Influence_of_the_sympathetic_nervous_system_on_renal_function_during_hypothermia Influence of the sympathetic nervous system on renal function during hypothermia
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Eat Few Pumpkin Seeds Before Bed And This Will Happen
Let’s be honest – most of us crave a snack every once in a while. Instead of reaching for a candy bar in between meals, try keeping a healthy snack handy. Not only do pumpkin seeds make a crunchy and satisfying treat, they also provide some amazing health benefits for the body! 1.Restful Sleep Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid (protein building block) that your body converts into serotonin, which in turn is converted into melatonin, the "sleep hormone." Eating pumpkin seeds a few hours before bed, along with a carbohydrate like a small piece of fruit, may be especially beneficial for providing your body the tryptophan needed for your melatonin and serotonin production to help promote a restful night's sleep. 2.Plant-Based Omega-3 Fats Pumpkin seeds, along with other nuts and seeds, are a healthy source of plant-based omega-3’s. Getting an adequate amount of Omega-3’s in your diet can help reduce your risk of heart disease and give your immune system a healthy boost. 3.Anti-Diabetic Effects Pumpkin seeds may be especially beneficial in individuals who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds can help improve insulin regulation in the body to prevent diabetic complication by decreasing oxidative stress. 4.Anti-inflammatory Benefits Research has shown that pumpkin seed oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits for the body. One study found that pumpkin seed oil performed just as well as the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin in treating arthritis, without the dangerous side effects. 5.Zinc for Immune Support Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc (one ounce contains more than 2-mg of this beneficial mineral). Zinc is important to your body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, insulin regulation, and male sexual function. Zinc deficiency is associated with increased illness, chronic fatigue, depression and acne, among other health issues. 6.Magnesium for Heart Health Half a cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly the full recommended daily amount of magnesium. Magnesium is needed for a wide range of functions in the body, including proper bone and tooth formation, DNA and RNA synthesis and the pumping of the heart. Proper magnesium intake benefits blood pressure to help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. 7.Heart and Liver Health Pumpkin seeds are rich in healthy fats, dietary fiber and antioxidants, all of which can provide major benefits for heart and liver health. A healthy intake of Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect against both liver disease and heart failure. Antioxidants also play a role in keeping the heart and liver healthy and strong. 8.Prostate Health Pumpkin seeds have long been valued as an important natural food for men's health. This is in part because of their high zinc content, which is important for prostate health (where it is found in the highest concentrations in the body), and also because pumpkin seed extracts and oils may play a role in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or enlarged prostate). Research suggests that both pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds may be particularly beneficial in supporting prostate health.
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8 Groups of Foods That Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and Inflammation ⚫healthcare✔️
8 Groups of Foods That Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and Inflammation **Subscribe Healthcare : https://goo.gl/yDDDL2 Rheumatoid arthritis develops when your immune system mistakenly attacks your joint linings. It differs from other types of arthritis by affecting joints on both sides of the body, like both wrists, both hands, or both knees. Besides joints, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect blood, heart, eyes, skin, nerves, and lungs. The most common symptoms are swelling and pain in joints, joint stiffness (especially in the morning), and fatigue. Still, the severity of symptoms, as well as the pace at which they develop can vary from one person to another. Usually, the first treatment option for this condition is the antirheumatic type of drugs. The second option is the biological response modifiers when the first one is not successful. Still, there’s no cure for rheumatoid arthritis so far, and the biological response modifiers are expensive and can come with quite nasty side effects. -He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. -It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. -Health is not valued till sickness comes ******************************** Fanpage: https://goo.gl/XGjXnw G+: https://goo.gl/Wrtkto *Videos may use copyrighted content based on Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/...) *Any issues that violate our policies, community guidelines, copyright laws, please contact us directly via email:igate2110@gmail.com **Subscribe Healthcare : https://goo.gl/yDDDL2
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Your Gut Bacterial Ecosytem Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis
Farhan Tahir MD. Rheumatologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Founder https://www.irheum.org/. Read more about this topic http://blog.arthritis.org/rheumatoid-arthritis/gut-bacteria-rheumatoid-arthritis-ra/
Sleep! Better Sleep!! And a bit about Melatonin too
Dr. Natasha Iyer and Dr. Shabnam Das Kar from BETTER Medical Centre discuss simple measures that help your sleep....Sleep Hygiene. They talk about Melatonin, Cortisol-Melatonin ratio and simple measures to ensure BETTER sleep.
How I Healed From Chronic Disease Without Medication
visit: https://therenegadepharmacist.com/renegadecolostrum - enter your email and receive a discount code to purchase Renegade Colostrum at the best price you will find online. You will then have access to my step by step holistic healing plan that will give you the best possible chance at making a full recovery. I can also keep you up to date on the most cutting edge information on health through my newsletter, and you can get access to me via email and even personal skype consultations if you need a friend to give you some extra support and guidance. Colostrum could be a great additional treatment to your normal treatment plan that has been backed up by over 4000 studies showing its power for helping you heal. Learn how this award winning colostrum can help you fight Heart Disease * Cancer * IBS * Alzheimer's * Ulcerative Colitis * Crohns * Infectious Diseases * Arthritis * Diabetes * Osteoporosis * Lupus * M.S. * Skin Disorders * Shingles * Leaky Gut * Obesity * Asthma * Allergies... And most other auto-immune disorders that are usually treated by steroids or immuno suppressants - that often have nasty side effects leaving you feeling tired and angry! colostrum, bovine colostrum, immune system, auto immune disease, auto immune, disease, cure, treatment
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If You See This Weed Growing In Your Yard Don't Pick It Here's Why
If You See This Weed Growing In Your Yard Don't Pick It Here's Why If you take a step outside your front door, how many plants in your garden are you be able to name? Although your grandparents or even great-grandparents could probably name almost every inch of their land, this skill has been lost for new generations. Along with this comes the loss of medicinal plant knowledge. It’s really quite a shame: no matter where you live in the world, you’ll always be surrounded by medicinal plants, even in the concrete jungle. One of these “lost plants” is purslane, a nutritious plant that’s now considered as a useless weed. Purslane can do a lot of good for a wide variety of patients. In traditional medicine, the herb is well appreciated by new mothers for its ability to treat mastitis, lack of milk flow, and postpartum bleeding. It also relaxes skeletal muscles and acts as a diuretic. Still, nursing mothers should consult a naturopath before taking purslane. Purslane also has the ability to cure:  Headache  Stomachache  Painful urination  Dysentery  Enteritis  Burns  Earache  Insect stings  Skin sores  Ulcers  Pruritus  Eczema  Abscesses treat  Colitis  Acute appendicitis  Dermatitis  Shingles  Arthritis  Fever  Diabetes Purslane contains a neurohormone called l-norepinephrine that acts as a vasopressor and antihypotensive agent to quickly treats hemorrhages. The herb even has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties. In terms of nutritional value, the herb contains more beta-carotene than spinach and carrots, as well as high levels of vitamins B, C, and E, magnesium, calcium, potassium, folate, lithium, and protein. More interestingly, the herb contains omega-3 fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid. It’s also said to be the best plant source of the nutrient, containing 8.5 mg of omega 3 for every gram of weight. This fatty acid, as well as others found in the plant, keeps blood pressure and cholesterol in check and prevents blood clots. Another interesting substance of the plant is melatonin, an antioxidant that acts as a hormone and is also produced by the pineal gland. Melatonin regulates your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles to help you get a good night’s sleep. A study performed by the University of Texas at San Antonio discovered that purslane contained 10 to 1000 times more melatonin than other edible plants tested. Also, the plant currently being examined for its ability to combat tumors. How to harvest Purslane? Purslane is best harvested is late summer and early autumn when its leaves are full and juicy. However, it can be harvested year-round in warmer regions. You can plant purslane in your garden, but it can quickly become invasive. How to use Purslane? One of the biggest advantages of eating purslane is that it’s non-GMO since it’s not widely regarded as a food and isn’t widely cultivated. However, because it’s a weed, it’s essential to fully wash it before eating, since it’s most likely come into contact with pesticides. The leaves and stems can be eaten raw, dried, steamed, stir-fried, or even pureed, but beware, the herb gets a little slimy when overcooked. Think of the herb as an alternative to spinach or watercress. Source - - http://www.healthiestalternative.com/see-weed-growing-yard-dont-pick-heres/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More Home Remedies Videos : 10 Reasons Everyone Should Drink Warm Turmeric Water Everyday Morning - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whboUlUYgkI THIS SEED CONTROL DIABETES AND REGENERATE 100% THE FUNCTION OF LIVER AND KIDNEY ! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKZ1gbxqGlQ Dentists Do Not Want This To Come To Light It is The Fastest And Saafest Method of Teeth Whitening - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQKd1pxqkhw SHE LOOKS 10 YEARS YOUNGER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL BY USING THIS INGREDIENT! FIND OUT WHICH ONE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Elv5JSKKKQ 7 Health Benefits Of Star Fruit (Carambola) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZWm7Cmo1MI What Are The Benefits Of Eating Bitter Gourd - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L8HsPwMBqo 10 Amazing Benefits Of Onions You Probably Did Not Know - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKIGzQQNTc0 4 Things Happen When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cjMJYK4Qy8 MIRACLE SKIN WHITENING GOLD FACE PACK FOR TIGHTER, LIGHTER & AGELESS SKIN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6_WiNyquio Place An Onion On Your Neck And You Will Solve The Most Common Diseases Of Our Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q8k1AsUjPA The Boiled Eggs Diet for Losing 11 Kg in 2 Weeks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wFg4b4yBXw Here Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Mango Seeds - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8IeP4EZoDs
Dr  Vijay Rao What Are The Long Term Effects Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
With timely diagnosis and treatment, a person is likely to achieve remission, i.e., the disease remaining quiet and he/she can carry on the daily activities without any problem. The outlook for rheumatoid arthritis or any other arthritis due to auto-immune disease patients is very good and there is no cause for dejection. It is important to visit a rheumatologist as soon as possible and not take self-decisions regarding medications, be physically active and avoid eating red meat.
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Tart Cherries for Insomnia
Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at https://www.nutritionfacts.org/subscribe and get a free recipe from his new HOW NOT TO DIE COOKBOOK. (All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from the sales of his books, DVDs, and speaking engagements go to support the 501c3 nonprofit that runs NutritionFacts.org.) DESCRIPTION: The melatonin content in certain plant foods such as almonds, raspberries and goji berries may explain the improvement in sleep quality associated with tart cherry consumption The mention of kiwifruit is in reference to Friday's video of the day Hot Sauce in the Nose for Cluster Headaches? (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/hot-sauce-in-the-nose-for-cluster-headaches/) I've previously explored Human Neurotransmitters in Plants (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/human-neurotransmitters-in-plants/) in the context of boosting serotonin levels in the brain to improve mood. See: • The Wrong Way to Boost Serotonin (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-wrong-way-to-boost-serotonin/) • A Better Way to Boost Serotonin (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/a-better-way-to-boost-serotonin/) • The Best Way to Boost Serotonin (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-best-way-to-boost-serotonin/) Melatonin may also play a role in cancer prevention. See Melatonin & Breast Cancer (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/melatonin-breast-cancer/). Aren't goji berries really expensive, though? Not if you buy them as lycium berries. Check out my video Are Goji Berries Good for You? (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/are-goji-berries-good-for-you/) Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/tart-cherries-for-insomnia/ and he'll try to answer it! http://www.NutritionFacts.org • Subscribe: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/subscribe • Donate: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/donate • HOW NOT TO DIE: http://nutritionfacts.org/book • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionFacts.org • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nutrition_facts • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nutrition_facts_org/ • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NutritionfactsOrgMD • Podcast: http://nutritionfacts.org/audio/
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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Clostridia Bacteria, and Autoimmune Disorders
www.RheumatoidArthritisRecovery.com Dr. Woeller explains how rheumatoid arthritis and clostridia bacteria and autoimmune disorders are interrelated. Rheumatoid Arthritis can be very painful and debilitating. Dr. Kurt Woeller, author of "5 Things You MUST DO Right Now to Treat Your Rheumatoid Arthritis, is an expert on integrative medicine. www.RheumatoidArthritisRecovery.com
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Supplements For managing Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis
These are the supplements I've been taking over the past few months to help manage Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. These have taken the place of a strong daily dose of antidepressant (used for nerve pain), and an immunosuppressant. Just a suggestion for those out there dealing with the same things I am. : ) supplements: 5-HTP Magnesium Diatomaceous Earth Melatonin Flaxseed Oil Super B Complex Vitamin
Leading Supplier of Melatonin Assisting you with Sleeplessness, Reducing Overall Anxiety
TITLE: Leading Supplier of Melatonin Assisting you with Sleeplessness, Reducing Overall Anxiety GUEST: Shannon Wright, Wellness Expert PRESENTER: Neal Howard OVERVIEW: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Shannon Wright has joined Natrol, LLC as a wellness expert providing education and background on healthy lifestyles supported by vitamins and supplements and is here to talk about Natrol’s Melatonin, its benefits and tips for best use. For more information about this interview, visit this link: http://healthprofessionalradio.com.au/health-supplier-segment-natrol/
Here Is Why You Can’t Sleep, Have Joint Pain And Anxiety - You have Joint Pain all Over
Here Is Why You Can’t Sleep, Have Joint Pain And Anxiety !! The adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands struggle to manage stress and instead cause feelings of burnout, dullness and tiredness. It won’t be diagnosed by your doctor, but we will reveal you its symptoms and what you should change to treat them. If one surpasses the four stages of adrenal fatigue, it might appear adrenal insufficiency that can be diagnosed medically. Remember, is essential to treat the symptoms on time. As the adrenals can’t cope with the burden, the stress leads to weakened bodily functions and increased cortisol levels. Here are seven signs that indicate that a person suffers from adrenal fatigue. 1: Poor digestion The stress doesn’t allow the body to properly digest the food and inhibits the nutrient absorption. If the digestion and metabolism are poor, you might experience weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and bloating. Eat healthy food, consume a lot of water and take minerals and probiotics regularly. 2: Insomnia Sleep for at least eight hours to help the body to recover, recharge and reset. It will make you wake up energized and fresh. Try to fall asleep by 10:30pm (or at least stay in dark) so the body can relase melatonin, which is the sleeping hormone. Yoga, relaxation techniques and warm baths can calm the body and help you fall asleep. 3: Depression or anxiety Busy schedule and the deadline pressure might lead to poor cognitive function, changes of mood and many complications. These conditions are linked to stress and that is why you should find a way to reduce it to stay healthy. 4: Pain and stiffness Stress might cause pain and stiffness, as well as neck, jaw and back stress. Change the sleeping habits and practice yoga and stretching exercises. Warm baths can also be helpful as it alleviates the muscles. 5: Feeling overwhelmed by life Don’t apply too much pressure on the things on your life. Dedicate some time to yourself and achieve some of your goals no matter the time and efforts needed. Add some habits in your daily routines and give the body time to recover. 6: Exhaustion after exercising Physical stress might lead to adrenal fatigue because it has negative effects on our bodies. Try to do some gentle exercise like yoga or walking. But if you want to lose some weight, be aware of the fact that 80 percent of the effects are coming from proper nutrition. 7: Wacky hormones In stage2 of adrenal fatigue, the thyroid gland can be damages and you may experience signs of hypothyroid like dry skin and hair, weight gain, fatigue and poor circulation. If there is adrenal or stress level imbalance, the hormone precursor material is going to be redirected for use in the production of cortisol. The prolonged period of stress can lead to loss of the cycle and increase the PMS symptoms. Eat healthy diet, consume a lot of water, use adapt genic herbs, avoid caffeine and sleep enough.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Skill Demo
Rheumatoid Arthritis Skill Demo
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Beating the Rheumatoid Arthritis Odds: Karen's Success Story
Beating the Rheumatoid Arthritis Odds: Karen's Success Story
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Top 10 Home Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases
Top 10 Home Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases Autoimmune diseases include various conditions in which your immune system attacks healthy cells because it is unable to differentiate them from harmful foreign entities like bacteria. The exact cause of this problem is still unknown. At times, the problem is triggered when a micro-organism or drug alters the behavior of immune cells. When these cells produce more cells, they collectively attack your healthy cells, causing an autoimmune disease. Sometimes, the disease takes root in a particular organ. For instance, your immune system may attack your thyroid, which is usually diagnosed as Grave’s disease. If it attacks your gastrointestinal tract, you may be diagnosed with a disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Other times, the disease attacks a particular protein found throughout your body. When this happens, you may be diagnosed with a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. Inflammation is a huge, and often highly uncomfortable, side effect of these autoimmune diseases. A conversation often skipped in the management of such diseases is natural home remedies. =============== * THANKS FOR WATCHING! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS * Link Subscribe : https://goo.gl/e2qrbO * Please click on ads on videos.I love you very much...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis - Rife Frequencies
Per your request! Please drink more water than you need to get the most out of these frequencies. Note: Because I am not able to answer questions/comments timely, or put up new videos, I am temporarily disabling the comments. Very sorry.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis patient shares her wins with Functional Medicine
Peggy Wylie, a patient with Apex Advanced Medicine, shares how working with us impacted her day to day life, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
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These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells, Affect Your Sleep, Improve Sight And Much More!
These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells, Affect Your Sleep, Improve Sight And Much More! - - - There are many natural ingredients available around us which can provide amazing health benefits. As we are not aware of the health benefits of these ingredients we just prefer to dump it in the dustbin. One of such ingredient is pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin is used in a variety of dishes like curries, making delicious pumpkin pie and yummy pumpkin drinks. The consumption of pumpkin provides many health benefits but the seed of pumpkin are much more beneficial for us. Let’s know in detail about health benefits of pumpkin seeds. After reading this article you will never throw away the pumpkin seeds. Why are pumpkin seeds good for? You will be amazed to know that pumpkin seeds are not only good in providing nutrients to our body but also help to treat deadly diseases. Look in detail how pumpkin seeds can treat cancer, prevent insomnia and improves sight. Killing cancer: A recent study conducted in Span revealed that pumpkin seeds consist of compounds which can kill cancer cells. The compounds in pumpkin seeds efficiently fight against cancer cells without harming the other normal body cells. It has anti-inflammatory properties and thus acts effectively to treat different types of cancer. A German study has also shown results on the same ground and suggested that women who are going through menopause should consume pumpkin seeds every day. This natural treatment will lower the chances of breast cancer by 23% among women. Insomnia prevention: If you are having a sleepless night then pumpkin seeds can be a solution on it. It is a rich source of an amino acid called tryptophan. After consumption of pumpkin seeds, our body converts tryptophan into melatonin which is a sleep hormone and induce sleep. This fact is proved by the study published in Nutritional Neuroscience. The study suggested that tryptophan from pumpkin seed is as good as the pharmaceutical grade tryptophan which is used for the treatment of chronic insomnia. So, all you have to do is along with some fruit, eat few pumpkin seeds before you hit the bed. This will help your body to get enough tryptophan which stimulates the production of melatonin and provides a sound sleep at night. Improve Sight: When it comes to nutrients, pumpkin seed is a rich source of zinc. It helps to boost the immune system, encourage good sleep and enhance vision as well as mood. It also provides fibers, manganese, potassium, phosphor and proteins to our body. Hence, pumpkin seeds are also useful for weight loss process. As you eat pumpkin seeds, the body gets a shot of proteins which makes you feel full. It is incredible that in a 30 g of pumpkin seeds you will find 5 g of protein. They’re plant-based protein bombs: As per the USDA dietary database, this is the way 1 measure of simmered pumpkin seeds stacks up sustenance savvy: 285 calories. 87 grams protein. 42g fat. 8g dietary fiber. Look at all that protein? You need that! In spite of the fact that plant-based protein varies from creature based, it’s generally as vital and pumpkin seeds are an extraordinary approach to help your protein admission without turning to red meat. The fiber is an awesome reward as well; keeping in mind the fat substance looks high, it is transcendently the “sound fats” that a number of us don’t get enough of. They pump up your potassium: The body likes potassium for occupations, for example, helping muscles contract, managing liquids, adjusting minerals and keeping up pulse; it might likewise diminish the danger of repetitive kidney stones and bone misfortune as the body ages. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science suggests that grown-ups devour no less than 4,700 milligrams of potassium consistently, which is twice as much as a great many people get. Pumpkin seeds are an eminently rich wellspring of this critical mineral with 588 mg for every container. Contrast that with the acclaimed potassium source known as a banana a medium one gives 422 mg. They may make you happy! Shape magazine recommends that the L-tryptophan in pumpkin seeds can enhance the state of mind actually and may even be powerful against discouragement. (Can’t hurt to attempt that!) Meanwhile, The Times of India proposes eating pumpkin seeds a couple of hours before bed for the L-tryptophan (which is utilized as a part of melatonin and serotonin generation) to empower a decent night’s rest. So, what more reason you need to eat pumpkin seeds? Start consuming pumpkin seeds from today to ensure the healthy life.
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How Much Tart Cherry Juice Should I Drink? For Gout | Arthritis | and Sleep
How Much Tart Cherry Juice Should I Drink? For Gout | Arthritis | and Sleep. Get a $50 Discount Code below: $50 DISCOUNT CODE: PURE50 DIRECT LINK TO PRODUCT: https://ishoppurium.com/products/apothe-cherry-16oz Purium’s Apothe-Cherry is made from sour/tart cherries that contain a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals. Tart Cherry Contains melatonin, this has been known to help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep and may also support healthy join functions. Many peole have reported that it also helps promote healthy uric acid metabolism. Cherry juice isn't just refreshingly delightful, however it gives some strong medical advantages, as well. With around 120 calories for every 1-glass serving, it's rich in supplements like potassium and iron. There are a wide range of assortments of cherry juice. Search for juices that utilization 100-percent cherry juice with no additional sweeteners. Cherry juice "mixed drinks" regularly include sugar and additives. You will likewise observe juice "from focus" and "not from think." Both choices are nutritiously comparable. "Not from think" implies they put the new squeeze straightforwardly into the jug. "From focus" implies they pressed and after that sifted the juice, removing water. It is then rehydrated and bundled. There are additionally extraordinary kinds of fruits used to create juice. Tart cherry juice is sharp to taste and gives a higher measure of anthocyanins contrasted with dark cherry juice, which is sweeter in taste and has less anthocyanins. Anthocyanins advance mitigating forms in the body. Both are awesome, nutritious alternatives. 1. Helps post-exercise recuperation Cherry juice may enable recuperation to post work out. It is normally high in potassium, which conducts electrical driving forces all through the body. This mineral likewise keeps up circulatory strain, hydration, muscle recuperation, nerve motivations, absorption, heart rate, and pH adjust. Fruits contain around 330 milligrams (mg) of potassium per container, which is just about 10 percent of your day by day prescribed esteem. 2. Battles aggravation and joint inflammation torment Research demonstrates that the cancer prevention agents in tart cherry juice can lessen agony and irritation from osteoarthritis (OA). A recent report demonstrated that drinking cherry squeeze twice every day for 21 days lessened the torment felt by individuals with OA. Blood tests additionally demonstrated that they encountered essentially less irritation. 3. Decreases swelling At the point when individuals encounter torment from swelling, they frequently swing to nonsteroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs). Be that as it may, the impacts of these medications can be unsafe, particularly when you take them over and over again or have sensitivities. A recent report found that cherry juice supplements can decrease irritation and torment related conduct in creatures, indicating guarantee as a treatment for swelling in people. 4. Lifts invulnerability Like all leafy foods, fruits pack a capable cell reinforcement and antiviral punch. Flavonoids, a kind of cancer prevention agent in cherry juice, are made by plants to battle contamination. Research demonstrates that these chemicals can significantly affect invulnerable framework work. 5. Directs digestion and battles fat There is some confirmation in creatures that tart fruits can help alter your body's digestion and your capacity to lose stomach muscle versus fat. One examination demonstrated that anthocyanins, a sort of flavonoid in charge of fruits' red shading, act against the improvement of weight. Another investigation in rats found that tart fruits can help decrease irritation and stomach fat, and lower the danger of metabolic disorder. 6. Encourages you rest The mitigating properties of cherry juice joined with a dash of rest managing melatonin may enable you to rest better, as indicated by a little 2010 investigation. The outcomes propose that tart cherry juice has comparative impacts as a sleeping disorder solutions like valerian or melatonin on more established grown-ups. 7. Squares disease development In a recent report, scientists set cherry juice against the NSAID sulindac, which is the most widely recognized preventive calming treatment for colon tumors. In spite of the fact that a creature examine, it is remarkable that cherry juice — not at all like the NSAID — decreased the development of tumor cells. Indeed, even without its cell reinforcements and supplements, cherry juice is delightfully tart and reviving. Take a stab at supplanting soft drinks and games drinks with something that can truly have any kind of effect to your wellbeing.
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CBD Oil Side Effects Warning (Do Not Buy CBD Until You See This)
3 simple tips to follow before buying: 1. Always check the CBD purity, it should be 50% and more. 2. Choose products made in the US or Canada. Due to strict regulations this is your quality guarantee. 3. Do not expect to purchase quality and safe to use CBD oil for pennies. High quality CBD oil should cost at least $45-$50. Choose another product if that amount puts you into an uncomfortable situation financially. Brands that I trust and recommend: 1. Verified CBD Oil (http://verifiedcbdoil.com). This is probably the oldest brand of CBD I know. Tons of success stories and quality I have tested myself - these are the reasons I have been recommending this brand to my friends and family for years. The only downside is that due to their recent TV "fame" they are often out of stock and can be hard to get. Official website: http://verifiedcbdoil.com Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Oil Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly known, is a very interesting chemical. And it is responsible for many people changing their views on marijuana use for medicinal purposes. While everyone has heard of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), not many are aware of CBD. The two chemicals are both contained in marijuana, but they serve very different purposes. While the THC in marijuana is will get you high, CBD is a chemical with many benefits from a medicinal point of view - and it does not have the same side effects on the body as THC. What are the Health Benefits of CBD Oil? The ingredient CBD has been used for many years to make several products. One of these products is CBD oil. According to many studies which have carried out on this product, there are many different health benefits associated with it. First and foremost, it can help people who are experiencing excessive nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy or some other type of medical treatment. It is also great at reducing the seizures some people get on a regular basis. Another benefit of CBD oil is how it helps combat inflammation and neuro-degenerative disorders. It is also great for anxiety and depression sufferers. So if you are suffering from one of these conditions, you may want to talk to your physician about the possibility of getting on CBD oil for a few months. CBD oil also contain various o nutrients like carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, D and E, trace minerals such as calcium, iron zinc, magnesium potassium, and several other compounds required by the human body for healthy functioning, such as chlorophyll, carotene, ketones, glycosides, nitrogen-based compounds, etc.. Unlike THC, CBD oil doesn't make you high. The CBD in these this product will not make you feel the same as the THC does. This is because THC is a psychoactive chemical whereas CBD is not. It does not act in the same manner when it comes into contact with your brain's pathways. It does not interfere with your psychological or psychomotor functions either. For those who want a simpler explanation: CBD oil is 100% safe and won't get you high! Are there Any Side Effects of CBD Oil? Whereas CBD oil has been proven safe for human consumption, some researches done on it have identified a possibility of side effects in patients taking the oil. One study which was published in 1886 in the International Journal of Neuroscience showed that CBD oil could cause some mild side effects in patients with dystonia. These side effects include dry mouth, hypotension, sedation, psychomotor slowing, and lightheadedness. However, there are no side effects which have been reported when CBD is taken in high doses. As you can see, you should not worry when taking CBD oil as its side effects are very mild. Buy CBD oil today and experience the many benefits associated with it. Disclaimer: actors were used for shooting this video. Sources: http://csu-cvmbs.colostate.edu/vth/veterinarians/clinical-trials/Pages/efficacy-of-cannabidiol-for-the-treatment-of-epilepsy-in-dogs.aspx http://cbdoilsideeffect.com tags: cbd oil side effects on kidneys cbd oil side effects heartburn medication cbd oil side effects stomach side effect from using cbd hemp oil danger what is cbd oil side effect
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Auto-Immune Insights
Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: http://bit.ly/EvalQuiz Your report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG: http://www.drberg.com/blog FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DrEricBerg TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DrBergDC YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123 ABOUT DR. BERG: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/bio DR. BERG'S SEMINARS: http://www.drberg.com/seminars DR. BERG'S STORY: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/story DR. BERG'S CLINIC: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/clinic DR. BERG'S HEALTH COACHING TRAINING: http://www.drberg.com/weight-loss-coach DR. BERG'S SHOP: http://shop.drberg.com/ DR. BERG'S REVIEWS: http://www.drberg.com/reviews The Health & Wellness Center 4709 D Pinecrest Office Park Drive Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-7336 Disclaimer: Dr. Berg does not diagnose, treat or prevent any medical conditions; instead he helps people create their health to avoid health problems. He works with their physicians, which regular their medication. This video is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through my videos, blog posts, website information, I give suggestions for you and your doctor to research and provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this video or site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. The Health & Wellness and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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"Six Things to Avoid if you have an Autoimmune Disease"
Video by Dyon Davidson of Beadly Speaking Jewelry. "Six Things to avoid if you have an Autoimmune Disease" 1. Sunlight 2. Garlic 3. Melatonin 4. Echinacea 5. Bactrim 6. Alfalfa Sprouts If you would like to be featured on our channel, then leave a comment below or email us at beadlyspeaking@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @beadlyspeaking. Thank you for watching! 😍😘 Please remember to hit the like, and subscribe button.
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Cherry Juice Sleep - Melatonin and Cherry Juice
http://www.traversebayfarms.com - Cherry Juice sleep benefits. Cherry juice is a natural source of melatonin to help with healthy sleep.
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Circadian biology – It's all about light! – Phil Escott – WHIS 2018.
Confused about diet and lifestyle? Look into circadian cycles and get in line with them. World Health Innovation Summit 2018. My full talk on tips for better sleep and circadian mismatches… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-chZwFovLc&t=23s …and how to put this knowledge together for an "ideal" day…  http://pureactivity.net/ideal-day-putting-together/ To get 10% off Ra Optics blueblocker glasses, quote the coupon code "PUREACT" at checkout. Go to: https://goo.gl/m8zKcG To buy Iris software to protect from blue light and flicker from your devices, go to: https://goo.gl/z8ypk8 To see the full blog post on sleep tips… http://pureactivity.net/get-better-ni... Sign up to my mailing list for up-to-date news, videos etc… https://pureactivity.us17.list-manage... And don’t forget to check out my Facebook group, “100% Carnivore… and Beyond!” ////////// Best-selling Kindle book "Arthritis, the best thing that ever happened to me" Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2DDIA86 Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2DwrYzV /////////// To book me for a talk or consultation: http://pureactivity.net/consultations/ ////////////
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Life Changing Reasons You Need A Jar of Manuka Honey
Manuka honey, produced in New-Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world.  Manuka honey is actually graded according to its non-peroxide antibacterial potency, referred to as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). You should go for UMF 15+ or, if possible, UMF 20+ as anything below UMF 10 does not justify paying a premium for it, since it’s only as good as any other type of natural honey. Check out these Incredible Health Benefits of Manuka Honey 1.Prevents and repairs damage to the colon Manuka honey has been found to be effective in preventing colonic inflammation and effecting the repair of colon lining damaged due to chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Although the symptoms of IBD such as stomach pain and cramps are similar to those of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the two are different. In laboratory experiments conducted on rats with chemically induced colonic damage, oral administration of manuka honey was found to not only reduce the inflammation, but protect against structural damage too. 2.Improves Sleep Manuka Honey helps to promote restful deep sleep. It slowly releases the glycogen needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding manuka honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for deep sleep. There are many health disorders associated with poor sleep, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke and arthritis. Since manuka honey is proven to aid in quality sleep, it also helps lower the risk of these and many other heath problems. 3.Manuka honey as facial mask Manuka honey makes an excellent facial cleanser and toner. It is mild enough to be used on a regular basis and better than chemical cleaners any day. The hygroscopic nature of honey draws out the dirt and grime trapped in the hair follicles and facilitates the free flow of natural oils. 4. Reduces hair loss Premature thinning of hair could be due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins or undernourishment of the scalp. Dandruff resulting from the dryness of the scalp could be another reason. Manuka honey with its high mineral-content, amino acids, and B-complex vitamins can nourish the scalp and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Apply honey on the scalp and rub it in with your fingers. Wash with a mild conditioner mixed with a teaspoon of honey to maintain good hydration. 5.Chronic Sinusitis Manuka honey is a blessing to people suffering from chronic-sinusitis that takes several weeks to resolve, even with the use of antibiotics. Many people use manuka honey in a neti pot to irrigate the sinuses, which can be very effective. 6.Boosts immunity People who have used manuka honey regularly for its health benefits often report increased resistance to diseases. The high nutritional value of the honey, especially the presence of a wide range of vitamins and minerals could be responsible, but it is mainly attributed to the immune-boosting capacity of manuka honey.
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Binaural Beats - DMT, Melatonin, Serotonin - Brainwave Entrainment
Get the full experience at http://laayon.com/trypnauralmeditation elysha, spiritual teacher, self realized teacher, awakening, enlightenment teacher, spirituality, enlightened teacher, nirvana, authentic enlightenment teachers, self realization, meditation, consciousness, reality, freedom, being, satsang, amness, self, oneness, love, happiness, lovebliss, heaven, truth, reincarnation, liberation, karma, zen, unconditional love, light, non-thinking, present moment, awareness, life, heart, mystic, advaita, non duality, lightmind, rebirth, existentialism, taoism, darshan, now, contentment, buddha, buddhism, ramana maharshi, tolle, nisargadata maharaj, adyashanti, dharma, beauty, harmony, immensity, everything, wonder, it, isness, clarity, bliss, nowhere, exquisiteness, infinity, forever, religiousness, ecstasy, siddhi, trueness, absoluteness, yoga, fulfilment, richness, wholeness, emptiness, nothing, sage, self help, motivation, who you are, who am i, illusion, spiritual meditation, self healing, new age, spiritual guidance, journey of self discovery, surrender, energetic, concepts, flow of energy, motion of seeing, central point, spiritual consciousness, spiritual information, new age spirituality, communicating with god, change, earth changes, desire, fear, mindbody, pleasure, mind informancy, the elysium ashram, new zealand, the divine one, welcome, consideration, parallel worlds, emergence, existence, struggle, spirit to matter, guru, essence, cessation, letting go, a course in miracles, catholic, prayer, god, jesus, christ, christian, spiritual, bible, pray, faith, apostle, saint, thoughts, self-awareness, accountability, human understanding, apocalypse, behaviour, nothingness, biology, higher awareness, intuition, psychic skills, insights, personal growth, creativity, creation, quotes, myself, oneself, video, visit, self improvement, inspirational, sitting, self knowledge symposium, spiritual system, spirituality websites, definition of spirituality, definition of enlightenment, definition of freedom, meaning of spirituality, elements of spirituality, spirituality in the marketplace, self realization fellowship, enlightenment period, meditation techniques, daily meditation, age of enlightenment, learn meditation, simple meditation, essays on freedom, definition of being, time and being, art of seeing, being philosophy, real eye zation, all seeing eye, manifestation, well being, free essays on freedom, online spirituality, know more about spirituality, spiritual poems, creation spirituality, assessing spirituality, sspirituality, pirituality, religious definition of spiritualityecret CIA Secrets Mass Awakening The Rapture Consciousness Shift 2012 Apocalypse 2012 Doomsday 2012 Ascension 2012 Awakening 2012 Truth behind Kennedy 9/11 Truth 9/11 Bombs in the buildings 9/11 pillarmids Pyramids Giza Egyptian Mystery School Greek Mystery Religion tarot divinity channeling alien spirit extra dimensional being Hyper dimensional being Mars truth face on mars the singularity 2012 singularity Alien UFO fleet LOVE 11:11 Photon Belt Dimension Ascension Awakening 2012 Nibiru Galactic Alignment Merkaba Pleiades 23 pyramids sphinx alien atalntis chakras ufo spirituality enlightenment lemuria dna god divine vibration frequency alchemy kaballah crop circles mother ships 14 october terrence meckena michael tsarion alan watts krishnamurti buddha christ haarp pleiadians cassiopeans syrians multidimensionality ra arcturian sacred truth science physics dmt psilocybin ayahuasca mayans toltects shamans nibiru reptilians grays nordics nwo 911 bush hitler kali yuga
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Dr. Theresa Ramsey | Arthritis Prevention & Treatment
Yes, there are lots of popular drugs out there to chase the symptoms of arthritis and it's many forms. They can be purchased over the counter and prescribed. Prescription medications range from Prednisone to Celebrex to Humira, which you've seen on Television commercials. These commonly prescribed steroidal and Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) medications are considered an aggressive approach to Arthritis and profess to slow or stop the progression of inflammation by interrupting the natural immune response to promote inflammation in the area or heat or blood flow. This is the suppression of nature -- which in some cases may be necessary to quiet the area down initially while taking the actions to alkalinize, move and nurture your body. If I haven't seen arthritis respond many, many times to lifestyle modifications, I wouldn't so strongly encourage you. Please continue reading here: http://bit.ly/11nYsg6 Dr. Theresa Ramsey is a practicing physician, speaker, lifestyle expert, author of the best selling book, Healing 101: A Guide to Creating the Foundation for Complete Wellness & a weekly guest expert on Arizona's top morning show, Your Life A to Z, as their Medical Expert since 2007. Selected as a BHRT expert, Dr. Ramsey is a spokesperson and provider for Suzanne Somers' Forever Health, Bio-Identical Hormones and Wellness. Dr. Ramsey has been nominated Phoenix Magazine's Top Doc for two years in a row and recently selected as an eHow.com health expert as well as the 2012 Natural Choice Award winning Naturopathic Physician. She elegantly bridges the gap between Allopathic & Naturopathic medicine. She is a nationally recognized speaker educating patients & physicians on the language of wellness and root causes to illness & dis-ease. http://www.DrRamsey.com, 888.970.0077.
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How to Get Deep Sleep for Health
How to Get Deep Sleep for Health ============================================== At http://bergmanchiropractic.com and http://Owners-Guide.com we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you know that sleeping pills only get you an additional 11 minutes of sleep? Or that they can cause you to feel tired the next day? Stop the insanity. Here is the formula for getting great, high-quality REM sleep in 5 to 21 days WITHOUT drugs. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ http://www.theArthritisReversalSystem.com is my online video course with 21 videos, 3 manuals and an online forum! https://www.owners-guide.com/online-consultation/ for online consults. SUBSCRIBE at http://www.youtube.com/user/johnbchiro CALL TOLL FREE 1-855-712-0012 to get bonus materials not on YouTube or text your first name and email plus 89869 to 1-817-591-2905.
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compound reduces inflammation in RA
http://www.arthritistreatmentcenter.com New compound reduces joint inflammation in arthritis Researchers have developed an oral compound that can significantly reduce joint inflammation in animal models of rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in Florida developed the compound, SR2211, that blocked development of virtually all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in mice within the first eight to ten days of treatment. The mice also showed significantly reduced bone and cartilage erosion compared to animals that did not receive treatment. The experimental compound targets the nuclear receptor RORy, a key regulator of TH17 cells, one of a family of white blood cells that play a role in the immune system. Comment: Many compounds look good in mice. Unfortunately, what counts is how they do with humans. http://youtu.be/8pnLrYS7SDc
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How to Deescalate Rheumatoid Arthritis Anxiety with Pattern Interupt
What can you do if anxiety is keeping you up at night? What can you do it your rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis pain is fueling anxiety over what will happen to you? The answer is pattern interrupt. Thinking, telling yourself upsetting stories about what might happen to you, asking alarming questions that you have no way of answering right then, can all fuel anxiety. To interrupt this pattern, with great love notice that you are thinking, and label it thinking. Then turn your attention on purpose to something comforting or neutral. This interrupts the pattern that creates the anxiety. It allows you, even if you are in pain, to stop making it worse by creating unnecessary anxiety and instead to refocus on something calming or nurturing. Barbara's book, Conquering Arthritis, is available on Amazon.com: http://www.conqueringarthritis.com/book For more information about Barbara Allan, check out her Google profile: https://plus.google.com/109199142133299722994
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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries
The cherry is the perfect berry. It is sweet and tart with firm, juicy flesh and a hard pit. Cherries are popular because of their sweet and juicy characteristics, but more and more research suggests that cherries are extremely beneficial to your health too. It’s no secret cherries contain quite a bit of nutritional value. By consuming one cup of cherries, you’re reaping the benefits of natural melatonin, vitamin C, and antioxidants Here are 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries. 1. Protects Against Diabetes High in sugar but very low on the glycemic index. They’ve been shown to improve blood sugar for those with diabetes. 2. Promotes Better Sleep Rich in Melatonin which helps you fall asleep and stay that way throughout the day. 3. Decreases Belly Fat Lowers inflammation, reduce stress, balance cholesterol levels, all of which helps eliminate belly fat. 4. Reduces Risk of Stroke Anti-inflammatory property of cherries has been found effective in reducing heart-disease risk. 5. Help fight cancer Rich in a flavonoid called Quercitrin, the most powerful naturally occurring anticancer agents. 6. Arthritis Pain Relief Contains anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, helps slowing the spread of arthritis in the body. 7. Anti-Aging Cherries are rich in melatonin, which slows down the aging process. Watch more: 21frames.in/yogaandyou Like us: facebook.com/VentunoYoga Subscribe: youtube.com/user/VentunoYoga Follow us: instagram.com/ventunoyoga Follow us: twitter.com/VentunoYoga A Ventuno Production http://www.ventunotech.com
Sleep Better with Tart Cherry Juice - Natural Anti-Inflammatory - Prevents Cancer
Find out how drinking tart cherry juice can help you sleep better, prevent heart disease and cancer as well as help heal inflammation. This 100% natural beverage can help your body heal itself in so many ways. Watch this video to learn more. Please "like" my video and comment because I love hearing from you..always! Please subscribe so that you will be notified when I upload a new video; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Thanks so much for viewing! You can purchase Tart Cherry Juice online at Vitacost.com Use this link to save $10 on Vitacost.com: https://www.vitacostrewards.com/jeNO7F1 Help for Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders Part 1 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pMfzDPpoxs Help for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders Part2 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4gVRKH8j-s Like me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YouTips4U/116961575091908 Follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/YouTips4U To visit me at my blog, please click here: http://www.youtips4u.blogspot.com/
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Track 01 Stress - (Relaxation Tracks for Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Track 01 Stress - (Relaxation Tracks for Rheumatoid Arthritis)
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Autoimmune Disorders with Dr. Martin Rutherford and Dr. Randall Gates
In this episode Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Gates discuss different autoimmune issues such as MS, Hashimotos, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Celiac and many more.  They will be discussing the disorders themselves as well as treatments they have found to be effective in managing these conditions. http://powerhealthtalk.com http://youtu.be/IA-OW6w2e-0 lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN4q1RrvwGo
Lab Tests Plus - Melatonin Biorhythm Profile #210
http://LabTestsPlus.com Dr. Kurt Woeller discusses the Melatonin Biorhythm Profile #210from BioHealth Laboratory. The Melatonin Biorhythm Profile #210. If you are having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, or you're falling asleep in the middle of the day, this is a great profile—even if you've tried melatonin as a supplement and it did not work. Melatonin is produced in the brain, and if its not being produced at the proper time of day or night, you could have a very difficult time regulating your sleep cycle. You can order the Melatonin Biorhythm Profile #210 at LabTestsPlus.com. When you order lab tests from LabTestsPlus.com, you also receive a doctor's written review of the test, plus a recommended course of action, plus the doctor's only codes you will need to order professional grade supplements if required. http://LabTestsPlus.com
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What supplements to take for sleep
What supplements to take for sleep? Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Follow me or visit me on social media in the links down below. Thanks for watching and stay healthy! Follow Me Online Here: Follow Me Online Here: Facebook: http://fb.me/Brainpowderkid Instagram: instagram.com/brainpowderkid Twitter: twitter.com/brainpowderkid or message me http://m.me/Brainpowderkid Research: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24153020 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12837047 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18416885 Arthritis afflicts approximately 43 million Americans or approximately 16.6% of the US population. The two most common and best known types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A significant amount of scientific research has been done in attempts to explain what initiates forms of arthritis, how it is promoted and perpetuated and how to effectively intervene in the disease process and promote cartilage remodeling. Current pharmacological strategies mainly address immune suppression and antiinflammatory mechanisms and have had limited success. Recent research provides evidence that alterations in the three-dimensional configuration of glycoproteins are responsible for the recognition/response signaling that catalyzes T-cell attack. Oral administration of autoantigens has been shown to suppress a variety of experimentally induced autoimmune pathologies, including antigen-induced RA. The interaction between gut-associated lymphoid tissue in the duodenum and epitopes of orally administered undenatured type II collagen facilitates oral tolerance to the antigen and stems systemic T-cell attack on joint cartilage. Previous studies have shown that small doses of orally administered undenatured type II chicken collagen effectively deactivate killer T-cell attack. A novel glycosylated undenatured type II collagen material (UC-II) was developed to preserve biological activity. The presence of active epitopes in the UC-II collagen is confirmed by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test and distinguishes this form from hydrolyzed or denatured collagen. Oral intake of small amounts of glycosylated UC-II presents active epitopes, with the correct three-dimensional structures, to Peyer's patches, which influences the signaling required for the development of immune tolerance. UC-II has demonstrated the ability to induce tolerance, effectively reducing joint pain and swelling in RA subjects. A pilot study was conducted for 42 days to evaluate the efficacy of UC-II (10 mg/day) in five female subjects (58-78 years) suffering from significant joint pain. Significant pain reduction including morning stiffness, stiffness following periods of rest, pain that worsens with use of the affected joint and loss of joint range of motion and function was observed. Thus, UC-II may serve as a novel therapeutic tool in joint inflammatory conditions and symptoms of OA and RA.
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Autoimmune Relief | 4 Steps to Reprogram your Immune System
If you are looking for autoimmune relief or even an autoimmune remedy, you have found the right video. Watch for autoimmune help and to understand autoimmune hormone functions. I explain how the autoimmune circadian rhythm is affected; how autoimmune and melatonin issues interact, and as a result how autoimmune and prolactin are impacted. Whether you have vitiligo autoimmune problems, eczema autoimmune issues, chronic fatigue syndrome autoimmune struggles, fibromyalgia autoimmune frustrations, rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune pain, celiac disease autoimmune aches, or more. I can help you reprogram immune system Follow these four easy steps. # 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM # 2: SLEEP TO REVERSE AUTOIMMUNITY # 3: REMOVE TRIGGERS FOR AUTOIMMUNITY # 4: REPROGRAM YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Register for my Free Hormone Reboot Training: http://thehormonequeen.genesisgold.com/hrt-yt-v2/ Tweet this video: https://ctt.ec/U5G20 Visit The Hormone Queen® blog for more tips on keeping your Hormones in Harmony®: http://www.thehormonequeen.com Say Hi on Social: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/thehormonequeen/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehormonequeen Instagram: http://instagram.com/thehormonequeen/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hormoneq/ To learn even more about autoimmune disorders, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pn5rffxtFE To watch this video again click here: This video is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through my videos, blog posts, website information, I give suggestions for you and your doctor to research and provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this video or site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. Genesis Health Products and Deborah Maragopoulos FNP are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
Health Benefits of Dried Cherries
dry fruits online http://satvikk.co/ Health Benefits of Dried Cherries 1. Great Source of vitamin A 2. Full of Antioxidants including melatonin 3. Improves Immunity 4. Anti-inflammatory 5. Improve heart health and reduces cholesterol 6. Good for arthritis
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Antiseptic: protects against tetanus germs and other toxins. Antifungal: Also use cinnamon, lemongrass, clove or eucalyptus. Anti inflammatory: Arthritis and inflammation of joints. Antispasmodic: Any spasms: respiratory, intestinal, muscular, heart (tachycardia, palpitations) Also, restless leg syndrome and asthma. Tonic: Tones organ system and stimulates metabolism. Astringent: Helps with toothaches, and strengthens the grip of the gums to the teeth to keep them from falling out. Protects skin for toxins and bacteria by forming a protective shield on the skin. Diuretic: increases urination, which removes fat and excess water as well as uric acid. All of these can cause obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, gout and Urinary tract infections. Emmenagogue. Stimulates meses and help regulate cycles. Also can effects hormonal functions of the endocrine system, relieving symptoms of pms. Expectorant: Helps to eliminate phlegm and congestion. Insecticide: Helps keep mosquitos away. Spray on pillow or sheets to keep bugs away while sleeping. Sedative: Calming properties to alleviate stress and tension. Induces the release of seratonin which creates melatonin. Melatonin then causes fatigue and restorative sleep. For ADD and ADHD apply to chest and bottoms of feet. Psoriasis/eczema: add with lavender. Anxiety: Inhale or apply to the bottoms of feet. Cough/Sinus: Chest and forehead. UTI: Apply on abdomen. Improves focus. ADD/ADHD study used Cedarwood and Vetiver 30 days 3 times a day saw a significant improvement (up to 65%) i n children's focus. Things I needed to look up during the chat. Fibromyalgia: Juniper, Marjoram, Peppermint, Cypress, Rosemary, Lavender, Black Pepper, Thyme, Ginger, Eucalyptus. Effects of Chemotherapy: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Bergamot, Peppermint (apply behind each ear and on navel) Endometriosis: Clary Calm (women's blend, Clary Sage) If you have any questions about getting this or any other oils, feel free to email me : bigbearfarms@hotmail.com
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Why does my arthritis get worse during the winter?
A member of the public asks an expert why her arthritis gets worse during the winter months
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Thyme to be Healthy Beat SAD and Winter Blues
Thyme to be healthy, SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter blues, depression, serotonin, melatonin, light therapy, light boxes, supplements, exercise, sunlight.