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Marketing to Doctors: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors. We have a few issues with that. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Ethics in drug Promotion
University of Baghdad / College of Pharmacy Pharmacy Ethics Lecture By: Dr.Ehab Mudher
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Leadership Pharmacy Promo Video DRAFT
Draft of promo video.
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Kerala fails to implement Pharmacy Practice Regulations Act [ Discussion Segment ]
more news: www.mediaonetv.in watch live: www.mediaonetv.in/watch
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RCSI MiniMed Open Lecture Series 2013/2014 - 'Generic Medicines and Internet Pharmacies'
This lecture, entitled 'Generic Medicines and Internet Pharmacies', is by Matthew Lynch (MPSI), Lecturer in RCSI's School of Pharmacy and was recorded in the O'Flanagan Lecture Theatre, in RCSI on 26th March 2014. During this free public talk, Matthew covered two topical pharmaceutical subjects in Generic medicines and Internet pharmacies. The aim of this lecture is to inform the public on both topics by providing key information in regards to generic medicines and internet pharmacies. A pharmacy 'Brown Bag' event was also held on the night which allowed members of the public to bring their medication and supplements to an appointment with an RCSI pharmacist. The pharmacist sat down with each participant and reviewed the medication they are taking and offered their advice.
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promo pharmacy
corporate video
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Pharmacy: The Next Generation
The University of Waterloo chapter of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI), in collaboration with the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, is excited to present our vision for the future of pharmacy practice. Students are the future of pharmacy and will be embracing the new expanded scope; thus, the video highlights student advocacy and leadership within the profession. We would like to acknowledge Winnie Giang and Seyitan Oke for their hard work in producing this video. Music by Silent Partner - “Higher” (Free audio clip taken from the YouTube Audio Library)
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Generics Pharmacy's winning formula
Local drugstore Generics Pharmacy has come a long way in pushing for cheaper medicines in the country. The company has grown exponentially through franchising with more than 800 outlets nationwide. Generics Pharmacy franchise director Janet Estranero reveals the company's strategy for success.
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Evolve | The Future of Pharmacy
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Pharmacies and Drug Stores Using M-Commerce to Grow Sales
http://blog.euromonitor.com/ Pharmacies and drug stores are increasingly using the power of m-commerce to grow sales. For instance, Asian pharmacy chain Watsons uses a mobile app to communicate with consumers about health and beauty tips and send coupons. For other pharmacies, m-commerce is a platform to enter new markets, such US-based Vitamin Shoppe. The chain's partnership with Indian internet retailer Healthkart.com is allowing Vitamin Shoppe to expand to the country without an actual physical presence.
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Changes to OTC medicines and how they could affect community pharmacies
The Pharmacist reporter, Alice Harrold, speaks at The Pharmacist HQ about upcoming changes to 'over the counter' (OTC) medicines and how these could affect your business.
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RCSI MiniMed Open Lecture Series 2013/2014 - 'Potions, Lotions & Health Promotion'
This lecture, entitled 'Potions, Lotions and Health Promotion - What can my Pharmacist do for me?', is by Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of School of Pharmacy at RCSI and was recorded in the O'Flanagan Lecture Theatre, in RCSI on 26th March 2014. A pharmacy 'Brown Bag' event was also held on the night which allowed members of the public to bring their medication and supplements to an appointment with an RCSI pharmacist. The pharmacist sat down with each participant and reviewed the medication they are taking and offered their advice. During this lecture, Prof Gallagher will give viewers an overview of the role of a pharmacist and what they can do for individuals and families in Irish life. The role of the pharmacist in modern healthcare delivery is changing and there is a growing acceptance of the need to shift the model of healthcare toward service delivery in the primary care setting. Pharmacists are a relatively under-utilised resource in the community whose expertise, if properly exploited, could make a valuable contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of the Irish people and their families
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*Morgan Freeman at Pharmacy promoting Showroom Partners Advertising.
showroompartners.com *Roy Witherspoon is Showroom Partners Morgan Freeman sound-a-like. Today Roy is telling manufacturers a couple reasons why they should let us advertise their products to our huge audience. If you are a manufacturer or distributer of premium building products then let us promote your products in a unique fun way and at a low cost.
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Case Study Promotion Case Study Promos by RXinsider
You have invested in the development of a case study, don’t fall short on promoting it. RXinsider can help promote your case study to targeted practice settings throughout the pharmacy market via print, video, ebook, and web. Contact your RXinsider representative to learn more about our Case Study Promotional Services. http://rxinsider.com/case_studies.php
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Westwood Pharmacy 2011
A simple process of creating images on a whiteboard and then animating the cut outs of the drawings. Promotional advert to get a message across. Cleaner versions can now be created.
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Big Bucks, Big Pharma  {Documentary on the Pharmaceutical Industry}
In this scathing documentary, Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated, and in some instances created, for capital gain. Focusing on the industry's marketing practices, media scholars and health professionals help viewers understand the ways in which direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising glamorizes and normalizes the use of prescription medication, and works in tandem with promotion to doctors. Combined, these industry practices shape how both patients and doctors understand and relate to disease and treatment. Ultimately, Big Bucks, Big Pharma challenges us to ask important questions about the consequences of relying on a for-profit industry for our health and well-being.
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Voice of Pharmacy Award Winner David Wang
Congratulations to David Wang, the 2016 BCPhA Voice of Pharmacy Award winner.
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Travel Clinic in a Harrow Pharmacy
Travel clinic at a pharmacy in Harrow (UK). Pharmacies in the UK are required to undertake some health promotion campaigns as part of their standard contract with NHS England. Photography & production by Husain Akhtar for HA production, a free community service offered by Husain Akhtar!
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Good Pharma Promotion APP
Good Pharma Promotion - APP.
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Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) - Leading Practice, Advancing Standards - Dr Catriona Bradley
Inaugural address by Dr Catriona Bradley, Executive Director of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) entitled 'Leading Practice, Advancing Standards'. This was recorded at the launch of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy at RCSI on Monday 24th March 2014.
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PreReg Central Pre Registration Revision Tool Promo Video
Are you a Pharmacy Student or a Pre-Registration trainee? Do you need help with exam revision? Well, Pre-Reg Central is here for you. We have thousands of up-to-date practice questions, a range of extensive top quality revision notes and videos, one to one support with a Pharmacist tutor, and much much more. Our website is due to go live on the 31st March 2014. So be sure to follow us on twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated on Pre-Reg Central, it's all you need in one place. Web: http://www.preregcentral.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prereg.central Twitter: https://twitter.com/PreRegCentral
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Generic Vs Branded Drugs
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding Generic Drugs. This infographic is created by MHC Asia Group for MHC Medical Network to educate its clients and help them make informed decisions. Good public health education can help companies work towards a more cost-effective healthcare solutions. Disclaimer: The information contained inside this infographic is for general information purposes only. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the infographic or the information, products, services or related graphics contained inside the infographic for any purposes. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this infographic. Music license certificate #19634 from Bensound.com
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Generic vs. Brand Name Drugs
Generic and Brand Name Drugs- Is there a difference? Subscribe! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wellness-20-1942668869082853/ by Shannon Hsu Sources: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/GenericDrugs/ucm167991.htm https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4196814/ www.dbsalliance.org/pdfs/GenericRx.pdf ------------------------------------------ Generic versus brand name drugs. Is one better than the other? People might be confused or even stressed when choosing which medicine to buy because there’s a lot of misconceptions about it. Some people think that because a drug is generic and cheaper than the brand name version, it doesn’t work as well, it’s not as safe to use, or the quality is not as good. On the other hand, because brand name drugs are more expensive, they have to be better in every way, right? Well, that isn’t really true. Drugs generally have a common brand name and a generic name. For example, both Advil and Motrin are branded versions of ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat fevers, pain, and inflammation. The active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, for both brand name and generic versions are exactly the same, so they essentially work the same. The FDA even requires that the generic medicine’s label to be the same as the brand-name medicine’s label. The differences are in the excipients, or inactive ingredients that affect appearance, taste, and fillers to make up the drug, but these do not affect how the drug works. Generic drugs still follow the same strict standards in manufacturing as the brand name drugs to ensure safety, effectiveness, and overall quality. They are pharmaceutically equivalent, meaning they have the same strength, dosage, form, and mode of administration. They are also bioequivalent, meaning they have the same effect on your body in the same amount of time. Of course, if you are allergic to certain ingredients or have questions about which medication to take, you should always ask your doctor or pharmacist. After all, they know about your specific conditions the best. The reason why brand name drugs are more expensive is because when they are first discovered, the company files a patent on that drug, which means that they are the only ones allowed to make, market, and sell that drug. Since the drug is brand new, the company needs to spend a lot of time and money to research and carefully conduct clinical trials to improve the drug’s safety and effectiveness. After the patent expires, which can be up to 20 years, then other companies can also start making the same drug. Since the drug has already been in the market for a while, other companies don’t have to start from scratch to manufacture it, meaning they also don’t have to do all the tests and research for it. Because normally several companies are approved to make the generic drug, competition in the marketplace also helps to make the cost a lot cheaper, usually about 85% less than the brand name version! Helping people be more informed in their decisions can help save a lot of money. According to the IMS Health Institute, generic drugs saved the U.S. healthcare system $1.67 trillion from 2007 to 2016. In the long run, this can significantly help lower healthcare cost and make it affordable for everyone. So next time you go out to buy your drugs, you know you can save yourself some money and safely go for the generic drug instead.
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Cytopharma - video presentation
Cytopharma is the first pharmaceutical company in Africa & Middle East region that is fully dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of generic cytotoxic drugs. We care about your patients Established in Tunisia since 2011, Cytopharma's purpose is to provide high quality and affordable oncology medicine for cancer patients all over the world, helping them successfully fighting the disease. Cytopharma has a production line of injectable oncology products in both liquid and lyophilized forms. Our steadily growing product portfolio is currently counting five molecules : Fluorouracil (5-FU) - 250, 500 and 1000 mg Oxaliplatin - 50 and 100 mg Epirubicin - 10 and 50 mg Paclitaxel - 30, 100 and 150 mg Docetaxel - 20 and 80 mg As we are expanding our business towards Africa, Middle East and Europe, we are open to any kind of partnership : distribution, contract manufacturing, co-promotion, co-marketing ...
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Pharmacist Code of Ethics
University of Baghdad / College of Pharmacy Pharmacy Ethics Lecture By: Dr.Ehab Mudher
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Frequency Software Video Portfolio #9 New Website Promotion
New Website Promotion If you want a promo video, contact me today: frequencysoftware@gmail.com Frequency Software / http://facebook.com/FrequencySoftware Contact: frequencysoftware@gmail.com Get a commercial made for your business, today! For less! We are extremely affordable yet continuously provide the highest quality possible! Give us your idea today and let your project COME TO LIFE! Email us to get our phone number and we'd be happy to speak with you personally!
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RXSchool Episode 13 - Pharmacy baskets improve organization and decrease errors.
In this video, we discuss the use of baskets in retail pharmacies.
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Top 200 Drug Quiz 2 Video
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About Pharm.D in Kerala Assembly session
Clinical pharmacist, link between doctors and patients. ~Doctor of Pharmacy Association www.dpapharm.org www.revolutionpharmd.com
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U Save it Pharmacy Family
30 Sec Marketing ad for U Save It Pharmacy by Modern Motion.
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Section 1. Lecture 2 - Drug Development Overview
In this lecture, I provide a high-level overview of the drug development process, recent disease trends, and industry stakeholders. Use this link to receive a discount when you sign-up for the course: https://www.udemy.com/us-regulatory-strategy-for-biologics-pharmaceutical-drugs/?couponCode=YOUTUBE17 COURSE TITLE: US Regulatory Strategy for Biologics & Pharmaceutical Drugs CATEGORY: Business / Strategy FURTHER RESOURCES: Videos: PhRMA video “The Drug Discovery Process”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhxD6sVQEYc PhRMA video “The Challenge of Developing New Treatments and Cures”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN5ffvyluzE Genentech’s “Making Medicine” series: www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ifLsE2tdw&list=PLS5dut9m5mUDdXMz1k85ifMK74ezcemHn Khan Academy “Conversation About Drug Pricing”: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/health-and-medicine/health-care-system/v/conversation-about-drug-pricing Articles: US FDA For Patients section “The Drug Development Process”: http://www.fda.gov/ForPatients/Approvals/Drugs/default.htm PhRMA Industry Profile 2016 Report: www.phrma.org/sites/default/files/pdf/biopharmaceutical-industry-profile.pdf BIO Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015 Report: https://www.bio.org/sites/default/files/Clinical%20Development%20Success%20Rates%202006-2015%20-%20BIO,%20Biomedtracker,%20Amplion%202016.pdf BIO Emerging Therapeutic Company Investment and Deal Trends 2006-2015 Report: https://www.bio.org/sites/default/files/BIO_Emerging_Therapeutic_Company_Report_2006_2015_Final.pdf DiMasi JA, Grabowski HG, Hansen RA. Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry: new estimates of R&D costs. Journal of Health Economics 2016;47:20-33.: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167629616000291) MUSIC: Yuhup - Dreams Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tranzmitter-netlabel/dreams?in=tranzmitter-netlabel/sets/tranz059-yuhup-maracuja-ep Yuhup - Bem Comigo Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tranzmitter-netlabel/bem-comigo?in=tranzmitter-netlabel/sets/tranz059-yuhup-maracuja-ep
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People & Places: Episode Four, Pharmacy Practice Centre with Tamiz Kanji
Video Credits Featured Instructors: Tamiz Kanji Ali Meghji Tony Seet Vaughn Chauvin David Massaro Sheryl Peterson Kathy Seto Colleen Brady Videography: Ivan Yastrebov Voiceover: Jimi Galvao Project Coordination: Carol Kuang, Sefanit Habtom, Julia Kreger Music: "Cherry Blossom - Wonders” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Pharmacy Matters: Pharmacist Event
The School of Pharmacy at Memorial University is moving towards a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. During its development, the school strives to be inclusive of all stakeholders. The Pharmacy Matters event series is intended to give stakeholders the opportunity to share ideas about Memorial's PharmD program.
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Generic Medicine Problem in District Hospital
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Another state sues OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma
Another state is suing Purdue Pharma, saying it used deceptive marketing practices to profit from OxyContin sales. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/80638/ Find more videos like this at www.newsy.com Follow Newsy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/newsyvideos Follow Newsy on Twitter: www.twitter.com/newsy
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Purdue Pharma’s extraordinary success story explained.
06/26/2018 - How a small family-owned drug company rose to a billion-dollar giant and changed the landscape of pain. Links: The Palm Beach Post's investigation: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/ Driving the Oxy Express: https://apps.mypalmbeachpost.com/oxyexpress/ Purdue and Oxy: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/purdue-pharma-plants-seeds-of-opioid-epidemic/ DEA Failure: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/rudy-giuliani-dea-free-flow-of-oxy/ Oxy Nation: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/how-florida-spread-oxycodone-across-america/ The History of Heroin: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/history-of-heroin/ No Methadone: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/methadone-clinics-florida-hinders-help-for-heroin-addiction/ Heroin Ablaze: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/florida-cuts-off-oxycodone-death-devastation-follow/ El Chapo: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/el-chapo-saw-heroin-coming-changed-his-business-model/ Flawed Numbers: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/how-bad-is-heroin-crisis-bad-numbers-mean-no-one-even-knows/ Deadly Switch: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/oxycodone-to-heroin-they-made-deadly-switch/
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Pharmaceutical Branding Video
Pharmaceutical branding for NYC medical practice using new, drug-free technology. Interview with medical tech. Written + Directed by Angela Cappetta.
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Start Medical Store Business Without Any Investment, Earn 25 Thousand Per Month
Start Medical store business through Prime Minister Janaushdhi Scheme without any investment. Medical store ka business shuru kare bina investment ke aur 25 hazar har mahine kamaye Source- Dainik bhaskar ► Subscribe to our channel, click here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/swetatechtips ►Facebook: http:www.facebook.com/Swetatechtips ►Google +: http://plus.google.com/u/0/ ►Watch these videos for more Business Ideas… Bank ATM Business in India, Earn 30K to 50K Per Month Hindi https://youtu.be/_qt0-YWllcM 10 Business Which You Can Start In Rupees 20 Thousand Only Hindi https://youtu.be/cm4HKef2ioY Gold Fish Business Earn 1.5 to 2 Lakhs per Month Hindi https://youtu.be/IIVlyQjLtxA Solar Geyser Business Idea For Starting Your Own Business Hindi https://youtu.be/RBgvVUqVNqw This video is non promotional, created only to provide information. This channel is not responsible for any profit or loss in any business. Its all depends on your business strategy and your hard work. You must research yourself before start any business. About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business. We are not responsible for company related problem like Transaction, Online transaction, Machine, Raw Material, etc. Please research yourself before contact to company. Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business, technology, computer and health tips. New video is posted every day.
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EVS Clinic On News 7 Tamil
EVS Clinic was covered in News 7 Tamil
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Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Innovative concept into practice... Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh established in the year 1999. The company has a very big manufacturing facility located at Savar and Dhamrai, 35 and 53 kilometer away respectively from the center of the capital city Dhaka. The company produces various types of dosage forms which include tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ampoules, dry powder vials, powder for suspension, nasal sprays, eye drops, creams, ointments, lotions, gels, prefilled syringes, liquid filled hard gelatin capsules, lyophilized injections, human vaccine etc. Since its inception, Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill unmet demand of the medical community. The focus has always been to bring new, more technologically advanced molecules and innovative dosage forms to this country. Our vision is to become a research based global pharmaceutical company in addition to being a highly efficient generic manufacturer. We would also like to discover and develop innovative, value-added products that improve the quality of life of people around the world and significantly contribute towards the growth of Bangladesh. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rasal.h.khan/posts/10207522488076735?pnref=story
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School of Pharmacy | Exploring the Planet for Medical Treatments and Health Educational Materials
At the inaugural lecture for the student and community health care lecture series, Amy Greeson discusses exploring the planet for medical treatments and health educational materials.
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Modern Times Helpline Pharma - Largest generic medicine exporter in India
We are largest Suppliers, Exporters and Distributors of ANTI CANCER DRUGS - ONCOLOGY, ANTI OBESITY - WEIGHT LOSS PILL, ANTIBIOTICS, ANTIVIRAL DRUGS, BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION DRUGS, HEPATITIS, HIV AIDS MEDICINE, INJECTIONS & VACCINE, KIDNEY DISEASE MEDICINE, OTHER MEDICINE, WOMENS HEALTH in Delhi-India. Modern Times Helpline Pharma is the Largest generic medicine suppliers, exporter in Delhi-India. Leading Suppliers of Anti-Cancer, Hepatitis-C, HIV-Medicines from India. Modern Times Helpline Pharma is the largest suppliers, Exporters, Dealers, Anti-Cancer, Hepatitis-C, HIV-Medicines, We are the fastest growing Exporter, Supplier, Distributor and Wholesaler firm gaining huge popularity for the offered best in class range of Pharmaceutical Products, since 2012.We are the leading suppliers for all types of Anti cancer medicines, Hepatitis C infection medicines, HIV Medicines.
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Heart Failure
University of Baghdad / College of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Lecture By: Dr.Dhia Jabbar
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India's Supreme Court rejects Novartis AG's right to patent new version of cancer drug
New Delhi - 1 April 2013 1. Various exteriors of Supreme Court 2. Wide of lawyer representing Cipla (an Indian pharmaceutical company that makes generic drugs), Pratibha Singh talking to media outside court 3. SOUNDBITE (English) Pratibha Singh, Lawyer representing Cipla: "Novartis' appeal has been dismissed. Supreme Court says that whichever standard you adopt to interpret Section 3d, Novartis' product Glivec does not constitute for patent in India." 4. Wide of Singh talking to media 5. SOUNDBITE (English) Pratibha Singh, Lawyer representing Cipla: "One implication is clear that the Indian provision, Section 3d has been completely upheld, number one. Number 2: patents would be granted only for genuine inventions and repetitive patenting will not be allowed." 6. Wide of Leena Menghaney from Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) talking to the media 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Leena Menghaney, Medicins Sans Frontieres: "It's hugely significant because 8-million people living with HIV are on treatment from India. More than 80 percent of these 8-million people get the drugs from India. What the decision means is that at least for the time being the drugs that are going to these 8-million people are safeguarded. In the area of HIV, this decision is path breaking. Number 2 is this: by protecting generic competition and abusive practices of pharma companies like Novartis, I think the Supreme Court has safeguarded the rights of patients across the developing world." 8. Wide of Supreme Court 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Leena Menghaney, Medicins Sans Frontieres: "This doesn't mean that no patents will be granted. Patents will continue to be granted by India, but definitely the abusive practice of getting many patents on one drug will be put at curb, and that is really very crucial to bring drugs into the public domain." FILE: Mumbai - February 2012 10. Wide of sign reading "Cipla" outside the factory 11. Various of tablets being made inside Cipla factory 12. Wide of worker watching tablets on a conveyor belt STORYLINE India's Supreme Court on Monday rejected drug maker Novartis AG's attempt to patent a new version of a cancer drug. The landmark decision has been hailed by heathcare activists as they say it ensures poor patients around the world will get continued access to cheap versions of lifesaving medicines. Novartis had argued that it needed a new patent to protect its investment in the cancer drug Glivec, while activists said the company was trying to use loopholes to make more money out of a drug whose patent had expired. The decision has global implications since India's 26 (b) billion US dollar generic drug industry supplies much of the cheap medicine used in the developing world. The ruling sets a precedent that will prevent international pharmaceutical companies from obtaining fresh patents in India on updated versions of existing drugs, said Pratibha Singh, a lawyer for the Indian generic drug manufacturer Cipla, which makes a generic version of Glivec. The court ruled that a patent could only be given to a new drug, she told reporters outside the court. "Patents will be given only for genuine inventions, and repetitive patenting will not be allowed," Singh said. Novartis did not immediately return calls for comment. The Swiss pharmaceutical giant has fought a legal battle in India since 2006 for a fresh patent for its leukemia drug Gleevec, known in India and Europe as Glivec. India's patent office had rejected the company's patent application because it was not a new medicine but an amended version of its earlier product. Novartis appealed, arguing Glivec was a newer, more easily absorbed version of the drug that qualified for a fresh patent. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/66939ff160c7495b310381c81c0e1295 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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How Drug Companies Manipulate Your Doctor
Subscribe to The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow for more: http://bit.ly/TheZeroHour If you liked this clip of The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, please share it with your friends... and hit that "like" button! Some of the music bumpers featuring Lettuce, http://lettucefunk.com.
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RxCouponCode.com Coupon Destination For Prescription Drugs
http://rxcouponcode.com/ Prescription Saving Cards/Coupons that assist you pay for your prescription medications are not part of your insurance. They are utilized to assist those who are uninsured or underinsured, or those with without prescription coverage from their insurance. Understanding how these discount cards or coupons work can truly reduce the out of pocket expense for your medications. Here are some tips to assist you. Drug Discount Cards/Coupons and why should you use them? Anyone and everyone can use the drug discount card but not everyone can benefit from using the card. Those who have health insurance and prescription coverage may not need the discount benefits from the card. These cards are produced to assist people regardless existing health coverage. It is accepted at all participating pharmacies and designed to assist those who can not afford to pay for the high cost of their prescription drugs. Does the Discount Card/Coupon offer savings for the prescribed drugs? Understand that not every card will help reduce your cost for every drug. There is a better chance for discounts of common drugs. Discounts generally are higher for generic drugs when compared to brand names. The pharmacy benefit providers simply negotiates with individual pharmacies for lower pricing. Once you know the drug is covered, you can have the prescription fill at any participating pharmacy of your choice. You'll want to check the drug pricing using the Drug Checker tool from our site. How Can You request for a FREE Prescription Drug Discount Card/Coupon? • Many websites offer information where a card can be printed online. Our website offers access to both printing online and a FREE CARD BY MAIL program without any shipping fee or any cost to you. • Check with your local pharmacy to see if our discount cards/coupons are accepted. Best savings produced from using our free prescription cards/coupons that provided the highest discounts are Walgreens, CVS, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Kmart, Costco, Sam's Club and Walmart. http://onlinedrugcoupon.com/ http://medicationsaving.com/ http://remedycoupons.com/ http://pharmacyvoucher.com/ http://medicaidcoupons.com/ http://medicationsaving.net/ http://pharmacyvoucher.com/ http://redcrosscoupons.com/ http://webmdcoupons.com/ http://webmdcard.com/ http://rxdrugscoupon.com/ http://rxdrugaid.com/ http://rxpharmacycoupon.com/
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We Are RCSI - November Conferring Class of 2015 (Pharmacy, Physiotherapy & Postgraduate Studies)
This video was made for the graduating Class of 2015 pharmacy and physiotherapy undergraduates and higher degree candidates from the School of Postgraduate Studies. On 6th November, at the RCSI November ceremony, held in the College on St Stephen's Green, Dublin, 193 students graduated with their respective awards at two separate ceremonies. Take a look at their best memories from their time at RCSI...
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Phases of Pharmaceutical Industry
The video-clip 'Phases of pharmaceutical industry' presents, step by step, the medicine line production. A 2D animation presents both the individual phases and the overall picture of the process. The students familiarize with the requirements and the conditions of medicine production, the required technology and the importance of health and safety specifications. What follows is the acquaintance with the methods of product qualitative control, the role of the head pf production and issues of waste management. The clip is instructional as far as medicine production is concerned and can be used as an introduction to the topic 'Industries' and 'Pharmacy'.
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Health Promotion Plan- Hypertension & Depression Plans
Instructional videos for medical students, residents, volunteers, family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine providers. Purpose is to document in EHR, meaningful use is stressed in the videos, workflow for our practice
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