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Hand Drawn Floor Plans Approved!!! We got our permit!
I know what it costs to have an architect draw up a set of plans and I also knew that I could do it. So I did! With a pencil, eraser and graph paper and I got our building permit using those plans... Follow us on o Off Grid Home build over the next four months by subscribing https://www.facebook.com/RPRIdaho/ Instagram: @redpoppyranch
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Permit Like a Pro - How to Obtain a Building Permit
In this video you will learn how to obtain a residential building permit from the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department. The permit and the plan review process is very important. They save you time and money. They show that your project complies with local and national building codes and most importantly that your project will be safe. View the City Manager's Trial Budget by clicking here https://youtu.be/pFZw1dndsiI Connect with the City of Phoenix: http://Phoenix.gov – Home page http://Facebook.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Like us for updates https://Twitter.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Follow us for news http://Youtube.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Subscribe for videos http://Phoenix.gov/PHXTV - Watch live or on demand programs *Please be aware of our terms of use before commenting https://www.phoenix.gov/pio/social-media/accounts/term-disclaimer
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Garage Build - Blueprints and Permit | BUILD IT
How to build a soundproof garage from the ground up. Intro/Time Lapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJn_KTk6S9w Planning stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNY3VNVdx9k Blueprints and Permits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEhQ1v3LDL4 Clearing Ground https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJoB2ndDrdY Excavation http://youtu.be/le_bkMV0TLo Gravel Fill https://youtu.be/FpSJ2UJzi0A Forms/Rebar/Ufer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGY7QR-Cu1Q&feature=youtu.be Framing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b__ascaMbIA REMAINING VIDEOS ARE WORK IN PROGRESS A lot of time was spent to create the video for this project. Donations are appreciated and accepted at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Heavyboxes
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Starting a Build - Getting Permits
Here is a list of some of the permits you need to build a house: Curb Cut - from local highway department Liquid Waste - from health department (requires soil test) Building - from buildings department (requires engineer stamped plans) Plumbing (requires isometric drawing of plumbing system) Electrical (as you build your house) Then, throughout the build you will have to get inspections for footings, foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, etc.
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Getting our Off-Grid Building Permit
Getting our off-grid building permit. Today, we show you the building permit process and how to draw building permit plans. Hi, I'm Martin Johnson. Welcome to our homestead channel! We will soon be modern homesteaders, homesteading land in Sandpoint, Idaho. We are sharing our journey from grid life to an off-grid homesteading life. We will be starting from scratch on bare land in May 2018. Right now we are trying to learn homesteading basics and share what we learn with you. Thank you for watching our video and reading the description. You Rock! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS - http://bit.ly/SubToMartinJohnsonHD EMAIL BUDDIES - By subscribing to our email list, you will get to know us better, receive special updates and opportunities, and get notifications of meetups. http://bit.ly/EmailBuddies CAMERAS AND GEAR WE USE ✩ Main vlogging camera https://amzn.to/2MBXA74 ✩ Complete gear and tool list http://bit.ly/MyYouTubeGearGuide OUR HOMESTEADING RESOURCES ✩ https://downtoearthhomesteaders.com/resources/ FOLLOW US :) ✩ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MartinJohnsonHD ✩ Instagram - http://instagram.com/MartinJohnsonHD ✩ Twitter - https://twitter.com/MartinJohnsonHD ✩ Website - https://downtoearthhomesteaders.com/ ✩ Our Church - http://geni.us/Church SEND US MAIL: Martin and Julie Johnson FHU Box 5 158 E. Main Street Henderson, TN 38340 United States of America Hope you have a really great day and keepsm:)ling! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS - http://bit.ly/SubToMartinJohnsonHD DISCLAIMER: I provide my videos for entertainment and promotional purposes only. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or usefulness of the content, instructions, and advice contained in our videos. I am not liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on anything contained in my videos.
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How to Get A Building Permit
This video shows an overview of How to get a permit in California and may be applicable for the rest of the country as well.
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How Do I Get a Building Permit? - Home Improvement Facts and Tips
http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/permits/index.html The one question that I get asks often about construction and home building is do I need a building permit, but rarely do these people think to ask me about how to actually get one. I hope this video helps anyone who's planning on remodeling their home, building a new home, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or even building a storage shed or garage on the property. You're building permits can be picked up at your local building and safety Department which is usually located in one of your city government or County government buildings. To find your local building department and get a building permit, type in your city's name into any Internet search engine. For example, if you live in the city of San Diego, type San Diego Building Department into Yahoo, MSN or Google.
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The possible consequences of not getting building permits
My latest video blog episode about the possible consequences of not getting building permits when remodeling
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Building Permits | Should I Pull My Own Permits? Q&A
If you are doing a major remodel or a home addition you are going to need a building permit. But should you pull your own permits? Save yourself from headaches and hire a contractor that will pull your permits. You need someone who will represent you at city hall. Common questions we'll answer in this video: "Should I pull my own permits?" "What do you need to obtain a building permit?" "How do I design towards a budget?"" "What are the pitfalls of hiring someone to pull my permits?" Are you trying to find the best contractor for your home remodel and you need permits? If so, this video is going to cover all the criteria you need to take into account. We've been working with awesome people all over the South Bay for years! Pulling permits is no issue for us; we are friendly with the city clerks. We have experienced just about every kind of job type, no project is too big or small for us to take on. - Redondo Beach, CA - Manhattan Beach, CA - Torrance, CA - Palos Verdes Estates, CA - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Rolling Hills Estates, CA - El Segundo, CA - Los Angeles, CA Read "What's the Difference Between a Construction Quote and Estimate?": http://bit.ly/2w8WF9X Visit Our Website: http://www.baycitiesconstruction.com/ FOLLOW THE BAY CITIES TEAM ► https://www.facebook.com/baycitiesconstruction ► https://twitter.com/baycitiesbuilds ► https://www.instagram.com/baycitiesconstruction Talk to you soon!!!!
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Permits, Blueprints, and Planning
JD Esajian discusses whats involved with pulling permits, city inspectors and following city code while rehabbing.
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The Construction Permit Process
http://real-101.com Watch More Episodes http://whitewillowdesign.ca White Willow Design What is a building permit? A building (or construction) permit is intended to ensure that all construction work, including home and commercial renovations are carried to the requirements of the relevant building code. What are the stages of gaining a building permit? It’s easiest to look at the stages as two distinct areas; • The planning department • The building department Firstly, the planning department of the municipality will be required to fully approve the plans. This will include satisfying the following departments and criteria; • Engineering department – upgrading plans, geotechnical surveys and topographical surveys. This may sometimes also include the need to conduct bore hole drilling to sample ground conditions • Zoning clearances stamp – meeting the existing zoning restrictions of the property. This will be to ensure that any construction work does not infringe upon areas outside of the permitted property zone. Proximity to things such as roads will also be considered • Minor variance approval - special permission may be needed if the construction work falls outside of the existing zones • Site plan approval process – the look of the house must suit its surroundings The next stage to look at is the building department. This is where other aspects of the design and construction plan will be considered. These will include items such as: • HVAC systems • Heat loss calculations • Septic permits, sewerage considerations water supply considerations • Structural design • City services • Plumbing (more so for commercial properties) What happens if I live near a body of water or in the Niagara Escarpment area? If you are lucky enough to fall into this category, then there is no need to be alarmed! There will just be a slightly different route to take. This route will include the involvement of conservation authorities or the Niagara Escarpment commission. The exact conservation authority will depend on which body of water you are located near. These authorities will have their own design criteria, which will often supersede the municipal authorities own approvals. Sometimes dealing in this way will actually by-pass some of the municipalities processes. How long until I can start building? This really depends on how well your plans are put together and which authorities you are dealing with. You would normally expect the process to take anywhere from around 3 weeks or more. In very complex construction projects or in certain conservation areas this time can sometimes stretch to upwards of 18 months; although these instance are rare. The assistance of a design consultancy that offers a permit approval service will greatly increase the chances of this process being completed successfully. I’ve started the build, what happens next? Once the building permit is in place and work is underway, you can expect to have visits from building inspectors. This will simply be to ensure that work is actually being carried out in accordance with the submitted plans and is complying with the correct construction codes. So, you’ve still got your sights set on building that new home or starting some home renovation work? Of course you have, just don’t forget to keep the neighbours happy! For more information on Residential Construction Designing & Planning Process contact Daniel Ott, President & Lead Designer, White Willow Design. Visit: http://whitewillowdesign.ca Direct: 905.220.9419 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielwhitewillowdesign Twitter: https://twitter.com/@WhiteWillowDes LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/danielwhitewillowdesign Looking for Buying Or Selling A Home In Mississauga? Contact Joe Terceira Website: http://www.joeterceira.com Phone: 647.494.0244 Facebook: http://facebook.com/JoesRealEstate Twitter: http://twitter.com/joeterceira LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joeterceira Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Joeterceira/ The Construction Permit Process https://youtu.be/uN1Ih30_pNw
Deck Permit Smarts
A deck at home is one of the most common building projects. So when do you need a deck permit? City of Gresham Building Inspector Johnny Vollendroff explains the key factor.
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What is a site plan? (garage addition)
If you want to know how to make a site plan for your remodeling project, the details are in this video. Site plans are not as complicated as building plans, but they are generally required when submitting your plans for building permits. All site plans are not created equal, but this video will give you a list of items that should be included. Check with your local building authority or planning department to be sure you include everything required for your garage plans or your home remodeling project. Follow me as I build my own garage and share every step along the way. Watch the entire How To Build a Garage Series to learn about pre-design considerations, plans and planning, ideal size, construction details how-to, and more. Overview Video: https://youtu.be/jEJJ3IGqg0s Pre-Design Video 1: https://youtu.be/lwnemeWyAgU Pre-Design Video 2 (https://youtu.be/yD7Vt27Hhcs See example site plans and learn how to make a site plan for your project here: https://www.garagehowto.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-garage/
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E-Plan Building Permits Step 1
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How to Sketch a Floor Plan
Assign a scale to grid paper and sketch (freehand draw) a floor plan at that scale.
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Drawing to the building permit
Architectural drafting in the modern age for non professionals. Making a house or garage drawing that can be submitted for building code review. Integrating CAD and drafting for a speedy and effective solution.
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Houston Plans & Permits - Flood zone
Houston Plans & Permits - Flood zone
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Permit Expediter on Building Permit Processing, Code Enforcement Cases and Plan Running in San Diego
An explanation of what a Permit Agent can do for you. Visit our webpage at: http://www.sdpermits.com/
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AC 002 - Residential project building permit process
This video explains the general process of acquiring a building permit for residential projects.
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Building Permit Registration sanketham application kerala
Sanketham building permit application How to register sanketham building permit application kerala government sanketham registration -------------- Subscribe for more----------- https://goo.gl/RvaFKy --------------------------------------------------------------- S A N K E T H A M Building Permit Application https://buildingpermit.lsgkerala.gov.in/ Sanketham Software for granting building permits by local governments in a transparent and standardised manner strictly following the Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR) and Kerala Panchayath Building Rules (KPBR). Software developed by Information Kerala Mission for Local Self Government Department of Govt of Kerala. Delivers innovative and value-added solutions to the public/client, through the use of technology. Requirement for new user registration for building architect 1.E-Mail Id 2.Mobile Number 3.Scanned/soft copy of passport size photo 4.Existing licensee details 5.Qualification & experiences Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR) https://buildingpermit.lsgkerala.gov.in/Content/Rules/kmbr_rule.pdf Kerala Panchayath Building Rules (KPBR) https://buildingpermit.lsgkerala.gov.in/Content/Rules/kpbr_rule.pdf Information Kerala Mission http://www.infokerala.org/ Local Self Government Department http://www.lsgkerala.gov.in/ Govt of Kerala http://www.kerala.gov.in/ വസ്തുനികുതി - (സഞ്ചയ) http://www.lsgkerala.gov.in/ml/propertytax വിവരാവകാശം http://www.lsgkerala.gov.in/ml/resources/rti തദ്ദേശഭരണ സ്ഥാപനങ്ങളുടെ വെബ്സൈറ്റുകള്‍ http://www.lsgkerala.gov.in/ml/website/web L S G D, Govt. of Kerala. Forgot Password. Logout. Home. S A N K E T H A M - Forgot password. Email ID. Mobile No. Designed, developed and maintained by:Information Kerala Mission, Network services by: State e-governance data centre. https://buildingpermit.lsgkerala.gov.in/Content/KMBR_Login.aspx Sanketham - Kerala Municipality Building Rules SankethamSanketham Software for granting building permits by local governments in a transparent and standardised manner strictly following the Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR). Delivers innovative and value-added solutions to the public/client, through the use of technology. Integrated with Soochika & Saankhya Online verification & validation of Application form Check list verification & remarks as per building plan, site plan and site verification Permit fee calculation & demand generation for fee collection through saankhya Building Permit in Electronic form Enforcement of Workflow and accountability Linkage to Survey No. & Zone description Enforcement of Zoning Restriction for building Permit DTP Schemes Development Plan Government Orders Maps KMBR & KPBR Rules sanketham registration 2018 sanketham online registration 2018 1. Autocad Civil 3D Tutorial Malayalam basic https://youtu.be/MeZieU9v_MI 2. How to make points, import points Auto cad civil 3D malayalam tutorial https://youtu.be/NAaR_FUNoMo 3. how to save pdf into autocad file https://youtu.be/OuFzP4Yi2Xo building permit online submission sanketham building permit sanketham tutorial
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Garage With Apartment Building Plans, Los Angeles, California, Building permits
Garage With Apartment building plans, Los Angeles, California, Building permits, Direct contact: https://easybuildingplans.com/147839-2/ easybuildingplans.com Online Design Firm AFFORDABLE HOUSING BREAKTHROUGH!! BUY PLANS & BUILD PLAN#1 THE ENHANCED GARAGE Own your own home completely for the price of a mid-level car. The Enhanced Garage is a 480 square foot two car Garage with a 336 square foot Apartment. All on one floor. Low cost, low key living with tons of storage. This plan is only $19.00 GO TO: https://easybuildingplans.com/147839-2/ Modifications and customization are available. Visit the site for cabins, shops, small houses, small multi-units and other popular plans such as; The 2 story Dream Shop with Apartment The Remote Stealth Cabin The Traveler's Triplex and others Please explore: www.easybuildingplans.com easybuildingplans.com Online Design Firm Keywords; architect, drafting, cad, garage conversion, convert garage to house, architectural, construction, design, plans, cabin plans, garage plans, shop building plans, owner financing, owc, seller financing, vendor carry, floor plans, contractor, vtb, foundation plan, framing plans, floor plans, sections, site plan, roof framing plan, lumber, architectural plans, blueprints, drawings, acres, land, builder, affordable housing, vacation rentals, airbnb, mortgage helper, income stream, positive cash flow
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Houston House Plans and building permit expeditors
Get affordable house plans and home remodeling designs from our residential drafting company in Houston, Texas. From builders to remodelers, Houston Plans & Permits will provide the full set of construction drawings to build the house from top to bottom. With affordable prices, we can compete with most other firms without compromising the quality of our work. With over 15 years experience in drafting and building design, we will professionally customize your house plans according to your needs.
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How to Prepare a Site Plan
Step by step review of what to include in and how to draw a site plan in St. Louis County, Minnesota. All land use permit applications require a site plan.
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How to Apply for a Deck Building Permit
To learn more visit: http://solutions.dunnlumber.com/projects/how-to-apply-for-a-building-permit-for-your-deck Dunn Lumber partnered with professional deck builder Ron Spillers, from West Coast Decks, and created a series of videos that cover a series of decking questions. In this post, Ron explains why homeowners need building permits when building decks.
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How to Get a Building Permit
It's easy to get a City of Santa Maria building permit.
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Building permits go digital in Pierce County’s planning department
PALS is officially going paperless, as building permits go digital in Pierce County’s planning department. See what it was like before and how staff review building plans now. And learn about the faster service and response times for residential customers and developers.
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House plans & building permits
Services Houston Plans & Permits provides
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All building permit requirements - Building plans, Soil Test, Building permit, Third party liablity, and others - just watch this video....
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How to Draw Plumbing Lines on a Floor Plan : Plumbing Repairs
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowatHomeChannel Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowatHomeChannel Drawing plumbing lines on a floor plan is a great way to make sure that your project is ready to go. Draw plumbing lines on a floor plan with help from a contractor with over ten years of experience in this free video clip. Expert: Joshua Clement Filmmaker: Joshua Clement Series Description: You'd be surprised by just how many of the plumbing problems in your home you can fix inexpensively on your own. Get tips on various types of plumbing repairs with help from a contractor with over ten years of experience in this free video series.
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Wiring your basement- basement electric design plan
http://1basement.com/Pro_Video_Product_Page_2.html In this video I show you quickly how to use the computer to design you new finished basement electric plan. In the video I show you how to design an electric plan that shows your outlet, switch and light fixture location. You can use this type of electric plan when you get your building permits...it's required by most code offices as part of the building permit process. Complete Basement Finishing Training Video Course In Here: http://1basement.com/Pro_Video_Product_Page_2.html
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How To Build A House: Submitting and Getting The Building Plans Ep 11
Roman heads down the city and submits his plans for the building permit. Then once he has them goes over the upcoming inspections the he's going to be getting and briefly talks about insurance.
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Construction Drawings of an Addition and Renovation Project by Taylor Made Plans
Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Plans discusses the construction drawings which are provided to you for a addition and renovation to your home. Additions and Renovations information - http://www.taylormadeplans.com/additions-and-renovations/ #homeadditions #renovations #houseplans #houseadditions
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Getting a Building Permit in Nanaimo
Learn how to get a get a building permit by creating your plans and permit application. Building Permits are required for the construction of: any detached building over 107.64 ft2 / 10 m2 any structural alterations or additions or demolition any construction that will result in a change of use of a portion of the house http://www.nanaimo.ca/EN/main/departments/Building-Inspection/FAQ.html
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Houston Plans and Permits Services.wmv
Houston Plans and Permits Services.
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How To Draw a Basement Plan
Short Tutorial on how to draw a basement plan for a permit. http://www.finishedfor14.com
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House Plans and Permits, We Can Now Move Forward Building Our Dream Home
It has taken some time but we have everything we need to move forward building our dream #essentialmountainhomesteading #homesteading #ruralliving #cabinbuilder #homebuilder #diyhomebuild #howtobuild #cabinliving #mountainliving
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How To Build a Deck | Design & Layout (1 of 5)
The first step in building a deck is smart planning and design. Watch to learn how to get started and the tips & tricks that will help you build a great deck. Full project details on Lowes.com: http://low.es/2kYSGUV Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube: http://bit.ly/1blLmvD or head to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/Lowes For more ideas to improve your home, check out Lowe's How-To Library or our other social media channels: Lowe's - http://www.lowes.com/how-to-library Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/lowes Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/lowes Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/lowes Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/loweshomeimprovement
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Building Permits Made Simple
Learn the cost of building permits and approvals before you hire a building certifier or surveyor or go the the council. An architects guide giving the facts about consultants and how the get the best house plans for your project.
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Permit Like a Pro: The Importance of a Residential Plot Plan
Find out why you need a plot plan and how to submit it before you start construction on residential projects. Connect with the City of Phoenix: http://Phoenix.gov – Home page http://Facebook.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Like us for updates https://Twitter.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Follow us for news http://Youtube.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Subscribe for videos http://Phoenix.gov/PHXTV - Watch live or on demand programs *Please be aware of our terms of use before commenting https://www.phoenix.gov/pio/social-media/accounts/term-disclaimer
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Building Plan Management -Apply for Planning Permission with Building License - Tutorial 5
Planning Permission with Building License Request - Tutorial Part-5
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Building Permit plans for your panelized home!  We do the work!
Architectural, structural, plumbing, electrical and site plans, energy and green codes....We do them all for your new panelized home. Nationwide in all 50 states. We develop all the plans to save you money! You can have an easy permit application!
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House Building Permit Cost Philippines
SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIagYBCTympqr9pdDF8-YA?sub_confirmation=1 #DecorDesigns #Decor #Decorating #Decoratingideas
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Los Angeles Building Permits - Part One
In the early 1990s, delays and related concerns regarding obtaining City of Los Angeles building permits became an issue for the business and developer communities. Part of Richard Riordan's campaign for mayor involved fixing the permit system. This video was made in 1995 as part of that effort.
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Building Permit Victoria BC Ca, Building Code, Vancouver, BC, Ca
http://www.easybuildingplans.com, Building Permit Victoria BC Ca, Building Code, Vancouver, BC, Ca... Book is also available on Amazon...Contact us for plans, and assistance with obtaining permits. 35 Years of experience, after architecture school, with a wide range of projects Taught the building code and design/drafting to architecture students. Author and former part time newspaper columnist Completed 5000 projects over the last 35 years Stock and semi-custom plans are at http://www.easybuildingplans.com Featured in a number of publications, partial list below "San Francisco Chronicle" Newspaper Remodeling -- a pastime for the idle rich San Francisco August 2006 SF Gate "Online News" Residential Affluenza: How remodeling has become the obsessive labor of the ultra-rich San Francisco August 2006 “Metropolis” Magazine “Insites” New York November 1995 “Nob Hill Gazette,” page 36 San Francisco May 2000 Victoria Times-Colonist March 18, 2000 Section F, page 2 Victoria, British Columbia “Nob Hill Gazette” page 30 San Francisco February 2000 “Acumen” magazine, page 10, “Home, Home on the Ginza” Toronto, Ont., 1-604-962-9184, December 1994 “Canada Japan Business Journal,” page 6, article at top half of page, in Japanese. Vancouver, B.C., 1-604-688-2468 November 1994 “Kerrisdale Good Morning News” newspaper, page 2 Vancouver, B.C. October 18, 1994 “Saturday Review” The Weekend Sun, “The Happening” page D10 Vancouver, B.C. August 13, 1994 “The Vancouver Sun” newspaper, Vancouver, B.C. July 30, 1994, section G, page 1 June 20, 1992, sections C, page 1, “Look Up” “The Kitsilano News” newspaper, page 4, Vancouver, B.C. August 11, 1993 “The Georgia Straight” newspaper, page 27, “Arts Notes” Vancouver, B.C. August 6-13, 1993 “Profile” magazine, page 42 Vancouver, B.C. Spring 1993 Homes & Builder’s Magazine 1950s to 1990s In Four Easy Steps Victoria, B.C. June 1998 Homes & Builder’s Magazine 5 Considerations for Your New Retierment Home Victoria, B.C. July 1998 “Victoria Times-Colonist” newspaper, “homes” Magazine section, page 15 Victoria, B.C. July 19, 1992 “The Facts” newspaper, page 11 Seattle, WA July 14, 1992 “Afro-Carib News” newspaper, page 5 Aldergrove, B.C. February 1995 More info: http://williamedwardsummersbiography.blogspot.ca/2011/11/links.html
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Renovation Building Permit Drawings & Renovation Design
http://design4renovations.com Renovation Building Permit Drawings & Renovation Design http://youtu.be/_g9qtcK_PpQ
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Building Permits
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Building Permits
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Permit Expeditor serving Los Angeles for: Building Permits, Use Permits, Health Permits
Permit Expeditor serving Los Angeles. Permit Expediting in Los Angeles area by our Professional & Friendly Permit Expediters.We assist with Conditional Use Permits & Building Permit Processing in the greater Los Angeles area by working with the Planning Department, Coastal Comission & Building Departments. We serve; Beverly Hills,Burbank,Calabasas,Glendale,Hawthorne,Hermosa Beach,Hollywood,Artesia, Lakewood, Downey,Inglewood,Malibu,Manhattan Beach,Marina Del Rey,Redondo Beach,West Hollywood,Pasadena,Pomona,Santa Monica, Venice & Whittier. Are you looking for consultant to assist you with obtaining a Conditional Use Permit or Building Permit in the greater Los Angeles area? We are L.A's Premier Permit Expediting & Permit Expediter Company. We have professional Permit processing agents who will assist you with coordinating all the Documents you will need & take care of going to the Building Department to walk your Plans through the Permit process in the greater Los Angeles area! Call (323) 856-1066 to speak to someone. The Los Angeles Design Group can even design & draft a set of plans for you to get a Conditional Use or Building Permit, or we will even take your Plans to the local Building Department & walk it through the Permit process. We can assist you through the process to get a Use or Building Permit!Whether it's a Residential, Hospitality, Business, Industrial, Commercial project, new or remodel, we take care of it!We specialize in Commercial Permit processing. PERMIT EXPEDITERS & PROCESSING IN LOS ANGELES. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME BY STANDING IN LINE AT THE BUILDING OR PLANNING DEPARTMENT, GIVE US A CALL, WE CAN HELP YOU WITH ALL YOUR BUILDING PERMIT PROCESSING NEEDS! Call (323) 856-1066 to speak to someone regarding submitting your construction plans for Permit issuance in the Los Angeles area
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