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Biggest Rc Orange Piper Cub J3 with gas motor -3.80meters Wingspan and a great Scale Flight
Cam/Cut/Sounds by Flyfreak ( Thomas Minder) Watching on Facebook : Rc Pilots around the world or Rc Pilots a round the world Thanks buddys and dudes
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3750mm 1/3 RC Piper J-3 Cub Saito FG-36
1/3 scale Piper J-3 Cub powered by Saito FG-36 gas engine. 5000RPM @ 22x8 prop. Weight - 10500 grams. Made from scrap and based loosely on Bob Nelitz's plan. Wingspan expanded by 4" each side. Stall speed about 28km/h :) Cruising speed 45km/h, and max 70km/h Flies GREAT, like a real thing :)
Просмотров: 6254 Maciek Yoshimura
1/4 Scale J3 Piper Cub Maiden 7/30/16
Well I'm excited to say my lifelong dream has come a reality today! My 1/4 scale J3 Piper Cub has been flown again after almost 30 years of sleep. This was my Papas he passed down to me a four years ago Today. Well Papa has hit 92 years old this year and I owe it to him to fly it for him at our Fun Fly this year. He has not seen it fly since 1988. Excitement tonight is an understatement... This plane has been a part of my entire life since I was a little eager kid. I was grinning ear to ear seeing her fly today! I am a 3rd generation RC pilot who has been in love with this hobby for 30 years this year. It was my Papa's passion that my Dad and I grew to love and I would not be where I am today if it weren't for him giving me my first nitro trainer for my 6th birthday in 1986. This journey has been a long time coming that I thought would never come.
Просмотров: 11443 Chris Reibert
Cub Maiden Flight
Scratchbuilt Piper Cub from plans by Gene Bond (RCGroups), modified to full fuse. Motor: E-Max 2812 ESC: Zevv 30A Battery: 3s 1300mah Turnigy Nano-Tech Propeller: 7x5 Receiver: Orange 6ch Transmitter: Spektrum Dx6i Field: Golden Gate, Buenavista, Cavite
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Scratchbuilt Cub Maiden
Maiden flight of my DollarTree foamboard j3 Cub. Specs: Motor: Turnigy XP 2826 1400kv 205W brushless motor ESC: HK 30A ESC Battery: Turnigy 2200 mAh 3s lipo (20C) Prop: 8045 SF style Receiver: Orangerx R620 full range receiver Servos: HK15178 9g Servo The design is based loosely off of the J3 cub, and is designed to function as both a trainer aircraft or an aerobatic platform. This is achieved by: A) adjusting the control surface throws, and B) flying with a 3s vs 2s. On the maiden I was flying with a 2200 mAh 3s, and it had some serious thrust. Unfortunately, I lost control at the end, either due to losing the bind, or the unplugging of the elevator and rudder jst extensions (both had come loose at some point, either on impact or during the flight, at this point I'm not sure if it was the jst's or the receiver).
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Scratchbuild Piper Cub   Maiden Flight
Просмотров: 83 jjmelo
Garrett's Giant Scale RC Piper Cub
Built and flown by Garrett. Thanks for the video ride!
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Super Pearl 202e Flight Demo
This demonstration of the Super Pearl 202e was filmed at the 2013 Free Flight Nationals and is featured on the National Free Flight Society's new DVD, "E-36 An Introduction to Electric Free Flight." The Super Pearl can be ordered from Don DeLoach at: http://www.pearlfreeflight.com Music by Vance Gilbert http://www.vancegilbert.com Free Flight DVDs available from Alan Abriss at: http://www.homegrowntv.com
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Flying the DTFB Blufo in a good wind
2 highlight flights of the Blufo on a very windy day. Had to hand launch because the crosswind was just to strong and the craft wouldn't rotate. Hope to fix this issue by moving the gear forward a bit. Flies great in the wind and allows for a bit of high alpha. Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger's BluFO design.. RC Groups Build page with plans http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1655800 Modifications to the build: Landing Gear, Inrunner, Fuse is in 2 sections instead of 3 along the longitudinal axis. Powered by E-flite delta V15 in-runner spinning a 5x5" prop 2 Turnigy TGY-9018MG servos 1 Hitec HS-55 for the nose gear Turnigy Plush 60 Amp Esc Orange Box Receiver 3s Lipo Dx6i Controller
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Spotlight: FlyZone RC Piper J-3 Cub RTF
http://www.flyzoneplanes.com Combine classic Cub styling, realistic flying performance and the completeness of a FlyZone RTF, and the result is the easy way to enjoy R/C flight. Four-channel control puts the all-foam Cub's full performance potential at your fingertips. And with a FlyZone flight package, there's nothing between you and takeoff except 8 "AA" batteries and a few minutes of easy assembly!
Просмотров: 276427 KEEP IT RC by Tower Hobbies
Piper Cub Sport Park Flyer Build 2
This video gives step-by-step instructions on how to build my Piper Cub Sport Park Flyer. Part 2 covers cutting out all of the pieces for the airframe. This airframe costs about $3-$5 to build. I put the electronics parts list and airframe materials list below. Electronics: 2812 Brushless Motor (1534kv) ~$6@HobbyKing~ 20-25A ESC ~$6@HobbyKing~ 3 Micro Servos ~$2-3ea @HobbyKing~ 11.1v lipo 1200-1500mAh ~$8@HobbyKing~ Receiver for your radio system ~varies~ Connectors for ESC to motor & lipo ~under $5 for both @HobbyKing~ 3mm prop saver ~$2 or less @HobbyKing~ 8"x4" electric prop ~$2 or less @HobbyKing~ Materials: 1 pc. 20"-30" foamboard (Dollar Tree) $1 Popsicle sticks (Any dollar store) $1 Piano wire for push rods (Ace/True Value Hardware or hobby store) $2-$3 Hot glue (Any dollar store) $1 3/16" dowel (Micheal's, hobby store, Home Depot) under $1 Rubber bands (Any dollar store) $1 OPTIONAL - Colored Sealing/Packing tape (TapeBros online) $4
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Huge Quarter Scale Piper Cub RC Plane Flying
This video contains footage of a huge quarter scale piper cub RC plane. It flies really well and looks so scale in the air. It is a big beautiful RC airplane. It even manages a few tricks and stunts along the way. This was taken in Ferndale, WA at Bel-Air RC Flyers field about a mile or so from the Silver Reef Casino. It is a great place to see amazing RC Aircraft such as this!
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Skyhaven pilots plan fly-in breakfast-6
Sunday, September 19, 2010 The Skyhaven Pilots Association will hold its bi-annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 19, in the main hangar at Skyhaven Airport on Route 29, approximately 1/8 mile south of downtown Tunkhannock. The breakfast, including eggs, ham, sausage, coffee and orange juice is priced at $7 for adults and $3 for children. Spectators are invited to spend the day at the airport, enjoying aviation-related activities free of charge. Participants with lawn chairs may sit in specially-provided spectator areas. RC Model Airplanes, classic cars, antique airplanes, homebuilts, recreational type and public safety vehicles will all be on display. Airplane rides will be available for a nominal fee. There will be an arts and crafts show outdoors in tent areas adjacent to the airplane hangars. For more information, call Charlie Gay, Skyhaven Airport Operations at 836-4800.
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FT - SIMPLE CUB: Build and Flight Review
I built the FT Simple Cub without watching the Flite Test video, and it turned out GREAT! It flew a little tail heavy because I had a pretty light motor on board, but it still flew great. I can't wait to build one at flite fest 2017. See you there! Check out the blog: https://rcappetite.blogspot.com/ music: caravan palace - lazy place , smells like summer - del , Waysons - running
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How to take wrinkles rc plane covering
i figured I make a video on how to stretch out monocote :)
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Earl Stahl's Hurricane rubber power RC - building
To skip right to the flying part click here: 8:22 A well-known low-wing oldtimer with some classic looks; built from a short kit from Bob Holman plans. Balanced perfectly without any added weight. I did some test flights previously and decided to decrease the wing incidence slightly, which really did the trick, as I found out today - flew very nicely, looking forward to getting it fully trimmed, a fun plane! I also compare the weights of balsa props, a Peck-polymer prop and Orange props here: 3:01 A building thread is here: http://www.hippocketaeronautics.com/hpa_forum/index.php?topic=20615.0
Просмотров: 4009 domoremath
Great Planes Taylorcraft build electric
I was given this plane which was missing the parts for the fuselage. I suddenly remember why ready to fly and almost ready planes sale so well. Heres a parts list of T-craft electric build. i finally got it wrapped with base coat. should get stripes done soon. Turnigy 3600 3cell lipo. G32 motor. 60amp esc, orange dsm 6ch reciever
Просмотров: 2912 willie harrison
TopModel Bullit RC plane
The Maiden flight of a TopModel Bullit electric-powered RC delta. Flies great -- nice and quick once trimmed out. Unfortunate end though but the pilot admits it was "pilot error" Available in NZ from Watts-Up Hobbies.
Просмотров: 91045 xjet
RC Airplane Made of FOOD (with William Osman)
AYYYYEEEE today we made a FOOD RC PLANE! its kinda a dumb idea but more of a challenge than anything! Food is not a super structural element and it turned out to be quite interesting to make something super fraile try and fly! check out william's channel too! we made a VCR robot!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfMJ2MchTSW2kWaT0kK94Yw Amazon affiliate links (these help grow the channel, every purchase gets me a small percentage of the sale, it costs you nothing though!) Site where I get batteries and high quality stuff: https://goo.gl/cqmiIP Main camera: https://goo.gl/MQQAfq orange camera: https://goo.gl/Ikt4hD Drones: https://goo.gl/A0Yjqb https://goo.gl/Kkg8SB cheap shotgun mic: https://goo.gl/TwFJJs bendy tripod: https://goo.gl/E2HD6L gopros used: https://goo.gl/Exb6f3 https://goo.gl/b7l2Ng My 3D printer: https://goo.gl/S2kqKj Video editing software: https://goo.gl/Np3aog Cheap RC TRANSMITTER that I like to use https://goo.gl/AYvbOl Best place to get High end RC equipment (luminer batteries here) https://goo.gl/cqmiIP Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Petersripol INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/petersripol TWITTER: PeterSripol want to send me something? :D PeterSripol PMB328 3195 Dayton xenia RD STE 900 Beavercreek OH 45434 Music: Amplified by Tobu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jthE5swmSvY
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FX803 the World's Cheapest RC Airplane Glider
The FX800 series may be the world's most inexpensive RTF RC airplanes. The FX803 is a 2.4Ghz update to the popular HL803 Piper Cub. But don't be fooled by the low price. This little airplane is quite a flier, with good endurance of over 10 minutes flight time. Find the inexpensive FX Fly Bear series here (each one is a cool flier) FX802 http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplanes/pp_300711.html?lkid=10109203 And here are the other excellent Flybear airplanes https://goo.gl/qoNgLA Pro's - Very inexpensive. - Ready to fly! You just supply 6 AA batteries for the transmitter. - Reasonably stable flier. - Good range (at least 80 meters) - Controller includes a USB port to charge the airplane in the fiels using the controllers batteries for power. Con's - Built in battery. Can not swap batteries in the field. Although it can be charged in the field with its controller. - Very lightweight. Would be difficult to fly in the wind. and here's my flight with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uioyWrANvW4 Description: Make Model: Fei Xiong FX803 Material: EPP Foam, Plastic Wing span: Approx. 32cm/12.48inch Length: Approx. 25cm/9.75inch USB Cable Length: Approx. 60cm/23.4inch Color: Yellow Weight: 26g Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.7V 150mAh (built-in) Charging Time: 30-40mins Power supply: 3.7V 150mah lithium battery ( Built-in ) Flight Height: About 100 meters Control Range: About 80 meters Flight Time: 10-12mins Transmitter: 2.4 Ghz, 2 channel (throttle, yaw) Transmitter power supply: 6 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included) Suitable Age: Aged 7-12 Forward, turn left/right, roll, dive Package Contents: 1 x Airplane, 1 x Controller, 1 x USB Cable with Light, 1 x Landing Gear, 2 x Spare Propellers Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links. MUSIC LICENSE "Awel" by stefsax http://ccmixter.org/files/stefsax/7785 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ music was shortened to fit length of video.
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ScratchBuilt RC Ugly Stick airplane: Maiden Flight
After building it up from scratch based on design of Electric Orange found in the net, this was the first trial to put it on the air. Very Successful!!!! Built in Depron, 6mm thick Wings span = 90cm Motor: Turnigy 2826-10 1400KV Prop: APC 9"X3,8" preferred, but it works very well with the 10" X 4,7" too (much faster) ESC: Turnigy Plush 30A Battery: Lipo 7,4V 2S 1250mAh 25C Receiver: Spektrum 6channels 6110
Просмотров: 845 Paolo Macchi
RC Great Planes Piper PA-28 Cherokee Flight
Another nice, early morning flight by Gregg!
Просмотров: 8396 Budkeywest
MIA 32" Foamie Piper
Profile original design based on a real Piper Cub airplane. Cambered wing no dihedral. 10 ounce plane, 2 cels 750mah Lipols.
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History of RC Model Airplanes
History of radio remote control model airplane from the 1930s-1960s
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How to Make RC Plane (Part 2)
Hello friends, in this video I will show you how to make rc plane. This is part 2 of this series. Part 1 here : https://youtu.be/VQoy60iMoVM Plan / Diagram : https://www.dropbox.com/s/163sp66n9dpvg68/Fuzelage%20and%20Tail.jpg?dl=0 Buy here: Battery: https://robu.in/product-category/batteries/lithium-polymer-li-po/orange-li-po/?ref=2&campaign=SwapnilNimbalkar (Transmitter Indian website se le, kyunki wo custom allow nahi karte) Banggood links: Motor: https://goo.gl/qxJ5GE ESC: https://goo.gl/t3ooHJ Prop: https://goo.gl/MkbDMp Lipo charger: https://goo.gl/A6P3gy Motor+ESC+Prop: https://goo.gl/mXy6dL Servo: https://goo.gl/ZoDAgs Servo extension lead: https://goo.gl/dnkdRq Servo Y connector: https://goo.gl/c3FiWF Bullet connectors: https://goo.gl/qEVPQL XT60 connector: https://goo.gl/88AYSy Hot Glue Gun: https://goo.gl/yyxYnH Soldering iron: https://goo.gl/AjxSCX (Banggood se order aanemein 1 mahine se jada time lagta hai, lekin agar aap "India Direct Mail" shipping method choose karenge to kam lagega Transmitter aur battery Indian website se le, kyunki wo allowed nahi hai. Amazon India links: Motor + Prop + ESC : http://amzn.to/2rfSZkE TX/RX : http://amzn.to/2siupMO or http://amzn.to/2uh5hro or http://amzn.to/2uXS3iC Servo : http://amzn.to/2sDRwkz Lipo battery: 1000mAh http://amzn.to/2w6uXb3 or 2200mAh http://amzn.to/2wm5BFy Charger: http://amzn.to/2uXsgau Hot Glue Gun: http://amzn.to/2uZfXvj or http://amzn.to/2ukt0pi Lipo voltage tester & alarm : http://amzn.to/2wmaLBi Above links are affiliate links
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SIG Spacewalker I. 1/3 (265cm) Flight
SIG Spacewalker kit in the air.
Просмотров: 10502 Istvan Magi
48" wingspan BigNasty 3d airplane 2nd flight
48" Version of the BigNasty (rcgroups scratchbuilt forum plans) Second flight (maiden was just as uneventful). Relaxed flying with some very mild acrobatics. Still learning the airplane and what it can handle, don't want to rip it apart :) Specs: AUW 1100gm including 3s 2200mah batt hobbyking 60a ESC turnigy 3632 1200kv motor (35a) 11x5.5 apc e ~1400gm thrust (can get up to 1900 if I get some 4 cell batts) HXT/TP 9gm servos, elev, rudd, 2x aile
Просмотров: 733 shadowmage45
Guillows p-40 rc test flight
this is guillows kit 501.it uses a 9g 2200kv motor with a 6amp esc and a 4 channel orange reciver the barrery is a 350mah 2s 20c.3 2 1/2 g servos run the surfaces. it is heavy @ 3.7oz(105 grams) flying weight uses kit wood and monokote covering but it ripps along pretty good.this is a good combo for the larger guillows 500 series models and many others.damage on landing was minimal the battery cover was cracked in half and a few scrapes on the bottom of the cowl :)here's a link to the build on rc groups http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1773145
Просмотров: 13186 jagdpanther9
This plane was built using the instructions here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2312271-Slowy-V2-Slowflyer-Build-Log-Step-by-step-building-instruction-with-115-detailpics Motor: HobbyKing cf-2812/14 1534kv ESC: Turnigy Basic 25A Servos: 9G Receiver: HobbyKing Orange RX This power system is a bit of an overkill for this plane. It would be a better floater with a smaller lighter motor/esc. Overall, i'm satisfied with it and is a lot of fun to fly.
Просмотров: 55 fernieair fernieair
Guillow's Spirit of St Louis Auto Pilot Installation
Hobbymate 3 axis flight controller for Rc Airplane, Delta Wing, Gliders, Parkfly Description: Item Name: 3 axis flight controller Working power: DC 4V -6V Working current: 18mA Transmitter compatible: PPM PCM 2.4G Working temperature: -20℃~ 65℃ Dimension: 40 × 25mm Weight: about 5g Feature: Specially designed for RC planes, 3 axis gyro improves fly stability Support common plane; delta wing; V tail 3 kinds RC models Improve stability & flexibility Remote control can shut down 3AXIS gyro system, convenient for skillful players to operate planes manually Indicator light: Red indicator blink: initial status. Red indicator on: 3Axis radio in turn on status. Red indicator off: 3Axis radio in turn off status. Green indicator off: normal airplanes model. Green indicator on: V-tail multiple control model. Green indicator blink: Wing (Triangular empennage) multiple control model. Note: Assemble your planes completely before assemble the 3 axis gyro. Shut down V tail & delta wing multi control function of radio, make the radio work for common planes.
Просмотров: 513 David Crocker
Jon's 1/3 scale Cub on Floats
Просмотров: 1435 chirimoya3
Просмотров: 57 Tra Dep
SPAD Extra 300
SPAD Extra built with Polycarbonate sheet fuse and coro wings. ASP 52 engine with an 11 X 7 MAS prop.
Просмотров: 557 Dr. Vikas Jain
Dynam F-16 EDF Jet
Dynam F-16 EDF jet with a 4s 2200mAh battery, 64mm fan.
Просмотров: 2652 Robert McElroy
Scratch Built Coroplast Wing Hits a Tree - with lots of jello
Slightly more adventurous flying with the new corrogated plastic delta wing. This video has a fair bit of jello/vibration in the onboard video. I decided to post it anyway because I am experimenting with ways to reduce the jello and this makes a good starting point. This video features music by "The Phantoms Guest" https://www.youtube.com/user/thephantomsguest I take this one under the soccer (football) nets, do a few loops and rolls and try to show off the flag with a knife-edge...of course it all goes sideways (lol) and ends up where it usually does.
Просмотров: 602 UnlimitedVertical
RC Dagger 4-1-2011.MOV
Dagger flight 4/1/2011. Windy, but no problem. Very fun to fly.
Просмотров: 717 Mike Oser
Skyhaven pilots plan fly-in breakfast-2
Sunday, September 19, 2010 The Skyhaven Pilots Association will hold its bi-annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 19, in the main hangar at Skyhaven Airport on Route 29, approximately 1/8 mile south of downtown Tunkhannock. The breakfast, including eggs, ham, sausage, coffee and orange juice is priced at $7 for adults and $3 for children. Spectators are invited to spend the day at the airport, enjoying aviation-related activities free of charge. Participants with lawn chairs may sit in specially-provided spectator areas. RC Model Airplanes, classic cars, antique airplanes, homebuilts, recreational type and public safety vehicles will all be on display. Airplane rides will be available for a nominal fee. There will be an arts and crafts show outdoors in tent areas adjacent to the airplane hangars. For more information, call Charlie Gay, Skyhaven Airport Operations at 836-4800.
Просмотров: 146 Julius Tasselmyer
zero build final
Просмотров: 3028 draftman3
RC Airplane IMAA Bud Hall Fun Fly at Mead, Nebraska 19/20 Aug 2006
Annual Bud Hall Fun Fly sponsored by IMAA 284th Aero Squadron. Large scale radio controled airplanes. Military, civilian, and aerobatic types. Approximately 30 aircraft total. Nelson Videos
Просмотров: 141 Nelson Carpenter
foamboard RC plane AO Death Plunge
After a newly built nose pice was added and the motor bearings were serviced, Agent Orange was out for a routine flight when suddenly, he lost radio contact. Agent Orange went in to a left bank attitude and plunged downward straight in to a deep mud hole. That motor had been through a lot, but just kept kicking along. But this was more than it could take. So long, Grayson Hobby 2217-06 1500 Kv brushless motor. You will be missed.
Просмотров: 172 daisy8luke
Fly Baby Dart Outdoors Feb 2010
Fly Baby Dart flying outdoors at Childs Ercall Airfield, Shropshire, UK. Apologies for the lousy ground loops due to the left wheel nut stopping the wheel turning (must do some maintenance) . Thanx to Woody for sitting on the runway in -1 degrees to video the flight.
Просмотров: 1165 GereSport
Skyhaven pilots plan fly-in breakfast-5
Sunday, September 19, 2010 The Skyhaven Pilots Association will hold its bi-annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 19, in the main hangar at Skyhaven Airport on Route 29, approximately 1/8 mile south of downtown Tunkhannock. The breakfast, including eggs, ham, sausage, coffee and orange juice is priced at $7 for adults and $3 for children. Spectators are invited to spend the day at the airport, enjoying aviation-related activities free of charge. Participants with lawn chairs may sit in specially-provided spectator areas. RC Model Airplanes, classic cars, antique airplanes, homebuilts, recreational type and public safety vehicles will all be on display. Airplane rides will be available for a nominal fee. There will be an arts and crafts show outdoors in tent areas adjacent to the airplane hangars. For more information, call Charlie Gay, Skyhaven Airport Operations at 836-4800.
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SCX10 Rubicon Pt5: Power On & Test Run (v2).
Strider and the minions return the Axial AX90027: SCX-10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Builders Kit to the 4WheelRC's facilities for an overview of the electrics and we have our first test run outside! But Katness, Peeta and their good minions are at this very moment tracking Strider and have a plan to retrieve the SCX10... Skip to 3:00 for an explanation of the 6 channel radio set-up. Skip to 6:06 for the first test run. Watch out for part 6, where we'll be tackling those nasty plastic upper suspension links. Note: This is v2 as v1 got stuck in 'Edit in process' on YouTube and was missing the starting time lapse section. Shopping list of parts in this video: Kit & Electronics: 1 x AX90027 Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Kit. 1 x R615/28554 OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver. 1 x #3224 Novak Timbuk2 / Ballistic Brushless System -- 13.5T Wraith Edition w/5A BEC. 1 x SC-1256TG Savox High Torque Titanium Gear Digital Steering Servo. 3 x LED controllers from HeyOKPerformance: http://www.freewebstore.org/HeyOK-Performance/Remote_Switch_for_LED_Lighting/p1742582_8014063.aspx 1 x Winch controller from HeyOKPerformance: http://www.freewebstore.org/HeyOK-Performance/MOSFET_Winch_Controller/p1742582_8013975.aspx Hardware upgrades: 2 x AX30395 Axial Scorpion Heavy Duty Bevel Gear 38T. 2 x AX30786 Axial WB8 Aluminium Driveshaft Retainer Ring (2). 1 x AX30708 Axial AX10 Locked Transmission Complete Gear Set (3). 1 x AX30860 Axial Machined Motor Plate (Hard Anodized). 1 x AX30836 Axial Aluminium Servo Horn 25T (Hard Anodized) - For Savox servos. 3 x AX8087 Axial 1.9 8 Hole Beadlock Wheels (2). Bling: 4 x RC4WD King Kong Mini Tow Shackle. 2 x RC4WD Chubby 6 Ton Metal Scale Jack Stands (2). See the kit at http://www.axialracing.com/products/ax90027 Front mounted battery instructions at: http://www.axialracing.com/blog_posts/1073904225 Despicable Me Minion voice effects by Pierre Coffin. Legal Stuff: Please note that I do not sell this product and am not affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers in this video. I am not liable for any damage or loss through the use of products or techniques shown - Use at your own risk!
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Scratch Built RC Fieseler Fi 156 Storch
Scratch Built RC Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Materials: One sheet of dollar store black foam board, few pieces of bamboo from an old curtain, small piece of wood panel for motor mount, some plastic sheet for wing reinforcing, tape and hot glue. Electronics: Motor Model: CF2805 , 7x4 propeller, ESC 12A , Orange RX, 2S battery, 9 gram servos. Built at the Royston Aerospace Factory BC Canada
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TechOne RC Foamie Planes RAMPAGE FLYING
Look no further if you're looking for a great indoor flyer. The weather might get you down, but not these 3D foamies. Check them out here - http://www.nitroplanes.com/techone2.html
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recent builds - january - april 2008
spitfire Mk XVI.. Mk Vb...Mk Vc. fockewulf 190 A5 DORNIER LANCASTER TIGER MOTH
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Building the P-51 Mustang Pedal Plane (Step 2, video 6 of 15)
For more details on how to build this P-51 Mustang pedal plane, visit www.highdensitystyle.com. CAUTION: Mistakes are explained in the video progression (watch all the videos in each playlist) or read the blog at www.highdensitystyle.com
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P51 Mustang- Funfly - San Felipe #6
P51 Mustang- Funfly en san felipe.
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Rc j3 cub and 3G plane
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