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Railways Puts North East On Development Track
Railways Puts North East On Development Track.
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Northeast Corridor New York Train Sim World Commuter Service
In the first scenario following the tutorial in Train Sim World's Northeast Corridor New York route I'm running the early commuter service from Newark International Airport. Starting out in Newark before taking the train to New York I'll be fine once I can figure out how to close the doors. This is Train Sim World Northeast Corridor New York. This DLC was provided by Dovetail Games at no cost to this channel. This video is not a review and should not be considered a recommendation for or against buying the game - instead I'm just playing it as I find it. It's not a game, it's a simulator. Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes. Get extra videos! Decide what games are played next! Join in multiplayer! Hang out with the Colonel! Join Bad Company https://goo.gl/jvhLyt If Bad Company is too exciting/expensive please consider subscribing https://goo.gl/KdeJ4Y Want to know what I record with, or what my PC specs are? https://goo.gl/GlFjV1 I don't always live stream, but when I do, I do it on Twitch https://goo.gl/3QszpT Keep up to date with the latest masterplan on Twitter https://goo.gl/G7WzYt Pictures and chat happen on Facebook https://goo.gl/x3vKQQ Do you Reddit? Join the unofficial official Colonel Failure sub https://goo.gl/nfjqyn
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Tour the States - Official Music Video
Full album & lyrics: http://goo.gl/U7NfSj Music by Renald Francoeur, Drawing by Craighton Berman, Video by Don Markus, Video Editor Brad Taylor. "Tour the States" is track #1 from Brain Beats - the mnemonic CD that features 14 brilliantly catchy songs to help you remember things you've always wanted to learn, but couldn't. Want the map in the video? It's here! Visit http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/tour-the-states-poster to get your copy today. © 2012 Marbles: The Brain Store
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Speaking Cartoon | 45 minutes Kids Dialogues | Easy conversation | Learn English for Kids
http://www.youtube.com/user/EnglishSingsing9 Speaking Cartoon | 45 minutes Kids Dialogues | Easy conversation | Learn English for Kids | Collection of Easy Dialogue ★ Subscribe us on YouTube: http://goo.gl/gDa963 ★ More Our Compilation: https://goo.gl/Ghy0W5 Click on the link below to see each video in this compilation video. The each video, that has sound & mute version, is accompanied by English subtitles. 01_What's this? - What's that? : 00:03 https://goo.gl/rWtxEc 02_What color is it? - It's red. : 01:15 https://goo.gl/p8FOkm 03_It's green and white. - It's raining. : 02:03 https://goo.gl/NH6Cqj 04_What time is it? - Time for breakfast. : 02:48 https://goo.gl/Q6eakx 05_Time for lunch. - What time is it? : 03:45 https://goo.gl/8mynjx 06_What day is it today? It's Wednesday. : 04:33 https://goo.gl/hcoJcu 07_How old are you? - I'm five years old. : 05:17 https://goo.gl/4Su6m8 08_How many bears? - Three bears. : 06:12 https://goo.gl/MVoa6p 09_How much is it? - I want it. : 07:27 https://goo.gl/RC9SEg 10_Who is he? - Who is she? : 08:41 https://goo.gl/NSUPfO 11_Whose bike is this? - What a nice bike! : 09:56 https://goo.gl/Jwi031 12_Can I Speak to Sally? Speaking. : 10:46 https://goo.gl/LrVQwK 13_May I speak to Kate? I'll call back later. : 11:58 https://goo.gl/qGuf0g 14_May I take your order? - I'd like a pizza and spaghetti. : 12:58 https://goo.gl/X86wCI 15_May I take your order? Anything else? For here or to go. : 13:39 https://goo.gl/kQaL4j 16_Help yourself. May I have some more? : 14:29 https://goo.gl/0kKn5M 17_Good morning. - How are you? : 15:41 https://goo.gl/UgaCbo 18_Nice to meet you. - I'm great. : 16:22 https://goo.gl/suLwDL 19_What’s wrong? - I have a toothache. : 17:13 https://goo.gl/bBzrQu 20_Watch out! - Are you okay? : 18:00 https://goo.gl/0QjdXO 21_How was your summer vacation? - It was great. : 18:47 https://goo.gl/nyGvib 22_Do you have crayon? - You're welcome. : 19:59 https://goo.gl/jlXPXc 23_Do you like cheese? - Do you like ham? : 21:02 https://goo.gl/xaGsGJ 24_I like soccer. - Let's go! : 22:33 https://goo.gl/BwV0HO 25_Let's go camping. - Let’s go fishing. : 23:40 https://goo.gl/zbOel4 26_What are you doing? - I'm making cookies. : 24:51 https://goo.gl/X86wCI 27_What are you doing? - I'm jumping. : 25:59 https://goo.gl/4ZZxQ6 28_What's he doing? - He's dancing. : 27:29 https://goo.gl/YUj0RG 29_What did you do? - We went to the park. : 28:17 https://goo.gl/kqVfRR 30_What's your favorite subject? - My favorite subject is P.E. : 29:31 https://goo.gl/CekgrT 31_What does she look like? - She has short curly hair. : 30:37 https://goo.gl/2whHE0 32_Where is my cap? - Where is it? : 31:40 https://goo.gl/afzpwp 33_Where is my pencil? - It's on the chair. : 32:24 https://goo.gl/VgmAqE 34_Where is it? - Go straight. : 33:03 https://goo.gl/epYDec 35_Where is the post office? - Go straight. : 33:53 https://goo.gl/mJpVwH 36_Where is the restroom? - Go straight and turn left. : 34:40 https://goo.gl/KM3NFA 37_It's snowing. - Do you like snow? : 35:33 https://goo.gl/i1xRiE 38_Put on your coat. - It's cold and windy. : 36:48 https://goo.gl/SPlLxm 39_Put on your pants. - Is this yours? : 37:20 https://goo.gl/Najvzp 40_Wash your hands. - Let's eat pizza! : 38:37 https://goo.gl/erG5mc 41_Happy birthday! - This is for you. : 39:18 https://goo.gl/1DU33X 42_What a wonderful! - What a nice day! : 40:46 https://goo.gl/KUxwPp 43_What a big tree! - Don’t touch that! : 41:49 https://goo.gl/vOlfcL Thanks for checking out the "English Singsing". © Amanta Inc.
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Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York - FIRST DRIVE
Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York is the latest DLC route for the next gen Train Sim game, in this video I am doing my first initial impressions of the route driving the City Lights scenario! TSW: CSX Heavy Haul: http://store.steampowered.com/app/530070/Train_Sim_World_CSX_Heavy_Haul/ TSW: NEC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/577357/Train_Sim_World_Northeast_Corridor_New_York/ *Powered by NAU Drinks* https://www.naudrinks.com/ Check out their website for the First Cognitive Performance Drink for Gamers! QwertyForms: https://goo.gl/forms/7F2A6SEOhoeUoMhI3 Transcribe this Video: QWERTEE PIXELS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/QwerteePixels/ Track IR 5: http://bit.ly/1UzpWAR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QwertyAfro Twitter: https://twitter.com/QwertyAfro Join my steam group I made for you guys: http://bit.ly/1UzpO4u Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/qwerty_afro SHOUTOUT TO: Stefanie Scott: https://youtu.be/Tts0Vm4ACHw Jonsoer: no link ►►►Anyone new to my channel? I am Qwerty Afro and I like to make gameplay/commentary videos mainly for simulation game such as Train Simulator, OMSI or Cities in Motions, so mainly simulation or simulation strategy etc. I also look at other games and also do videos on relevant technology with games or non game related. So quite a nice selection, if you like what you hear check out some more of my other videos and consider subscribing!! ►►► ►Thanks for your time and enjoy the video!! Qwerty Afro
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Train Sim World - NEC: New York - Terminal Switch
We Return to TSW with terminal switch on the NY side of things Watch At Full Screen For Best Quality! :) Follow Me On Twitter!: https://twitter.com/chillblastgames System Specs: Tower: Corsair 780T (White) CPU: Intel I7 6900k Unlocked Processor Running at 4.4 Ghz Motherboard: ASUS X99 Pro GPU: Nvidia Geforce KFA2/Galax Hall Of Fame GTX 1080 8GB RAM: 32GB Corsair LPX 3000Mhz Storage: 3Tb Hard Drive & 240gb SSD Monitor: 27" AOC I2769VM Cooling: Corsair H100i GTX Liquid CPU Cooler
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Train Sim World | New York Let's Play | Episode 1
Make Sure to Follow Us on Twitter: @FSClubXbox SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky
There are about 7,000 languages spoken around the world -- and they all have different sounds, vocabularies and structures. But do they shape the way we think? Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shares examples of language -- from an Aboriginal community in Australia that uses cardinal directions instead of left and right to the multiple words for blue in Russian -- that suggest the answer is a resounding yes. "The beauty of linguistic diversity is that it reveals to us just how ingenious and how flexible the human mind is," Boroditsky says. "Human minds have invented not one cognitive universe, but 7,000." Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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High-Speed Rail in the U.S.
Petra Todorovich, director of America 2050, Regional Plan Association, surveys the possibilities for high-speed rail linking major cities in megaregions in America, such as the Northeast Corridor or San Diego to San Francisco in California. Filmed in front of an Acela train at South Station in Boston, she summarizes the Policy Focus Report she co-authored, High-Speed Rail: International Lessons for U.S. Policymakers.
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WION Exclusive: Visiting the line of actual control with China in the North East
WION visits the line of actual control with China in the North East to have a look at the Chinese build-up after the standoff at Doklam. Watch to know more. The world is One News, WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim is to empower people to explore their world. Please keep discussions on this channel clean and respectful and refrain from using racist or sexist slurs as well as personal insults. Subscribe to our channel at https://goo.gl/JfY3NI Check out our website: http://www.wionews.com Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WIONews Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIONews Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+WIONews
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Train hopping tips.
Just a few notes on train hopping during an epic road trip to the mountains :) I love you! Thank you for watching
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railway group D 2018  Math online coaching first video [hindi]
दोस्तो इस विडियो में हम बात करेंगे Math ( गणित) के PIPE AND CISTERN ( नल तथा टंकी) के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न के बारे में वो भी SHORT TRICK के साथ तो इस विडियो को जरूर END तक देखलेना Telegram group - https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAELlBpdeYRUX9KOm1A RRB ONLINE VIDEOS 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDdxDnGGAE99OwvS1dDW5juAw1W57hTKX RAILWAY GROUP D previous cut-off - https://youtu.be/hokvH7p0rTs RAILWAY GROUP D syllabus - https://youtu.be/CWi3sygo3wo RAILWAY GROUP D trade work - https://youtu.be/4L1DVD3wZ8s इन सभी से related videos के link ऊपर मील जायेगी group d qualifications, group d work profile, group d recruitment, railway recruitment board, rrb recruitment news, railway recruitment, Railway Vacancy 2018, Railway Group D 2018, official notice railway group d, RAILWAY group-D cut off of 2013, Kaun sa book pdhe railway group D ke liye ??, Cut off marks of 2018, Kitna cut off ja skta hai RAILWAY group-D ka 2018 me ??, RAILWAY group-D all posts, RAILWAY group-D questions of gk, Last year cut off marks of railway Group-d
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Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York Scenarios 7: New York Switcher (Free Roam)
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you like my content! Also, don't forget to click read more about social links and stuff. Free Switching in the yards of New York. Kind of much late to upload this scenario and it just because there's wasn't a way to end this scenario and had to wait for an update. Since the freight services have come to this route that I might record me doing a service soon. LINKS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ==== Social Stuff: -Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/neallive -2nd Channel: hyperurl.co/j5w3dy -Discord: http://bit.ly/2ca81PE -Imgur: http://bit.ly/2ckec28 -Facebook: http://bit.ly/2bPiBMt -Twitter: http://bit.ly/2cpGHfa -Instagram: http://bit.ly/2c66vRn -Steam Profile: http://bit.ly/2bWgCD8 -Steam Group: http://bit.ly/2bVD1lw ==== Support: -Gamewisp: https://gamewisp.com/neal08ni -Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/neal08ni -Green Man Gaming: http://bit.ly/2cqrL3k -Tad: http://bit.ly/2eumvtaD -CD Keys: http://www.cdkeys.com/?mw_aref=neal08ni -Humble: https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=neal08ni -Donate/Tip: https://streamlabs.com/neallive -Anonuymus Donate/Tip: https://streamtip.com/t/neallive -Cryptocurrnecy: https://1upcoin.com/donate/youtube/neal08ni ===== Information: -Game Mods Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2cqrxJA -Computer Specs: http://bit.ly/2vO3PNU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, I will not tolerate incessantly negative posts on my videos. So please remain civil and conduct yourself with some semblance of proper decorum. Comments ARE moderated, and yours will be deleted and you will be banned if I deem you non-conducive to my channel.
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Chaunskaya Bay Northeast Siberia Russia
Dolce Donzella (Ennio Morricone)
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MTA Kit One Lesson
I. History of Language: 0:11 II. Alphabet: 01:35 III. Reading Decks: 04:18 IV. Spelling Decks: 05:12 V. New Learning: 07:07 VI. Reading Practice: 19:20 VII: Handwriting Practice: 22:58 VIII. Spelling Practice: 25:00 IX. Verbal Expression: 30:06 X. Review: 34:45 XI: Listening: 36:09
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The Northeast Region of the US
The Northeast Region of the US
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State Of The Nation: Tackling The North East Insurgency
For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com
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NorthEast Florida Model RailRoaders Savannah Georgia 01-27-13
Relax inside an observation car of a California Zephyr parked on a siding awaiting traffic clearance aboard the Northeast Florida Model Railroaders 1/87 HO scale model railroad. Observe the various freight trains with odd freight and old steamers rumble by as you enjoy your coffee and tea. This magnificent layout was temporarily erected at the Armstrong Atlantic State University gymnasium in Savannah Georgia for the annual model railroad show 01-27-13 to 01-28-13. If you get bored, the dining car has happy hour all day.
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Six Months After Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast Corridor six months ago today. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the work Amtrak has done since the storm.
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Amtrak's "Desert WInd," the train that should still be.
Amtrak's desert Wind ran from 1979-1997. I was there to capture it from around 1993 until its final days. The train should still be running. Today, it would still be packed and sold out trains because people love train travel and would rather avoid the congestion of freeway traffic. Amtrak's Desert Wind would drop passengers off right at the Union Plaza hotel on Fremont street, right in the heart of ole Las Vegas. I used to love going out to the desert to photograph trains and to practice my guitar. SOme of the best progress I ever made on the guitar was while waiting on trains. I would sit in the truck and practice for hours and when I seen a train coming I would set the guitar down and grab my camera and capture the fleeting moment. Today the Desert Wind is gone but with this video you can get a glimpse of what it was like around the Las Vegas area. None of the video shoots were more than 12 miles from Vegas. I wish I would have taken more. Enjoy. Let me add, that the scene at Boulder Junction was exceedingly difficult to capture with that lighting because the train was about 8 hrs late. That allowed the sun to be setting in the west and lighting up the train and the hotels on the strip.
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Monsoon Forecast for Jul 4, 2017: Monsoon rains in Kolkata, Rajasthan, Northeast
Rains are expected to increase over northeastern states and heavy to very heavy rains are possible over Assam, Meghalaya and Manipur. South Gujarat, Konkan & Goa, Coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar, East Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will witness active Monsoon. Read More: https://www.skymetweather.com/content/national-video/monsoon-forecast-for-jul-4-2017-monsoon-rains-in-kolkata-rajasthan-northeast/ Visit our website: http://www.skymetweather.com/ Follow us on: facebook.com/SkymetWeatherServices/ twitter.com/SkymetWeather/
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Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness   for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands
In this video (part one and two) I go into the wilderness of North Eastern North America with only a knife and live off the land for a week. I document many of the crucial steps and tips and tricks that I do to survive in the forest. Skills shown are shelter, primitive fire, bark containers, water purification, fishing, weaving natural rope, bark shelters, trapping, edible plants, primitive cooking, fish traps....and tons more. ++Just had all my camera gear stolen, with half of my new video on it. Ugh, if anyone feels up to donating to help me replace it, please go to link. Thank you, https://www.gofundme.com/help-replace-tom039s-gear?member=351904 If you would like to support the next video, please help out and donate. Im happy to make these but the reality is that it takes time and $$ paypal.me/wildsurvival Creating these videos is a blast...but can also be limited by $$...if you feel up to it, please chip in so that I can crank out more and more content like this. Visit my Patreon account and donate as little as $1 if you have the ability. Thanks, https://www.patreon.com/WildSurvival **If interested I am running kids and adult classes in Connecticut this May, check out....http://www.wildsurvivalskills.com/schedule-of-classes-and-registration.html **Also, if you would like to be added to my mailing list go to: http://www.wildsurvivalskills.com/contact.html Please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ftIQAlFTI5Z5UyIFWYApg?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomMcelroySurvival/ Instagram: WildSurvivalSkills After a few decades of being obsessed with collecting survival and primitive skills techniques, I am putting out these videos to demonstrate the skills and excursions found at my school, Wild Survival (wildsurvivalskills.com). Videos are focused on primitive skills, rewilding, tracking and nature awareness, living off the land, off grid living, indigenous skills, shelter building, primitive fire, water purification, trapping, hunting, bow making, flint knapping, primitive pottery, basketry, edible and medicinal plant preparation and numerous indigenous skills. I began studying wilderness survival when I was 17 in order to have the ability to spend extensive periods of time in nature, seeking out empowerment without the need for external sources. I began studying in 1993 under Tom Brown Jr eventually teaching for Tracker Inc. I sought-out every old Native American teacher I could and eventually traveled the world living in very remote indigenous villages in the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Peru. My school teaches survival and primitive skills, nature awareness, how to live off the land, re-wilding and how to prepare for disasters. I strongly believe that experiencing survival living changes the way people approach their entire lives. http://www.wildsurvivalskills.com/
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Who Wants to Stop High-Speed Rail?! - EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION
Who could be behind the constant protests, legislation, and anti-rail groups pushing millions of dollars to stop high-speed rail from catching speed in this country? In the first of several multi-part investigations, we look at Florida's anti-rail group pushing to stop Brightline from becoming reality - Citizens Against Rail Expansion. JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hsrac/ SUPPORT US ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2609619 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hsraclub PLEDGE TO THE AMERICAN TRAIN TODAY: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1682189695/155856290?token=ca2e8b5e The American Train Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyON0VPE5BA Music: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (by Liszt) Symphony no. 9 in Em, 'New World' - IV. Allegro con fuoco (by Dvorak) DuPage Symphony Orchestra
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Northeast Ohio police officer and amputee found ability in disability
Ryan Nagy, a police officer from Middleburg Heights, lost his right leg while issuing a citation in 2005. A pickup truck rear-ended his cruiser on the side of the highway and pinned him between his car and the one he had stopped. Ryan’s successful return to work and a normal life following his above-the-knee amputation is a testament to teamwork along with BWC and finding ability in disability with a courageous attitude. His motivation, goal setting, collaboration and a strong support system at home and at work made the difference. Not only has he returned to work, he joined BWC staffers Jim Landon, Industrial Rehabilitation Nurse, and Mukesh Singh, on the Wounded Heroes’ Trek of Hope through the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal.
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Rail: Field Hearing on the Importance of the Northeast Corridor
June 7, 2013 - Full Committee Chairman Bill Shuster and Subcommittee Chairman Jeff Denham (R-CA) preside over a hearing on the Importance of the Northeast Corridor. Witnesses include Hon. Joseph Boardman, President and CEO, Amtrak; Mr. Bob Yaro, Executive Director, Regional Plan Association; Hon. Joan McDonald, Commissioner, New York Department of Transportation; and Mr. John Fry, President, Drexel University.
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KVS Topper AIR 21 Bhumika Jain - How to prepare for PRT, PGT, TGT, KVS teachers' recruitment exams
Big #Diwali_Sale. Get upto 60% discount on Various Govt. Exams #Pendrive_Courses Click here - https://goo.gl/aTFK6Q or #Call_9580048004 or Start Live Chat Support - https://goo.gl/s68PZ1 UPSC/CSE 2019 - https://goo.gl/UrCD46 SSC & Bank - https://goo.gl/9LQ4Ai UPSC Optionals - https://goo.gl/rtmXRU State PSCs - https://goo.gl/FDB32q Defence Exams - https://goo.gl/UEmtRz SSC JE Exams - https://goo.gl/2WyU1Z RBI Grade B - https://goo.gl/PY32m6 NABARD Grade A - https://goo.gl/C6CzAL DMRC Exams - https://goo.gl/yDnvyf Insurance Exams - https://goo.gl/iLEFxf CLAT 2019 - https://goo.gl/Burjtj Railway Jobs - https://goo.gl/5KaL7h Teaching Jobs - https://goo.gl/q117TX UPSC Prelim 2019Test Series -https://goo.gl/zkCG51
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Guitar play by Gaurav Bora creative minds northeast
A beautiful solo guiter play by Gaurav Bora creative minds northeast
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Training Fishermen to Become Fish Farmers
This is the VOA Special English Education Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish There are schools of fish, and there are schools for fishermen. The Cod Academy is a year-long program in Maine, one of the New England states in the American Northeast. The academy is new. The idea is to train current or former ocean-going fishermen to become fish farmers. Sebastian Belle is director of the Maine Aquaculture Association. That group launched the Cod Academy with the University of Maine and other partners. Mr. Belle says the academy teaches all about managing a floating farm. "One of the things we've been teaching the students is how to feed the fish and not overfeed the fish," he says. "You want to give them enough feed, and not waste any."The students practice at eight fish pens about a kilometer and a half from shore. These circular pens are fifty meters wide and covered with netting to keep out seabirds. Each one holds as many as fifty thousand cod. A partner in the academy, Great Bay Aquaculture of New Hampshire, operates this fish farm. Most of the cod will become someone's meal somewhere in the world. Bill Thompson is fifty-nine years old. He served in the Navy and worked as a commercial fisherman. He says the Cod Academy made him a believer in fish farming. "Even if the wild stocks came back to their fullest capacity, they still wouldn't be able to feed the world. So I think this is the way of the future."He and his son were among the first four students who graduated in August. Like any business, fish farming has financial risks. Program director Sebastian Belle says students have to develop a marketing and business plan before they can graduate. Graduates can receive financial assistance from the Maine Aquaculture Association to start their own cod farm. But they will be expected to raise about half the money toward any project.Mr. Belle says the Cod Academy is based on programs to retrain displaced herring and tuna fishermen in Norway and Japan. These government-sponsored programs started more than thirty years ago. He says "It's never been done before in America and we're trying to see if it's a model that has some potential. " Maine had just one commercial cod farm when the students graduated last month, but Mr. Belle hopes things will change. "It's a native fish to Maine. The growing conditions in Maine are very good for cod, and it's kind of a natural choice for us as a state." For VOA Special English, I'm Alex Villarreal. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 15Sep2011)
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Yelawolf - American You
Pre-order the album Love Story now On iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStory Google Play: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStoryGP Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStoryAmz Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Yelawolf.News Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ynkVDL
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Planning a trip to Cherrapunji? You must read our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CHERRAPUNJI: http://www.twobirdsbreakingfree.com/ultimate-guide-to-cherrapunji.html BREAK FREE from the 9-5 forever. MASTER long-term travel: http://www.twobirdsbreakingfree.com FOLLOW: Youtube: https://goo.gl/xbUHBs Instagram: https://goo.gl/5aK5La Facebook: https://goo.gl/AdSF7C Google+: https://goo.gl/ZBNuiY Pinterest: https://goo.gl/schWZ4 GEAR for travel film-making: Canon EOS Rebel SL 1: http://amzn.to/2srNVHk Altura ND Filter Set: http://amzn.to/2sDogec Joby GorillaPod Hybrid: http://amzn.to/2rFgFhU Fotodiox Macro Reverse Ring: http://amzn.to/2srPyEZ Rode Video Mic Go: http://amzn.to/2srGAHA Akaso EK700 4k Action Camera: http://amzn.to/2sDoZvI EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere Pro CC: https://goo.gl/euz9sV BOOK ACCOMMODATION IN CHERRAPUNJI: https://goo.gl/bF5XWK Video description: In this video we show you the spectacular waterfalls & living root bridges that Cherrapunji is so famous for. Cherrapunji, located in Meghalaya state, North-East India, is easily a contender for the most inspiring and incredible places we've visited in Asia so far. Cherrapunji is the second wettest place on Earth. All this rain does have its perks though because without it, you wouldn't see the incredible waterfalls that Cherrapunji is famous for. In this video we show you the waterfalls cascading down from the Eco Tourism Park, the Nohsngithiang Falls (Seven Sisters Falls), Nohkhalikai Falls (340m, tallest plunge waterfall in India) and Rainbow Falls (incredibly beautiful remote jungle waterfall). Many of these waterfalls (except for Rainbow falls) are view-able from viewpoints near the town of Sohra (Cherrapunji town). Cherrapunji is also known for the unique and fascinating living root bridges. These all natural bridges are hand-made by the tribal Khasi & Jaintia people, from the aerial roots of the rubber fig tree (ficus elastica). The aerial roots are interwoven across rivers to form incredibly strong and durable bridges, allowing the people to traverse the river even during heavy floods. To see the living root bridges, we trek from the small village of Tyrna to the remote tribal village of Nongriat. In Nongriat you can find a homestay and stay there a few nights to experience the famous double decker living root bridge, which is found in the village itself. You can also make daily treks into the surrounding wilderness, using Nongriat as a base, to see more amazing living root bridges and the incredibly beautiful rainbow waterfall. Planning a trip to Cherrapunji? You must read our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CHERRAPUNJI: http://www.twobirdsbreakingfree.com/ultimate-guide-to-cherrapunji.html Thanks for watching!
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How to start a movement | November Project | TEDxBeaconStreet
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Bojan and Brogan have figured out the way to motivate people of all ages and athletic backgrounds to wake up early, train their butts off, and meet new friends, all for a very affordable price of a hug or a high-five. This talk will give you an insight into the fastest growing fitness phenomenon and how it's changing the notion that staying in shape should cost money. Bojan (pronounced Boyan) Mandaric, born and raised in Serbia, made his way across the pond in 2002 after being recruited to row for Northeastern University Men's Crew Team. After winning accolades at the national and international level, Bojan decided to turn his interests to running and cycling. Living in Allston, MA with his wife and a 100lb German Shepard, he promotes FREE fitness and off-line human interactions across North America and soon the world. His shaved head and Eastern European look can sometimes project a scary or arrogant personality, but that misconception is gone when he delivers a massive bear hug. Brogan Graham, brought up by hippy parents and raised FREE-range in Madison, Wisconsin. This basket-balling trash-talker jumped into D1 boat racing with Bojan at Northeastern University and BOOOOOOM! he became a racing athlete and city-boy all in the same oneway ticket to Boston, Massachusetts. A world traveler and a promoter of friendly vibes, "BG" is known to be the louder of the two leaders of the November Project. You can plan on seeing this community driven personality building new tribes and new athletes while inspiring racers who are looking for something new. Prepare to hear the F-word a few times and know that this man is a hugger, not a shaker. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Dhola Sadiya bridge - India's longest bridge - Northeast India
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How to use BTS in Bangkok
Here are your FREE Thai lessons, Watch video and visit website for more details http://www.learnthaiwithkate.com
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Train Sim World Gameplay Review
I'm playing Train Sim World, a locomotive simulation by Dovetail Games. The game is a collection of the base release plus three expansions, for a total of four routes with eight trains: Leipzig, London, New York, and Pennsylvania. A total of twenty-five scenarios are included, which last from 20 minutes to several hours. There is no time acceleration in the game, so a three-hour scenario lasts three real hours. In addition, if a scenario is finished ahead of schedule, you still have to wait at the station until the full time expires. Very simple tutorials are included for each train, and help is not extended to the scenarios: the game won’t tell you why the train is not moving, for example. Beyond the scenarios, there are many services that can be completed, but you can’t customize them and they usually involve the entire lengthy route, just at different times of day. Controls are performed using the mouse to click on the actual levers inside each train, keyboard shortcuts, or a gamepad. Each train is similar (throttle, brake, reverser) but also different enough to allow for confusion when changing models. While there is track switching, adding or releasing cars, using the turntable, and (of course) blowing the horn, most of the scenarios simply involve following the speed limit, stopping at certain places, and watching the scenery pass. The in-game map lacks any sort of detail to immerse you into the game, just showing the route and surrounding trains. Train Sim World is a seemingly accurate simulation, but a lack of time acceleration, no scenario flexibility, abbreviated help, and less content compared to other, more established simulations keeps the game at the station.
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Can China Connect the World by High-Speed Rail? | Gerald Chan | TEDxKFAS
China international relations expert Dr. Gerald Chan describes in detail how China will be able to connect the world one day by high-speed rail. With over 16,000 kilometers of railroads, China now has the largest high-speed rail network in the world, and it has started to export its railroads and technologies to other countries through domestic funding. China’s global high-speed rail development is part of its infrastructure diplomacy, which in turn is the core of its initiative to develop the New Silk Road on land and at sea. With the potential impact of connecting the world via high-speed world being huge in terms of political economy, geopolitics, power shifts, and social relations, Dr. Gerald Chan invites us to imagine a more interconnected future. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx Dr. Gerald Chan is Professor and Head of Politics and International Relations at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Professor Chan is a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge. Before he joined the University of Auckland in 2009, he was Professor of East Asian Politics at Durham University, UK, and Director of its China centre. He has been publishing widely in the area of Chinese international relations. His latest book is entitled China Engages Global Governance: A New World Order in the Making? (co-authored with Pak K. Lee and Lai-Ha Chan, Routledge, 2012). He is curious about how Western classical music can merge with taiqi, Asian experiences can enhance our understanding of international relations, and biological science can inform social science. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Vietnam Best Bike Tour Cycling Hanoi Countryside Rural Villages
Vietnam Best Bike Tour Cycling Hanoi Countryside Rural Villages - http://www.vietnamcycling.com offer a wide selection of private guided bicycle tours, mountain bike trips, road cycle, cycling holidays in Vietnam. Whether you look for cycling northern vietnam, vietnam cycling, best vietnam cycling tours, best vietnam bike tours, best north vietnam cycling, northern vietnam bike tours, vietnam bike tours from Hanoi, Hanoi cycling tour, Hanoi bike touradventure tour, bicycle tours, bike, bike travel Vietnam, bike trips, biking, biking Vietnam, cycle, cycling, cycling holidays, cycling Vietnam, holiday, riding Vietnam, Vietnam, vietnam biking tours, vietnam biking travel, vietnam cycling tours, vietnam cycling travel, Vietnam mountain bike, vietnam riding tours, Cycling Challenge Vietnam, cycling tours, Northeast, Northeast Biking Tours, Northeast Vietnam, Notheast Vietnam Cycling, tours, Vietnam adventure tours, vietnam bike tours, Vietnam Cycling Challenge, vietnam cycling tours, bicycle tours Vietnam, Bike Holidays, biking sapa Vietnam, biking tours Vietnam, cycling routes Vietnam, cycling sapa Vietnam, cycling tours Vietnam, cycling Vietnam, sapa bike, sapa cycle, sapa vietnam bike tour, Vietnam Bicycle Tours, vietnam bike tours, vietnam bike tours reviews, vietnam cycling tours, vietnam holidays, Vietnam bike tour, Vietnam bicycle tour, bike tour Vietnam, cycling Vietnam, Biking Vietnam, bicycle tours Vietnam, Bike Holidays, Biking Ha Giang, biking tours Vietnam, cycling ba be, cycling ha giang, cycling routes Vietnam, cycling tours Vietnam, cycling Vietnam, ha giang, north vietnam bicycle, tour Bike, Vietnam Bicycle Tours, vietnam bike tours, vietnam bike tours reviews, vietnam cycling tours, vietnam holidays you will find the information you need on: http://www.vietnamcycling.com http://www.bikinginvietnam.com http://www.cyclingHanoi.com http://www.bikingHanoi.com We are as passionate about the trips we offer as ever. Many who have traveled with us over the years return time and again to see another stunning corner of Vietnam. Especially Cycling in Northeast Vietnam, Northwest Vietnam, Northern Loop Vietnam, cycling Hanoi, bicycle Hanoi, bike Hanoi, biking Hanoi, cycle Hanoi, Hanoi bike, Hanoi bike tours, Hanoi cycling tours, Hanoi bicycle, Hanoi cycling tour, cycling around Hanoi, Hanoi bicycle tour, Hanoi biking tour and Ho Chi Minh Trail biking also. All our bike tour routes have been thoroughly scouted and lodges carefully chosen. Cyclists' hearty appetites are well catered for with cooked breakfasts and substantial dinners included most days. Our local guides add that extra personal touch with their extensive knowledge of each area, culture, history, hill tribes, the flora, fauna and biking skills also. The Vietnam Bike Tour team is dedicated to bringing you the bicycle holiday of a lifetime. A Bike Tour is for every-one, ride at your own pace and make use of the support van when you choose. We have had the pleasure of planning and cycling all Cycling Tours in Vietnam; come and join us at http://www.lotussiatravel.com for a fabulous cycling vacations.
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Northeast Range Nighthawks Band 2011-12
Our Nighthawks Band playing at the Northeast Range vs. N-K boys basketball game. Great job!
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HMUN India Impact 2014  - Child Friendly Guwahati
Delegation: North East India Model United Nations Organization featured in video: Child Friendly Guwahati HMUN India Impact Initiative, through the delegates. showcases stories of organizations across the countries that are working constantly towards the UN MDGs, Here's the story of one such organization in Guwahati.
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Mongol Empire - The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire
CLICK HERE - http://activeterium.com/1DCR - FOR MORE FREE DOCUMENTARIES Mongol Empire - The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire mongol empire - genghis khan - great khan of the mongol empire and great destroyer. the rise of genghis khan and the mongol empire documentary - documentary channel. Start studying Chinese Dynasties of Mongol Empire Achievements Source(s): didn 39 mongol empire india: https://biturl 99 per pageYou receive 100% original final work - Mongol Empire Vs Roman Empire ___________The Mongol Empire Timeline and Mongol Empire Government and Trade notes (lesson 3) Answer to which correctly describes the extent of the mongol empire at its height Mongol empire economy; Since Truman's inaugural words, the capitalist system has logged an incredible number of achievements Mongol Empire Timeline Assignment This Mongol Empire Flag was seen at a 700th anniversary of birth of Mongol Empire Festival in Mongolia 2006[1] #mongol empire quizlet, #mongol empire importance, #mongol empire geography, #mongol empire decline, #mongol empire definition, #mongol empire rise This printable Mongol Empire map shows the "before" history of mongol empire in countryballs. Search Results for "how did the Mongolian empire rise to power" he decreed the adoption of the uyghur script as the mongol empire's writing system. he also practiced meritocracy and encouraged religious tolerance in the mongol empire while unifying the nomadic tribes of northeast asia. history of the mongolian empire full documentary) 169. the last major defense lead by king bela iv settles next to the sajo river to recuperate not aware that the entire mongol invasion force sits on the other side. genghis khan - rise of mongol empire - documentary - by roothmens. a timelapse of me building an empire as mongolia.. top 5 largest empires. during the soviet purge most of the mongol nobility in mongolia were purged. see how quickly the mongols were united under genghis khan and then strengthened enough to take on all of asia and conquer one of history's largest empires of all time in less than a century! before genghis khan died he assigned ögedei khan as his successor and split his empire into khanates among his sons and grandsons. now historians agree that under kublai khaan the mongol empire was still considered one empire which makes it the largest empire whether siberia is included to the land measurement or not. the rise and fall of the mongol empire. his offspring prolonged the mongol empire throughout most of eurasia by overcoming or creating vassal states out of all of modern-day china korea the caucasus central asia and significant portions of modern eastern europe russia and the middle east. Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Mongol Empire Achievements Mongol Empire - The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire
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Northeast Climate
Come to the NE- info about climate and activities
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A Guide to Booking Train Travel Tickets : How to Book Train Travel From New York to Philadelphia
When booking train travel tickets from New York to Philadelphia, contact an Amtrak representative and directly keep in mind that some amenities might not be included. Plan a terrific trip from New York to Philadelphia with tips from a full-service travel agent in this free video on train travel. Expert: Russ Handler Contact: www.rhconsumernetwork.com Bio: Russ Handler owns an online travel agency. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Grand Central Station: How a Train Transformed America
Grand Central: How a Station Transformed America (Grand Central Publishing) is a rich and entertaining history of the iconic Grand Central Terminal just in time to celebrate the train station's 100th fabulous anniversary. In the winter of 1913, Grand Central Station was officially opened and immediately became one of the most beautiful and recognizable Manhattan landmarks. In this celebration of the one hundred-year-old terminal, Sam Roberts of The New York Times looks back at Grand Central's conception and amazing history, as well as the far-reaching cultural effects of a station that continues to amaze tourists and shuttle busy commuters. Along the way, Roberts will explore how the Manhattan transit hub foreshadowed the evolution of suburban expansion in the country and fostered the nation's westward expansion and growth via the railroad. With stories about everything from the famous movies that have used Grand Central as a location to the celestial ceiling in the main lobby (including its stunning mistake) to the homeless denizens who reside in the buildings catacombs, this is a fascinating and exciting look at a true American institution. This event was hosted by the Graduate Center's Gotham Center for New York City History at the Proshansky Auditorium on February 28, 2013.
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American History - Part 077 - Pierce - Kansas-Nebraska Bill - Railroads
Franklin Pierce was from the northeastern state of New Hampshire. He was a lawyer and former state lawmaker. He also had served in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. He became an officer in the Army during America's war with Mexico in the late 1840s. Franklin Pierce was a young man. And his inauguration speech was about a young America. He promised strong support for expanding the territory of the United States. He also promised a strong foreign policy. In his foreign policy, President Pierce successfully negotiated with Britain to gain American fishing rights along the coast of Canada. However, he was unsuccessful in an attempt to buy Cuba from Spain. One of the most important developments in foreign policy during Pierce's administration actually began earlier. Former president Millard Fillmore had sent Navy Commodore Matthew Perry to Asia. Perry finally sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1853. His arrival led to the establishment of diplomatic and trade relations between the United States and Japan. As America grew and white settlers moved west, many felt a great need for good transportation. They wanted railroads that reached across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Engineers decided that four new rail lines would be possible. One could cross the northern part of the country, connecting the cities of Saint Paul and Seattle. Another could cross the middle, connecting Saint Louis and San Francisco. A third could connect Memphis and San Francisco. And a fourth could be far to the south, connecting New Orleans and San Diego. Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois proposed that three lines be built. He said the government could give land to the railroad companies. The companies could then sell the land to get the money they needed to build the lines. A Senate committee discussed the situation. It decided that building three railroads at the same time would be too difficult. It proposed that only one be built. But which one? Many congressmen believed that a southern line would be best. There would be little snow in winter. And the railroad would cross lands already organized as states or official territories. A northern or central line would face severe winter weather. And it would have to cross a wild area called Nebraska. Nebraska was neither a state nor a territory. In trying to settle the question of railroads, the issue of slavery rose once again. Nebraska lay north of the Missouri compromise line, which had been established in 1820. Slavery was not permitted there. The state of Missouri lay next to Nebraska. Missouri was a slave state. For years, Congressmen from Missouri had defeated all attempts to make Nebraska an official territory. When Congress met in 1853, it considered a new bill on Nebraska. Instead of creating one large territory, the bill would create two. The northern part would be called the Nebraska territory. The southern part would be called the Kansas territory. The proposal to split them was called the Kansas-Nebraska bill. The bill did not clearly say if slavery would be legal, or illegal, in the two new territories. The purpose of the Kansas-Nebraska bill reportedly was to settle differences among opposing railroad interests in the area. Yet many Americans believed the real purpose was to permit the spread of slavery. A group of anti-slavery Senators denounced the bill. They said it was part of a southern plan to spread slavery wherever possible. They also said it was being used by Senator Stephen Douglas for political purposes. They said he was trying to gain southern support for himself in the next presidential election. When the Senate began debate on the Kansas-Nebraska bill, Stephen Douglas was the first to defend it. Douglas said the bill would give people in the Kansas and Nebraska territories the right to decide if slavery would be permitted. He said the same right had been given to people in New Mexico and Utah by the compromise of 1850. And he said that same right was meant for people of all future territories. In the past, he noted, the national government had tried to divide free states from slave states by a line across a map. He said a geographical line was not the answer. He said the people of a state or territory had the right to decide for themselves. Douglas argued that the compromise of 1850 took the place of the earlier Missouri compromise of 1820. The new Kansas-Nebraska bill, he said, simply recognized the fact that the Missouri compromise was dead. In the southern United States, the Kansas-Nebraska bill caused little excitement. Most southerners were not greatly interested in it. They believed it might help the cause of slavery. But they also believed it might lead to trouble. thanks to manythings.org for audio and text This VOA product is in the public domain
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KV Principal Robbed On Train While Travelling To Delhi To Collect Her Medal
A Kendriya Vidyalay 2 Principal from Gwalior was looted on the train when she was travelling to Delhi to collect her medal from President Pranab Mukherjee on Teacher's Day. For more news from Dilli Aaj Tak Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyyP7tUlQYhYCDmqafg7Rpg
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Back Bay train station Boston
I was on Massachusette commuter rail line from Station route 128 to Back Bay stations.
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Excerpt 2: Developing Evaluation Questions
Webinar: Planning for High-Quality Evaluation of Professional Learning, Session 1 Many local education agencies lack the capacity to evaluate their own professional learning and development (PLD) initiatives, meaning districts may be spending resources on PLD that are not resulting in the desired outcomes. This REL Northeast & Islands webinar is the first in a three-part training series on how to plan and execute high-quality evaluations of educator PLD. Dr. Katrina Bledsoe and Dr. Candice Bocala discuss the basics necessary to plan a good program evaluation. They introduce participants to logic models as a way of clearly articulating the central components of the PLD and its outcomes. They also discuss how to develop good evaluation questions. ****************************************************** Excerpt 2: Developing Evaluation Questions Dr. Katrina Bledsoe explains the difference between formative and summative evaluation questions. View the full Session 1: https://youtu.be/9exQeGFhOL4 View Session 1, Excerpt 3: https://youtu.be/8iMXh6GJU3E This video was prepared under Contract ED-IES-17-C-0008 by Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands, administered by EDC. The content does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of IES or the U.S. Department of Education, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.
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How to "Track a Train", Amtrak's New Status Tool
Learn how to use Amtrak's new train status tool: "Track a Train".
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TS2015 HD: Siemens ACS-64 614 Leads Eastbound Amtrak Northeast Regional Train out of New London, CT
New Haven - Boston Route extension update: As of 2/1/15, the route has been extended from New London, CT to Old Saybrook, CT. Find out more about the route and the author's plans here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330377563
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