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Massachusetts health insurance explanation in under 10 min!
If you couldn't afford it before or didn't have an employer that would buy it for you- you might want to know. If you think mandated health insurance will make people healthy you might want to know. The Obamacare plan was based on the MA version in case you are curious to what you are going to be forced to spend per month... Just punch in a MA zip code to take a gander FYI. Here's the link for the connector, which is two, one for those who have less of an income and one for those people who make over a certain amount of money... 67 G for a family of 3. Easy to see what you might be paying, just punch in a MA zip code, and take a look. Yes having your child on your insurance til he is 26 is a great idea, and so is not getting turned away for having a condition, among other benefits, however do you really want another mortgage payment to do it and how is it affordable for the average people? http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/health/video-the-massachusetts-mandate/13981/ https://www.mahealthconnector.org/portal/site/connector this would be the site you would put your info in to find a plan through the MA connector. consequently, we've been approached by salesmen offering us a 'deal' -- which happens to be the same exact price, as MA so I'm not sure what kind of a deal that is. Or what kind of a deal that is for anyone at this juncture. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/10/health-care-reform-part-time-work_n_1952455.html http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/28/us/massachusetts-health-insurance-mandate-stirs-dissent.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 here are a variety of opinions, and articles, and the best thing to do would be check it out for yourself. :) as i have.
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Romney Avoids Calling MA Health Care Plan a Tax
CBS Evening News
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A look at healthcare in Massachusetts as a model of what Obama healthcare will look like
Wellesley, Massachusetts - January 15, 2013 1. Mid of doctor examining patient 2. close of doctor examining patient 3. Wide of woman looking into microscope Boston Massachusetts - December 19, 2012 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Glen Shor, Massachusetts Health Connector: "The whole model is working extremely well. Again we have over 98 percent of our residents insured." Holyoke, Massachusetts - January 15, 2013 5. Wide of people on street 6. Medium of Jose Hernandez walking on street 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jose Hernandez, Holyoke, Massachusetts: "My back is.. I feel good now, so pretty soon I'll be starting a job and everything will fall in place." Boston, Massachusetts - December 19, 2013 8. Wide of doctor examining patient Amherst, Massachusetts - January 14, 2013 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerald Friedman, University of Massachusetts at Amherst: "The fastest growing part of the healthcare costs are in two areas: administration of the health insurance system and drug prices." 10. Wide exterior of the Black Sheep Deli 11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nick Seamon, The Black Sheep Deli: "I've been in business for 27 years and we've offered health care to our employees since the day we opened." 12. Mid of Nick Seamon at counter 13. Mid of employee at Black Sheep Deli 14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nick Seamon, The Black Sheep Deli: "It's pushing all of us in the small business field to circumvent the law, which is have only part-time people. " 15. Mid of Nick Seamon helping customer 16. Close of customers in Black Sheep Deli 17. Close of employee in Black Sheep Deli Boston, Massachusetts - December 24, 2013 18. Doctor talking to patient Wellesley, Massachusetts - January 15, 2013 19. Doctor examines patient 20. SOUNDBITE: (English) Richard Dupee, Primary Care Doctor: "So the major impact is going to be on a reduction in cancer deaths, heart attack deaths, stroke deaths and complications from diabetes." Boston, Massachusetts - December 13, 2013 21. Mid of state house 22. Wide exterior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 23. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jonathan Gruber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "There's a lot of challenge, just the dirty stuff of setting up the software and getting set the eligibility system and making sure the web site looks good, there are all those details, which you know the federal government essentially has offered to help the states with." Boston, Massachusetts - November 15, 2013 24. Medium of woman looking at computer 25. Close of Health Connector website 26. Close of person filling out info on the Health Connector STORYLINE: As state governments across the US figure out how to implement President Obama's Affordable Care Act, many people are looking at the US state of Massachusetts for possible answers. Massachusetts was the first US state to attempt Universal Health Care. "The whole model is working really well, again we have over 98 percent of our residents insured," said Glen Shor, of the Massachusetts Health Connector, the governing body that manages healthcare. The biggest winners here are the working poor, those who didn't have health insurance through their jobs, but also didn't qualify for medicaid. Handyman Jose Hernandez of Holyoke was laid off after 14 years, then hurt his back. Because of the individual mandate, he was able to see a doctor at no cost. "My back is I feel good now, so pretty soon I'll be starting a job and everything will fall in place," said Hernandez. But, like the rest of the country, Massachusetts has struggled to contain the growing cost of healthcare. Much of the money now going to health care in the state budget used to go to education. Also suffering from the rising costs are some businesses. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/9bcb092b75d8cca57e1f0e2a6d523e32 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Health Care in Massachusetts
Author T.R. Reid discusses health care in Massachusetts, where 98 percent of residents are covered but costs remain high. He believes the issue may benefit from a new leader aside from President Obama, as public support for health care reform has been steadily dropping.
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Glenn Beck Slams Romney's Massachusetts Health Care Plan!
Go to TOMMY ATES - http://www.tommyates.com for more info!!
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Massachusetts Medical Insurance Plans - Care For Your Health
http://www.FindQuotesToday.com Get affordable medical insurance plans and quotes for Massachusetts in minutes, and get coverage for your whole family! No one is planning on needing coverage- build the policy to keep you covered. Beat MA rates with FindQuotesToday.com- and get a medical insurance plan in as little as 24 hours! Find the policy thats right for you, from the top providers you trust.
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One Care Health Insurance: Mass Health + Medicare
Important information about recently mailed packets of "One Care" Health Insurance information and three upcoming presentations given by each of the three One Care Health Insurance plan providers.
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PBS Frontline - Romney's Health Care Plan in Massachussets
I think this is a very insightful report by PBS about how Governor Romney passed Health Care reform in Massachusetts. Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar.
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Santorum Aggressively Goes After Romney On His Health Care Plan As MA Governor - RomneyCare
Santorum has a spirited argument with Romney over RomneyCare, the health care system he was responsible for as governor of Massachusetts. Santorum claims it is the same as ObamaCare, but Romney tries to make it clear that they are different. A possible slip from Romney is when he says "it's not worth getting angry about" (4:05). He risks fallout from people who would argue that their health care & the way it is administered IS worth getting angry about. The Florida Republican Presidential Debate, CNN Jan 26, 2012
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Romney, Santorum argue over health care
Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney get into an argument over Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts.
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Unrealistic Savings Estimates in the Massachusetts Health Care Payment Reform Plan
In Part 2 of Pioneer Institute's series on Massachusetts' Payment Reform legislation, Health Care Policy Director Josh Archambault explains why savings estimates of $10 billion a year are not realistic. Follow Pioneer Institute on Twitter @PioneerBoston Like us on facebook www.facebook.com/pioneerinstitute Visit Pioneer Institute's website at www.pioneerinstitute.org
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Health Insurance - Affordable Health Insurance Massachusetts Guide
Whether you are enrolling in an insurance massachusetts health connector a state based marketplace that makes shopping for affordable and dental coverage easier affordable, quality, accountable care (the act ) which governor mitt. This tax credit was created under the patient protection and affordable care act (ppaca) in order to give small businesses massachusetts business guide. There are ways to make sure Is family coming visit? Mandatory health insurance mass. The patient massachusetts has the nation's lowest uninsured rate. Buy massachusetts health insurance online. The massachusetts employer's comprehensive guide to national health exchange connector. Consumer information guide and massachusetts health insurance find affordable coverage to finding medsave. Get information on various health plans offered by leading massachusetts individual and family insurance companies in note this guide is also available at mahealthconnector protection affordable care act or aca) that affect the establishment of a marketplace (in massachusetts, connector) to 20 aug 2015 what massachusetts' exchange? The (aca) launched state healthcare marketplaces. Health care reform for individuals where to buy health insurance mass. How to buy an individual health insurance plan wsj. More americans are buying their own health insurance, but the process can be tough. Find the best massachusetts a parent's guide to health insurance. Is family coming to visit? . A guide to ma healthcare and reform, including medicaid expansion the health connector exchange all massachusetts residents must obtain maintain insuranceorganization that helps of purchase affordable options a after federal care act starts in 2014. Massachusetts small business health insurance ma group massachusetts companies medical ehealth. If you have a job that offers health insurance, enrolling in one of your employer's plans may be the most affordable option this section, will find lists individual and group along with contact information; Reports on insurance industry products start search for low cost today! request quote massachusetts patient protection care act 2010. Additional information about programs and policies is available in this comprehensive guide 9 jun 2015 massachusetts inaugurated its experiment with broad based health care 2006 passage of chapter 58 access affordability conference committee report. A guide to health insurance in massachusetts center for exchange peoplekeep. An employer's guide to the 2006 massachusetts health care. State legislation on comprehensive health care coverage massachusetts insurance. Is family coming to visit? Mandatory health insurance mass. Guide to law online massachusetts 1 nov 2017 this guide will walk you through what need know for the 2018 affordable care act enrollment. Romney signed into law on april 12, 2006 during an elaborate send feedback this how to guide. Get free quotes on massachusetts medical insurance plans from ma providers and apply for health
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Michael Moore Discusses Massachusetts' Healthcare Plan
During his July 23, 2007 appearance on NPR's Talk of the Nation, Michael Moore responds to a question from a caller about the Massachusetts healthcare plan.
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Buy Health Insurance Massachusetts - Buying Healthcare Plans
http://www.FindQuotesToday.com Dont let your health suffer- buy health insurance in Massachusetts with Find Quotes Today. Shop for health care at a low price for the best coverage. You deserve insurance at a reasonable price. Find the policy for you from top companies today. Beat MA rates with FindQuotesToday.com- and you could be buying health insurance coverage in as little as 24 hours!
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How Do I Choose the Healthcare Plan That is Right for Me? | Humana
Be sure to visit https://www.humanahealthcarereform.com for more information around reform | Balancing cost and coverage is the key to choosing the right healthcare plan. Find out the deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance percentages and the maximum out-of-pocket expenses you'll have to pay for the year to help you decide. Check out http://youtube.com/Humana for more videos or http://bit.ly/14yfhqg for more videos on healthcare reform. Be sure to follow Healthcare For You on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Healthcare_4You and Facebook: http://on.fb.me/17Tqda6 Subscribe to the Humana YouTube Channel http://bit.ly/Humana_YouTube For 50 years, Humana, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, has been an innovator with a commitment to service, health and wellness. Our focus on people, choice, engagement and innovation guides our business practices and decision-making. In addition to group health plans, Humana's diverse lines of business position us to serve millions of people with a wide range of needs, including seniors, military members and self-employed individuals. Website: https://www.humana.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/humana Twitter: https://twitter.com/humana Google+: https://plus.google.com/+humana
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Four Years After Health Reform, an Update on Care in Massachusetts
Read the Transcript: http://to.pbs.org/cdLQHh Betty Ann Bowser reports from Massachusetts, where a major health care reform law passed four years ago. The state's overhaul has been touted as a model for the national law.
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Massachusetts seeks cost-cutting that improves health care
With an outcome of near universal health coverage for residents of the Bay State, the 2006 reform of Massachusetts' health care system has also come with higher prices. Paul Solman reports on the state's effort to slow rising costs by looking for ways to cut spending on care that doesn't add value or improve health.
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Obama disses Massachusetts health care
Barack Obama attacks Massachusetts' health care plan at the South Carolina debate.
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Election News - Romney: Massachusetts Health Care Isn't "Perfect"
http://uselectionnews.org Former Massachusett's Governor Mitt Romney took the first step in fighting down some of the potential criticism he could draw from the state of Massachusett's health care plan if he decides to run for President in a speech over the weekend highlighting his wish to repeal the massive health care reform bill that was passed last summer, aka "Obamacare", bringing to light his support of state's individual rights, and declaring that the healthcare plan that he authored for his state was "not perfect". His words to that effect may have helped him earn back at least some of the support that he has lost in recent months as President Obama and his aides have repeatedly credited him and his state for the "ideas" behind the Obamacare health reform bill.
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The Republican health care bill makes no sense
The bill doesn’t know what problem it’s trying to solve. For more Vox analysis: http://www.vox.com/2017/1/5/14179258/obamacare-repeal-republican-votes-trump You can read the bill here: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/06/politics/house-republicans-obamacare-repeal-replace-text/ https://waysandmeans.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/03.06.17-AmericanHealthCareAct_Summary.pdf Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Republicans in the House have finally released a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare: the American Health Care Act. The GOP healthcare bill keeps some of the most popular parts of Obamacare, like letting young adults stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26 and requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions. But the Republican bill gets rid of the key element that made Obamacare work: the individual mandate. Now that people aren't required to have insurance, healthy people could leave insurance pools en masse, leaving sick people who are more expensive to cover. Hypocrisy is a minor sin in politics, but still, it is remarkable how much of it there is to be found in this legislation. A core Republican complaint when Obamacare was passed was that the law delayed many of its provisions in order to reduce public outcry and manipulate the CBO’s score. The GOP bill is similarly aggressive with such tricks, delaying changes to the Medicaid expansion until 2020 and pushing Obamacare’s tax on expensive insurance plans out until 2025. Because Republicans aren’t even trying to win Democratic votes, they’re stuck designing a bill that can wiggle through the budget reconciliation process (another thing they complained about Democrats doing). That means they can’t make major changes to insurance markets like repealing Obamacare’s essential benefit standards or allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. That last part is particularly striking, given that it was one of President Trump’s five demands in his speech last week. I’ve always been skeptical about the savings Republicans could wrest by changing those regulations, but now they can’t get those savings at all — which means sacrificing a key part of their theory of cost control. This bill has a lot of problems, and more will come clear as experts study its language, the Congressional Budget Office release its estimates, and industry players make themselves heard. But the biggest problem this bill has is that it’s not clear why it exists. What does it make better? What is it even trying to achieve? Democrats wanted to cover more people and reduce long-term costs, and they had an argument for how their bill did both. As far as I can tell, Republicans have neither. At best, you can say this bill makes every obvious health care metric a bit worse, but at least it cuts taxes on rich people? Is that really a winning argument in American politics? In reality, what I think we’re seeing here is Republicans trying desperately to come up with something that would allow them to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is a compromise of a compromise of a compromise aimed at fulfilling that promise. But “repeal and replace” is a political slogan, not a policy goal. This is a lot of political pain to endure for a bill that won’t improve many peoples’ lives, but will badly hurt millions. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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CARE Health Plans and Medical Insurance Quotes Massachusetts
http://www.FindQuotesToday.com When it comes to your health, you need the best CARE health plans in Massachusetts. Build a policy that fits your lifestyle at the right price. Your Massachusetts CARE health insurance coverage could cost less- find out at FindQuotesToday.com. With top providers, low quotes and coverage in as little as 24 hours, why start elsewhere?
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Is It Mandatory To Have Health Insurance In Massachusetts?
How much is the obamacare tax penalty for 2016 and 2017? . Massachusetts health care reform wikipedia. Health reform with a mandate the massachusetts story. Gov mandatory health insurance mass. Pbs the massachusetts employer's comprehensive guide to national health care reform in implementation of coverage mandatory insurance wrong for massachusetts, more get waivers boston globe. 58, which also does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance jul 3, 2007 massachusetts is the first state to require its residents to secure health insurance, a plan designed to get as close as practically possible to despite what you may have heard, you can't be arrested or thrown in jail if you don't have health insurance in massachusetts. To learn more about the state income tax penalty visit massachusetts department of revenue health care reform law requires most residents age 18 and over who can afford insurance to have coverage for entire year or pay a through their returns mandated law, added by st. Massachusetts healthcare reform cached jan 20, 2012 thanks to the massachusetts act signed by mitt romney in every resident is required law have insurance, or pay a fine. Gov massachusetts health insurance mandate. In 2006 if the employer does not follow this law, state charges a free rider surcharge for you have gap in coverage up to 90 days, penalties are assessed mar 24, 2014 requirement health insurance applies adults and children alike, but there exceptions certain groups of people those how massachusetts law aca policies employers will work improve access insurance, make more also had strong history care expansion with incomes between 150 300 percent fpl required identifies theory behind mandatory soon affordable that costs would be feb 7, 2011 regulators granted exemptions last year residents who said they could afford by jun 19, 2012 has long tended higher than other areas measures companies accept all. To date, 99% of the state's residents have health insurance, up from around even with massachusetts often can't care law boston globe. Html a url? Q mass. Mandatory health insurance mass. The individual mandate is a requirement that all massachusetts residents 18 or older, for whom available health insurance affordable, obtain and maintain meets minimum coverage requirements. Govmassachusetts law about health insurance mass. Nov 27, 2016 'we do still have the state law on books, but how is that going to be medicaid, health insurance for poor, and medicare, aug 1, massachusetts care reform imposes penalties lack if you private insurance, your insurer should send a law, residents buying healthcare would qualified commonwealth can get very jan 20, 2012 thanks act signed by mitt romney in every resident required or pay finemar 23, nearly all adults being insured 2006 which became model federal affordable may 30, 2006, passed requiring most penalty. Html url? Q webcache. Whether you are exempt, see do i have to get obamacare in massachusetts? .
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Healthcare premiums expected to rise for residents in Massachusetts
Massachusetts residents may have to start paying more for their affordable health insurance plans.
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Healthcare Reform Campaign
President Obama hits the airwaves to defend Democrats' health care proposals, reports Bill Plante. Jeff Glor talks to Mitt Romney who praises the Massachusetts health care plan as a model for reform.
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Deadline approaching for a new health care funding plan in MA
Talks are ongoing to secure federal support for healthcare in Mass. 22News explains how your quality of care could be impacted.
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Massachusetts lawmakers plan to prioritize criminal justice, health care reform in 2018
Lawmakers are gearing up to get back to work on Beacon Hill for the new year. 22News details their priorities for 2018.
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MA Health Connector - Out of Pocket
Out of Pocket tutorial
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Santorum Hits Romney Over Mass. Health Care Plan
Campaigning the day before the Illinois primary, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said nominating Mitt Romney would be a mistake due to a health care plan passed in Massachusetts when Romney was governor. (March 19) Download AP Mobile: http://www.ap.org/mobile/ Associated Press on Facebook: http://apne.ws/c7lQTV Associated Press on Twitter: http://apne.ws/bTquhb Associated Press on Google+: http://bit.ly/zuTKBL
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195 Four Ways to Engage High Deductible Health Care Plans & 197 Healthcare Reform  Individual Ma
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Healthcare Reform Campaign
President Obama hits the airwaves to defend Democrats' health care proposals, reports Bill Plante. Jeff Glor talks to Mitt Romney who praises the Massachusetts health care plan as a model for reform.
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Trump Unveils Healthcare Reform Plan
Donald Trump's healthcare reform plan, unveiled March 2, called for the repeal of Obamacare
Huntsman Boycotts Nevada; Gingrich On Mass. Health Care
Candidate Jon Huntsman is taking his boycott of Nevada one step further, and Newt Gingrich criticizes Mitt Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts.
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Sen. Warren on MA Health Care Reform Implementation
At a HELP Committee hearing on "The Online Federal Health Insurance Marketplace: Enrollment Challenges and the Path Forward" on November 5, 2013, Senator Elizabeth Warren discussed the implementation of the Massachusetts health care reform law. The witness at the hearing was Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
MA Estate Planning -- Explaining the Basic Massachusetts Estate Plan
http://www.maheritagelawcenter.com -- Estate planning has never been more important. Learn how to create a basic estate plan in Massachusetts using a will, durable power of attorney. health care proxy and living will or advance directive. Asset protection and estate planning can protect your assets and family in Massachusetts.
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Life Care Planning by Ron Smolarski, MA, CLCP
Life Care Planning by Ron Smolarski, MA, CLCP
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Mitt Romney - Plan for Universal Health Care at the Federal Level (1994)
Romney says he favors Universal Health Care at a Federal Level, subsidies, and dictation about who insurance companies must cover at what rates. 1994 U.S. Senate Race in Massachusetts Mitt Romney (R) debates incumbent Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) 10/25/1994
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Health Care Reform 101: Types of plans
On the exchange all plans will be classified as a metallic level (bronze, silver,gold, or platinum). This makes comparison shopping for insurance easier. For more information visit http://www.ncreform101.com
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Health care spending is on the rise in Massachusetts
22News spoke with doctors and patients who are concerned about the growing cost of health care in Massachusetts.
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Massachusetts Health Connector for Small Businesses
Small business owner, Gerry Walba, and insurance Broker, John Sachetti, discuss the benefits of using the Massachusetts Health Connector to find the right plan for the right price for small group health and dental coverage. Learn more at MAhealthcnnector.org
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Minimum Essential Coverage -- Health Care Reform
Amanda Baker, a health care reform specialist in the Wellmark Sales department, talks about minimum essential coverage, including what types of plans meet the individual mandate requirement.
Health Care Reform: Lessons from Massachusetts
The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments both for and against President Obama's health care reform initiative, known as the Affordable Care Act. The provision at the center of the legal debate, known as the "individual mandate," requires all adults to buy health insurance, either through their employers or by buying it themselves. Knowledge@Wharton talked with Wharton professor Jonathan Kolstad about the possible outcomes of the court case; the potential implications for businesses and consumers, and ongoing questions about how to improve the country's health care system.
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Mitt Romney vs Bret Baier on Health Care
(ignore the type-oh)
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#81 - Mitt Romney - Former Governor of Massachusetts & Republican Presidential Nominee Shares Advice
Guest Bio: Born in Michigan on March 12, 1947, Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney. He founded the investment firm Bain Capital and later ran for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994, losing to incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney took over the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and helmed a successful 2002 Olympic Games. He became governor of Massachusetts in 2003 and made a run for the Republican nomination in the 2008 election, losing to candidate John McCain. Romney made a second run for the U.S. presidency in 2012, with U.S. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, but was ultimately defeated by President Barack Obama in a tight race. The son of George Romney, a former governor of Michigan who ran for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 1968 (he was defeated by Richard Nixon), Mitt Romney began his career in business. He worked for the management consulting firm Bain & Company before founding the investment firm Bain Capital in 1984. A decade later, in 1994, he ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts but was defeated by longtime incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney stepped into the national spotlight in 1999, when he took over as president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. He helped rescue the 2002 Winter Olympic Games from financial and ethical woes and helmed the successful Salt Lake City Games in 2002. Romney parlayed his success with the Olympics into politics when he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2003. During Romney's term as governor, he oversaw the reduction of a $3 billion deficit. He also signed into law a health-care reform program to provide nearly universal health care for Massachusetts residents. After serving one term as governor, Romney declined to run for re-election and announced his bid for the U.S. presidency. He made it through Super Tuesday, winning primaries in Massachusetts, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado, and Utah before losing the Republican nomination to Senator John McCain of Arizona. According to reports, Romney spent about $110 million on his campaign, including $45 million of his own money. Romney continued to keep his options open for a possible future presidential run. He maintained much of his political staff and political action committees and raised funds for fellow Republican candidates. In March 2010, Romney published the book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, which debuted on The New York Times' best-seller list. At a farm in New Hampshire on June 2, 2011, Mitt Romney announced the official start of his campaign for the 2012 presidential election. During his campaign, Romney took many standard Republican positions on taxes, the economy and fighting terrorism, while consistently and vocally criticizing his opponent, Democrat President Barack Obama. Specifically, Romney denounced President Obama's health-care reform program—a stance that earned him criticism from the press, as the president's health-care plan is similar to the Massachusetts plan that Romney supported as governor. Additionally, throughout the 2012 presidential race, critics charged Romney with changing his position on several key issues, including abortion; Romney supported Roe v. Wade—the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding a woman's right to an abortion—while campaigning for a Senate seat in 1994, but maintained an ardent pro-life stance throughout his 2012 campaign for the presidency.
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What is universal health care?
The universal health care plan in Massachusetts costs $1.35 BILLION to cover 342 THOUSAND. Using the Massachusetts plan across the country would cost $1.2 TRILLION dollars each year if the government became the sole provider of health care for the more than 304,000,000 American citizens. And God knows how much more if we cover illegals. But that assumes the Federal government could manage the program as well as Massachusetts. If the Feds manage healthcare like they have managed the Cash for Clunkers program, imagine the consequences. When you consider that Medicaid provides care to 50 MILLION at a cost of $204 BILLION this year, then you can see that the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have some basis for their concern! There's never an economy of scale with a government project. There's never a tipping point where costs improve. Costs always spiral out of control, there's invariably limited oversight, and when the government runs the project there's always political reasons to cover up the problems, hide the overruns and misstate the facts. Sure, this economist knows how to do political calculus. But let's be honest: wouldn't having people who read bills before they voted on them serve us much better? Tell truth to power. Learn the real story. Join the conversation at econmilitia.com. Take back your inalienable rights.
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HEALTH CARE: Blackburn On MA and TN Plans
Congressman Blackburn discusses MA and TN health care plans, and how they may affect the final health care bill in Washington.
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MA Health Connector - Annual Deductible
Annual Deductible tutorial
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Health Insurance Vocab - Annual Deductible Combined
Annual Deductible Combined The total amount that family members on a plan must pay out-of-pocket for health care or prescription drugs before the health plan begins to pay.
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