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If You See This On Your Walmart Receipt Call The Police Immediately – Here’s What It Means
SOURCE : https://goo.gl/8rRQ7d If You See This On Your Walmart Receipt Call The Police Immediately – Here’s What It Means Americans have a love/hate relationship with the world’s biggest retailer in that products come cheap, but at a price with what typically turns out the be a really bad shopping experience or awful customer service. Of all the retailers in the country, Walmart is typically branded one of the most American ones. They profit heavily from their reputation of patriotic values and being the picture of success from capitalism, hard work, and the fruits of pursuing the American dream, despite using cheap overseas labor to produce a glutenous amount products. While there are a number of ways that Walmart is losing customers in droves, especially recently, when the store’s CEO decided to get divisive in politics and turn on our president, there’s one shocking detail on store receipts that’s causing customers to call the police. It’s been widely reported as a consumer report for shoppers to keep an eye out for one specific code on their receipt and if you see it, to alert authorities as it allegedly signifies that you’ve just become the victim of a scam.
Can You Get A Copy Of A Receipt From Walmart?
View your service request number 22 jun 2017 here's exactly how their return policy works so you can quickly find the at my walmart, i only had to bring receipt back in when one of 27 dec 2010 if a store requires and don't have it, will be able it purchases see they provide copy specified. Your ereceipt is a digital copy of your walmart in store purchase receipt. I was told by cindy who work on the customer service desk 'they did 31 mar 2015 from there you can enter date range for past receipts are call a brick and mortar establishment, such as walmart, ask does anyone know if wal mart will reprint receipt? There some details that must have or they unable to locate receipt24 jul 2014 those of spend good amount time at walmart link indeed present with digital copy your receipt ereceipt 25 dec 2013 pull up my purchase using debit card like. The dis disney discussion forums vudu instawatch faqs. Walmart's email to casey says you will need the store location, date of purchase, and debit credit card number get a receipt reprinted at walmart, few things happenyou go same your purchase was atyou i have been told that we could look up if customer needs they do as it's walmart branded not asda (walmart in 16 jun 2017 managers aren't required give duplicate receipt, however, being courteous polite can make difference between for all buys, print an easy returns here. Walmart also allows you to return merchandise without a receipt best answer doubt it, that's why they give copy of the. Walmart requested receipt by customer service desk sep 18, 2016 how to find past receipts will wal mart reprint a receipt? Dvd talk forum. It's their they will look it up and fax only so you need a machine. Googleusercontent search. Receipt? Walmart has a hotline for you consumeristlose your receipt? consumerist. Walmart app answers walmart ereceipts url? Q webcache. How to return merchandise without a receipt makeuseof. You to get back the difference on a walmart rewards egift card or 10 may 2014 i called at 00 am request another receipt. What do the codes on a walmart receipt mean? How to return nearly anything without lifehacker. Google if you lost a receipt from walmart can get one reprintedReceipt? Walmart has hotline for consumeristlose your receipt? consumerist. Answers can i retrieve my lost walmart receipt if paid with a how get duplicate printed, which lost? Walmart. Walmart ereceipts help keep track of spending. Can walmart reprint a receipt for purchase made about three. About having a receipt wal mart, for example, will let you get cash back or (if it's defective) getting repair replacement, you'll be 8 jul 2012 if do have paper can scan it with the app and submit into i solution to this no problem at walmart stores file claim did purchase in canada? File claim, view your saved receipts, more from any device. Walmart ereceipts are available for walmart in store purchases only 5 apr 2010 has a hotline you. Returning items using a digital copy of your paper receipt.
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Returns desk problems: How you can get your money back (CBC Marketplace)
Originally broadcast January 24, 2014 Marketplace puts retailers' return policies to the test. Out of luck, because you've lost your receipt? Don't have the original packaging? Missed the 30-day deadline? Retailers don't have to give your money back, or offer an exchange or a credit. That means a successful return often comes down to a shopper's individual abilities. We teach three Canadians the secrets of negotiation - then challenge them to do successful returns. We reveal what it takes to get past the point of no returns. More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Walmart Customer Service with Items Left at Store
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How To Return To Home Depot Without A Receipt
Myself and Jason take a lawn mower to home depot after breaking it to return it, without a receipt but purchased with a home depot credit card.
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Walmart hack: How to use grocery pick up with the savings catcher app
I am sharing how to use Walmart savings catcher with Walmart grocery pick up. Come hang out on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lydiasenn/ Come say HI on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/FrugalDebtFree email me: lydia@lydiasenn.com https://www.facebook.com/FrugalDebtFreeLife Green screen effect courtesy of: JanTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4bePhuHG8c Snail Mail: Lydia Senn P.O Box 572 Creola, AL 36525 This video may contain links to affiliate programs. If you click on the link and make a purchase I will get a small percentage of that sale at NO extra charge to you. However, you are under no obligation to buy anything I ever mention in a video.
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Best Buy Return & Warranty Scam
Do NOT buy anything from Best Buy!!!!!
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Walmart Gives Employees Raises, Bonuses AND Pink Slips
Walmart recently announced employees would be getting raises, potential bonuses and layoffs. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Read more here: https://www.vox.com/2018/1/11/16879634/walmart-wage-hike-republican-tax-plan "The retail giant announced Thursday that it is raising the minimum wage for hourly associates to $11, and handing out bonuses of up to $1,000 to employees. The company also said it would introduce more generous paid family leave policies, and introduce an adoption benefit. Walmart credits the Republican tax plan for its decision to hike wages and offer bonuses. “We are early in the stages of assessing the opportunities tax reform creates for us to invest in our customers and associates and to further strengthen our business, all of which should benefit our shareholders,” Walmart CEO and president Doug McMillon said in a statement, which cited lower prices for customers and better wages as among the company’s goals. Walmart isn’t the first company to shower a nice public thank you on the GOP tax plan. Boeing, AT&T, Wells Fargo, and Comcast have all said they were either investing more in the US or offering perks to employees, from bonuses to minimum wage boosts to other investments in employee development. Capital One Bank announced Thursday it’s increasing its minimum hourly wage to $15." Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. https://goo.gl/tJpj1m Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: https://goo.gl/a3JY9i Like The Young Turks on Facebook: https://goo.gl/txrhrh Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: https://goo.gl/w6ahdV Buy TYT Merch: https://goo.gl/KVysaM Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at https://goo.gl/v8E64M. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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PS4 warranty replacement process
Everything went better than expected. Sub to the Slug: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AttackSlug Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/attackslug
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A Rant About Walmart Greeters
Someone pointed out to me that the 4th Amendment only applies to government officials. Regardless, there are no laws stating that you must show a Walmart greeter your receipt. And if you are detained against your will, you may have a legal case against them. This is not about being contentious or a trouble maker or anti-social. It's about standing up for America and the freedoms we enjoy. I think many foreigners are coming into our country with their Communism and racism, and do not know or appreciate our Constitution and the nature and history of this country. Anyone who willingly follows Anti-American orders from people just because they are in uniforms, is a mind controlled sheeple slave of the New World Order. Most people walk around like zombies addicted to their cell phones and could careless about the fact that America is under attack and that we are losing our privacy and freedoms. In the video I made reference to child molestation and the incompetent mothers who never report it. One in four girls are molested, and in many cases it never gets reported.
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Changes to Walmart Savings Catcher coming February 1, 2018
There are some changes to help make redeeming your rewards easier at checkout both online and in-store! For more updates on hot deals visit us at www.savingourwayinsa.com and subscribe to our email! Subscribe to our channel and Follow is on Twitter @SavingOurWaySA! Happy Couponing😊
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Can I Return An Item To Kmart Without A Receipt?
You can return an item to any kmart store for a refund or exchange if please note your receipt and tax invoice is required upon you present register other adequate proof of purchase. Store return policies best and worst kmart no returns without a receipt discussion on topix. Kmart returns and refund policies. Kmart sears complaint review san mateo. You return the item within 28 days of purchase;; produce your original kmart register receipt at time you item; The is in discuss returns refunds and general discussion huggies i didn't have they still refunded money ($18) our survey 12 large retailers' policies regarding returning items without a most allow no returns, limits; Card issuers may offer relief, too with gift recipt will be exchanged or card any products that are shipped from can only returned by shipping to online cannot sears store dec 2016 accepts exchanges time, except for. Return policy kmart 3 aug 2015 if you return an item for exchange, the replacement merchandise that receive cannot be refunded, it is only eligible exchange. Can you return something at a different k mart store than hi there, wondering the cut off point to clothes (with tags) no ripoff report. If you cannot present your kmart register receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase reserves the right not to offer a refund exchange information about policies for returns, refunds and exchanges. Can i return an item bought at a kmart store to sears store? . Returns with a gift receipt will either be exchanged or refunded in the form of card returns. Kmart should take returns without a receipt if it gift. I said no 23 nov 2015 if you shop at forever 21, plan to keep whatever buy i went return it or even exchange actually and they refused because didn't have a receipt. I explained i didn't want any money back just the 21 jul 2013 page 1 of 2 refunds without receipts posted in what do you think? Hi wise ebers does anyone know if kmart, target or bigw would let me exchange refund receipts? If can't gifts could always re gift them and use items value towards buying another get shopping advice from experts, friends community! sears is closer to then kmart 5 jan 2009 wont return an item that not unique a recipt they say it been brought anywhere, as far kinow give agrees adequate proof purchase, will be information collected on returns slips securely stored for reasonable period your original register receipt best form purchase policy. You just get a gift card she said that the kmart would have $104. Does kmart take returns without a receipt? Slickdeals. Generally, as long that item is still in regular stock. Shop slightly o t returning item without a receipt hot specials returns policy kmartkmart refunds in general discussion major retailers' 2016 return and policies credit cards. Refunds without receipts what do you think? Essential baby. Return policy kmartreturns kmart mobile. How to return or cancel an order sears. With a gift receipt, 28 dec 2016 the store doesn't have
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You CAN Refuse Service to ANYONE
You're a private business, not a public entity. You can refuse service to anyone for any reason. It's your right as a capitalist.
Can You Return An Item To Walmart Without The Box?
My husband tried to return a printer 20 days after we bought it the box was not open he said walmart they'll take back anything. Googleusercontent search. Check the department below to learn of any exceptions pertaining pick anything up!) will they refund my money even if i don't have box it came in more? Walmart is usually very good about returns. Walmart app a returns and replacements class "" url? Q webcache. Which stores allow you to return items without a receipt? . Or has been broken, into a box that it doesn't match to and expect return. Will walmart accept a return if i opened the box? Off topic how to merchandise without receipt makeuseof. Merchandise purchased over a year ago, with or without receipt for online items only, fill out the returns form in your order history under my account. I printed the online retun receipt and packing slip was on box. Walmart returns and refund policies. Can i use the online returns process for an item that bought in a club? . Can i exchange an item at wal mart without the box? Dvd talk forum. Jan 2015 from their website, returns made without a valid sales receipt or an expired walmart also has liberal return policy when you items fraud is the act of defrauding retail store via process. Different departments may have different return policies. There are various fraud where someone purchases products without intending to keep them. For all walmart orders, you can print an returns receipt for store. The serial number can also be used to look up when an item has been moreover, you may able get even exchange without the receipt if all want is a new thingamajigger 12 jun 2015 luckily some retailers will let return items, no questions asked. I follwed i had to do a return of few items, some with receipt and without 27 feb 2009 still have the receipt, but threw box out, will they this for refund that's standard practice at places that accept returns w o receipts. I've returned stuff to walmart without the packaging before with no problems you having your receipt makes a return much smoother. How do you manage to try it out without using it? . Will walmart return this? Redflagdeals forums. A 2015 report published by the nrf states total merchandise returns. Return fraud wikipedia. Use the following for all things wal mart. You can take your returns receipt to the store with you when return item, or walmart purchase by mail here's how easy it is item a bring wish customer service desk. Be sure to also bring all original packing materials and accessories. Some exceptions include electronic items like computers and information about the walmart policies for returns, refunds exchanges. Note walmart's no receipt policy applies to items returned in a store only. Proof that you can return anything to wal mart (but should will walmart let me something (hdmi cable) without original i an item a receipt or packaging returns babygaga. Returns and replacements walmart returns walmart help. Does walmart really let you retu
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Arakansas Walmart racist calls black woman a 'n****r' and tells Latino to 'leave America'
A Walmart shopper was filmed hurling racial slurs at fellow customers on Monday (22 May) in Bentonville, Arakansas. The middle-aged white woman lost her temper with a person identifying as Eva Hicks on Facebook. Hicks filmed the ensuing scene and posted it online.
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Walmart askd me to allow them to fraud me October 13, 2015 01:15 AM (UTC)
Here is the email October 12, 2015 RE: Family Mobile Account Number 945786040 Hello Mike, Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile (“Family Mobile”) is in receipt of your correspondence regarding the disputed balance. We regret for any misunderstanding this concern has caused. Please note that while Family Mobile is a month-to-month service without contract. We bill you each month for service provided during the previous billing period. Each billing statement specifies the billing period for which you are charged, therefore indicating that the service is billed in arrears. As further review, you have a balance of $28.80 plus the recurring charges of 23.30 which lead to the total of $52.10 deducted the $30 from your payment on 10/09/2015 then the remaining balance was $22.10 in which you have been informed by the previous email. We would like to inform that your account status is written-off for non-payment and is currently under collection agency. For this, there was an additional charge come from the collection agency for $13.03. Your account final balance is $35.13. We understand your frustration and the need if at you will seek legal actions for that we won't stop because it's your right but please do understand that we have certain policy to follow. We didn't want to make it harder for you and what we have provided you is also what was recorded in your account. We are hoping for your understanding. Thank you! Sincerely, Family Mobile Marie P. 1451838 Customer Relations
Wal Mart Straight Talk Phone Hustle! $$ CAUTION! Stupid Activation Problem
When you buy from Wal Mart walmart.com the disrespect begins. All cost on your back, not theirs. Better off just buying this on Ebay! http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575119394&toolid=10001&campid=5337969234&customid=STOP+MADNESS&icep_item=381446520150&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg This Helps
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Craigs List Car Scam
WALNUT CREEK (CBS 5) -- Next time you sell a used car, you may want to want to ask the buyer to sign the title deed (pink slip) in your presence. That hadn't occurred to Christine Brownwesthoff of Walnut Creek when she sold her car to a buyer who responded to her Craigslist posting. The next day, she discovered her car re-listed for $2000 more. "Good on him, he's making a couple of grand," Brownwesthoff initially thought. But then she took a closer look at the ad and noticed it promised the car had a new engine with paperwork to prove it. She realized it was unlikely the engine had been replaced within the 24 hours since she sold the car, and when she looked at her copy of the pink slip she worried that she might be held liable. "He had not signed as the buyer, I had only signed as the seller. I'm assuming he's going to give the pink slip to the next buyer which would bypass him completely; making it look like I sold the car and lied about the new engine." said Brownwesthoff. Concerned, her roommate contacted the seller posing as an interested buyer. That's when Brownwesthoff confirmed he was selling the car under her name along with a forged receipt for the new motor. The seller claimed his name was Angelo Marks and that Christine was his wife. He created an elaborate story about why she had to have the engine replaced three years prior. Brownwesthoff then contacted ConsumerWatch and the team accompanied her roommate to meet the alleged scammer for a second time. When confronted, he didn't seem to care that he was in violation of state law that requires a secondhand dealers' license to sell a car under someone else's name. Before driving off, he denied that he forged the paperwork for the new engine. The Craiglist posting was removed the following day. The DMV fraud department was investigating and warned buyers are not required to sign the pink slip in front of a seller, but the seller can certainly ask. . The seller, however, is required to file a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability with the DMV, within 5 days. That can easily be done online at www.dmv.ca.gov/online/nrl/welcome.htm
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how to create fake receipts bills | Best Fake Receipt Creator Tools | in telugu | Tcf
in this video i explain about how to create fake receipts bills | Best Fake Receipt Creator Tools | in telugu | Tcf If You Lost Your Any Receipt then Don’t Worry We have Lots of Online Solutions by Which you Generate Like Original. Receipt is the Proof of Our Transactions if you are Doing Service then For Claim you Need Proof so Here we Shares Best Fake Receipt Creator Tools Of 2018 by which you Can Make for Gas , Hotel , atm , Tax , Taxi, Restaurant and other Customer Bills Like Original. This All the Tools is Free and Available Online, You Don’t Need to Install App or Software. Also it Will Generate Your Receipt Instantly , No need to Wait. If you lost your Bill and Reapply to Take New then May be it Take Some time but this Websites Will Provide Instant Copy. After this You Can Download Soft Copy or Take print Out The Method is Very Simple, Just you have to Fill your Details and Your Receipt Will be Ready Instantly. This Best Fake Receipt Creator Has Lots of Templates So Choose According to You for best Originality. Also No need To do any Registration or Sign up or any Credit Card Details/Payment Required. So why you are waiting Select Any Website from Below list and Create Your Free Receipts custom receipt maker; http://www.customreceipt.com/index.php expressexpense: https://expressexpense.com/ Download Gas Station Receipt Creator; https://www.datafilehost.com/d/e53bbb1e Fake Atm Receipt Creator; https://frabz.com/gen/fake-atm-receipt-generator.php LosthotelReceipt Generator; https://losthotelreceipt.com/ Please Subscribe👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👇👇 https://www.youtube.com/c/ThunderCloudFactory to our channel For latest Update, Technics, #Cool_Tricks, #Tricks, #Computer_ #Tutorials,#mobile_tips_tricks,#technology,#latest update_ all u Needs are here...@@@@... "" U r support our strength "" Please #Subscribe Our channel & Please #Support Us By #Sharing & #Liking our Videos..... facebook page you can like and follow us for all you need..here...plz click below link⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://www.facebook.com/ThunderCloudFactory/ FACEBOOK PUBLIC GROUP...👬👫👭👇👇👇 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1823001984615493/ if u like the video then click on LIKE button👇👇 if u have query just use comment box and ask any questions r douts related to tech if u like the video heartfully then SHARE this video with ur frnds -------Thanks---------👏👏👏 NOTE;- ALL THE IMAGES/PICTURES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO BELONGS TO THE RESPECTED OWNERS AND NOT ME.. I AM NOT THE OWNER OF ANY PICTURES SHOWED IN THE VIDEOS .This is only education purpose and information video. . Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'Fair Use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, Fair use is a permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing,Non-profit,educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Best Buy's Bullsh!t Return Policy
Best Buy Twitter accounts: @BestBuy @BestBuySupport @BBYCEO Visit my movie review site: http://www.themoviewizard.com Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MovieWizardcom Visit our e-commerce store: http://www.greatmediauniverse.com Make money driving for Uber promo code: 66lgsue (http://ubr.to/1FHCEox)
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Can I Return A Game To Any Gamestop Without A Receipt?
I bought a used game over the weekend and would like to return it today exchange for something else. Feb 2014 i recently bought a used game from gamestop and it has been past days since. I took my game and receipt. Returned product(s) must be in the original packaging and include any guests with a gift receipt will only receive an exchange or card of equal value gamestop return policy. And i was wondering if could return that unopened game to walmart without a recipt u have the receipt are required let customer trade it in for defective product(s) will be replaced with like item, upon. Money can i return a game to gamestop without receipt? Playstation gamespot receipt 27413063 class "" url? Q webcache. [100$ value] i dont see why not, even without the receipt because they can just put it back up for sale is there any truth to this? I'm a lot more likely to buy a game if i know that i can return it within a couple of days if it this is what my gamestop receipt reads as of 11 24 how to fix a program without the source code? . 20 nov 2011 where can you return a game unopened without a receipt? ? Gamestop won't even take it unless you open it up i tried to to trade in a game i never played and they made me we also follow any manufacturer's warranties i know it is a noob question and i apologize if it pisses any one off. I have the receipt with i bought a game from eb games (i'm guessing they similar or identical policy to gamestop) yesterday only discover it doens't work so, my wife and go back store return. I bougth my ps4 at gamestop connecticut but i live in elizabeth and has a problem then they say can't return it without recipt. About this you will not accept my return of a defective used game without me providing home address. Where can you return a game unopened without receipt? ? . 23 mar 2017 you can't return it if opened. Any help would be appreciated stupid, especially given that on a new game you can't return it for full refund once open hey guys i bought from gamestop and never opened. Gamestop returns and refund policies. Ign exchange or get a refund from gamestop gamestop's ridiculous return policy 101 help for the trip to hell [archive used game q re essentials deal you can games now if don't like it? Ars volnation. So if it still works at all, make sure you save any game data and deactivate the console before send in. Gamestop to wal mart (success!!!!) kanye west forum kanyetothedo u need a receipt sell ur games at gamestop? Bodybuilding ps4 warranty with lost receipt? Playstation forums. Return policies best and worst can i return a game to gamestop without receipt? Playstation what is your policy? Gamestop. They put in a new rule today that only keyholders can process any sort of return now. Googleusercontent search. Items may be returned by taking them to a gamestop or eb games store location in canada i know u need receipt return trade at gamestop, but want will they just take the game and give me maybe $25 do sony not service
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How to Make an ATM Spew Out Money
Barnaby Jack, director of security testing at the computer security company IOActive, demonstrates how to hack an ATM to make it dispense money.
Views: 9640930 MIT Technology Review
Target & Walmart announce updates
Target and Walmart announced plans to cut prices and improve services in an effort to get shoppers back in stores.
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Walmart testing new App in Arizona
App allows customers to scan their own items.
Views: 202 ABC15 Arizona
Wal-Mart "VISA" Gift Card Scam 2014
A warning to gift card buyers everywhere. I bought two Wal-mart VISA gift cards Oct. 11 2013. The ("Happy birthday ones) When I opened the first one it looked used and a bit off, since I purchase two gift cards a week for online buys. I know how they should look and feel. You may view the short video I took before Wal-mart quickly took the cards back then refunded my money for this purchase. This could be happening in any store or any pre-paid cards so just keep your eyes open and post any similer stories or information please. Note: Wal-mart does not normally refund money paid for gift cards, but after they took one of the Visa gift cards off the shelf and opened it to see for themselves they found the same issue with that one. I believe this could be a large scale scam since the cards where only $25 ones. HOW THEY DID IT- I believe the person(s) who are doing this must first buy or acquire a Wal-mart VISA gift card. Next, they use the card until its empty. Next, they go back to the store and steal a exact version of the one they just purchased and spent. (Or it could be done from the VISA vendor shipping department, warehouse or something, before it hits the shelf) the stolen card is not valid since it must first be scanned by the retailer first to be active. Next, they simply copy the bar code using a printer and glue it over the used cards bar code. They re-seal the Visa card into the seemingly new unopened box, sneak it back into Wal-mart and put it back on the shelves. Next, they just wait until somebody buys the card. Once the fake card has been scanned, the real card (in the hands of the thief) becomes active, funded and ready to use before the unsuspecting customer has any clue. THAT IS JUST A SAD LOOK INTO OUR TIMES. This Is a very bad crime since it hits the customer directly, and if you shop at walmart most likely on a budget like myself. These type of chicken*#$% scams hurt everyday people. Hope this helps (:
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Can You Return Things To Michaels Without A Receipt?
Michaels paperwork return policy flashcards i've been mugged blog michaels stores provide policies and class craft store just stitched. Returns without receipt will receive store return card. Jul 12, 2012 10 44 # returns & exchanges. Customers wishing to return merchandise returned without an original receipt will be valued at the current selling price for exchange or a store credit (gift card). Don't shop at michael's very often but today i went knitting paradise. Purchases made with a 4 mar 2013 alternate rules apply to books, magazines, and technology custom products. Michael stars wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and will gladly accept returns or exchanges of unwashed, unworn defective all must include the original receipt. Ca using paypal may be returned to michaelkors. Returns policy definition of 'as new condition' the item must not have been worn; The be in pristine condition with no damage, scratches, or signs wear. Items marked 22 oct 2017 i have been told that michael's does not take merchandise back for returns with the tags cut off. Refunds will be given based on the when it comes to items that have been opened, electronic are returnable if they still in new condition. It is printed on the back of receipt. One coupon per customer 3 jul 2013 craft store return policies surely we've all been there realizing we don't need something bought, got the wrong size, or bought more than needed just to make sure didn't run out. When they key in the id, it tells them how many returns have made so far without a receipt. Walmart will refund 3 returns without a receipt in year. That is why you need the id. Or mexico driver's license, canadian provincial id, u. Returns & exchanges michael kors. What can't you return or exchange at all? Gift cards and prepaid. Customer will complete the refund form with name, phone number and signature. Return policy michaels. For returns in which the receipt cannot be located, a valid photo id (u. I purchased an $8 electric pencil sharpener for my 9 apr 2015 consumer complaints and reviews about michaels arts crafts in modesto, californiaproducts & services online returns will be accepted within 30 days of the purchase date provided they are new, unused condition. Return policy michaelsmichaels returns and refund policies. Michael's will not refund the difference if you find receipts later. If it is 3 tough luck. A gift card will be given as the return tender for all returns made using a receipt1 jul 2012 michaels review with 14 comments i live in california. Refunded amount will be the lowest sales price of item within last 90 days. Determination of an item note eligible merchandise purchased on michaelkors. I am constant purchaser in this store but no cashier before never told me that i can use 10. Sep 2009 hi i just made a purchase today at michaels and there was notice written on the bottom of receipt regarding change to their return policyeffective october 4, 2009, our policy will be chang
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Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)
CBC Marketplace finds aggressive upselling and services paid for but not performedTo read the full story: http://www.cbc.ca/1.2418675. Originally broadcast Nov 8, 2013. When you trust someone else to take care of your car, can you trust that they're not taking you for a ride? Our undercover investigation reveals ripoffs at a popular oil change chain. We're going in for the advertised $19.99 oil change, but you won't believe the charges we end up with. And did they even do the work? We go up on the hoist to show you what’s really going down at these oil change shops. More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Pre-paid vanilla Visa card troubles
Tue, Jan 29: An Ontario man's frustration grows as his $250 pre-paid vanilla Visa card amount nearly vanishes due to hidden costs. Sean O'Shea reports. For more info, please go to http://www.globalnews.ca
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SHOCKING Facts About McDonald's
You probably passed by a few McDonald’s on your way to work or school. While these fast food restaurants have taken over the world, there are actually some interesting facts and products you never knew McDonald’s offered. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 6. The Drive-thru While you may think that McDonald's initially opened with a drive-thru, it took twenty years for McDonald's to build the first drive-thru. In 1974, a regional manager in Dallas saw the success of drive-thrus at other fast food chains in Oklahoma City, and wanted to bring them to McDonalds. After a year of convincing his bosses, the first McDonald’s drive-thru opened in 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The first drive-thru was a massive success due to the local Army base that restricted any soldiers from going into public while wearing their fatigues. Thanks to the drive-thru, the soldiers were able to pick up food quickly and without worrying about breaking their strict rules. Today, the McDonald’s drive-thru is responsible for over 70% of the company’s sales. 5. Floating McDonalds McDonald's has always been one to try and capitalize on events such as the Olympics. However, in 1986 McDonalds took a dramatic step in Canada to make a one of a kind restaurant. To help celebrate the Vancouver centennial, McDonald's spent 12 million, or 26 million adjusted for inflation, to create the first ever floating McDonald's. The barge included unique sailor uniforms for the staff, a hidden kitchen, and panoramic views of Vancouver. However, after the event, McDonald's was not able to secure a new port for the restaurant and abandoned it. While the barge has been sitting for decades decaying, a recent investor group plans on spending 4.5 million to refurbish the floating McDonalds and possibly turn it into another restaurant beside McDonald's. 4. Wedding Packages Most people think of McDonald's as the cheap fast food restaurant you want to run in and out of on your way to work. In Hong Kong though, McDonald's is slowly changing its image and offering a service no one would expect from the fast food chain. In a limited number of Hong Kong McDonald's restaurants, customers can book a wedding party at the store. For 9,999 Hong Kong Dollars, or 1,280 US Dollars, you can book the largest wedding package, “The Love Forever Part.” This package includes over 300 dollars in McDonald’s food, a DJ, and even decorations for the store. While this is still only available in Hong Kong restaurants, it still is one of the strangest products McDonald's has ever offered. 3. Too Many Ingredients McDonald's has always been debating what ingredients they use in their products. Documentaries and news articles have pointed out that McDonald's use too many unhealthy ingredients and chemicals in their foods, resulting in a fair amount of bad press. Something as simple as their fries includes 19 ingredients, and their McRib contains over 70. In recent years, McDonald's has released numerous videos to help explain the use of these additional ingredients, primarily saying that they are needed to preserve the food through transport. Even with the debate still raging about their ingredients, McDonald's still brings in over 20 billion dollars in sales and revenue every year. 2. McDonald's and Video Games Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, McDonald's has partnered with Nintendo to promote the N64 and Gamecube. The consoles were placed into individual housings to help withstand the extreme use of children. These consoles can still found in some McDonald's locations in various working order. However, Nintendo’s partnership didn’t stop at installing consoles at their restaurants. Nintendo was even one of the primary driving forces of McDonald's installing WiFi into their restaurants. Nintendo wanted to offer a free WiFi location for their recent DS handheld game system, and where better than McDonald's to install them. 1. Hamburger University Even though McDonald's has come under pressure about the way in which they pay and treat their employees, they are still one of the only fast food restaurants to have their own university. McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, founded the first training program in 1961 to help train the numerous new employees of the most efficient way to work at McDonald's. Since its humble beginnings, the training program has since turned into Hamburger University with over seven campuses around the world. The university is so selective in the students it picks, Bloomberg reported in 2011 that it was easier to get into Harvard than the McDonald's University located in China. What is even more fascinating, students at the American campus can earn 26 college credits that are accepted at over 1,600 US Colleges and Universities.
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How To Get Sales Tax Exemption To Increase Your Profit Margins Drop Shipping From Walmart
$20 eBay DropShipping Course - https://goo.gl/bW6u7c $20 Be a YouTuber Course - https://goo.gl/ic8UvU Tax Software for the Self Employed - https://goo.gl/qdJ72A Check out Marc's Youtube channel, also about dropshipping! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3gpg9NFf3buGlX0E_gTqJQ This is part of an ongoing episodic series about dropshipping on eBay using walmart as a primary source. Don't worry about viewing it in order.. check out the full playlist and watch what you are interested in watching! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEQDIBNPohwocC6eZIwwnETGQ3B2TrCcq Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/802147853281835/ My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GullyGames Hydra Lister Fast eBay Listing Tool: http://start.hydra-lister.com/JackPitman SKUgrid Inventory Management and Repricer: http://skugrid.com/web/?ref=lymeliterate Auto Upload Tracking and Copy Paste Addresses: https://dropship4arbitrage.com/aff/999 Quickly Delete Under Performing Listings: https://feesdelister.top/aff/1499 Google Chrome Extensions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/grammarly-for-chrome/kbfnbcaeplbcioakkpcpgfkobkghlhen?hl=en https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/session-buddy/edacconmaakjimmfgnblocblbcdcpbko?hl=en https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/link-grabber/caodelkhipncidmoebgbbeemedohcdma
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Handling Item Not Received Cases When Drop Shipping On eBay
eBay UK Drop Shipping Course - https://broke-to-boss.teachable.com/p/ebay-uk-drop-shipping-a-complete-guide For the US, check out Paul’s Course https://ebaydropshippingtitans.teachable.com/?affcode=182369_kjt-8axe Drop Shipping Software - https://www.hustlegotreal.com/?src=QGRDlBY2 I highly recommend this listing and tracking software! FAQs: Drop Shipping Suppliers - https://youtu.be/bgtCdR6aau8 Buyer Noticing The Receipt/ Invoice - https://youtu.be/p2AH99ufDOU Understanding eBay Fees - https://youtu.be/BfqikDtzmaU Dealing with Returns - https://youtu.be/3G3gd0cR_dI What Products To Sell - https://youtu.be/PV_HP7ESsXQ Optimising Titles - https://youtu.be/dG3V8sihOic PayPal Jail - https://youtu.be/Dl2I1WRxJ8I Join The Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/325584251237587/ Listing Software - https://www.hustlegotreal.com/?src=QGRDlBY2 I highly recommend this listing and tracking software! Get Cashback To Boost Your Profit - https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/becky511 Cashback for Amazon UK - www.kidstart.co.uk/r1/2351055 Discounted Gift Cards UK - https://nv63b.app.goo.gl/knFA Trial DSGenie Software - https://jvz9.com/c/880413/248318 (I do not use DSGenie but it will be helpful if you struggle to find items that sell well) Hydra Lister, an alternative listing software- https://hydra-lister.com/?ref=42040 Make Money Online With Matched Betting (UK only) - http://www.profitaccumulator.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=7836
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Can You Return An Item To Macys Without A Receipt?
What is the returns policy for macy's backstage? You can return your purchase to a backstage store within 30 days of. Items purchased at any macy's store can be returned to you know those return stickers that puts on every purchase, supposedly is supposed tell how much was paid for the item, so there no need gift receipts? I've been hearing from people recently when they go something. Macy's is another department store that places few limits on returns and exchanges. If they can find it, you'll get a full refund. Customer service order tracking shipping & delivery returns frequently asked questions contact us to go u. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the products purchased from mac cosmetics online (either or in a store using our artist assisted app), may return unused portion exchange refund (we'll even 28 nov 2014 macy's. It promises easy returns, and the gift return policy posted online other items can be returned without a receipt, but refund will issued as jcpenney card in amount of lowest selling price from extended holiday period for purchased between 11 15 17 12 31 to 60 days date receipt. If the tags are not international returns. Exchanging merchandise purchased at a macy's customer service. If you would like to return your purchase without selecting a new or replacement rug, any delivery fee paid will not be refunded. Now you can't and i have the receipt which is not right purchase an item they change rules so that means nothing macy's & retailer. How can i process a return online? We want you to love every macy's purchase. Macy's & macy's have slightly different return policies, but they are both pretty decent. If they can't find proof of purchase, you'll still get store credit for the item's lowest selling price and if you return something without a receipt give it ever sells in. Macy's & macy's &#8592how to return merchandise without a receipt makeuseof. For macy's stores, as long you have a receipt, can return an item without any time restraint! proof of purchase, you're given credit for the lowest price within last 180 days 27 dec 2010 will accept items if product contains sticker or gift card but only get in store exchange same similar item, not full refund. To make your exchange via mail navigate to the 'start a return' section; You can access yes! you return macys items macy's store anytime after purchase. For men and 7 women. No worries! returns and exchanges can be made at any time after purchase. Returns or exchanges can only be if you do not have a receipt, we use the credit card used to make purchase, your return label, packing slip registry number locate purchase for. Beware of returns at macys? ? Best and worst retail return policies 8 best in the known universe. Returns & exchanges macy's customer service siteeturn item to without a tag what expect when you're returns and refund policies. What is your return policy for international orders? If any reason you're not satisfied with purchase, please
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beware of beats by dre warranty policy
Just me discussing the disadvantages of the beats by dre warranty information
Views: 20387 Life With Steph
Edward, People Greeter in USA - vpro Metropolis
What do you do when you are 70 years old and you need something extra on top of your pension to make ends meet? You get a job in a Wal Mart supermarket. Our correspondents Kel and Eline filmed Edward, people greeter at Wal Mart, on a day's work. His job: to greet people at the entrance of the supermarket. vpro Metropolis was a video project by Dutch broadcast organisation vpro, that ran from 2008 to 2015. Metropolis is made by a global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on remarkable stories from their own country/city. We made a trip around the globe on one single issue: from local beauty ideals to Elvis impersonators, to what's it like being gay, or an outcast or a dog in different cultures. More videos and full episodes: www.metropolisweb.tv Visit additional youtube channels bij vpro broadcast: vpro Broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC75PWWQrls0z6fh0loY5I4Q vpro Metropolis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnazGScKQfGauk7YNyI21w vpro Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9sXw4ZdPEIp6bYGvLW-_iA vpro World Stories: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ6GC0klkbFuQa-0ZePqkQ vpro Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLrhK07g6LP-JtT0VVE56A vpro VG (world music): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-KX3q7zIz7s2rjooBfl6Nw vpro 3voor12 (alternative music): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-p9faJQsBObRNiKY8QF2NQ vpro 3voor12 extra (music stories): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgVYRLGraeL9rGMiM3rBHA
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Loss prevention uses lil kids at Wal-Mart watch out
Loss prevention uses lil kids at Wal-Mart watch out
Views: 154 Gerardo Gonzalez
Small Business Record Keeping The Easy Way | Glams Corner
Hey my Loves!!!! In this video I show you guys some items you would need to purchase to keep records for your small business. You can find everything you need at office depot, it is like Walmart for small businesses!! Record keeping helps you to stay on track with your taxes, per quarter and end of year, it helps you to see what products or services are selling, which ones you may want to discontinue and if your business is growing or may need a little boost in areas! I definitely look over my records to see how my business is doing and to make changes where needed! Don't get stuck running your small business like a hobby, the year is still early and you can get on the right track now. I hope that this video is helpful, do leave your comments below on how I can help you guys to get on the right track with your small, but growing business!
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Apple Store Employee Lost My $700 iPhone Receipt
SHARE IT LIKE IT SUBSCRIBE show some love: http://patreon.com/surveillancecamera... Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/surveillance... https://www.instagram.com/surveillanc... https://twitter.com/surveycamartist PS: If anyone remixes me I'll load it on my channel and give a shout out. If anyone wants to collaborate with me who has a channel let me know. If you have any ideas of new stunts or pranks for me to do please comment them. I can't thank you all enough, please feel free to ask any questions I will answer them if they are legit questions! I have a lot more to come guys so stay tuned & keep checking back! Thanks for all the love & support you guys are amazing! More videos are coming!!!
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How to return a white boy to Walmart
Walmart really does sell EVERYTHING.
Views: 820 stellarvelocity
Rude Customer Harasses Wal-Mart Cashier
Please dislike this video! It is not mine. I saved a copy before the uploader (the rude customer) closed her channel, more than a year ago. The video speaks for itself, but if you don't get it, here's an explanation. In a prior trip through this cashier's line, this rude, self-entitled customer was not "greeted" to her satisfaction by the cashier. This time, the customer was so obsessed with capturing (via her camera phone) the cashier doing it again that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy, when the cashier didn't greet the customer because she didn't want to interrupt her from fiddling with her phone. Ironically, if the customer had just stayed off her phone, none of it would have happened. To me, the most amazing thing about this video is not the customer's self-entitled attitude, nor the cashier's self-restraint, but rather the fact that the customer actually uploaded the video to YouTube, believing that it proved the cashier was rude or even worse, racist. Based on the customer's other videos, it seemed she was always looking for a fight. I'm not sure whether she's mentally ill or just has character defects. Not long after the customer uploaded the video, the fallout began, in the form of hundreds of negative comments and dislikes. First she disabled comments on the video, then disabled ratings, and then closed her channel altogether. I'm now bringing the video back to YouTube to commemorate the customer's rude and self-entitled behavior. I don't know how much that cashier gets paid, but whatever it is, it's not enough for having to deal with people like this. Here is another, similar video of a moron customer harassing and videotaping a Wal-Mart cashier: "Wall Mart cashier fighting with a customer" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK_Z4Vm7-1E --- Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic comments will be deleted. Comments about idiotic behavior are thoroughly encouraged.
Views: 131772 Nathan Baker
New Haven Walmart Horrible Experience
This is a promotion of our visit to a Walmart in New Haven CT. My fiancée and I have just endured a horrific visit to the New Haven Connecticut location. We entered the store at 11:50pm to grab a few items, we know we had 10 minutes before the store closed. My fiancée was going to go grab a few items while I used the bathroom. As we walked inside the store several employees were congregating at the front and a manager walked towards us and said "we are closed you need to leave." I said "it's 11:50pm the store doesn't close for 10 minutes." She replied "I know but we don't have any cashiers they all called out and we're paging all the customers to the front to leave." I said "there are so many employees none of them could ring us out?" She said "no I only have one cashier and that's not enough to ring everyone out so we have to ask people to leave." I asked to use the bathroom because I needed to go and I cannot hold it for long because I have a medical condition. I was denied. I opened my cell phone and began recording the situation and asked an associate standing near the exit door what was going on and she explained the same situation and actually told us to go to Target instead (please see video for that conversation) - another employee then said "the cop is coming over here now you need to leave." We were not loud or indignant, there was no reason to try and escalate the situation. The manager we had been speaking to had gone outside and was smoking a cigarette. Upon leaving the store I asked the manager outside who the district manager was, she then switched her tone and asked us what we were actually trying to buy. I explained it just a few things. She inquired "well what's a few things exactly?" My fiancée replied to her "ice cream and pizza." She said "that's it? Ok hold on." she told us to follow her and said "ok hurry up and run". We both walked as fast as we could and one of the girls standing up front said very loudly "look they ain't even running, they ain't even running they're walking." I cannot physically run, we felt and still feel absolutely humiliated. We picked out the ice cream and pizza as fast as we physically could and went up to the registers. Surprisingly, the self checkout registers were still open. Why would they try to kick us out and close the store saying there were no cashiers when we could have just used a self checkout register all along? Why was I denied the use of the bathroom when I clearly stated I have a medical condition. This was a completely humiliating experience.
Views: 222 Aaron P
Can You Return Something To Macys Without A Receipt?
Macy's & macy's &#8592macy's returns and refund policies. Jewelry can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Beware of returns at macys? ? 8 best return policies in the known universe. The only exceptions are rings that not the standard display sizes of 10. Kohl's, none, though “Premium electronics” Can be returned within 30 days, no. 10 stores with great return policies cbs news. For macy's stores, as long you have a receipt, can return an item without any time restraint! proof of purchase, you're given credit for the lowest price within last 180 days to make return, please do following bring receipt that accompanies bought. Bring in your item with the price tag on it. We will accept rugs for return only with a valid receipt and in unused undamaged condition. If you do not have a receipt, we can use the credit card used to make purchase, your return label, packing slip or registry number locate purchase for unfortunately, macys cannot accept items exchange that were purchased in macy's store international returns. What is your return policy for international orders? If any reason you're not satisfied with purchase, please email completely in store internationalcustomerservice@macys and include the following information located on receipt if we're able to access receipt, you will receive a refund original account, or credit. International returns macy's customer service site. If you would like to return your purchase without selecting a new or replacement rug, any delivery fee paid will not be refunded. To make your exchange via mail navigate to the 'start a return' section; You can access easy returns. How late is too to return something macy's? Weddingbee. You can return items without a receipt because macy's uses you get the lowest price. Returns or exchanges can only be accepted at the fine rug gallery select macy's stores bring your receipt with merchandise to exhanged. Macy's is another department store that places few limits on returns and exchanges. Exchanging merchandise purchased at a macy's customer service. If u paid with cash, and they still have the item in store you will get lowest price it has been sold at i went to return them tonight but silly me forgot bag counter. Returned merchandise must be un wornReturn policy macy's customer service site. A credit or debit card receipt will also be accepted. Return policy macy's customer service site. How can i process a return online? We want you to love every macy's purchase. Returning a gift macy's customer service sitehow to return merchandise without receipt makeuseof. So if someone wants to return a gift you gave them from macy's, or want something you, make sure have the receipt it seems like macy's will 27 dec 2013 your product arrives and has been damaged during delivery, can take any location they'll not only refund purchase price but are returning an item without they ability look up in their computer system issue store credit since we two house, m
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Why do sellers get Suspended on Amazon | Online/Retail Arbitrage
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$118.01 Large Family Aldi Grocery Haul + Meal Plan for the Week
I promise that my next video will NOT be able food, okay? #JamerrillTalksAlotAboutFood :) But for today I share, yet again, another large family Aldi grocery shopping haul, plus our meal plan for the week! Stop by TheEncouragingHomeschoolMom.com for a further price break down, more pictures, and our large family meal plan with recipe links here http://bit.ly/LargeFamilyAldiHaulandMealPlan ~~~~~ Sign up for my newsletter to hear from me each week in your inbox, plus get my FREE MEGA Freezer Meals Planning Pack when you sign up here https://jamerrillstewart.lpages.co/mega-freezer-meals-planning-pack/ Or if you prefer just text the word FREEZER to 44222 and follow the quick directions. Follow me on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/jamerrillstewart/ Here's the fun on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LargeFamilyTable/ And check out my blog, Large Family Table here https://largefamilytable.com/ "where #MegaMotherhood & real life meet!" I share more over there about being a large family mom, homeschooling a large family, and of course tons of *large family food!* Would you like to send us mail? Jamerrill Stewart 4 Weems Lane #220 Winchester, VA. 22601 Here are my Amazon affiliate links for my favorite Amazon products. I will make a small percentage if you shop through these links: Current Vlogging Camera https://amzn.to/2Iynx5p 8 Quart Instant Pot https://amzn.to/2tJPl1g 14 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker https://amzn.to/2Ks37kr 7 Quart Slow Cooker https://amzn.to/2KsNchR Air Fryer https://amzn.to/2tysHtw Jamerrill's Lip Gloss (common question :) https://amzn.to/2yQVEpE Little House on the Prairie Box Set https://amzn.to/2IxLD05 Draw Write Now Box Set https://amzn.to/2tK1Cmy Jamerrill's White Board https://amzn.to/2KrBeVE
What Trump Pulling Out Of Iran Deal Shows Us, Eric Schneiderman, Cop Caught on Video, & More
We have A LOT to talk about today… Let’s just jump into it shall we? Wanna join the community? Download the DeFranco Now App!: http://DeFrancoNowApp.com Need the Desktop Version?: http://DeFrancoNow.com Wanna Learn More About Snakt?: https://snakt.com/ Check Out the Latest Vlog!: https://youtu.be/6aY_aQOVAbI ———————————— Want to support the show, AND get cool stuff?! ———————————— Sign up to http://DeFrancoElite.com to get early vlogs, bonus videos, exclusive livestreams, exclusive posters and mugs, and private Discord access. Sign up for Postmates use code "PDS" and get $100 Free Delivery Credit: http://PostDeFranco.com Get $15 off your MVMT Order! http://www.MVMT.com/PHILLYD and enter in code ‘PHILLYD’ Download and Try out Brave!: https://brave.com/phi109 We get $5 at no cost to you, and it’s a fantastic way to support your favorite creators! NordVPN is offering my viewers 77% off 3 year plans! Just go to http://www.NordVPN.org/phil Interested in Bitcoin? Sign up for Coinbase (Awesome way to Buy/Sell/Store Bitcoin/Etherium/Litecoin) and get $10 worth of Bitcoin with your first $100 deposit: https://www.coinbase.com/join/593e99f... WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DOPE SHIRT?!: http://ShopDeFranco.com ———————————— Last Two DeFranco Shows! ———————————— Why DJ Khaled Is The Hero We Needed, Poppy Releases Evidence, Childish Gambino, Hawaii & More: https://youtu.be/RhI8NrHparM WOW! Poppy Sued For Copyright Infringement, Kevin Hart Extortion Revelation, AZ Teachers, and More: https://youtu.be/68FlVfm3wDc ———————————— TODAY IN AWESOME: ———————————— Liza Koshy Vogue Met Gala: https://www.tubefilter.com/2018/05/08/liza-koshy-hosts-met-gala-red-carpet/ Bill and Ted 3: http://ew.com/movies/2018/05/08/bill-and-ted-3-announced/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly Zefrank True Facts Carnivorous Plants: https://youtu.be/Hzk1bM2vVFU Can you solve the false positive riddle? Ted Ed: https://youtu.be/1csFTDXXULY Honest Trailers - 50 Shades Freed: https://youtu.be/-9h8otWQShs Secret Link: https://youtu.be/d8QatPkKL00 ———————————— SOURCES: ———————————— Officer Sentenced Over Tomato Beating: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/jury-deliberating-case-of-officer-beating-man-over-a-tomato-inside-a-walmart/660456253 http://www.newsweek.com/ex-police-officer-jailed-breaking-mans-legs-after-he-falsely-accused-stealing-914624 https://www.ajc.com/news/crime--law/atlanta-cop-gets-years-for-beating-walmart-customer-over-stolen-tomato/jSnD2Crf5H94c9WjeU5p9I/ Equifax Reveals New Details of Breach: https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/08/equifax-details-data-breach-numbers/ https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/05/equifax-breach-exposed-millions-of-drivers-licenses-phone-numbers-emails/ http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/386664-equifax-sends-more-details-on-massive-data-breach-to-congress New York Attorney General Resigns Following Assault Claims: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/05/08/gotcha-tweets-kellyanne-conway-as-trump-supporters-revel-in-schneiderman-resignation/?utm_term=.c9f2eecc0e54 https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/07/politics/eric-schneiderman-violence-allegations/index.html https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/statement-attorney-general-eric-t-schneiderman http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/05/08/schneiderman-hypocrisy-leads-to-downfall-taunting-from-republican-foes.html Full Accusations: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/four-women-accuse-new-yorks-attorney-general-of-physical-abuse Trump Pulls US Out of Iran Deal: https://wapo.st/2HYI6fY?tid=ss_tw-bottom&utm_term=.a15aed0dfd32 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44034613 http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/05/08/trump-warns-kerry-to-stay-away-from-iran-negotiations-ahead-crucial-announcement.html https://www.apnews.com/eff3b77943aa44f299e5493ea0d2f7f1 https://n.pr/2I1mRdC https://www.politico.com/story/2018/05/08/iran-responds-trump-nuclear-deal-573252 https://www.apnews.com/b9487a3c9dd64fdd8a5fed11b86d6717 https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/focus/iran Full Text of the Iran Deal: https://www.state.gov/e/eb/tfs/spi/iran/jcpoa/ ———————————— Wanna listen on the go? -ITUNES: http://PDSPodcast.com -SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/thephilipdefrancoshow ———————————— FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/mqpRW7 TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/PhillyD INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/phillydefranco/ SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeFranco ———————————— Edited by: James Girardier - https://twitter.com/jamesgirardier Produced by: Amanda Morones - https://twitter.com/MandaOhDang Motion Graphics Artist: Brian Borst - https://twitter.com/brianjborst ————————————
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Coles reduces self-serve checkout to 12 items months after crackdown on theft and underscanning
EXCLUSIVE Police and supermarkets have made plans to work together to crackdown on theft at self-scanning checkouts. CREDIT: Facebook/NSW Police Force SUPERMARKET giant Coles is restricting the number of items at self-serve check-outs to just 12, just months after it ordered a crackdown on theft at self-scanning points. #1732
Just Say No! 122217: No more Mickey Mouse Christianity. Narcissism. Self Absorption
Visit http://HardcoreChristianity.com for our healing/self-deliverance guide and details of our Phoenix and online meeting schedule. Be equipped! Join us at http://fb.com/groups/hardcorechristianity LiveStream of additional meetings is at http://www.livestream.com/hohaz Free Counseling for Christians. Come with your burdens! Go with Jesus love & joy! Arizona Deliverance Center 3342 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85015 (S. of Osborn Rd., w. of 15th Ave.)
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The Real Deal: PictureMe Portrait Studio Closed
QUEENSBURY €“ If you€™ve had pictures taken at a Wal-Mart portrait studio recently, you may be surprised to learn that the company that took them, has suddenly shut its doors for good. We heard from CBS6 viewers looking for the Real Deal after they were left with no pictures and no refunds. PictureMe Portrait Studio ran 2,000 studios inside Wal-Mart and Sears stores across the country. It appears the company was taking pictures, taking orders and taking money until just a day or two before it closed its doors nationwide early last month. There are some reports that even suggest employees and photographers at these studios didn€™t know they would be losing their jobs until they showed up for work and the gates were closed and locked and the lights were off. €œWe went, had our pictures done and of course with four little ones it's kind of hard, it took us all day but we picked out our packages and I generally get a big package because my husband's side is so large,€ Priscilla Gamble tells CBS6. She ordered the prints from PictureMe Portrait Studio inside the Queensbury Wal-Mart. €œThey said it would be about 2-3 weeks and they would come in and I said great,€ she says but when they didn€™t show up after about a month, €œI called them up and I said where's my pictures and that's when I found out that the place had gone bankrupt and they just totally closed.€ 2,000 PictureMe locations inside Wal-Mart and Sears stores across the country have closed down. When you go to the company€™s website you get a statement that reads, €œAfter many years of providing family portrait photography, we are sad to announce our PictureMe Portrait Studios are now closed. We appreciate your patronage and allowing us to capture your precious memories. If you have had a recent sessions, your portraits may be available at your local studio.€ €œI thought $215 and it's gone, it's literally gone...they told me pretty much if they don't come in within the next 10 days, they're gone--we won't get them,€ Gamble says. Wal-Mart says, although the portrait studio acted as an independent contractor it will refund money to customers who paid for prints that they did not received, if you still have your receipt. Locally, there were PictureMe locations in Clifton Park, Queensbury and Rensselaer. If you€™re waiting on pictures, go to the Wal-Mart where they were taken and check with customer service to see if they€™ve come in. If not, you€™ll be issued a refund if you can provide your receipt.
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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: FIGHT Between Asian Nail Salon Owner and Customer Over KIDDIE MANICURE!!
LANCASTER (CBSLA.com) — A video purportedly depicting a dispute between the owner of a Lancaster nail salon and a customer has surfaced online. As CBS2’s Brittney Hopper reports, the video posted by a witness shows two women fighting inside the salon. The customer seen in the video, Tawana Davis, told Hopper she got angry when the salon wouldn’t do her daughter’s nails. “I continued to go back and forth with her about why everyone ignored the request that I had made,” Davis said. But the store owner Kathy Nguyen told Hopper she felt the child was too young to get her nails done. She pointed to a sign that stated: “We have the right to refuse service to anyone.” Nguyen showed CBS2 security video of how the incident began. During the incident, Nguyen pressed a silent panic button, alerting deputies from the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station. Deputies responded to the shop and arrested Davis on suspicion of robbery as Nguyen claimed Davis stole nail polish. Davis, however, says she didn’t take anything. Meanwhile, Davis also said she has hired an attorney and plans to file a lawsuit. Deputies said the incident remains under investigation.