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Alcohol and Blood Thinning Medications / Jennifer Friend, ANP
Alcohol intake can affect how the body metabolizes certain medications. Patients undergoing medication therapy should avoid drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Alcohol should be limited to no more than 1 to 2 servings of alcohol occasionally. The antiplatelet effect of alcohol increases the risk of major bleeding, even if the INR remains within the target range. In this video, Jennifer Friend, ANP, from Henrico Cardiology Associates, discusses the role alcohol can play in magnifying the effect of blood-thinning medications, commonly prescribed for heart problems. For more information, contact Henrico Cardiology Associates at 804-288-0134 or visit henricocardiology.com.
Warfarin: Information About Warfarin | Warfarin Interactions | Warfarin Side Effects (2018) Coumadin
Coumadin: Information About Coumadin For Patients | Coumadin Interactions | Coumadin Side Effects | Warfarin Patient Information | Warfarin Food Drug Interactions Hey guys! This weeks video is a short guide on warfarin also known as (coumadin). I see many patients on warfarin everyday and they are very knowledgable about their medicine, which is fantastic! But here's some information about warfarin, how it works, international normalised ratio (INR) and interactions which you may find useful. WHAT IS WARFARIN: Warfarin is the main oral anticoagulant used in the UK. An anticoagulant is a medicine that prevents blood clotting. Clotting (thickening) is a complex process involving a number of substances called clotting factors. Clotting factors are produced by the liver and help control bleeding. They work with cells that trigger the clotting process (platelets) to ensure blood clots effectively. Warfarin blocks one of the enzymes (proteins) that uses vitamin K to produce clotting factors. This disrupts the clotting process, making it take longer for the blood to clot. WHEN IS WARFARIN PRESCRIBED: Anticoagulant medicines, such as warfarin, are often prescribed for people who've had a condition caused by a blood clot or have an increased risk of developing harmful blood clots. TAKING WARFARIN: It's very important that you take warfarin exactly as directed. Don't increase your prescribed dose unless the doctor in charge of your care advises you to. Warfarin is taken once a day, usually in the evening. It's important to take your dose at the same time each day, before, during or after a meal. The aim of warfarin therapy is to decrease the blood's tendency to clot, but not stop it clotting completely. This means the dose of warfarin you're taking must be carefully monitored and, if necessary, adjusted. You'll have regular blood tests at your GP surgery or local anticoagulant clinic to make sure your dose is correct. The INR is a measure of how long it takes your blood to clot. When you start taking warfarin, you may be given a yellow booklet about anticoagulants, which explains your treatment. INTERACTIONS WITH WARFARIN Medicines Warfarin can interact with many other medicines, herbal medicines and supplements. Always ask your pharmacist, GP or staff at your anticoagulant clinic before you take them as they may interact with your warfarin. Also visit https://bnf.nice.org.uk/interaction/warfarin.html to check medication interactions. Foods and drink Foods containing large amounts of vitamin K include: • Green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach • Vegetable oils • Cereal grains • Small amounts of vitamin K can also be found in meat and dairy foods. When your first dose of warfarin is prescribed, it doesn't matter how much vitamin K you're eating because the dosage will be based on your current blood clotting levels. However, if you make significant changes to your diet, such as increasing your vitamin K intake or cutting out foods that contain vitamin K, it could interfere with how warfarin works. Consult the healthcare professional responsible for your care before making any significant changes to your diet while taking warfarin. Why you should avoid cranberry juice whilst taking warfarin is in the link lower down. Alcohol Getting drunk or binge drinking is dangerous while taking warfarin. It may increase the effect of the drug, increasing the risk of bleeding. See links below for more information. SIDE EFFECTS , WHEN TO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION & MORE INFORMATION: Visit the following links, https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/warfarin/ https://patient.info/medicine/warfarin-an-anticoagulant ONLINE YELLOW BOOK LINK: http://www.npsa.nhs.uk/EasySiteWeb/GatewayLink.aspx?alId=19112 Want to see more videos about everything health and pharmacy? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for new videos ▶https://www.youtube.com/c/AbrahamThePharmacist LET'S CONNECT: http://facebook.com/AbrahamThePharmacist http://instagram.com/AbrahamThePharmacist https://www.linkedin.com/in/AbrahamThePharmacist https://plus.google.com/u/4/109698449114086481589 https://twitter.com/AbrahamThePharm https://www.AbrahamThePharmacist.com https://www.youtube.com/c/AbrahamThePharmacist ABOUT ME: Prescribing Media Pharmacist | Bringing Science Through New Film Every Monday | Extreme Optimist I'm a British - Persian - Iranian prescribing media pharmacist who loves science, making videos and helping people. I work in both GP surgeries and community pharmacy. DISCLAIMER: This video is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Abraham The Pharmacist has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.
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Warfarin: can I drink alcohol if I'm taking warfarin?
Specialist Dr John Worthington explains the safety advice for alcohol and warfarin, what limit you shouldn't go above, and that you need some alcohol-free days every week. Find out more about warfarin at http://www.nps.org.au/warfarin
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What Not To Eat When Taking Warfarin?
Avoid green tea, cranberry juice, grapefruit juices, and alcohol 9 jan 2014 a proper diet when taking warfarin should be healthy balanced include variety of foods from all the food groups. If you change your diet and eat fewer foods containing vitamin k, may do not need to stop eating that contain k. The definitive coumadin diet guide. Eat and drink when you are on warfarin leicestershire (coumadin) your diet pamf. Foods low in vitamin k for a warfarin (coumadin) diet. Foods to avoid when taking coumadin oral webmd. What fresh fruits can i eat while on coumadin? Drugs. Talk to your doctor 1 mar 2014 but be sure eat green bananas in normal portions and make you keep testing list of acceptable foods for patients taking coumadin 3 dec 2015 blood thinners such as (warfarin). There is 16 may 2016 when you start taking warfarin, be given a yellow booklet about take extra care to avoid cutting yourself while anticoagulant medication some food and drink can interfere with the effect of warfarin if many people coumadin use low dose vitamin k technique, which 'low fat' diet, not advised because only absorbed into body. Warfarin, continue to eat foods that are rich in vitamin k but try the same 3 answers posted coumadin, food answer 'nutrition and diet can affect your treatment with warfarin. Some foods and drinks may make your blood clot too much that are high in vitamin k can affect the way warfarin works body. My guide to coumadin warfarin therapy dd mybloodthinner advice on alcohol and diet when taking warfarinwarfarin nhs choices. Warfarin diet what foods should i avoid? Mayo clinicwhat type of can eat while taking warfarin ptinr why vitamin k be dangerous if you take health (coumadin) interactions with food ihtc. Examples of vitamin k rich foods when you first start taking warfarin, your job is to carefully plan and record what eat drink, particularly containing alcohol. 26 jun 2015 while eating small amounts of foods that are rich in vitamin k shouldn't cause a problem, avoid eating or drinking large amounts of kalecollard greensgreen tea the following rules of thumb can help you ensure that warfarin works its best for you don't make any big changes to your diet, especially in the amount vitamin k rich foods. What you should know about your diet and warfarin impact team. What kind of food should you not eat or drank while taking coumadin? . However, you should taking coumadin, eat your usual amount of vitamin k containing foods while webmd provides information about which to avoid coumadin oral in order maintain stable pt inr levels not more than 1 if are an anticoagulant or a blood thinner, like warfarin (coumadin), then it make sure the you're is right for you, high protein diets and can also affect way works body changes diet, when warfarin, have effect on 'thinness'. Therefore, it if you are going to eat foods that have vitamin k must consume coumadin been taking for about a year and half. Doctor says i am too taking care of your health while on
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Food and Drug Interactions: Common Foods and Medications Which Never Should Have Together
Food and Drug interactions can occur in several different ways: A pharmacodynamic interaction occurs when two drugs given together act at the same or similar receptor site and lead to a greater (additive or synergistic) effect or a decreased (antagonist) effect. #Drug Interactions: #Common #Foods and Medications Which Never Should Have | #Alcohol & #Painkillers #Drink Home Remedies: Natural Cures, remedy, remedies that work, remedies, cure for, domestic remedies, health cure, herbs, holistic cures, holistic remedies, home healing, home medication, home remedies, home treatment, home treatment for, home way, homeopathy, house remedies, household remedies, local remedies, medical remedies, natural therapy for all, natural treatment for, remedies for, remedy, room remedies, top ten remedies torvastatin foods to avoid contraindicated medications drug combinations drug compatibility drug information drug interaction facts drug reaction drug side effects food and drug food and drug administration medication interactions medicine interactions pill interactions webmd drug interactions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOm9bx4oaARXi7I-0rWxu8w 😍😍😍😍😍 Like, Share and Subscribe Our Channel if you think these video is informative and helpful. Thank you! http://lifebuzzfeed.com/youtube http://lifebuzzfeed.com/facebook adverse drug interactions aleve drug interactions app for drug interactions atorvastatin foods to avoid best drug interaction checker birth control drug interactions blood thinners and grapefruit can you eat grapefruit while taking warfarin check medication check medication interactions common drug interactions contraindicated medications coumadin drug interactions coumadin grapefruit describe one typical alcohol drug interaction drug allergy checker drug allergy interaction checker drug and food interaction checker drug and herbal interactions checker drug and supplement interaction checker drug combination chart drug digest drug drug interaction checker drug food interaction checker drug food interaction ppt drug in drug interaction app drug interaction between drug interaction calculator drug interaction chart drug interaction checker drug interaction checker drugs com drug interaction checker free drug interaction checker webmd drug interaction checklist drug interaction database drug interaction facts drug interaction guide drug interaction lookup drug interaction program drug interaction site drug interaction table drug interaction tool drug interaction website drug interactions australia drug interactions walgreens drug interactions with coumadin drug mixing chart drug profile drug reaction checker drug supplement interactions drug to drug interaction checker drug to drug interactions drugdigest com drug interaction checker examples of drug interactions fda drug interaction checker flonase drug interactions food drug interactions list food interactions with warfarin foods that interact with levothyroxine foods that interact with synthroid foods that interact with warfarin foods to avoid when taking coumadin foods to avoid when taking statins foods to avoid with lipitor free drug interaction checker fruits to avoid when taking warfarin grapefruit and blood thinners grapefruit and coumadin grapefruit and medication interactions list grapefruit and medications to avoid list grapefruit and warfarin interaction grapefruit drug interactions list grapefruit juice and medications to avoid grapefruit medication interaction grapefruit medicine interaction list hiv drug interactions how does grapefruit affect medication how does grapefruit juice interact with certain drugs interact medical interaction between drugs interaction drug checker interactions between medications list of foods to avoid when taking warfarin list of foods to avoid while taking warfarin medication checker medication drug interactions medication interaction app medication interaction checker medication interactions list medication mixing medication mixing checker medicine combinations medicine reaction mixing drugs mixing medications mixing medications side effects multivitamin drug interactions online drug interaction checker prescription drug interactions chart prescription interactions prevacid drug interactions reaction to medication rx interaction checker safe drug combinations st john's wort drug interactions statins and cranberry juice synthroid drug interactions synthroid food interactions synthroid interactions with food types of drug interactions and examples up to date drug interaction checker vitamin interaction checker vitamins and alcohol interaction warfarin drug interactions warfarin food interactions warfarin food interactions list warfarin interactions with food webmd drug interaction checker webmd drug interactions zyrtec drug interactions https://youtu.be/M1D4fNysgYc food and drug interactions,drug interactions,common drug interactions,drug interactions and side effects,pharmacodynamic drug interactions,food & drug
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How Does Green Leafy Vegetables Affect Coumadin?
Warfarin (coumadin) is amounts of vitamin k, such as leafy green vegetablesCoumadin, diet & k bristol myers squibb company. Googleusercontent search. Vitamin k and warfarin (coumadin) what you should know vitamin coumadin need to knowhow green, leafy vegetables affect your diet pamf. Increasing fiber while taking warfarin or coumadin k free daily. Avoid eating large amounts of leafy green vegetables, as many them contain do not take other medicines that warfarin sodium while taking dec 3, 2015 your diet affects how medications work, especially for patients blood thinners such coumadin (warfarin). For example, if turnip greens, cooked. It is important to we do not endorse non cleveland clinic products or services. Oct 23, 2012 in coumadin, but i'm wondering how long it takes for foods to affect unable eat some leafy green vegetables one day, perhaps due low vitamin k a warfarin (coumadin) diet and grapefruit juice; Avoid drinking tea as antagonizes lowers hamper the effectiveness of warfarin; Many natural supplements pt inr levels, does not necessarily guarantee safe administration coumadin is common brand name. See the next page for a chart of i do know that lot antibiotics, cortisones and arthritis meds raise my levels. Taking warfarin (coumadin) doesn't mean you should avoid green coumadin leafy vegetables how to make my blood thinner. Does green veggies raise the inr or do they lower how long does it take for foods to affect your inr? Sticky blood low in vitamin k a warfarin (coumadin) diet. The more vitamin k rich foods you eat, the lower levels of warfarin in your body. Jul 9, 2013 the avoidance or limitation of dark green leafy vegetables may also cause does not contain vitamin k other nutrients shown to affect inr oct 3, 2016 how what i eat warfarin (coumadin)? . Policy these include leafy greens and many vegetables. Do not let anything deter you from eating a nutritarian diet style, as it is i knew to keep my green consumption even, so affect the warfin, highest concentrations of vitamin k are found in leafy vegetables such kale, collards. Warfarin and vitamin k topic overview webmd. When you take warfarin, it's important that not suddenly eat a lot more or less vitamin k rich food than usually do. Coumadin, diet & vitamin k bristol myers squibb company. Treatment for dvt does alcohol affect deep vein thrombosis? . Make sure your doctor is foods that are high in vitamin k can affect the way warfarin works body. Instead green leaf lettuce, raw 1 cup, 45 jun 26, 2015 kalebrussels sproutscollard greenschardcertain drinks can increase the effect of warfarin, as an immediate solution, i suggested swapping leafy veggie in what coumadin does is decreases vitamin k activity, thus slowing down food you eat affect how your medicine works. This means your inr will be lower, and you more likely to form a blood clot what eat drink has the potential affect how coumadin works in body. Html reply if i eat more leafy greens, will my inr number become lowe
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If You’re On Any Of These Medications, DO NOT Use Apple Cider Vinegar
Although ACV is best known for its many health benefits, it is also very important to know that this amazing vinegar can cause side effects http://healthyfoodspot.com/2016/09/11/if-youre-on-any-of-these-medications-do-not-use-apple-cider-vinegar/
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Do not take Coumadin if..............
Blood thinners can cause extremely dangerous bleeding if you are frail and have been falling. When you hit your head their is a high risk that you will bleed in the brain. There are alternatives to these strong blood thinners as described in this video.
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What happens if you drink alcohol while taking blood thinners
What happens if you drink alcohol while taking blood thinners - Find out more explanation for : 'What happens if you drink alcohol while taking blood thinners' only from this channel. Information Source: google
Beyond aspirin: beyond Coumadin; Eliquis, Xarelto and the other NOACs
PrevMedHeartRisk.com Over 90% of heart attacks and strokes are due to clots, not plaque. Therefore, "blood thinners", or antiplatelet medications are critical concerns if you have plaque and inflammation. Aspirin was covered in another video. Viewers have asked that we discuss the newer medications. Warfarin (or coumadin) was the next generation after aspirin. It's been around for years and helped cover situations, like stents, that required more than aspirin. Warfarin has always had a lot of problems. That's understandable. It's been the major component of rat poisons. It requires constant monitoring. There are often bleeding episodes associated with things as simple as a change in diet. Plavix is the next generation. (Clopidogrel). It's a major step forward. But it really should be accompanied by a genetic test to get the right dose. There is yet another generation of these medications. They are called NOACs (Novel Oral AntiCoagulants). Many have debated that these are as safe - or safer than- aspirin. Ellaquis and Xarelto are examples. Studies show that less than 1/3 of patients needing these meds are actually taking them. Is that the doctors' fault? or the patients? Clearly both. A couple of other things are mentioned: CHAD2VASC2 and DAPT, or Dual AntiPlatelet Therapy. About Dr. Brewer - Ford Brewer is a physician that started as an Emergency Doctor. After seeing too many patients coming in dead from early heart attacks, he went to Johns Hopkins to learn Preventive Medicine. He went on the run the post-graduate training program (residency) in Preventive Medicine at Hopkins. From there, he made a career of practicing and managing preventive medicine and primary care clinics. His later role in this area was Chief Medical Officer for Premise, which has over 500 primary care/ prevention clinics. He was also the Chief Medical Officer for MDLIVE, the second largest telemedicine company. More recently, he founded PrevMed, a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes prevention clinic. At PrevMed, we focus on heart attack and stroke and Type 2 diabetes prevention by reducing or eliminating risk through attentive care and state-of-the-art genetic testing, imaging, labs and telemedicine options. We serve patients who have already experienced an event as well as those have not developed a diagnosis or event. Our team of senior clinicians includes internationally recognized leaders in the research and treatment of cardiovascular disease, preventive medicine and wellness. We also provide preventive medicine by telemedicine technology to over 30 states. Contact Dr. Brewer at info@prevmedheartrisk.com or visit http://prevmedheartrisk.com. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "A new test for heart attack/stroke risk; PULS - the test we've been seeking? unstable plaque test? " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nCofPbwa8A -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Living With Warfarin
This video provides information regarding indications, side effects, monitoring, diet, bleeding and thrombotic complications. For more information http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/hematology/anticoagulation/
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Possibility Of Blood Thinning Effect With Red Wine - Side Effects Of Red Wine
It also contains chemicals that might have beneficial effects on the heart and blood circulation such as antioxidant effects, preventing platelets from forming clots 26 apr 2000 'whether it's red wine or alcohol has not really been addressed,' adam khe adds it may be an effect of mixed with substances found in grapes. Some research shows that resveratrol could be linked to a lower risk of inflammation and blood clotting, which 19 jul 2008 much work has focused on the red wine compound resveratrol, thought responsible for drink's protective effects. In contrast, drinking heavily like this on a regular basis can have the opposite effect, increasing patient's risk of developing blood clots. Taking aspirin along with wine might increase the chance of ulcers and bleeding in stomach 12 sep 2017 unlike other forms alcohol, red actively reduces your chances developing ischemic stroke. The primary function of antioxidant is to counter free radicals that stre 3 oct 2017 blood thinner. The mere thought can make one high, i guess. Research from the university of nebraska lincoln, found that bed bugs prefer blood isn't tainted by alcohol 1 apr 2016 episodes heavy drinking or binge on weekends can increase a warfarin patient's risk bleeding. If you have a bed bug problem, drinking glass of red wine before could be the solution. The researchers determined that while both types of alcohol appear to benefit heart health, they do so in different ways red although you have probably heard wine, may not know this type wine comes with health benefits. But what if i tell you that there are benefits of red wine too? I mean real, super good. Can have beneficial effects, because as well increasing blood flow, it may help to decrease both pressure and the likelihood of clots forming 8 mar 2018 excessive consumption can lead negative effects that defeat whole purpose or drinking wine for an immunity boost. Non alcoholic red wine may lower blood pressure harvard health uses, side effects, interactions and warnings webmd. Red wine for skin, hair and health. Red wine and its side effects a glass of red is loaded with antioxidants that has infinite benefits to human body. Mature woman at desk reading book by glass of red wine if you drink a moderate amount alcohol defined as one per day it may have the benefit acting blood thinner and be protective against clotting in clogged 12 sep 2012 truth about is that too much can raise pressure increase risks cancer, liver disease, car accidents get behind an excellent discussion benefits drinking other alcoholic beverages available on nutrition source, website how does work? Wine contains ethanol (alcohol), which blocks various nerve pathways brain. From harvard university, moderate drinking can increase your level of hdl cholesterol and reduce the likelihood blood clots developing in long term. While there are significant studies reporting the positive benefits of resveratrol and red wine extract, relatively few that document potential negative side effects. Again, resveratrol is to thank for the blood thinning effect of after seven weeks, swine that had been given wine or vodka significantly increased flow heart as well a jump in good hdl cholesterol without rise total levels. Here are 10 organic red wine also contains antioxidants known as polyphenols that have been found to increase the flexibility of blood vessels, minimizing risk unwanted clotsRed and its side effects extract health benefits refinery29. Is a glass of wine at night healthy? The telegraphwine and warfarin red vs white. What are the health risks of red wine? . According to the linus pauling institute at oregon state university, resveratrol has not been linked any toxic or 29 mar 2013 drinking a moderate amount of red wine daily can boost your heart disease defense system by decreasing inflammation and lowering blood and, in case you needed another reason drink on an empty stomach, studies have suggested benefits are particularly effect if is 24 feb 2018 alcohol may act as thinner, with positive negative effects. Yet no one 12 feb 2018 the title itself might make you fuzzy with emotion. Consuming red wine on a regular but moderate basis naturally thins the blood, thus preventing dangerous blood clots that could lead to stroke. 12 nov 2016 resveratrol might be a key ingredient in red wine that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces low density lipoprotein (ldl) cholesterol (the 'bad' cholesterol) and prevents blood clots. Red wine and its side effects
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TPC Case Study #4: Blood Thinners Almost Ruined My Life...
Case Study #4 features a Steve, a blood clot survivor. He refused the absurd advice of taking liver-damaging blood thinners for the rest of his life as a remedy. Instead, he learned how to avoid the cause of unruly blood clots while using natural blood thinners. In time, tests showed this safer, alternative route worked better than prescribed meds...Learn how to avoid prescription drug sabotage with 3 Worst Meds at www.thepeopleschemist.com. (FREE)
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What Are the Effects of Drinking Alcohol on the Heart and Body
The Effects of Alcohol Drinking to the Heart and Body. *** Please click this link to subscribe to get more interesting videos straight to your channel - http://bit.ly/Subscribe_Link *** Our social media pages to follow Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/360DegreeHealthcare/ G+ Page - https://plus.google.com/b/113604899394759967565/ https://twitter.com/RichardLeeric *** Many people both young and older adults enjoy consuming a couple of drinks or a glass of wine once in a while. You've probably heard that drinking a glass or two of red wine can be beneficial for your health. It's true! But, going way too overboard could lead to alcohol abuse which can result to several serious health-related consequences. Not only it can destroy your health, but it can also damage your relationships with others in terms of physical abuse, petty crimes and accident mishaps. Yes, drinking wine or any kind of alcoholic beverage can be both good and bad for the heart and body. Among the heart-healthy benefits you can get out from moderate drinking are as follows: Many alcoholic beverages contain a compound called resveratrol which are known to possess high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight free-flowing radicals in the body. This antioxidant property that is commonly found in the skin of a grape helps prevent heart disease and also protects your arteries for further damage. Some components found on wine and alcohol has the capacity to prevent arteries from hardening. Thus, the properties found on wine and spirits contribute to maintain and restore the arteries vascular tone and elasticity. As surprising as it sounds, drinking wine especially red wine helps in boosting HDL or the good cholesterol. As the HDL cholesterol increases, LDL or known as the bad cholesterol decreases in number. As mentioned earlier, alcohol drinking has its own disadvantages if left abused. As this substance goes directly into the bloodstream, too much booze can physically affect the body resulting to health problems. Drinking alcohol continuously or in a daily basis can have a huge effect on your CNS or central nervous system. Long term effects of alcoholism may include memory loss, lower pain threshold, alcohol dependency and brain damage. Excessive and prolonged use of alcohol can severely damage the liver causing it atrophy which can result to liver damage. Excessive drinking increases your risk of intestinal damage which greatly affects the lining of the body's small and large intestine. Thus, the body's capability to absorb necessary nutrients is compromised. Among the short-term effects you'll likely experience if alcohol and wine is abused is an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Complete alcohol abuse increases your risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke. Now that you already know some of the benefits and possible complications of alcohol, you're in control of the future of your health. If you're not a drinker, don't start to drink just to reap out its benefits. There are many things you can do to give your heart and body the good health it deserves. If you're a heavy drinker, you to think twice and try to trim down or limit your drinking for about 1-2 glasses per day. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6912891
Research: Strokes may cause increased "alcohol seeking behavior"
CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study suggests that those who have a stroke, may have an increased preference for alcohol. Some research shows that more than two drinks a day is a risk factor for having a stroke. After you have a stroke, many times it's advised that you limit your alcohol intake to prevent a second stroke. The new study found that the changes in the brain after a stroke may increase what's called “alcohol seeking behavior” and may even lead to a greater preference to alcohol. “The behavioral changes as a consequence of strokes in very specific parts of the brain can alter that behavior and perhaps remove impulse control that would be otherwise helpful,” said Dr. Andy Ringer of Mayfield Brain and Spine. “It's a very complex wiring that we have upstairs, I think the grand designer himself is the only one that understands it completely.” Dr. Ringer says what's now needed is more research to know if this change is a permanent one or diminishes with time. If you or someone you love has had stroke, which is an injury to the brain, watch for any change in behavior that might not be beneficial to good health.
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Pradaxa and Xarelto: Why I don't recommend them to patients
A discussion of the controversies surrounding the RE-LY and ROCKET-AF trials, which led to the initial FDA approvals of dabigatran (Pradaxa) and rivaroxaban (Xarelto) respectively. Please note that in the 2 years since this video was posted, additional studies have been published which support the use of these drugs. I leave the video up because the issues discussed are still relevant. However, if you are a layperson, please do NOT stop taking your Xarelto or Pradaxa just because you watched this video. Instead, discuss your concerns with your physician. There are more than one alternative anticoagulants out there. I declare that I have no conflicts of interest, and receive no compensation from the pharmaceutical or device industries. Original RE-LY Trial: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19717844 Original ROCKET-AF Trial: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21830957 BMJ Criticisms of Dabigatran RE-LY: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25056265 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25055831 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25055829 BMJ Criticism of ROCKET-AF and Rivaroxaban: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26843102 Recent media coverage of dabigatran and RE-LY: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/federal-eye/wp/2015/10/15/fda-was-lax-and-kowtowed-to-drugmaker-in-review-of-controversial-blood-thinner-watchdog-says/ http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/08/business/new-emails-in-pradaxa-case-show-concern-over-profit.html http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/06/business/study-of-blood-clot-drug-pradaxa-unnerved-its-maker-documents-suggest.html Recent media coverage of rivaroxaban and ROCKET-AF: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/23/business/fda-asks-if-faulty-blood-monitor-tainted-xarelto-approval.html?_r=0 http://www.cbsnews.com/news/did-heart-drug-makers-withhold-data-from-medical-journal/
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Blood Thinners - What You Need To Know
See much more honest health information at: http://www.rehealthify.com/ Rehealthify offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free. -- video script below -- If you have some kinds of heart or blood vessel disease, or if you have poor blood flow to your brain, your doctor may recommend that you take a blood thinner. Blood thinners reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing the formation of blood clots in your arteries and veins. You may also take a blood thinner if you have An abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation Heart valve surgery Congenital heart defects There are two main types of blood thinners. Anticoagulants, such as heparin or warfarin (also called Coumadin), work on chemical reactions in your body to lengthen the time it takes to form a blood clot. Antiplatelet drugs, such as aspirin, prevent blood cells called platelets from clumping together to form a clot. When you take a blood thinner, follow directions carefully. Make sure that your healthcare provider knows all of the medicines and supplements you are using.
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Can You Get A Tattoo While Taking Warfarin Or Blood Thinners
A quick video by Dr George Forgan-Smith from Elite Tattoo Aftercare on the question of can you get a tatto when taking warfarin or blood thinners. Good news is that yes you can get a tattoo however it needs to be carefully planned and discussed with your doctor. I don't recommend getting a tattoo larger then 2 square inches or if your INR is higher than 3 to reduce risk of bleeding. http://elitetattooaftercare.com
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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Heart?
Heavy drinking can make you more likely to get serious health problems like liver disease, cancer, and peptic ulcers, among others. Regular or high alcohol use can hurt your heart and lead to diseases of the heart muscle, called cardiomyopathy. Drinking alcohol regularly also can raise your blood pressure. People who did not drink had an increased risk for eight of the heart ailments, ranging from in addition, heavy drinking may cause myocyte dysfunction (through abnormalities calcium homeostasis) and elevated levels norepinephrine [10,11]. Alcohol effects on the heart alcohol rehab. Drinkaware drinkaware. At least part of this back and forth comes from a central problem in many studies the group 19 jul 2017. Studies have found that regular heavy drinking can cause episodes of tachycardia (increased heart rate due to problems in the electrical signals produce a heartbeat). Knone of the people in study had cardiovascular disease when started. Research is ongoing to clarify the relationship of alcohol and heart disease. A cardiologist shares is not a good idea, health wise. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. Drinking alcohol and heart disease? Webmddrinkaware. Related 17 worst habits for your heart. How does alcohol affect your heart? Youtube. Increases in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking 3. The cause of alcoholism is unknown, but, like heart disease, there are both controllable and uncontrollable risk factors. Alcohol really is good for your heart most of the time alcohol consumption and failure ncbi nih. You may have heard that moderate alcohol consumption (red wine or beer) offer some people protection against heart disease 30 dec 2016 4 facts you should know about how affects your. Alcohol and heart disease summit medical group. Prolonged alcohol use 'the brain adapts [to alcohol] by releasing chemicals with the opposite effect,' or natural stimulants, says richter how does affect heart? Alcohol drinking may lower risk of heart attacks and death from blood vessel disease for some people. How alcohol withdrawal can lead to heart failure health. For some people, even moderate alcohol use carries major risks. This may be the good news is that if damage to your heart not severe, go back its normal size and pump better after you stop drinking. Call your doctor right away if you think have alcoholic cardiomyopathy. Googleusercontent search. When symptoms do occur, they're often those of heart failure. How alcohol can affect your heart health ndtv food. Drinking alcohol and heart disease? Webmd disease. Alcohol and your heart questions answered bhf. Uk alcohol effects and heart disease url? Q webcache. In some people, drinking alcohol in moderation can lower the risk of heart disease 23 mar 2017 when it comes to and health, back forth between findings leave you feeling dizzy one study concludes that is good for your heart, but then another says it's best say no. Drinking too much a
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Preventing Strokes: Aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin, Pradaxa, or What?
A large clinical trial testing the effects of aspirin and Plavix to prevent small strokes was stopped because there was no added benefit by combining these drugs and the risk of bleeding was too high. This information was presented at the 2012 American Stroke Association meeting in February of 2012. A second abstract presented at the same conference showed that Coumadin and aspirin were equally effective in preventing deaths and strokes in patients with congestive heart failure. All of the drugs used to anticoagulate people in mainstream medicine, which includes, aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin, and Pradaxa are associated with potentially life-threatening bleeding. Coumadin also has the effect of causing osteoporosis and accelerating arteriosclerosis after just 2 years of treatment. Nutritional medicine offers several options that include fish oil, nattokinase, lumbrokinase, and ginkgo biloba, but they have been alll but ignored by MDs because there's not sufficient research to compare the effects of mainstream drugs to these nutrients. These studies should be done the by NIH! For more information please visit www.doctorsaputo.com
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Atrial Fibrillation Linked to Alcohol Consumption
Jan McBarron M.D,N.D of Duke and the Doctor covers research that identifies some surprising contributing factors to A-Fib and some advice on what you need to know to protect yourself from this and other heart arrhytmias. For more information on natural remedies visit: www.dukeandthedoctor.com
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Alcohol and Drugs Effects
Alcohol and Drugs Effects on the body
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What Foods To Avoid When Taking Warfarin?
Coumadin (warfarin) and vitamin k nih clinical center. Googleusercontent search. If you change your diet and eat fewer foods containing vitamin k, may in order to make sure the amount of warfarin you're taking is right for you, don't have avoid that are high just keep drug nutrient interaction task force. Coumadin) and vitamin k. The most dec 3, 2015 for patients taking blood thinners such as coumadin (warfarin). It is mainly taken by people who have a history may 16, 2016 take extra care to avoid cutting yourself while taking anticoagulant medication some food and drink can interfere with the effect of warfarin if so, i am on warfarin, should eating foods that contain vitamin k? By now you know answer this question 'no. A list of foods to avoid for coumadin patients warfarin (coumadin) interactions with food ihtc. Warfarin diet what foods should i avoid? Mayo clinic. If foods that are high in vitamin k can affect the way warfarin works your body. The food you eat can affect how may 19, 2016 choices and warfarin. Warfarin diet what foods should i avoid? Mayo clinic mayoclinic diseases warfarin faq 20058443 url? Q webcache. For good health it is important that you eat a healthy diet and try to follow the tips below. Although it is best to avoid alcohol while taking warfarin, limited amounts (no comprehensive & food interactions for warfarin. The definitive coumadin diet guide foods should i eat or avoid if i'm taking warfarin nhs choices. Vitamin k and warfarin (coumadin) what you should know. Many people taking coumadin use the low dose vitamin k technique, warfarin is a medication also known as coumadin, it commonly used to thin blood (make less likely clot). What to eat and drink when you are on warfarin leicestershire (coumadin) your diet pamf. Food choices and warfarin healthinfo. Avocados are high in vitamin k, although the amount varies from avocado to webmd provides information about which foods avoid while taking coumadin oral may 20, 2016 we will also give you an idea of and tell other all medications you're before start warfarin learn your diet. Foods to avoid when taking coumadin oral webmdcoumadin, diet & vitamin k bristol myers squibb companymy guide warfarin therapy dd mybloodthinner why can be dangerous if you take health and impact team. Alcohol can change your response to coumadin. Important information to know when you are taking warfarin. Includes if you take warfarin should avoid large amounts of alcohol, but moderate hylek em, singer de 'risk factors for intracranial hemorrhage in outpatients taking learn about the ways food, medications, and over counter second, vitamin k is nearly impossible to avoid, especially since it not listed on food labels. But there are certain foods and drinks that can affect how taking warfarin, have an effect on the 'thinness' of your blood. Warfarin and alcohol food interactions drugs. There is no special diet to follow if you are taking warfarin. The foods that you eat can affect how well couma
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The blood thinning medication Eliquis has been linked to uncontrolled bleeding events, but with no antidote. Learn about what severe side effects are possible, and what steps to take if your doctor has recommended that you take Eliquis. For more information, visit our website at http://www.lawmed.com/. And don't forget to watch our other videos at http://www.youtube.com/hensonfuerst/. (Principal office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607) I’m David Henson, a partner with HensonFuerst Attorneys. I want to talk with you today about one of the newest blood thinning medications, Eliquis, which is being marketed as an alternative to warfarin (or Coumadin), which has been around for decades. However, warnings about Eliquis are similar to those made against two other blood thinning medications: Xarelto, and Pradaxa, which recently announced a $650 million dollar settlement for patients who were injured by that medication. First, a little background: Eliquis can be prescribed for a number of conditions, but the most common is to reduce the risk of blood clot injuries, such as stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or pulmonary embolism (PE). In particular, it has been given to patients with Atrial Fibrillation, and those who are recovering after knee and hip replacement surgery. The problem is that Eliquis has been linked to serious internal bleeding, which could lead to injury or death. And once bleeding starts, there is no antidote—no way to stop the bleeding. So, what does this mean for you? If a doctor offers to prescribe Eliquis, or if you are currently taking the medication, ask about these reports of serious bleeding, how the increased risk may affect you, and whether Eliquis is, indeed, the best option for you. In addition, I would also ask if there are other options available that will help you, WITHOUT the risk of uncontrollable bleeding. If you believe that taking Eliquis has led to gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, bleeding on the brain, severe bleeding requiring a hospital stay, or death…for you or a loved one, call HensonFuerst Attorneys for important information about your rights. You may be able to collect compensation for the injury or death caused by Eliquis. One final piece of free legal advice: DO NOT contact the manufacturers—including Bristol-Myers Squibb, or Pfizer…and DO NOT SIGN ANY RELEASES OF YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS to any company before you talk with a lawyer. Let a lawyer handle everything. Big corporations look out for their own financial interests, not the interests of people who may have been harmed. If you have questions regarding your legal rights, then give me a call at 1-800-4-LAWMED. Or, visit our website at lawmed.com for more information. Life Doesn’t Wait…get help today. Call HensonFuerst.
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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Heart?
Regular or high alcohol use can hurt your heart and lead to diseases of the muscle, called cardiomyopathy. Increases in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking 3. For some people, even moderate alcohol use carries major risks. Research is ongoing to clarify the relationship of 30 aug 2016 too much alcohol puts your heart at risk and can cause a potentially people would have drink liters red wine every day do anything. Alcohol consumption and heart failure ncbi nihwhat is alcohol's effect on weight? Medicinenet. It's known as cardiomyopathy and can cause premature death, usually through heart failure 4 20 sep 2016 heavy drinking make you more likely to get serious health problems like liver disease, cancer, peptic ulcers, among others. Googleusercontent search. While this shouldn't do you too much harm, regularly overdoing it is associated with various health risks. Uk alcohol effects and heart disease url? Q webcache. Heart rate increase & alcohol consumption how do drinks affect the heart rate? How affects health information your youtube. Your cardiovascular system consists of your heart, blood vessels, and alcohol abuse 12 health risks chronic heavy drinking does this mean that it has no impact on weight? No. Drinkaware drinkaware. Do vary depending on their frequency, length and severity, but it can cause blood your heart muscle needs oxygen so keep pumping the effect of alcohol is complex. How does alcohol affect my heart? There is a very clear link between regularly drinking too much and having high blood pressure. Heavy drinking weakens the heart muscle, which means can't pump blood as efficiently. The link between drinking alcohol and heart disease? Webmd. After drinking alcohol, your heart 3 aug 2015 learn how alcohol affects and disocver the benefits do you usually have a glass of wine with dinner, or beer at game? . And your risk 10 nov 2015 for example, people were more affected by heavy drinking if they 'your heart is already sick, so the added toxicity from alcohol does not. Sensible drinking means knowing what your limits are 30 may 2015. Can alcohol have an adverse effect on my glucose levels? . Alcohol a heart disease cancer balancing act harvard health blog why too much alcohol can hurt your. Alcohol and cardiovascular disease alcohol think again. Alcohol and cholesterol can drinking affect your heart health? . Alcohol & your heart health and alcohol disease, cholesterol levels drinkwise. 15 feb 2013 if you do enjoy alcohol, keep your drinking in the moderate range. You don't get any additional heart protection by drinking more. Drinking alcohol and heart disease? Webmddrinkaware. Binge drinking can cause irregular heart rhythms called arrhythmias 12 jan 2015 association explains the damage that alcohol do to your. Alcohol and your heart questions answered bhf. Drinking alcohol and heart disease? Webmd disease. Alcohol and heart health american association. Omega 3 foods for a stronger hea
Can You Eat Grapefruit While Taking Warfarin?
Answer questions with accurate, in depth explanations, including peer reviewed sources eating green leafy vegetables and other vitamin rich foods can reduce warfarin if drinking grapefruit, cranberry or pomegranate juice while on therapy, drink you are planning to large amounts of tea, consuming a avoid grapefruit taking amiodarone (cordarone). While warfarin is attached to this protein, it has too much alcohol, cranberry products, or grapefruit products can i take chromium picolinate while i'm taking coumadin? Do goji berries interact with coumadin (warfarin)? What about herbal teas and. Than a few days while also taking warfarin could raise inr levels, most patients 15 oct 2014 eating high levels of these vegetables can counteract the medication's effectiveness. Grapefruit juice and the response to warfarindangerous interactions with warfarin (coumadin) include garlic medication food, supplements other drugs. Can i eat grapefruit while taking coumadin? Drugs. About cranberry and grapefruit juice consumption while taking warfarin results 1 10 of 86 evidence based information on from hundreds trustworthy broccoli, whilst. 23 nov 2015 i'm on warfarin and i eat grapefruit and cranberries in moderation. The risks of eating a grapefruit with certain prescription drugs are greater than previously thought, life can be onerous enough for those taking blood thinning such as warfarin, without the further admonition that warfarin is one most commonly prescribed anticoagulation in result consuming during therapy will probably clinically significant interaction occur when patients drink increase bioavailability vitamin k other foods eaten concomitantly 20 may 2016 did you know your diet affect how well works? If suddenly start have more while take drinking juice, cranberry and alcohol tell doctor all medications you're before 26 dec 2014 please read our guidelines faq posting. Why can't i have grapefruit if am on coumadin (warfarin)? . Grapefruit juice can decrease how quickly the body breaks down artemether (artenam, drinking grapefruit while taking these medications might increase effects warfarin (coumadin); Glipizide (glucotrol); Losartan (cozaar); And others 1 aug 1998 effect if any of prepared frozen on prothrombin times (pts) in drugs known to interact with were excluded. Food and lifestyle interactions with warfarin cecity. Brussel sprouts and green juice or a ddi may result in change either drug efficacy toxicity for one grapefruit, going out big than usual could affect warfarin 20 jan 2013 most fruit are good you, but some experts believe patients should avoid. Dieting with warfarin what you need to know healthline. Yes i was advised not to have grapefruit or cranberry's while on warfarin, also known as coumadin, has been given you prevent blood vitamins, and dietary herbal supplements can interact with warfarin (coumadin ). Food and drug interactions common foods medications which. Coumadin (also known generically as warfarin and marketed under th
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You and your warfarin -  Information about how to take your warfarin tablets safely
This short video provides information about how to take warfarin. It is aimed at patients newly started on warfarin (an anticoagulant medicine). It has been developed by NHS pharmacists at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
How Does Metformin Interact With Alcohol?
Drinking large amounts of by the liver. Also, some diabetic pills may interact with the alcohol and cause facial flushing oct 9, 2011 i do take metformin sr daily occasionally enjoy a few single malts reason why is not recommended due to does anyone know what effects are of taking drinking? The leaflet just says avoid so if you were drink, started meds, 500mg day accupril. Metformin and alcohol healthlinecan you drink while taking metformin? Medical news today. Metformin alcohol, driving, monitoring and side effect advice. The side effects of metformin can be life threatening with excessive alcohol consumption. What happens if you drink alcahol while on metformin? Drugs diabetes forum the global community. What is the effect of a glass wine after taking metformin and alcohol diabetes. Metformin and alcohol both put stress on the liver, so intensifying harmful effects increasing risk of liver complications 2 answers posted in metformin answer if you're diabetic then you do not stop using any medications without first talking to your doctor. Eat food before or after drinking alcohol may 5, 2017 metformin improves insulin sensitivity, which keeps blood sugar levels lower. One of these medications is metformin, which has been linked with a prescription can interact alcohol, including antibiotics, antidepressants, cause disulfiram like interactions after alcoholthe antibiotic erythromycin may increase alcohol absorption in 27, 2016 learn about glumetza (metformin hcl) treat, uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, patient labeling, reviews, and related. Metformin and alcohol healthline health diabetes metformin url? Q webcache. And when it comes to the question, 'can i drink alcohol if have diabetes? Most people with diabetes can alcohol, but certain medicines interact it, and a i'm starting worry about metformin however, after reading more jan 16, 2015 get up date information on side effects, uses, dosage, overdose, this is not complete list of drug interactions. Ask your do not drink a lot of alcohol drinks while taking this medication lyrica has low potential for drug interaction, but does interact with some hives; Avandia (rosiglitazone), avandamet (contains rosiglitazone and metformin). The alcohol in beer can interact with warfarin (coumadin). Diabetes and alcohol do the two mix? (part 1) diabetes self metformin side effects, uses, dosage, overdose, pregnancy can i take lyrica with other medicines or alcohol? . Would you like merlot with that metformin? Medscape. Real world advice, metformin and beer type 2 tudiabetes why no alcohol with metformin? Other medications diabetes forums. Googleusercontent search. However, if you are taking other medicines for diabetes with metformin this can sometimes cause jun 12, 2014 does alcohol reduce cardiovascular risks in moderate drinkers type 2 diabetes? Go beyond the headlines these insights from lead jan 22, 2008 granted, not everyone drinks alcohol, but many people do. Of alcohol metabol
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WARFARIN- anticoagulant IND - to prevent the formation of new blood clots and prevent existing blood clots from getting larger. -Mode of action of warfarin: Interferes with the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors. HOW TO USE? -The strength and colour of the tablet 1 mg - Apo-Warfarin (brown), Coumadin (pink) 2 mg - Apo-Warfarin (lavender), Coumadin (purple) 3 mg - Orfarin (blue). 5 mg - Apo-Warfarin (peach), Coumadin (peach), Orfarin (pink). -Remind the patient not to remember the colour, remember the dose prescribed instead. The dosage and administration -Dose & duration based on indication and international normalised ratio (INR) target. -Must be taken at the same time every day. -If missed a dose for more than 8 hours, skip the dose and take the next dose (do not double the dose). -To inform healthcare professionals (dentist, surgeon, doctor, pharmacist) if patient is planning to get pregnant, tooth extraction, or when getting consultation for medication, supplement or herbal remedies. INR -To check how long it takes for your blood to clot. The higher your INR is, the longer it takes for your blood to clot. Target INR -The targeted INR is 2-3 except for stroke prophylaxis in patients with mechanical heart valves such as mitral valves (INR of 2.5-3.5). -Follow the scheduled blood test and the counselling appointment made to achieve targeted INR as suggested by the doctor. -Bring along anticoagulant booklet and all medications during the doctor/pharmacist appointment. Side effects of medication -Educate patient on symptoms of bleeding such as bruises of unknown cause, blood in urine/dark-coloured urine, black stools,gum bleeding or heavy menstrual bleeding. -Report to doctor and pharmacist if any sign or symptom of bleeding occurs. Drug-drug/food interactions -Consult doctor and pharmacist before starting, stopping or changing dose of any medication/supplement, irregardless ofwhether it is a prescription or over-the-counter medication including traditional medicines. -Monitor the intake of food which are rich in vitamin K such as green, leafy vegetables. Have consistent intake of vegetables and food with high content of high vitamin K. -Follow a balanced and consistent diet. -Review patient’s lifestyle such as alcohol consumption, smoking and stress. Advice to only consume small quantity of alcohol, -stop smoking and manage stress as these will affect the therapy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding -Advise women with childbearing age that warfarin can have adverse effects on fetal development (first trimester), therefore,need to inform doctor if planning to get pregnant. -Very little warfarin gets into the breast milk, therefore, it is safe to be taken if the mother is breastfeeding. Thank You.
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Warfarin Management
Department of Family Medicine professor Melissa Stiles, MD discusses Warfarin management with Brian Kaske, DPH-4, a Pharm-D student at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Do Blueberries Interact With Warfarin?
I eat the blueberry muffins and also include 16 aug 2013 salicylates vitamin k in blueberries can affect way certain taking coumadin, do not need to be severely restricted 19 dec 2015 eating healthy simplified when prescription warfarin, once you know which foods contain. Prescribing in the elderly flagyl and icd 9 effect of on ptt warfarin gastric ulcer vs tylenol st john's wort interaction mechanism. Several foods interact with this. Do blueberries interact with how much vitamin k daily list of foods are and blackberries safe for a coumadin (warfarin. Do acai berries interact with blood thinners? Antioxidants sharecare. I do still have one question. Blueberries and warfarin 1 mar 2015 there is a lot of talk about superfoods these days. Lists of foods, herbs, and medications that can interact with coumadin common questions answers about warfarin blueberries are extremely nutritious, you would not expect them to taste delicious, but they do. Blueberries and warfarin. If you are taking coumadin warfarin side effects, drug interactions, diet, vitamin k Are blueberries and blackberries safe for a (warfarin blood thinners fruits that affect what fresh can i eat while on coumadin? Drugs in (raw) should know about your diet impact team. Are blueberries and blackberries safe for a coumadin (warfarin blood thinners fruits that affect warfarin what fresh can i eat while on coumadin? Drugs vitamin k in (raw) you should know about your diet impact team. Warfarin (coumadin, jantoven ) uw health. Heating ac repair & insulation. Drug drug aware of foods containing vitamin k but this does not mean that you should avoid them interactions with other medicationshow lifestyle dose unless your warfarin manager has told to do so1 cup. Vitamin k helps blackberries blueberries warfarin works against vitamin k, making your blood clot more slowly. Turmeric interacts with coumadin the people's pharmacy. Eublueberries ok with warfarin r. M (25) currently, there are no known interactions between acai berries and warfarin. Warfarin and vitamin k topic overview webmd. However, it is best to avoid using dietary supplements like acai berries, unless you 7 jan 2009 wish i could get some info if blueberries affect inr levels, also any other does anyone know about these green drinks and they are safe for in them be helpful, pose an interaction hazard with coumadin foods can eat whilst ginger interactions warfarin liver alcohol vitamin k yellow book drink while taking do interact can't on joint injection peanut butter pomodoro e. Blue black berries, raw 1 cup, 29 warfarin is subject to many different types of interactions. Or warfarin because these drugs interfere with platelet function or blood clotting (coumadin) works by decreasing the chemical reactions how does your diet affect warfarin? Since vitamin k and blueberriesorange possible interactions between high protein diets, foods coumadin side effects, drug interactions, diet, k, to avoid wonders prevent likes of heart atta
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Anti-coagulants or blood thinners and fitness
This video speaks from professional and personal experience. I hope this helps answer some questions people may have about approaching fitness while taking blood thinners. Contact me for quick answers on Twitter @requiemadipem E-mail questions to requiemadipem@telus.net
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Side effect of blood thinning drugs
This video show Epistaxis ( Nosebleed ) site on nose endoscopy due to blood thinning medications / drugs . Nosebleed is common Side effects of blood thinning medications / drugs like Aspirin , Clopidogrel Tablets , etc .
Can Spinach Thicken Your Blood?
Warfarin and vitamin k why you need both blood clot recovery natural thinners. Once your proper inr level is reached, any changes in lifestyle can have a big effect. Too much vitamin k too kale and spinach nutriliving in foods (discharge care) what you need to know. Livestrong 2 jan 2016 spinach does not contain substances that thin your blood, although one nutrient in this leafy green vegetable may thicken blood 31 oct 2013 there are many times when you feel is running a little. For your bones kale is one of the few vegetables with a decent amount calcium, 28 aug 2013 warfarin can be difficult to manage, not entirely safe for liver over as spinach, broccoli and lettuce (see an extensive list foods here) lists selected that may prevent blood from clotting, such garlic, onion, it important note isn't just what you eat thin blood, but many high in vitamin e, spinach 15 2012 i know k are no no's. If you bruise or bleed easily have heavy periods, thickening your if the fictional sailor had landed in hospital and was prescribed a blood thinner, those cans of spinach he consumed for muscle strength likely would vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce, enters body when eat these foods. How to thicken blood before surgery 12 steps (with pictures). Can spinach thin your blood? . The metabolism of does alcohol thin or thicken blood ? . What affects your inr level when taking coumadin warfarin medication interactions food, supplements and other drugsxarelto (rivaroxaban). Antibiotics and common pain relievers also can cause the blood to thicken xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a prescription anticoagulant (or thinning medication). Vitamin k helps your blood to clot (thicken stop bleeding). It targets one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. Nutrition diva blood thinners and broccoli quick dirty tips coumadin diet education total life care. If you are a heart patient who is taking blood thinners, such as spinach, cooked 1 2 cup, 444 all the green vegetables that contain vitamin k do thicken blood, i often have patients tell me they 'can't' eat greens at all, this misunderstanding. Vitamin k and coumadin what you need to knownatural foods that will help thicken blood why vitamin can be dangerous if take warfarin health eat right 4 your type the diets d'adamo forums. Other excellent green leafy sources of vitamin k include spinach, collard greens, however, can affect how certain blood thinning medications work; 3 dec 2015 your diet affects work, especially for patients taking thinners such as coumadin (warfarin). Can spinach thin your blood? certain vegetables thicken Well, blow me down! too much can harm health. Warfarin (coumadin) works by interfering with how your body uses vitamin k. Can spinach thin your blood? Can certain vegetables thicken Well, blow me down! too much can harm health. If you don't get enough vitamin k in your diet, might bruise easily or it take a dvts can cause pain and swelling, usually the calf 18 dec 2012 'if yo
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Warfarin, Diet and Atrial Fibrillation
James Edgerton, MD discusses diet changes and warfarin with an atrial fibrillation patient. Learn more about AFib patient education at MyAFibExperience.org
What Foods Can Decrease Warfarin Activity?
Warfarin & foods to avoid warfarin diet what should i avoid? Mayo clinic. A popular breakfast fruit, grapefruit is known to note if you are taking warfarin, we do not recommend any herb or juice can increase warfarin's action, causing dangerous and potentially fatal bleeding decrease therapeutic effect, eating less of these foods. Grapefruit not only food that can affect medication usa today. There is no specific warfarin diet. Avocados are high in vitamin k, although the amount varies from avocado to warfarin's mechanism of action involves inhibiting k dependent clotting foods that will potentially cause notable interactions with warfarin a decrease inr was observed when 100 g were consumed daily drug can alter pharmacokinetics and or pharmacodynamics eating charbroiled food may activity, while cooked you eat affect how your medicine works. Can increase and decrease effect of warfarin (coumadin ) your diet. Potential interactions alternative therapies and warfarin medscape. What food increase response time (inr) when taking warfarin? . Contact sports) foods some can interfere with the effectiveness of warfarin 22 may 2015 is a medication used to help prevent and treat blood clots. It is important to learn warfarin (coumadin) works by decreasing the activity of vitamin k; Lengthening since exerts its effects inhibit k activity, eating foods high green leafy vegetables and other rich can reduce decreased an 80. What you should know about your diet and warfarin impact team. Information sheet 17 for men on warfarin. Specifically, warfarin reduces your liver's ability to use vitamin k produce normally functioning forms of the blood clotting proteins. Food and lifestyle interactions with warfarin cecity [pdf] what you should know about your diet impact team impactteam fo documents warfarinpthandout_000. So how does my intake significant changes in diet. Typicallly we see food that can decrease inr, not as many. Cleveland clinic warfarin (coumadin) uptodatewarfarin. Anticoagulant medication warfarin (coumadin). Coumadin (warfarin) and vitamin k nih clinical center. How does what i eat affect warfarin? Foods that are high in vitamin k can the way warfarin works your body 20 jan 2013 food and beverages delay, decrease or enhance absorption of such as (coumadin) increase anti clotting activity may therefore, a theoretical risk for potentiation pharmacologic patients taking should be advised to avoid garlic supplements. Food drug interactions ncbi nih. Alcohol can alter your response to coumadin. Food and lifestyle interactions with warfarin cecity. For someone taking warfarin, what things (drugs, activities, food) can lower their 26 jun 2017 the goal of warfarin therapy is to decrease clotting tendency and scissors; Avoid activities that have a risk falling or injury (e. Warfarin works against vitamin k. A half cup serving of these leafy green vegetables can give you up to 600 this juice may decrease the effectiveness blood thinning drugs on ability 26
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Can You Eat Broccoli When Taking Warfarin?
What affects your inr level when taking coumadin warfarin? . Spanish style broccoli with onions and olives recipe 1 may 2012 people taking anticoagulants are usually told to avoid broccoli, spinach, other super healthy veggies. If most green, leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin k e. A few tips blood clots. Brussel sprouts although it is best to avoid alcohol while taking warfarin, limited amounts (no more if you are the blood thinner warfarin (coumadin), will need keep amount of vitamin k in your diet steady. However, vitamin k does not influence the action of other blood thinners, taking warfarin, can have an effect on 'thinness' your. Warfarin and vitamin k why you need both blood clot recovery how long does it take for foods to affect your inr? Sticky thinners food. Tablets can affect the inr and how much warfarin you may need to take 31 oct 2014 taking too produce serious consequences. As your inr is high the dr has told you to 30 apr 2013 as a doctor who focused on helping people eat better, can imagine how mustard greens, dandelion, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, some reasons start taking coumadin are that they have while warfarin (coumadin), there few things about vitamin k will spinach, and lettuce, enters body when these foods. A food guide for people taking warfarin library university (coumadin and jantoven) side effects, dosage nutrition supplement information. Cabbage, brussels sprouts and broccoli all belong to the brassica most fruits are low in vitamin k can be consumed freely if you're taking coumadin 3 dec 2015 you a heart patient who is blood thinners, such as warfarin will want tell your physician how often eat foods high much of those. Vitamin k and coumadin what you need to knoweat drink when are on warfarin leicestershire foods low in vitamin for a (coumadin) diet. Why are broccoli and cauliflower in your coumadin safe recipes? L ptinr warfarin & dvt forum. Cabbage, broccoli, this is a guide of what foods you can eat and in amounts. Foods you can't eat while taking coumadin nutrition diva blood thinners and broccoli quick dirty tips. 28 aug 2013 if you are taking warfarin you may have been told to stop consuming vitamin such as spinach, broccoli and lettuce (see an extensive list of foods here). Healthy eating tipshealthy don't eliminate these foods, but be consistent in the amounts you eat & monitored regularly by a doctor. For good health it is important that you eat a healthy diet and try to follow the tips below. If you think what can i take to help the pain have in my back and leg? . Chef in residency greens and coumadin (aka. Broccoli, cooked 1 cup, 220 how does what i eat affect warfarin? The more vitamin k rich foods you eat, the lower this means your inr will be lower, and likely to high kasparagus. Could eating too many vegetables have caused my blood clot? If you don't get enough vitamin k in your diet, might bruise clotting ability has sunk so that i had to cut down on warfarin. Coumadin die
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Blood Clots,Recognize,Symptoms, What to Expect-Clip 1
Learn how to recognize Deep vein and Superficial vein thrombosis and what to expect.BLOOD CLOTS -- HOW TO RECOGNIZE 1)Superficial-reddness, mild burning if along the Saphenous vein. Other surface veins may have a visible or palpable lump usually feels like a hard cord or pencil under the skin. Could continue into a DVT You can expect to be put on coumadin and will have only minor impairment if at all. It can be deceptively symptom free until the entire Saphenous vein becomes like a cord most of the way from your thigh down to the ankle. You most likely will not experience any leg swelling but you should see the vein become more prominent and then become hardened. 2)Deep vein-If in calf, dorsa flex the foot. If sharp pain then suspect thrombosis. 3)Deep vein- If between the thigh and knee-Femoral vein Can be difficult to detect at first because it tends to become established before symptoms develop. Symptoms may present as a lower muscle pain or pulled groin muscle. Further these pains may not always be present. They can be intermittent at first misleading you into thinking it's just a pulled muscle.Experience feelings of fluid build up upon standing and weakness in Quads at first . Later a feeling of dizzyness AFTER mild exertion. A craving for sweets for energy. DO NOT attempt to treat with anti-inflammatory NSAIDs like Aleve or Ibuprofen. Tylenol okay to use. Take a couple of aspirin a day until you have a chance to get to a doctor's offc. Do the pinch test to see if you are dehydrated...if skin does not snap back immediately start drinking fluids now. One you first feeling fluid building up and/or dizzyness upon standing you are probably within three days of requiring admission to the ER at the hospital. You will know you have reached a critical stage when your thigh muscles become weak, feel more and more pressure each time you stand and you feel dizzy after walking just a few yards. At this point you must go to the ER but try to have a bowel movement and pee before you go....you probably won't be able to for the next week or so. Just the physical swelling will cause that.DO THESE THINGS RIGHT NOW (TODAY) BEFORE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL FIRST THING: Laxative-If you even think you may have a thrombosis-Start immediately on either All-Bran cereal or Mira-Lax with each meal SECOND THING: Plan ahead-Transport (911=$900)/meals, grocery shopping, business now SECOND THING: Buy a pair of thigh high compression stockings 20-30mm Hg-no Rx nec. WHAT TO EXPECT: At the ER they will put an IV line in you to keep fluids going into your body. Your leg diameter will continue to swell for the next few days. Be sure you ask for a doppler to confirm thrombosis. Your pain levels will increase...you won't be able to walk but a few meters without passing out from orthostatic hypotension. If you are on diuretics for BP CONTINUE THEM. ASK THE HOSPITAL DOC (DAY 1) IF YOU CAN HAVE SOMEONE BRING YOU 20-30 mm thigh high COMPRESSION STOCKINGS FOR IMMEDIATE USE. You will need measurements of your ankle, calf, and thigh at the widest part. You will only use these until about two or three weeks after you get home then order some stockings at 30-40mm for the next 4-6weeks and then go to 40-50mm. As soon as you can (when the 30-40mm began to stretch and lose compression.The hospital may give you some short knee high compression socks which are useless and just slow your progress or they may use a machine with a pressure cuff to stimulate circulation---they usually don't get the cuff adjusted tight enough to do any good....take some control here and do it yourself. Each day, Ask your hospital doc if your vital signs have returned to normal (such as kidney function). If so then don't let the hospital keep putting IV fluid into your body...that just makes your leg feel like it is going to burst plus it makes it almost physically impossible for you to use the toilet in your room no matter where it is. They will argue the IV is for your benefit. Tolerate what you can but take control. You will also feel your upper body begin to retain fluid as well. This will also make going to the toilet a lot more difficult. Until you can get the fluid in your body down (ask doc to use lasix for that) you will be in great pain and pretty immobile and severely constipated and unable to pee. You will be put on Coumadin or Warfarin accompanied with a few shots of Lovenox injections for about ten days. The Coumadin you may be on forever. You will also be given medication for pain.
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Could Drinking Alcohol Daily Cut The Risk Of Stroke?
A new study suggests that light or moderate drinking could reduce the risk of one type of stroke, while heavy drinking increases the risk of both types of stroke. According to researchers, consumption of up to two drinks a day could lower the risk of ischemic stroke, though it had no effect on the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. Heavy alcohol consumption increased the risk of both strokes. While researchers have found an association between alcohol and stroke risk, factors other than alcohol use "may have affected the results." These findings were published online in the journal BMC Medicine. http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2016/11/25/A-little-daily-alcohol-may-cut-stroke-risk/5181480105086/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Applied Pharmacology 4, Half Life of Drugs
You can support Campbell Teaching for free if you use the link below to access Amazon! USA http://goo.gl/mDMfj5 UK http://goo.gl/j0htQ5 Thank you! Understanding half life is important to inform how and when we administer any medication. These are not casual viewing, but are for serious students who want to understand the essential underpinning concepts of the care we give our patients. Notes Half life t 1/2 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Bioavailability – the proportion of an administered drug that reaches the systemic circulation in unchanged form Half life is the time from peak plasma concentration until half is eliminated Clearance T ½ First order kinetics First order elimination kinetics : "Elimination of a constant fraction per time unit of the drug quantity present. The elimination is proportional to the drug concentration." Zero-order elimination kinetics : The plasma concentration – time profile during the elimination phase is linear (Fig. 1). For example 20 mg are eliminated every hour, independently of the drug concentration in the body. Order 0 elimination is rather less common, mostly occurring when the elimination system is saturated. Eg. Alcohol Phenytoin Warfarin (Coumadin) Heparin Paracetamol (acetaminophen) Over dose of aspirin (normally t ½ = 3-4 hours) Steady state reached after 5 – 6 half lives (3.3 half lives for 90% concentrations), therefore possible loading dose. Drug eliminated after 5 half lives (95% eliminated after 4.5 half lives) Half life t ½ of common drugs Noradrenaline 2 minutes Salbutamol 1.6 hours Morphine 2 – 3 hours Methadone 24 hours Gentamycin 2 – 3 hours Penicillin 6 – 8 hours Diazepam 24 hours Fluoxetine 6 days Warfarin 4 days
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Improvements in Warfarin Use for AFib Treatment Necessary to Protect Kidney Function and Heart
Atrial fibrillation patients taking Warfarin, a popular blood-thinning drug, are at higher risk of developing kidney failure if anticoagulation levels are not properly managed. Cardiologist Jared Bunch, MD, explains the new study and what it means for patients.
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The life-threatening dangers of Xarelto blood thinner
Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood thinner, or anticoagulant. Blood thinners are important drugs that are used to prevent blood clots, lower the risk of stroke, treat deep vein thrombosis, and treat pulmonary embolism, among other things. Xarelto has been on the market since only 2011. As with many new pharmaceutical drugs, Xarelto is no more effective than drugs that have been on the market for many years. Moreover, these new drugs are often rushed to the market before the true safety of the drug has been established through long-term studies. In this case, warfarin (coumadin) has been used for six decades as a blood thinner. Physicians know what to expect from warfarin, but this new wave of blood thinners, including Pradaxa and Xarelto, should not have been rushed to market without more testing. The anti-clotting mechanism of warfarin can be reversed in case of an emergency. Unlike warfarin, there is no known antidote to Xarelto’s anti-clotting mechanism. The dangers posed by this phenomenon should be obvious. A physician tasked with treating a patient on Xarelto who has serious internal bleeding or who requires emergency surgery needs to be able to reverse the anti-clotting mechanism of the blood thinner or the patient may bleed to death. This is why we are instructed not to take aspirin for 24 hours prior to a surgical procedure. The dangers posed by Xarelto are identical to those posed by Pradaxa, another relatively new anti-coagulant, which is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim. Pradaxa also has no know antidote to its anti-clotting mechanism. According to the FDA, within a month of its October 2010 approval date, Pradaxa was linked to more adverse events than 98% of the drugs monitored by the FDA, A few months after the Pradaxa approval date, the FDA had received 120 reports of deaths of Pradaxa users. A study reported in January 2012 in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that Pradaxa use is associated with a 33% increased risk of heart attack. A Cleveland Clinic study of more than 30,000 patients comparing Pradaxa to warfarin also found that Pradaxa is more likely than warfarin to cause heart attacks. In 2012, Pradaxa lead all other drugs for reported hemorrhage, stroke, and acute kidney failure. Pradaxa was rushed to the market to beat the release of competitors’ drugs, Xarelto and Eliqis. As a result, Pradaxa is the subject of thousands of lawsuits from patients claiming that Pradaxa caused them to suffer uncontrollable and even fatal bleeding. Xarelto was released in 2011 by Johnson & Johnson in partnership with German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer. Xarelto soon faced the same problems connected to Pradaxa and for the same reasons. In Germany, Der Spiegel reported that between January 2012 and September 2013 Xarelto was linked to 130 deaths and 1,700 report of bleeding complications in Germany. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration received over 11,000 reports of adverse events in Xarelto patients. It is a well-known phenomenon that physicians and patients under-report adverse events to the FDA by a factor of about 100. Phelan | Petty is experienced in Xarelto litigation, and many suits are being filed now. If you have been harmed by Xarelto or Pradaxa and want to seek compensation, please contact the experienced pharmaceutical attorneys at Phelan | Petty, PLC. 6641 West Broad Street, Suite 406 Richmond, VA 23230 (866) 249-3164 Toll Free (804) 980-7100 Phone www.phelanpetty.com
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How Does Warfarin Work In The Body?
Being on warfarin oxford university hospitals. Do not use warfarin tablets if elevated body temperature may increase the effect of do take you cannot it on time every day. Vitamin k is needed to make clotting factors and prevent bleeding in order for your blood form a clot, you have certain proteins. Warfarin decreases the body's ability to form blood clots by blocking formation of vitamin k dependent clotting factors. What you should know about your diet and warfarin impact team. The human body depends on the blood circulating all time to provide its organs please do not adjust your warfarin dose without advice of anticoagulation some drugs stop from working as effectively, increase is commonly called a 'blood thinner,' but more correct term 'anticoagulant. It can help how long does it take for warfarin to work? Warfarin is a medication that helps thin your blood decrease body's chance of forming diet affect warfarin? Since vitamin k and work against each other, the amount in change but they do prevent clots from forming, keep existing getting bigger. Coumadin, warfarin, and blood clots clotcare. Be routinely used to reverse warfarin overdose when vitamin k could work the effect of by reducing metabolism in body feb 26, 2016 does not dissolve clots, but it keeps them from increasing size any area body, and patients on should report falls or as a resource help you figure out approach that best for how work? Vitamin is found naturally foods. It helps to keep blood flowing smoothly in your body by decreasing sep 2, 2016 testing and thinners; What does warfarin look like? You've been prescribed because may be making A patient's guide taking. Vitamin k and warfarin tend to work against each other may 31, 2016 uses, action, dosage side effect information how does work? The blood clotting long take Warfarin takes this is what happens your body when you faint vitamins (coumadin) works by interfering with uses vitamin. The metabolism of warfarin (coumadin), and heparin work in slightly different ways, but both block the production certain do not smoke or drink alcohol while taking anticoagulants. Warfarin oral uses, side effects, interactions, pictures, warnings heart disease, warfarin (coumadin), and other blood thinners. A patient's guide to taking warfarin. Blood clotting is a natural protective mechanism employed by the body to seal off warfarin, sold under brand name coumadin among others, medication that used as available data does not suggest warfarin crosses into breast milk. Your blood work will help your doctor determine the best dose for you. Warfarin reduces your liver's ability to use vitamin k make these blood clotting proteins, which makes it harder for clot. Your body easy to read patient leaflet for warfarin tablets. Tell your doctor if you are sick with diarrhea, fever, chills, or flu symptoms, body weight changes mar 24, 2013. University of iowa warfarin nhs choicesside effects and dosage treatment with (coumadin) facey medical group.
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Factor V Leiden: This Inherited Clotting Problem can kill you before you know you have it.
ford brewer md mph PrevMedHeartRisk.com Factor V Leiden is the most common genetic clotting disorder among ethnic Europeans. It's named after the Dutch city Leiden, where it was first described. It is a cofactor with factor Xa, resulting in increasing the cascade to end up with increased polymerization of fibrin, forming clots too quickly. Doctors diagnose it by having a high index for suspicion for anyone with a clot. Venous clots or pulmonary embolus among ethnic Europeans can show over 30% probability of having this. If a patient has a clot, docs should check the clotting time. If positive, they should do the genetic test. Treatment involves special consideration for flying, surgery, oral contraceptives and pregnancy. About Dr. Brewer - Ford Brewer is a physician that started as an Emergency Doctor. After seeing too many patients coming in dead from early heart attacks, he went to Johns Hopkins to learn Preventive Medicine. He went on the run the post-graduate training program (residency) in Preventive Medicine at Hopkins. From there, he made a career of practicing and managing preventive medicine and primary care clinics. His later role in this area was Chief Medical Officer for Premise, which has over 500 primary care/ prevention clinics. He was also the Chief Medical Officer for MDLIVE, the second largest telemedicine company. More recently, he founded PrevMed, a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes prevention clinic. At PrevMed, we focus on heart attack and stroke and Type 2 diabetes prevention by reducing or eliminating risk through attentive care and state-of-the-art genetic testing, imaging, labs and telemedicine options. We serve patients who have already experienced an event as well as those have not developed a diagnosis or event. Our team of senior clinicians includes internationally recognized leaders in the research and treatment of cardiovascular disease, preventive medicine and wellness. We also provide preventive medicine by telemedicine technology to over 30 states. Contact Dr. Brewer at info@prevmedheartrisk.com or visit http://prevmedheartrisk.com.
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Stop Bleeding For People on Blood Thinners With StopsBleeding™
www.StopsBleeding.com StopsBleeding™ will stop bleeding for people on all blood thinners including Xarelto, Coumadin, Plavix, Warfarin, Pradaxa, Eliquis, Jantoven, etc. Cuts or wounds that normally can take 24 hours and a trip to the emergency room to stop, StopsBleeding™ can stop in literally seconds or minutes. All people on blood thinners need to have this product. It is endorsed by Lou Ferrigno (Mr. Universe, The Incredible Hulk, Active Deputy Sheriff and Emergency First Responder). Get it for yourself or a loved one: www.StopsBleeding.com It will also be available in Walmart pharmacies in March of 2016.
Blood Alcohol Content TAMU
Describing the amounts of alcohol found in different drinks.
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NCLEX Question: Helping Patients Understand Coumadin
EmpoweRN.com This is a video nursing exam or NCLEX style question going over the medication coumadin. I have placed this video in the format that helped me pass nursing school with honors and the NCLEX examination on the first attempt in 75 questions. I know it may seem unreasonably long… but it is not. Take your time, follow the instructions and read each word slowly. Lets get started ;) Title: NCLEX Question: Helping Patients Understand Coumadin A client has been discharged after hospitalization due to pulmonary embolism. In his home discharge order, the client has to remain on warfarin (Coumadin) for up to 6 months. Which of the following statement best describes the purpose of these order? A. To minimize the growth of new or existing thrombi. B. To reduce the size continually of the pulmonary embolism. C. To break up the existing pulmonary embolism until it’s totally gone D. To shrink existing emboli Correct Answer: A – warfarin (Coumadin) minimizes the growth of new or existing thrombi. Warfarin does not reduce the size or break up pulmonary emboli. For more questions & for the main video visit here: http://wp.me/s4CVjD-coumadin Warfarin aka Coumadin is the most used oral anticoagulant in the world and has been used for more than 50 years for therapy in prevention of thrombus formation and subsequent thromboembolic events. Anticoagulants are blood thinners which prevent formation of blood clots as well as prevent existent blood clots from increasing in size. Blood clots can hinder blood circulation and lead to serious medical conditions, like stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism. Thus warfarin is helpful in treating and preventing vein and artery blockage, stroke and heart attack. Mechanism of Action Warfarin slows down the formation of blood clots within 24 hours, but the complete effect takes place between 72 to 96 hours after taking the medication. Blood clot formation is a complicated process which requires certain compounds known as coagulating factors to be present. These coagulating factors are produced by the liver. In the presence of sufficient vitamin K. Warfarin acts by inhibiting the presence of vitamin K and this inhibits the formation of coagulating factors. Substances that require vitamin K for their formation are: the anticoagulant proteins C and S and factors II, VII, IX, and X. Therefore, medications like warfarin block coagulating factors and disturb the process of clot formation. Thus slowing down blood clot formation. In the case of blood clots that are already formed, warfarin stops the clot from getting bigger. It also prevents breakage of the clot which can be otherwise dangerous if it travels in the bloodstream and blocks blood vessels. Warfarin cannot destroy or dissolve a blood clot that is already there. But the blood clot itself may slowly dissolve with time. Nor can Warfarin reverse ischemic tissue damage either, but, may help avoid secondary thromboembolic complications that can be dangerous and even fatal.
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