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Big Pharma Conspiracy : Drug$  Documentary 2018
Narrated by Academy Award® Winner J.K. Simmons, DRUG$ is a feature-length documentary about the soaring price of medicines in the U.S., featuring interviews with academics, patients, advocates and political leaders, including Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Elijah Cummings. In a titanic struggle against corporate greed, see how a diverse group of concerned Americans is fighting back to keep lifesaving medicines affordable for us all.
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Dirty Secrets Television Ad Campaign- EPA
In honor of World Farm Animals Day, AnimalAgribusiness.com has been launched to expose the ways that animal agriculture manipulates the government, institutions, and a well-meaning public in order to sell more of their cruel products. The "Dirty Secrets of Animal Agribusiness" Television ad campaign is being aired on national news programing through satellite networks For more information, visit: www.AnimalAgribusiness.com
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Ilyse Schapiro & Hallie Rich: "Should I Scoop Out My Bagel" | Talks At Google
Registered Dietician Ilyse Schapiro and Health Industry Expert Hallie Rich discussing their hit book, "Should I Scoop Out My Bagel". Ilyse and Hallie provide tips and tricks that can help us lead healthier lives. Some of the burning questions covered: Should I scoop out my bagel? How can I eat healthy when I am traveling? Are protein bars healthy? Are artificial sweeteners bad for me? What type of organic food should I buy? Find the book in Google Books: https://goo.gl/05mzUH
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CHAOS 120 WEDNESDAY's CHILD  - Work n the Tip- 03-07-18
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Rep. John Forbes (D - Urbandale) and Gerd Clabaugh
On this edition of Iowa Press, Rep. John Forbes (D – Urbandale) and Gerd Clabaugh, director of the Iowa Department of Public Health discuss Iowa’s efforts to facilitate medical marijuana distribution and our state’s efforts to combat excessive opioid use. Joining moderator David Yepsen at the Iowa Press table are Kay Henderson, news director for Radio Iowa, and James Lynch, political reporter for The Gazette.
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Penn State Board of Trustees Meeting - May 4, 2012
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House Session 2012-04-24 (18:44:32-19:53:25)
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