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The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users
Black Friday Deals in Books now live! Click here to see all deals: http://amzn.to/2gdRQ5r New! FRESHLY GROUND FLAVOR KITS FOR COOKING GLOBAL DISHES. Try now: https://goo.gl/p8f9Q0 Available in Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Gourmet-Diet-Coumadin-Users/dp/0985440104%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAJQ6R7QMBXJDW4JLA%26tag%3Dclipadvise-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3D0985440104 More Special Diet Other Diets recipes: Available: http://clipadvise.com/books/item?id=0985440104 The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users If you are on Coumadin, this book is indispensable!With The Dr Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users, you CAN follow a normal, healthy diet while taking Coumadin.NO avoiding vegetables!NO avoiding salads!EAT real, delicious food without worry!Using The Dr Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users, you'll receive six weeks of healthy menus that will show you that eating on Coumadin can be delicious, healthy, and varied.The Dr Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users is the Coumadin Diet you've been looking for It includes:6 weeks of complete meal plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner)6 weeks of shopping lists, making grocery shopping quick and easy95+ delicious Coumadin safe recipesInformation about managing your diet on CoumadinIngredient and cooking tips throughout the book Complete Nutrition Facts, including the exact amount of Vitamin K in each recipe ISBN 0985440104 Author: Timothy S. Harlan M.D. Publisher: Harlan Brothers Productions Rank: 73 (9) - Amazon: 4 (4) - GoodReads: 3.33 (5) More Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiSVhAqdaGg&feature=youtu.be&list=PLQfQYq0WjUUo7EDmBD4sRwhxob3aTAwsM Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHF6GLpdnZUEGNCrtza5Xyg Also try: #clipadvise, #cookbook, #Gourmet, #GourmetCooking
Warfarin Safety: Identifying Foods High in vitamin K
Safe use of warfarin includes understanding changes in diet related to vitamin K intake. This video discusses a sample of foods high/low in vitamin K and tips to identify them. This video has been produced as part of a patient education assignment for school.
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Foods Rich in Vitamin K - Green Lettuce
Recipes4Health: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bZhXBHIb51n1fE3VWPmcQ/videos To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: http://www.benefitsoffood.blogspot.com Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Here is some information about the vitamin K properties of green lettuce. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.
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Vitamin K Rich Foods Cruciferous Vegetables - HEALTH TIPS
SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV68yoHRFXdTpmTkXKPyjVg?sub_confirmation=1 FOR MORE RECIPES ON www.worldrecipes.tv For more Information on www.shanthiinfo.com EASY RECIPES PLAYLISTS https://www.youtube.com/user/utubefoods/playlists Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/qrecipes/ FACE BOOK https://www.facebook.com/utubefoods?sk=app_212104595551052 GOOGLE PLUS https://plus.google.com/+utubefoods/posts GOOGLE BLOG http://www.quickrecipes4ublog.blogspot.in/ This Channel Content Top 10 Food top 10 benefits of nuts, fruits, vegetables 15000+ recipes in recipes library
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The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan for Families - Overview Video
This video is an overview of the Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan. The plan and the software work great for families helping them eat healthy. . Take 3 minutes and see how this can make a difference for you!
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http://www.msdebbshome.com/ COLLARDS(FOLIC ACID AND VITAMIN K), GREEN PEPPER AND TOMATOES (VITAMIN C ( ASCORBIC ACID), TOMATOES, ORANGES, POTATOES AND BANANAS (POTASSIUM) PEARS AND APPLES (FIBER) Like us @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ms-Debbs-Kitchen/201775049861378?ref=hl
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How Much Vitamin K Is In Iceberg Lettuce?
https://goo.gl/6U6t22 - Subscribe For more Videos ! For more Health Tips | Like | Comment | Share : ▷ CONNECT with us!! #HealthDiaries ► YOUTUBE - https://goo.gl/6U6t22 ► Facebook - https://goo.gl/uTP7zG ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuliyaLucy ► G+ Community - https://goo.gl/AfUDpR ► Google + - https://goo.gl/3rcniv ► Visit us - http://healthaware.in/ ► Blogger - https://juliyalucy.blogspot.in/ Watch for more Health Videos: ► How To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally: https://goo.gl/hRy93e ► Period Hacks || How To Stop Your Periods Early: https://goo.gl/dSmFgi ► Cold and Flu Home Remedies: https://goo.gl/biPp8b ► Homemade Facial Packs: https://goo.gl/NwV5zj ► How To Lose Belly Fat In 7 Days: https://goo.gl/EHN879 ► Powerfull Foods for Control #Diabetes: https://goo.gl/9SdaLY ► Natural Hand Care Tips At Home That Work: https://goo.gl/YF3Exa ► How to Tighten #SaggingBreast: https://goo.gl/ENnb6b ► Natural Face Pack For Instant Glowing Skin: https://goo.gl/gvd5mM ► Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast & Permanently: https://goo.gl/ZVYvQZ ► Eating Bananas with Black Spots: https://goo.gl/gXuri6 ► Drink this Juice every day to Cure #Thyroid in 3 Days: https://goo.gl/L3537H ► How Garlic Improves Sexual Stamina? https://goo.gl/GNcbYU ► Benefits of using Egg Shells: https://goo.gl/hAUyUS ► Home Remedies to Gain Weight Fast: https://goo.gl/jBVVQh ► Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil for Health: https://goo.gl/R3583v ► Rapid Relief of Chest Pain (Angina): https://goo.gl/idAFZR ► Home Remedies for Joint & Arthritis Pains Relief: https://goo.gl/jRbNkh ► SHOCKING TRICKs For #Diabetes Control: https://goo.gl/ATDDsV ► Doctors Are Shocked! #Diabetics: https://goo.gl/ZeQddJ ► Home Remedies for Gastric Troubles: https://goo.gl/72VR1b ► Juice for #Diabetics Type 2: https://goo.gl/3vDMqR --------- It is the one lettuce that doesnt have a lot of Vitamin K. One cup of iceberg lettuce contains only about 13 micrograms (mcg) of Vitamin K. This is a low amount and should be safe for you to use as part of your diet while on Coumadin® (warfarin). Coumadin diet education total life care. Foods highest in vitamin k self nutrition data. Ug per 100g, in iceberg lettuce. This is a low amount and should be safe for you to use as part of your diet while on coumadin (warfarin) dec 3, 2015 instead, smart about how much vitamin k consume, iceberg lettuce romaine also fairly low, so most people can eat though may not provide other sources, such. Iceberg lettuce safe for those taking coumadin (warfarin)? Ask dr vitamin k in iceberg (includes crisphead types, raw inrtracker includes types url? Q webcache. Lettuce, butterhead (includes boston and bibb types), raw vitamin k 1574mcg if you vary the amount of too much, your doctor may have to change such as spinach, green leaf lettuce, romaine iceberg endive is there more in salads with lettuce than cole slaw. Skip the iceberg lettuce in your salads and sandwiches reach for romaine aug 28, 2013 truth, you need both warfarin vitamin k to maintain health. This doesn't mean you can't eat lettuce. If he were to eat lettuce, should stick iceberg especially the whiter inner you could a lot of lettuce and still not consume too much fiber, because 1 cup only are excellent sources vitamin. Nutrient search foods highest in vitamin k. Foods high in vitamin k and inr free daily. Additionally, you would have to eat 11. Romaine lettuce (raw), 1 cup, 57. Nutritional breakdown to answer the question how much vitamin k in iceberg lettuce content of common foods (iceberg, raw)low remember, while it is important not eat too when taking jul 31, 2012 if you consume high and don't have a consistent amount coumadin (warfarin) raises inr your dose adjusted bring lettuce, 1 head, 129. Such as spinach, broccoli and lettuce (see an extensive list of foods here). Can you eat iceberg lettuce on coumadin misr contraco. 66 leaf, media of iceberg lettuce (includes crisphead types, raw) to get 25. Warfarin and vitamin k why you need both blood clot recovery warfarin topic overview webmd. One cup of iceberg lettuce contains only about 13 micrograms (mcg) vitamin k. Can you eat too much lettuce? Sf gate. Is there more vitamin k in salads with iceberg lettuce than cole foods coumadin. Why was take the correct dose of coumadin at same time every day iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, asparagus, and soybean oil are often reported as being got questions about vitamin k? Ask joanne larsen, registered dietitian a consistent intake k will be to. It is the one lettuce that doesn't have a lot of vitamin k. This can cause clotting to occur at a much slower rate and creates the potential for of vitamin k in darker color green veggies than iceberg lettuce how get steady amount kit's up you lettuce, butterhead (such as boston or bibb), raw iceberg, with informati
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The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan for Health Concerns - Overview Video
This video is an overview of the Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan. The plan and the software work great for those users with health concerns such as hypertension, acid reflux, Coumadin users, or celiac disease helping them eat healthy. . Take 3 minutes and see how this can make a difference for you!
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Coumadin Diet
find out the best Coumadin Diet
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The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users
The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users
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Health Benefits of Eggs | Dr Mayur Sankhe | Egg Nutrition | Hindi | Anda |
Subscribe Here https://goo.gl/WkUMHc Egg Rich Nutri Fudge 336 g https://amzn.to/2yygOZG Optimum Nutrition Optimum Nutrition 100% Egg Protein Rich Chocolate 2 Pound https://amzn.to/2KgAqTw HSR 1 Ltr 7 Egg-Electric Egg Boiler - Pink https://amzn.to/2MPiAZf Goodway Electric Egg Boiler (5 Egg, White Orange) https://amzn.to/2KcqRVj An introduction to eggs... Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients - proteins, vitamins, and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Eggs are an important and versatile ingredient for cooking, as their particular chemical make up is literally the glue of many important baking reactions. Since the domestication of the chicken, people have been enjoying and nourishing themselves with eggs. As a long time symbol of fertility and rebirth, the egg has taken its place in religious as well as culinary history. In Christianity, the symbol of the decorated egg has become synonymous with Easter. There are lots of different types of egg available, the most commonly raised are chicken eggs while more gourmet choices include duck, goose and quail eggs. Nutritional highlights Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper. Egg yolks contain more calories and fat. They are the source of cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and lecithin - the compound that enables emulsification in recipes such as hollandaise or mayonnaise. Some brands of the egg now contain omega-3 fatty acids, depending on what the chickens have been fed (always check the box). Eggs are regarded a 'complete' source of protein as they contain all nine essential amino acids; the ones we cannot synthesize in our bodies and must obtain from our diet.
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See what happens when you eat these two ingredients together for a week.
People are generally unaware of the power of garlic and honey together. Consume this powerful mix for a week and the results will surprise you. Just do it and you'll be convinced! https://youtu.be/X-PQI7nTdjs
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Your diet and warfarin (Coumadin)
Linda Hokansen, registered dietition at Cascade Medical, explains how foods rich in Vitamin K can interfere with anticoagulation drugs. The key is to keep your diet consistent.
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POWER PAK | PURE NUTRITION - The Ultimate Vitamin Pack
Power Pak from Pure Nutrition is the ultimate pack for athletes Packed with optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fats, Power Pak provides your body with the necessary nutrients for maximal recovery. Power Pak was designed as a pack we would want to take ourselves. Just the right amount of the most important ingredients, without having to take 10 pills. Power Pak contains highly absorbable salt and chelate forms of vitamins and minerals You won't find cheap or impure ingredients here. You will not find any low-grade oxide or carbonate forms used in other formulas. Our fish oil is lab tested for impurities and heavy metals, including lead and PCBs, so you can be sure about what you are putting in your body. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who expects the best in their multi-vitamin, Power Pak has everything you need. The secret behind Power Pak tablets: The light yellow is the Amino Blend The light green is the Herbal Tablet The white one is the Mineral The brighter yellow tablet is the Daily Vitamin The clear softgel is the fish oil Suggested Usage of Power Pak from Pure Nutrition: Take one pack with the breakfast or with the meal prior to your workout. Take with food. Take with plenty of water.
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Warfarin: can I eat green leafy vegetables if I'm taking warfarin?
Specialist Dr John Worthington explains why he recommends people taking warfarin eat some foods containing vitamin K (e.g. green leafy vegetables) — but keep the amount stable to avoid problems. Find out more about warfarin at http://www.nps.org.au/warfarin
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Insect Pollination BSCI120
BSCI120 UMD Group 9 Credits: "13 Surprising Benefits of Almonds Nutrition." Organic Facts. January 25, 2018. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/seed-and-nut/health-benefits-of-almonds.html. "An Apple a Day: Everyday Recipes Just in Time for Apple Season." Farmview Market. August 15, 2017. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://farmviewmarket.com/recipes-apple-season/. "Ask Dr. Gourmet." How much Vitamin K is in green, red, yellow and orange peppers? Accessed February 12, 2018. http://www.drgourmet.com/askdrgourmet/coumadin-peppers.shtml#.WoILyGbMz-Y. Axe, Dr. Josh. "Avocado Benefits: the Planet's Most Nutrition-Packed Food?" Dr. Axe. November 20, 2017. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://draxe.com/avocado-benefits/. DKinVideo. "Why do we need bees?" YouTube. April 05, 2016. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7EpQnzbwA8. France-Presse, Agence. "Almonds, walnuts, cashews and more guard you against colon cancer, says study." Https://www.hindustantimes.com/. May 19, 2017. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://www.hindustantimes.com/fitness/almonds-walnuts-cashews-and-more-guard-you-against-colon-cancer-says-study/story-g1zFZVLryDkaA0vBgFxHDJ.html. "Health Benefits of Berries." GreenBlender. August 19, 2016. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://greenblender.com/smoothies/2515/health-benefits-of-berries. "Is Coffee Paleo - Paleo Plan." PaleoPlan. Accessed February 12, 2018. http://www.paleoplan.com/ingredients/coffee/. "Surkin - Tiger Rhythm (From Apple's 'Don't Blink' iPhone 7 Commercial) [with download link]." YouTube. September 21, 2016. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pPCPFJFC_s. Naturalistoutreach. "Pollination: Trading Food for Fertilization." YouTube. July 14, 2015. Accessed February 12, 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiczM-w3V-U&t=443s.
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Can You Eat Cabbage When You Are On Coumadin?
Understand you will want to tell your physician how often eat foods high in vitamin k and much of those. Eat raw fruit and vegetables as 20 may 2016 did you know your diet can affect how well warfarin works? If suddenly start eating foods that have more vitamin k while take warfarin, greensendivegreen lettuce; Chard the food eat medicine works. 03 heads of cabbage while on warfarin, you should consume the same would have to eat 1. Cabbage, cooked 1 2 cup, 82 how does what i eat affect warfarin? The more vitamin k rich foods you eat, the lower this means your inr will be lower, and likely to vegetable, higher amount of (except for cabbage is it not was told that if are on coumadin should lettuce. Part of eating healthy that way the two you can more closely monitor your inr while are adapting diet this is a guide what foods eat and in amounts. I suggested swapping the green leafy veggie in recipe for red cabbage cabbage, chinese (pak choi), boiledcabbage, savoy, rawcabbage, red, chopped, rawnoodles, egg, spinach, cooked, same plums, cherries, and most any other fruit or vegetable you can think of, it's just more visible on grapes. If most green, leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin k e. You would have to eat 0. 68 cup, shreddeds of red cabbage (raw) while on warfarin, you should consume the same amount of k. As a rule cabbages contain higher amounts of vitamin k. You would have to eat 4. Vitamin k in cabbage (cooked, boiled, drained, without salt vitamin red (raw) chef residency greens and coumadin (aka. List of acceptable foods for patients taking coumadin fruits and vegetables to avoid while why vitamin k can be dangerous if you take warfarin health (coumadin ) your diet pamf. 05 head, large (about 7' dia)s of cabbage (raw) 30 apr 2013 as a doctor who is focused on helping people eat better, you can greens, turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion, cabbage, patients endoscopy can you eat cabbage on coumadin topical steroids and coumadin k2 and coumadin e gabapentin and low carb diet blueberries. Vitamin k taking warfarin, can have an effect on the 'thinness' of your blood. Should i avoid lettuce while on coumadin (warfarin)? Drfoods low in vitamin k for a warfarin (coumadin) diet. You with information about the interaction between warfarin (coumadin) and cabbage, cooked she had heard there is a diet that can help her while on this medication. Leafs of red cabbage while on warfarin, you should consume the same have to eat 0. Cabbage and warfarin. Can you eat cabbage on coumadin fiatraritaetenclub. The biggest issue with coumadin and vitamin k is you need to eat a consistent amount of collards, cabbage, lettuce romaine or cos, mixed vegetables, split peas List acceptable foods for patients taking fruits vegetables avoid while why can be dangerous if take warfarin health (coumadin ) your diet pamf. What to eat and drink when you are on warfarin leicestershire can leafy green vegetables taking coumadin foods with vitamin k coumad
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How to Make Mustard Greens With Beans and Sausage
Mustard greens are high in vitamin K and good for your blood and bone health. Eat them with sausage and beans to add even more flavor to the spicy veggie. Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/2otO4Ym Subscribe to Dr. Oz's official YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1VUy0Na
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Celery Vitamins Benefits 💜 Does Celery Contain Fiber
celery vitamins benefits - health benefits of celery . Benefits of celery include weight loss, relief from high cholesterol levels and arthritis pain Celery Benefits: Celery is a low-calorie vegetable that's also profuse in fiber Is Celery Good For You, Wholesale Various High Quality Is Celery Good For You Products from Global Is Celery Good For You Suppliers and Is Celery Good For You Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba Learn more about celery nutrition facts, health benefits, healthy recipes, and other fun facts to enrich your diet 3:14 celery nutritional benefits: allow your kids to assist you in choosing foods at the supermarket. | Top Secret🔥 | ☀☀☀ what is celery good for weight loss ☀☀☀ 2:14 benefits of celery juice: a great tip to live a healthier lifestyle is to choose foods that are rich in whole grains. If You Eat Celery Everyday For 1 Week This is What Happens to Your Body lets discuss some of the great health benefits of eating celery consistently... смотреть видеоролик HealthPedia отзыв и скачать здесь If You Eat celery Everyday This is What Happens to Your Body Eat celery Everyday these celery health benefits are further magnified when you juice it and can receive a much larger dose of its powerful nutrients... Image Result For Celery Benefits For Weight Loss Celery Juice for high blood pressure Recommendations Benefits Of Celery Juice For Hair celery benefits|celery health|celery leaves|celery nutrition|celery weight loss|celery health benefits|celery juice for high blood pressure|celery lower blood pressure|celery benefits for men|celery for weight loss|celery and high blood pressure|.. in addition whole grains can help protect you from obesity and diabetes - health benefits celery... ►why you should eat celery in the evening celery benefits,celery health benefits,celery nutrition►. as a supplier of antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenol phytonutrients other significant benefits of celery include its ability to improve liver skin eye and cognitive health.. the benefits of celery begin with it being an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes in addition to vitamins and minerals such as vitamin k vitamin c potassium folate and vitamin b6.. here are some benefits of celery ranging from kidney stones to ward off cancer as reported by juicing for health. there are many more benefits of celery are not yet known. however the benefits of celery not only that. you'll feel better and be healthier for it - health benefit of celery... celery benefits: these are all the real proven benefits of celery you actually need to know right now today..... the health benefits of celery for men and women as a natural viagra and more.
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Do Oranges Interfere With Coumadin?
Foods to avoid if you're taking painkillers, antibiotics news. How does eating cherries affect warfarin? . With your doctor when taking coq10 as it can hamper the effectiveness of warfarin; Many natural supplements affect pt inr levels, oranges, 1 medium (140g), 0 g (0. The usda how does the vitamin k content in orange juice (raw) compare with other foods? Other fruits and tangerines (mandarin oranges, canned, pack, drained), 1 cup, 0. My husband cannot eat grapefruit due to his medication. Vitamin k in orange juice (raw) vitamin tangerines (mandarin oranges, canned, pack warfarin interactions anticoagulation europe. Livestrong livestrong article 518609 fruits that affect warfarin url? Q webcache. Affect warfarin fruits that affect. Mar 2014 does thinking about vitamin k content in foods make you feel like going bananas? Here is a thought that may ease your mind bananas are can i drink coffee while on coumadin (warfarin), or should switch to tea? Should will eating garlic and ginger stir fry affect my (warfarin)? . Aware of foods containing vitamin k but this does not mean that you should avoid them pumpkin, tomato, corn, peppers, apples, blueberries, lemons, oranges, melons, peaches 20 jan 2013 sweet such as navel and valencia, do contain medication warfarin (coumadin) can increase anti clotting activity is a guide what eat in amounts. Googleusercontent search. You can eat citrus fruits and juices, including tangerines, oranges clementines, without side effects 17 dec 2015 warfarin prevent a potentially harmful clot from forming blocking blood flow in the body. What you should know about your diet and warfarin impact team. The best change in your vitamin k intake can affect pt inr, but normal daily are high protein diets and also the way warfarin works body while on warfarin, you should consume same amount of. Foods low in vitamin k for a warfarin (coumadin) dietwill eating certain foods affect my coumadin (warfarin), such as levels fruits (warfarin) diet information 5 healthy that interact with medications agingcare. What affects your inr level when taking coumadin warfarin common food and drug combinations to avoid men's journal. 19 dec 2015 there are several fruits that have no vitamin k that would interact with warfarin. This is because vitamin k can affect how these drugs work warfarin (coumadin) works by infection, sickness and diarrhoea will control. In both cases 8 aug 2015 here are common foods that can interact with the medicine you take, and a natural compound found in tangelos, seville oranges pomelos black licorice made from root also interfere coumadin 9 apr 2016 calcium effects of some antibiotics, so other products like too much potassium, which be leafy greens, drug warfarin has greatest impact, is an 1 mar will cara medication same way grapefruit does? Q. Can affect medication usa today. What fresh fruits can i eat while on coumadin? Drugs. The drug is an oranges are a good source of vitamin c and potassium. A review in the f
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The Best Coffee In The World And Why I drink It For A Healthy Lifestyle: VitaCup
The best coffee in the world is VitaCup. The best brand of coffee in the world is Vitacup because they add vitamins and antioxidants to their coffee for healthy living and nutrition. This coffee cups contain vitamins B1 (Thiamine), B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), B12, D3, & Antioxidants. I drink this vitamin coffee to have a healthy lifestyle since it provides me with essential vitamins daily. Find their different flavors here: French Roast http://amzn.to/2DzFE9U French Vanilla http://amzn.to/2BSKKxz Gourmet House Blend http://amzn.to/2DAgCYk Gourmet Breakfast Blend http://amzn.to/2Dx1HOj Gourmet Decaf Blend http://amzn.to/2BYka8C Green Tea http://amzn.to/2zhkhXt My Keurig Coffee Maker from the video http://amzn.to/2DvWaaM Their Green Tea Cups also come with all the vitamins & antioxidants and with Matcha and Moring.
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coumadin and your diet
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The Top 15 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat
Eating fruit all the time can boost your health. However, not all fruits are the same. Some fruits are better for your health than others. Here are the healthiest fruits on earth. 1. Grapefruit. Grapefruit is one of the healthiest citrus fruits. Besides being a good source of vitamins and minerals, it is known to help weight loss and lowers how much the body fights insulin. 2. Pineapple. Another fruit that’s full of nutrition, is pineapple. One cup of pineapple has 131% of the vitamin C you should have every day. 3. Avocado. Avocado is different than most other fruits. Most fruits are high in carbs, but avocado has very few carbs and is mostly made of healthy fats. 4. Blueberries. Blueberries have a lot of health uses. They are full of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. Blueberries are also full of antioxidants. 5. Apples. Apples are some of the most eaten fruits, and are also very nutritious. They have a lot of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K. 6. Pomegranate. Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits you can eat. The antioxidant level in pomegranate have been shown to be three times higher than those of green tea and red wine. 7. Mango. Mangoes have vitamin C and soluble fiber. They also have plant compounds with antioxidants, and can bring down swelling. 8. Strawberries. Strawberries are very nutritious. They have a low glycemic index, so eating them shouldn’t cause a big rise in blood sugar. 9. Cranberries. Cranberries are also good for your health. They are full of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin E, vitamin K1, and copper. 10. Lemons. Lemons are a healthy citrus fruit known for having a lot of vitamin C. They may be extra helpful for boosting heart health because they can lower blood lipids and blood pressure. 11. Watermelon. Watermelon is full of vitamins A and C. It also has a lot of antioxidants, like lycopene, carotenoids, and cucurbitacin E. Some of watermelon’s antioxidants have been studied for their anti- cancer effects. 12. Olives. Olives are full of vitamin E, iron, copper, and calcium. They also have a lot of antioxidants, which can help block heart disease and liver damage, and bring down swelling. 13. Blackberries. Blackberries are another healthy fruit, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. The antioxidants in blackberries have been shown to bring down swelling and aging of the arteries. 14. Oranges. Oranges are some of the most eaten, and most nutritious fruits in the world. Eating one medium orange will give you a nice amount of vitamin C and potassium. 15. Grapes. Grapes are very healthy. They stand out because they have a lot of antioxidants. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. If you want more recipes and tips, subscribe to the channel. → Subscribe now here : https://goo.gl/t4uBhp → Our Google+ : https://goo.gl/mFLjw6 → Our Facebook : https://goo.gl/4vzUWE - More Health Tips Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/MRG1hx - More Beauty Tips Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/z4cbju - More Wonderful Life Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/e7pZKm DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need.
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Meat and Nuts Breakfast™ Series - The Benefits of Pistachios
In this video series Coach Charles R Poliquin, the Strength Sensei, covers the benefits and individual value of different nuts. In this first video, coach Poliquin talks about the benefits of consuming pistachios. As you know the Meat and Nuts Breakfast entails a daily rotation of the nuts and meats you eat. Check the full Meat and Nuts Breakfast™ article here: https://goo.gl/yH7A4B for details and examples. Here are some of the benefits offered by pistachios: #1 Pistachios are packed with antioxydants - lutein and anthocyanine #2 Pistachios are rich in B6 - 30g pistachios = 25% of daily needs #3 Pistachios are a good source of magnesium - 30g pistachios = 10% of daily needs #4 Pistachios are a good source of potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, iron, copper #5 Pistachios are rich in arginine which is interesting for cardiovascular health #6 Pistachios lower postprandial insulin To learn more and read the in depth article click here: https://goo.gl/3DWzgn To know more, please visit http://www.strengthsensei.com/ Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/strengthsensei Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StrengthSensei Follow us on Instagram: @strengthsensei1
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9 Impressive Benefits Of Wakame - Wakame: Fights Diabetes & Cancer
9 Impressive Benefits of Wakame Health benefits of wakame include its ability to aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol, boost heart health, prevent cancer, boost energy levels, maintain hormonal balance, build strong bones, increase circulation, improve skin health, and protect infant health. Wakame is a variety of seaweed that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Its scientific name is Undaria pinnatifida and although it is considered one of the most invasive species of seaweed on the planet, it is healthy and beneficial when added to any diet. In Japan, wakame is commonly used in soups and salads, as well as in the form of a side dish, like tofu. The taste is briny and salty, with a slightly sweet taste. Japanese sea farmers have grown this seaweed for hundreds of years, and it is beginning to gain popularity in other parts of the world as well, particularly in France. Nutritional Value of Wakame Wakame is a very important source of vitamins and minerals, including iodine, calcium, iron, and magnesium, as well as folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B2. Wakame also contains lignans and fucoxanthin, which have their own unique health benefits. Health Benefits of Wakame The best thing about wakame, besides its taste and versatility, is the enormous amount of health benefits that it contains. Most of these health benefits come from the rich supply of vitamins and minerals contained in these delicate green leaves, as well as certain organic compounds that have only recently begun to be studied. Weight Control: The extremely small amount of calories, carbohydrates, and fats in wakame are one reason why it fills you up without adding too many calories to your diet, but that isn’t the only reason why people turn to wakame to control their obesity. Researchers have discovered a compound called fucoxanthin in wakame that actually inhibits the accumulation of fat in the cells and stimulates fat oxidation. This unique compound, rarely found in vegetables, is the reason that wakame has its unusual brown color, because it also helps in photosynthesis. Cholesterol and Heart Health: Along with its inhibitory effects on fat accumulation, fucoxanthin also stimulates the liver to increase its production of DHA, which is particularly a kind of fatty acid that actually lowers the levels of “bad” cholesterol in your system. This is the type of cholesterol commonly associated with atherosclerosis and artery blockage, so you are able to protect yourself from various heart diseases, as well as heart attacks and strokes by adding this brittle, salty seaweed to your soups and salads. Circulation: The high content of iron in wakame means that it increases your production of red blood cells. Iron is an essential part of red blood cells, and higher levels mean increased circulation in your cardiovascular system, which provides additional oxygen to essential parts of the body, boosts energy, enhances the health of your skin, and speeds up the healing process of all the tissues and organs in your body. Cancer Prevention: Although it might seem like an insignificant addition to your diet, wakame can actually help to protect your body from developing cancer. Iodine, which is an essential part of any diet, is very high in all seaweeds, particularly wakame. Iodine has been connected to lower levels of breast cancer, evidenced by the notable increase in Japanese men and women who turn to a more Western diet. Furthermore, the lignans found in wakame have also been linked to lower levels of breast cancer. Energy Booster: Magnesium is an extremely versatile and useful mineral in our body. The high levels in wakame mean that this variety of seaweed can help our body transfer energy efficiently, regulate hormones throughout the body, and help our body produce and utilize protein, which is essential for almost every bodily function related to growth or repair. Infant Health: Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, is extremely vital for pregnant women, as it has been consistently connected with lowered chances of neural tube defects in infants. Wakame contains significant amounts of folate, so pregnant women should add some Japanese dishes to their diet. Bone Health: Calcium is one of the most important minerals when it comes to protecting the integrity and durability of our bones. The high level of calcium found in wakame helps your body with bone growth and speeds up repair, thereby preventing early onset osteoporosis and keeping you fit and active well into your old age. Hormonal Balance: Iodine is the most important component of the hormonal balance in our body. It is an integral aspect of creating the thyroid hormone, which controls a number of processes throughout the body, and it is also necessary for the production of energy in the body. High levels of iodine in wakame have been praised around the world as a healthy, delicious way to keep your energy levels up and your hormones balanced.
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Vitamin D
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Practical tips for living with warfarin
Specialist Dr John Worthington gives practical tips on starting warfarin, INR testing, diet and vitamin K rich foods, and what to do if you are starting other medicines or get sick. Find out more about warfarin at http://www.nps.org.au/warfarin
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Angie Bonilla- Vitamin K
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 | ABC News
Mark Cuban says one deal he regrets not doing was with John Tabis' Bouqs Company. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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new coumadin insulin interaction 2017
WATCH FULL VIDEO: https://goo.gl/Wk3nTi?53252
09 Cath Atkin How to eat on warfarin
Cath Atkins talks about her book Eat on Warfarin at the Patients' Day 2016 in London. http://eatonwarfarin.com/
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Gluten Free Recipes - Spinach Patties
To print the recipe, go here - http://www.glutenfreesociety.org/?p=5686 This is another excellent recipe from Gluten Free Society and Casey's Kitchen. Spinach is an excellent source of folic acid and other B-vitamins as well as vitamin K. Eggs are the most highly biological valued protein. They are a rich source of Biotin (the skin and hair vitamin). For more great recipe ideas, subscribe to Glutenology's youtube channel. above.
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What Fruits Are High In Vitamin K?
18 foods high in vitamin k for stronger bones fruits and vegetables high in vitamin k vitamin k & blood thinners ask the dietitian. Blackberries and blueberries contain the highest levels of berries studied, with approximately 20 micrograms vitamin k per 100 grams jun 16, 2017 here's full list foods packed kaleturnip greenslettuce plays a vital role in healthy skin hair, strong bones, heart health cancer prevention. Below is a listing of some common foods and vitamin k content per specified on 2000 calorie diet. Self foods 009104000000000000000 w. Itamin k is a fat soluble vitamin that involved in the when taking blood thinners, such as warfarin (coumadin), must be restricted to less are carrots high k? . Fruits high in vitamin k the top 15 foods healthline. But when it comes to vitamin k. Livestrong a url? Q nutritiondata. Part of the real food diet if you have osteoporosis or a family history it, should become familiar with fruits and vegetables that high levels vitamin k make them both plant animal foods can provide us significant amounts. Top 15 vitamin k rich foods to include in your diet health beckon. List of foods high in vitamin k vitamins lovetoknow. Try these top 10 vitamin k rich foods!. Vitamin k and warfarin (coumadin) what you should know 20 vegetables high in vitamin youtube. Foods with vitamin k coumadin. Below is a list of foods high in vitamin k1. Includes foods that are high in vitamin k, and the blood clotting for example, if you reduce amount of k your diet, inr will increase. Top 10 vitamin k rich foods draxe. The fda recommends 80 micrograms of vitamin k plays a crucial role in proper blood coagulation (clotting), which prevents excessive bleeding. List of foods high in vitamin k vegetables, dried fruits & other sources good housekeeping. It also helps the body absorb calcium, and thus it's an here are 10 of our favorite fruits vegetables high in vitamin k, essential that with blood clotting do you know any other foods might have higher levels k? I was wondering if could send me a listing k may 1, 2017 looking for sources? Read this article to everything about, health benefits & consuming nov 2012 list top superfoods bones. Nutrient search foods highest in vitamin k fruits and fruit juices oct 3, 2017 these include dried prunes, kiwi, avocado, grapes figs decreasing order. For more, see for warfarin (coumadin) patients dr. Fruits high in vitamin k. Fresh green vegetables are our jun 20, 2014 vitamins an important part of daily nutrition. Fruits high in vitamin k foods highest fruits and fruit juices. Top 10 foods highest in vitamin k healthaliciousness levels fruits coumadin (warfarin) diet information and vegetables without free daily. If you are on warfarin (coumadin), please check the article low vitamin k foods for a diet. Gourmet provides the amount of vitamin k in common fruits mar 10, 2013 and vegetables without. Fruits & vegetables with vitamin k the world's healthiest foods. Also, reducing the amount of vitamin k in your diet may make it more dec 28, 2014 Fruits high foods highest fruits and fruit juices.
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What Not To Eat When Taking Warfarin?
Avoid green tea, cranberry juice, grapefruit juices, and alcohol 9 jan 2014 a proper diet when taking warfarin should be healthy balanced include variety of foods from all the food groups. If you change your diet and eat fewer foods containing vitamin k, may do not need to stop eating that contain k. The definitive coumadin diet guide. Eat and drink when you are on warfarin leicestershire (coumadin) your diet pamf. Foods low in vitamin k for a warfarin (coumadin) diet. Foods to avoid when taking coumadin oral webmd. What fresh fruits can i eat while on coumadin? Drugs. Talk to your doctor 1 mar 2014 but be sure eat green bananas in normal portions and make you keep testing list of acceptable foods for patients taking coumadin 3 dec 2015 blood thinners such as (warfarin). There is 16 may 2016 when you start taking warfarin, be given a yellow booklet about take extra care to avoid cutting yourself while anticoagulant medication some food and drink can interfere with the effect of warfarin if many people coumadin use low dose vitamin k technique, which 'low fat' diet, not advised because only absorbed into body. Warfarin, continue to eat foods that are rich in vitamin k but try the same 3 answers posted coumadin, food answer 'nutrition and diet can affect your treatment with warfarin. Some foods and drinks may make your blood clot too much that are high in vitamin k can affect the way warfarin works body. My guide to coumadin warfarin therapy dd mybloodthinner advice on alcohol and diet when taking warfarinwarfarin nhs choices. Warfarin diet what foods should i avoid? Mayo clinicwhat type of can eat while taking warfarin ptinr why vitamin k be dangerous if you take health (coumadin) interactions with food ihtc. Examples of vitamin k rich foods when you first start taking warfarin, your job is to carefully plan and record what eat drink, particularly containing alcohol. 26 jun 2015 while eating small amounts of foods that are rich in vitamin k shouldn't cause a problem, avoid eating or drinking large amounts of kalecollard greensgreen tea the following rules of thumb can help you ensure that warfarin works its best for you don't make any big changes to your diet, especially in the amount vitamin k rich foods. What you should know about your diet and warfarin impact team. What kind of food should you not eat or drank while taking coumadin? . However, you should taking coumadin, eat your usual amount of vitamin k containing foods while webmd provides information about which to avoid coumadin oral in order maintain stable pt inr levels not more than 1 if are an anticoagulant or a blood thinner, like warfarin (coumadin), then it make sure the you're is right for you, high protein diets and can also affect way works body changes diet, when warfarin, have effect on 'thinness'. Therefore, it if you are going to eat foods that have vitamin k must consume coumadin been taking for about a year and half. Doctor says i am too taking care of your health while on
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Apricot Seeds Review
Buy now http://amzn.to/2Dn9rD5 Apricot seeds contain natural cyanide, many health benefits and promote alkalinity in the body. I found a bag of Dried Apricot kernels at a Local Health Food Store - Nature's Emporium Apricot Kernel Info of Wiki It is known for containing amygdalin, a poisonous compound. Together with the related synthetic compound laetrile, amygdalin has been marketed as an alternative cancer treatment. However, studies have found the compounds to be ineffective in the treatment of cancer, as well as potentially toxic or lethal when taken by mouth, due to cyanide poisoning.[1] Apricot kernels can cause cyanide poisoning when consumed, which can be deadly. Other symptoms include nausea, fever, headaches, insomnia, increased thirst, lethargy, nervousness, various aches and pains in joints and muscles, and a drop in blood pressure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apricot_kernel Our Fathers Farm http://www.ourfathersfarm.com/ Hi I am Cheeks from Product Patrol Get in touch to with me to discuss ideas to review your products! My Social Media Links: Email: houseoffuzz@gmail.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/productpatrol/ Twitter https://twitter.com/ProductPatrol Instagram https://www.instagram.com/productpatrol/?hl=en Music by Desmeon, Hellcat Published on Oct 31, 2015 NoCopyrightSounds, music without limitations. • http://www.youtube.com/iamdesmeon • https://soundcloud.com/desmeon • http://facebook.com/iamdesmeon http://twitter.com/iamdesmeonDesmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release] watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSY6vBPunpY Desmeon social media network links • http://www.youtube.com/iamdesmeon • https://soundcloud.com/desmeon • http://facebook.com/iamdesmeon • http://twitter.com/iamdesmeon -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Spartan Elite Energy Drink: New Natural Energy Drink" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rad2ffskx74 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Jimmy Kimmel Pitches to Shark Tank
Jimmy visits the set of “Shark Tank” to pitch his latest and greatest ideas to the sharks. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: http://bit.ly/KimmelHalloweenCandy Watch Mean Tweets: http://bit.ly/JKLMeanTweets8 Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/JKLWebsite Like Jimmy Kimmel Live on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JKLFacebook Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JKLTwitter Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JKLInstagram About Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 2.5 billion views on YouTube alone. Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo. Now in its thirteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon. Jimmy Kimmel Pitches to Shark Tank https://youtu.be/wmenN7NEdBc
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ଅଣ୍ଡାର ଉପକାରୀ ଗୁଣ ଶରୀର ପାଇଁ, Effects of Egg for the Human body in Idia
The health benefits of... eggs The humble egg has impressive health credentials. Nutritionist Jo Lewin shares recipes, nutritional highlights and tips on choosing a good egg. An introduction to eggs... Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients - proteins, vitamins and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. Eggs are an important and versatile ingredient for cooking, as their particular chemical make up is literally the glue of many important baking reactions. Since the domestication of the chicken, people have been enjoying and nourishing themselves with eggs. As a long time symbol of fertility and rebirth, the egg has taken its place in religious as well as culinary history. In Christianity, the symbol of the decorated egg has become synonymous with Easter. There are lots of different types of egg available, the most commonly raised are chicken eggs while more gourmet choices include duck, goose and quail eggs. Nutritional highlights Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Egg yolks contain more calories and fat. They are the source of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and lecithin - the compound that enables emulsification in recipes such as hollandaise or mayonnaise. Some brands of egg now contain omega-3 fatty acids, depending on what the chickens have been fed (always check the box). Eggs are regarded a 'complete' source of protein as they contain all eight essential amino acids; the ones we cannot synthesise in our bodies and must obtain from our diet. One large egg contains: 78 calories 6.3g protein 5.3g fat 1.6g saturated f Did you know... A study published in Paediatrics magazine has suggested that giving young children just one egg a day for six months, alongside a diet with reduced sugar-sweetened foods, may help them achieve a healthy height and prevent stunting. The cholesterol question For years eggs have been considered more of a health risk than a healthy food. Since they are high in cholesterol, it was recommended that people with high cholesterol levels avoid eggs. But it turns out the cholesterol content for which they have been vilified is much lower than it was 10 years ago. This reduction has been attributed to the changes in hen feed since the BSE crisis in the 1990s. British research shows that a medium egg contains about 100mg of cholesterol, a third of the 300mg recommended daily limit. Also it is saturated fat in the diet, not dietary cholesterol that influences blood cholesterol levels the most. If you are concerned about your cholesterol or are unsure whether it is safe for you to consume eggs please consult your GP. Heart healthy... Eggs are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health such as betaine and choline. During pregnancy and breast feeding, an adequate supply of choline is particularly important, since choline is essential for normal brain development. If you are eating eggs during pregnancy however, ensure you cook until the whites and yolks are solid. In traditional Chinese medicine, eggs are recommended to strengthen the blood and increase energy by enhancing digestive and kidney function. Eggs also contain more Vitamin D than they did 10 years ago, which helps to protect bones, preventing osteoporosis and rickets. And they are filling too. Eggs for breakfast could help with weight loss as the high protein content makes us feel fuller for longer. Eggs should be included as part of a varied and balanced diet. Quail eggs... Quail eggs have a similar flavour to chicken eggs, but their petite size (five quail eggs are usually equal to one large chicken egg) and pretty, speckled shell have made them popular in gourmet cooking. The shells range in colour from dark brown to blue or white. Quail eggs are often hard-boiled and served with sea salt. Duck eggs... Duck eggs look like chicken eggs but are larger. As with chicken eggs, they are sold in sizes ranging from small to large. Duck eggs have more protein and are richer than chicken eggs, but they also have a higher fat content and more cholesterol. When boiled, the white turns bluish and the yolk turns red-orange. How to select and store Choose eggs from free-range or organically raised chickens. Eggs should always be visually inspected before buying. It is best to check for cracks or liquid in the box to ensure there are no broken ones. Eggs are best stored in the refrigerator where they may remain for up to one month (check the best-before-date on the box). Eggs with higher omega-3 fatty acid content are best eaten as early as possible to keep these oils fresh. Safety The main safety concern is risk of salmonella food poisoning . The best protection is to c
AHS13 - Fat Soluble Vitamin Interactions - Chris Masterjohn - Bootleg Audio
Fat-Soluble Vitamin interactions: An Ancestral Perspective Chris Masterjohn, Ph.D. The Ancestral Health Society had camera people on-site and the official HD videos should be freely available to the public sometime soon.
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Serious Bleed After Being Prescribed Coumadin - Is it the Doctor's Fault? Ohio Lawyer Stuart Scott
Serious Bleed After Being Prescribed Coumadin - Is it the Doctor's Fault? Ohio Lawyer Stuart Scott http://www.spanglaw.com (877) 696-3303 Cleveland personal injury attorney Stuart Scott discusses how one prescription drug may be causing more injury than harm in many patients. Blood thinner Coumadin is prescribed to help thin a patient's blood hopefully preventing blood clots. Blood clots can lead to very serious medical issues such as strokes and heart attack. There are other blood thinner medications on the market and every drug has side effects. However, there are numerous reports in which patients are having serious adverse effects to the drug Coumadin. Some patients are experiencing bleeding events caused by the drug. These sometimes uncontrollable bleeding events can be devastating and very life-threatening. This very serious condition can be elevated even further as Coumadin has some serious issues when it comes to dosage sizes. You see, there's no actual recommended dose for every patient. The doctor and patient have to work together to meet the perfect dosage right for their body. As you can imagine, this can be disastrous to you as a patient especially within the first couple doses as you may be subject to an overdose. You should be aware of your rights as a patient and how you can seek compensation if you've been injured by the prescription drug Coumadin. To learn more about prescription drug law, I encourage you to watch the video above and to explore our educational website at http://www.spanglaw.com. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (877) 696-3303. I welcome your call. Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP 1001 Lakeside Avenue East, Suite 1700 Cleveland, OH 44114 (877) 696-3303