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Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs - How to Treat Allergies on Dogs
Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs: In this video, we share home remedies for allergies in dogs - how to treat allergies on dogs. Subscribe to our channel for more videos. Watch: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beSI2NEW068) Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs If your dog is scratching, losing fur or developing a rash, it may mean that your dog suffers from allergies. Allergies are an increasingly frequent problem for dogs, mirroring a similar trend in people. The symptoms of allergies can be very debilitating and uncomfortable for your furry friend. Red eyes, itchy skin, discharge coming out of the eyes and nose, itchy paws and red spots from scratching are some common symptoms. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is good for humans as well as pets when it comes to treating allergy symptoms. * Pour raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and an equal amount of water into a spray bottle. Give it a shake to mix up the ingredients. Spray the solution all over your dog’s skin, and allow it to dry on its own. Use this remedy 1 or 2 times a day. 2. Oatmeal When your dog suffers from itchy skin caused by allergies, one of the best remedies to try is oatmeal. * Add 1½ cups of colloidal oatmeal to a big tub filled with warm water. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Bathe your dog in the oatmeal bath for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off the oatmeal with warm water. Repeat once daily until your dog shows no symptoms of allergies. 3. Coconut Oil Coconut oil has many benefits for your dog, including providing quick relief from allergy symptoms. * To apply topically, thoroughly mix ½ cup of extra-virgin coconut oil and 2 or 3 drops of oil of oregano. Rub the mixture on your dog’s itchy spots and any rashes. Rinse it off after 1 hour. Do it twice daily. 4. Aloe Vera Aloe vera is one of the safest herbs for humans as well as pets when it comes to reducing allergy symptoms. 1. Give your dog a nice soapy bath. 2. Allow the fur to air-dry, then apply fresh aloe vera gel on the skin. 3. There is no need to rinse the gel off the skin. 4. Repeat once daily and your pet will start feeling better quickly. 5. Licorice Root Licorice root offers many benefits and is a safe herb for dogs. * Give your dog 12 to 20 drops of licorice tincture per 20 pounds of body weight, twice daily. Thanks for watching home remedies for allergies in dogs - how to treat allergies on dogs video and don't forget to like, comment and share. Related Searches: Dogs Allergies, Dogs Skin Allergies Home Remedies, Allergies on Dogs, Allergies to Dogs, Dogs with Allergies, Allergies in Dogs, Allergies in Dogs Treatment,
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Dog Allergies: 7 Ways To Stop The Itching Fast
http://www.theonlinevet.com/newsletter.php If your dog is scratching, has hair loss, excessive paw licking, recurring ear infections, then he or she likely has an allergy. This video shows you the top 7 ways to stop the itching fast.
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How to Cure Itchy and Irritated Paws
http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2009/12/16/thirty-seconds-to-relieve-your-pets-itchy-paws.aspx Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses about pets foot soaks. Dr. Karen Becker shares tips on how to cure pets itchy and irritated paws.
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Dog Eye Mucus?  Holistic Answers
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news If your dog's eyes have mucus discharge, then you can help them at home with some of Dr Jones' natural remedies. Dr Jones shows you the cause, how to tell if you dog has this condition, with a dog that has inflamed, red eyes from dry eye. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube! Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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How to Cure Dogs Itchy Skin! 8 Natural Remedies for Itchy Dogs, Cure Skin Irritation!
Have you got an itchy dog? Whether your dog is suffering from allerigies or just has a case of itchy skin, these eight natural remedies will relieve them and make them more comfortable! Nicole and Albert are here with their top remedies for itchy skin! From coconut oil to natural yoghurt, you'll be surprised with some of these natural remedies! Flea Spray Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2Y9WcHWpbg&t=4s Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers, and uses sound sweep technology designed to relax and calm your dog. If you dog has sleeping problems, anxiety problems or is stressed during fireworks and thunderstorms, you should try our music and watch your dog relax before your eyes! ♫♫♫ Relax My Dog Music on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/relaxmydog/id439733931 Relax My Dog's music will help to calm and soothe your dog or puppy in a variety of situations. Console whimpering puppies, minimise separation anxiety, reduce hyperactivity, minimise fear of thunderstorms, stop unwanted barking, comfort sick or injured dogs and calm your dog on car journeys - Relax my Dog does it all! Relax My Dog's sound sweep technology is the high pitched noise that runs through a lot of our melodies. Many people believe that dogs hear two to three times more than humans - which isn't true. Actually, dogs hear the same as us - just two to three octaves higher. The sound sweep in our music is designed the same as a dog whistle - to hold your dogs attention to the music. Relax My Dog’s music is unique, and will help in a variety of situations as a substitute for medication. We have helped thousands of dogs and puppies worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety. Music therapy for your dog can keep them calm, happy and healthy, and it is a great way to rehabilitate rescue dogs - or just get your puppy or dog used to their new home. Being re-homed is an incredibly stressful time for dogs - as they have to get used to a lot of different sights and sounds, as well as their new family and any other pets in the household. We recommend that you play Relax My Dog during this time, and it will help reduce their heart rate and relax them while they explore their new surroundings. No more whimpering puppies - they will get used to your home in no time at all with the help of Relax My Dog's music! You may be crate training or obedience training, which can be a stressful time for both dog and parent, and our music will soothe your pup making your life easier. Crate training can be one of the hardest things about getting a new puppy - as being trapped in a new space and away from you is very scary for them. However, when listening to Relax My Dog you will notice your puppy start to relax, and get more used to their crate. It is also very useful to calm your dog during car journeys - which many dogs find a stressful time. They may associate it with vets visits - so we recommend playing Relax My Dog's music before and after visits to the vet to reduce their stress. The worst time of year for over 60% of dogs is Firework season - the loud bangs are really scary for them and you may notice a huge change in your dog during this time. Thunderstorms are another difficult time for dogs, with the majority of dogs being very scared of storms because of the unfamiliar loud noises. Relax My Dog is the perfect solution to this anxiety inducing situation - just play our firework and thunderstorm playlist to reduce your dogs anxiety and make them feel safe. The most common problem we hear is separation anxiety in dogs, they are pack animals and see their owners as their pack - being separated from you can cause severe anxiety in many dogs. Relax My Dog’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and barking canines all over the world - just play them our music when you leave to go to the shops or out of the room, and you will notice a lot less barking and whimpering from your four-legged friend! So whether you have a Pug, Labrador, Pomeranian, Shi Tzu, Terrier or Great Dane - any breed can become relaxed and calm when listening to Relax My Dog. We are also on a number of social media platforms - so join our community and let's chat! We love to hear about and see pictures of your doggies! ► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RelaxMyDog/ ► Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+relaxmydog ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/relaxmydog ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/relaxmydog If you want to support us then you can do so through our Patreon page, there are lots of different tiers and a lot of different ways you can help out. So just take a look at our page and chose which one suits you, and thank you so very much for watching and giving. Have a great day! https://www.patreon.com/RelaxMyDog
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How To Stop Dog Shedding
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news Dr Jones shows you the top Natural Remedies to stop your dog from shedding. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube! Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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8 Simple Tips to Help Relieve Pet Dander Allergies
Want to reduce the pet allergens in your home? Whether you're hosting family or friends with pet dander allergies or just really want to deep clean your house, we've got your checklist right here. Learn more at http://www.vetstreet.com/.
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16 All-Natural Remedies To Soothe Your Dog's Itchy Skin
Have you seen the new Dog's Day Out yet with GARBANZO? You have to see his reaction to feeling the ocean for the first time ever! http://bit.ly/2BVLkhv --~-- I made this adoptable French Bulldog a ball pit with 15,000 balls: https://bit.ly/2DTRe3u Vitamin E will work on your dog's dry skin just like it works on your wrinkles. I like to break open a capsule and rub the oil directly on my dog's dry, itchy areas. Not only does the oil feel good to her, but also the massage action warms her muscles and helps the Vitamin E penetrate faster to problem areas. LINK: http://amzn.to/2gU9i2T Yogurt Feeding your dog plain, low-fat yogurt keeps the good bacteria in your dog's intestines in balance and helps keep yeast infections at bay. A little bit of yogurt in your pet's diet is not only a healthy treat, but can boost the immune system. Chamomile tea & Herbal Tea soaks, chilled in the refrigerator, can alleviate any minor skin irritations when sprayed on sensitive, itchy spots. The chilled tea kills yeast and bacteria on the skin and relieves inflammation. Alternative- buy colloidal oatmeal shampoo and conditioner all ready mixed and ready to go. LINK: http://amzn.to/2xmwL3p Epsom salt A bath of warm water and Epsom salt will work wonders. Evening primrose oil, an essential oil,has active anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. You can apply primrose oil directly to your dog's skin to treat dry or itchy skin issues. Likewise, giving your dog evening primrose oil by mouth helps calm allergies and boosts the immune system – and it only takes a few drops on her food or in her water to do the trick. Oral: http://amzn.to/2wRnKhy Topical: http://amzn.to/2gT85c1 Eucalyptus Shampoo or Conditioner – Steep 1 teaspoon dried eucalyptus (or 2 tablespoons of fresh eucalyptus) in a pint of boiling water for 10 minutes, covered. Allow the eucalyptus water to cool to body temperature and pour it over your dog after her final rinse. Rub the mixture in and towel her dry without further rinsing. Alternative: Buy a an all natural eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner that's already mixed and ready to go. Hint- make sure that it's real eucalyptus essential oil, and not a fragrance. Shampoo LINK: http://amzn.to/2gTFljg Dry Shampoo – If your pooch hates getting into the water, an all-natural dry shampoo can keep her skin healthy and coat smelling good. Spread ½-cup to 1-cup of whole bran, uncooked oatmeal, or cornmeal on a cookie sheet and warm in the oven on low heat for 5 minutes to bring out the natural oils in the grain. Grab a handful of the grain (leaving the rest in the oven to stay warm) and rub it into your dog's fur and skin with a towel, concentrating on the greasy, dirty areas. Then thoroughly brush the areas to remove all the grain. Alternative: Buy an in between grooming spray that's already mixed and ready to go. LINK: http://amzn.to/2xn52jp Essential Oil Shampoo – Add a few drops of eucalyptus or pennyroyal essential oil to natural shampoo or castile soap. Rinse your dog with clear water. Rinse again with vinegar-water (1 tbsp. to 1 pint warm water). Alternative: Buy a an all natural eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner that's already mixed and ready to go. Hint- make sure that it's real eucalyptus essential oil, and not a fragrance. http://amzn.to/2gTFljg Herbal Flea Powder – Combine one part each of as many of these dried and powdered herbs as you can find: rosemary, fennel, eucalyptus, rue, yellow dock, and wormwood. Put this mixture in a clean, dry shaker-type jar, like one used for parsley flakes or Parmesan cheese. Apply the flea powder sparingly to the base of your dog's coat by brushing back the hair first, then sprinkling in small amounts around the neck, belly, and back. You'll need to use the powder several times a week Alternative: Buy all natural spray: http://amzn.to/2gTpQId Natural Skin Tonic – This lemon-based tonic not only repels fleas, it works as a general skin toner for itchy pets. Thinly slice a whole lemon, including the rind, and steep it overnight in a pot of boiling water. The cooling water draws out d-limonene, vitamin C, and other healing ingredients found in the whole lemon. The next day, sponge it on your dog's skin and let the solution air-dry. Alternative: targeted anti-itch sprays made with essential LINK: http://amzn.to/2gV90c4 Baking Soda- Prepare a thick paste by using a 50/50 mix of baking soda and water. Apply for 20 minutes. Apple Cider Vinegar- Prepare a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar with water, and use a spray bottle to apply it to affected areas. LINK to the one I get: http://amzn.to/2jgHtCH Feed your dog coconut oil – Every night I mix up my dogs food with some coconut oil. Coconut oil is excellent for your dog's coat and general health. can also checkout treats that include coconut like these that we bake in our ovens! LINK: http://bit.ly/2xaEAJu
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Dog Eye Staining Treatment
In this video I show you how to clean your pets eyes on a daily basis. Here are the links to the other videos on this playlist dog eye staining and tearing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9X3CsZAUAo Eye staining / diet / allergies in pets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZVCAn2FFZ4
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Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs: Natural Solutions
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news In this video Dr Jones shows you the top 3 remedies to naturally treat your cat or dog's ear mites at home. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Wednesday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube! Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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Hot Spot and Anti-Itch Solutions for Pets
Got hot spots on your pooch? Kitty scratching all their hair out? Here are our four favorite sprays to sooth itching and dry skin problems. It's summertime in the city and just like we can get sunburn and rashes, our pets do too! Protect and soothe them with these products. Visit our website for more information. Available online and in store. Earth Bath Hot Spot and Itch Relief Spritz: https://www.funnyfur.com/pet-grooming-supplies/fragrances-sprays/earth-bath-deodorizing-spritz/ Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray Natural Formula: Fast Itch Relief for Dogs: Only in store. Tropiclean Oxymed Medicated Pet Spray: https://www.funnyfur.com/pet-grooming-supplies/fragrances-sprays/tropiclean-oxymed-medicated-pet-spray/ Tropiclean Oxymed Anti-Itch Soothing Spray: https://www.funnyfur.com/tropiclean-oxymed-anti-itch-spray/ ------------------------------------------------ Funny Fur is a premier pet supply store and boutique specializing in designer dog clothes, dog carriers, and other pet accessories for discriminating pet parents. Funny Fur also offers a great selection of all natural and holistic pet foods and treats, raw pet food, and all natural solutions for general household and pet care products. Funny Fur buyers scour the world to find their customers the very best pet products that are both unique and made with your pet in mind. ------------------------------------------------ STAY CONNECTED! Visit our website: https://www.funnyfur.com Visit our store: 3268 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 77098 (713) 239-0133 Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instragram.com/funny_fur Like us on Facebook (main): http://www.facebook.com/funnyfur Like us on Facebook (Houston store): http://www.facebook.com/funnyfurriveroaks Tweet Tweet: http://www.twitter.com/funnyfur Read our blog! https://www.funnyfur.com/blog ------------------------------------------------
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Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs and Cats -  Fleas, Allergies, Bladder Infections - Earth Clinic
Learn the safest and most effective way to give your dog or cat apple cider vinegar topically for allergies, skin infections, flea issues, bladder infections, cystitis in cats, eye infections, and more. Your pets will love you for it! All you need is apple cider vinegar, water, a bowl and a few cotton balls. Please see the following pages for more information: https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/acvfordogs.html https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/acv_for_cats.html https://www.earthclinic.com/apple-cider-vinegar-for-fleas-in-dogs-and-cats.html https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/apple-cider-vinegar-for-dogs-skin- Earth Clinic® Get It Right™ World's Largest Collection of Natural Cures. https://www.earthclinic.com Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Best Dog Hot Spot Home Remedy
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news Dr Jones shows you the exact steps to naturally treat your dog's hot spot at home. How to properly clip and clean, simple antiseptic scrub, along with easy and inexpensive home remedy to treat the hot spot. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube! Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets Electro Cabello by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400048 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Cherry Eye In Dogs: Natural Home Remedies
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news If your dog has a prolapsed 3rd eyelid gland (Cherry Eye), fear not as surgery is not your only option. Dr Jones shows you natural remedies and a technique which can have you manually treat your dog's cherry eye at home. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube! Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets Bright Wish by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100377 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Dog Eye Infections: Natural Remedies
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Why Your Dog Scoots and What You Can Do About It
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news In this video Dr Jones shows you the most common reasons for why your dog drags his bum (scoots). Dr Jones then goes on to show you how to treat your dog's anal gland problem at home Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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Skin Infections and Your Dog
http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/10/04/treating-your-pets-skin-infection.aspx?x_cid=youtube Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian demonstrates on how treat skin infections on your dogs.
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How to Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally (Quick, Safe and Easy)
Epiphora is the veterinary term for excessive tear production in dogs. It's very common for all pet owners to deal with tear stains in dogs, and we all need to know how to remove dog tear stains naturally, or using the products. In this video I'll show you how to clean dog tear stains quickly and safely without hurting your dog, and causing him any pain or stress. Read the full written instructions here: http://topdogtips.com/how-to-clean-dog-tear-stains It is the most common cause of tear staining in dogs. Learning how to clean dog tear stains is an important grooming task that all pet owners should master. "The first step is to use a canine eye wash or saline solution to flush your dog's eye. You may want to have a second person with you to help restrain your dog. As you'll notice in my video guide, even the most mellow dogs don't like to have someone working near their eyes." Follow Top Dog Tips magazine for more on dog and puppy supplies: https://www.instagram.com/topdogtips/ https://facebook.com/TopDogTipsMag/ https://twitter.com/TopDogTipsMag/ https://pinterest.com/TopDogTips/ https://plus.google.com/+Topdogtips101/
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11 Awesome Life Hacks For Your Dog
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: https://goo.gl/1QA0nk Our Awesome Playlist: https://goo.gl/3he8lU Automatic Water Bowl: https://youtu.be/GG8saybSsF8 ———————————— 11 Awesome Dog Life Hacks! We've put together an amazing list of tips and tricks for dog owners. Make your own dog treats, DIY dog toys, keep your puppy cool on hot days and even build an automatic water bowl! There's so much more to check out inside! Our Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/HackThePlanet Our Twitter: http://twitter.com/householdhacker Business Inquiries or Media Requests: http://bit.ly/EmailHH Equipment we use: -=AUDIO=- Shure SM7b Scarlett 2i2 USB Interface Cloudlifter Mic Activator -=VIDEO=- Sony A7S II (Camera) SonyDistagon T FE 35mm f/1.4 (Lens) Direct links here: http://amazon.com/shop/householdhacker #HouseholdHacker
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How To Clean a Dog's Ear
How to clean a Dogs Ear | Place a small amount of the ear cleaner onto the ear leather and into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear to loosen the debris and distribute the ear cleaner. At this point your dog will want to shake his head. Let the dog give a good shake which will help loosen the debris inside the ear. Using a cotton pad or cotton ball gently wipe out the excess ear cleaner and to remove the build up of the debris. Repeat as often as needed, working from the inside out with a fresh cotton pad or ball until no more debris is seen on the cotton pad or ball. Carefully using a Q-Tip to remove the debris between the ear folds while being careful not to go too deep into the canal which can push the debris down deeper into the canal. **Only use the Q-Tip in the folds, not the actual ear canal**. Repeat until the Q-Tip is free of debris. Finish up the ear cleaning session with a treat and extra words of encouragement to help soothe your dog’s nerves. It can be easy to become obsessed with ear care, but you do not want to clean your dog’s ears too frequently. Over-cleaning can actually upset the natural flora balance of the ears, leading to infections. Once a week home exams should be sufficient to help maintain clean and healthy ears. Ear Cleaner Product that I used: Lisa Leady K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir Home ear cleaning solution is 1 part white vinegar to 1 part of water. This solution works wonders on dogs that have chronic yeast or bacterial infections in their ears. Another ear cleaning solution you can mix at home is 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part water. Never use alcohol to clean your dog’s ears. Alcohol can dry out the sensitive skin inside the ears and cause allergic reactions. Grooming Products I Love ❤️ ❤️ http://www.amazon.com/shop/Loveofgrooming Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/LoveofGrooming Ear Plucking and Cleaning: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8Nc4tU-pEvLq_JrTEmEfYeg4iou5mUFX Music: Digital Lemonade" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thanks for watching!
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Apple Cider Vinegar Itchy Dog’s Skin - Natural Holistic Treatment
WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS? Rank your videos on YouTube quicker and easier with TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/localwebstrategies/allnaturalhome THE PERFECT SHIRT FOR EVERY DOG LOVER 😍🐶 https://www.sunfrog.com/Pets/I-Kissed-a-Dog.html?42848 USING APPLE CIDER VINEGAR FOR DOG'S SKIN Just like humans, caring for pets can become frustrating and expensive when they have a skin condition. Using commercial products may or may not help and you might end up spending a fortune finding a product that actually works. Before you go out and buy another product, try using apple cider vinegar for dogs skin. There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar for dogs that might just solve those irritating conditions that are plaguing your pet. Apple cider vinegar helps to relieve itchy skin for dogs who get themselves into yeast or poison ivy. Simply mix a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Apply directly to the dog’s itchy spots, but be careful NOT to spray on open wounds – the vinegar will sting. If you can’t apply by spraying and yeast is the main concern, you may feed apple cider vinegar in your pet’s food or water. Yeast does not do survive in acid environments that apple cider vinegar will create, so you may feed 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon twice daily to your dog. Find out how you can use household items to live healthier & save money. Learn more. Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar contains the “mother of vinegar” which has many beneficial enzymes for your pet’s health. It is also raw and unfiltered, so your dog will get the most benefit possible out of using apple cider vinegar. Sponging apple cider vinegar dog’s coat after bathing can help remove soap residues and improve hair condition. The acidity and live enzymes in Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar will help to kill bacteria that causes flaking skin conditions. Soak your dog’s coat to the skin and let it air-dry. This same treatment is also said to repel fleas and ticks. Apple cider vinegar can also be massaged into sore or sprained muscles. It is the foundation of many herbal liniments, relieving pain and inflammation. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Dogs Use apple cider vinegar rinse for dogs after shampooing if your dog has skin problems related to allergies, fleas, or ringworm. 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 1 quart of water Mix well and use once a week as an after-shampoo rinse. DO NOT use water to rinse off the ACV – simply towel your dog dry. Also, you can try using apple cider vinegar to soak your dog’s feet if they have itchy paws from seasonal allergies (pollen). Dilute 1 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1-2 cups of water. Allow your dog to soak his paws in the mixture. This can greatly reduce the itching. For problems with flaky skin or dandruff, you can try massaging full-strength apple cider vinegar your dog’s hair before shampooing. OUR FAVORITE NATURAL HEALTH SUPPLIES Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar: http://amzn.to/2iaiS2j InnoGear MT-039 Essential Oil Diffuser: http://amzn.to/2BrIEUH Price Check Bragg ACV on eBay: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=9&pub=5575066054&toolid=10001&campid=5338222810&customid=&icep_uq=bragg+apple+cider+vinegar&icep_sellerId=&icep_ex_kw=&icep_sortBy=12&icep_catId=&icep_minPrice=&icep_maxPrice=&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg MORE NATURAL PET HEALTH VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZLaRtAQx2R4pNFd3ABIvh7kNb6pF6QLT CONNECT WITH US ONLINE http://www.naturalapplecidervinegar.com/ https://www.instagram.com/allnaturalhome/ https://www.facebook.com/allnaturalhome/ https://www.pinterest.com/allnaturalhome/ QUESTIONS? Thanks for stopping by and if you have any Natural Health or want us to cover a specific tutorial, just let us know in the comments section below! LIKE OUR CONTENT? Subscribe for More - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpELqGsbA8OqtHv5hbfPWSg?sub_confirmation=1 Disclaimers: all opinions are our own, sponsors are acknowledged. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost.
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Strawfield Pets: Antiseptic Wipes + Chlorhexidine & Ketoconazole
VETERINARY STRENGTH - Medicated, premoistened Chlorhexidine pads with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, 1% Ketoconazole plus soothing Aloe Vera in every pad to treat horse, feline & canine skin irritation. NO STING - Sensitive skin treatment for cat, horse & dog itching and flaking, bacterial & yeast infection treatment, hotspots, ringworm treatment, pyoderma, rash, allergy, ear infection, paw, face, eye & ear cleaner wipes MULTIPLE USES - Antiseptic wipes for cuts and scrapes, anti itch relief for allergies & hot spots, anti bacterial for skin infections, anti fungal wipes for ringworm and yeast in skin folds & wrinkles, deodorizer between baths MADE IN THE USA - At Strawfield Pets, we proudly make our feline, canine, & horse pet disinfectant wipes in our Federally Regulated, NASC Inspected Laboratory closely following cGMP guidelines for an "A" rating STRAWFIELD PETS PROMISE - We know you and your pet will love our Antiseptic Chlorhexidine Pads or we'll completely refund your purchase. No questions asked, no hassle, and no risk to you...we promise
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How to Keep a Dog From Smelling in Between Baths : Dog Grooming & Care
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehow Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehow Keeping a dog from smelling in between baths is something you can do by closely monitoring what he or she is doing. Keep a dog from smelling in between baths with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip. Expert: Jenn Fadal Filmmaker: Jeffrey Carter Series Description: Taking care of your dog is something that you have to do day in, day out for the duration of your pet ownership. Learn about the responsibility that comes with taking care of your dog with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video series.
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Yeast Or Allergy - What Is Causing Your Dog To Itch?
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgS6bfyNf9YRXb-joemnHAg?sub_confirmation=1 Click here to book for my upcoming workshop on "Understanding and managing your pets skin allergies - the natural way" http://www.caninevitality.com.au/canine_vitality_workshops/ Hi there, Lyndall Pinchen, Canine Naturopath from Canine Vitality back again today to share with you this week’s post “Yeast or allergy- what is causing your dog to itch?”. If you are living in the Southern hemisphere, it is starting to get colder as we go into our Winter months. However, I am still regularly seeing itchy dogs coming into clinic regardless of the season. Can you relate to that? Is your dog itching and scratching whether it’s summer of winter....essentially all year round??. So I wanted to look at what is often confused as ‘allergies’ in our dogs- an infection that can often be resistant and difficult to get on top of- and that’s YEAST! In today’s post we’ll look at what yeast infections are, how they develop and how they can often mimic allergies in your dog. And I’ll give you some tips on how to help overcome these too! So let’s dive in and take a closer look at yeast infections. In my clinic I see so many dogs coming in that have some sort of yeast infection. Commonly this will be a recurrent ear infection, or incessant paw licking. But yeast can affect many other areas of your dogs body. Dogs that suffer from yeast infections may be generally itchy all over or even suffer from hotspots. Their skin may appear blackened or there maybe be black ‘spots’ on the skin that don’t wash off and you may also notice rust like stains on areas where there has been excessive licking. There is often hair loss around the tail and back areas. And then there is that classic yeasty smell – a bit like a combination of mouldy socks and corn chips all rolled into one. Once you have smelled this you never forget it!!In addition, there may be internal gut symptoms like bloating, bowel changes. The symptoms of yeast infections can be minor or become deeply chronic over time if left untreated or if incorrectly diagnosed. So what causes yeast to be such an issue? Well, firstly it’s important to note that every dog (much like every human) has a healthy population of yeasts living in the gut and on the skin including ears, genitals and between the paw pads. Now as long as your dog’s immune system is strong and healthy, the yeast will never cause an issue as it lives in harmony with thousands of other normal microbes that are also present. However, problems arise when the immune system starts to become compromised and stressed, yeast populations start to rise and become out of balance. Click here to book for my upcoming workshop on "Understanding and managing your pets skin allergies - the natural way" http://www.caninevitality.com.au/canine_vitality_workshops/
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Stinky Dog? 5 Home Remedies That Work!
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news In this video Dr Jones shows you why your dog has such a strong doggy odor. Dr Jones then goes on to show you hos top 5 at home remedies to eliminate the smell. http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news In this video Dr Jones shows you that ALL you need to know you can learn from your dog! Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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Vet's Best Shampoos and Topical Solutions for Dogs
Vet’s Best shampoos and topical solutions contain carefully selected, potent ingredients to provide relief for your dog as well as kill fleas and flea eggs. Not only do these salves effectively get rid of pests, they also provide long lasting repellent and control for natural protection that supports external and internal wellness. These veterinarian-recommended topical remedies help resolve common pet skin problems with all-natural key ingredients like peppermint oil and clove extract—and none of them contain the harsh chemicals that can be drying to skin or cause a multitude of other side effects. Vet’s Best Anti-Flea Easy Spray Shampoo is naturally formulated with herbal extracts to immediately kill fleas and eggs on contact and leave your pup smelling fantastic. Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Home Spray is a non-staining formula that effectively kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and repels mosquitoes, too. It’s also great to use around the house on your furniture and carpet. Vet’s Best Wipes contain natural clove leaf oil and cinnamon to help your dog stay fresh and clean for longer periods of time. All you have to do is wipe down your pet, which will leave a light coat of the solution behind. It’s that simple. You can also use them to wipe down household surfaces like flooring and countertops. Vet’s Best makes holistic formulas that are gentle yet potent and are 100% made in the USA. Learn more about Vet’s Best today! http://bit.ly/2gE7AQn Subscribe to our channel to keep the pet-ucation coming. And browse more than 500 of your favorite brands, with free 1–2 day shipping on orders $49+ at http://www.Chewy.com. Call us: 1-800-672-4399 Like us: http://bit.ly/25dVe60 Tweet us: http://bit.ly/1Xo0SfU Gram us: http://bit.ly/25dVqlY
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How to Naturally Kill Fleas in Cats : Cat Care Tips
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Expertvillage Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Expertvillage Naturally killing fleas in cats is a great way to both protect the animal and kill the fleas. Naturally kill fleas in cats with help from an expert in animal behavior in this free video clip. Expert: Amelia Wieber Contact: www.caringbehavior.com Bio: Amelia Wieber has a bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior from the University of Connecticut. She has been working with large and small cats and many breeds of dogs since graduating in 2005. Filmmaker: Daniel Brea Series Description: Whether you're caring for a stray cat or a friend that you've brought into your home, you need to remember that the animal is a living thing and deserves both respect and proper care. Find out about cat care tips with help from an expert in animal behavior in this free video series.
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❤️ OPEN ME ❤️ Hi guys! Todays video is top5 Dollar Tree products you should never buy. This video is made to help others learn from my mistakes. I highly recommend staying away from the items mentioned! But hey! If they work for you, thats whats up! ====================================================== Things I love and Deals you can use! Skin Care I use from Brazillian Belle: http://brazilianbelle.com?rfsn=231114.53fa6 Earn Money for shopping with IBOTTA ($10 free when you sign up) https://ibotta.com/r/ngykqcx Our GhostBed: http://mbsy.co/f7RfQ Favorite Perfumes -ScentBird (get 1 month free) 25% off SEN25: https://www.scentbird.com/r/d/sarahhardy Online Thrift Store Schoola ($10 credit when you sign up) https://www.schoola.com/stitch?ref=cp-3X427qV4H ======================================== My Blog- http://sensationalfinds.blogspot.com MY EMAIL; sarahhardy2711@gmail.com ============================================ WANT TO GET TO KNOW ME? START HERE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... I'm a stay at home mom to 2 boys ages 4 and 1. I have a passion for my family, DIY projects, beauty and for LIFE! On my channel you will find Dollar Tree hauls and other ways to be frugal and fabulous. I love finding the best inexpensive items and sharing them in video and on my blog. My channel is a true reflection of my life and all of the Sensational Finds! Subscribe to follow my journey! https://www.youtube.com/user/Sensatio...\ ============================ My Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with kit lens http://goo.gl/w3doQa Canon SX150 goo.gl/KSztzs iPad Mini (Previous videos were shot with this) goo.gl/nsaKg6 Editing: Final Cut Prox Editing Hacks: Gabriella Marie ======================================= I purchased all of the products I talked with my own money. Some videos may contain affiliate links ========================================= * HEY! If your reading this, your awesome and I love you! Now go ahead and leave 'JANK' in the comments to confuse the others and let me know who da bae's are
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How To Give Subcutaneous Injections To Dogs and Cats
Prepare everything before you get your pet. Wipe off the top of the injection with an alcohol swab, draw up the correct dosage and eject all the air from the syringe. If the medication was refrigerated, let it rise to room temperature. Put the syringe in an easily accessible area, out of sight of your animal. More...
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West Highland Terrier Dog Eye Cleaning Step By Step Dog Face Cleaning
This video is to help you see how much eye gunk and boogers can get stuck, build up, and start eating into the skin around the eye when not cleaned regularly. I would recommend cleaning the dogs eyes DAILY. Designate a face towel for your dog and wash his or her face daily. This baby was muzzled because the process for me to remove months or years of build up is super painful. You can shave it out but if it doesn't budge, this is one of the only times where I get water involved to help me break down the gunk and using a flea comb help to get so close to the skin to help slowly remove the build up. Underneath I am not a Veterinarian, but I would allow the are to stay clean and watch for infection to arise but keep it clean and dry in that area. I personally would not put neosporin on it. I would let it heal on it's own. If it's a worse situation I would see your Veterinarian. My name is Dede Croy, business owner, Realtor and Air Force Veteran. I own My Favorite Groomer, LLC. Come check out my salon in Haltom City, TX and check out our website at www.myfavoritegroomer.com We are a specialty retail store and a pet groom salon. Support us by shopping here with us if you see a tool you really like. We groom one pet at a time. I love what I do and by all means I do not know it all. I try to educate and share so people can see and learn. I hope this helps you. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. No one has time for negativity. If you feel you can do my job come on down, I challenge you to do what I do right in my salon with me. God Bless. Air Force Veteran Owned Business. Senior Pet, Aggressive Pet, & Disabled Pet Expert. Donate or share for my cause: Please share or donate to help me raise money for free pet bath packages for all Military PTSD Service Dogs! https://www.gofundme.com/myfavoritegroomer
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Top 5 Dog Yeast Infection Treatment [2018 Best Sellers]: SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical
Top 5 Dog Yeast Infection Treatment [2018 Best Sellers]: SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical https://clipadvise.com/deal/view?id=Amazon-pets-dog-yeast-infection-treatment--2018 For More great dog yeast infection treatment Just Click this link SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray for Dogs and Cats; 8 fl. oz. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray for... Pet King Brand Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone, 1.25 oz Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone, 1.25 oz Curaseb | Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs & Cats - Anti Itch, Antifungal & Antibacterial w/ Aloe - Effective Against Ringworm, Yeast & Pyoderma, Broad Spectrum Vet Formula, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs & Cats Anti Itch, Antifungal &... Probiotics for Dogs with Natural Digestive Enzymes ● Dog Probiotics Chewable ● 4 Bill CFUs/2 chews ● Dog Diarrhea Upset Stomach Yeast Gas Bad Breath Immunity Allergies Skin Itching Hot Spots Dogs with Natural Digestive Enzymes ● Dog Probiotics Chewable... KING BIO HOMEOPATHIC 162935-1 Dog Yeast Control HOMEOPATHIC 162935 1 Dog Yeast Control Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dogs & Cats w/ Ketoconazole & Aloe, Effective Against Ringworm, Pyoderma & Allergies, #1 Vet Antifungal Dog Shampoo, Satisfaction Guarantee Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dogs & Cats w/... Arava Natural Aromatherapy Medicated, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti Yeast & Anti ITCH Dog Shampoo, Healthy Skin & Coat, First Aid in Hot Spots, Ringworm, Scrapes, Abrasions & Dermatologic Infections Aromatherapy Medicated, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti Yeast &... Curaseb | Chlorhexidine Wipes – 50 Antiseptic Pads w/ Aloe for Dogs & Cats - Antifungal & Antibacterial - Cleans Face, Ears & Body, Effective Against Pyoderma, Acne & Hot Spots, Made in USA, 50 Count Chlorhexidine Wipes – 50 Antiseptic Pads w/ Aloe for Dogs & Cats... SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs; 16 fl. oz. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic... Raw Paws Pet Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics Functional Treats, Pumpkin & Ginger, 5-ounce Soft Chews - Made in USA Only - 2 Billion CFUs - Supports Digestive Health - Diarrhea Relief Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics Functional Treats, Pumpkin &... Try also: #SynergylabsVeterinary, #PetKing, #Curaseb|, #ProbioticsFor, #KingBio, #CurasebAntifungal, #AravaNatural, #RawPaws
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How to Remove Your Dog’s Tear Stains | Top 10 Home Remedies
How to Remove Your Dog’s Tear Stains | Top 10 Home Remedies: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6puMSvUFeRbquVqU4jekw?sub_confirmation=1 No matter how much you take care of your dog, they often develop those very distracting, messy, reddish-brown tear stains drizzling down from their eyes. And just as quickly as you wipe them off, they return!Tear stains can be due to several reasons, such as certain health problems, the shape of the eyes, ingrown eyelashes, blocked tear ducts, puppy teething, an ear infection, or allergies related to food or something in their environment.Dogs with light-colored fur are more prone to tear staining and, of course, the dark streaks are more noticeable on them. It is important to deal with tear stains, beyond just cosmetic reasons. When tears cause the hair on the dog’s face to remain wet, your pet may develop an yeast infection, making the staining even worse.While the stains are unsightly, they are not dangerous to your dog’s health. Tear stains are usually easily removed with a few simple treatments. They can also be easily prevented, once they have been removed.Here are the top 10 ways to remove your dog’s tear stains. 1. Consider a Change in DietMany times, a poor diet can result in tear stains. So, take a look at what’s in your dog’s food and consider changing it to see if it makes a difference. Opt for a high-quality, grain-free diet.A grain-based diet does not provide long-term health benefits to your dog. Also, such a diet can cause allergic reactions, resulting in excess tearing and other problems.Feed your pet quality dog food and treats as well as probiotics for canines.2. Provide Clean WaterYou must also pay attention to the water your pet drinks. Dogs should be given purified, distilled water to drink. Avoid tap water, which often contains harmful bacteria, parasites and minerals like chlorine and fluoride that can be toxic to pets.Make sure they do not drink stagnant water found in gardens or parks. Such water may result in more staining in response to excess minerals in the water.Also, keep in mind not serve your dog’s food and water in plastic and ceramic dishes as they tends to become unsanitary after repeated use. Always use stainless steel or glass bowls for your pets and make sure to wash them with soap and water from time to time.3. Maintain Eye and Face HygieneTo prevent ugly tear stains from developing, it is important for owners to maintain proper eye and face hygiene of their pets. This will go a long way in keeping those stains at bay.Regularly flush the eyes with an appropriate canine eyewash, recommended by your vet.Moisten a cotton ball with canine eyewash and gently rub it underneath and around the eye area.Wash the muzzle hair with dry shampoo and a wet washcloth. Comb and blow-dry it afterwards.When bathing your pet, avoid getting water in your dog’s eyes to prevent irritation.4. Trim the HairThe hair around your dog’s eyes can cause eye irritation, leading to more tears and subsequent staining.Keep the hair around the eyes trimmed to prevent irritation. Be sure to use a pair of blunt-nose scissors and work carefu #RemoveYourDog’sTearStains, #HomeRemedies
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How to STOP your dog from LICKING and BITING PAWS Naturally!
Why does my dog lick and chew his feet? In this video we show you how to stop your dog from licking and biting their paws using all natural household products! The problem is likely a yeast or bacterial irritation from walking around on various surfaces. If your dog likes to go on hikes and swim in ponds like Rudy, this paw-rinse may help! PAW RINSE MIXTURE Approximately 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda for 2 Litres of Water. We use a mixture of water, baking soda, and juniper berry essential oil (DoTerra) for the foot-soak. The oil is just an extra - it will still work with just baking soda and water! Give your puppy some relief with this quick and easy solution. This is an all-natural way to clean your dogs paws, and hopefully prevent further irritation that can lead to a visit to the vet! If your pet has any serious issues, please make sure to have a PROFESSIONAL diagnose them. This just works for us!
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Dog with Fungal infection. Canine Micosis Treatment and Medication
Canine Mycosis is a type of fungi. This is type of fungi appears as it separates the hair, usually or most common places are head and facial areas also the legs or paws. Medication appears on the video.
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How to Treat a Rash in Dogs
Itchiness and Rash in Dogs Remedy The Health Fixer! In this video he shares some tips for curing itchiness and rashes in dogs using apple cider vinegar! Dr. Doug Willen, author of *Quantum Paleo* (http://amzn.to/QnhC5E) provides natural solutions to common health problems. Like this? Visit The Health Fixer's web page, read testimonials, and book an appointment with Willen Wellness at http://www.drdougwillen.com! *Subscribe* above for more Health Fixer Videos and Quick Tips!
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10 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Ruin Your Face
How to get young and glowing skin naturally? You'd probably be surprised to learn how many people stick to their skincare routine simply out of habit. Day in, day out, the same actions — but no results. Don't you think it's time to stop wasting money on expensive cosmetics that promise miracles and go back to basics instead? Here are 10 of the most widespread mistakes you can make when it comes to taking care of your face. Some people are afraid that their skin will become accustomed to their favorite beauty products and will, therefore, stop having any effect. That's why they keep changing cosmetic items. But these people aren't aware that their efforts are in vain. Your skin doesn't adjust to skincare products over time, and, more importantly, unfamiliar cosmetics should be bought with caution. A newly bought cream can easily become the reason behind an allergic reaction. TIMESTAMPS: You change your cosmetics too often 0:39 You use a facial scrub on a daily basis 1:34 You don't use a makeup remover 2:22 You use the same pillowcase for more than 2 days 3:07 You don't use a toner 3:54 You use powder to remove that oily shine 4:28 You correct your eyebrows before applying makeup 5:09 You wash your face before taking a shower 5:40 You don't apply skincare products before going to sleep 6:19 You don't use SPF products on cloudy days 6:50 Bonus: How can banana peel help your skin? 7:31 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY: - Your skin doesn't adjust to skincare products over time, and, more importantly, unfamiliar cosmetics should be bought with caution. A newly bought cream can easily become the reason behind an allergic reaction. - Generally speaking, scrubs and rough brushes are not the best products for cleansing your face. The perfect solution can be to replace them with light chemical peels. - Before washing your face, it's better to use a makeup remover like a micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm. They aren't just pretty and useless bottles eager to empty your wallet! These cosmetic products are vital if you want the best for your skin. - If you don't want to see any flaws on your face in the morning, change your pillowcase every 2 days. Also, try replacing it with one made of silk. - If you include a toner in your set of beauty care items, you'll most likely avoid such skin problems as dryness, irritation, and rashes. The main trick here is to find a product that doesn't contain alcohol. Otherwise, the situation will be exactly the opposite. - Instead of trying to disguise an oily shine with powder, try matting wipes. Admittedly, they won't provide a long-lasting effect. But they will remove unnecessary oil from your face without adding extra stuff to your skin. - If you do decide to correct your eyebrows, wait no less than 2 hours before applying cream or cosmetics to the treated area. - Of course, you can wash your face whenever you feel like doing so — while you're taking a shower, for example. But you should remember that it's better to use a small amount of cleanser to wash your face again after you've finished your shower. - Your skin will restore itself much more efficiently if you apply a night cream, a serum, or a mask to your face before going to bed. The active substances contained in these products neutralize the negative effect of cosmetics and help your face look fresh. - Unfortunately, harmful ultraviolet radiation is always there, even in cold Scandinavian countries. This is why it's necessary to protect your skin all year long. You don't need to use special sunscreen products when it's cloudy outside. - Banana peel effectively fights puffy eyes. Place the inner side of a banana peel over your eyes, and keep it there for a few minutes. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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15 Ways to Get Rid of DUST MITES Quickly
House dust mites are tiny creatures, about a quarter of a millimetre long. They live off human skin scales which have been partially digested by moulds and thrive in humid environments. Mites are found in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing. In people allergic to dust mite, it is often not the mite itself but proteins in their droppings which cause the allergy. Each mite produces about 20 of these waste droppings every day and the droppings continue to cause allergic symptoms even after the mite has died. House dust mite allergy is very common and is associated with asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis. A significant amount of exposure to house dust mite allergen happens in the bed, so taking precautions in the bedroom by using allergy-proof covers on bedding, washing it regularly can sometimes help, although clinical trials suggest that multiple measures need to be taken, possibly including the use of chemicals called acaricides, in order to see an effect. However, remember that dust mite allergen is found in all rooms of the house, on the floor and in soft furnishings, not just in the bedroom. Measures to avoid house dust mite will lower, but do not totally remove, dust mite allergens. Often, this will be sufficient to significantly improve symptoms, but sometimes, the reduction may simply not be enough to result in a noticeable difference. There is no way to predict whether someone will benefit from avoidance measures, except by trying them. Remember that it is better to properly carry out several allergen avoidance measures in order to see an improvement in symptoms. Just doing one or two things half-heartedly may not make any difference. Controlling house dust mite allergens At home: Most efforts at controlling dust mites should be aimed at areas of the home where you spend most of your time and where dust mite load is greatest, i.e. bedrooms and living areas. Use allergen-proof barrier covers on all mattresses, duvets and pillows. These should be breathable and should completely enclose the item. Buy products that have been tested to make sure that they prevent the escape of house dust mite allergen. Wash all bedding that is not encased in barrier covers (e.g. sheets, blankets) every week. Washing at 60 degrees centigrade or above will kill mites. House dust mite allergen dissolves in water so washing at lower temperatures will wash the allergen away temporarily, but the mites will survive and produce more allergen after a while. Allergic children should not sleep in the bottom bunk bed where allergen can fall onto them. If possible remove all carpeting in the bedroom. Vacuum hard floors regularly with a high-filtration vacuum cleaner (see below). Remove all carpeting from concrete floors. Such floors trap moisture allowing dust mites and mould spores to thrive. Seal the floor with a vapour barrier, and then cover it with a washable surface such as vinyl or linoleum. There are certain types of flooring designed to prevent allergen build up (details of suitable floorings are available from Allergy UK). Where carpets cannot be removed, vacuum regularly with a high-filtration vacuum cleaner. Use a high-temperature steam-cleaner to kill mites effectively. Products are available that can be sprayed on carpets to kill mites; these are effective but should be used with care if you suffer from respiratory symptoms, and should not be used in areas where children play on the carpet, or on soft toys or pillows. Use a high-filtration vacuum cleaner with filters capable of retaining a high proportion of the smallest particles (HEPA filter, S-class filter or similar). Details of suitable vacuum cleaners are available from Allergy UK. Damp-wipe all surfaces each week (pelmet tops, window sills, tops of cupboards and so forth). Use light washable cotton curtains, and wash them frequently. Reduce unnecessary soft furnishings Vacuum all surfaces of upholstered furniture at least twice a week. Washable stuffed toys should be washed as frequently and at the same temperature as bedding. Alternatively, if the toy cannot be washed at 60 degrees place it in a plastic bag in the freezer for at least 12 hours once a month and then wash at the recommended temperature. Reduce humidity by increasing ventilation. Use trickle-vents in double-glazing, or open windows. Use extract fans in bathrooms and kitchens. If necessary use a dehumidifier to keep indoor humidity under 50% (but over 30%)
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DIY (oatmeal) Dog Shampoo
This recipe makes enough shampoo to bathe one large or medium dog. Cut recipe in half for smaller dogs. You’ll need: 1- Whole grain oats (1 cup) 2- Baking soda (1 cup) 3- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 spoon) Extra ingredient for extra smooth and shininess: 1- Organic Coconut Oil (1 spoon) Hopefully you found this video helpful. Thanks for watching! *Don’t forget to like and/or subscribe if you enjoyed. 🖤 🐾 🕸
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Some Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Dogs
Train Your Dog Here → http://istheonlinedogtrainer.club Additionally, there is the home treatment of mites, based on oil. But if your dog has been with mites for a long time, or if you are treating a stray or abandoned dog, the infestation will be huge and you will probably also have an ear infection. In those cases, or if you notice that the dog's ear is damaged, irritated, infected, reddened or inflamed, it is not recommended to do these home treatments, but you must go directly to the veterinarian to prevent the infection causes permanent damage to the dog. We will show two possibilities (you do not have to do both, only one of them is enough). 1) Home remedy for mites in dogs with mineral oil Ingredients: Mineral oil (only) 2) Natural remedy for mites of the dog's ears with almond oil and vitamin E This second remedy mixes two types of oils in equal parts, in a small bottle or container. Ingredients: 30 grams of Sweet almond oil 30 grams of Vitamin E Oil In both cases, put the mineral oil, or the mixture of almond oil and vitamin E in a dropper (utensil to pour the liquid drop by drop). Each day apply 2 drops in each ear of your dog, massage well and make the liquid spread throughout the ear and the area surrounding it. Treatment of mites of the dog's ears. Normally before applying any product to kill the mites of the dog, you should start by cleaning the ears of your dog, to eliminate any wax that you can see. That way we avoid that the mites can hide there when we use the substances to get rid of them. To perform this cleaning, you can use cotton disks, which are usually used to remove makeup and little by little we will remove all the dirt. Once both ears are clean, we will apply the oil-based solution. What the oil does is drown the mites, and prevent them from breathing and living and feeding normally. Thus, little by little they are dying. If you are going to use the home remedies, you should do it once a day, for at least 3 weeks, in order to get rid of the adult mites and also kill the eggs and larvae that are born in the meantime. Does dog mites infect humans? Are mites in the ears of dogs contagious to humans? The answer is yes, but fortunately it is unlikely that a mite will travel from the ear of a dog to the ear of a person. It could happen that you touch the ears of a dog infested with mites, and these reach your hand or your forearm. In that case they could sting (bite your skin) and you would notice itching and redness of the skin. But as we say, they are so small that traveling to your ear or ear for them is very difficult, and that is why it is rare for a human being to get mites from the dog's ear. However, for prevention, as soon as you suspect that your dog has mites in the ears, you should perform a treatment to eliminate them, without letting time pass. If you are going to manipulate a dog with mites, it is a good idea to use disposable latex gloves. Or, if you have already handled the ears of a dog that has mites without gloves, you should wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards, and if you can, apply a disinfectant on your skin. Train Your Dog Here → http://istheonlinedogtrainer.club
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Dog eye tearing steps
We try to figure out the sudden eye staining in Minion. The first thing we are trying is diet. links to the other videos in the playlist..... Eye staining daily treatment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09f22fkU8HM Dog eye staining and tearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9X3CsZAUAo
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How To:Treat A Skin Rash, Reaction/Allergy | TaraKatherine
Hi Guys, In today's video i'm sharing my past experience with skin reactions and my tips that helped me to treat it. Keep in mind i'm not a doctor and these tips just helped me personally, always consult with a dermatologist or doctor first. Products Mentioned. - Aloe Vera Gel (keep in the fridge to cool down the skin) - Lanolin Ointment - Rosehip Oil - Antihistamine tablets (see a doctor or a pharmacist before) - Body Shop aloe protective restoring mask My Links Instagram: http://instagram.com/taraakatherine Twitter: https://twitter.com/mixedberries275 Email: mixedberries275@live.com.au --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey! I'm Tara i'm obsessed with all things beauty, makeup, skincare (and dogs). Some videos you will see on my Chanel are Hauls, Get Ready with me, Favourites, Empties, Reviews & More.
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PetSolutions: Nature's Miracle Allergen Blocker Air & Surface Spray
Nature's Miracle Allergen Blocker Air & Surface Spray controls inanimate pet dander allergens and odors. It neutralizes inanimate allergens on contact and deactivates pet allergens to make your environment comfortable. It is safe for use on carpets, upholstery, clothes, furniture, and fabrics. Simply spray into the air or on surface. Use Allergen Blocker Air & Surface Spray to make living with pets easier. Developed by Allergists. Fresh Scent. Made in the USA. For more information on this product, please visit the link below. http://www.petsolutions.com/C/Dog-Allergen-Blocker/I/Natures-Miracle-Allergen-Blocker-Air-Surface-Spray.aspx
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How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Chewing His Paws?
Like us humans, dogs can get allergies too, and the culprit is usually in their food are you wondering why your dog chewing his paws? You're not alone! there a variety of reasons might chew paws. Dogs licking or chewing paws, can be a sign of yeast infection. How to help a poodle stop and home remedies. Why do dogs chew their paws? The healthy pet clublicking the paws allpoodleinfo. Barchas answers dogster's pet behavior questions dog chewing on paws. Why is my dog biting his paws? (and how to stop it) petful. Stop a dog from licking its paws how to stop chewing her pawswhy do dogs chew on their paws? 8 reasons why your keeps his is my excessively Pet health network. How do i get him to stop? Dr. If your dog is chewing on her paws excessively, you should consider allergies as a possible cause. Depending on what your veterinarian finds examination, treatment to stop this behavior will be aimed at the underlying cause a common of very intense chewing is physical problem such as an injury. 27 sep 2011 try these tips to keep your dog from chewing his paws off examine your pet's paws for signs of injury; If your dog has a wound that has gotten infected, you may need to take him to the vet for treatment. Why do dogs chew on their feet? is my dog licking his paws? The spruce. Why is my dog biting his paws? (and how to stop it) petful behaviors why paws "imx0m" url? Q webcache. Compulsive licking, biting, and scratching in dogs pets webmd. Your dog may also have ear issues, stinky skin or weight issues. Let's look at the most common reasons, as well signs that might let you know it's time to take your pup vet. Some dogs tend to lick 5 may 2011 arthritis or some other type of pain could be causing enough discomfort for a dog that he tries relieve it by licking chewing his foot. Boredom may be another behavior issue, which cause the dog to chew at his paws. Stop dog licking paws dinovite. Thanks in advance my jack russell chews his paws to the point they are red and sore looking 18 may 2017 is your dog too into lately? Is she slurping chewing away on her own mode of transportation, or oddly licking feet toes? Such behavior not only seems strange (and unbecoming around guests!), but it can be cause for concern. Some dogs even chew at their nails with this type of behavior. Googleusercontent search. Commonly why a poodle puppy or older dog may chew, lick bite at the paws. They can cut their pads while romping in the backyard or playing at a 16 jan 2018 foot licking simply be habit formed behavior that occurs when dog is relaxing, stressed, bored. Often times, excessive licking of the paws is 14 dec 2016 in this feature will examine various causes that lead dogs to chew their own feet and give you some solutions try help identify route cause why your dog chewing his ways them stop. Dogs chew their feet for a variety of reasons. Why do dogs chew their feet? K9 magazine. A dog's paw pads are not immune to picking up rocks, thorns or other foreign objects they
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Home Remedies for Mange | Ted's Famous Borax for Mange Treatment
Home remedies for mange include Ted's borax and peroxide mange treatment. Ted's famous solution has cured thousands of dogs and cats worldwide for over 15 years, when Ted first sent Earth Clinic his effective and safe natural remedy for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange. Learn the correct way to make and apply Ted's solution and how long it takes before your dog heals from mange. Learn more details: https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/dog_mange_cure.html Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution Instructions: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/how-to-dilute-hydrogen-peroxide.html See photos from Earth Clinic readers of dogs in various stages of healing after Ted's mange treatment: https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/dog_mange_cure.html Earth Clinic® World's Largest Collection of Natural Cures https://www.earthclinic.com Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Yeast Infection in Dogs
http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/05/03/eating-these-foods-can-make-your-dog-itch-like-crazy.aspx?x_cid=youtube Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses the need to keep a healthy balance of good yeast in your dog's system.
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Dog skin lesion infection
Dog skin lesion
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DIY Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs
Apple cider vinegar products : https://goo.gl/VouqyW DIY Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs
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3 Easy Ways to Clean Gunk/Crusty from Your Dog's Eyes | How to Clean Your Pet's Eyes
Cleaning Gunk from your dog’s eyes may be a crucial a part of keeping your pooch safe and healthy. Before you start removing discharge from your dog’s eyes, confirm you identify the reason behind the discharge. ooze in your dog’s eyes will signal a heavy medical condition and warrant treatment from your veterinary. Once you’ve found out what’s inflicting the attention drain, you'll be able to clean ooze from your dog’s eyes employing a damp artifact or a watch wash developed particularly for dogs. 3 Easy Ways to Clean Gunk/Crusty from Your Dog's Eyes | How to Clean Your Pet's Eyes. 3 Ways: 1:Determining the Cause of Your Dog’s Eye Discharge 2:Cleaning Your Dog’s Eye with a Damp Cloth 3:Remove the eye gunk with soft strokes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Now: http://bit.ly/youtubedoghaven Watch Our All Videos: http://bit.ly/allvideosdoghaven Share this video: https://youtu.be/-xW1Dd7vi30 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join With Us: Website: http://bit.ly/doghaven Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/facebookpagedoghaven Twitter: http://bit.ly/twitterdoghavenworld Instagram: http://bit.ly/instagramdoghavenworld
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