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Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
This documentary film explores the fascinating life and complex legacy of architect and city planner Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846-1912). Burnham developed some of the first skyscrapers in the world; directed the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, one of America's most important shared cultural moments; and planned cities from Chicago to Washington DC to Manila in the Philippines. Burnham was a national figure in urban planning before such a profession even existed. He had a powerful vision of what a city should look like and his ideas inspired the City Beautiful movement that shaped the nation's towns and cities for generations. This timely film will debate concepts of civic engagement and what urban planning means in a democratic society. The film's release will coincide with the centennial celebration in Chicago of his masterwork, the 1909 Plan of Chicago, written with Edward Bennett. Over 200 civic, cultural and educational organizations are participating in these events that will include a wide range of activities and discussions throughout the region. The film is produced by The Archimedia Workshop in consultation with Kartemquin Educational Films.
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(2017) Make No Little Plans
CM | 1.5 Make No Little Plans: The Short History of Big Thinking and Big Plans in California (1960-1980) This session looks back at several major proposals in the 1960's and 1970's crafted by government officials and private citizens for providing an overall structure to guide land use and environmental policy in California and explores what we learned from those ambitious efforts. Moderator: J. Laurence Mintier, FAICP, Principal, Mintier & Associates, Chapter Historian Northern California, APA California Speakers: - Steven A. Preston, FAICP, City Manager, City of San Gabriel, Chapter Historian Southern California, APA California - William Fulton, FAICP, Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University - David Booher, FAICP, Former California Chapter President, California Planning Roundtable Founder Recorded at 2017 APA California Conference, Sacramento No registration required.
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Make No Little Plans, Daniel Burnham Quote Animation
Make No Little Plans, Daniel Burnham Quote Animation
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Daniel Burnham Story
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Make No Little Plans
Here are some thoughts about a favorite quotation from the architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham: "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood." You can read more about the quotation in the "Imagine" chapter of my book, Leadership that Lasts.
Make No Little Plans, Daniel Burnham Quote Animation Version 2
Make No Little Plans, Daniel Burnham Quote Animation Version 2
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Make No Little Plans: Demystifying Private Equity
Special thanks to our friends at Madison Dearborn Partners for providing some invaluable insight into the world of private equity, and what it takes to make a firm private equity ready. We learned a lot and enjoyed spending time with Chicago entrepreneurs.
Chicago 3- Make No Little Plans
Or any plans whatsoever
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"The Daily Message" #10
"Make no little plans; They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized! Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die!!" Daniel Burnham Make your goals so huge that the little stuff seems insignificant. 10X your goals!!
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Small Towns Must Make BIG Plans
Huntington West Virginia Mayor Steve Williams explains his successful approach to collaborative regional economic development. Williams quoting Daniel Burnham, "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood."
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Small Towns Must Make BIG Plans
Huntington West Virginia Mayor Steve Williams explains his successful approach to collaborative regional economic development. Williams quoting Daniel Burnham, "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood."
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Make No Little Plans
AGA's "Make No Little Plans" event will celebrate entrepreneurship in Chicago at Sunda New Asian in River North. We look forward to seeing you there! "Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized."
Make No Little Plans Here - Will your choices make all the difference?
From the team that brings you "Don't Be That Guy," this is the story of Tom and Bill. Tom and Bill just graduated from high school. Their choices led them down two different paths. Where will your choices lead you? Make no little plans here. http://oruedu.com/ORUinfo
‘Make No Little Plans’
Tech startup founder and venture capitalist Josh McFarland shares inspirational words from renowned architect Daniel Burnham. “It is as hard to run a company of two people as it is to run one of 200,” McFarland elaborates. “Really bring the full force of everything you have.” He also warns against bringing home all the negativity that comes with startup life and dumping it on loved ones. “Help them believe why this is going to be successful,” he says.
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Unfinished Business: Daniel Burnham and 21st Century Chicago
A look at different ways of completing Burnham's Plan of Chicago
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Make No Little Plans: A CONVERSATION IN TWO PARTS: Part 2. Policy and The Invisible City
As more and more people flock toward urban areas, the size and complexity of cities is growing exponentially. As a consequence, the designers shaping the cities of the future must engage with an increasingly challenging set of hypothetical conditions—critical scenarios that remain invisible in the day-to-day lives of today’s inhabitants. In light of the entreaty made by Daniel Burnham (author of Chicago’s seminal modern master plan) to “make no little plans,” how will urbanists, architects, and activists think about creating a habitat that anticipates drastic future change, overcrowding, and climate change? What are the guiding principles in an architecture that is preventative? This discussion will analyze both the extraordinary challenges of designing for unpredictable conditions, accelerated change, and the new opportunities that arise when one takes radical change into account. Rohit Aggarwala Professor of Professional Practice, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (SIPA) Rohit Aggarwala leads the sustainability practice at Bloomberg Associates and is Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He also co-chairs the Regional Plan Association’s Fourth Regional Plan for the New York metropolitan area. Aggarwala has served as Special Advisor to the Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, developed the environmental program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, and led New York City’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, which created and implemented “PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York.” Aggarwala holds a BA, MBA, and PhD from Columbia University, and a MA from Queen’s University in Ontario. Connie Hedegaard Chair, KR Foundation, and Chair, OECD Round Table for Sustainability In 1984, at the age of twenty-three, Connie Hedegaard became Denmark’s youngest ever Member of Parliament when she was elected as a member of the Conservative People’s Party. In 1989, Hedegaard became First Spokesperson for the Conservative People’s Party, but chose to leave politics for journalism in 1990. In 2004, she was appointed as Danish Minister for the Environment and, in 2007, was placed in charge of setting up the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy, for which one of the main tasks was to prepare the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. She was appointed as the European Union’s first Commissioner for Climate Action in February 2010.
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The Island Gravesite of Daniel Burnham
The Cemetery of Architects http://www.gracelandcemetery.org/pages/architects.html Daniel Burnham, 1846 - 1912 Burnham, a partner of John Root, became known for his dictum, "Make no little plans." And indeed, he practiced what he preached. He was chief of construction for the 1893 Columbian Exposition, and his Chicago Plan of 1909 is the reason that Chicago's lakefront has been preserved for the enjoyment and recreational use of its citizens and tourists.So it seems fitting that his final resting place is on a pleasant, wooded isle in the lake at Graceland. I created this video at http://www.youtube.com/editor
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Daniel Burnham
Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) Daniel Hudson Burnham, FAIA was an American architect and urban designer.He was the Director of Works for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.Burnham took a leading role in the creation of master plans for the development of a number of cities, including Chicago, Manila and downtown Washington, D.C.He also designed several famous buildings, including the Flatiron Building of triangular shape in New York City, Union Station in Washington D.C., the Continental Trust Company Building tower skyscraper in Baltimore , and a number of notable skyscrapers in Chicago. ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- About the author(s): C. D. Arnold (1844-1927); H. D. Higinbotham License: Public domain ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- This channel is dedicated to make Wikipedia, one of the biggest knowledge databases in the world available to people with limited vision. Article available under a Creative Commons license Image source in video
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1909 Plan of Chicago
This is a digital story/documentary about the 1909 Plan of Chicago, Daniel Burnham, and how it relates to urban planning.
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Best 5 Daniel Burnham Quotes (Author of Plan of Chicago)
Best 5 Daniel Burnham Quotes (Author of Plan of Chicago) The American architect & urban designer. Tell Us in a Comment what is your favorites quotes
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Daniel Burnham's Twin Peaks Vision
Daniel Burnham's plan for western San Francisco
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Make no Small Plans (Daniel Burnham)
Dr. John Johnson explores the city of Chicago and Burnham's architectural heritage. " You are also building a monument through your degree. Make big plans by finishing your degree, build a monument by the completion of your degree for future generations. They will look back on you and they will benefit from what you’ve done" Dr. Johnson
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Choose Chicago - "No Limitations"
"No Limitations" from Choose Chicago Make No Little Plans by Daniel Burnham
My #Hamilton super fan son and I won tickets to see the show in Chicago. #HamFam #HamKids Please see the blog that it inspired here: Let's Make No Little Plans "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood….make big plans; Aim high in hope and work.” Daniel Burnham My son and I just got the opportunity to watch Hamilton in Chicago. We have devoured the soundtrack for months. It is in and of itself awe inspiring in its delivery….of an awe inspiring story. These revolutionary men and women literally ‘turned the world upside down’ with genius, vision and grit. They bravely stood for ideals, imagined a different way, and pursued it with intensity and willing sacrifice. Amazing really. I have often pictured the Founding Fathers as a polite group who sat quietly for artist’s renderings…with handshakes and lofty speeches. But I loved their stage portrayal as a bunch of bad ass, foul-mouthed, passionate collaborators and antagonists, engaged in a decades long brawl of ideas to bring the best possible version of a new nation and idea to life. They saw beyond the status quo and took steps to change it for themselves and future generations. Bringing that story, bringing true revolution, to life could not be told with a standard Broadway formula. Hamilton is ground-breaking with its use of contemporary language and music. I am truly inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda bravely following his gifts, blazing a new trail, and sharing it with all of us. I honestly had chills through the first act. It was the soaring vocals, coupled with the revolutionary messages held within each piece. I am a huge fan of revolution. One line keeps ringing in my head…. ” We have to make this moment last, that’s plenty. Scratch that, this is not a moment, it’s the movement” “My Shot” Lin-Manuel Miranda Somehow I had remembered the American Revolution as one and done in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, a moment. But there were years of unrest before and not until 1781 with the Battle of Yorktown that we really won the war. Then decades more to really sift through HOW to pull off a brand new nation. Calling it an evolution is less sexy, but likely more accurate. To me, the pelvic health and fitness community feels like that passionate bunch. As someone who has tried to introduce new ideas and concepts into the conversation, it has at times felt like that brawl of ideas. Each challenge, each question, each disagreement…honed my own thoughts. Each time I thought this is it- this gig, this lecture, this conversation, this well-articulated point, this awesome tweet, this insightful blog….this will turn the tide. They were each, only moments. But each moment a step…on a very long road of step-over-step-over-step. Now, I recognize this is a movement, an evolution and change takes so much time. What I know now, almost 14 years after starting down this road, is that I have only given voice and clarity to the musings of countless practitioners who have come up against walls in care and fitness; against ideas, edicts and regimens that no longer made sense. I am no longer standing alone in this pursuit, not by a long shot. Many have shared with me their own professional skirmishes. Many weary that women still come to them poorly educated about their body and pelvic health, ashamed, and limited by old ideas and fear mongering edicts despite what seems like a long effort online and in-person to turn the tide. But if this story, told beautifully in Hamilton, has anything to offer us, it is that we have only just begun friends, and our efforts will be worth it. Our collaboration, our brawl of ideas, our sharpening of one another, is slowly building a new way for women related to pelvic health and fitness. Be inspired, be refreshed by this revolutionary story. Get out there and be a bad ass, passionate and tenacious collaborator, educator, clinician, and trainer in your community. A foul-mouth is, of course, optional. Let’s ‘make no little plans’…let’s ‘aim high in hope and work’….and let’s keep it up.
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The Plan of Chicago as a Map of Heaven: Daniel Burnham's Swedenborgianism
Lecture by Kristen Schaffer (North Carolina State University) delivered at the ACS 5 Symposium: Urbanism, Spirituality and Well-Being —Exploring the Past and Present/Envisioning the Future. June 2013.
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The 51st State of Mind
www.the51ststateofmind.com Over 100 years ago, Daniel Burnham said 'Make No Little Plans.' Subsequently the City of Chicago rose to prominence. Fast forward to today, the City of Chicago needs to reinvent itself in order to survive and move forward to regain its position as a world class city.
Make No Little Plans: Strength in Vision
We had a great time at our September "Make No Little Plans" event networking, celebrating Chicago entrepreneurs, and hearing Caralynn Nowinski from UI LABS and Bob Achettu from AGA.
Daniel Burnham and the World's Exposition of 1893
American Studies Project
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Make No Little Plans: A CONVERSATION IN TWO PARTS: Part 1. Toward A Plausible Utopia
As the speed of technological innovation accelerates, life in the twenty-first century metropolis is coming closer to fulfilling the predictions of science-fiction writers of decades past, and not always for the best. Many of the most apocalyptic scenarios envisioned by novelists—extreme overcrowding, conflict driven by climate change, the crisis of capitalism, mass uprisings—have also become all too familiar. Could it be that the solutions to today’s challenges are already written? What can architects learn from the wild speculations of their literary heroes? Two of today’s most acclaimed voices from the fields of architecture and science fiction discuss their visions for life in the near-future metropolis. Bjarke Ingels Architect, Founder, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and Cofounder, KiBiSi Design Group Bjarke Ingels is renowned for his innovative approach to sustainable development and renewable energy, and his acclaimed architectural practice, BIG, operates within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research, and development. BIG was recently selected as the designer of a $335 million storm defense system to defend lower Manhattan from future floods, as well as the new Google campus in Palo Alto, California, in association with Thomas Heatherwick. Kim Stanley Robinson American science-fiction novelist Robinson is best known for his award winning Mars Trilogy (1993–99), in which humans, in light of environmental catastrophe, are forced to colonize the planet Mars. His books address issues revolving around the imminent warming of our planet as well as the dark sides of capitalism and democracy. He has been invited to speak at multiple fiction and science-fiction conferences as well as the “Rethinking Capitalism” conference at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2011.
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Make No Little Plans by Sandi Falconer
Make No Little Plans: Looking to the sky for inspiration, Sandi’s print encourages you to not set artificial constraints on your life and work, and to instead think big and push the limits, otherwise there will be plenty of people willing to do it for you. Get the print at: http://workerbeesupply.com/products/make-no-little-plans-print http://workerbeesupply.com | #WorkWithPurpose
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Make No Little Plans
Stalingrad Strategy
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HOF   Daniel Burnham
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Chicago's Lakefront | Burnham Park
On the lakefront south of downtown, the 1909 Burnham plan called for a string of manmade islands connected by bridges to a park along the shore. On the lakefront south of downtown, the plan called for a string of manmade islands connected by bridges to a park along the shore. To this day, Burnham's vision remains unfinished along the south lakefront. More Chicago's Lakefront at http://www.wttw.com/lakefront/
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Musical Tour of Chicago with Celebrities - Chicago Think Big - Unravel Travel TV
"Make Big Plans: Choose Chicago" promotional video using only the words of Daniel Burnham as its script. Burnham's inspirational and enduring quotes are brought to life by some of Chicago's most famous figures—from Bears legend Mike Ditka and restaurateur Charlie Trotter, to actor John Mahoney and Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan highlight the icons that make Chicago one of the nation's top destinations. Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau http://www.choosechicago.com/
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2013 APA Daniel Burnham Award Video
This video was shown at the 2013 American Planning Association National Conference in Chicago when NIRPC was awarded the 2013 Daniel Burnham Award for its 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan. Video is courtesy of the American Planning Association
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ORU Make No Little Plans Here
When ORU asked us to create a film unlike anything the university had ever done before, we jumped at the chance. We needed to create a short piece that would re-position ORU in the minds of prospective students, potential donors, and the general public. Oral Roberts University is re-emerging as one of the premier Christian universities in the nation, and the team at Cooke Pictures was proud to be part of the project. oruedu.com/whatsyourplan
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Make No Little Plan
Join Tom Leding every Tuesday at his Weekly power lunch - Call for more details 918-748-8200 or visit http://www.tomleding.com
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Thomas Vietzke of Hadid Architects on their Burnham Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago
Thomas Vietzke explains the structure of the pavilion Zaha Hadid Architects designed for Millennium Park in Chicago to celebrate the centenary of Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan of Chicago.
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No Small Plans
No Small Plans is a graphic novel that follows the neighborhood adventures of teens in Chicago's past, present and future as they wrestle with designing the city they want, need and deserve. architecture.org/NoSmallPlans
The Gathering at ORU with Alumnus Clifton Taulbert | Make No Little Plans Here
ORU alum Clifton Taulbert shares his amazing personal story with ORU President Dr. Mark Rutland during The Gathering at ORU, 2011. http://oruedu.com/ORUGathering