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Guangzhou Education City - Master Plan
www.frontop.com business@frontop.com Our Services include 3D model, architectural rendering / still image / 3D perspective, 3D animation / 3D walkthrough / 3D flythrough, and interactive multimedia presentation like iPad real estate application. At Frontop, our work begins by understanding your requests and mission. With a deep understanding of your challenges and the context in which you're competing, we combine the knowledge, expertise and talents of our teams to exceed your goals and set new standards. About Frontop is recognised as a leading CG company in the provision of architectural visualisation solutions. Our product is the ideal solution for your projects! Nine Big Services Features A company specialized in CG | Major in architectural visualization | Large production resource | Rich international experience with World Class Architecture Firms | Remarkable Southeast Asia Style & interior renderings | Strong technical supports - professional technical teams and advanced machines & plug-in techniques | Seamless communication - fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese | Diligent project management | Quick turn around High quality, seamless communication, assured choice - architectural visualization with Frontop is that!
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The Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022
The Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 is the country's economic blueprint for the next six years which is anchored on the Filipino people's vision of a Matatag, Maginhawa, at Panatag na Buhay Para sa Lahat. Special Thanks to: Department of Trade and Industry Department of Finance Music by Adam Vitovský Follow us on: Facebook and Twitter: @NEDAhq PDP. NEDA.GOV.PH
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California State Assembly Select Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education
Chair Marc Berman holds a hearing Nov. 1, 2017, at the Diaz Compean Student Union.
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What Is A Strategic Communications Plan?
Developing a strategic communications plan. The strategic summary involves setting goals and objectives the purpose of a communications plan is to integrate all orga nization's programs, public education, advocacy efforts. Overseas 5 tips for creating a strategic communications plan blog. The strategic communication plan an overview international iabc the "imx0m" url? Q webcache. Googleusercontent search. Communications strategy knowhow nonprofit. Elements of a strategic communications plan national centre for the difference between communication strategy and plan, writing university oxford. Mar 2012 strategic summary (goals, objectives, strategy and tactics) once a situation analysis is written, the communicator has basis on which to make her recommendations for actual communication activity. The strategic communications plan will deliver a roadmap of strategies and tactics 25 jan 2016 communication can help drive the change needed to leverage corporate behaviour build desirable reputation. Developing a communications strategy knowhow nonprofit. What makes a good strategic communications plan? Strategic planning free ebook slideshare. Developing a strategic communications plan what is communications? Idea. 21 mar 2012 strategic communications planningyour comprehensive guide to effective strategic corporate communications planning a strategic communications plan will help your group focus those resources on the most important tasks you need to complete to achieve your campaign or The strategic communication plan an overview international iabc. And for those of us working at agencies, corporations or communications planvillage pemberton. Victoria pearson, senior communications planning manager, carolyne culver, head of communications, mpls 7 mar 2012 plans coupled with calendars that give an overview corporate and marketing initiatives are vital to good coordination 10 jan 2008 developing a strategic plan for your nonprofit will be less overwhelming if it is viewed as series steps. Planning tools how to write a communications strategy. Strategic communications helps an organization share a clearly defined message with everyone involved 23 jun 2017 strategy is designed to help you and your organisation communicate effectively meet core organisational objectives strategic planning, then, the process of driving alignment between at heart drawing up art, not science there are lots different ways approaching task. The strategic plan will help you deploy resources more effectively and strategically by highlighting synergies shared opportunities in your various programs work areas how to write a communications. Ask yourself these 16 mar 2011 typically, that master plan involves promoting the brand of an by comparison, strategic communications planning in corporations is mainly 27 sep 2013. The strategic communication plan an overview international iabc. Strategic planning with this strategic communication plan, the chamber will successfully execute and
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William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour
William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour. WILLIAM ACKMAN, Activist Investor and Hedge-Fund Manager We all want to be financially stable and enjoy a well-funded retirement, and we don't want to throw out our hard earned money on poor investments. But most of us don't know the first thing about finance and investing. Acclaimed value investor William Ackman teaches you what it takes to finance and grow a successful business and how to make sound investments that will get you to a cash-comfy retirement. The Floating University Originally released September 2011. Additional Lectures: Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NbBjNiw4tk Joel Cohen: An Introduction to Demography (Malthus Miffed: Are People the Problem?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vr44C_G0-o Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-B_ONJIEcE Leon Botstein: Art Now (Aesthetics Across Music, Painting, Architecture, Movies, and More.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6F-sHhmfrY Tamar Gendler: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Politics and Economics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm8asJxdcds Nicholas Christakis: The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social Influence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wadBvDPeE4E Paul Bloom: The Psychology of Everything: What Compassion, Racism, and Sex tell us about Human Nature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=328wX2x_s5g Saul Levmore: Monopolies as an Introduction to Economics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK2qHyF-8u8 Lawrence Summers: Decoding the DNA of Education in Search of Actual Knowledge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6SY6N1iMcU Douglas Melton: Is Biomedical Research Really Close to Curing Anything? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y95hT-koAC8
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Principles of Management - Lecture 01
This is a short, 12-week introductory course in Management. Chapter 1 covers the very basics of the subject. Management, Organization, Managers, nonmanagerial employees, organizational structure, top managers, middle managers, first-line managers, supervisor, CEO, CFO, COO, VP, Effectiveness, efficiency, resource usage, goal attainment, functions approach, planning, organizing, leading, controlling, management roles, figurehead, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator,
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अगर Billion Dollar $ Business चाहते हो तो देखें.. A Motivational Video in Hindi by Vivek Bindra
This is a motivational video in Hindi by Mr. Vivek Bindra, International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and CEO Coach. This video talks in detail about Business skills, Business Management Entrepreneurship skills, Entrepreneurship management. 1. If you want to attend a LIVE seminar OR Training Program of Dr. Vivek Bindra, then please click here: https://goo.gl/rYs6Gp OR Call at +91-9810544443 2. Get Daily Motivation by Dr. Vivek Bindra on facebook, Click here: https://goo.gl/LHS7JW 3. Follow Dr. Bindra on Facebook: https://goo.gl/aZUyHu 4. Read Powerful Articles for Your Growth and Success: https://goo.gl/iLUhMm 5. Follow Dr. Bindra on LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/ceKJf4 How start a new business, how to start a profitable business, how to maintain a profitable business, how to scale up your business, how to grow and expand your business, how to build a multi-million money business, how to start a new business, build a new business venture, build profitable startups and build profitable businesses. How to become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship skills in Hindi and English. This video also delivers Management lessons, Business lessons in Hindi and English. Watch this video for entrepreneurship motivation, entrepreneurship ideas in India in Hindi and English, entrepreneurship success. Watch this entrepreneurship documentary and lecture for entrepreneurship smart ventures. Watch this entrepreneur motivation in Hindi and English, entrepreneur motivation speech, lecture, discourse, seminar, and symposium, entrepreneur motivation movie, entrepreneurs in 2016 etc. Watch this entrepreneur success story in Hindi and English, entrepreneur success story in India and abroad, entrepreneur success motivation, entrepreneur success video in Hindi and English. Watch this video to learn how to sustain your business, how to make your business perform and work, how to make your business generate profit, how make your venture smart and profitable, how to make your start up and new business sustain, grow and become profitable in the long and short run. Watch this video for entrepreneur business ideas, entrepreneur business plan, entrepreneur business model, entrepreneur vs. business difference, entrepreneur small business, entrepreneur online business, retail and wholesale business entrepreneurs step by step start up guide, bfm business entrepreneur, entrepreneurship lecture, entrepreneurship success story in Hindi and India, entrepreneurship development etc. This is superb video on business ideas, business ideas in Hindi and English with small investment, business analysis, business tips, business motivation, business plan in hindi and english, business plan startup, business plan presentation, business plans for small and big business, business plan example, business plan for new business, business plan in India, business plan for startups in India, business tip in Hindi, English and in India, business ideas in Hindi and English, business ideas in India with small and medium investment, business ideas for beginners, business ideas in India, business ideas for entrepreneurs, business ideas for men, youth, women and elders in Hindi and English. Mr. Vivek Bindra is known for his success motivational speech, success motivational seminars. successful women motivation, and successful entrepreneur’s motivation, success in life motivation sessions in India, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal. He is also known in India, Delhi NCR, Asia, South East Asia, Malaysia, Kualalumpur, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Vietnam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Thimpoo, Kathmandu, Burma, Rangoon and Middle East, Sri Lanka, and Bangaldesh. Watch this start up video in Hindi and English, start up business India video in Hindi and English, Startup India video in Hindi and English, start up business documentary, startup ideas, startup trailer, startup companies, start up business in India Hindi and English, start up business with no money, start up business with small money, start up business with little money, start up business with loans, start up business model plan and policy, start up business tips, startup model, startup business model, lean startup business model, startup business and financial model, startup revenue model, late model startup, business ventures, business venture ideas, my business ventures, successful business venture, joint venture business, family venture business, co-operative venture business, corporation business ventures, sole proprietorship business ventures etc.
Asaduddin Owaisi reviews Road Widening Works and Development Works of Charminar Constituency
Asaduddin Owaisi Reviews Road Widening Works and Development Works of Charminar Constituency AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi in a Meeting with Commissionr GHMC Dr. B Janardhan Reddy along with MLA CHARMINAR Ahmed Pasha Quadri Sahab regarding Road widening works and Development works in Charminar Constituency Sadar-E-Mohtaram Janab Naqeeb-E-Millat Alhaj Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi M.P Hyderabad And President Aimim Aur Alhaj Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri MLA Charminar And Gen.Secretary Aimim Ne Dr.B Janardhan Reddy Commissioner Ghmc Se Review Meeting Kiye Regarding Road Wideing And Development Works In Charminar Assembly Constitutency Iss Mauqe Par Zonal Commissioner South Zone Sirnivas Reddy Aur Project Officer's Maujood The @ Head office Tankbund. Website : http://www.indtoday.com Like : http://www.facebook.com/ind2day Follow : http://www.twitter.com/ind2day Urdu News, Daily Urdu news, Online Urdu Local news, urdu news paper Khabrain, urdu news from Hyderabad, aaj urdu news, siasat epaper, etemaad epaper, 4tv news, Hyderabad urdu News, Hyderabad News Urdu, ruby news, Siasat Khabrein today, 4tv khabernama, barq news, 4tv khabernama today live, Hyderabad Videos, sharpindiansnewspape, india news hindi, india news urdu, india news channel, india news today, latest news aaj tak, Google News, India News, Latest News in India, Latest Breaking News, Google News, news india, google news Urdu, google news hindi, ndtv news, breaking news, urdu news india live, urdu news india live,
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Philippines Plans Manhattan-Sized Green City
CLARK GREEN CITY | Pampanga, Philippines The Philippines has an ambitious plan to deal with its capital's pollution woes—build an entirely new, sustainable city 75 miles from Manila. The proposed New Clark City will be larger than Manhattan and house up to two million people, Business Insider UK reported May 9. The project's current price tag is $14 billion, and it will be funded through private-public partnerships. New Clark City will feature innovative green technology like electric, driverless cars and buildings designed to be energy efficient and conserve water. Two-thirds of the city's area will be devoted to farms and green spaces in an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The New Clark City website describes it as "A destination where nature, lifestyle and business, education, and industry converge into a global city based on principles of sustainability." The city is also designed to be resilient to disasters caused by climate change. At 184 feet above sea level, it should be largely safe from flooding. Further, the green space means that rivers have room to expand without flooding infrastructure, the Thomson Reuters Foundation reported in March. "The objective is not simply to build a disaster-resilient city, but rather a successful, innovative and economically competitive city that is also disaster-resilient," RAND Corporation researcher Benjamin Preston told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The project is being developed by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), owned by the Philippines' government, and the Singapore urban planning firm Surbana Jurong. According to BCDA President Vince Dizon, the government is working to develop the new city as quickly as possible while making sure it retains its green design. "We need to strike a balance between fast-paced development that maximises value for the private sector, and protecting open spaces and making the city walkable, green and resilient," Dizon told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Currently, the BCDA is working to complete the New Clark City sports facility in time for the Philippines to host the Southeast Asian Games in 2019, breaking ground on the complex April 25, the New Clark City website reported. Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/InnovationPh... Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/INPHofficial
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TODAY'S TOP LEARNING TRENDS: The 2017 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report
On this episode, we review the 2017 LinkedIn Learning Report and some of the most relevant trends in adult learning. Most importantly, we share some of the things you can do to upgrade the learning experience at your organization. THE 2017 LINKEDIN LEARNING REPORT CAN BE FOUND AT THE LINK BELOW: https://learning.linkedin.com/ ====================== For more information on Thoughtium the company our consulting services: www.thoughtium.com For more information on Thoughtium the journey: instagram.com/thoughtium.ae
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SME Corp. Malaysia : Launch Video - SME Masterplan
SME Masterplan Launching
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Stoughton Spotlight - Stoughton High Building Project: Education Plan
An update of the Stoughton High building project filmed 2/24/16. Host Jeffrey Pickette interviews Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marguerite Rizzi, SHS Principal Julie Miller and Carl Franceschi from DRA Architects about the education plan for the new Stoughton High School.
Old Ranch Wellness Master Plan California
Old Ranch Wellness by Architecture Refined Corporation Visit Us at http://www.archrefined.com/ Web Design by http://www.prosusweb.com/
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Amaravati City Smart city Plan, Amravati city Hyperloop India's first Hyperloop transport
Amaravati city to get India's first Hyperloop transport, Amravati is the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The planned city is located on the southern banks of the Krishna river in Guntur district, within the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region. The word "Amaravati" derives its name from the historical Amaravathi Temple town, the ancient capital of the Telugu Rulers of the Satavahana dynasty. The foundation stone was laid on 22 October 2015, at Uddandarayunipalem area by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The metropolitan area of Guntur and Vijayawada are the major conurbations of Amaravati. Hyperloop : Amaravati to get India's first Hyperloop transport. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) signs an historic Agreement with the Government of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh to connect the city centers of Amaravati and Vijaywada. The route would turn a trip of over one hour into a 6 minute ride. Sports : Cricket is the most popular sports of this region. ACA International Cricket Stadium (or Andhra Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium) is a cricket stadium under construction at Nowlur, Mangalagiri mandal, part of the state capital. Foundation : The foundation for the city was laid at Uddandarayunipalem on 22 October 2015. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu; the Chief Minister of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao; the Japanese minister for economy trade and industry, Yosuke Takagi; and the Singaporean Minister for Trade and Industry, S. Iswaran laid the foundation for the city. Road : The buses operated by APSRTC from Pandit Nehru Bus Station and NTR bus station, connects the city with Vijayawada and Guntur respectively. Two new depots, North and South of APSRTC are proposed to be constructed in the city. Auto rickshaws also operate for shorter distances in the capital city area. The Amaravati–Anantapur Expressway, supported by Kurnool and Kadapa Feeder Roads is an ongoing greenfield expressway project, which would provide faster road access from the districts of Anantapur, Guntur, Kadapa, Kurnool and Prakasam to Amaravati. The Amaravati seed capital road is an arterial road under construction to access the core capital area from National Highway 16. The Vijayawada Amaravati road connects the city with Vijayawada. Railway : A proposed Amaravati highspeed circular railway line would connect the city with the nearby cities of Vijayawada, Guntur and Tenali, extending up to a length of 105 km (65 mi) with an estimated cost of ₹10,000 crore (US$1.6 billion). Air : The Vijayawada International Airport at Gannavaram serves the capital region by providiing air connectivity to destinations across the country. Education : SRM University, AP and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT-AP) had already begun the classes in their respective campus in Amaravati. Amrita University, Amity and Indo-UK Institute of Health (IUIH) in collaboration with the King’s College, London are among the others to set up their campus. The city is being built in Guntur district, on the banks of the Krishna River. The city will be 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south-west of Vijayawada and 24 kilometres (15 mi) north of Guntur. Tags amaravati city , amaravati hyperloop , hyperloop in amaravati , amaravati development , smart city amaravati , master plan , Telangana , Vijayawada , Hyperloop,Amaravathi , Cities in Andhra Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh , amarawati , amaravati metro , metro , amravati capital , project , Andhra Pradesh Capital , smart city in andhra pradesh , future amaravati , capital , amravati , amrawati , Guntur district , development , 2018 , 2020 , latest , update , latest update , amaravati , amaravati capital , amravati city , amaravati city , amaravati hyperloop , hyperloop in amaravati , amaravati development , smart city amaravati , master plan , Telangana , Vijayawada , Hyperloop , Amaravathi , Cities in Andhra Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh , amarawati , amaravati metro , metro , amravati capital , project , Andhra Pradesh Capital , smart city in andhra pradesh , future amaravati , capital , amravati , amrawati , Guntur district , development , 2018 , 2020 , latest , update , latest update , amaravati , amaravati capital , amravati city , amravati city , amaravati city , amaravati hyperloop , hyperloop in amaravati , amaravati development , smart city amaravati , master plan , Telangana , Vijayawada , Hyperloop , Amaravathi , Cities in Andhra Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh , amarawati , amaravati metro , metro , amravati capital , project , Andhra Pradesh Capital , smart city in andhra pradesh , future amaravati , capital , amravati , amrawati , Guntur district , development , 2018 , 2020 , latest , update , latest update , amaravati , amaravati capital , amravati city , amravati city , amaravati city , amaravati hyperloop
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Malaysia to have National geospatial master plan by 2018
Subscribe to our channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2UaNw8A-fQhIBBnaZPKEmA
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Pune Ring Road ( Pune Connectivity Hub ) Official Video PMRDA | Mygov Maharashtra |
Pune is a historic city and Pimpri Chinchwad Township, which was initially considered a satellite town, has gained importance as a twin city owing to rapid industrial growth and IT hubs. The population of Pune Metropolitan Region is ~73 lakhs as per the 2011 Census of India. The proposed Pune Ring Road, as notified in the year 1997, passes through the Pune Metropolitan Region connecting the above mentioned automobile, IT and educational hubs. The total length of the proposed Ring Road is 128.66 km with width of 110 metres. It will have 3 lanes as service roads on both sides for local traffic needs, 4 lanes of access control intercity road for through traffic on both sides and a 33.5 metre-wide Metro corridor for mass transit. Suitable space is kept for beautification and landscaping so that this Ring Road becomes a tourist destination by itself. It is proposed to execute 46 Town Planning Schemes along the Ring Road to ensure planned development of the areas adjoining the road. Truck terminus, developed marketplaces for agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and meat, multi-level car parking at all major highway junctions are also proposed. In short, the proposed Ring Road will not merely remain a transport project, but will be a infrastructure-driven development project for Pune Metropolitan Region. Pune a cultural capital of state , Education Hub , IT Hub ( hijewadi)
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Greater Springfield Fly Thru - Doing Business, Planned for Greatness
Via stunning computer modelling, get a bird’s eye view and fly through the planned urban development of one of Australia's fastest growing cities - Greater Springfield. See the latest developments and opportunities for business, health, education, transport and residential showcased in Greater Springfield at http://www.greaterspringfield.com.au/ With an expected population of 138,000, construction is well underway to provide the future infrastructure, commercial space and residential communities for Greater Springfield. Utilising a 3 pillar master plan of Health, Technology and Education, Greater Springfield is bringing together the best of world-class cities and communities. With so many exciting developments, it's time you considered Greater Springfield and relocating to live or work. Connect with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/springfieldQLD/
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Sales Training Videos in Hindi, Competitive Advantage in Business Marketing by Vivek Bindra
VIDEO: Sales Motivational Video in Hindi by Vivek Bindra This video discusses in detail the basics, the intermediaries and nuances of selling. Mr.Vivek Bindra who has helped hundreds of corporates and thousands of sales men and individuals achieve their sales goals and target through his path breaking and game changing videos on selling skills and techniques. To Attend a 4 hour Power Packed “Extreme Motivation & Peak Performance” Seminar of BOUNCE BACK SERIES, Call at +919310144443 or Visit https://bouncebackseries.com/ To attend upcoming LEADERSHIP FUNNEL PROGRAM, Call at +919810544443 or Visit https://vivekbindra.com/upcoming-programs/leadership-funnel-by-vivek-bindra.php Watch the Leadership funnel Program Testimonial Video, here at https://youtu.be/xNUysc5b0uI Follow our Official Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/DailyMotivationByVivekBindra/ and get updates of recent happenings, events, seminars, blog articles and daily motivation. In this video he discusses at length, the FABing techniques, and its distinct advantages. He also tells his audience how Conviction and Communication are the 2 key levers in enhancing your sales. Leverage your competitive advantage. Mr. Vivek Bindra delivers high power sales trainings, sales seminars and sales related sessions in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kanpur,Indore,Jaipur,Vadodara,Surat,Nagpur,Lucknow,Patna,Bhopal,Bhubaneswar, Bikaner, Bokaro Steel City, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Cuttack, Dehradun, Dhanbad, Durgapur,Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Gwalior,Hubli,Indore, Jabalpur, Jalandhar, Jamshedpur, Jhansi, Kanpur, Kochi, Kota, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Mangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Noida, Pondicherry, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, Rourkela, Surat, Thiruvananthapuram, Vadodara, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam. He is also the best Sales trainer in India, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal. . He is widely known for his selling skills in Asia, South East Asia, Malaysia, Kualalumpur, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Vietnam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Thimpoo, Kathmandu, Burma, Rangoon and middle east for his sales improvement, sales and selling acumen improvement trainings, workshops and seminars. This is the best sales training video, sales motivational video, sales technique and selling technique video made ever that can and will impact your sales bottom-line. Contact Mr. Vivek Bindra for the most outstanding sales motivation workshops, sales training programs, sales symposiums and sales training. Individual sales man and salesmen can immensely benefit from this video. Mr. Bindra is an excellent facilitator for sales training for beginners. Mr. Bindra is a world class sales trainer in Hindi and English and a superb facilitator for sales training in Hindi and English. He is bestknown for sales and salesman problem solving issues. Mr. Bindra is widely recalled for his outstanding skills in sales integration trainings, workshops and seminars. He is also well known for Sales interview questions and answers. He delivers widespread trainings for sales skills in Hindi and English, sales skills fundamentals and others. He is called upon by many to conduct seminars on selling concepts ad sales concepts. Selling and sales fundamentals, sales and selling technique. He is also known for selling skills customer service training and selling skills presentation. Widely popular for selling techniques and strategies in hindi and English, Mr. Bindra is very famous for selling techniques in wholesale and retail. He is also known for his exceptional training on selling skills over the phone, direct and indirect sales and selling technique and skills, bestselling and sales techniques, and upselling plus cross selling skills, technique and trainings that work. Known for his training at selling at the point of service skills, Mr. Vivek Bindra has acquired critical acclaim for being the best sales coach in the country. Mr. Bindra has been known for his short selling strategy and selling option strategy technique training. He is also known for his put training strategy techniques. Mr. Bindra is a master sales strategist, sales strategy planner, channel sales strategy,b2b sales strategy and b2c sales strategy. He is renowned for his online selling and sales strategy techniques, sales marketing strategy and online sales and selling strategy. Ask Mr.Bindra for his sales motivational video in Hindi and english, sales motivational videos for success, sales motivational videos for success in hindi and english,sales motivational speech in hindi and English.
An Explanation of NSDC's Definition of Professional Development
A\ summary of NSDCs proposed amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act's definition of professional development.
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The Strategic Role of the Corporate Communication Officer / Stephen Greyser at IE University
In October 2012, IE School of Communication organized a Workshop on Corporate Communication Education during which practitioners and academics from both Europe and USA discussed current and future trends in the field. During the event, IE Master in Corporate Communication Eniola Harrison interviewed Harvard Professor Stephen Greyser, and Lugano University Professor Francesco Lurati, on the strategic role of CCO's and their relations with the board of directors. http://www.ie.edu/communication
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How to change Basic English into Business English
http://www.engvid.com/ Want to get that job? Improve your image? Sound more professional? Learn how to transform simple English words to business English vocabulary and watch your career take off! I'll show you how to change "get" to "receive", " make sure" to "ensure", "give more information" to "elaborate", and more. These small vocabulary changes will make a huge difference in your English level. Test yourself on this lesson at http://www.engvid.com/how-to-change-basic-english-into-business-english/ TRANSCRIPT: Hi. My name is Rebecca from www.engvid.com. Today, you're going to learn how to speak more professionally in business situations. Now, at times, it's all right to use informal language. It's acceptable in everyday situations. But there are times when you'll want to create a more powerful impression. And at that time, you'll want to be able to use business English. What's the difference between general English and business English? Well, sometimes, there's not very much difference. Sometimes, general English is used in business contexts. But sometimes, you use a higher-level word. And that's what I'm going to teach you in this lesson. Let's look at some really easy, common examples. For example, if you say -- or if you want to say, "I got your email", in regular English, you might just say, "I got your email." What would you say if you want to make it business English? You would say -- I'm giving you a clue. The word starts with R. Instead of saying, "I got your email"; "I received your email." Okay? Now, it becomes more formal and more business-like. Suppose you want to tell someone, "I need your help" or, "I need some help." What word could you use that starts with R instead of "need"? "Require." So instead of saying -- and you can also change more than the verb. The verb is the key, but you could say -- instead of saying, "I need some help", you could say, "I require some assistance." Now, you've changed two words, the verb and also a noun. Let's try another one. "Let's talk about it later." Which business word could you use? "Let's discuss -- let's discuss it later." That sounds much more professional than saying, "Let's talk about it later." Next one. "How do I get in touch with her?" What word could you use instead of that? "How do I contact her?" Okay? Good. "Please make sure you arrive on time." Which business word could you use instead of "make sure"? "Please ensure you arrive on time." "Please give her your travel plans." Instead of saying "give", you could say, "Please provide her with your itinerary." There, we've changed another word. Instead of saying "travel plan" or "travel plans", you could use the word "itinerary". An "itinerary" is usually a piece of paper or a document that lists your travel plans, when you're departing, when you're arriving, where, when, and so on. "Please let them know when you will be arriving." "Please let them know" -- instead of that, you could say, "Please inform them of your arrival." Okay? Good. "Please tell me why you've made this decision." "Please explain your decision." "Could you please talk some more about that subject?" "Could you please elaborate? Could you please elaborate on that." Now, this is actually a very useful word if you go to a conference or a meeting and you want someone to speak some more about a particular point or issue. It's a good, kind of, question to learn. "Could you please elaborate on that?" So "to elaborate" means to speak more or talk more, give more information. "How are you going to fix this problem?" Better than using the word "fix" is the word "solve". "How are you going to solve this problem?" All right? So try to do that for every simple word that you know and basic word that you know in general English, try to find a slightly more formal version, which will be your business English word. And use these words in an office environment. If you've found this helpful, please subscribe to my channel on YouTube. And if you'd like to do a quiz on this subject, you can also go to our website, www.engvid.com. Thanks very much. Good luck with your English.
Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation - from Peace to Prosperity
The Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation has unveiled plans that will make the site Northern Ireland's largest development, with the promise of 5000 permanent jobs and £300million investment. It is estimated that, during the development phase, 2000 badly needed jobs will be created in the hard-pressed local construction industry. Terence Brannigan, Chair of the Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation said: "We are committed to maximising the economic development potential of this site for the benefit of all. The Maze Long Kesh site is a historically significant site, used formerly as a World War II airfield, a motor racing circuit, a military camp and a prison. It is a site located in an area now ripe for development, lying in a unique geographic position near ports, airports and a major road network at a prime location on both the North/South and the East/West transport corridors." "We have already had significant international interest shown in developing the site and we anticipate that global investors will be excited about what is an unprecedented development opportunity. For the people of Northern Ireland, in these very difficult times, it is an opportunity we simply cannot afford to ignore." The Maze Long Kesh site is the largest development site in public ownership, with 347 acres ready for redevelopment. It is twice as large as the Titanic Quarter and four times the size of Canary Wharf. The Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation outlined the scale of its ambition as it launched its vision for the site and the organisation's Development Plan, which meets an important Programme for Government target. Terence Brannigan said: "Since the Corporation's establishment only seven months ago we have created real momentum. It is already the region's largest construction site, having 9 local construction companies and 24 material suppliers working there. Before the end of the year we will cut the sod on the new PbCRC and provide work for a further 70 construction workers. "Our vision, "from Peace to Prosperity", is intended to demonstrate how economic development can help consolidate and build upon our peace. We will promote the PbCRC, with its unique Belfast-to-New York design collaboration, as a showcase to attract international developers and investors. From the interest already shown, I am confident that we will have in place £100 million investment by 2016." "from Peace to Prosperity" is our lodestar - our guide in opening up a range of new possibilities for the Maze Long Kesh site. We will use this as a firm foundation to attract a new range of business interests focused on new technologies and new futures. Our research clearly indicates that transformational technologies, health & life sciences, agri-foods and renewable technologies will sit comfortably alongside our centre for peace and conflict resolution, whilst attracting investment and creating high-quality jobs. We will create a "peace to prosperity" continuum, all on a single site." "I am acutely conscious of the sensitivity of this site, but Maze Long Kesh is already changing. In a couple of weeks we will welcome the Balmoral Show to Maze Long Kesh. The show is a new chapter in the long and varied history of this site and a new phase for the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society." In conclusion, the chair stated; "I am confident that, out of a troubled past, we can find a way to create a legacy of work, prosperity and peace for generations to come. The Maze Long Kesh site has changed and will continue to change and, in doing so, will create a better future for all of our citizens as an attractive and vibrant place to live, work and learn."
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Southwest Indiana Megasite - Building Successful Partnerships
TOP LINE: An 8,000 acre, master-planned Megasite with flexible partnership and investment options from Bowman Family Holdings. TARGETED INDUSTRIES: Light and advanced manufacturing. Heavy industry. Automotive tier 2 and 3 suppliers. Agribusiness processing & production. Warehousing and logistics. Healthcare. LOCATION AND TRANSPORTATION: Pike County, Indiana. Central U.S. location on I-69 Interchange with Class 1 rail service on-site and nationwide connections via Norfolk Southern & Indiana Southern railroads. Three state highways. Within one day’s travel of 80% of U.S. and Canadian population. AVAILABLE SITES: Generation Springs: 340 acres certified, shovel-ready. Indiana Southern Rail Site: 400 acres with on-site rail. Norfolk Southern Rail Site: 760 acres with on-site, 120-car loop. Residential Northeast: 600+ acres for retail and commercial, light industry and warehousing, residential development. ADVANTAGES: 1. PARTNER EXPERTISE: In-house engineering, surveying, mapping, marketing materials and extensive earth moving equipment from a mining company to lower costs and speed development. 2. FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: ERA and TIF certifications. State incentives including refundable tax credits for payroll. Reimbursement for up to 50% of eligible training costs. Corporate tax credits based on capital investments. No taxes for inventory, gross receipts, sales, and inheritance. Personal and corporate tax rates are being reduced. Local incentives can include property tax abatement, utility infrastructure improvements and industrial revenue bonds. INDIANA ADVANTAGES: The right-to-work state with the 2nd lowest Worker’s Compensation costs in the USA. Triple-A credit ratings (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, Moody’s). Ranked #1 for “Best Regulatory Environment” (Pacific Research Institute), “Best Infrastructure” and “Lowest Cost of Doing Business” (CNBC). Ranked #2 in the U.S. for automotive production. IN-PLACE UTILITIES: On-site or adjacent to three power transmission lines and a Vectren substation with energy partners Hoosier Energy, WIN Energy and Vectren Corporation. Abundant water. Fiber optics. UTILITIES: Three high power transmission lines on site, 345KV, 138KV, and 69KV, plus a Vectren substation Dual natural gas transmission lines served by both Vectren & Ohio Valley Gas One of largest freshwater aquifers in Indiana served by the City of Petersburg GOVERNMENT PARTNERS: Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Pike County Economic Development Corporation. City of Petersburg, Indiana. WORKFORCE: The regional workforce of 400,000 skilled in the industry, agribusiness, mining and power generation, all within one hour drive. TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Local technical training: Ivy Technical College and Vincennes University. Pike County is a national leader in pre-engineering and STEM-education coursework. MASTER PLAN ELEMENTS: Strategic land use. Targeted development. Road infrastructure. Utility and Stormwatch recommendations. Plan adherence recommendations. Design guidelines. Potential funding sources. Plan for future review and updates. Coordination between city and county.
Govt Provides Corporation Education in Municipal Schools | Minister Narayana
Govt Provides Corporation Education in Municipal Schools | Minister Narayana
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General Business - Belmont University College of Business Administration
The general business major offers a practical, comprehensive approach to business education. Students who are interested in designing a plan of study that incorporates various business disciplines should consider this flexible route. Students may choose from a broad range of upper level business courses in order to satisfy both the requirements of the degree and their individual interests. Or they may select several courses from the same area to increase their knowledge and understanding of that business discipline. Given the general nature of the program, there are a wide variety of career opportunities available for general business graduates, including positions in management, sales, insurance, banking, real estate, human resources, etc. Belmont alumni have accepted offers from such employers as Asurion, Affinion Group, Caterpillar Financial, Cumberland Heights, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Keller Williams, Lifepoint Hospitals, Tennessee Golf Foundation and Tyson Foods Inc.
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Meeting with Bases Conversion Development Authority President Vince Dizon 4/4/2018
Study Room, Malacañan Palace April 4, 2018 President Rodrigo Roa Duterte talked with Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vince Dizon in a meeting at the Study Room of Malacañan Palace. During the meeting, Dizon discussed to the President one of BCDA’s newest project, the New Clark City, as part of the government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ infrastructure program. Through its partnership with the Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN), the New Clark City is poised to become a new metropolis at the Clark Special Economic Zone that will congregate industries, lifestyle, business, education, and nature. The 9,450-hectare project is projected to be the country’s first smart and green city as anchored in the BCDA’s Comprehensive Master Development Plan. Among the major partners for the project completion are the Surbana Surong of Singapore, AECOM, Nippon Koei, and Philkoei International Incorporated. ***** Connect with RTVM Website: http://rtvm.gov.ph Facebook: www.facebook.com/presidentialcom and www.facebook.com/rtvmalacanang Twitter: @RTVMalacanang Google+: google.com/+RTVMalacanang
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Life Insurance Agents | Motivation | Training | Education | Sales Tips | Hindi
Life Insurance Agents / Advisers must watch this motivational, inspirational, educational, success seminar in Hindi. All the sales personals of every life insurance company in India should watch this again and again esp. the agents and advisors of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited . Mr Anuj Agarwal Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd Mr Pankaj Razdan MD & CEO ANIL KUMAR SINGH HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd Mr. Amitabh Chaudhry Mr. Srinivasan Parthasarathy ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd Mr. Sandeep Bakhshi SATYAN JAMBUNATHAN ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd. Mr.Kshitij Jain Mr.B.N.Rangarajan Life Insurance Corporation of India Mr. S.K. Roy P K ARORA Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd Shri Rajesh Sud Mr. Sanchit Maini PNB Metlife India Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr Tarun Chugh MD & CEO P.K.Dinakar Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited Mr. G. Murlidhar Mr. Sunil Sharma SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd Mr. Atanu Sen Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pujari Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited Mr. M. Suresh Mr. Heerak Basu Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited. Mr. Anup Rau Velamuri RAJESH DALMIA Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited Mr. T. R. Ramachandran Mr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sahara India Life Insurance Co, Ltd. Mr Sanjay Agarwal, MD & CEO Mr. Pravir Chandra Shriram Life Insurance Co, Ltd. Mr Manoj Kumar Jain Mr. Nelius Bezuidenhout Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd. Mr. Sandeep Ghosh Mr. Rajeev Kumar Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited Mr Munish Sharda CEO (Officiating) MAMATA PANDEY IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Ltd., Mr R K Bansal MS. RUCHI GOEL Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Ltd. Mr. John David Holden, CEO & WTD Mr. Chirag Shamji Rathod AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company Limited. Mr K S Gopalakrishnan Patrick Curtin DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. Pavan Dhamija(MD & CEO) Mr. Pradeep Kumar Thapliyal Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd.,Mr. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni (MD & CEO) Mr. I SAMBASIVA RAO IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited Dr. P. Nandagopal Mr. Chandan Kumar Khasnobis Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd. life insurance agent life insurance awareness life insurance business planning life insurance corporation of india life insurance closing techniques life insurance cold calling life insurance course life insurance motivational videos life insurance selling techniques life insurance selling techniques in hindi how to sell life insurance door to door how to sell life insurance effectively life insurance lecture life insurance motivation life insurance marketing how to sell life insurance over phone life insurance prospecting life insurance pitch life insurance sales pitch life insurance sales presentation life insurance sales motivation life insurance sales call life insurance training life insurance training video life insurance tutorial life insurance tips
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Love this City Greater Springfield Ch9
Greater Springfield is the largest master planned city in Australia. Springfield Land Corporation is the master developer of the entire 2,860 hectare (7,067 acre) Greater Springfield land parcel which has become home to 30,000 residents and over 13,000 students since it was established in 1991. Springfield Land Corporation conceived and established the master plan for Greater Springfield and has nurtured the pillars of the community, namely education, information technology and health. These pillars have driven the Greater Springfield project and have ensured a high level of amenity to an area that was previously economically and socially depressed. At the heart of Greater Springfield lies Springfield Central, a purpose-built, 390 hectare CBD. The Springfield CBD, occupying some 390ha, will provide an employment base for 30,000 workers within an area containing in excess of 1.4 million m2 of office, retail, educational, health and technology facilities. Springfield Central incorporates the stunning 24 hectare Robelle Domain Parklands, which makes doing business here not only profitable, but also enjoyable and efficient. A university campus, health and wellness precinct and a large-scale shopping centre also stimulate economic activity within the region, and provide communal facilities and touch points around which civic pride can flourish.
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Regional economic & development planning in east Africa
Natural gas, discovered recently in coastal East Africa, has the potential to change the development equation in regional economic development and planning. Natural gas is coming ashore in Mtwara, Tanzania, a relatively undeveloped region in south-eastern Tanzania, which is creating opportunities and very serious social and environmental challenges. Colonel (Retd) Joseph Simbakalia, Regional Commissioner of Mtwara, is responsible for charting the future economic development plan for Mtwara. He presented the case to the audience and a distinguished faculty panel. This was followed by responsive remarks from the panel, and an open question and answer period. Speakers: - Joseph Simbakalia, Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Special Guest - Rob Stoner, MITEI Associate Director & moderator - Professor Calestous Juma, Harvard Kennedy School - Professor Donald Lessard, Sloan International Management - Professor Balakrishnan Rajagopal, DUSP-International Development Group This talk was presented on November 13, 2012 as part of the IHS Markit Seminar Series, co-sponsored by MITEI and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP). About the speaker: Col. (Retd.) Joseph Leon Simbakalia is currently the Regional Commissioner of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania. He has previously held various senior positions in the National Government of Tanzania, as well as the Defence Forces, and Public Sector. He served as Managing Director and CEO of the National Development Corporation (NDC) from April 1996 to July 2006. Colonel Simbakalia holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Ireland, and a Bachelor’s from Carleton University in Canada. He has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing innovation and technology transfer, and has attended various executive training programs covering the fields of innovation, policy, management, corporate law, corporate leadership, infrastructure development, energy, development economics, development finance and good corporate governance at the University of Dar es Salaam, National University of Singapore (Business School), University of Strathclyde (Centre for Energy and Minerals Law and Policy) and Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School) and University of Pretoria (Gordon Institute of Business Science in collaboration with Harvard Business School). Colonel Simbakalia has served on the Boards of more than 15 corporate entities in the public and private sector, including Tanzania subsidiaries of multi-national corporations (ABB, Carnaud Metalbox, Siemens and TATA Africa Holdings). ___ The MIT Energy Initiative is MIT’s hub for energy research, education, and outreach. Learn more at http://energy.mit.edu.
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Illuminati Plan: 90% Global Depopulation. Must Watch!!! (Advexon) #Advexon
What You Didn’t Know About The World Leaders. Must Watch! What you were waiting until this day? Now you can watch this video which explains all the move of illuminati agenda and freemasons. ILLUMINATI PLANS and Tsunami in New York WATCH: End of The World : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbIktDu_u5k * Subscribe for more Videos * Like & Share * go to our website http://www.advexon.tv http://youtu.be/a2BkkOckv48 * Share your ideas and comment (Advexon)
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HR Management: Training & Development
This episode examines the processes involved in employee training and development. IU Southeast Instructor: Alysa Lambert
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ICLIF Leaders Room with Datuk Dr Paul Chan of HELP University
The ICLIF Leadership and Governance Centre, a non-profit organization under Bank Negara, is an international, Asian-focused centre dedicated to research, executive education, coaching and advisory services in the areas of corporate governance and leadership development. Datuk Dr Paul was interviewed by Michael E. Kossler (Mike), the Director of Research & Curriculum at the Iclif Leadership & Governance Centre since August 2013. Mike has made a career in leadership development spanning over 25 years. Dr Chan has an interesting career as an academic, economic advisor, and entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder, Vice Chancellor and President of HELP University (Malaysia), and is also Co-Founder of HELP International Corporation, which is listed in the Malaysian Stock Exchange. He read economics at the University of Malaya, McMaster University, Canada and completed his PhD at the Australian National University. Dr Chan has a distinguished academic career. He was Chairman, Division of Applied Economics, University of Malaya. Dr Chan was also trained in advanced leadership in the renowned Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Spring, USA. Dr Chan is a member of Australia TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency). He is also a member of the Malaysian National Higher Education Council. In addition Dr Chan is also appointed by CSCSE (Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, MOE China) to be a member of Study Abroad Training Centers (SATC) Quality Assurance Counselling Panel. He is also advisor to several educational institutions in China, US and Australia. For his contributions to education he received honorary doctoral degrees from British and Australian universities. He is also a member of the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame of the prestigious Australian National University in recognition of his achievements in entrepreneurship. Dr Chan is President of the Malaysian ANU Alumni and Chairs the ANU Alumni Scholarship Committee. Dr Chan has consulted to many international organizations. He has contributed to various Malaysian Government projects, including the first Industrial Master Plan and other national plans. Dr Chan assisted in constructing the KLSE Composite Index and was Chairman of the Committee during 1991-2001. He has also consulted to many MNCs in leadership and strategy studies. As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in different roles in the corporate sector. He has been director of public companies and has founded and managed several private enterprises. He is a regular speaker in international forums. Dr Chan writes a column in Nanyang Siang Pau. For his contribution to education, Dr Chan was awarded the Panglima Jasa Negara (P.J.N) by the King of Malaysia. This grants him the title of Datuk. In December 2011 he represented HELP to receive the 2011 Forbes Award for the top 200 Asia Pacific companies below US$ 1 billion. He is also a recipient of the Education Innovation Award given by the World Education Congress (2012).
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Government will go forward with comprehensive development plan says minister Ananth Kumar
Government will go forward with comprehensive development plan says minister Ananth Kumar Click Here To Free Subscribe! ► http://goo.gl/Y4yRZG Website ► http://www.asianetnews.tv Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/AsianetNews Twitter ► https://twitter.com/asianetnewstv Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/asianetnews Vine ► https://www.vine.co/Asianet.News
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The Master Budget
This video describes the master budget, a series of interrelated budgets that set the course for an organization's sales, production, and financial goals. Beginning with the sales budget, each budget is briefly explained and the interrelationships among the various budgets are highlighted as well. The process ultimately yields a cash budget, budgeted income statement, and budgeted balance sheet. Edspira is your source for business and financial education. To view the entire video library for free, visit http://www.Edspira.com To like us on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/Edspira Edspira is the creation of Michael McLaughlin, who went from teenage homelessness to a PhD. The goal of Michael's life is to increase access to education so all people can achieve their dreams. To learn more about Michael's story, visit http://www.MichaelMcLaughlin.com To follow Michael on Facebook, visit https://facebook.com/Prof.Michael.McLaughlin To follow Michael on Twitter, visit https://twitter.com/Prof_McLaughlin
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After Mechanical Engineering  ? – Know what more you can do
CAREERS AFTER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING . Go through the career opportunities of Govt jobs and Employment News channel from Freshersworld.com – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING jobs, GATE notification, GATE pattern, higher education details of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING . It is very common for every B.Tech graduate to fumble over next step in career after graduation but not for the one who has Mechanical Degree. One fascinating feature of mechanical engineering is, its broad and diverse application base, which is why mechanical engineers have always been in demand. We have numerous options to choose after B.Tech, Here few of best options are discussed to guide your career in right path.  Higher Studies: • After completion of graduation, You can opt for master degree in India . By cracking GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) you can go for M.TECH/M.E in the most reputed engineering colleges in India like IITs. • Here you can choose some subject for specialization. a) Automobile Engineering b) Industrial Engineering c) Thermal Engineering d) Product Design and Development e) Computer Integrated Manufacturing f) Manufacturing Engineering g) Material Technology h) Engineering Design i) Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing j) Energy Engineering & Management k) Mechatronics Engineering etc. • If you wish to opt for management stream after studies,then you can go for MBA (but better to work for a while in industry as most of the Business schools consider work experience). • If you would like to purse Masters in foreign(MS) then you need to appear for GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The best places to apply are in USA, China,Germany, Japan and UK. • Moreover if you are interested in designing side, you can learn courses like CAD/CAM, Hyper Mesh, Anysys, ProE etc.Now a days most of the companies also offer internships which helps in gaining Industrial knowledge. • To explore further and research, PhD courses can be chosen. It is better to choose PhD in now-a-day world where research is top prioritized. Because, only a few people from engineering background have PhDs these days. In this context, it is best to choose PhD which paves way to dignified careers.  Job options: Mechanical engineering offers a wide bouquet of job options to students who are looking for a stable and stimulating career. In the government sector, mechanical engineers can provide their knowledge to various government run projects in the role of technical experts and consultants. They can also work in private engineering companies that provide technical consultancy to both government and corporate firms. Here are some reputed firms which require the mechanical engineers: a. ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) b. DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) c. SAIL (Steel Authority of India) d. NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) e. VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center) f. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) g. IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) h. Tata motors i. Bajaj j. Hero k. Ford l. Honda m. BHEL n. COAL INDIA o. ECIL p. ARMY q. NAVY r. Central mechanical engineering research institute s. Sun grace t. Design tech system Ltd. Etc. • One can also find plenty of job opportunities in Abroad based on his/her expertise and skills. • Mechanical engineers not only design new mechanical systems but they are also responsible for testing, maintaining and manufacturing them.So,we also have multiple job opportunities in aforementioned areas. • Nowadays the scope of mechanical engineering is expanding beyond its traditional boundaries. Mechanical engineers are focusing their attention towards new areas of research such as nanotechnology, development of composite materials, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, etc.  Pay/Salary : The average monthly salary of mechanical engineers who are new to this profession is approximately in the range between Rs.10k and Rs.25k. Highly skilled mechanical engineers can easily get as high as Rs 40-45 lacs per annum For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
WWE 2K17 Story - John Cena Fires The Failure - Ep.11
A preposterous event as John Cena plans to remove a failing member of the corporate cenation. Will this mean a new member will be drafted in? This story makes use of the new video creator cutscenes. Corporate Heel John Cena out now for PS4. The great custom Heel Cena theme song as played in this ElementGames short is created by Mr Adam Massacre & can be retrieved here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn71xXuKSZo Check out the legitimate website here for some epic WWE mod videos http://elementgames.tv/ Here are some WWE Mods video you might enjoy: Super Lucha Dragons Sin Cara, Kalisto & Mysterio Epic BLUE Camo texture Mod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDoT9XXDlU0 John Cena Turns Heel & Joins the Authority (P1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-DH0k4QaTY WWE 2K17 ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA NOTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg5cilq_PoQ Pick up the official WWE console game here from official WWE : http://shop.wwe.com/wwe-2k17/ music by teknoaxe & Ross Bugden http://www.youtube.com/teknoaxe http://www.youtube.com/rossbugden Tracks - Master Disorder by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) - Music by JayMan @ http://www.ourmusicbox.com - Crying Over You by Chris Morrow Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ (both) Shatterglass - Don't Know Down http://www.shatterglass.cc/ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/an-education-in-attitude/id904333216 Keep your attention on ElementGames for the continuation of this 2K17 story series. Turn notification on by clicking the bell next to the subscribe button! (then you won't miss any videos) also Stay tuned for more creations from only the best WWE 2K creators!
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Talk Trillium Episode 9 - Master Plan
At Trillium Health Partners, we know we need to plan for the future if we are going to improve access to the high-quality care our patients expect of us and to meet their needs now and into the future. It means we need to do things differently. We need a new kind of health care for a healthier community. We'd like to share with you how we are planning to deliver on our promise of a new kind of health care. Featuring: Michelle DiEmanuele President and CEO, Trillium Health Partners Dr. Eric Letovsky chief of the emergency program at Trillium Health Partners Melissa Merson emergency nurse at Trillium Health Partners Germaine Subnaik RN at Trillium Health Partners Dr. Manish Maingi Chief of Cardiac Health at Trillium Health Partners Dr. Craig McFadyen Regional Vice President of the cancer program and the Chief of Oncology at Trillium Health Partners Dr. Barbara Clive medical director of senior services and division head of geriatrics at Trillium Health Partners Bill MacLeod CEO of the Mississauga Halton LHIN
How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek
http://www.ted.com Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers -- and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednews Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives https://www.facebook.com/TED
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PM Narendra Modi Master Plan Behind One Day Deeksha In Delhi | ABN Telugu
In a bid to gain sympathy and to rule out negativity PM Narendra Modi is getting ready for 1-day Deeksha on April 12. According to political sources, it is Modi's master plan to show Congress and other opposition parties at fault for the failure of BJP govt in passing No Confidence motion in parliament. Modi is trying to divert the people through his Deeksha ahead of Karnataka elections. For more latest and breaking news subscribe @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ABNtelugutv?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us @ https://facebook.com/abntelugutv https://twitter.com/abntelugutv http://www.abnandhrajyothy.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abn.jyothy&hl=en https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/abn-andhrajyothy/id582664798?mt=8 https://plus.google.com/+abntelugutv https://dailymotion.com/abntelugutv ABN is a 24/7 Telugu news television channel run by Amoda Broadcasting Network dedicated to live reports, exclusive interviews, breaking news, sport, weather, entertainment, business updates and current affairs.
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Connecting Education with Corporations
We discuss how connecting education with the corporations that do the hiring would affect our workforce, as our visit with Bill Symonds continues.
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Building a Better Tomorrow
Bechtel has been working with the nation of Gabon since 2010 to create and implement a $25 billion national infrastructure master plan. Together we have established a public-works agency, l’Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux d’Infrastructures (ANGTI), that is staffed by Gabonese and Bechtel employees, with more than 90 percent of the team hired locally. In addition to delivering projects to support the plan, ANGTI’s long-term ambition is to enhance the Gabonese skill base for project management; construction; engineering; project controls; sustainability; health, safety and environment; quality and contracts, enabling the country’s future infrastructure projects to be managed without Bechtel leadership. Meet Lanata, one of our engineers helping to protect homes and infrastructure from flooding. Bechtel’s role is to provide planning services, technical skills and project management expertise to the agency.
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Eye On Detroit - Hatch Detroit
Hatch Detroit is a vehicle to champion and support independent retail businesses through funding, education, exposure and mentoring. Founded in 2011, Hatch Detroit was created to give others the opportunity to have a role in the redevelopment of Detroit. The Contest was built on an idea called “Crowd Entrepreneurship” where residents have a role in voting for the type of retail they want in their community and determining the winner of the Hatch Contest. Since 2011, five winners have been announced, and fourteen Hatch Alumni businesses have opened up storefronts. Now in its sixth year, Hatch Detroit has expanded its retail role into six neighborhoods in Detroit as part of the Detroit Lion’s Living for the City Initiative. Hatch Detroit will be partnering with local Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) to determine an area of focus that works within the community’s master plan for its retail strip. Examples include improvements in signage, interior lighting, window displays, and outdoor beautification projects all geared to improving retail.
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GIX: Building a Future Model for Higher Education
The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) is a global partnership between major research universities and innovative corporations focused on developing leaders in innovation who work collaboratively on solving global challenges. The first two academic partners are Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, with foundational support from Microsoft. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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5401 North Community Tour - Lennar Raleigh
http://www.lennar.com/new-homes/north-carolina/raleigh?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_content=sunlen_social_youtube_community_504465401north Lennar welcomes you to 5401 North! A master planned community with experiences to create and memories to make. Whether you are hanging out at the pool and clubhouse making neighbors friends, enjoying the beautiful greenway trails and dog park, or picking fresh vegetables from the Purple Martin Community Garden, you will love living here. With 5401 North being a Master Planned Community everything is just a stone's throw away. Shopping, dining and education are all located within the community. Lennar, one of the nation's leading homebuilders, features the Wainwright collection of beautiful homes at 5401 North. Stop by and visit our discovery center, open daily, and meet one of our New Home Consultants. In a Lennar home, Everything’s Included®— from granite countertops to stainless steel appliances, luxury flooring, and more! We asked our buyers to name the options and extras they would like most in their homes. Then, we simply included them at no additional cost. What you see is what you get—and what you get is a great value! So when you are looking for your new home that is built with everything you want and need, AND it’s in a great location...Look no further…5401 North has what you are looking for. To schedule your personal appointment with one of our New Home Consultants or for more information about 5401 North or any of our Triangle area communities… call 919-337-9420 or visit http://www.lennar.com/new-homes/north-carolina/raleigh?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_content=sunlen_social_youtube_community_504465401north
Development Cooperation: Training people to build a better future
Produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan http://www.mofa.go.jp/policy/oda/index.html http://www.mofa.go.jp/p_pd/pds/page23e_000381.html
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Affordable Housing 10 6 17
Affordable housing is a very timely and important topic as we consider the development of Downtown Los Altos, so we hope you can join us for what is sure to be a lively and interesting discussion. John Barton is Director of Stanford’s Architectural Design Program and an architect in private practice. He is a former member of the Palo Alto City Council and also served two terms on the Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education. John has an extensive record of regional community involvement. He was appointed by the State Legislature to help draft California’s new Master Plan for Education K-16. He is a founding member of the Community Working Group that built the Opportunity Center in Palo Alto. John is also a board member of the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County and has been an ex-officio member of the boards of Avenidas and the Palo Alto Housing Corporation. He is a past board member of the Role Model Program, the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, The Redwood City Child Development Program, and the Children’s Center of the Stanford Community.
Lavasa City -- A Virtual Tour
Lavasa is a private hill city being developed by Lavasa Corporation Limited where people can live, work, learn and play in harmony with nature. An inclusive city, based on the principles of New Urbanism, it is 3 hours' drive from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune. Lavasa will host a complement of recognised companies in hospitality, tourism, education, healthcare and retail. The hill city provides contemporary yet timeless architectural designs, multiple options for housing like rental housing, apartments and villas. With key infrastructure and amenities it will thus enable people to live life in full. For more information, visit www.lavasa.com.
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