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"Restoring the Repentant" Christian sermon on Forgiveness
Here is the link to more Bible preaching from Pastor Anderson: http://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org/page5.html Here is the link to donate to Faithful Word Baptist Church. Donations are processed through Word of Truth Baptist Church: http://wordoftruthbaptist.org/donate/index.html
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Genomics and Precision Medicine
Jeanette McCarthy, Ph.D., M.P.H., is an adjunct associate professor of medicine at Duke University and a visiting faculty member in the Division of Medical Genetics at UCSF. In this public program, she provides an overview of how advances in genomic science are affecting health care by dramatically changing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This is an important issue for everyone in the community to understand, as it will enable all to make better and more educated decisions about personal health. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension's science offerings @http://bit.ly/1MqmNfU
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UAF - 2015 - Medication Therapy  Management: How it can save your life!
Leah Scadden is a Clinical Staff Pharmacist at Fred Meyer East. Her presentation, Medication Therapy Management, covers information about how to avoid dangerous drug interactions and also which vaccinations are recommended. Sponsored by UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning
Why I Am A Defiant Mother | Podcast | Homeopathy Works
http://joettecalabrese.com/blog/podcast/podcast-10-defiant-mother/ Listen to the podcast for reasons why mothers need to be vigilant and defiant. While raising my children, my thinking went something like this: If I was going to bring children into the world, I ought to be able to identify whether they were well or not. I put a lot of time into homemade, organic, pasture fed foods, so it seemed stupid (excuse the sophomoric word, but it’s so fitting!) to forget all that when the baby got a common illness and defer to someone with whom I fundamentally disagreed. There is lots of good information available for free on my website: http://joettecalabrese.com/ Connect with me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/homeopathyworks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeopathyWorks Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/joettecalabrese/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/joette_calabrese
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Total Life Changes Webinar - (TLC) Iaso Tea
Join Total Life Changes Click Here: ◂◀◄ https://www.shopfreemart.com/lp7/tstnetwork ►▶▸ TLC Iaso Tea is our flagship product but we have a library of top quality products. It is most definitley the best detox tea on the market. I can't argue with you about that. Its packed with 9 super herbs. This 100% Organic herbal tea will help you lose 5 pounds in just 5 days....Take the Challenge Today! This is a webinar also known as a Google Hangout for our team. You learn all about the Total Life Changes Compensation Plan and the Skinn Tea Movement with Storm Wellington my business partner. You will also hear some testimonies of our panelist. We are not making any income or health claims but the results are amazing. In Total Life Changes, Jack Fallon’s mission is to give everyone even the newbie network marketer, a great chance at being successful, instead of relying on a JOB to he provide for your family. Jack’s background in MLM Companies has help him mold a very lucrative system that helps active reps get paid in 5 different ways. Join Total Life Changes Click Here: ◂◀◄ http://trck.me/TotalLifeChanges ►▶▸ Jack searched high and low to find someone to help take TLC to new hights and a broader global market. CHANGE took place in 2010 when Armand Puyolt was named TLC’s President. Armand has made an amazing contribution to the growth and current success of Total Life Changes. His past marketing and product distrubution experience is nothing but a blessing to our company. Armand’s is something like a silent driving force behind the overall results of our teams movement Need Help Getting Started Or Have Any Questions Contact Us @ Office: 803-258-0758 Skype: bigtimecashman Email: ilovepayday2@gmail.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/teamofsuccess Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamofsuccess Please Share This Total Life Changes Video : https://www.youtube.com Subscribe To Our Channel!
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