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Control Line Model Airplanes
E.R. Having 3 flights with 2 different planes. Here's a better video of the yellow plane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvqSMqWV0pw And here are some .049 flights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF00WTvDCHg
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Build a Balsa Wood Rubber Band Model Airplane
Pattern is here https://goo.gl/MiFHY8 List of materials is here https://goo.gl/LMA4Cq As a first flying project, I am now more interested in a helicopter design that you make the propeller from a 2-liter plastic bottle and no balsa needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjOp9fw3L9w This is an old design. I am excited to see some new designs and instructions such as this http://clubmedia.eu/bamboo_poonker/ , which uses ordinary kitchen materials. As you can see from his YouTube Channel, they fly great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCBesWj0Hbk More about Jan here https://goo.gl/5i5VpA Follow us on Facebook https://goo.gl/3R1SwJ
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PACIFIC ACE 30 in Span Old Time Cabin Model
FAC Old Time Cabin rubber powered model. Pacific Ace 30" span. Flying at Wawayonda.
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How to Build a Rubber Powered Model Airplane Part 1
How to build the IMP model kit by Easy Built Models. This kit is available from TailSpin Aviation.
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How to build an RC plane in 4 minutes flat.
This is the build of my Vic Smeed Tomboy senior. I plan to fly it in competition at Middle Wallop on Sunday the 6th of May. This will also be it's maiden flight! It was built from scratch (not from a kit). So all the parts were cut out by hand (I didn't show that bit). The music is copyright free and supplied by Archive.org. The time lapse was done with a GoPro Hero 2 video camera.
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Vintage Balsa Wood & Cardboard Model Kits - Freighter & Chuck Wagon, Airlane Model Co.
​​​Watch our product video for a Vintage Balsa Wood & Cardboard Model Kits - Freighter & Chuck Wagon, Airlane Model Co. ▶▶ Follow Us TWITTER http://twitter.com/luckypennyshop FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LuckyPennyShop INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/LuckyPennyShop GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/+luckypennyshop PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/luckypennyshop/ LPS WEBSITE http://www.luckypennyshop.com/
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1937 Ben Shereshaw Champion
Shereshaw 1937 Champion Oldtimer. Scratch built from original FF plans and converted to electric RC. Wingspan = 108" (9ft). Finished weight with battery = 8lbs
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HobbyKing The Retro Series Pioneer maiden fright
The Pioneer is the first in the line of superb new Retro Series models, this new range pays homage to the Vintage RC and Freeflight era when models were practical, rugged, simple, good looking and always flew well, the Retro series offers you the chance to experience this golden age of modelling, but with all the benefits of thoroughly modern manufacturing and design! The Pioneer is made from tough EPO and has been nicely painted in an authentic "dope & tissue" color, it is also Plug & Fly, so the pre-fitted Brushless Outrunner & ESC substitute the old oil burner and the pre-installed servos offer you full four channel control. There are so many nice touches, including the alloy/plastic rear fuselage frame, the dummy rotary engine, machine gun and proper alloy rigging wires. The metal/CF under carriage is substantial and the large, thin wheels are able to tackle the roughest of strips without drama. Reciever access is via a neat hatch on the side of the fuselage and the quick battery access via the attractive alloy look cowl. Build time is very short, even the rigging system is simple and fast, not like the old days of building from plans, this one wont take 6 months to get in the air! The Pioneer not only looks the part, it flies the part, the slow flight capability of this model is quite amazing and because it is so "locked in", the Pioneer manages to capture the essence of a much larger Vintage model in flight. At its heart, the Pioneer is a Sport model, the power train has been well thought out making it quite capable of basic aerobatics like loops, stall turns, rolls, etc, without the need for excessive air speed. The Pioneer is a high quality, fun, robust and attractive "vintage" model with a truly authentic look and feel, take a trip down memory lane with The Retro Series! Features: Plug and Fly Format, simply add your own reciever and Battery! Tough EPO Foam High Quality Construction and Painted Finish Robust and Practical Design Authentic Vintage Look Easy and Fast Assembly Superb Power Train/Airframe Balance Inexpensive to Get In the Air Aerobatic Capability Perfect Parkflyer size, Vintage flying without the need for lugging round a Flightbox! Perfect Post Trainer Model Specs: Wingspan: 1020mm Length: 816mm Flying Weight: 650g Motor: 1200kv Brushless Outrunner ESC: 20A w/BEC Servo: 9g x 4 Prop: 8x6
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Manila Folder 777 - Cockpit Seats - Design+Build Time-Lapse!
A timelapse showing how I design and build parts for a model airplane I've been working on for a few years now. I look at photos and draw the plans from scratch in 2D in Illustrator (yes, clearly I should take the time to learn how to use a 3D modeling program). This video was created from about 12+ hours of raw footage. Music: For Tæt På Mike Sheridan I Syv Sind Take Me Into Your Skin Trentemøller The Last Resort Filmed with an iPhone 4 (unfortunately)
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NitroPlanes Video drone.  MQ-9 Reaper UAV Revisited with Video Surveillance.
*DETAILS* PLEASE READ*. (Due to a previous crash, NitroPlanes fixed this model, before it went on the market.) I like this Reaper, although it has a weak aluminum wing spar that caused me to fold the wings ending with a bad crash a couple of years ago. It was time consuming to setup the control cables and wing flaps as the wings are very thin.. It also requires using rudder and aileron to turn, as the ailerons are weak on Pushers like this. But once you figure that all out, it is pleasing to fly. It flies very sweetly and is very smooth. It has lots of lift and can glide a long time with the flaps down. It is a fun airplane and really draws the spectators. There is not much room in this for a camera as the Raven, but with a lightweight camera like my Cisco Flip HD, it easily can be placed anywhere on the plane. Here are some specs: Wing Span: 2500 mm.. (Approx 8 feet) Weight: 2500g-2700 g Length: 1080 mm (Approx 3 feet, 4 inches) Wing Area: 325.dm (squared) Wing Loading: 76-83g/dm (squared) Airfoil: Eppler 374 Modified 6 Channel Radio with 4 mini servos and 2 standard servos required. (Without flaps-4) Motor: (38-42) 1.7 kV, ESC: 30 amp min. with smaller motor, 40-60 amp min. with larger motor Note* This is a camera platform. It does not need a larger motor to get high and take pictures. Pusher Props recommended: 10x6 to 12x8, 2 bladed. 3 blade 10x6-11x6. I used a 10x6 2 blade, non pusher, symmetrical prop. Battery. I used an 1800 and a 2200, 11.1 volt, 3 Cell LiPo battery in mine and it works just fine. They recommend a 3500 3S, or a 4000 4S. Overkill in my opinion! You will break the wings if you over stress this thing trying to do tight loops. Thanks for watching and Rating. Dave Herbert AMA # 8221, LM/CD/Scientific
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Control line model aircraft flying circa 1979
If you like this video please subscribe. I have over 280 flying videos on my channel with more to come! Edited Super 8 movie I took around 1979 of control line model aircraft flying in Rosedale, South Australia. We had several models including an Aeroflyte Spitfire, Aeroflyte Cherokee and home made planes with noisy and sometimes difficult to start glow plug engines. Includes giddying footage from the pilot's viewpoint. Recommended soundtrack: Showdown by Electric Light Orchestra.
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Paper Airplane Battle
The world's best paper airplane (is not in this video...) ----------------------------------------­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME - http://smarturl.it/DPGameiPhone ► VISIT our NEW STORE! - http://bit.ly/Dude_Perfect_Store Watch our basketball video with Luke! http://youtu.be/snPQHVR_ptE Subscribe to Luke! http://www.youtube.com/lukeconard --- It's also highly recommended that you follow us on Facebook. We double dog dare you to do it. http://facebook.com/DudePerfect Or maybe you're more of a fan of the Twit... http://twitter.com/DudePerfect People are always asking us questions about our story & where this Go Big mindset came from. That's why we wrote a book about everything that's happened these past 3 years, called, you guessed it, "Go Big" http://www.amazon.com/Go-Big-Count-Connected-World/dp/1414361378 Thanks for hanging out with us! We love making these videos for you guys & we hope you'll subscribe if you're new! Go Big & God Bless! - The Dude Perfect crew Other videos we've made. Feel free to check 'em out! Olympic Trick Shots, Epic Trick Shot Battle, Cowboy Stadium Shot, Goodyear Blimp Shot, World's Largest Slingshot, 10 Million Point Shot, World's Longest Basketball Shot, Trick Shot Basketball, Hot Tubbing with USA Basketball
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Vintage European Woodworking Plans Collection 1
Woodworking plans for many novelties and toys from around the world, mostly Europe. Great gifts from the wood shop.
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Model Airport Chieng Tak (old) Airport
Airport made out of Lego & Cardboard with Herpa Airplanes
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Home Depot ultralight aircraft, Jack Harper and his HomeDepot plans built ultralight aircraft kit!
http://www.ultralightnews.com - Home Depot ultralight aircraft, Jack Harper and his plans built HomeDepot ultralight aircraft kit! Jack Harper talks to us about how he sourced his parts for this all wood ultralight aircraft from HomeDepot! http://www.ultralightnews.com/sunfun99/motorglider101.html Help support The Ultralight Flyer light sport and ultralight video magazine by subscribing or donating to the cause at http://www.ultralightflyer.com
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Control line pulse jet speed flight
Controlline pulse jet explained and demo'd by Rob Fry, Controlline Aeromodellers Westralia field
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Plecan Falcon Maiden
Maiden of my Plecan Falcon vintage oldtimer. Build from plans from the September 1940 issue of Model Airplane News.
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How to tissue a modle plane
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H.M.S. VICTORY Model Ship by Bill
A slideshow of a wooden model H.M.S. Victory ship constructed over 10 months.
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World Record RC Paper Airplane 2
HobbyWars - DREAM BIG! Maiden Flight of World Record RC paper airplane MODEL. This 140 inch model is twice as big as my first RC paper airplane. It is an exact 12 scale "model" of a classic "dart" made from a sheet of typing paper.
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2012 FAI European Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft - F1A - F1B - F1C
Event classification: First Category Event Type of event: Continental Championship Disciplines: - F1A (Gliders) - seniors - F1B (Model Aircraft with Extensible Motors Wakefield) - seniors - F1C (Power Model Aircraft) - seniors Place: Capannori (Lucca) (Italy) Dates: 04 Aug to 12 Aug 2012
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Ivory Gull, Vintage glider in action.
Ivory Gull vintage glider ... initial flights on the aero-tow. Span is about 120". Towed by a T240, with a petrol engine.
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Scratch build Blu baby 33 Model RC Aircraft Sunset Flight
Flying in the evening with my scratch build blu baby 33 RC plane. Easy to build and fun to fly. Check rcgroups.com for plans.
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Meadowlark Indoor rubber-powered model airplane
Here's a flight of a little over a minute at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium of a Meadowlark by Laser-Cut Planes. The plane's capable of over three minutes!
Просмотров: 426 John McGrath
6.Mini Intern Build-Along, Covering, pt1
[This is the 6th video of this series] Hey, gang! We are back with another Build-Along Project - this time we are building a KIT! The plane we'll build is the 'Mini Intern' from RadicalRC (www.RadicalRC.com). It's an inexpensive, all laser-cut kit that is great for new pilots just starting out, but also a fun flyer for more experienced pilots just looking for a relaxing plane to poke holes in the sky or ride some thermals with. Whatever category you happen to be in, if you are new to kit-building, I invite you to snag up a kit from RadicalRC and build along with us! Oh, and don't forget to listen to our podcast (www.TheCrashCast.com) and check out our support site (www.AllThingsCrash.com) for more information on this and other interesting RC projects! You can find the podcast in iTunes, too, by searching for TheCrashCast (all one word).
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my rc plane 1
my plane crach
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Δ-Y ( Delta Yak) Scratchbuilt Foam Board Maiden Flight in strong winds.mp4
The Delta Yak is designed by rctestflight (http://www.youtube.com/user/rctestflight) . It is 22 inches long with a wing Span of 32 inches. Free plans were dounloaded from his web site: http://rctestflight.webs.com/deltayak.htm. The material is 5mm foam board, One and a half sheets ( sized 27.5 inch X 19.5inch each) were cosumed. Power setup: Motor: Emax 2822 ESC: 20A HobbyKing Servos:: Three HXT 900 Prop: 11 X 4.7 SF Battery: 1000mAh, 3S 30C Other: There is a 40 % mix of rudder with elevons. for hovering. Also not mentioned in the plans is the down thrust and right thrust of requirement of 2.5 degrees each.
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Remote START for small  nitro engine w. ONBOARD STARTER, rc plane or boat (part 1/3)
MORE MODEL ENGINES : http://www.youtube.com/user/rapmoz/videos?view=0 Adapting a 1/10 car starter for airplane or boat use: first trials, plane video soon... For the amateurs of : video Vintage Engine motor 4 stroke 2 cycle Moteur modele reduit model diesel outboard toy nitro fuel gas petrol castor oil ether cc run glow plug compression ignition spark tether car onboard inboard starter start fema temps silnik hit & miss wankel rotary supercharged turbine jet plane rc r/c boat tractor steam engine brushless powered modellmotor marine water cooled pulsejet lego miniature mini micro small hotrod twin ohv dohc ohc petrol ether castor oil heli helicopter seaplane truck buggy airplane 049 cox Aircraft avion aereo nave bike motorcycle free flight u control boat Speedboat homemade vintage smallest world antique old hand home made running brushless fail racer crash airplane aeroplane rolls V8 V12 twin hobby king hobbyking race harley ferrari four two 2.4ghz moottorin ilma 引擎飞机 引擎飛機 エンジンの 航空機 двигатель самолета محركات الطائرات motores aeronaves motor flygplan fly 모터. 항공기 repülőgép рухавік самалёт aeronave flugvélar vliegtuig luftfartøjer двигун. літак lennuk κινητήρα. αεροσκάφος lidmašīna motors
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P-38 ....my first SCRATCHBUILD control line... with 2 diesel engines... part 1
Here my first attempt to build from scratch a plane..and my choise go for the lovely P-38 .The orginal plans is huge for a control line plane with 2 veco's 19 engines include 3 wire throttelcontrol!!.. and even a brake if you want. And the P-38? ,...a lovely plane,I am sure a lot mens agree... :-) So its a quite complex plane,3 fuselages,2 engines with fueltank,3 wheels and also 4 pairs of flaps in the main wing to make it even "moore simpel".But I cant refuse,,I am hooked on the control line planes now..so this must be really awesome.A standing plane on the ground,and I can control both engines power. With the flaps it wil make extreem turns.The smal cersion wil be without throttel control...its only a building test. The ideaa is to build first a smaler version of it,to understand the building process and learn from my mistakes...because there wil be always things,what you wil do the second time better..The plane is very basic,not real helpful info about the step by step building process.Only the basic stuff there. So here we go ,a smal one ,.....with 2x PAW 1,5cc,no throttel for the baby lighnting...only full speed.I had first plans to use 2 x MK-17 engines,because I got them....but there are to heavy (130 gr.& 0,15 hp)....so the choise goes for the PAW's.(110gr& 0,20hp)..only need one moore in the 1,5 cc range. The big bird wil get also 2x big PAW's ,the 19 ( 3,2cc). A 19 DIESEL HAVE SAME POWER LIKE A 25 GLOW ENGINE....SO IT WIL BE NOT A SUNDAYFLYER!!! cant wait to to fly him,,, :-) And I think it wil be a lot fun to fly the beast in the spring! wil be continiued... (the song called....yes .. "transformer" ...fits perfectly Till soon,in part 2 :-)
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World's Longest Paper Plane Flight
Will the world record for longest flight duration for a paper plane be broken today? Thank you to Diagonal UK for being a part of the Disney network on YouTube. SUBSCRIBE to be the first to watch Disney's newest Motion videos!
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Hijacked Planes Smash into World Trade Center
Eyewitness accounts of survival and shock. Each plane impacts the World Trade Center and creates a massive, deadly collapse. The war on terror begins and Osama bin Laden evades the worlds biggest manhunt for 10 years. The new spire of One World Trade Center now stands at 1776 feet. Listen to the families share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgh-NIZKduA
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Andy's .049 control line Sabre
It was getting too dark to fly radio control, so Andy pulled out his control line plane and got in a few more minutes of flying before the sun finally set. March 2013 UPDATE Plans for this CL plane are now available for download from our website. http://www.cowramac.asn.au/ Below are the links to the .pdf files The plan http://www.cowramac.asn.au/sabre.pdf Additional instructions for engine mount mod http://www.cowramac.asn.au/sabre_instructions.pdf
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The Construction of a Light Aircraft (1943)
Watch the construction of a Piper J-3 Cub filmed at the actual Piper aircraft factory. Filmed in 1943.
Просмотров: 268817 Christian Sturm
Nobler first start
This model was scratchbuilt using George Aldrich's original plans published in Model Airplane News 5-6/1952. The wing, rudder and elevator was covered with Salzer and the fuselage with tissue paper. It still requires cabin, engine cowl and painting. Engine: Evolution .36NT with tongue muffler Fuel tank: 180cc from HobbyKing
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Jason Aldean - Fly over States (Official Video)
Watch the official music video for “Fly Over States” by Jason Aldean from My Kinda Party, available here: http://smarturl.it/aldean-mykindaparty Subscribe to Jason’s channel: http://smarturl.it/jasonaldeanchannel Follow Jason: http://www.jasonaldean.com https://twitter.com/Jason_aldean https://www.facebook.com/jasonaldean http://instagram.com/jasonaldean https://www.youtube.com/jasonaldean Join the mailing list: http://www.jasonaldean.com #JasonAldean #FlyOverStates #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Flite Test - F-22 Raptor - SCRATCH BUILD
Flite Test - F-22 Raptor - SCRATCH BUILD In this episode of Flite Test, Josh bixler walks us step by step on building your own F-22 Raptor! This plane is very simple to build, very easy to fly, and also has great trainer tendencies. Watch to see more. See this plane in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPtqNmGW7BM VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS: http://flitetest.com/articles/F_22_Raptor_Scratch_Build?q=f-22 http://www.flitetest.com Plans: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=740049&highlight=profil+f22 For more info or parts list, visit www.flitetest.com
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Tissue Airplane
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Depron F117 - maiden flight
This is the first scratch built RC plane I've ever built, using plans bought from RCpowers. This is also the first time I've properly flown something for real. I've had some simulator experience only and a really crappy 2 channel RC plane when I was 12 years old that never really flew right. I'm really happy with the F117's flight characteristics, no idea how it compares to others, all I know is it's damn fast and very agile! All in all a good day!
Просмотров: 1355 Glenn Mason
RcPowers Extra 300  Dollartree Foamboard Fun flight
This one is getting very old and is coming apart at the seams. Paper is pealing off all over BUT she still keeps on flying. Many many fun flights with this old bird. Thanks for watching.
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Recycling Airplanes
AINtv's Curt Epstein learns how AFRA is leading the way in the recycling old aircraft.
Просмотров: 922 Aviation International News
3D foamy
Evening flight of the rc plane builder slicko available at rcplanebuilder.com thnx for watching plz subscribe
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60" Dollar tree foam wing
9g Servos 2200Mah 3S Lipo Turnigy XP 2826-6 2200kv Motor Hobbyking red brick 30Amp ESC
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Foamboard FPV Scratchbuilt plane "The Longsurfer"
here is a follow up to my video from the other day with some build details and overview of the plane I built. Here are some details: - 56" wingspan. 4 sheets of foamboard for the wing and 1 for the fuselage. The wing pieces are joined at the leading edge then folded to create a cambered airfoil. - 15" root chord, 7" tip chord. 1.75 inch control surfaces - RCtimer BC3536 1450 kv motor with a 9x6 prop. 60A Hobbywing esc - maiden flown with 2 x 2200mah lipos - PZ-0420 camera mounted on a custom foamboard pan/tilt - Rangelink UHF LRS with Ibcrazy turnstile antenna embedded in wing - 800mw 1.2 ghz video transmitter with Ibcrazy cloverleaf on the wing - Nova OSD -AUW is about 61 oz with 2x 2200mah batteries Here is a flying video http://youtu.be/3lPTaLoh7Is
Просмотров: 5839 Steven Niederhauser
Fun at the  RC Airfield  "flying a rc biplane"
well one of the Lake Sawyer Hawks has there biplane out today, So we put a cam on it ,Get a good feel of old time flight with this Rc with some power :)
Просмотров: 470 Oagh
3d rc plane design
tell me want u want to here
Просмотров: 58 fuggleism
Scratch-built RC airplane preflight video
This video highlights the control surfaces of a pink foam RC airplane I designed and built over the course of one week. A flight test video will follow as soon as weather permits.
Просмотров: 575 kindofdoon
Simple Plan - Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul (Official Video)
Buy the song on iTunes now: http://atlr.ec/wzvkU9 © 2012 WMG. Director: RT! & Mark Staubach #SummerParadise #SimplePlan #SeanPaul #GetYourHeartOn #poppunk #rock #musicvideo Connect With Simple Plan: http://www.simpleplan.com http://twitter.com/simpleplan http://facebook.com/simpleplan #SummerParadise #SimplePlan #SeanPaul #GetYourHeartOn #poppunk #rock #musicvideo
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Accidental Art: Remote-controlled plane crash art at Brookside
For his 30-minute "Accidents in Abstract Art" happening - part performance art and part painting experiment - artist Richard Jackson sent a 15-foot remote-controlled balsa wood plane in a looping pattern over Area H at Brookside Park in Pasadena Sunday Jan. 22, 2011.
Просмотров: 194 SGVNews
12 Year old flying an ElectriFly Pluma 3D foamy for the very first time.
This is my 12 year old son Evan flying his newly built ElectriFly Pluma foamy 3D for the first time. This is only his second plane and his 4th time in the air flying anything. You should watch the whole video. The ending is worth watching!
Просмотров: 2547 TheDirtcrew3
BoB ft Hayley Williams - Airplanes - Lyrics
http://imraising.com/lyricsforvevos/ To help with the making for more Lyric Videos! BoB ft Hayley Williams - Airplanes - Lyrics Lyrics: Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now Wish right now Wish right now Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now Wish right now Wish right now Yeah, I could use a dream or a genie or a wish To go back to a place much simpler than this 'Cause after all the partyin' and smashin' and crashin' And all the glitz and the glam and the fashion And all the pandemonium and all the madness There comes a time where you fade to the blackness And when you starin' at that phone in your lap And you hopin' but them people never call you back But that's just how the story unfolds You get another hand soon after you fold And when your plans unravel in the sand What would you wish for if you had one chance? So airplane, airplane, sorry I'm late I'm on my way so don't close that gate If I don't make that then I'll switch my flight And I'll be right back at it by the end of the night Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? (Shooting stars) I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? (Shooting Stars) I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Ya, ya, somebody take me back to the days Befo' this was a job, befo' I got paid Befo' it ever mattered what I had in my bank Ya, back when I was tryin' to get a tip at Subway And back when I was rappin' for the hell of it But nowadays we rappin' to stay relevant I'm guessin' that if we can make some wishes outta' airplanes Then maybe oh maybe I'll go back to the days Befo' the politics that we call the rap game And back when ain't nobody listen to my mixtape And back befo' I tried to cover up my slang But this is fo' Decatur, what's up Bobby Ray? So can I get a wish To end the politics And get back to the music That started this shit? So here I stand and then again I say I'm hopin' we can make some wishes outta' airplanes Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? (Shooting Stars) I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars? (Shooting Stars) I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) Wish right now (Wish right now) I could really use a wish right now {oh, oh-oh} (I could really use a wish right now) I-I-I could really use a wish right now (I could really use a wish right now) Like, like, like shootin' stars {oh, oh... oh} (Like shootin' stars) I-I-I-I could really use a wish right now (I could really use a wish right now) A wish, a wish right now (A wish right now) Uploaded: 8th May 2012 Uploaded: 11:30PM Uploaded: Tuesday :) Lyrics4VEVOs Subscribe Comment Share Favourite Like Suggest Songs You're number 1 Lyrics Channel :D I do not own any of the audio to this video all the content goes to the correct owner :) I am NOT making any money of these videos Lyrics.
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