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Schools review crisis plans
Petoskey and Charlevoix schools are making sure their emergency plans are always on everyone's minds.
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The First 30 Seconds: School Crisis Scenarios
Available at http://www.safehavensinternational.org/thefirst30seconds/ When a crisis happens, the first 30 seconds can be absolutely critical when lives are on the line. Would you know what to do? What about your administrators, teachers, front office staff, custodians, food service personnel and school bus drivers? Have you assessed, measured, and validated your school's ability to respond?
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Emergency plans critical to school safety
More than four dozen schools in Ohio have yet to comply with having a safety plan on file for emergency workers to use.
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Peoria schools test out emergency response plan
Officials say preparation is key to help keep students safe during emergencies
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Emergency Response Planning -- Safety Training
Emergency Planning -- Regulatory Compliance & Safety http://safety.1800inet.com/product.php/name/emergency_planning_video_program_dvd_vhs/products_id/3761 Emergency response and emergency planning—federal OSHA, SARA Title III, and numerous state regulations call for all facilities to meet a number of Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management requirements including having detailed emergency response plans. The "Emergency Planning" Video training program will help facilities comply with various federal and state regulations and help them prepare for emergencies. Topics covered in these products include: • Causes and effects of emergencies. • Preventing the "Domino Effect" • Creating an Emergency Plan. • The "crisis management team". • The role of outside agencies. • Warning sirens and alarms. • Evacuation. • Using the "Fire and Explosion Planning Matrix". • Practice sessions and drills. Stretch your safety dollars with Volume Discounts and Free Shipping on a wide range of Occupation Health, Regulatory Compliance and Workplace Safety Training Products • http://safety.1800inet.com • (866) 828-7817
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Local Schools Have Emergency Plans in Place
DAYTON -- We wanted to know what Miami Valley schools do to keep your kids safe from tragedies like what we are seeing in Connecticut.Liza Danver reports from Kettering about the safety precautions in place to protect students.Kettering keeps all side and back doors locked. Visitors have to go in through the front door, sign in and then sign out when they leave.Kettering City Schools prides itself on safety and following all the standard precautions at every school. But the superintendent says the key part of his district's safety plan isn't as tangible as visitors signing in and out at the  front office."We know all our folks. We know who they are and what their situations are, we know their issues," Kettering Superintendent Jim Schoenlein said. "That's the first line of defense. We know where the trouble spots are."Fire and tornado drills have always been the norm but following the Columbine massacre more than a decade ago Kettering added lockdown drills to the mix.A secret code word is said over the loud speaker and students immediately get under their desks while teachers lock and cover all classroom doors and windows."You take that time out of instruction to drill and drill and drill," Schoenlein said. "Sometimes you think, was this really necessary and then you turn on the TV and you see what happened today and you say, yes this is really necessary."Dayton Public School officials say it goes one step further with their district. They keep all the front doors of the schools locked, too.  Visitors have to be buzzed in.
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Connecticut Shooting Forces Schools To Look At Crisis Policies
School dismissal time couldn't come early enough for many parents in middle Tennessee.Many like Kelly Fulton of Dickson, considered taking their kids home early from school after hearing about the deadly school shooting in Connecticut. "It was horrifying and very scary," said Fulton. "As soon as I heard I wanted to leave and come get my kids."The tragedy also makes many parents and educators wonder if something similar could happen in Tennessee.Dickson county Superintendent Danny weeks says that's exactly what he did today and he started by looking at how his crisis plan would work."In a situation such as what happened today each one of our buildings has an off-site location that they know they would transport students to," said Weeks.That plan includes procedures for getting kids there by bus and a phone system that can contact parents immediately.Next February Dickson County Schools will see how it all works with a large scale emergency drill.Weeks says it was in the works before Friday's school shooting."We don't wanna become complacent in our attempts to write a plan thinking we might never use it but actually knowing how to implement it if it were there," said Works.Planning ahead for a day no one wants to see.
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Security, crisis plans key for schools
41 Action News spoke to several school districts, including Blue Valley, Hickman Mills, Kansas City, Kansas, Raytown and Kansas City Public Schools who all said they have a plan and protocol in place if an intruder with a gun got inside the school.
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Back to School Crisis Management Issues for Higher Education
http://www.TheCrisisShow.com This was a special "Back to School" episode aimed at administrations of schools, colleges and universities everywhere. We had guests from the University of Louisville, New York University and Binghamton University to discuss crisis preparedness and crisis communications on campus. In light of a bomb threat at the University of Texas at Austin and a similar threat at North Dakota State University-- both on September 14, 2012 -- we think this is a good time for leaders to revisit this episode.
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Warning signs of a food crisis
This is a four-minute audio slideshow highlighting the indicators of the looming food crisis in Niger. Children dropping out of school, families scavenging in the scrublands for leaves to eat, villagers selling their skinny animals early and at low prices - this slideshow includes stills with the voices of Hassane Mahamadou from Plan Niger along with a village chief talking about the impending crisis. To learn how you can help, visit http://plancanada.ca/sahelcrisis
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What can happen when school staff are not prepared for a crisis? ("Ask Safe Havens")
Question 16: What can happen when school staff are not prepared for a crisis? Answered by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd Submit your questions for future videos by leaving comments on this video.
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A Parent's Guide to a School Crisis
Caledonia North Supervisory Union through a grant from Safe Schools / Healthy Students hired WanderFish Studio to produce an education video for parents illustrating how CNSU schools respond in a crisis and a list of parent do's and don'ts.
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How can school staff prepare for a crisis?  ("Ask Safe Havens")
Question 17: What are some ways that school staff can prepare for a crisis? Answered by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd Submit your questions for future videos by leaving comments on this video.
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Managing Disasters and Leading through Crises: Faculty Insight with Arnold Howitt
Crises and natural disasters are often highly chaotic and unpredictable. They are difficult for both responders on the ground and managers and commanders at a distance. In this faculty insight, instructor Arnold Howitt sits down with Jenny Attiyeh of ThoughtCast to discuss how organizations and responders can prepare themselves for high performance in these situations and what we have learned from large-scale disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Often, the keys to successful emergency preparation and relief management are proven leaders, practice, and appropriate allocation of funds. Howitt is the executive director at the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, an adjunct lecturer in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, and instructor at Harvard Extension School. He teaches "Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness," http://www.extension.harvard.edu/courses/crisis-management-emergency-preparedness, and "Disaster Relief and Recovery," http://www.extension.harvard.edu/courses/disaster-relief-recovery. Both courses are available on-campus and online. Howitt is also an author and editor of several books, including "Managing Crises: Responses to Large-Scale Emergencies," which is available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Managing-Crises-Responses-Large-Scale-Emergencies/dp/087289570X/.
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Warning signs of a food crisis
This is a four-minute audio slideshow highlighting the indicators of the looming food crisis in Niger. Children dropping out of school, families scavenging in the scrublands for leaves to eat, villagers selling their skinny animals early and at low prices - this slideshow includes stills with the voices of Hassane Mahamadou from Plan Niger along with a village chief talking about the impending crisis.
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Violence Prevention &  Safe School Planning
Are schools safer today than 30 years ago? Listen as school violence expert Dewy Cornell answers the question by providing you with a spellbinding presentation and historical perspective on school violence. Then, building security experts walk you through how to design your school to be a welcome yet secure environment. Law enforcement officials and FBI negotiators teach you how to survive in the event your students are taken hostage - and exactly how to handle bomb threats. This program is a must for every district developing or updating their comprehensive school safety plan. For more information please contact Educational Impact Inc. at http://www.educationalimpact.com/contact.html
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School Emergency Exercise - Dealing with Media
School Emergency Exercise - Dealing with Media
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School Safety Plans
Fox 8's Mark Zinni learns a number of schools do not have their safety plan on file with the Ohio attorney general ...
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The ABC's of School Crisis Response
A community wide disaster in your district! It's one of those things that's in the "never going to happen to us" category!! But it did happen in the Aplington-Parkersburg School District. In this webinar, the presenters will share with you, how they responded to the crisis, what they learned and what they wish they had known. Topics include: what to do immediately, who to call, who to avoid, logistics, coordinating with agencies, long term effects, and recognizing and treating post-traumatic stress.
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Emergency Preparedness in Montgomery County Public Schools
Safety for all students and staff is a primary concern for everyone in Montgomery County Public Schools. Staff and students practice often so that they know what to do in the unlikely event there is an emergency. Watch this video to see how they do this and to understand the language around emergency preparedness such as lockdown, shelter, evacuate and parent/child reunification.
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Emergency Response Planning- Raese Group
Raese Group interviews Sue Warner-Bean, Emergency Response Planning consultant. Warner-Bean explains what an emergency response plan is, why it's important, and some practical considerations that can help protect your company's reputation during a crisis. For more information about Emergency Response Planning, visit http://www.warner-bean.com/ Raese Group Website: http://www.raesegroup.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaeseGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlySecure LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/2714948?trk=tyah
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District Revisits Emergency Plans
The nation was shocked last Friday when a gunman shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 20 children - all just six or seven years old - as well as six teachers and administrators. As the community mourns, school administrators around the country are revisiting emergency plans, hoping to make sure what happened in Newtown, Connecticut doesn't happen at their schools. I stopped by Oskaloosa Elementary School to see how they're dealing with the tragedy.
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Wisconsin schools review security plans
Schools across Wisconsin were reviewing their safety and emergency plans in light of the deadly elementary school shooting in Connecticut.
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Back to School Emergency Preparedness
This interview focuses on the importance of back-to-school emergency preparedness.
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Culture of Planning in Emergency Management
PAD5397 Spring 2012
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Terminology in Planning - Lockdowns (Ask Safe Havens)
Question 28: Why is terminology important for school crisis planning? Answered by Michael S. Dorn Submit your questions for future videos by leaving comments on this video.
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School Safety Partners presents: The First 30 Seconds
School Safety Partners introduces "Safe Topics: The First 30 Seconds," an advanced rapid response training and evaluation system to prepare all school employees to make life-and-death decisions in the first moments of any school crisis. The multimedia learning system -- complete with trainer guides, evaluation tools, video scenarios, and workbooks for over 30 crisis scenarios -- is available to schools, first responders, and community stakeholders as part of "hands on" live trainings, facilitated by Visionbox Learning. Developed by world-renowned school safety expert Michael Dorn, "Safe Topics: The First 30 Seconds" is built on effective concepts that have been used in training law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical personnel, pilots and military personnel for many years. For the first time, these training concepts have been adapted for handling school crises, during which a delay of even five or ten seconds can result in mass casualties. Presented in 2011 to lawmakers and school safety directors at the Colorado State Capitol, the techniques used in "The First 30 Seconds" on audience members made clear that responding to school incidents requires a level of training that goes beyond drafting safety plans. Simulations conducted at schools around the nation revealed that most school employees unfamiliar with specialized training in rapid response miss at least one critical action step per scenario, such as initiating an evacuation, calling the main office, or dialing 911. For example, more than 70% of school employees participating in simulations failed to implement a lockdown for an aggressor with a weapon such as a knife, crow bar or hammer. According to Dorn, attacks with weapons other than firearms are far more common and can be just as deadly, and schools cannot afford to overlook any gap in preparedness. The video scenarios for "The First 30 Seconds" allow school employees to practice making life-and-death decisions in ways not possible with other types of drills and exercises. Using the Visionbox Learning version of the program, which includes exclusive guidance on interoperable communications with first responders, schools can practice for a wider array of situations in a shorter period of time, and quickly build what Dorn calls a "decision-making knowledge base." About Michael Dorn Michael Dorn is one of the top school safety experts in the world and is a popular writer, speaker, and media commentator on prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies for K-12 and Higher Ed. At the national level, Dorn is called upon by states to train school districts and turn around persistently dangerous schools. Dorn serves as Executive Director for Safe Havens International, a global non-profit school safety center. He has authored and co-authored 25 books on school safety. His work has taken him throughout the United States, and to Central America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. A former Chief of Police for the Bibb County, Georgia School System and School Safety Specialist for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Office of the Governor, Dorn has been a full-time school safety practitioner for nearly forty years. Dorn is regularly interviewed by major media organizations including NPR, 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Times of London, Univision and Tokyo Broadcasting. About School Safety Partners School Safety Partners is the largest online resource promoting partnerships, funding, grants, and pilot programs for school safety planning, technology, training, drills, exercises, and evaluations. School Safety Partners is dedicated to creating long-term funding partnerships to support school safety best practices. We are both a community of interest and a facilitator of joint research projects, reaching out to the general public as well as stakeholders in the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. Our purpose is to create a space for stakeholders where true partnering can occur in order to make school safety sustainable beyond Federal funding. Since our start in January, 2008, our projects have addressed the legislative, training, compliance, funding, and public awareness sides of school safety. This year, we were awarded a major grant from the Panasonic 3D Innovation Center in support of our efforts to produce and distribute immersive simulation-based school safety training systems. We are working with Safe Havens International to distribute "The First 30 Seconds" and expand the program to include modules on crisis communications. These modules are designed to teach school safety teams what to say in the first 30 seconds, the first 5 minutes, and the first half-hour of a school emergency. Please visit us at http://www.SchoolSafetyPartners.org.
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Crisis and Disaster Management
Media release about middle school coach
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Preparing for and managing civil incidents and emergencies
Summary video of the 'Preparing for and managing civil incidents and emergencies' launch event hosted by the School of Health and Wellbeing on 28 February 2012
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School Major Incident Management Plan Exercise
In August 2012, Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre ran a one day exercise to test the Headington School Major Incident Management Plan.
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It Can Happen Here: Crisis Planning and Prevention - Dr. Blackwelder
The past few years have taught educators some hard lessons about safety of our schools. In order to ensure that our schools are safe havens, educators must now face the reality of planning for preventing violence or planning to react quickly and efficiently to violence. However unpleasant these options are, all educators must be prepared. This training features Dr. Nancy Blackwelder who shares her story as a victim of a school shooting. Please take the time to listen to her story. This one is a lesson no one hopes to need, but cannot afford to be without.
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School safety in the U.P.
All of the schools within the Negaunee School District have a crisis plan in place and the schools have drills at least twice a year ------------------------------- Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/uppermichiganssource Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/wluctv6 Website | http://www.UpperMichigansSource.com Thanks for watching!
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Xavier HS and MS Emergency Evacuation Drill 2012-13
Xavier High School and Middle School Emergency Evacuation Drill 2012 to 2013 We do not claim ownership to the songs and sound effects used in this video.
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Emergency Evacuation Procedures
We all have to be prepared for the possibility of an emergency incident on a work site. For this reason, it is the legislated responsibility of your employer to have an emergency response plan in place. Find out what your plan must include and best practices for Emergency Evacuation Procedures.
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Plan is responding to the food crisis in Niger - West Africa
Across West Africa, more than 13 million people are facing a food crisis. Plan is launching an appeal to reduce the impact of the crisis on children and women in particular. Plan's emergency response in Niger is being implemented in two of the most affected areas: Tillaberi and Dosso. We will help in other areas if the need arises. We are distributing vouchers for food in rural communities, giving special nutritional support to under-fives, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums, and providing school lunches for children -- a good way to reduce malnutrition and encourage children to come to school. Please support our work at http://www.plan-uk.org/
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School Safety Awareness and Preparedness
Video created to inform students about school safety
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TN Area Schools Taking a Closer Look at Security Policies
Dickson County Schools are taking a closer look at security measures within its school system. Superintendent Danny Weeks says he is reassessing the county's overall crisis plan which includes adding a designated "off-campus safe site" and implementing additional contact plans to help parents and their children stay in touch during an emergency situation. A massive disaster drill in on the books for February.
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Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Emergency Spending
Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn, and Comptroller Liu Announce $500 Million Emergency Plan to Repair Public Schools and Hospitals Damaged by Hurricane Sandy City Already Has Authorized More Than $134 Million in Emergency Spending Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Comptroller John C. Liu today announced a $500 million emergency plan to make critical repairs to public schools and public hospitals damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The plan calls for an appropriation of $200 million for the Department of Education and $300 million for the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation to repair extensive damage to school and hospital buildings. The repair needs include structural restorations, new boilers, new electrical systems, roofs repairs, flood remediation and more. The City Council is expected to vote on the appropriation plan at Tuesday's Council hearing and, if passed, the funding will be an addition to capital funds in the current year (Fiscal Year 2013) Capital Commitment Plan. The Administration and Comptroller Liu have also worked together to approve emergency spending for Hurricane Sandy relief, which now totals $134 million. The spending plan announced today and emergency spending represent only a portion of the spending that will be required and additional appropriations will be made this year as necessary. The Mayor, Speaker and Comptroller made the announcement as P.S. 207 Rockwood Park in Howard Beach, Queens, one of 23 school buildings housing 37 schools closed for repairs. The building will need new oil tanks and electrical wiring, and students, teachers and staff have been reassigned to other school sites in the interim. The officials were joined by Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, Health and Hospital Corporation President Alan D. Aviles, City Council Finance Chairman Domenic M. Recchia and Council Member Eric A. Ulrich. Monday, November 12th, 2012 Howard Beach, Queens, NYC
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Tornado Emergency Planning Exercise
Tornado Emergency Planning Exercise 8sept2011
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What are some common staff responses to a school crisis event? ("Ask Safe Havens")
Question 14: What are the most common themes you see when school staff respond to a crisis? Answered by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd. Submit your questions for future videos by leaving comments on this video.
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Crisis Simulation Exercise
This crisis simulation exercise engages participants in a post-disaster situation where: * Entities (governments, organizations, companies, individuals) interact between * Geographical Regions (nat'l, regional, local) to serve different * Demographic Populations (red, green, blue) with * Resources (food, water, medicine) they need to survive. The real action is packed into 12 minutes of planning and 18 minutes of simulation fun, challenge, team-building, urgency, frustration, and super-concentrated learning about many realities in crisis management. Setup takes only 15 minutes and debrief questions can be tailored so participants focus on discussing issues such as: * Cross-sector partnerships * Information sharing challenges * Coordination without unity of command * Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration, & Coordination * Planning vs. execution * Multi-jurisdictional issues * Complex supply networks Would you be interested in customizing an exercise for your group or organization? Contact me!
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Food Crisis in West Africa 2012: Please support Plan's response
Plan is working to avert a humanitarian disaster in the Sahel region of West Africa, where some 13 million people are at risk from a food crisis. Erratic rains and an attack of pests and locusts destroyed entire harvests in 2011, leaving families with nothing to eat. In Niger alone, more than 6 million people are at risk of hunger and nearly 2 million of them need food assistance now. Plan's response includes: targeted food distributions, irrigation and gardening projects, school feeding, malnutrition screening, cereal banks support and emergency assistance to Malian refugees in Niger -- but we need your help. Please support Plan's response on http://www.plan-international.org/sahelappeal
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Emergency Operations Planning Tool (EOPT)
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Emergency Response Plan by Caron Overbeek, CCA
excert from 2010 National Church Administration Day (NCAD) Risk Management presentation
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Insuring Success - Creating a Crisis Response Plan
http://InsuringSuccessBlog.com http://www.DanWeedin.com Insurance consultant Dan Weedin speaks to a group of South American executives on crisis response at the America Empresarial conference on Occupational Health & Safety Management in 2011. © 2012 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved
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Incidents og Crisis Management
www.crisiscommander.dk The smart choice in incident & business continuity management -- used in over 40 countries. Incident tracking system: For departments who handle incidents Investigates, tracks and reports incidents and follows up on decided preventive measurements. Business Continuity Management system Replaces printed manuals. Extensive document library facility. Comes with 10+ template plans.Engine which reminds and manages updates. Offers emergency communication systems
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Public lecture video (2.17.2012): Planning and Preparing for the Local-Level Disaster Response
When disaster strikes, the first responders are local...local officials, local police & fire departments, local doctors and nurses, local businesses, local volunteers. How can these people prepare for the disaster that might someday strike their community? Based on his 28 years of experience working on Crisis Management for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), where he helped to plan for and respond to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and terrorist incidents, Leo Bosner will offer a lecture on how local communities can strengthen their ability to respond quickly and effectively to the large disaster. Topics covered will include: • Why local planning is important. • The essential concept of the All-Hazards Disaster Response Plan. • A typical format for a disaster response plan. • How to create the disaster response plan. • The disaster response exercise.
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Crisis Management Training and Workshops Advice by Tony Ridley
https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyridley/ In this video we cover crisis management training and workshops All businesses, big or small, inevitably face a crisis at one point or another. Unfortunately, many never fully recover from the event and their own lack of preparedness and planning. The cause of most failures are a result of less effective training, education, plans, development and tools in order for business leaders and managers to prevail in a more consistent and structured way. Following years of practical experience, trials and development, a new crisis management and leadership training system has been released by Tony Ridley and trialled by a large, global multinational. "While the idea of preparing and training senior executives for times of crisis is not new; we have taken the process much further by providing a suite of focus areas ranging from threat identification, stakeholder management, plans, decision making and even how to effectively brief teams during times of crisis" Tony Ridley commented. He further added "This is then reinforced by exposing participants to a variety of dynamic scenarios where they can apply and trial these new, replicatable processes". This new approach and highly engaging education system was trialled recently with a large, global multinational with over 130,000 employees in 47 countries with great results. Attendees were very senior executives with business and supporting community groups ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 persons. The company was so happy with the results and the approach that it is now in the process of rolling this system out to hundreds of its global  executive and leadership members in order to enhance company preparedness and resilience. "Complied from years of personal experience planning for and managing crises from kidnapping, natural disaster, financial crisis, political instability, terrorism and product recall I also went out and consulted numerous experienced and senior executives to then combine the results into this comprehensive crisis management training solution" Tony Ridley went onto explain. " We then run fully interactive, challenging and dynamic crisis simulation scenarios to fully immerse and prepare executives, through a more adult-learning styled approach rather than just repeated theoretical and limited context information" he concluded. The module structured crisis management and leadership training suite includes: • Threat perception analysis • Attendee profiling • Hazard and threat identification • Stakeholder analysis • Priority decision making • Crisis briefings • Crisis communications • Social media • Performance and analysis metrics • Plans, guides and practical resources For more information, contact Tony Ridley directly http://youtu.be/mel31geq2LQ
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Mercyhurst University discusses emergency response plan
Mercyhurst University's Assoc. VP for Student Life, Laura Zirkle, explains how the campus is prepared for a crisis situation on Erie's WJET-24.
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