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Carlos Andres Gomez performs "Gifted"
Carlos Andres Gomez performs "Gifted" as part of the Bowery Poetry Club MegaQuasiSemiFinal Slam May 2010
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Jeanann Verlee performs "Lessons on Loving a Prophet"
Jeanann Verlee, competing in the Bowery Poetry Club's QuasiMegaSemifinal, performs her spoken word poem "Lessons on Loving a Prophet". May 2010
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English - Gifted Babies Program
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Spoken Poetry: "Used To Be"
About a past relationship. Dedicated to anyone who's been in my position before. And to him, you know who you are. He was my puzzle to my missing piece the A to my X, Y,Z my L to my O, V, E he was my sea & even though other fishies swam in his he chose me he was my he, i was his she my epitome id sit in front my computer and he was the person i would google the word love with we were ineffable wed read & relate each and every single definition to our hearts swore that wed never ever be apart .. but you know, i guess that was just the start turned my cheek for just one second then he was singing a different song spittin rhymes that just fit all wrong words that you couldnt even render on his state of mind began to seem so rehearsed like a rapper slacking on his own free verse cept his heart was set on reverse and whats worse? he became the type that we both hated his legit views became so faded was he ever real? Its now debated he got so caught up in all the superficial clubs gettin wasted, kicks, fits & all the artificial thangs his mind blown brain-washed into the issue so when i gave him love, hed forget what it means somethin not one of his friends could ever find him , never a time he gotta ever invest a dime in , gifted one thing no money could ever buy him , aint no player in his own game could ever try & win see he only ever needed me to calm down his thirst twisted in thoughts so profound but he threw me out first played-out memories like a drenched out shirt got me contemplating now, to remember what im worth. he made me weak like a game of hide & without the seek made me feel i didnt mean anything in the world when to someone else i couldve meant all the diamonds and pearls i stare into the lies, behind his eyes was this his true colors? or was it just another change in life? cause to me? he wasnt a lie. when i lied to myself, he was my truth. when i questioned love, he was my answer. but now, to my truth, he became a lie. & to my answer, he became a question. he subconsciously wrote me a list of a life lesson but at the same time, put me through another painful session but now i know not to easily open the door to my heart and let in a person who doesnt even have an alphabet to what he wants a dictionary to the way he should go live and flaunt but real talk? Im thankful for what hes taught. because this pain, without him i wouldve never ever fought drowning in a dependency, with him i wouldve just rot so if i ever fall again itll be myself that ill have caught Used to be, was, or so I thought
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Her Peace Of Mind EPK
Liz Frisby offers her readers an honest and heartfelt diary of her personal experiences regarding love, womanhood and relationships. Her mental journey has been creatively tied into a timeline of poignant poetry that embodies an array of emotions. Ultimately, creating an informatively, and intriguing balance between the passion of her poetry and the lessons behind her experiences. "Some of the decisions I've made regarding love and relationships have resulted in lost time and heartache. I was in search of this amazing, intangible element that I hadn't realized I already possessed. I drove myself crazy at times; fueled by despairing thoughts. I know that other women have had similar experiences and hopefully Her Peace of Mind will offer them confirmation that they aren't crazy or alone in what they are feeling" says author Liz Frisby. Independently published; Her Peace of Mind is an emotional journey through the eyes of a creative writer who's intriguing life, and fresh experiences will hopefully serve as the bridge between discouraged and cluttered minds and the pathway to patience, peace and self-assurance for women of all backgrounds.
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Chad Anderson performs his poem, "Liars, All of Us" in the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam's 2009 MegaQuasiSemiFinals. For more information on the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam, please visit: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/
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FindingYourPassion - the first essential step
Http://findingyourpassion.com.au As you set out on the journey to find your passion, there are three areas that are important to address. In this Find Your Passion video Karl Faase covers the essential first step. If you like these vids, why not hop over to our website and sign up for our 5 part Find Your Passion Kickstart video series. Still short and punchy, but a little more detail - and some thought provoking questions for your own homework... http://findingyourpassion.com.au
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A Story of Hope and Determination
Grace LaJoy had a rough childhood. Her mother abandoned her and her family when she was two. Her father left town, leaving her and siblings in a house alone. And she spent several years in foster care. But LaJoy persevered. She finished college while raising two children, got involved with her church and became an author, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator. Now, LaJoy is sharing her life story in her new book A Gifted Child in Foster Care: A Story of Resilience. She wants the book to not only serve as an inspiration to at-risk children, but also to change educators attitudes toward at-risk youth.
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The American Enlightenment
Featuring discussions of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress; perfectionism; Deism; Benjamin Franklin; errata; Thomas Jefferson; syllogisms; John Locke; and the Declaration of Independence.
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Healthy Living Yoga Lesson Plan
Yoga Lesson Plan presented by the students of the Healthy Living Apprenticeship at Brooklyn School for Global Studies
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Princess With a Purpose & Warrior Prince for God Curriculum Kits - Kelly Chapman
The Princess with a Purpose curriculum includes animated stories, crafts, and music and movement that can be used as both a one-week outreach or a ten-week Bible study program and will fit the resources of any size church, home, or school group—perfect for Sunday school, VBS, or at-home fun with the neighbor kids 3 to 8 years old. Tammie Lyons colorful art adds to the regal message. This curriculum has everything a group needs to run their own Princess Prep School 1 Princess with a Purpose Activity Book (designed to reinforce each lesson) 1 Directors Guide (designed for the childrens director) 1 Leaders Guide (designed for parents/teachers in classroom use) A DVD (five 30-minute lessons) A Music CD (12 original pieces with lyrics) A Princess Tote Bag (to hold everything together) Young girls will discover what becoming a member of Gods royal family is all about. The Warrior Prince for God curriculum includes animated stories, crafts, and music and movement that can be used as both a one-week outreach or a ten-week Bible study program and will fit the resources of any size church, home, or school group—perfect for Sunday school, VBS, or at-home fun with the neighbor kids 3 to 8 years old. Jeff Ebbelers colorful art adds to the brave message. This curriculum has everything a group needs to run their own Warrior Prince Academy 1 Warrior Prince Activity Book (designed to reinforce each lesson) 1 Directors Guide (designed for the childrens director) 1 Leaders Guide (designed for parents/teachers in classroom use) A DVD (five 30-minute lessons) A Music CD (12 original pieces with lyrics) A Warrior Prince Shoulder Bag (to hold everything together) Boys will discover what becoming a member of Gods royal family is all about.
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The African child poem
I am an African child Born with a skin the colour of chocolate Bright, brilliant and articulate Strong and bold; I'm gifted Talented enough to be the best I am an African child Often the target of pity My future is not confined to charity Give me the gift of a lifetime; Give me a dream, a door of opportunity; I will thrive I am an African child Do not hide my fault show me my wrong I am like any other; Teach me to dream And I will become I am an African child I am the son, daughter of the soil Rich in texture and content Full of potential for a better tomorrow Teach me discipline, teach me character, teach me hard work Teach me to think like the star within me I am an African child I can be extra-ordinary call me William Kamkwamba the Inventor; Give me a library with books Give me a scrap yard and discarded electronics Give me a broken bicycle; Plus the freedom to be me And I will build you a wind mill I am an African child We are the new generation Not afraid to be us Uniquely gifted, black and talented Shining like the stars we are We are the children of Africa Making the best of us Yes! I am an African child © 2010 Eku McGred
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2Pianos4Hands trailer.mp4
Rehearsal footage and a director's insight into 2Pianos4hands. 2 Pianos 4 Hands is the touching and irresistibly funny story of Ted and Richard, two young prodigies, who share one goal: concert pianist stardom. Over a journey that covers 15 years and dozens of characters, we witness their journey from childhood to adulthood, through a world populated by nervous pupils, pushy parents, eccentric teachers, stage fright, dreams of greatness and constant practice. As young adults their eyes open to new ideas and new influences, forcing both their piano playing and their view of the world to change. After years of working fervently towards their dream, they finally come to the humbling realization that greatness may just be out of reach...... This award-wining show has played in over 150 productions and for 2 million people worldwide since its premiere in Canada in 1996. The result is a joyful blend of theatre, comedy and virtuoso piano playing, all performed by the internationally popular musical comedy duo Katzenjammer "enormously enjoyable" The Times "funny, clever, insightful and touching, full of music , humour, story and character" Toronto Globe and Mail By Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt Performed by Katzenjammer (Kevin Farrell and Steven Worbey) A co-production between the King's Theatre Edinburgh and Perth Theatre
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Jaime Martin performs his Spoken Word poem, "GEEK" in the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam's 2009 MegaQuasiSemiFinals. For more information on the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam, please visit: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/
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Science and History Lessons Come from Restoring Ancient Ponds
At this coastal school, students develop and manage their own projects, with guidance from mentors from the community. For more information and resources on project-based learning, visit http://www.edutopia.org/project-learning
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Deaf Artist's time-lapse drawing pencil of commission client
Explain and demonstrate how to draw with pencils 9B to 9H. Just enjoy to watch!
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The History of The Statue of Liberty
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CSSSA.org Creative Writing 2010
The CSSSA.org creative writing program offers highly personalized and interactive workshops to its gifted and motivated young writers. Our faculty of professional writers, guide and instruct students in the techniques of fiction, poetry, and screen and play writing. In this profile, some faculty members reflect on their experience at CSSSA. ABOUT CSSSA: The California State Summer School for the Arts [CSSSA] is an immersive 4-week summer program for artistically gifted and talented high school students who aspire to careers in arts and entertainment. Since its first session in 1986, CSSSA has nurtured students in disciplines such as visual arts, film & video, theatre, animation, music, creative writing and dance, with ample opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. It takes place each July on the California Institute for the Arts [CalArts] campus in Santa Clarita, CA. Some of CSSSA's most noted alumni include James Franco and Zac Efron. For more information, please visit www.csssa.org.
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jeanann verlee, bowery poetry club birthday thang
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Derrick Brown performs "Hang On Me, Darlin"
Derrick Brown, as part of his "feature" at the Bowery Poetry Club performs part 2 of his baseball Suite called "hang on me, darlin".
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Adam Falkner performs his Spoken Word poem,"Headlines and Sinker." in the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam's 2009 MegaQuasiSemiFinals. For more information on the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam, please visit: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/"
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Challenge Gifted Students with Real World Business Projects | BrainMatch
Real world business projects offer a unique and exciting challenge to gifted students who are bored or unmotivated by traditional learning environments. Parents who want to see their children thrive in a highly oxygenated learning environment can look to BrainMatch as a solution to help reinvigorate their child's love of learning.
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NWP In Person: Linda Christensen
Meet Linda Christensen, director of the Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College and author of the newly published Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom, the much-anticipated sequel to Christensen's bestselling Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word. Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom has been called a must-have resource text for twenty-first century educators who teach high school English or Language Arts because of Christensen's belief that teachers and their students must find joy in the classroom so that they can define and possess justice in their lives.
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"So, am I just "another black girl" or something more?"
Mentee Deiona reads her original piece "Pause for Reaction" at the Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading held on March 26 at the Center for Fiction, NYC.
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Poet Jeanann Verlee @ Mike Geffner's Inspired Word NYC Poetry/Spoken Word
http://inspiredwordnyc.blogspot.com/ Poet Jeanann Verlee, author of the award-winning Racing Hummingbirds, performs @ The Inspired Word in Manhattan, NYC. The Inspired Word is New York City's hottest new poetry/spoken word series, produced by longtime writer/journalist Mike Geffner and happening @ the very happening downtown spot, (Le) Poisson Rouge. Videographer: Marron Cox Edited By: Erik Maldonado See more videos on YouTube.com/nycinspiredword Inspired Tweets: http://twitter.com/InspiredWordNYC Inspired Blog: http://inspiredwordnyc.blogspot.com/ Find us also on Facebook too: http://bit.ly/SBMhs Stay Inspired!
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Joel's Black History Month Poem
Performance for the St. Mary's County Board of Education
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A Passionate Mom
This is a video put together for a service we did on "Passions". It's a Slam Poem performed by Tiffany Wolters and written by Rob Knight.
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I was trying to improve my singing skills
I knew i was gifted though. To God be the glory. Haitian is in the house. lol
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Omar Holmon performs "Anatomy of a Prayer"
@ the National Poetry Slam 2010 in St. Paul Twitter: https://twitter.com/OmarHolmon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omar.holmon
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KHARY JACKSON, 6 is 9 performs "ROSA PARKS"
Khary Jackson, performs "Rosa Parks" during his "feature" at the Bowery Poetry Club. Feb., 2010. Amongst his Awards here are a few notables from the last few years: Individual finalist, 6th place; 2007 National Poetry Slam Individual finalist, 3rd place; 2008 Individual World Poetry Slam Individual finalist, 4th place; 2009 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion Saint Paul team; 2009 National Poetry Slam Champion; 2007, 2008 and 2009 Saint Paul Erotic Poetry Slam
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Parent Teacher Conference
Every teacher has had this conversation at least once!
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Connor Dooley: "For Those of you Replacing Your Bones With Much Loftier Things"
Connor Dooley performs his poem, "For Those of you Replacing Your Bones With Much Loftier Things" in the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam's 2009 MegaQuasiSemiFinals. For more information on the NYC-Urbana Poetry Slam, please visit: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/
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The Story of Jonah as Told by The Cutest Little Girl
Truly a must-see! SO CUTE! This delightful little girl will bring a smile to your face as she tells the most enchanting, fascinating and educational story of Jonah ever told! What a blessing! Video from Corinth Baptist Church.
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Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz "Op-Ed for the Sad Sack Review"
Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz performs "Op-Ed for the Sad Sack Review, Regarding News of Another Rash of Writer Suicides", while competing in the Bowery Poetry Club's MegaQuasisemifinal. May, 2010
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Trina Thompson Differentiated Science Unit
Science Unit on the Plant life Cycle, Plant Parts, & Growth & Reproduction
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Aqualung Guitar Lesson Jethro Tull
Mark Brennan from JamPlay.com plays and sings this classic rock song. Go to: http://www.jamplay.com/youtube3 for the full 1 hour and 7 minute in depth song lesson. . JamPlay™ is the #1 source for video-based, online guitar lessons. If you are just getting started with learning to play guitar or are interested in improving your guitar skills, you have come to the right place. **Over 4,500 Guitar Lessons in Full HD** Beginner to advanced, heavy metal to country; we have the video guitar lessons you need to develop your playing. Our guitar lessons are filmed with multiple HD cameras and stream to any mobile device or computer. **Learn to Play Songs** Follow your dream and learn to play your favorite songs. Our song lessons are proven to help you learn songs fast, easy, and accurately. **Get Instant Access** Signup today and get instant access to all video lessons from all instructors! You will also enjoy live guitar lessons for up to 8 hours each day, and access to all teaching tools, libraries, and community features. http://www.jamplay.com/
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Megan Falley performs "Pendulum"
Megan Falley, competing in the Bowery Poetry Club's MegaQuasisemifinals, performs her spoken word poem "Pendulum". May 2010
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Brian Omni Dillon perform "What Would Jesus Do"
Brian Omni Dillon, performs "What Would Jesus Do" as part of the NYC-Urbana 2010 Finals at the Bowery Poetry Club. May 2010
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Derrick Brown performs "Signal the Runner"
Derrick Brown, as part of his Feature at the Bowery Poetry Club, performs part 1 of his Baseball Suite; "Signal the Runner".
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Elliot D. Smith performs "Matricide"
Elliot D. Smith, competing in the Bowery Poetry Club's MegaQuasisemifinal, performs "Matricide". May 2010
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Manraaj learning Tabla
Manraaj learning Tabla
Просмотров: 262 Harvinder Singh
Oveous Maximus @ Nuyorican Poets Cafe "Spanish Diversity in America"
Oveous Maximus explains how Spanish diversity in this country has made a HUGE difference..
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Innovate 2010: Teacher Voices
Teachers from the 31 pioneering innovative high schools talk about their experiences working in NCNSP schools and about the impact on their career and their students.
Просмотров: 249 NC New Schools/ Breakthrough Learning
The True Origin of National David Wojnarowicz Day
How did National David Wojnarowicz Day come to be? Could a middle aged artist turned filmmaker have been inspired by the heroic struggles of a gay activist artist who died in 1992 to speak truth to power in 2010? The answer is a definitive YES! I love the students in this class. They are so open to art. We talked about David Wojnarowicz and looked at his work. I told them about David's difficult life, his abusive childhood, life on the streets as a prostitute, and then his becoming one of the most important artists of his generation. How he clashed with the US government over gay rights and how he tragically died of AIDS before effective treatments were developed. I read them the words of this artwork which is one of the most moving documents for human rights that I have ever seen. In the early days of my teaching here I had a gifted graphic design student named Anthony Milano. Shortly after he graduated from our school, Anthony was abducted by two men at a bar and brutally murdered. These men killed him for being gay. If you are watching this on Youtube, pause this and take the time to read David's words and maybe, like me, you'll think that Americans should pay tribute every year, the day before Thanksgiving to this great artist and human rights advocate. I propose National David Wojnarowicz Day.
Просмотров: 2259 John Thornton
Ms. Murray 8th grade english (part 3)
Recorded on July 20, 2015 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Christian School Of York
Christian School Of York http://www.superpages.com/bp/York-PA/Christian-School-Of-York-L0003665997.htm , Academic Credit , Academic Preparation , Accelerated Classes , ACT Preparation , Activity-Based Learning , After School Lessons , After School Programs , Afternoon Classes , Afternoon Kindergarten , Age-Appropriate Activities , Athletic Programs , Before School Programs , Character Development , Child Care , Co-Ed Classes , College Preparation , College Preparatory Curriculum , Computer-Aided Instruction , Degreed Teachers , Early Childhood Education , Education , Elementary Schools , Extended Care , Gifted Programs , Hands-On Learning , Individualized Instruction , Kindergartens , Middle Schools , Motor Skills Development , Phonics , Pre-Kindergartens , Preschool Programs , Private Instruction , Private Schools , Reading & Writing , Religious Education , SAT Preparation , Sports , Structured Activities , Toddler Programs
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Kendrick Lamar - Ignorance Is Bliss
Kendrick Lamar O.D 9/15/10 Written by Kendrick Lamar Dir by dee.jay.dave & O.G Michael Mihail
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Truth Talk - its all about the children...
Jean takes a moment to share with you the story of the children of SOTH, a children's home that she stumbled onto while wandering around the Philippines. Shepherd of The Hills Children's foundation and the children that reside there had an astounding impact on the author, and although her time with them was short the feeling of hope that they left within her heart has carried her through as she continues her work as an author. She invites you to check out the organization to learn about their incredible programs and to get to know more about the talented children of SOTH - you may visit them at www.shepherdofthehills.org.ph to explore more about the kids and the programme. If you wish to learn more about Jean and her novels you can visit her at www.feenxrising.com or interact with her and her friends at www.feenxrising.ning.com Or check out her work and that of many other talented writers, poets and artists at www.omtimes.com an online magazine that explores the varying aspects of spirituality and humanity.
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How to destroy a friendship in less than 1000 words
This is an actual conversation with a good friend over instant message. Notice the complete lack of care about my feelings and what I'm going through. Also notice the complete lack of any original thought at all. Second part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojzDWaBq06o
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