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UB NOW:  School Emergency Drill - Part 1
Police in Amherst, New York staged a mock shooting at a local high school to practice emergency response and evacuation procedures. Police, school administrators, teachers and students faced a real-life emergency scenario in a test of their crisis planning and training. This video - in three parts - is used as an educational tool for regional school leaders and law enforcement agencies.
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Schools and Emergency Management - Joe Wainscott Pt 2 IDHS Schoolsecurityblog.com.MP4
Schools and emergency management agency partnerships for school crisis planning. Interview with Joe Wainscott, Executive Director, Indiana Department of Homeland Security.
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UB NOW:  School Emergency Drill - Part 3
Police in Amherst, New York staged a mock shooting at a local high school to practice emergency response and evacuation procedures. Police, school administrators, teachers and students faced a real-life emergency scenario in a test of their crisis planning and training. This video - in three parts - is used as an educational tool for regional school leaders and law enforcement agencies.
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Crisis Management for School-based Incidents Seminar
In Northwest Arkansas, S.A.F.E. TEAM hosted 2 seminars to support the planning and preparation of school districts and first responders within their communities. Watch this short video to capture an understanding of the content and the takeaways from attendees.
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Schools and Emergency Management - Joe Wainscott Pt 1 IDHS S
Schools and emergency management agency partnerships for school crisis planning. Interview with Joe Wainscott, Executive Director, Indiana Department of Homeland Security.
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AWR 148  Course Overview
AWR 148 Crisis Management for School-based Incidents: Partnering Rural Law Enforcement and Local School Systems This eight-hour course for school administrators and emergency responders will educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators and staff to effectively respond to an emergency involving a school building or an entire school system. The training will provide representatives of rural law enforcement departments with a foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable them to progressively establish a school-based emergency response plan and crisis management team through information sharing and training.
REM4ed-Readiness and Emergency Management for Educators
REM4ed is an Emergency Management company developed by education consultants focused on the unique needs of educators. REM4eds technology-based approach to crisis planning and risk management makes sense to educators. With our program, every teacher and administrator knows their role and responsibilities for preventing, preparing, responding to and recovering from any crisis.
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what not to do in a emergency
funny funny laughy laughy!
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Crisis At Hope School
A training video created for the Department of Homeland Security.
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As the World Burns - Chill: www.safecastle.com
Safecastle Royal Crisis-Preparedness Buyers Club: www.safecastle.com
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Information about http://COPESConsulting.com - The foundation of COPES Consulting, the Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plan (TECIP©), is a school-based framework designed to meet the emotional and psychological needs of students and staff in the AFTERMATH of a traumatic event. Implementation of the TECIP© model is designed to be initiated on the first day back to school after receiving knowledge of a traumatic incident.
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Introduction to Preparing for Disaster
Without warning, a catastrophic event can destroy an early childhood program. Based on Cathy Grace and Elizabeth Shores' experiences working in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, Preparing for Disaster explains the steps directors can take to insure the safety of their program and the children they care for. With forms, worksheets, staff-training workshops, and task lists, as well as helpful guidelines and insights, this groundbreaking guide is filled with practical advice for every program director: · Create a Disaster Readiness Master Plan—and implement it. · Train teachers and administrators how to react in a catastrophic event. · Educate parents about your disaster plan to reduce panic. · Learn to create planned evacuation routes and how to notify local emergency management agencies of your plans. · Complete insurance, inventory, records back-up, and rental agreement forms. Preparing for Disaster provides practical advice and information to prepare for and respond to universal disasters like fires and epidemics and regional disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes. Protect your program before disaster strikes. Preparing for Disaster is the companion book to After the Crisis: Using Storybooks to Help Children Cope.
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Managing School Violence: Student Talk
his four part series takes a fresh look at this issue following the recent rash of violence in our schools. All the stake holders will learn from this program, including principals, administrators, proprietors, risk managers, mental health practitioners, school nurses, counselors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, parents and students, law enforcement and emergency services. The recent rash of violence, even at daycare centers, has been of great concern to the American public. This is evidenced by the amount of recent media coverage on the subject. Many schools however still struggle with understanding how to prevent, manage and deal with the aftermath of violence.
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Crisis simulation
BBC news report day 3
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Emergency Planning and Public-Private Partnerships in New York City
Edward Skyler is the Deputy Mayor for Administration. In this capacity, Skyler assists the Mayor in managing the Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, Office of Management and Budget, Office of Labor Relations, and the Law Department. In addition, Skyler directly oversees the Department of Sanitation, Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Office of Contract Services, the Criminal Justice Coordinator, Office of Midtown Enforcement, Business Integrity Commission, Pensions, Public Finance and Communications. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Mayor, Skyler served as the Mayor's Communications Director and Press Secretary and has worked in the Bloomberg Administration since its inception in January 2002. Previously, Skyler worked at the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation from 1995 to 1999, where he served as Deputy Chief of Staff and as the Public Information Director. He then was appointed a Deputy Press Secretary to Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. In 2000, he left the Mayor's Office to work in the Corporate Communications group of Bloomberg LP and, in 2001, he joined Bloomberg for Mayor as the campaign's Press Secretary. Skyler served in that position through the transition during which time he was appointed Press Secretary to the incoming Mayor. Skyler, a member of the New York State Bar, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Fordham University School of Law. 6th Annual M. Moran Weston II Distinguished Lecture in Public Policy (Feb 21, 2007 at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs)
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Emergency Educational Action Plan News Conference - Martha Foote
On September 16, 2010, a coalition of parent & community groups issued an "Emergency Educational Action Plan" to address the 2010 test score crisis in NYC public schools.
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Child Care Emergency Disaster Plan
Preparing an Emergency Disaster Plan for Child Care Providers.
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Emergency Educational Action Plan News Conference - Hakeem Jeffries
On September 16, 2010, a coalition of parent & community groups issued an "Emergency Educational Action Plan" to address the 2010 test score crisis in NYC public schools.
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Voices of Emergency Management: Ben Lockspeiser
Ben Lockspeiser, of Valley Stream, N.Y., is a former volunteer firefighter, American Red Cross volunteer and New York State Emergency Management Office intern. He now is a United Nations intern who's charged with writing the emergency action plan for its headquarters. During his time at the UN, the Haiti earthquake struck and changed Lockspeiser's responsibilities to running logistical needs for the United Nations' development buildings in Haiti. Photos by Joshua Wilwohl/Audio by Chuck Frank/Copyright 2010, The Klaxon, www.theklaxon.com.
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Survival Gardening 15, survival, homesteading, survivalist food storage emergency preparedness
Part 15 of our Survival Gardening series deals with Potatoes. Be sure to visit our new online message boards at www.survivalandpreparedness.com Our sponsor's website- www.jrhenterprises.com 18 years in the preparedness industry! This is our 7th-8th attempt at uploading. Changing file formats, trying different programs, etc. Please bare with us while we work through this stuff. It hasn't been "easy" to put up videos for us for quite some time.
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Drexel University Uses Notification to Keep Students Safe
In the wake of the Virginia Tech campus shooting that left many people dead or injured, universities and colleges reexamined emergency planning and response plans to improve communication and keep their communities safe. Drexel University was no exception, and now uses Intelligent Notification to alert the University community and help responders quickly manage incidents.
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How to Keep Your Cool in a Crisis
Watch more Self-Help & Improvement videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/387796-How-to-Keep-Your-Cool-in-a-Crisis Learn to prepare and to clear your head so that the crisis is handled, not fumbled. Step 1: Do the opposite React to a sudden emergency by resisting the urge to panic, exhibiting calm by acting as if you felt that way. Even if you don't, you can sometimes change your emotions by artificially altering your behavioral response. Step 2: Breathe right Control your breathing and by doing so, your pulse as well. Inhale slowly through your nose and release the air on a seven count through pursed lips. This empties the lungs and the time it takes will buy enough time to relax. Step 3: Focus on the issue Focus on getting all the information before rationally examining alternative responses. Use your head, not your impulses. Tip In a medical emergency, contact 911 or seek a doctor in the immediate area. Don't give CPR unless you have been trained. Step 4: Do something If you're frozen, snap out of it. Do anything that will get the ball rolling. Set an example. Step 5: Use humor Trust your instinct and use humor to defuse things in the short-term. Encourage everyone to take a breath and reassure themselves with a good laugh to clear everyone's mind. Step 6: Discuss the situation with yourself Give yourself a good talking to. As if you were a trusted and objective friend who can give rational advice; ask yourself, "What's the point of worrying? What does that accomplish?" Step 7: Plan for emergencies Prepare for your next crisis by having personal and medical information with you at all times--you can't predict a crisis, but you can prepare for one. Did You Know? About 74.5 million adults in the United States have high blood pressure.
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Crisis Management Plan Commercial
Our commercial we made for 2010-2011 In-Service, a la Sonic.
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Developing a crisis communication plan -June 23,2010
Are we prepared for an emergency? Do you have planned communication response designed to save lives, protect your assets, and bring critical information to those who need it in a timely manner? Certainly our core business is hospitality and our guests as we provide our services with our guest's safety and comfort at the top of the list, but when an emergence situation develops do you have you these three key elements?
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How to SWAT team storm a school
Footage is very realistic but is only a drill.
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Funny Video Office Emergency -.com.flv
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Teaching Students to Work Together
Integrated curricula, team teaching, and technology tools have built up the academic achievement and self-esteem of these rural Louisiana middle school students. See more about how it's done on the Edutopia Web site: http://www.edutopia.org/project-learning-social-emotional-landry
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How to make it through a crisis
This is Troll the Ancient with some tips on how to make through a crisis. The very first thing you should do when feeling really, really depressed is to devour an extra human that crosses your bridge. Or if not a human, than a billy goat or whatever animal or creature that's dumb enough to cross. If no humans are available, and no animals are available to devour, consider calling a crisis line or a suicide prevention line (one of them is 1-800-273-talk), talk to a school counselor, and even talk to your parents. Believe it or not, you can make it through this, and you will.
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De escalation Techniques
Watch this excerpt from CPI's Preventive Techniques II DVD, featuring strategies and content from CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training: http://bit.ly/v65rtW Download CPI's Top 10 De-escalation Tips: http://resources.crisisprevention.com/CPIs-Top-10-De-Escalation-Tips.html?code=YT005DT&src=Social
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Emergency Preparedness For Colleges and Universities 2
One of six video excerpts from Emergency Management and Preparedness for Community Colleges and Universities
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Introduction to the ambush.  Part 1
Introduction to ambushes and how to organize, set up and execute a ambush
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TWB Emergency Education Call to Share Videos
Teachers Without Borders (TWB) presents a video summary of its Emergency Education work in the area of earthquake education. TWB calls upon teachers worldwide to create and share video messages focused on emergency education efforts in their own school communities.
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Diary of Disaster: A Master of Disaster Management student in Haiti
Since 2008 the University of Copenhagen and Lund University have been offering a degree programme for professional aid workers. The programme is called Master of Disaster Management: http://mdma.ku.dk/
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Water Crisis - A Solution.wmv
Gravitational Energy Corporation shows us the water crisis our world faces and how they plan to tackle the lack of access to clean drinking water problem with their Gravity Assisted Power Feltenberger Pendulum Pump and Aquathin filtration system.
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Kenya: On the Road To Recovery
Government policy changes and an emergency loan from the IMF help boost Kenyas economic performance in 2010, keeping the country on course toward its goal of middle income-country status by 2030. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director, IMF Antoinette Sayeh, African Department Director, IMF Elizabeth Ochiengi, primary school deputy head, Nairobi Simon Willson, senior external relations officer, IMF
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Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Oil Price Crash, Gold and Silver (Part 1 of 2)
http://www.wealthcycles.com Mike Maloney was recently invited to speak at the 8th International Banking Forum in Sochi, Russia. The purpose of the conference was for bankers from around the world to meet and discuss the current state of the global economy, the banking system, and strategies for protecting their personal wealth (hence the speaking spot for Mike). The first morning passed without too much fuss as each speaker gave an introduction and a brief talk on his or her area of expertise. However, by the end of the day...it became obvious that something was definitely wrong. After speaking with many of the attendees, Mike was alarmed to find that practically none of the international bankers understood our present monetary system. Most had no idea how currency is created! Here at wealthcycles.com, we've often wondered exactly how well modern day bankers understand the worldwide predicament that we find ourselves in. Ladies and gentlemen, our worst fears have been confirmed - the lights are on, but there's nobody home. Mike's presentation on personal protection of wealth changed overnight, into one of basic education on our monetary system. How can anybody take the role of wealth protection (or running an economy!) seriously unless they can see the massive storm that lies ahead? Whether you are a banker or a baker, a lawyer or a bricklayer...the time to get educated is NOW. We hope you enjoy Mike's frantic effort to awaken the conference from its slumber. It would have been nice for Mike to finish his speech, but perhaps there was a little too much reality on the stage for these Masters Of The Matrix, the Demigods Of Delusion. Best of luck to us all. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wrrzsrb-wg Please take the time to visit Mike's new educational website http://www.wealthcycles.com To get a copy of the dvd Mike holds up, here it is: http://www.goldsilverdvd.com
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Kansas City school closings
The mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, discusses the school board's decision to close some of the city's schools.
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Niger Food Crisis | Emergencies | 2010
World Vision in Niger has begun the implementation of an emergency response to the country's worst food shortages in five years. Latest data from the government indicates that more then seven million people are now at risk of either severe or moderate food insecurity.
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Inphonite Emergency Notification
Visit: http://www.inphonite.com/ Don't wait until there's a crisis. InphoniteVoice delivers 1,000s of Emergency Notification messages via phone, email, SMS text and Twitter. InphoniteVoice is available in both on-premise and SaaS editions. 800-350-7693. www.inphonite.com Connect with us: https://plus.google.com/+Inphonite-com https://www.facebook.com/Inphonite https://www.linkedin.com/company/inphonite-llc https://www.youtube.com/user/inphonite https://twitter.com/inphonite
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Knowledge@ASB Professor Wolfgang Buehler
Professor Wolfgang Buehler from the Australian School of Business discusses the Greek debt crisis.
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MaximsNewsNetwork: 06 April 2010 - UNICEF: Jacmel, Haiti - When the earthquake shook the mountains outside Jacmel, Haiti, countless schools were destroyed or damaged. UNICEF has provided three large tents, along with 20 early childhood development kits to enable children to resume their education. Not only were classes cancelled, parents were afraid to send their children back into classrooms with any structural damage. One preschool that was damaged is run by the Lauritas Religious Order. It serves 250 young children, who suddenly found themselves without a functioning classroom or covered play area. UNICEF launched the ECD kits last summer for children under the age of six living in emergency or post-crisis environments whether it is a tsunami, an armed conflict, or an earthquake. Each kit contains 37 items designed to promote social interaction, not only between children, but also with their caregivers. Among the items are hand puppets, puzzle blocks, memory games and coloring pencils. UNICEF's Arnaud Conchon says the goal is to help children return to normal activities as soon as possible. SOUNDBITE (English), Arnaud Conchon, UNICEF Emergency Specialist: "What is amazing is that the children are walking everyday eight kilometers in the morning. They wake up at 4 a.m. to come here and they go back in the afternoon with their parents. So they are really, really willing to have access to play and to learn and to be part of these activities, these interactive activities." Stephanie Saint-Fleur and her five children escaped their house just moments before it collapsed in the earthquake. Today she walked an hour with her children to get here, carrying her young daughter, whose legs are paralyzed. She says, "We are so happy to receive these toys and materials. And the tents make us feel secure, because we are scared to return to our damaged houses, and we don't want to send our kids into damaged classrooms... so the tents are a haven." UNICEF is encouraging communities like this one to develop their own ECD materials. This sustainable approach gives children access to stimulation, early learning and group play, without making the community dependent on external aid. SOUNDBITE (English), Arnaud Conchon, UNICEF Emergency Specialist: "We are establishing a model here. For the first time, UNICEF is coming in this place after the earthquake. I can see the enthusiasm of the community here and really, we hope that we can establish a good model that we're going to replicate and scale up in other places, especially in these rural areas that are somehow forgotten." With more than a million children directly affected by the earthquake, the kits and tents are a quick and effective way to help Haitian children get back on their feet and retrieve a sense of normalcy. ................................ ( UNITED NATIONS CHILDRENS FUND: UNICEF TELEVISION ) ........................................... MaximsNewsNetwork: News Network for the United Nations and the International Community. See: http://www.MaximsNews.com. "GIVING POWER & RESONANCE TO THE VOICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY" ......................................................
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Critical Considerations for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Emergency Response
Following any type of emergency response, it is important that the management team be properly debriefed. Visit http://www.emergency-response-planning.com for a personalized demo of web-based, database-driven planning systems.
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Crisis Management
Managing man made & natural crisis situations effectively.
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3/10/10 "Fighting for Illinois" Budget Plan
SPRINGFIELD March 10, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn today unveiled a fiscal year 2011 budget that will confront Illinois unprecedented financial crisis by getting the state on the road to recovery and prosperity. In his budget address to the Illinois General Assembly, Governor Quinn said he is Fighting for Illinois by creating jobs, making significant cost cuts and proposing to enhance state revenues.
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emergency seed bank - What else should I store besides seed
http://www.totalfoodsecurity.com-Whether you are wanting to grow a better garden and save your non hybrid seeds or prepare your own emergency seed bank, this free information will help you prepare. Q: Whet else should we store besides seeds?
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Why NO oil containment efforts? BP Fails Booming School 101 - Gulf Oil Spill.
"The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And those who are killing it have names and addresses." Utah Phillips. "Booming" is a method by which oil spills are contained through the use of booms. More info at : http://www.mass.gov/dep/cleanup/os/Pages/Boom-Deploy.html Boom Deployment Each oil spill presents different challenges depending on the type of oil spilled, the location, weather, time of day, the manpower available and the equipment at hand. It is important to plan a practical strategy to protect sensitive resources utilizing the resources available and keeping safety in mind at all times. The effective and timely deployment of the oil spill boom can lessen both cleanup time and money. There are three types of boom deployment: Containment Deflection Exclusion 11 days before this "accident" Halliburton purchased a major oil well emergency control company, Boots & Coots International well control. Amazing that the common denominator in this disaster seems to be former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney. Blogger Connects Dots and Finds Arrow Pointing to ex-VP Story here: http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/news/11-days-bp-accident-halliburton-bought-oil-well-disaster-control-company-updated Blogger connects dots and finds arrow pointing to ex-VP (Newser) The scope of the Gulf oil spill is far from clear, but the finger-pointing is already under way, and a lot of fingers ought to be aiming at Dick Cheney (former Halliburton CEO), Alex Pareene blogs for Salon. Connecting the dots that begin with a Wall Street Journal exposé, we learn that Cheney's highly classified energy task force was responsible for the fact "that the oil well didn't have a remote-control shut-off switch," Pareene writes, "a thing that it seems every single offshore drilling rig should have." "The former Dark Lord of the Naval Observatory" is no rookie at covering his tracks, but the follow-up argument is a no-brainer: "Halliburton is involved, too! The Los Angeles Times reports that BP contracted Dick Cheney's old company to cement the deepwater drill hole." In short, Pareene writes, "Thanks, Dick. Nice work." This video's expert narrator asks why this oil isn't being contained. Who will be accountable for this? These are questions all of us should be asking. Make the "powers that be" ANSWER us! This video is mirrored from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx8kMXufu3w Please mirror it on your channel, too. Make this info go viral!
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Chris Christie visits Boonton school, praises union for agreeing to wage freeze
When Gov. Chris Christie issued a budget that heavily slashed public school funding, he threw down the gauntlet for teachers unions to take a hit and reopen contracts to avoid program cuts and job losses. Today, Christie visited one school district that took up the challenge. Boonton schools lost some $1.2 million in school aid. Superintendent Christine Johnson says the district was headed for a minimum of 25 jobs being cut and cuts to school programs when she called an emergency faculty meeting. Less than a week later, a deal was struck with the Boonton Education Association, the union that represents the districts teachers, secretaries and maintenance workers, that involved a nine-month wage freeze, among other concessions. Speaking outside John Hill Elementary School, Christie praised the union for having the courage to essentially renegotiate its contract and urged other districts to do the same. (Video by Nyier Abdou/The Star-Ledger)
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St. Kitts Explores Crisis Communication Strategy
CEO Rosecita Jeffers, of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, explains the importance of a crisis communication plan.
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IEMA Launches Preparedness Video Game
Fifth graders at Benton Grade School 5-8 in Benton, Illinois were the first students to play IEMA's disaster preparedness video game when it was released on Nov. 15. In this video, Mike Chamness, chairman of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF), explains how the video game will help children learn about disaster preparedness and earthquake hazards.
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