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Cop Busts Window of Two Elderly Men on Way To Hospital
This video illustrates how Cops are trained to fear the general public and treat them as the enemy. Dash Cam Video of Diboll Texas Cop pulling over two elderly men who were rushing to the hospital because they couldn't afford an ambulance. The Cop immediately drew his gun and broke out the driver side window to gain entry to the truck. The Cop made no attempt to communicate with the driver before using force. The elderly man in the back seat could not breathe and needed immediate medical attention. Diboll Police Department 400 Kenley, Diboll, TX 75941-1716 (936) 829-5586 http://www.dibollpolice.com/
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Memorial Medical Center - Lufkin
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Chosen - "I've Got A Reason"
"Many are called but few are Chosen" Church of The Living God - Overseer Earl Whitaker, Pastor, Chosen
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Pink Heals Tour visits an Angel in Baytown TX and gets her Autograph
Pat's autograph means more to us then any celebrity, she has been through so much and deserves a better life then the one she has been given. Does anybody realize how much cancer there is out here? Do you like us get a little tired hearing about somebody being diagnosed? Do you realize that it's knocking on all our doors but we can't hear it! Join our organization and stand up for all the people that we never get to meet to say we CARE! Let's do an about face in this Country and show our Love for our women and our own Communities then rally together to say enough is enough. We're a little tired but very humbled by these experiences, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your lives.
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