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Memorial Medical Center - Lufkin
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Cop Busts Window of Two Elderly Men on Way To Hospital
This video illustrates how Cops are trained to fear the general public and treat them as the enemy. Dash Cam Video of Diboll Texas Cop pulling over two elderly men who were rushing to the hospital because they couldn't afford an ambulance. The Cop immediately drew his gun and broke out the driver side window to gain entry to the truck. The Cop made no attempt to communicate with the driver before using force. The elderly man in the back seat could not breathe and needed immediate medical attention. Diboll Police Department 400 Kenley, Diboll, TX 75941-1716 (936) 829-5586 http://www.dibollpolice.com/
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Operation 36 wantstotravel
Recovering from my 36th operation I wait for a new electric wheelchair replacement 11 years mine hurts me now. Please every person show my videos about my wheelchair to the President and lawmakers for me please! Isn't there some sort of law against neglecting the safety of diminished people like me? Shouldn't my insurance company be not just maintaining the durable medical equipment they provided but also replacing it when it becomes dangerous in a timely fashion? If your needs change shouldn't your doctor be able to get your equipment changed to meet those needs? Did you know that OTHER people in America can replace their wheelchair after 5 years BUT I cannot because I am now treated unequally to other citizens in my country. Do you think it is alright for them to ignore and neglect my medical equipment? Even if they operate on me a thousand times I will still need my wheelchair to be safe and they are trying to force me away into a nursing home where they can shut me up! Please try to help me if you agree that I am being neglected as far as my wheelchair needs go. I made videos showing my wheelchair for you to see on my channel. I am a real girl not made up to ruin the health care system! PLEASE CONTACT AMERICAN LAW MAKERS and PRESIDENT Thank you for trying to help me.I have been trying to get Medicare to replace my electric wheelchair because it is 11 years old and in dangerous condition now I am getting hurt in it too! No one will listen and help me and I have been suffering so much! My insurance program is trying to force me onto a different plan because they make even more money from being able to put me away into a nursing home for a level of care that I don't even need just to shut me up about my 11 year old dangerous electric wheelchair! I am showing myself to the world even though I am embarrassed because I need your help! I need to have people send my wheelchair videos around to media and American government officials to help tell the world why I have to be neglected when I HAVE INSURANCE! Do you think it is okay for me to get burned in my wheelchair because the metal is now exposed on my chest support?!? Is it really okay that I keep cutting my wrist on my broken armrest or straining my calf again and again because I don't have any leg supports? Is it fair that I cry every day because my neck hurts and my back and neck don't have the proper supports on my wheelchair? Does anyone care that my hips and knees ache and make me feel sick in my stomach because I am unable to operate my broken legrests by myself because my hands don't work and my insurers won't meet my medical needs? How long will you let this continue? Who will stand and fight to remove the in home restriction rules used to deny replacing wheelchairs in America? Did you know Medicare made wheelchair into groups in 2006 without even considering a persons medical needs! They just removed the codes they used to use to pay to the vendors for those wheelchairs that fell into the new made up group they decided to stop covering! They call it cross-walking the reimbursement codes. Problem is those groups are filled with people like myself who did not die and did not just cease to exist or magically recover just because Medicare decided to create these made up groups. I lost my equal rights because I am in their idea of the wrong group! So why did they have the right to make me just disappear like that? Who gives me any hope for my future now? We are able to send our money to help everyone else on earth, so please why not at least TRY to help me too. Please. I know I am ugly and unworthy but I want to help people more diminished then myself as well as helping myself. I have not given up I fight operation after operation injury after injury and I still smile every day at the world and try to help others. Please help me now.
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Chosen - "I've Got A Reason"
"Many are called but few are Chosen" Church of The Living God - Overseer Earl Whitaker, Pastor, Chosen
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http://www.boemre.gov/tarprojects/377.htm My friend found the PDF! Here it is! Mirrored from afterthepress site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfv34nyAWO0 http://www.newsinenglish.no/2010/06/03/worries-rise-over-deep-water-drilling/ Operation Deep Spill in Norway Secret Report Here's what they had to say: (in the meantime, I am going to try and dig up that document! afterthepress | October 07, 2010 This video exposes a confidential report of an experiment done in Norway in 2000 but a consortium of oil companies including BP and the US government showing how a deep water blowout would create clouds of super toxic oil which could not be recovered. Was it a surprise that most of the oil from the BP well stayed in the Gulf of Mexico, at depth, in clouds of small particles? It may have been to us but it shouldn't have been to BP or MMS (the government agency whose job it is to regulate deep water drilling). It also should have come as no surprise to NOAA (the government agency that regulates anything in the sea around the U.S.) All of those institutions did deny the first reports of the clouds when they were found by the Pelican research vessel and the University of Missisippi's Dr. Ray Highsmith and his crew. But they must have known because MMS and the oil companies paid for, and conducted an experiment off the coast of Norway in 2000 to see what would happen in a deepwater oil well blowout. Remember all that "this is a new problem" you heard on television? Well the study showed that the oil would not all rise to the surface to be collected but would tend to form cloud layers of neutrally buoyant particles that might be the most toxic part of the oil. Here's a direct quote from the report: "This is important information, because the water-soluble compounds are generally the most toxic ones when exposed to marine biota. The results from these measurements show that the rising of the oil through the water column represents a kind of a "stripping" process of some of the most toxic compounds in the oil. The end result is therefore that a portion of the most toxic compounds is left in the water column." Category: News & Politics Tags: * bp * oil * seawater * spill * deep spill * disaster * macando * beaches * plaquemines parish * louisiana * missisippi * alabama * gulf shores * blowout * oil spill * oil well * deep water drilling * deep water * rig * deepwater horizon * deepwater rig * junk shot * top hat * oil contamination * gulf of mexico * sea birds * pelican * fish * seafood * contaminated seafood * afterthepress * after the press * toxic * plume * cancer * samantha joye * noaa * mms * oil rig * pollution * secret * confidential * confidential report * conspiracy * news
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Pink Heals Tour visits an Angel in Baytown TX and gets her Autograph
Pat's autograph means more to us then any celebrity, she has been through so much and deserves a better life then the one she has been given. Does anybody realize how much cancer there is out here? Do you like us get a little tired hearing about somebody being diagnosed? Do you realize that it's knocking on all our doors but we can't hear it! Join our organization and stand up for all the people that we never get to meet to say we CARE! Let's do an about face in this Country and show our Love for our women and our own Communities then rally together to say enough is enough. We're a little tired but very humbled by these experiences, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your lives.
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