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First and foremost, this is for informative purposes. I'm not suggesting anyone take medication without seeing a physician. Part of a series on Psychiatry and CCHR, which is an anti-psychiatry organization. I posted my own personal experience, and I asked some of the good folks over at Yahoo!Answers for their experiences with medication, and if it was working. I had a few answerers that said it would be ok to post their response, so here's one of those. here's a link for the medication: http://www.drugs.com/pro/lamictal.html
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Emily, day 3 of Keppra - side effects.
She is still on 6mg a day of Keppra for 1 week will we go up to 12mg. Today she fell asleep at school and was getting annoyed with her classmates making noises around her. This evening (the video) I caught her climbing the wall in the kitchen.
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Divalproex Sodium (Depakote) Commercial, USF Tuesday Class - Melissa M. and Meredith W.
Divalproex Sodium (Depakote) Commercial, USF Tuesday Class - Melissa M. and Meredith W.
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Jungkunz Depakote
Depakote commercial for nurs270 section 2 for USF. My two cousins Dan and Sam have fun explaining depakote.
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Treatment for lamictal hair loss
http://www.GetRidofBaldness.com (Treatment for lamictal hair loss) Profollica is an all natural way to regrow hair and promote the new growth of healthy hair..
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