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A 4.0 Proposal: Bridgewater State University 2015 Commencement
Ashley Nelson, graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA, gets an unexpected surprise from boyfriend Josh Tillinghast during the 2015 Commencement ceremony. Congratulations Ashley and Josh. Bridgewater State University 2015 Commencement Convocation Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Speech Anxiety
Robert E. Burns discusses the symptoms and strategies for overcoming speech anxiety and stage fright.
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A View From Above | Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater State University Team TVS / TVSBSC MUSIC: Real Ride ARTIST: NICOLAI HEIDLAS https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas --------------------------------------------------- CC BY License 4.0
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Mambo #5
Pops! 2011 - Bridgewater State University. Choreography by Elyse Schiavi. Music: Lou Bega. Pops! is independently directed and produced by BSU students.
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Flash Tavares Tribute
Feliciano "Flash" Vierra Tavares tribute concert at Bridgewater State University. August 20, 2011. Special Guests: The Tune Weavers, Mendes Brothers, Tavares and Tavares 3G.
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We Are Family
Choreographer: Kinetic Edge Executive Board Kinetic Edge 5th Annual Final Show Bridgewater State University April 2013 TVSBSC / Team TVS
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Katy Perry California Gurls Parody: Crazy Suits with Tassels on Top
We're unforgettable. Crazy Suits / BSU Grads Original music: Katy Perry / Snoop Dogg Bridgewater State Grads Vocals: Kim Wood (almost a senior) Starring Jen Drisko (not a senior ... yet) Remix: Team TVS, TVSBSC (MoakleyWood) Bridgewater State University Bridgewater, Massachusetts
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Happy @ BSU: Official Video (Parody of "Happy" / Pharrell Williams)
Performed by: Shaneika Martin Original Lyrics and Music: Pharrell Williams / GIRL / EMI Music Publishing, UMPG Publishing Crazy Suits Team TVS / TVSBSC Bridgewater State University
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Soar - (Official) | Huntington School | Brockton
You're gonna to see me soar! Huntington Elementary School, Brockton, MA Original Music: Katy Perry / Roar / PRISM / Capitol Records Vocals by Shaneika Martin Primary video and post production by Carl Hollant and Jason Kimball Crazy Suits Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Kaki-Yamabushi (The Persimmon Thief) 『柿山伏』
The Traditional Kyogen Theater performed by Yamatoza Kyogen Troupe. Mountain Hermit by Gen Andō Farm Owner by Hoshirō Andō A mountain hermit, a novice in supernatural power, is on his way back to hometown after completing his training. All of sudden he feels very thirsty. Looking around, he finds a big tree with ripe persimmons. He makes every effort to reach them, but to no avail. He finally climbs up the tree. While the hermit enjoys eating the persimmons, the owner finds the hermit stealing and eating his fruit. Being annoyed, he decides to tease the hermit. The owner speaks loudly, "At first I thought it was a man hiding in the shadows of my tree, but it is not a man after all. Oh, it must be a crow. It will surely start cawing if it is indeed a crow." "If not," the owner says, "it must be a thief. I will aim an arrow at him." The hermit pretends to be a crow. Being amused, the owner now asserts that it must be a monkey. "If it is a monkey," he says, "it should scratch itself and chatter. If it is a thief, however, I will throw a spear at him." The hermit now mocks the way a monkey chatters. Roaring with laughter, this time the owner claims it must be a hawk. "A hawk should spread its wings, screech, and fly. If not, it must be a thief. I will shoot him with a gun." In his attempt to imitate a hawk, the hermit falls off the tree. The hermit hurts himself badly. This time it is the hermit who is being annoyed. The hermit demands the farm owner to nurse him. The owner refuses to treat the injured hermit, reminding him of his act of stealing. The hermit insists that he deserves medical treatment. To show off his recently acquired supernatural power, the hermit starts chanting an incantation. However . . . Comment: Unlike the experienced mountain hermit portrayed in the other Kyogen Play the Owl, the hermit in this play is a beginner in this profession. The highlight of the play is the protean nature of the heretical relationship between the gullible, arrogant hermit and the mischievous, obstinate farm owner in their interaction. Recorded at Bridgewater State University. Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Neuroscience and ADD in Gifted Children
Dr. Layne Kalbfleisch explains a neuro-scientific approach to diagnosing and teaching often overlooked gifted students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Dr. Layne Kalbfleisch, Researcher, Author, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, George Washington University School Talk #508 www.schooltalk.tv
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Solving the Adam Smith Problem: Morality and Free Market Capitalism
Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments (TMS) and Wealth of Nations (WN) appear to suffer from an irresolvable tension: TMS extols human sympathy whereas WN extols the consequences of self-interest. This project takes a comprehensive approach, adding to scholarship on what has become known as the "Adam Smith Problem." Through a textual analysis of TMS and WN that focuses on prudence, the nature of happiness and Smith's rhetorical style, the inconsistency between his two texts disappears. The emphasis Smith places on prudence in WN can only be properly understood when one considers its foundations in sympathy found in TMS. In addition, the research adds to other interpretive approaches that reconcile Smith's economic, political, and moral thought. The political approach argues that only when society understands the proper role of government and defines "justice" will the economic and moral realms flourish. The economic solution suggests that correct economic structures cure the ills caused by politics, and morality is not a central concern. The "principles" solution suggests that the tension can be solved by reducing Smith's economics, politics, and morality to one overarching principle(s). Finally, the "moral" solution maintains that Smith's moral theory provides the base on which politics and economics are built. It becomes probable Smith favors economic and political structures fundamentally for moral reasons suggesting that WN and his Lectures on Jurisprudence must be read subsequent to TMS. By demonstrating the integral connection between morality and markets, Smith provides his reader with the means to critique educators, economists, and skeptics of capitalism. Kendra Tully, Mentor: Dr. Jordon Barkalow (Political Science) Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research 2013 Summer Symposium Bridgewater State University TVSBSC / Team TVS
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Journey into the Deaf World: ASL version with captions (no slides)
Ben Jarashow talks about the elements of deaf culture from the societal (hearing and deaf communities) and medical perspectives. The application of eugenics and audism is also discussed. Limited slideshow for ASL viewers. Closed Captioned. Children's Physical Developmental Clinic: www.bridgew.edu/cpdc 10/1/2011
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Molly Bloom and the Ethical Subjectivism in Joyce's Ulysses
I first set out, through close reading of James Joyce's novel Ulysses and Homer's epic poem, the Odyssey, to investigate Joyce's response to Homer's narrative of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus. Critics often cite the pattern of Homeric parallels in Ulysses. My main interest, as I began my research and reading of Ulysses, was the way in which the narrative resists Homer through the disruptive influence of Molly's character. Specifically, I sought to examine how Joyce uses Molly to critique Homer's notion of virtue. In the course of my research, however, my area of interest has broadened to encompass an examination of Molly's morality from the perspective of a subjective approach to ethics as well as literary criticism. I argue that Molly's self-identity constitutes a narrative that is created, in part, through the subjective process of reading. In my paper, I attempt to trace the development of Molly's sense of morality through the lens of my own subjective interpretation, with the understanding that any critical interpretation is subject to the same limitations in perspective that Molly faces, according to the view that our experience of reality is unavoidably subjective. In my view, an analysis of Molly's morality provides a useful illustration of the way in which the narrative in Ulysses draws attention to the subjective nature of our experience more generally. The difficult task of composing a highly focused research paper has helped to increase my own understanding and appreciation of Joyce's great novel, as well as improve my ability to analyze and interpret modernist fiction. Christopher Roy, English (Mentor: Dr. Ellen Scheible) Adrian Tinsley Program (ATP) for Undergraduate Research, Bridgewater State University
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The story behind the Disney movie The Finest Hours
Discover the story behind Disney's "The Finest Hours" as author Michael Tougias takes you through the timeline of the real life events. Clement C. Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Bull Market for Moll Flanders: A Woman Capitalizing on the Changing Economic & Social Climate
Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders (1722) is one of the first English novels. The narrator, Moll Flanders, is a good-natured girl born into very unfortunate circumstances while living in London—the cultural and economic hub of the world during the eighteenth century. Defoe, a proponent of capitalism, portrays Moll as a capitalist; she is determined to make a fortune through the exchange of goods and services as opposed to inheriting her money. London's rapidly changing economic and social climate creates what I call a "bull market" for Moll to change her future. Moll, like an investor, believes that she can make a profit despite not having any real fortune to begin with, and her biggest asset is herself; she believes that she is worth more than she has. My project asserts that, in the pursuit to elevate her financial status, Moll simultaneously defies gender roles, or preconceived identities that determine how a male or female should behave. Moll's self-worth often challenges her assumed submissive and inferior female gender role. My research considers scholarly criticism on economics and women in the eighteenth-century as well as criticism on Defoe and Moll Flanders, but it uniquely uses Defoe's novel as the basis for linking capitalism with a change in attitudes towards gender roles. Originally, I sought to incorporate Moll's fugitive status into my thesis and researched criminal history and criminal fiction; however, I omitted Moll's criminality from my central argument because it became unnecessary and overcomplicated my analysis. My project looks closely at scenes in Defoe's novel, determining what style and content suggest about the relationship between women and economics. I have discovered that the traits that Moll needs to succeed financially—indifference in emotional situations, meticulous money counting, and assuming authority in her marriages—contribute to the distortion of gender roles. Ultimately, Defoe suggests that economic self-sufficiency is critical for women to be perceived as men's equals. Sarah Damewood, English (Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Veisz) Adrian Tinsley Program (ATP) for Undergraduate Research, Bridgewater State University
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Medicine Wheel and Wounded Knee
Valentina "Tina" Merdanian explains the significance of the Native American medicine wheel and shares the often untold side of Wounded Knee (Little Big Horn) massacre of the Lakota people by the U.S. Cavalry in 1890. Bridgewater State University Distinguished Speaker Series
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Keys to Effective Behavior Management
Strategies and techniques for recognizing sources and stimuli to respond more effectively to behavioral issues. Deborah Booth, Intensive Special Educator, Referral and PACES Coordinator, Pilgrim Area Collaborative, Pembroke, MA Children's Physical Developmental Clinic Guest Lecturer Program www.bridgew.edu/cpdc
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Chomsky Q&A: Bridgewater, MA
Noam Chomsky question/answer from the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Bridgewater, MA. 2/24/2011.
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Medieval Icelandic Textiles
An expert on Icelandic and Scandanavian textiles, Michele Hayeur Smith will explore current research on archaeological textile collections from ten Viking Age (AD 874-1100) mortuary sites and eleven settlements from the medieval period (AD 1100-1600), as well as medieval records, to shed new light on age-old associations between female embodiment and power in Norse culture and their transformations through time. Her interdisciplinary work integrates art, narrative, textile production, gender, power, and fertility. Co-sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies Program Anthropology Distinguished Lecture Bridgewater State University
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Choreographer: Rebecca Dunlavy Music: "Her Name is Alice" by Shinedown, "Alice (Underground)" by Avril Lavigne, audio from "Alice in Wonderland" (Disney, 1951) The theme is about a girl who constantly feels lost in the world because she doesn't fit in with her family. She finds herself journeying through Wonderland, fearing all the characters, and becoming outrageously lost following a white rabbit. In the end, she comes to the realization that she belongs with her family at home and returns with a new understanding of herself. Bridgewater State University Dance Winterdance 2013 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Office of Community Standards - Student Code | Bridgewater State University orientation
New Student and family Programs, Bridgewater State University Orientation Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Noam Chomsky: Israel and Palestine (Full Lecture)
Noam Chomsky speaks at Clark University, Worcester, MA (USA). April 12, 2011. Courtesy of Team Good. TVSBSC
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Discover East Middle School
East Middle School in Brockton Massachusetts. One Community - One School - One Family http://www.brocktonpublicschools.com/page.cfm?p=763 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Girl on Fire | BSU Dance Team
Choreography by Natasha Ayala Dance Team - Kinetic Edge Final Show 2016 Bridgewater State University TVSBSC / Team TVS
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Bang Bang
Choreographer: Kayla Szettella Music: will.i.am Final Show 2014 BSU Dance Team and Kinetic Edge Hip Hop Team Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Dear Future Generations | WinterDance 2016
Choreographer: Breanna Holmes Music: Dear Future Generations by Prince Ea Bridgewater State University Department of Dance Winter Dance 2016 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Fresh Prince of Bel air
Choreographer: Ryan Cheatham Music: "Fresh Price of Bel air" Will Smith Pops! 2014: Soundtrack of Our Lives Bridgewater State University Dance Company Team TVS / TVSBSC Pops! is independently directed and produced by BSU students.
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Home2Housing | Scott Hall | Bridgewater State University
Scott Hall, a co-ed residence, houses 280 students, both first year and upperclass students. Rooms are corridor style arranged in double and triple rooms. Scott Hall houses two Residential Learning Communites​; First Year Honors and Science and Math.This residence hall is located on West Campus next to the Campus Center and across the street from Woodward Hall and the Boyden Quadrangle. The closest dining rooms are the Flynn Dining Commons and the Bear's Den, each about a one minute walk away. Home-2-Housing Office of Residence Life and Housing, Bridgewater State University TVSBSC / Team TVS
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Transformative Research
Dr. Donna Mertens delivers the keynote address at the 2011 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Bridgewater State University.
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Journey into the Deaf World (Presentation with slideshow)
Ben Jarashow talks about the elements of deaf culture from the societal (hearing and deaf communities) and medical perspectives. The application of eugenics and audism is also discussed. Children's Physical Developmental Clinic: www.bridgew.edu/cpdc 10/1/2011
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Jamie Nabozny: Bullied
Jamie Nabozny speaks to the Bridgewater State University community at the 2011 Rainbow Luncheon.
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2012?: WinterDance 2012
Choreographer: Jillian O'Brien Music: "Velocity" Nathan Lanier, Additional Sound from Dr. Sound Effects WinterDance 2012 Bridgewater State University Dance
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Welcome to the Circus: WinterDance 2012
Choreographer: Jessica Teague Music: "Bedtime Baby - Toddler Lullaby", "Entry of the Gladiators" Big Top Orchestra, "Midnight Midway" Michael Hedstrom WinterDance 2012 Bridgewater State University Dance
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I'm gonna let it shine: BSU Chamber Singers
Bridgewater State University Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Steven Young. I'm gonna let it shine Spiritual, arr. Rosephanye Powell (b. 1962) Marisa Farulla, soloist Department of Music Spring Choral Concert Horace Mann Auditorium 4/13/2012
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Choreographer: Jennifer Kelble Music: "Intention" by District 78 Intention is movement driven by music. Melodies, rhythm, and movement come together to present the audience with a fusion of art styles. Bridgewater State University Dance Winterdance 2013 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Great Balls of Fire: SpringFest 2011
See the difference a sprinkler system can make. Bridgewater State University, Springfest 2011.
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Work Song | Pops! 2016
Choreographer: Alysha Elie Music: "Work Song" by Hozier Bridgewater State University Dance Company Pops! 2016 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Saturn | Pops! 2016
Choreographer: Antoinette Brown Music: "Saturn" by Sleeping At Last Bridgewater State University Dance Company Pops! 2016 Team TVS / TVSBSC
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iPad Apps for Autistic and Nonverbal Children
Using iPad apps as communication and learning tools for autistic and nonverbal children. Mobile platform games and education applications and accessories are highlighted. Lauren Meatty, Regional Consultation Program, Schwartz Center for Children, North Dartmouth, MA Children's Physical Developmental Clinic www.bridgew.edu/cpdc Team TVS / TVSBSC HAVING FUN WITH iPAD APPS COMMUNICATION APPS - These programs give kids a voice!  Dragon Dictation  Tap Speak  Actions  Voice Cards  Vocal Zoo - Realistic pictures  Sound Touch (lite) - There are animals, instruments and things around the house. Realistic pictures and sounds. There are different pictures for the sounds to help kids generalize the sounds.  Baby Signs -- shows clear picture of the sign.  Model Me Going Places -- Social skills app. Can't customize but has premade stories for certain activities.  Proloquo2go -- You can customize pages, such as an about me page. This is about $200.00.  Taptotalk - Free but can't customize; it is already programmed in. (Can be an expense- to customize)  Duck Duck Moose - Sings songs to whoever is playing with it; Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus. (1 finger activation)  Sonic Pics -- You can make your own social stories with personal pictures. Holds 12 pictures so you could take pictures of a child participating in an activity with someone narrating what the child is doing, then you can email it to parents.  Speak It - $0.99-1.99 You can type what you want to say. Good for children that can type and are afraid to/can't talk.  Sono Flex Lite -- "Lite" version is free, full version $100.00. In this program, you can set themed pages like an about me page.  Yes/No - You can customize so that there are two different options; juice/milk, stop/go. You can put pictures in as well if you are working on looking at pictures. There are 7 different pages to customize. DRAWING/ART APPS  Art of Glow  Draw Free  Little Sky Writers  Tesla Toy  Doodle Buddy - Free draw but can draw letters. GAME APPS - *There are maze games and sesame street games. An elmo app can help children with learning body parts. There are shape games that tell the child the name of the object if it is incorrect.  Grover's Special  Elmo's Monster Maker  Fish School  Bubble Tap  Preschool Adventure  Farm Flip  Kids Maze  Monkey Preschool  Whimsy  Park Math  Paper Toss  Shapes  Peekaboo  Penguin Poke  Red Fish  Lunch Box - Concepts like biggest/smallest and colors, puzzles, and changes quickly for kids with short attention spans.  Shape Builder - Letters and animal puzzles  Angry Birds - finger isolation, gemometry and physics.  Cut the rope -- Logic Skills  Furry Friend - "Leonard" $0.99. You can talk to this app and it will talk back to you. One child said he "didn't like his (Leonard's) voice (because he had a speech impediment himself) so he worked on his speech with this app. You can also blow into the microphone to make a pinwheel spin. **There are more apps that can help children with blowing if that is what you are working on (blowing out the candle)  Following directions Fundeck -- Similar to "Simon says," MUSIC APPS  Wheels on the Bus  Baa Baa Black Sheep  Itsy Bitsy Spider  Preschool Music  Old MacDonald  Magic Piano - Good for kids with limited mobility (1 finger activation)  Drum Kit -- Good for kids with limited mobility (1 finger activation) READING APPS - You can record your own voice in some of the books.  iBOOKS  Toy story  Green Eggs and Ham  Super Why  Meegenius  Animal Fun - Realistic pictures with spelling WRITING APPS  Alphabet Fun  Writing Lite  ABC Lite  Sky Writer - can use your finger or a stylist. Lauren used this with a child with Down Syndrome and the child wouldn't write until they uses this, so Lauren said __minutes on writing and then __minutes on iPad.  Connect Dots - makes the picture at the end and gives the word that is associated with that picture. HAVING FUN WITH iPAD APPS SUGGESTED WEBSITES itunes.com slpsharing.com google.com commonsensemedia.org touchscreenpreschoolgames.com bestappsforkids.com modernmom.com rjcooper.com proloquo2go.com amazon.com parenting.com zagg.com http://www.momswithapps.com, http://www.babieswithipads.com have free Friday mornings where certain apps are free!!
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Dormet Fitness: Episode 1
Forget the gym and all the fancy home equipment. Bonnie teaches you how to get the most fitness bang out of stuff you already have around the house. Through these targeted exercises, strengthening the core, you can tone up and keep away those holiday pounds. Dormet Dining: Exercise Edition Bonnie Montleon, Team TVS
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Initiative Games for Individuals with Disabilities
Children's Physical Developmental Clinic: Guest Lecture Program Alison Jackson, Instructor, Bridgewater State University www.bridgew.edu/cpdc
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Flor De Toloache | Mariachi Band
Latin Grammy Nominee Mariachi Flor de Toloache is the first and only established all female mariachi band founded in New York in 2008. Edward W. Minnock Center for International Engagement Latin and Caribbean Studies Week Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder often shown in situations where the sufferer perceives certain environments as dangerous or uncomfortable. This dance shows the obstacles people have to overcome through movement and spatial relationships. Choreographer: Lindsey Vieira Music: Olafur Arnalds - Brotsjor Dance Kaleidoscope 2014 Bridgewater State University Dance Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Make the Impossible Possible: Bill Strickland
Bridgewater State University Distinguished Speaker Series For 30 years, Bill Strickland has transformed thousands of lives, restored our faith in ethical leadership, and reshaped the business of social change. As president and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation - an extraordinary jobs training center and community arts program - he and his staff work with corporations, community leaders and schools to give disadvantaged kids and adults the opportunities they need to build a better future. Centers are currently open in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and San Francisco with plans to open more in the future. For years, in front of enraptured audiences, this MacArthur Genius has shared his unshakable message of leadership, self-worth and the intrinsic ability in all of us to achieve remarkable transformation in our lives. "Bill Strickland is a genius," said former eBay president Jeff Skoll, "because he sees the inherent genius in everyone." Mr. Strickland is also the author of Make the Impossible Possible, a recipient of The White House's "Coming Up Taller" Award and founder of MCG Jazz, the most successful jazz subscription series in America.
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The Natural Hair Project
The purpose of my project is to shed light on women of African American and Native American descent and the importance of embracing natural hair. The focus is to bring attention to the diversity yet similarities between the two cultural groups and to consider how the social construction of beauty in the U.S has historically exploited and traumatized these two groups often causing low self-esteem in these women. Natural hair journeys serve to uplift both cultural groups while encouraging women to embrace hair, skin, and body—all assets of them. There is a sense of liberation when it comes to women taking control and doing what they wish when it comes to their hair. As Shaunte Brown White writes "Women who make the choice are resisting Eurocentric standards of beauty...[The] decision also affirms an Afrocentric standard of beauty where one's natural-born hair -- free of chemicals or other straightening techniques -- is valued" (White 296). These journeys are part of a decolonization process for these women. My research has investigated the historical significance of hair within these two groups. African American women were denigrated by the condition of their hair, and with force Native American women experienced having their hair doused with pesticides and cut off. My hope is to bring awareness of the historical trauma African American and Native American women endured due to their appearance. Participants for this creative portion of the project include five African American women and three Native American women in ages ranging from 19-65. This project allowed me to learn more about the historical and cultural significance of hair and to utilize my artistic abilities to present the research. Through video interviews and photography, I plan on sharing the participants' experiences as well as insights on their journeys as women with natural hair in this society. Shavon E. Stokes, Mentor: Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson (English) Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research 2013 Summer Symposium Bridgewater State University TVSBSC / Team TVS
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Music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens | 2018 BSU Middle School Honor Band
The Music of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Williams (b. 1932) arr. Michael Sweeney Middle School Honor Band concert held at Bridgewater State University Team TVS / TVSBSC
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Cooperative vs Competitive Learning
Dr. Johnson demonstrates that Cooperative Learning is a lot more than moving desks around. There are implications for high stakes testing and life beyond the classroom. For more information, visit www.co-operation.org. Dr. Roger Johnson, Author, Director of Cooperative Learning Institute at the University of Minnesota. School Talk #470 www.schooltalk.tv
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Expression Analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana At2g42005 Gene
Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) are plant parasites that infect crop plants throughout the world. Using the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, as a host, we can use the widely available genomic and molecular tools to understand the plant-nematode interaction. Previous work identified several amino acid transporters whose expression was induced in nematode feeding sites, including the At2g42005 gene. This gene is a putative amino acid transporter and a mutant line missing this gene shows lower numbers of reproducing female nematodes. The purpose of this study was to observe At2g42005 expression patterns in the plant by reverse transcription PCR, construct a promoter:GUS transgenic plant to observe expression levels throughout the life cycle of the plant and to determine if the At2g42005 mutant has altered growth and development. The At2g42005 gene is expressed in roots but not in stem, flowers, cauline leaves or mature rosette leaves. The At2g42005 promoter:GUS construct has been created in a two step process. First, the 459 base pairs of DNA sequence upstream of the start codon was PCR amplified. Then using Gateway® technology, this promoter was placed into a fusion with the GUS reporter gene in the binary vector, pBGWSF7. Arabidopsis seeds were planted in soil for rosette leaf counting, rosette measurement, and primary inflorescence height. The data comparing WT and At2g42005 mutant plant growth and development showed no significant changes. Further work will be done to examine the roots of the At2g42005 mutant and to transform the At2g42005 promoter:GUS into Arabidopsis plants. Rachel Medina, Biology (Mentor: Dr. Heather Marella) Adrian Tinsley Program (ATP) for Undergraduate Research, Bridgewater State University
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Welcome to the Black Parade: Pops! 2015
Choreographer: Taryn Lagarto Music: "Welcome to the Black Parade" My Chemical Romance Pops! 2015: Way Back Wednesday Bridgewater State University Dance Team TVS / TVSBSC Pops! is independently directed and produced by BSU students.
Просмотров: 2551 Team TVS